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Leftist Media Stage Fake ‘Muslims Against Terrorism’ Protest After London Attack

One of the Worlds biggest news outlets has been busted staging a fake Muslims against terrorism protest on the streets of London just hours after Saturday nights terrorist attacks. A news segment broadcast on CNN apparently as a live report, showing in the background a group of ‘peace loving Muslims’ protesting against Islamic terrorists turned out to be a set up by the leftist broadcasters.

The stage-managed protest had the kind of production crew you would expect on the scene of a Hollywood blockbuster. The so-called protest was a blatant attempt by the leftist media to try to fool the public and sway opinion that not all Muslims support terrorism. Creating fake news by saying look here is some nice peaceful Muslims that have come out to protest against ISIS off their own backs when in fact they had been bussed in specifically to hold placards up in the background like a movie extra.

CNN’s fake Muslim feel good story ruse worked well as other broadcasters and media outlets such as BBC, Huffington Post, Press TV and a whole host of others then picked up the story and using it as the basis for their own reports

Busted – Bolton Mosque Taqiyya Over Hate Preacher Appearance

Masjid-E-Ghosia mosque in Bolton have been using the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya ( lying to non Muslims for the benefit of Islam) over the planned appearance of a radical hate preacher at the mosque on December 24 th. Extremist cleric  Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri, has been banned from preaching in his native Pakistan for allegedly celebrating the murder of a popular politician was advertised as guest speaker at the Bolton mosque.

Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri, who has been dubbed a “firebrand” by Pakistani authorities, is due to speak at a number of British mosques in a series of heavily promoted events, despite being prohibited from speaking in his own country.

Posters advertising the hate preacher were circulated on social media, including from the mosques own official Twitter account.  Yet the mosque went into denial mode once the hate preachers tour was reported in the national media.


The mosque claimed it was somebody being  malicious against them circulating false rumours yet their  own twitter  post shown above  shows  this claim is lies.

Bashir Sharma, of the mosque,told Bolton News

: “It’s not true. There was a rumour he was coming, but he’s definitely not coming.

“We have Munawwar Ateeq coming from Birmingham instead.

“We have sent our own posters out, so I don’t know what’s happened there.

“We haven’t done the poster with Mr Qadri’s name, so I’m expecting it was probably malicious.”

Mr Qadri’s has made headlines in the UK and in Pakistan.

He was quoted in the case of Tanveer Ahmed, the Bradford taxi driver who in March stabbed to death Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah for posting an Easter greeting to Christians.

Spokesmen from two other mosques in Bolton both said “I have never heard of him” when asked about the cleric.


Malicious, never heard of him……….thats funny as here is the hate preacher on his previous visits to Bolton

‘Hate Attack’ On Muslim Female By 3 White Racists Was Lies

100% Halal Bullshit : Muslim  Student arrested for making up Islamophobic attack against her by 3 white male racists .

Two weeks ago Muslim Yasmin Seweid was playing the victim to the world as mainstream media outlets around the globe reported on her being attacked in New Yorks Grand Central Station by 3 drunk white males who racially abused her and pulled off her hijab whilst keep mentioning Donald Trump. 

But the problem is after the Muslim sympathy seeking story going viral with every major newspaper publishing news of the incident. Like countless other so called anti Muslim attacks we keep hearing about it  didn’t actually happen

Taqiyya artist Yasmin Seweid, 18, was arrested by police on Wednesday for filing a false report with police and later admitted she lied about the so-called attack.

She claimed to NYPD that she was called a terrorist and attacked by Donald Trump supporters on a New York subway train. Seweid, who is a student at New York’s Baruch College, initially told police she was harassed by three men when she got on a train at the 23rd Street station in Manhattan on December 1.She claimed the drunken white men taunted her, telling her ‘you don’t belong here’ and referred to her hijab as a ‘rag.’

Seweid also reported that one of the men grabbed her bag, breaking the strap, and another tried to take off her hijab before she fled the train at Grand Central Station to try and flag down police. 

She posted about her ‘traumatizing’ ordeal on Facebook and it quickly went viral.’

“No matter how ‘cultured’ or ‘Americanized’ I am, these people don’t see me as an American, “‘ she wrote. ‘It breaks my heart that so many individuals chose to be bystanders while watching me get harassed verbally and physically by these disgusting pigs.’  Reading her Facebook post (above) actually leaves me with a sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach knowing that somebody could be as cold and calculated to write something like that when it never actually happened.

