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Koran Teacher Accused Of Child Sex Crimes At Cardiff Mosque

Hardly surprising when he is teaching at the mosque about the paedophile prophet Mohammed

Koran teacher denies sexual assaults at Cardiff mosque

Mohammed Haji SadiqImage copyrightWALES NEWS SERVICE
Image captionMohammed Haji Sadiq denies committing 15 child sex offences over a 10-year period

An 81-year-old former Koran teacher has denied he “touched” children at the Madina mosque in Cardiff.

Mohammed Haji Sadiq, who taught for 30 years until 2006, pleaded not guilty to 15 child sexual offences.

Speaking through a translator at Cardiff Crown Court, he denied ever touching a child in lessons although he “tapped” those misbehaving on the back.

He is accused of eight sexual assaults on a child under 13 by touching, and seven indecent assaults.

The allegations involve four girls aged between five and 11 and are said to have taken place between 1996 and 2006 at the mosque on Woodville Road.

Under questioning Mr Sadiq said he did not know the ages of the children he taught, how old the youngest was, or their names.

When asked why the allegations were being made, he said there was “a lot of politics going on in the mosque”.

He told the court there were other teachers and worshippers in the mosque during his lessons for up to 30 children and his classroom door was open.

Mr Sadiq also said he did not take a register, with the jury told records were destroyed when the mosque burnt down in 2006.

The trial continues.

Paedophile Islamic Teacher Named Mohammed Islam Jailed For 19 years

Mohammed Islam :now there is a name that has a great deal of relevance to his kiddie fiddling crimes. A name made from 2 of the most vile words ever. Mohammed, after his false prophet who was a serial sex offender and paedophile. Islam, after his outdated backward religion which treats women as 2nd class, allows child marriages and promotes sexual abuse.

Mohammed Islams abused a Muslim girl who he taught Islam to. Muslim on Muslim sex crimes are something that we dont hear much of due to the fact his own community will ostracise him. While abuse of non Muslim girls is rife, it is also easier to justify others turning a blind eye to by citing various verses of the koran and haddiths . 

An Islamic studies tutor who raped a pupil has been jailed for 19 years after she delayed her abortion to prove he was the father.

Mohammed Islam, 31, started molesting the girl while teaching the Koran to children in the East End.

The sex attacks escalated in seriousness and continued until she moved to an address in Hayes, West London.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard she ‘felt powerless to stop him’ when he eventually raped and impregnated her in July last year.

The 14-year-old delayed having an abortion so she could prove Islam was the father

‘A profile was obtained that was identical to this defendant,’ said Robert Brown, prosecuting.

‘The Crown say he was clearly the father of that foetus.’

Islam initially claimed his victim had initiated sex but admitted rape and sexual activity with a child on the first day of trial when she turned up to give evidence against him.

A victim impact statement provided by the girl’s father highlighted the ‘pain and distress’ the abuse has put his family through.

‘What Mohammed has done to my daughter has broken me,’ the statement read.

‘In our religion she is no longer considered a virgin and is therefore unable or unlikely to get married to have a family.

‘I am devastated. I am so angry.

‘I only hope and pray for her that this abuse will not have a long term effect on her.’

Judge Sarah Paneth told Islam: ‘I do not accept that a nine-year old child could possibly have instigated any sexual activity with you.

‘I do not accept that she could in any sense encourage you.

‘You were respected as a religious man teaching young children the Koran and while I fully accept that the community centre had no difficulties with you teaching children, what you did over a long period of time – five years – to this young child demonstrates to me that there is a significant risk of serious harm being caused by you to members of the public, as it is young children in this case, particularly young girls.

‘These offences have had a devastating effect on a beautiful and brave young girl who I was fortunate enough to meet when she attended court.

‘I hope that over time you will show greater empathy than you have for her position.

‘You seem, both from the pre-sentence report and from what has been said, to be most concerned about the effect of all this on you.’

