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Jihad John’s Parents Should Be Prosecuted After Admitting Knowing Killers Identity Since First Execution

“The mother recognised the voice and she screamed ‘that is my son’ while he was talking before beheading the first American hostage.”   – A source

It has been reported today that the parents of ISIS  blood thirsty executioner Jihadi John had known for some time it was their son responsible for the barbaric killing of western hostages. Therefore they should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting terrorism / war crimes.

The information they possessed knowing the killers identity could of saved counter terrorism and intelligence agencies  thousands of man hours  trying to find out who the public face of ISIS was. Hours that could of been used to finding the sources of the radicalization here in the UK. Potentially that info could also have saved the lives of some of the other victims who were beheaded. If his identity was known earlier maybe his location could of been pinpointed. With the rifle of an SAS sniper putting a bullet between his eyes before he had chance to execute the other hostages.


Mohammed EmwaziPH

The infamous ‘Jihadi John’ was revealed to be University of Westminster student Mohammed Emwazi

Knife wielding Mohammed Emwazi, his face hidden in a black balaclava, spoke directly to the camera before carrying out the gruesome execution of American journalist James Foley last August.

Emwazi’s mother instantly recognised her son’s voice, it as been reported.

The dramatic revelation emerged after inquiries by investigators in Kuwait.

Foley, 40, was the first of at least five Western hostages who have been executed by Kuwaiti born Emzawi, who grew up in west London.

It has emerged that Emwazi’s parents were aware of their son’s activities for months, according to testimony given to Kuwaiti police by his father Jassem, 51.

Mr Emwazi Snr was questioned along with one of his sons after being summoned by police.A source said last night: “The mother recognised the voice and she screamed ‘that is my son’ while he was talking before beheading the first American hostage.

“When they played the video again, the father was sure it was his son.”

Insiders described the father, a former policeman, as “emotional and upset at what had happened to his son” while talking to investigators.

He told them: “I am waiting day-by-day to hear about his death.”

The family, who live about 20 miles outside Kuwait City, believed the killer had travelled to Syria to “deliver aid.”

Mr Emwazi snr is said to have left Kuwait after collaborating with Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces after they invaded in 1990. He gained British citizenship in 2002 and moved back to Kuwait the following year, according to local sources.

The family belongs to a group known as Bedoons who do not have full Kuwaiti citizenship and lack full educational and employment rights. Many live in impoverished neighbourhoods.

Jassem EmwaziPH

Former policeman Jassem Emwazi, the father of Jihadi John, is said to be ’emotional and upset’

It also emerged yesterday that Emwazi was bullied at school.Jo Shuter, the former headteacher of Quintin Kynaston in west London, said she is horrified her ex-pupil is the Islamic State fighter shown beheading Western hostages.

She said in a radio interview:”I can’t even begin to say the shock and the horror that I feel.

“Even now when I’m listening to the news and I hear his name I feel the skin on the back of my neck stand up because it is just so far from what I knew of him, and it is so shocking and so horrendous the things that he has done.”

Ms Shuter said that far from the arrogant killer who features on IS videos, she remembered a “hard working” boy bullied by his schoolmates.

She said: “He had adolescent issues, as some of the young people, particularly at that age – year nine, particularly the boys, is a time when the hormones start raging, and he had some issues with being bullied which we dealt with.

“By the time he got into the sixth form he, to all intents and purposes, was a hard-working aspirational young man who went on to the university that he wanted to go to.”

Emwazi moved from Kuwait to London when he was six. His family settled in the Mozart Estate – one of the capital’s most notorious estates which has been blighted by gangs and violence.

Concerns have been raised that pupils at Quintin Kynaston – a flagship academy in Swiss Cottage, London, once visited by then prime minister Tony Blair – were radicalised as teenagers.

Ms Shuter said there was nothing to indicate the pupils were being radicalised and would go on to slaughter innocent people.


Belfast Murder: Victim ‘Gutted Like A Fish’ By Somalian Savage Shouting Islamic War Cry

Northern Ireland has been the location of countless killings motivated by religion over the years. Sectarian violence between Unionists and Loyalists resulted in much needless bloodshed and loss of life. Only this latest religious murder on Belfast’s streets last week. Which was kept low key by the media was committed by a Muslim killer shouting Islamic slogans. Witnesses reported the murderer was a Somalian immigrant who gutted his victim like a fish while shouting jihadi war cries. 