Police originally investigated the case as an anti-Muslim bias incident and spent significant time and resources trying to track down those responsible. This lying Muslim should have the book thrown at her for making false racial slurs .

A spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations , Ibrahim Hooper, said in an interview on Wednesday that Muslims in America were feeling “tremendous psychological stress and pressure” that can result in episodes like this one.   (Wouldn’t be her fault would it, always somebody elses!)

“No one out of the blue decides to make this kind of report,” he said. “Whenever there are these rare instances of alleged false reports — it’s still an allegation at this point — it’s used by the growing Islamophobic community to delegitimize and undermine the many legitimate anti-Muslim incidents.”

Some other notable fake hate attacks


Muslim Hate Crime Taqiyya : Student Made Up ‘Racist’ Hijab-Grab And Theft

Time and time again, Muslims show they don’t let the truth get in the way of a good yarn if it helps their cause. News of another fake islamophobic hate crime. Police in Louisiana, USA have announced they are no longer investigating the racist attack and robbery of a female Muslim student, which she claimed was by 2 white ‘Trump’ supporters.

The woman has since admitted fabricating the whole incident, attempting to falsely smear people as racist/islamophobic and seeking sympathy for those poor old Muslims. Something we are seeing ever-increasing numbers of lately. unfortunately by the time we find out the incidents are nothing but lies, it’s usually to late as Muslim dawah merchants and leftist dhimmis have already sent it viral.

A few previous fake islamophobic attacks:

In Islam, Taqiyya, and also kitman, is a doctrine of pious fraud or religious dissimulation.This principle of “lying for the advancement of Allah” allows Muslims to lie to non-Muslims if it benefits Islam. Faking hate crimes certainly benefits Islam therefore those responsible for the fabrications are not considered ‘sinners’, but good Muslims doing their bit for Islam.

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana – After a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) claimed that her hijab and wallet were stolen by two President-Elect Donald Trump supporters, police announced the claim was fabricated.

The 18-year-old Middle Eastern student told police that white men shouting racial slurs at her drove up in a truck and struck her multiple times in the back, while also stealing her hijab and wallet.“The victim describes the suspects as white males, but has not given a definitive clothing description,” Lafayette police told KLFY at the time. “There were no witnesses or video surveillance on the scene.”

Now, police have announced that the story the Muslim student reported to police was a hoax.“During the course of the investigation, the female complainant admitted that she fabricated the story about her physical attack as well as the removal of her hijab and wallet by two white males,” police told KLFY. “This incident is no longer under investigation by the Lafayette Police Department.”

Source: Police: Muslim Student ‘Fabricated’ Hijab-Grab by Trump Supporters

Fake Hate Crime: Muslim Woman Admits She Slashed Her Own Face And Lied About Islamophobic Attack

A Muslim woman who claimed to have been slashed in the face and called a terrorist in an unprovoked anti Muslim attack has admitted it being untrue. The woman came clean after suspicious police officers could not find any supporting evidence or witnesses to the attack. But did find CCTV of her entering some toilets without any signs of injury, only to leave with a slash on her face. On being quizzed the woman admitted it was all a taqiyya and she had infact slashed herself and made the hate crime attack up.

This just goes to show the lengths that Muslims will go to attempting to pull the wool over peoples eyes and deceive them.This is not the first or will not be the last fake islamophobic attack by sympathy seeking Muslims.  A similar much publicized at the time fake attack happened in Birmingham recently. Where a Muslim woman claimed to have been punched in the street for wearing a burka. The woman gave several media interviews after claiming how traumatised she was pulling on the nations heart strings. It wasn’t until much later it was discovered she had made the whole thing up. 




Muslim Woman Admits She Slashed Her Own Face And Lied About Being Called A Terrorist

A Muslim woman who recently told police that she was attacked on the streets of Manhattan and called a terrorist ultimately admitted that she made the entire story up.

According to the Huffington Post, the Muslim woman originally claimed she was attacked while leaving school wearing a Muslim headscarf in Manhattan on Thursday. She said a man came up behind her, grabbed her by the arm, accused her of being a terrorist, then slashed her across the cheek, leaving a two-inch gash on her face.

“She reported that when he slashed her, he made a statement to the effect that she was a terrorist, and he continued to flee northbound on Broadway,” said NYPD Assistant Chief William Aubry when the Muslim woman’s story first broke.