Islam, of (Flat 22,) Trevelyan House, Morpeth Street, Bethnal Green, admitted rape, four counts of sexually assaulting a child and two of sexual activity with a child.

He was jailed for 19 years for rape and handed concurrent sentences of five years and two and a half years for four counts of sexually assaulting a child and two of sexual activity with a child respectively.

Islam was also made subject to an indefinite sexual harm prevention order and notification on the sex offender’s register.

Video: Former Iraqi MP: A Civil State Is the Only Solution to Combat ISIS

What a refreshing change this video is. A Muslim who has the sense to realise the koran is flawed and civil law not sharia is needed in Iraq.

Former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din: A Civil State Is the Only Solution to Combat ISIS

In a recent TV interview, former Iraqi MP Ayad Jamal Al-Din called for the establishment of a civil state in Iraq based on man-made law and equality, rather than on Islamic jurisprudence, as the only way to combat ISIS. He further said that there were thousands of mosques in the U.S. and worldwide that incited and prepared people to join ISIS. “Islam has been politicized and is used as a sword,” he said in the Al-Iraqiya TV interview, which aired on October 17.

Islamic Religious Teacher Charged With Indecently Assaulting Girl At Blackburn Mosque

Another so called pillar of the Islamic community that has let his true nature come out. Once again showing that however respectable they act in public, Muslims aren’t as innocent as they make out. Paedophile preacher Suleman Maknojioa who taught Islam at a Blackburn mosque molested a young girl he was meant to be teaching. 

Maybe he was teaching about Mohammed’s and his child bride Aisha and was re-enacting Islam’s paedophile prophet from the Koran

A 40-YEAR-OLD religious teacher has appeared in court charged with indecently assaulting a girl under the age of 13.  Suleman Maknojioa faces five allegations that he intentionally sexually touched the girl, who was receiving private tuition from him.
Suleman Maknojioa

Religious teacher from Blackburn charged with indecently assaulting girl

1:10pm Friday 21st June 2013 in News

A 40-YEAR-OLD religious teacher has appeared in court charged with indecently assaulting a girl under the age of 13.

Suleman Maknojioa faces five allegations that he intentionally sexually touched the girl, who was receiving private tuition from him.

Blackburn magistrates were told the assaults were alleged to have taken place in front of two other children, who were also being taught by Maknojioa.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said that on the day he was arrested, Maknojioa, a highly-respected Hafiz, was due to teach 30 children at a Blackburn mosque.

Maknojioa, of Billinge Street, Blackburn, pleaded not guilty to all five charges, and was directed to stand trial at Preston Crown Court, where he is due to appear on July 10.

He was remanded on bail with the conditions that he does not have any unsupervised contact with, or teach any child under the age of 16.

Maknojioa was also told to surrender his passport, and told he must not contact witnesses.

He was also ordered to report to the Boulevard police station twice a week.


via Religious teacher from Blackburn charged with indecently assaulting girl (From Lancashire Telegraph).

Video: Islam Is Not A Race

This video dispels the common myth that Islam is a race like Muslims try to make people believe. This Islamic taqiyya is just 1 of the many often used ploys by Muslims as part of their stealth jihad to silence anybody who criticizes Islam. Unfortunately gullible liberals are to quick to believe the Muslims false words and then repeat this untrue myth 


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Religion of Hate and Intolerance: Islam is NOT a race

Here I outline the common tactic utilized by Muslims, which is to accuse those that disagree with the religion of being racists.

A Retired Social Workers Views On The Muslim Grooming Gang Epidemic

Id like to share a message that was sent to Kafir Crusaders  regarding the deviant Muslim grooming gangs and the sexual exploitation of non Muslim schoolgirls. It was sent by a retired social worker and gives an indication as to how long this has been going on and possible ways to put a stop to this abuse. Bearing in mind this is from somebody who’s experienced this kind of this kind of situation 1st hand therefore offers a slight different perspective of things.

Thank to “Sarah” for sharing with us.