Murder victim Moshin Bhatti 'gutted like a fish' in the street by crazy Somali man

PAKISTANI murder victim Moshin Bhatti was brutally stabbed to death by a crazed Somali national.

Sources have told Dthat Bhatti had tried to get away from telling him: “You crazy man. I am fed up with you crazies. Just leave me alone.”

Minutes later as Mr Bhatti walked down Botanic Avenue in south Belfast around 5 am on Thursday morning, his one time Somali friend turned on him.

The source said: “This guy just ran at him with two knicves, shouting this Jihadi war cry and then stabbed him repeatedly. He gutted him like a fish.

“According to those who examined the scene, it was horrific. All his insides were just lying out on the pavement. It was a savage and unprovoked attack.”

A 32-year-old Somalian man arrested as part of the investigation was sectioned on Thursday night while in police custody.

He has now been detained under the Mental Health Order and transferred to a secure hospital.

Det Ch Insp Richard Campbell said: “Mohsin Bhatti’s relatives have been informed of the tragedy and we are liaising with them.

“Our enquiries are continuing and we are releasing a photo of Mohsin as part of the investigation. I want to hear from anyone who saw or spoke with Mohsin during Wednesday or in the early hours of Thursday morning before he was stabbed.”

Officers had been called to the area after a member of the public rang police to report that a man was lying on the road in Botanic Avenue with a number of injuries.

Police have said Mr Bhatti may have been involved in a row in a nearby flat that spilled out onto the street.

They have also carried out an examination of a flat in India Street, a short distance from where the victim was found.

Two knives were recovered from the murder scene.

Soldier Killed At Ottawa’s War Memorial, Killer Named As Michael Abdul Zehaf Bibeau

Sickening reports from Canada about a soldier being shot dead at Ottawa’s war memorial. It comes just two days after two Canadian soldiers were run over, one of them killed, in Quebec by a Muslim convert with jihadist sympathies. That suspect, 25-year-old Martin Couture Rouleau, was shot by police, and later died.

Today’s tragedy bears all to familiar similarities to the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby with the victim targeted because he was a soldier. Unconfirmed reports say the killer was  Michael Abdul Zehaf Bibeau, born in Canada in 1982. One source says he sometime dropped the name Michael and went by Abdul Zehaf Bibeau. No surprises that it is a very Muslim type of name…….but surely he can’t be Muslim because  Islam is the ‘religion of peace’ isn’t it????

soldier-shot-at-canadian-war-by muslim extremist
Armed RCMP officers head towards the Langevin Block on Parliament Hilll following a shooting incident in Ottawa October 22, 2014. A Canadian soldier was shot at the Canadian War Memorial and a shooter was seen running towards the nearby parliament buildings, where more shots were fired, according to media and eyewitness reports.


Ottawa shooting kills Canadian soldier at War Memorial

National Post

A soldier was fatally shot at the National War Memorial Wednesday morning before a single, masked suspect was shot dead in Parliament. In the midst of the chaotic situation, authorities said they were seeking multiple shooters, but while police continued their search into the afternoon, they declined to say whether they believe the gunman acted alone.

“One shooting victim succumbed to injuries. He was a member of the Canadian Forces. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his loved ones,” Ottawa police said in a statement.

The soldier has been identified by the National Post as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, a reservist based out of Hamilton, Ontario.


FacebookNathan Cirillo was killed by an unidentified gunman at the National War Memorial on Wednesday.

“Today a member of Hamilton’s own Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders was killed while performing the duties of a sentry at the National War Memorial,” Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina said in a statement.

Two others were injured in the attack, one of them a security guard at Parliament’s Centre Block. Both are in stable condition.

One male gunman has also been confirmed dead.

Sources told The Canadian Press that Kevin Vickers, the sergeant-at-arms for the House of Commons and 29-year RCMP veteran, shot the gunman within Parliament.


THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin TangPolice teams enter Centre Block at Parliament Hill in Ottawa on on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014. A gunman opened fire at the National War Memorial, wounding a soldier, then moved to nearby Parliament Hill and wounded a security guard before he was shot, reportedly by Parliament’s sergeant-at-arms.

CBS News said the gunman has been identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian born in 1982, citing unnamed U.S. government sources.

The RCMP and Ottawa police have not made a statement on the gunman’s identity.