Police reported on Friday that the investigation yielded no evidence to support the Muslim woman’s claim. They could not find any witnesses to the event, despite it supposedly taking place near Wall Street in the middle of Manhattan during rush hour. They also could not find any video evidence of the Muslim woman being slashed in the face.

“I find it hard to believe that you are on Broadway and we don’t have you on video or have an independent witness,” a police official told the Muslim woman at the time. “I find that very odd.”

According to the New York Daily News, the Muslim woman eventually admitted that she made the entire story up and inflicted the face wound herself.

The Muslim woman is a 20-year-old cosmetology student whose name has not been released to the public. Despite the wound being self-inflicted, she did need to be transported to Bellevue Hospital to treat the injury. She was also made to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Her motivation for lying about the attack is still unclear. However, a recent report from the NYDP revealed that the Muslim woman is a “long-time cutter” who has been cutting herself since she was a teenager.

Detectives were able to coax the woman into admitting that the face slash was self-inflicted after they recovered security footage from the cosmetology school she attends, Make-up Designory school. They showed her videos of herself entering a 15th-floor bathroom of the institution and exiting only minutes later with the slash on her cheek, obviously self-inflicted. The Muslim woman then admitted to lying about everything.

Members of her family explained to police that she has been cutting herself for much of her life to deal with “emotional pain and anger.” It’s possible that the cut on her face was made first, and the story about the attacker calling her a terrorist was fabricated to explain the injury, but there is no way to know for certain.

A report about a Muslim woman being violently attacked for her beliefs may have seemed plausible to police at first, especially with anti-Muslim sentiments reaching an all-time high in the United States. According to Gallup polls, more than half of Americans living in the United States do not respect Muslims. And another poll showed that 48 percent of Muslim Americans reported having been discriminated against for their race or religion.

Would you have believed the Muslim woman who claimed she was slashed in the face and called a terrorist? Do you believe Muslims are treated fairly in the United States? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


Muslim Girl Made Up Much Publicised Islamophobic Attack Gets Soft £90 Fine

Following the horrific acts of savagery in Paris where Muslim gunmen slaughtered innocent people in the name of Allah and public opinion of Muslims hit an all time low. Many media sources reported an alleged attack on an 18 year old Muslim girl in Birmingham city centre.  The girl named only as Ms Choudry claimed she had been punched to the floor by a racist white male because she was wearing the hijab.

The sympathy seeking story was lapped up by the the left wing media not only locally but nationally. News of this poor Muslim girl victim of an Islamophobic attack was big news for for the likes of The Mirror, Metro, Birmingham Mail and Huff Post who all reported on the girls account of events.

Miss Chaudary who is a student said the traumatic experience means that she is now scared to walk through the city centre by herself.

She told the Mail: “I feel shocked and really scared that someone could attack you for no reason. I don’t feel safe at all now.

“I was walking to the train station to meet some friends when someone shoved me from behind.

“When I turned around he punched me in the face and then just went off.

“I was really upset afterwards. I can only think it was because he saw my hijab as he didn’t take my bag or anything.

“I’ve lived in Birmingham all my life and I’ve never experienced something like this before.”

The student suffered bruising but said the emotional impact has been more difficult to deal with than her physical injuries.

She fears Muslims are being increasingly targeted because of the terrorist attacks in Paris earlier this month.

She explained: “It’s made life harder for innocent Muslims. We don’t want people to be killed – that’s not our religion. Our religion is all about peace.“My parents are so scared that they’re telling me to take my hijab off. My mum’s telling me to wear a hat instead.”

Miss Choudhary said one thing which would make her feel safer is seeing more police on the streets.

Now it has emerged that the attack was non existent. A sympathy seeking taqiyya of epic proportions that even Fiyaz Mughal would of been proud of.

Commenting on the inquiry, Superintendent Andy Parsons, of West Midlands Police, said: “Detectives spent countless hours looking through footage from the network of city centre CCTV cameras in a bid to piece together what happened.

“The footage shows her walking normally along New Street and at no stage does she appear in distress.

“There is no evidence she was physically assaulted and she was given a penalty notice for wasting police time.”
Despite her blatant lies to the police, wasting countless man hours investigating the crime, diverting officers from protecting the public and perverting he course of justice. The hijab wearing taqiyya artist was only given a £90 fixed penalty fine. Not even a court appearance that would of at least named and shamed  the culprit. Which is the least she deserved after repeatedly lying to the public in various newspaper articles.