Subject: Child Sex Abuse by gangs

Comment: As a retired social worker I have a long perspective on the subject of the abuse of non South Asian girls by gangs of South Asians.  I personally came across it in the late 70s in Southall where men in their early thirties targeted young white girls and a black girl too.  I see this as basically a gross misuse of power just like severe bullying and torture though with more serious impact on the victims even when the sex abuse is non violent.
My concern is that while we have this high profile case at the Old Bailey – for the Asian Community a major crisis – some real efforts are made to get the men of that community to realize they must do something.  They should, using the Koran, teach that all people [including non Muslims] should be shown respect at all times. This teaching must be encouraged by their leaders. Fathers must teach their sons how they must behave specially to all women. Some of this will go against their own childhood training but this must be done or there will only be more and more dreadful behavious by Gangs of South Asians. The Muslim Community must grasp this nettle now.

Also this will involve a big change in the way these Muslims view their relatives including their wives. Domestic violence is a real issue.  This could be the chance to break with the past and move into the 21st Century. The wise parts if Islam can help the host community too.



Jury Dismissed In Hate Crime Trial of Man Who Ripped Pages Out Of Koran

I was going to write a post about the stupid hate crime trial of the man who exercised his right to freedom of speech and ripped pages from the Koran. Until i read this on fellow counter jihadists fahrenheit211 blog which somes it up perfectly

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Time for the DPP to put his money where his mouth is regarding free speech

Posted on December 22, 2012 by Fahrenheit211

The jury in a case where an athiest had ripped up his own copy of the Koran in a protest about freedom of speech has been discharged because they couldn’t come to a decision.

The ‘This Is Leicestershire’ website said:

“The eight women and four men on the jury at Leicester Crown Court failed to agree on a verdict.

They sent a note to the judge saying there was no prospect of them reaching either a unanimous or a majority verdict on which at least 10 of them agreed.

Peter James Crawford (52) was said to have torn pages from his own copy of the Koran and thrown the holy book on the ground next to a stall run by the Islamic Information Centre, near the Clock Tower, in Leicester city centre, on the afternoon of May 12.

Crawford, of Mere Road, Spinney Hill, Leicester, denied causing religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress by demonstrating hostility based on membership of a particular religious group. The Crown Prosecution Service has 14 days to decide whether or not to proceed with a retrial.

Crawford was released on bail with a condition imposed that he should not to go within half-a-mile of the Clock Tower on Saturday afternoons.”

This case is an ideal opportunity for the CPS to act for free speech by dropping the case completely. He wasn’t, or didn’t appear to be physically threatening them, all he did was rip up a copy of a book, his own copy.

Recently, Keir Starmer, the Director of Public Prosections said that nobody should be prosecuted for insulting someone and said that there are many things that could be perceived as an insult to someone.

He said; “‘The clear problem of the outlawing of insult is that too many things can be interpreted as such. Criticism, ridicule, sarcasm, merely stating an alternative point of view to the orthodoxy, can be interpreted as insult.’

This case, with its Jury who seemed unable to reach a verdict as to whether he had intentionally set out to harass or whether it wasn’t, would be an ideal opportunity for Keir Starmer, the DPP, to put his money where his mouth is and send this case to the rubbish bin where it deserves to be.