“This is an ongoing joint police operation and there is no one in custody at this time,” is how Ottawa police and the RCMP described their joint investigation.

At an afternoon press conference, police said they could not yet confirm if the gunman who shot the soldier is the same as the one who was killed in Parliament.

Gilles Michaud, RCMP assistant commissioner, called it a “dynamic, unfolding situation.”

Police have been tight-lipped with information, leaving politicians to be the first to break news Wednesday.

“Gunman at Parliament’s Centre Block has been shot and killed,” Conservative MP Bernard Trottier tweeted at 10:30 a.m. Tory MP Bob Zimmer also reported the same.

Police expanded their perimeter throughout Wednesday afternoon and have confirmed there were shootings in two areas, the National War Memorial and in Parliament. Police said there was no shooting at the Rideau Centre, as was reported earlier during the chaotic situation.


THE CANADIAN PRESS/ Patrick DoylePolice search cars and pedestrians.

Around 1:40 p.m., a security alert warned that all buildings in the Parliamentary precinct were still on lockdown.

“This means stay in your office, with the doors locked and away from the windows. If your door does not lock, find a way to barricade the door, if possible,” read the alert, circulated by email. “Do not open the door under any circumstances. Security Services has the required keys.”

Police asked citizens to not tweet the locations of the officers involved as the RCMP describes the situation as “ongoing.”

Ottawa Civic hospital received two new patients at about noon, one with gunshot wounds and the other with unknown injuries. Both were reported to be in stable condition.

The hospital would not comment on the condition of the soldier.

Muslim Killer Savagely Smashed Wife’s Head In With Hammer

Muslim killer Danish Irfan who savagely smashed his wife’s head in with a hammer was described in court as “possessive and controlling”.  Is this anything out of the ordinary for Muslim males? Almost all Muslim men are “possessive and controlling” of their wife, wives, daughters, sisters and all other women in their lives. 

That is how Islamic teachings tell them to be. Islam and its backwards sharia law not only discriminates against us infidels, it is completely sexist to the core. It permits marital rape, bigamy for males, permits woman beating, portrays women as little more than slaves. Whose entire role in life is to satisfy the males needs. Even a rape victim in a sharia court needs 4 witnesses to counter the testimony of the male accused of the crime.

This is how Islam teaches Muslims to treat Muslim women . Imagine the opinion they have of non Muslim women then ! The Muslim male only has to be a good Muslim and follow the koran and he will automatically be “possessive and controlling” towards females.  Islam hates women.

Court told husband swung hammer at wife’s head ten times as she lay in bed

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Court told husband swung hammer at wife's head ten times as she lay in bed
Court told husband swung hammer at wife’s head ten times as she lay in bed


A YOUNG mother was murdered by her “possessive and controlling” husband when he swung a hammer at least ten times at her head as she lay in bed, a jury was told this morning.

Danish Irfan fled the country on a false passport after killing Ridda Zanab at their home in Alford Terrace, Lidget Green, Bradford, on November 3 last year.

Bradford Crown Court heard that Irfan, 22, remained in Pakistan until telling the authorities he was returning to the UK. He was arrested at Heathrow Airport on February 22.

Irfan has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Mrs Zanab, 21, but denies her murder.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp told the court that Irfan killed his wife after reading a text message she had sent to another man, saying: “I love you, mwahhh, good night.”

Mr Sharp said it would not be disputed that Irfan killed Mrs Zanab.

The jury would have to consider why he did it, what was acting on his mind at the time.

The trial continues.

Mohammed Akram, Convicted Killer And Sex Attacker Walks Free After Appeal

Utter madness as appeal judges free Mohammed Akram after  an appeal judge ruled his 5 year old victim evidence was inadmissible. Akram who had previous served time for murder and the rape of a 16 year old girl was given life for the sex attack on the child then aged 4. The child was then made to give evidence for 2 days during the initial trial during which the girl became distracted during the 2nd day before Akrams lawyer had chance to finish grilling her. Now the appeal judge has allowed him to walk because of that.
A child so young should never have been made to endure 2 days of giving evidence. Its only natural they would get fed up after a while. The victim didn’t at any point change her mind or say anything to suggest it wasn’t Akram who attacked her. She simply got fed up like any young child would do of repeating herself. Now a convicted killer and rapist who 99.9% did molest the girl is back on the streets. How long before he attacks again.