If anything her actions should of been treated as a hate crime itself and saw her charged with inciting racial hatred. Which by the nature of her lies and attempts to smear non Muslims as racist thugs amount to.  Taqiyya artists making false accusations are only helping to radicalise Muslims by creating even further divide. When young Muslims who have been brainwashed with Islam from birth and are experiencing a clash of cultures because Islam is incompatible with British life pick up a newspaper and read reports of Muslim women being punched because they are wearing a hijab etc. They take it as the truth. Do you think that makes them want to make more of an effort to fit in? or push them towards militant Islamists who rant on about infidels being to blame for all the worlds Muslim problems?

Islamphobic Petrol Bomb Attack On Mosques Turns Out To Be False


One of the biggest news stories over Christmas was the  fire at a mosque in Eskilstuna, Sweden in which five people were injured. The mainstream media, leftist and Muslim groups around the world couldn’t wait to tell the world that the fire was an islamophic arson attack committed by members of racist far right groups, blaming a rise in anti immigration sentiment by the Swedish public.

The story went global and featured in the press around the world, all of who claimed it was an arson attack. With allegations by those Muslims present that a petrol bomb had been thrown through the window. Muslim residents and religious clerics told how they felt unsafe because of the arson.

Well guess what,…..the petrol bomb which was thrown through the window and started the fire was not a petrol bomb it was actually a deep fat fryer which caused the blaze. Nobody threw anything, it was already inside had been switched on  by a Muslim. Another sympathy seeking taqiyya by the mosque in an attempt to smear those who oppose Islam whilst playing the victim.

Kind of mirrors the so called arson attack at the Somali welfare centre that also was used as an illegal mosque that happened days after Muslims killed soldier Lee Rigby.  Those involved at the mosque claimed to have seen graffiti at the scene saying EDL who were then blamed for the arson attack. 

Heres a few snippets from the media at the time:

BBC NEWS: The incident comes amid a fierce debate in Sweden over immigration policies.The far right wants to cut the number of asylum seekers allowed into Sweden by 90%, while mainstream parties are intent on preserving the country’s liberal policy.”A witness saw somebody throw an object through the window of the building, which serves as a mosque, after which a violent fire began,” police spokesman Lars Franzell told reporters.He said five people were taken to hospital for treatment of injuries ranging from smoke inhalation to lacerations.

GUARDIAN:  Several hundred marchers turned out in a Swedish town on Friday to denounce an arson attack on a mosque that injured five people on Christmas Day as the traditionally tolerant country confronts the rising influence of the extreme right. A firebomb was thrown through a closed window of the mosque in the central city of Eskilstuna on Thursday, injuring five of the nearly 70 worshippers inside, two of whom remained in hospital on Friday

RT:   An arsonist has set a mosque ablaze in the southeastern Swedish town of Eskilstuna. The Christmas Day attack comes amidst heightened anti-immigration sentiment in the country. 

Those above are just the first to come up in an online search which produced 100s of mainstream media news outlets running the same false flag story of a fire bomb attack the mosque. 

How many of those do you think will follow up their original story with a retraction about the arson attack and report that it was actually started by a fat fryer??


Swedish media outlet Local SE reveal the true cause of the mosque fire on Christmas DayDeep fryer started mosque fire: report

Five people were taken to hospital after the fire at a mosque in Eskilstuna. Photo: Pontus Stenberg/TT

Deep fryer started mosque fire: report

Published: 09 Mar 2015 16:52 GMT+01:00

A blaze at a mosque in Eskilstuna in central Sweden that injured five people on Christmas Day was caused not by a firebomb but by an overheated deep fryer, a police source told a local newspaper.

The fire was the first of three conflagrations in the space of a week at mosques across Sweden.

Police initially believed the fire at the Dawa mosque in Eskilstuna was started deliberately and opened an arson investigation.

But a police source told local newspaper Eskilstuna-Kuriren on Monday that the fire had in fact been caused by an overheated deep fryer.

Police in the city would not confirm the report, and said the investigation was still ongoing.

Around 70 people were in the mosque when the fire took hold. Many of them fled through windows to escape the blaze.

The Swedish intelligence service, Säpo, was called in to aid with the investigation amid reports that an arsonist had thrown a burning object into the building.

Anti-racism rallies attracted thousands of people in the days following three fires at mosques in Eskilstuna, Eslöv and Uppsala.