Link to original story in This Is Leicestershire


Link to Daily Mail ‘DPP backs free speech’ article



Muslim Mob Storm Police Station in Pakistan And Kill Man Accused of Blasphemy

Violent Muslim Mob Storm Police Station in Pakistan And Kill Man Accused of Blasphemy
In Pakistan your not even safe in a police station from a bloodthirsty barbaric mob of Muslims. A  mentally unstable man who had been arrested for allegedly burning the Koran was murdered by a Muslim mob of self appointed judge jury and in this case executioners . They stormed the police station the man was being held at,dragged him outside and beat him to death.It says a great deal about the way the country is run and the mindset of those brainwashed Muslims who live there that it was allowed to happen. Thinking back a few months to the 12 year old disabled Christian girl who was accused of the same crime, only later for the truth to emerge that the Muslim imam who made the allegation was infact lying and the child had done no wrong doing. What if the murdered man here was also falsely accused by a Muslim who bore a grudge against him. It seems to me as an all to easy way for Islamo-fascists to rid them selves of any minority infidels living there. Accuse them of burning a koran knowing that under the out dated and outrageous sharia law if found guilty its punishable with the death penalty, thats if   the accused ever makes it to court without the local Islamic thugs lynching them first  
The lawless Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where even a police station cant protect you from violent muslim mobs after inflicting sharia law without a trial
Agence France Presse
Last Update 22 December 2012 8:24 pm
KARACHI: An angry mob stormed a police station in southern Pakistan, dragged off a man held for allegedly desecrating the Qur’an and beat him to death, police said yesterday. The crowd of hundreds of villagers set the body of the man, believed to be mentally unstable, on fire after killing him on Friday in Dadu district of Sindh province, police said. Some 30 suspects have been arrested over the attack on the man, whom police have not named, they said. It is the latest case to highlight the sensitivity of blasphemy in Pakistan, where 97 percent of the population are Muslims and insulting the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, can be punished by death. The violence in Seeta village was sparked when “people in surrounding villages learned that a man had burned copies of the holy Qur’an,” local police official Usman Ghani told AFP. “They took him away, beat him severely and then burned him.” Police detained him on Friday after people claimed to have found him burning copies of the Qur’an in the mosque in Seeta, Abdullah Memon, a resident of the village, told AFP. “They caught him and handed over to police on Friday morning,” Memon said. Police believe the man was mentally unstable as they were unable to get him to tell them basic facts, such as his name and address, when they took him into custody, Ghani said. Some of the attackers filmed the man being beaten and burned on the cameras of their mobile phones, said police. “The only evidence we have at this point are the video clips that some attackers made on their cell phones of the incident, which include beating and burning,” said Ghani. “The investigation is proceeding and we are determined to catch the culprits,” added Inspector General Fayyaz Leghari. The issue of Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws drew worldwide attention earlier this year when a Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, was arrested over claims that she burned papers printed with verses from the Qur’an. She spent three weeks on remand in one of Pakistan’s toughest prisons after being detained on August 16. A court threw out all charges against her last month.

“We Muslims can not exist simultaneously with you”

“We Muslims can not exist simultaneously with you”

Yes we had already realised as much. 1 Muslims cant even live side by side without different sects of Islam committing random acts of  violence and slaughter against each other. So expecting Muslims to live side by side with kafirs in peace would be out of the question. 2. Muslims could never live as equals with non Muslims as the Koran tells them to take over the world ruled by Islamic law. Some of us still have fight left in us and we will never allow Islam to take over our infidel land.


“We Muslims can not exist simultaneously with you”


Why the persecution of Christians in the Islamic world is increasing: Where Sharia ruled non-Muslims have lost everything right.

In Tahrir Square in Cairo announced a banner these days: “85 million intend the application of Sharia law.” About 10,000 Salafists had gathered to demand the strict observance of the Koran in the Constitution. What this means in practice is a terrorist explained, after he had killed with 60 other Catholics in Iraq: “You’re all Christians, Kafara ‘(infidels), we can not exist simultaneously with you!”

It so happens that some 100 million Christians worldwide persecuted, humiliated, and – be murdered – in the final analysis. Especially in Muslim countries: The stricter the Koran is interpreted, the more ruthless the systematic expulsion, the murderous terror.

Just a few examples: In Indonesia in recent years, more than 1,000 churches were set on fire, in Egypt in the past 30 years, more than 1800 Copts killed for religious reasons. In fall 2011, called Imams in more than 20 mosques in Upper Egypt to storm churches and the murder of Christians – the security forces withdrew.