Convicted killer and sex attacker walks free after appeal judge deems 5-year-old girl incapable of giving meaningful evidence

7 Dec 2013 07:57

Mohammed Akram, 53, was sentenced to life after indecently assaulting a four-year-old girl during a New Year’s Day party but has been freed by appeal judges.

Mohammed Akram has convictions for homicide and sex attack
Mohammed Akram has convictions for homicide and sex attack
Ciaran Donnelly/Lesley Donald Photography

A convicted killer and sex offender who got a life sentence for molesting a four-year-old girl has been freed by appeal judges.

A trial heard claims that Mohammed Akram, 53, sneaked into the little girl’s bedroom and indecently assaulted her during a New Year’s Day party.

But it was ruled yesterday that the conviction was unsafe after appeal judges said the child became distracted during a two-day stint as a witness.

Akram had protested his innocence since the allegation against him was first made.

Giving evidence at his trial via CCTV, the girl, then aged five, said a man had “touched her tuppy”.

Appeal court judge Lord Eassie, sitting with Lords Bracadale and Wheatley, watched footage of the child’s marathon court ordeal. They said her attention wandered, she tried to leave the room and refused to answer questions.

Lord Eassie said: “By the second day, if not earlier, the child had been rendered incapable of engaging meaningfully with the process of giving evidence.”

The judge said because of that, the girl could not be questioned properly by Akram’s lawyer.

But what finally gained Akram his freedom was the way trial judge Lord Brodie gave the jury instructions on how to consider DNA evidence and whether it backed up the little girl’s story.

Advocate depute Iain McSporran, for the Crown, conceded that it was “a material misdirection” which amounted to a miscarriage of justice.

After he was initially convicted of indecently assaulting the girl on New Year’s Day in 2011, it was revealed that Akram had been caged for five years in 1979 for culpable homicide.

In 2003, he was jailed for eight years for a sex attack on a 16-year-old student and he was still on licence at the time of the 2011 allegation. Lord Brodie judged Akram to be a danger to the public and handed him a lifelong restriction order.

He ordered Akram to serve a minimum of one year but warned that he would stay in jail until the parole board agreed he no longer posed a threat.

After Akram was freed yesterday, Children 1st chief executive Anne Houston said: “The failure of the authorities to act in the best interests of a very young victim and to consider how she might have been better supported to give her best evidence has undoubtedly led to this outcome. Such a young child should never have been expected to give evidence over two days.”

Scottish Labour justice spokes-man Graeme Pearson said: “Cases like these try the public’s patience. If the key issue was a misdirection, then there is nothing to be lost in a retrial.

“In addition, the expectation of a five-year-old participating in a two-day examination for the court is unreasonable.”

Tam Baillie, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, said: “Expecting a very young child to go through the gruelling process of giving evidence for an extended period of time is inappropriate.

“We must look at the best ways to ensure that the evidence of very young children can be heard and taken into account.”

Leading Muslim In UK Sentenced To Death For Genocide War Crimes .

A UK Muslim leader and a US citizen have been sentenced to death over war crimes committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence.UK-Bangladeshi Muslim community leader Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khanwas were being tried in absentia by a special tribunal in Bangladesh. They were found guilty on 11 charges relating to the abduction and killing of 18 independence supporters.

Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin was the founder of the Muslim council of Britain. He also was involved in forming the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe,(IFE) Jamaat-e-Islami's European wing, which believes in creating a sharia state in Europe.

Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin is a cold blooded mass murderer. The best thing we could do with him is bundle him on a plane to Bangladesh so they can put a rope round his neck and give him punishment fit for his crimes. Unfortunately that will not happen so it looks like he is just another barbaric Muslim  low life that we will now be stuck with in the UK.  Mueen-Uddin  was a top member of the notorious paramilitary force al-Badr and of the fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami political party in Bangladesh.

After fleeing to the UK, war criminal Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin was the founder of the Muslim council of Britain. He also was involved in forming the extremist Islamic Forum of Europe,(IFE) Jamaat-e-Islami’s European wing, which believes in creating a sharia state in Europe. He is also involved in the IFE controlled East London Mosque and the terror linked Islamic charity, Muslim Aid. Currently he is a director of Muslim Spiritual Care Provision in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), a member of Multi Faith Group for Healthcare Chaplaincy (MFGHC).