Cardiff Imam Forced Out Mosque For Objecting To Extremist Guest Speaker

The imam of a Cardiff mosque has been relieved of his duties by the Mosque council after he quite rightly voiced concern about an unnamed extremist Salafist being invited as a guest speaker at the mosque. Cardiff has become something of a breading ground for Islamic terrorists and jihadists after radicalization by Salafist Muslims. 

Salafi is the hardcore branch of Islam that idiots in the UK like Anjem Choudary, Abu Walaa, Abu Hamza etc all follow and wish to force on the British people. Saudi Arabia is a good example of Salafist Islam in action, often this is called Wahabbism.

The Mosque chairman Mohammed Bashir Ahmed who is clearly a closet extremist denied the imams claims saying he resigned of his own will. Then quite bizarrely played the Muslim tactic of taqiyya (lying for Islam/Allah) by first claiming the committee didn’t invite the extremist speaker, he was invited by others.Which if that was so why do they need a mosque council then??

Then he even had the audacity to claim that he does not even known what a Salafist is. This is find very puzzling as Salafi is one of the main branches of Islam, something that all Muslims would be aware of. Yet Mohammed Bashir Ahmed is not just a random Muslim, he is in charge of the Mosque. 

Welsh mosque at centre of extremism row after Imam claims he was forced out after objecting to a speaker

Aug 17, 2014 07:00 By James McCarthy Wales Online

The Jalalia Islamic centre’s chairman denies all the allegations made against the institution in Cardiff


Jalalia mosque, Cardiff

Wales’ high profile Jalalia mosque is at the centre of an extremism row after the Imam resigned.

In a letter leaked to Wales Online, the Cardiff mosque’s religious leader, or Imam, Mohammad Bashir Uddin claimed his position became untenable after he objected to a Muslim speaker he regarded as extremist, and a follower of the Salafi strand of the religion.

This is the branch of the religion followed by Nasser Muthana, Assel Muthana and Reyaad Khan – the Cardiff terror suspects who left to fight in Syria.



“People don’t understand the relationship between Salafism and terrorism,” Mr Uddin said.

Salafism has been accused of restricting women’s rights and music, teaching that democracy is a sin and that anyone who leaves Islam must die.

“The impact of Salafism is very dangerous for the Muslim community,” Mr Uddin, who follows the more liberal Hanafi sect, said.

“It creates confusion in Islam. It makes children enemies of their parents. Boys and girls think their forefathers are enemies because they do not follow it.

“They tell their fathers, ‘Dad, what you do is wrong, please don’t do it any more’ and dad says, ‘No, we have to do this, Islam does not forbid us to do this thing and we will do it.’

“Sons then tell fathers, ‘No, it’s not good’ and there are clashes in families. Father-son relationships are broken.”

Mr Uddin feared Salafism was spreading confusion.

“It will have a negative impact,” he said.

“I have concerns about Salafism and about what it teaches youngsters.

“Their teaching is very attractive to youngsters. The way they teach them, they give very convincing arguments.

“I think they will be more inclined to fight abroad because of Salafism.”

In 2010 Jalalia mosque, in the Riverside area of Cardiff, made headlines after leaflets were distributed outside warning Muslims who voted would burn in “hellfire.”

Among them was London bomb plotter Abdul Miah.

At the time Muslim leaders said they had stopped the group from holding meetings in mosques and told them to go elsewhere.

“The majority of people in the community are Hanafi,” Mr Uddin said.

“They do not support Salafism. If they see Salafism is here and taking over they will be upset also.

“This is totally negative. I don’t think they will have a chance to enter into the mosque.”

Mosque chairman Mohammed Bashir Ahmed denied Mr Uddin’s allegations.

“What he is saying, it is not true, he resigned,” Mr Ahmed said.

“He gave his resignation a month ago, I don’t think he was forced out.

“He was on gardening leave, he was not suspended he was on gardening leave.”

In his letter Mr Uddin names a speaker as a Salafi allowed to speak in the mosque by the committee.

But Mr Ahmed said he did not even know what Salafism was.

He said: “[The speaker] was invited by other people but not by the committee.

“At the time the Imam said everything was fine.

“If [the speaker] came back two or three times, he did not mind.

“He gave us his resignation letter and I do not know what he is trying to make out.”

South Wales Police confirmed they were “looking into” allegations of kidnap and assault threats made by Mr Uddin.