Religious hate propaganda

The religious hate propaganda is of course not limited to mosques: About tape is at the bazaar, in a taxi and in homes everywhere. The Islamic scholar Rita Breuer: “Anti-Christian propaganda you have in most Muslim countries, no longer express behind closed doors, it is socially acceptable and is in many places almost de rigueur.”

It follows, according to Breuer. “Equality of non-Muslim citizens, there can be in an explicitly Islamic political system is” For where sharia rules, non-Muslims have lost everything right: “An Islamic embossed polity without religious discrimination has never existed before.”

Rita Breuer, which is as an aid worker long been active in Islamic countries, explains the Islamic hatred of Christians and theologically. Sura 4, verse 171 says unequivocally: “Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah.” The founder of the Christian religion, God’s Son, can not and must not of course be more divine than Mohammed, who being “just” a human being. Faith in Jesus Christ is thus the entire Islamic religion building question. Therefore, the “idolaters” are – as Sura 9, verse 17 – “dwell forever in the Fire.”

Religious freedom, in theory

There is nothing of that mercy which Mouhanad Khorchide believes to recognize in Islam (“Islam is mercy,” Herder-Verlag). And if he thinks that today’s Muslims should consider the Koran in its historical context, then this may apply for educated Muslims in western countries always. But where Islam is the official state doctrine, rule, other principles.

For example, in Turkey, where there is a freedom of religion is at best theoretical. Rita Breuer: “In the nominally secular Turkey is an almost hysterical persecution of Christian mission and of what it considers to observe.” 2007 in eastern Turkey, Malatya, two Turks who converted to Christianity and a German preacher “cruelly slaughtered.”

Not a special case, because under Islamic Sharia law is apostasy – that the waste from the Islamic faith – a crime punishable by death. In many Islamic countries apostates still threatens the death penalty elsewhere call the “merciful” representatives of the faith to the lynching. For example, in Egypt, where “many imams believers to kill the converts’ call, says Breuer. “Those who follow their reputation has no fear of prosecution.”

But whereas in the western world especially the churches preach tolerance and some theologians from a “dialogue among equals” drivel, in the Islamic world is a climate of hostility is increasing rapidly. Breuer: “The wave of re-Islamization of the Muslim world and the re-politicization of religion is like a slow poison for the Interfaith Climate and has a significant impact to the detriment of Christians.”

The dispute within Islam is not the liberals have prevailed, but the radical Islamists. No question that this has an impact on the various currents of Islam in the Western world.

Sham dialogue does not help anyone

And do not forget: The dialogue in this country led bill helps the threatened Christians in the Islamic world, they rely on a clear position on the Western churches. Therefore, it seems as denial of reality when theologians – as in the Catholic Church in Vienna – always paint a positive and idealized image of Islam. An Islam that tolerate with the Christian value system – the “true Islam of peace and freedom, the equality of all people, tolerance and pluralism”.

Only white Rita Breuer: “This is not supposed to uphold Islam.” On the contrary, the incitement against Christians is growing, even here. “Even if the active militant Muslims are a minority, passive acceptance of violence is very high.” This sentence should all cause for reflection on migration and integration. Background reading: Rita Breuer, “In the name of Allah? Persecution of Christians in Islam, “Herder-Verlag.

via “We Muslims can not exist simultaneously with you” “DiePresse.com.

Planned east London Islamic center sparks ‘Mega Mosque No Thanks’ campaign

Whilst British TV news channels were devoting all their time to the weather in America,a dead celebrity paedo who apparently every man and his dog knew what he was upto and did nothing about whilst he was alive, and the on going saga of “who might or might not of said” something that has hurt the feelings of grown men earning £100k + a week to kick a football about who basically need to man up and start thinking about some of the problems the other 99.9% of the UK not as fortunate as them have to put up with on a daily basis before whining. 

Sick of the same old i flicked over channel to RT, a Russian news channel where 1 of their main headlines was about the campaign against the planned mega mosque in London and the Islamization of Great Britain.