Gallows for Mueen, Ashraf

Published: Sunday, November 3, 2013

A special court in Dhaka today awarded death penalty to Chowdhury Mueen Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khan for their offences during Bangladesh’s war of independence 42 years back.

The judgement was delivered in absence of the convicts as the International Crimes Tribunal-2′s efforts to get them in the dock failed.

All the eleven charges levelled against Mueen and Ashraf by the prosecution were proved beyond doubt, Justice Obaidul Hassan, head judge of the International Crimes Tribunal-2, announced in a jam-packed courtroom in the afternoon.

The convicts received death penalty for abduction and killing of nine DhakaUniversity teachers, six eminent journalists and three physicians in December 1971 with the intent that the new nation becomes devoid of intellectuals.

This is the ninth verdict in the sensational war crimes trial that was initiated 42 years into the country’s birth and the Jamaat-e-Islami is strongly against it.

The death sentence will be executed after the arrest or surrender of the convicts, the tribunal chief said.

The judgement was pronounced at 12:48pm after reading out of a 41-page excerpt of the 154-page verdict.

Earlier, the tribunal started its day’s proceedings at 11:00am.

Al-Badr operation-in-charge Mueen is now in London where he has made his name as a community leader. Apart from serving as the chairman of Tottenham Mosque, he also became the director of Muslim spiritual care provision in the National Health Service of the UK, the prosecution said.

Ashraf, chief executor of Al-Badr, is now in New York and has been involved in the conservative Islami Circle of North America.

This is the second war crimes case that is going on with the accused absent.

The first case was against expelled Jamaat-e-Islami member Abul Kalam Azad who was awarded capital punishment.


Right after the war and liberation of Bangladesh, newspapers carried photos of Mueen and Ashraf asking people to help capture the two “killers and Al-Badr leaders”.

The trial of Mueen and Ashraf was done within just over three months largely because the tribunal-appointed defence lawyers did not have the cooperation of the families of the accused.

The lawyers could not even get one defence witness to testify whereas the prosecution brought in 25.

Thirty days after completing the case proceedings, tribunal-2 on Thursday fixed today for announcing the verdict.

The prosecution and the defence placed their closing arguments between September 23 and September 30.

In their closing arguments, the prosecution said the duo “deserved” capital punishment for the crimes “they had committed” in 1971 while the defence sought acquittals claiming that the prosecution “failed to prove the charges”.

The charges are related to the abduction and killing of 18 intellectuals and professionals.


Dhaka University teachers Prof Mofazzal Haider Choudhury, Prof Munier Chowdhury, Prof Giasuddin Ahmed, Prof Sirajul Haque Khan, Dr Abul Khayer, Dr Faizul Mohiuddin, Prof Rashidul Hasan, Prof Anwar Pasha, Prof Santosh Chandra Bhattacharyya, journalists Serajuddin Hossain, Syed Najmul Haque, ANM Golam Mostafa, Nizam Uddin Ahmed, Selina Pervin, Shahidullah Kaiser, and physicians Fazle Rabbee, Alim Chaudhury and Mohammad Martuza.


The two tribunals dealing with the war crimes cases have so far delivered verdicts in eight cases.

The tribunal-2 awarded death penalty to expelled Jamaat leader Abul Kalam Azad, Jamaat Assistant Secretary General Muhammad Kamaruzzaman and Jamaat Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed on January 21, May 9 and July 17 of this year respectively.

The tribunal also awarded former BNP minister Abdul Alim imprisonment till death on October 9 for committing genocide and crimes against humanity during the country’s 1971 War of Independence.

The Tribunal-1 awarded Jamaat Nayeb-e-Ameer Delawar Hossain Sayedee and BNP standing committee member Salauddin Quader Chowdhury death penalty on February 28 and October 1 for their war time offences.

It also awarded 90-year jail to former Jamaat-e-Islami chief Ghulam Azam on July 15, while Jamaat Assistant Secretary General Abdul Quader Mollah was given life sentence on February 5 by Tribunal-2.

The Supreme Court on September 17 awarded death penalty to Mollah, responding to appeals against the trial court verdict.