Muslim Bullshitter Of The Year Awards 2013

Vote Now In The Muslim Bullshitter Of The Year Awards 2013


Muslims are well-known for exaggerating, concealing the truth and in some cases outright lying to deceive people and scaremonger to further Islam. The stealth jihad tactic is actually permitted in Islam known as taqiyya. 

Muslim apologists and dawah merchants all use the principles below

  • ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story.’  
  • ‘bullshit baffles brains’
  • ‘tell a lie often enough and eventually people will start to believe it’

So with 2013 drawing to a close it’s only right to declare 1 lucky Muslim liar as the Bullshiter Of The Year 2013. The shortlist has been drawn up and the one with the most votes will be crowned champion and  be able to brag to their mates they are the one and only Muslim Bullshitter Of The Year 2013

Vote A =    Babar Ahmad – Terrorist recently extradited to the USA


For 8 years while held in British prisons before being extradited to the USA claimed to be completely innocent of any crime. 100,000 muslims signed a petition calling for his release. Muslims and the far left claimed he was a political prisoner and a victim of Islamophobia. He received support in his legal dispute from the BBC, Guardian newspaper, UAF, SWP, Muslim Council Of Britain, Stop The War, MP Sadiq Khan.

Last week in an American Federal Court, Babar Ahmad decided he wasn’t innocent as he had been claiming and pleaded guilty.

Vote B=    George Galloway -Bradford MP, Stop The War Coalition, Press TV


When he is not getting off on his interracial cuckold fetish, Muslim MP George Galloway can usually be found on Iranian channel Press TV spouting his anti UK/USA/Israel propaganda. Galloway is not one to let the truth get in the way of a good story. Such as his claims that  Israel were involved with the chemical weapons attack in Syria. On one of the rare occasion he actually attended parliament a fellow MP quizzed him on his chemical weapons statement. Unfazed snake Galloway lied through his back teeth and completely denied saying such a thing

Vote C=    Fiyaz Mughal OBE – Tell Mama UK/ Faith Matters

z list muslim celeb fiyaz mughal attention seeking

Fiyaz Mughal is without doubt a serial fantasist who has got to be in with a good chance of winning this award. Mr Mughal has received over £750,000 of taxpayers money in the last 5 years under false pretences via his 2 business ventures Tell Mama and Faith Matters. When he published TellMamas first year results his two main hate crimes were a family hounded out of their home in Notts. But failed to mention that it was by a 15-year-old boy who lived in the same street responsible. The other was a hit and run that he claims was an Islamophobic hate attack purely because the driver was a non-Muslim  and the person knocked over was Muslim .Unless the driver has been caught and admitted purposely knocking the person over because they were a Muslim. Then it is simply a hit and run not a hate crime.

After the Woolwich incident Mughal then went viral portraying Muslims as the victims. Appearing on TV, radio and in newspaper reports around the world playing the victim and sympathy seeking. Banding a set of figures around of alleged hate crimes and chatting on about a never-ending cycle of violence against Muslims. I will give Fiyaz Mughal his due, he made himself into something of a Z list celeb off the back of Lee Rigby’s murder and was doing a good job of fooling the general public into thinking Muslims were actually victims….until Andrew Gilligan’s excellent piece in the Telegraph exposing Fiyaz Mughal’s ‘never ending cycle of violence’ as a fraud, no more than name calling on social media websites. TellMama then lost its government funding after this year due to Mr Mughals fiddling of hate crime figures.

Since then as regular as clock work when Muslims are getting criticism(i.e. Kenya, Woolwich trial, PM speech) Mughal crawls from under his stone still with the same false figures and claims of a surge in anti Muslim hate crimes. He is now trying to authenticate his fake figures by mentioning some university’s far right expert(also on the Islamophobia gravy train) who used the figures in a report. It doesn’t matter if there was a million reports that used his figures,it still doesn’t make them correct if the source(FM) is wrong.

After the government saying they will tackle Islamic extremists , Mughal  once again claimed he expects yet another surge in Islamophobic attacks because of this and has extra staff on stand by. He has also taken to social network sites threatening people with arrests by the police and legal action. Listening to him waffle on you may think TellMama are part of the solution. When really they are part of the problem.