For more info on the fight against the London mega mosque planned by Muslim radical group Tablighi Jamaat : http://www.megamosquenothanks.com/

Online e petition: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/38258

Planned east London Islamic center sparks ‘Mega Mosque No Thanks’ campaign

Planned east London Islamic center sparks 'Mega Mosque No Thanks'  campaign fight against the London mega mosque planned by Muslim radical group Tablighi JamaaT

Published: 30 October, 2012, 05:43

Edited: 30 October, 2012, 09:55


Religion, UK

An artist’s impression of the London mega-mosque (Image from astuteblogger.blogspot.ru)

A planned 10,000-capacity ‘mega mosque’ in East London is under consideration by city authorities as locals mount a campaign to halt construction amid fears it will become a hotbed of Islamic extremism.

The gigantic mosque, four times the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral, will sport towering 40-foot minarets, an Islamic library, sports facilities and eight apartments.

Planning permission for the place of worship is being considered by Newham Council, despite controversy and fierce opposition from the local community, including many Muslims.

The plans were submitted by Tablighi Jamaat, a Muslim missionary movement, which some have described as an ‘antechamber of fundamentalism’.

Critics claim the Islamic group preaches separatism and segregation. Two of the July 7, 2005, London bombers – Shehzad Tanweer and Mohammad Sidique Khan – are believed to have prayed at a Tablighi mosque in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, before committing their terror attack.

“They teach that if you want to be a good Muslim you must separate off from non-Muslims…It’s only Tablighi Jamaat – of all the Islamic groups – that has created ghettos over in Toronto, in Canada. They’re all around the world, this is a huge group and wherever they go they create barriers, hostility, division, they create separatism,” Alan Craig, campaign director of ‘Mega Mosque No Thanks,’ which is actively opposing its construction, told RT.

If given the go-ahead, the massive mosque could be the first Sharia-law-controlled area in Britain. Many East Londoners are worried that flouts Prime Minster David Cameron’s policy of a multicultural Britain that embraces all ethnic groups.

“The grounds on which they’re trying to set-up here in Britain are anti-British, anti-Western. This is not just going to be a Mosque – this is going to be a centre of training, where they are going to try to reach out to Islamist Muslims. To harden up and medieval-ize the Islam of ordinary Muslims in this country. And I meet so many Muslims, who don’t want that,” journalist and cultural analyst Dr. Jenny Taylor, founder of religious literacy consulting group Lapido Media, explained to RT.

That view is shared by many Muslims in East London. Asqhar Bukhari, a spokesperson for the UK branch of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, told RT, “Muslims themselves oppose this mosque. Not on the grounds that, they don’t want to worship their God, but on the grounds that women aren’t allowed, the local population, the Muslim population, has no say in how the mosque itself is governed.”

The proposal has sparked intense opposition in the years since the plans were first submitted in 1999.

In 2001, Tablighi Jamaat agreed worship would only be on a temporary basis at the site of the proposed mosque. In 2010, Newham Council issued an enforcement notice, but Tablighi successfully appealed it in 2011 and now more than 5,000 people worship at the ramshackle site every week.

The plans had initially included a provision for retail units and 300 houses, which were shelved in place of the mega mosque. The Muslim community refused to allow their donations to contribute to commercial businesses.

Newham Council, which received the proposal from Tablighi on September 5, 2012, issued a statement in response: “We can confirm we have received a planning application. As this is currently being processed it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

The Mega Mosque No Thanks website contains a checklist for mobilizing activists, including signing an e-petition on the government’s website and contacting local MPs.

Craig explained to RT, “If this went ahead it would be like a tipping point – there will be no stopping fundamentalist Islam. If that happens – well we’d all need to leave the county.”

Tablighi Jamaat maintains that their purpose is peaceful missionary work. Spokesperson for the group’s charitable trust and site owner Anjuman-E-Islahul-Muslimeen previously told reporters, “The door is always open and we are happy to meet and discuss in depth our proposals.”

via Planned east London Islamic center sparks ‘Mega Mosque No Thanks’ campaign — RT.