Video: Woolwich Muslim Murderer Michael Adebolajo Giving Hate Speech At ‘Unite Against Fascism’ Event

A new video has surfaced featuring one of the two Muslim extremists responsible for the savage murder of soldier Lee Rigby giving a hate speech at a counter protest organized by the so-called anti fascist group ‘Unite Against Fascism’

Woolwich terror suspect Michael Adebolajo was filmed encouraging 1,500 followers to turn against Britain in a hate-filled rant on the anniversary of 9/11. Video footage  shows the alleged killer addressing a crowd of young Muslims and communist anti fascists outside Harrow Central Mosque in north London.The 28-year-old Muslim convert wearing a white skull-cap and a traditional black Islamic robe Adebolajo  tells the crowd not to be scared of  the police in attendance to keep the peace.In the video Muslim savage Adebolajo says that the Prophet Muhammad fought against ‘way worse’ opposition. Whipping the crowd into a frenzy, Islamic fanatic told them

 ‘You are here only to please Allah. You aren’t here for any other reason.’
Islamofascist killer Adebolajo yells: ‘Do not be scared of the filthy kuffar [non-believers]. They are pigs.’
‘They are pigs,’ he shouts. ‘Allah says they are worse than cattle. Do not be scared of them. And do not turn your back to them. Don’t be scared of them, or police, or the cameras.’

Shortly after his hate speech violence erupted as Islamist thugs and UAF communist extremists went into a frenzy of thuggery, with the crowd hurling bricks and fireworks at the police and protesters and ganging up to attack the peaceful protesters. One witness at the Unite Against Fascism rally said of Adebolajo’s hate speech : ‘After the speech some of them started running around. An imam even came out at one stage and told the hotheads to calm down and get inside the mosque, saying that they should be praying. ‘I thought it was time for me to get out.

Michael Adebolajo shortly after woolwich murder gave hate speech at UAF counter protest. Unite Against fascism support Islamic murderers

Holding forth: Adebolajo at the rally on the eighth anniversary of September 11 outside Harrow Central Mosque in north LondonHolding forth: Adebolajo at the UAF event on the eighth anniversary of September 11 outside Harrow Central Mosque in north London
The video shows the need for investigation of links between Islamic extremists and the  far left.
At the time counter protest was hailed as a “victory against fascists” by the communist UAF organisers they called a “solidarity vigil”. The following is the Harrow Times article blaming Unite Against Fascism for the outbreak of disorder and violence.

Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of  UAF, said after the demonstration:

“Today in Harrow was a victory for everyone who wants to defend our multicultural society from racists and fascists.“The English Defence League and other groups of bigots wanted to march on a mosque and chant ‘Muslims out’  “Instead they were kept away because ordinary people from all backgrounds turned out in solidarity with Harrow’s Muslim community.”

Mr Bennett attempted to gloss over violent scuffles that broke out in the Wealdstone streets when around a dozen men turned up to support the anti-mosque demo, which had been organised by Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE).

Scores of young Asian men chased the group back to Harrow and Wealdstone station, leading to a stand-off with police who had formed a protective ring around the men who had been chased.As hundreds of UAF supporters spilled out into Station Road, pandemonium broke out as protesters, some armed with sticks, rampaged up the road and began attacking riot police, throwing stick, rocks, glass bottles, and firecrackers. Bennett’s statement said:

“While the anti-fascist rally was for the most part peaceful and good-natured, there were sporadic clashes when small groups of racists attempted to get near the mosque.“The racists were chased off by groups of Muslim youths, leading to occasional clashes with police.”UAF believes the blame for these incidents lies firmly with the racists trying to intimidate Muslims, not with the youths trying to protect their community.”

Communist Bennett hypocritically attempts to justify the trouble in a similar way he tried justifying  communist murders in the past. The UAF who are a Socialist Workers Party front group are constantly saying about no platform for fascists yet they are more than happy for the Islamic type to have a platform to spout their evil views from . Or as in this case put the Islamofascist murderer on that platform. The UAF are antifascist in name only. For ever linking the EDL with sadistic murderer Anders Brevik because he mentioned them once in his manifesto. Yet only silence regarding their obviously strong links to one of the terrorists who sickened the nation with the barbaric murder of an innocent solider. One thing is for sure these far left extremists have some nerve, a quick look on their timeline and their still chatting on about opposing the fascist, nazi, racist and every other name you could think of EDL. Those MPs including David Cameron who signed their support for the UAF should be ashamed of themselves. Every paying union member that funds the UAF and SWP with their unions donations need to be asking themselves do they want their subs funding people associated with the Muslim Woolwich Killers!!!!