Vote D=    Lutfur Rahman – Extremist Mayor of Tower Hamlets


Mayor Lutfur Rahman of Tower Hamlets has bullshitted his way through his entire time as leader of the London enclave. Rahman has lied to the residents of LBTH portraying himself as somebody who has their interests at heart when in reality its only his fellow Muslims he is concerned about. Constantly dodging and denying all allegations of corruption and extremist links aimed at him whilst handing out millions to Islamic groups linked with his extremist friends at IFE. Even the IFE controlled East London Mosque which regularly hosts hate preachers and according to its last accounts had almost £3m in the bank has benefited from council hand outs

Vote E=    Iftikhar Ahmad – London School of Islamics Spammer


Iftikhar Ahmad is a regular commentator here and across the worldwide web. He can be found cutting and pasting the same 10 or so comments calling for Muslim only schools on lots of websites. Despite an obvious hate for the country he made his home, which he claims is full of 12 year olds giving birth, teenage females in short skirts drunk being sick outside pubs and 9 year olds given condoms at school. IA claims it is every Muslims right to receive Muslim only schooling (sex segregated) with Muslim only staff to learn the beauty of Islam due to Imperialist plundering of Muslim lands a long time ago. According to Mr Ahmad, Muslim only schools are the answer to everything from Muslim grooming gangs, rapists,murderers,fraudsters and everything else you could possibly imagine. Often he cites monolingual British education in non-Muslim schools as the reason for a Muslims crimes…..even those  immigrants that have come from Muslim lands and went to Islamic schools before setting foot in the UK.

Vote  F=    Mehdi Hasan – Huff Post Editor / Muslim Apologist


Mehdi Hasan is the boss at the pro Muslim/Far-Left Huffington Post and a regular  on TV shows as the Muslim apologist guest. On BBC question time he went into a rant accusing the Daily Mail of being anti-British, woman hating, homophobic, immigrant bashing and Muslim smearing after the Mail had said the father of his friend, Labour leader Ed Millabrand was a communist and  anti-British. Hypocrite Hasan failed to inform viewers he had previously wrote a begging letter to the DM asking for a job. Or that he wrote a book on red ED which contained private family information to the Mail On Sunday.

Hasan is another dawah merchant like Mughal, constantly trying to sell the watered down version of Islam to the public. Making a lot of noise about Islamophobia and the actions of infidels, when he is on video calling non-Muslims filthy kafir who live like animals.

Over at HP as the boss Mehdi Hasan controls what content is published and therefore responsible for the huge chunks of Bullshit mixed with half-truths they put out as news. A tactic often used is to make a none story into a big event especially if it involved  the chance to demonize critics of Islam such as the EDL or their ex leader Tommy Robinson. Divert the bad attention away from Muslims making somebody else the bad ones. A simple tweet would be enough to have Hasan’s staff in a frenzy blowing it out of all proportions.

His comment moderators like Saudi style religious police deleting anything that is different to their opinion. Even when it is the truth. One recent piece springs to mind on Islamic science where the writer had  virtually copied another article titled “How Islamic inventors changed the world” written by Paul Vallely and published in The Independent a few years ago. The reason i knew this was because it listed the exact same Muslim inventions that weren’t actually Muslim inventions and been proved false lots of times. Naturally it i felt it my duty to comment and inform HP of their error. Within minutes my quite polite comment pointing a few things out was gone along with every other critical comment leaving only dhimmi’s comments along the lines of “ahhh aint Islam brill”

Vote Now

Cast your vote now either in the comment section below, on Kafir Crusaders Facebook Page, or if you wish to vote but remain anonymous you can use the contact page from the top menu

Video: Farooq Murad (MCB) Defends Islamic Extremism On BBC Politics Show

MCB defend muslim extremists in the UK


Interview with Islamist Farooq Murad, Chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain on the Sunday Politics Show, 03/11/13. Host Andrew Neil rips into Murad regarding Islamic extremism in the UK . Apologist Farooq Murad shows himself as an Islamist himself  and a complete lier .

Farooq Murad was constantly trying to deflect awkward questions on burkas, hate preachers, treatment of women and other extremist subjects. When that failed often he used the Muslim tactics of taqiyya and kitman, by answering a different question than asked, trying to twist facts to justify extremism or just telling complete lies. Such as claiming the MCB did not support the anti Semitic Istanbul Declaration which Daud Abdullah the MCB’s Deputy Secretary General signed on their behalf. Farooq Murad  equally as evasive when quizzed on hate preachers at the IFE controlled East London Mosque who the MCB have extensive links with