the sioe demo at harrow mosque hit the headlines when uaf supporters started trouble

After The Recent Actions By Evil ‘Religion Of Peace’ Scum, Please Think Before Doing Anything Stupid

The recent horrific events in Woolwich, where two followers of the so-called ‘religion of peace’  bought barbaric Muslim savagery to the streets of London have truly shocked the nation. With sick acts of  senseless violence that would normally only be associated with lawless Islamic hell holes such as Afghanistan or Somalia. Shouting “Allahu Akbar” the Muslim battle cry, the  two blood thirsty Muslim savages  attacked and killed an innocent serving British soldier wearing a ‘help for heroes’ T-shirt in broad daylight on a busy road.  After dragging the soldier’s body into the middle of the road making sure they held every by-standers attention. They began hacking at the lifeless corpse with meat cleaver type knifes trying to behead the body. Disturbingly the Muslim scum gloated in their heinous evil acts urging people to video them as they attributed their murder to the death and violence loving Allah, the pagan moon-god.

Murdering Muslim scum
Murdering Muslim scum

Obviously such sickening actions by the Islamofascist savages have infuriated the good people of Britain. My blood has been near boiling point for the past day and i know their will be countless others feeling the same.Tensions are high and there is a great deal of anti Muslim anger. Some people may even be considering avenging the soldier’s death and getting even with Muslims in general. News reports are claiming police have made arrests after 2 mosques were attacked. THIS IS NOT THE WAY FORWARD……..I would seriously urge anybody angry at the Muslim violence to refrain from doing such things.

Please think before you act and do anything stupid. The world’s attention is focused on Islam for all the wrong reasons. Islamist front groups who have been engaging in stealth jihad and infiltrating society for years pushing Islam and claiming it is the religion of peace have been shown for the schemers they are. Many having to publicly apologise for so-called peaceful Muslims not so peaceful actions. Those Muslim scum responsible for the murders have unintentionally stalled the stealth jihad of those pushing Islam. Using violence against Muslims in response is not only stupid because police WILL prosecute you for a hate crime, but also playing right into the hands of the Islamofascists. Away from the public eye, the Islamists will be hoping for people to respond by attacking Mosques or being violent towards Muslims. Anything to divert the negative attention away from Islam and onto others. Muslims love to play the victim as they know people will appease them when they act hard done to giving them chance to make in roads. Don’t give them reason to.

The best tactic in a time like this is to spread your knowledge about the evil of Islam. People previously oblivious to the backwards violent sex obsessed nature are now aware of Islam more than ever. Eyes are ready to be fully opened to it

UK: Far Left, Pro-Islamic Group Praise Vile Serial Killer and Child Molester Fred West

Below is a reblog from the excellent Body Of Truth showing the hypocrisy of a far left pro Islamic group. The Facebook group Slatedl they claim was created to oppose the English Defence League’s stance against militant Islam. They claim the EDL are racist for speaking out against the evil of Islam so they must oppose the EDL voicing their concerns. Islam is a belief and all in the mind the same as Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses and any other religion or cult. So for a group that are so outraged at that criticism and feel they must defend somebody else’s belief’s with such high  morales at a first thought you might imagine them as whiter than white. The  reality of it is that like so many of these Saint like  far left groups, once you scratch below the surface their true colours show. They use their supposed “anti-edl” platform to scaremonger with lies and exaggerations, post screen shots and adresses and basicially cyber bully people,  calling them names about how they look which is no different than being racist which they claim to hate. Or such as in these case glorifying and joking regarding evil paedophile serial killer Fred West

source: http://thebodyoftruth.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/uk-far-left-pro-islamic-group-praise-vile-serial-killer-and-child-molester-fred-west/

UK: Far Left, Pro-Islamic Group Praise Vile Serial Killer and Child Molester Fred West

We received an email this morning containing screenshots from a Pro-Islamic, far Left, anti-EDL page which we have covered in articles before.

The group is called Still Laughing at The English Defence League (SLATEDL), although The Body of Truth has no connection to the English Defence League other than covering them in relevant articles, we feel the need to publish the sick exploits of the “SLATEDL” group, it’s followers and the vile tactics they are known to use.

The members of SLATEDL create and use troll accounts to fish for pictures and details on EDL members and other counter Jihadists and post them on their website in the hope that they will be attacked by their rabid Antifa gangs, The group frequently use bullying and harassment campaigns against anybody who disagrees with them.

In the past we have posted an article on this same group, one in which they tried to condemn figures calling Muslims ‘savages’ by posting a news article covering the ‘reformed relative’ of a Muslim gang murderer who brutally killed an innocent non-Muslim teenager in a racial attack, backfiring spectacularly.

This week, they have hit a low even I did not expect Leftists to sink to, as SLATEDL admins and members, praise vile child molester, torturer, rapist and murderer Fred West and make light of his sickening and bloodthirsty crimes against innocent women.

The group posted a picture of vile British serial killer Fred West next to a picture of an unknown figure (presumably somebody who did not fit in with their warped way of thinking) claiming that the two had a resemblance, one of the followers of the group using the name “Ozzy Brotherton” then commended Fred West as “Good old Fred West” and “What a Grafter (hard worker)” this is a reference to Fred West being involved in the building and construction industry, a trade which he used to conceal the bodies of his victims.

The SLATEDL group are highly critical of anti-Islamic comments on Counter Jihad pages, yet, this vile comment received 4 likes from like minded members of the group.


Another member called Lloyd Davies then wrote the following sick comment: “If he’s good at laying a patio down” this is in reference to Fred West burying the bodies of his victims under the patio behind his house, his victims were cruelly tortured, sexually abused, raped and brutally murdered.


As you can see in the above screenshot, a member using the name, Andy Scott then remarks: “I heard his cellar renovations were top class” this is in reference to the tortured and dismembered bodies of victims which were found buried under the cellar floor of Fred and Rose West’s home.

If you would like to see how the admin of the SLATEDL page reacted when somebody published our article on their page: “Well it made me laugh”


So it is clear that not only the followers of SLATEDL are attracted too and find amusing the torture, dismemberment, rape and child molestation that Fred West carried out but the admin of the page shares the same sick mentality.

The sickening views shown by this group, who do everything in there power to defend horrific Islamic actions around the world and condemn Counter Jihad groups, show their vile ideology for what it truly is.

Whilst looking through the page myself a few months ago, I also grabbed a screenshot showing one of the admins of the page admitting to being a drug addict and taking acid.


Defending Muslim rapists, Praising child molesting serial killers and boasting about their drug addiction, I really don’t think that SLATEDL have the authority to criticize any counter Jihad group.. their sick behavior gives a sort of explanation as to why they are lap dogs to Muslims, they simply share the same sickening mindset.

Thank You for reading, feel free to link and share this article to ensure more people see the sickening face of this far left, pro-Islamic group.

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Life for Pakistani Asylum Seeker Who Killed Partner With A Hammer

Yet another Pakistani asylum seeker who killed  a woman. The sadistic killer smashed his partner over 50 times in the head with a hammer when he realised their relationship was over in front of a child. A lenient tariff of 12 years from the judge for such a violent crime against a woman if you ask me. I just hope theirs a 1 way plane ticket to Pakistan also awaiting him on release from prison.

Life for hammer attack man

9:22am Friday 14th December 2012 in News

Life for hammer attack man

A man has been jailed for life for bludgeoning his partner to death in front of their toddler daughter when their relationship broke down.

Charito Cruz, 37, was struck 50 times with a hammer in the bedsit she shared with Muhammed Asad Niazi, 30, the Old Bailey heard.

Niazi acted out of anger and revenge when he realised the relationship was coming to an end, jurors were told.

Two months before, Niazi had gone to police asking to be sent back to Pakistan, but was referred to the UK Border Agency.

Niazi, of Cambridge Road, Kingston, south west London, was found guilty of murdering Miss Cruz last September.

He was ordered to serve a minimum term of 12 years.

Miss Cruz came to the UK as a student from the Philippines and worked two jobs as a nanny and a cleaner as Niazi was not allowed to work because of his immigration status.

But he refused to do the housework and cleaning as he cared for their child at home.

When the relationship broke down, each parent feared they would lose custody of the child.

Niazi came to the UK from Pakistan in 2003 on a student visa and remained here after its expiry in 2007.

Emails purporting to come from the victim aimed at showing she had provoked him, had been sent by Niazi.

Jonathan Rees QC, prosecuting, said: “The evidence indicates that Charito was not at home during these times and the inference must be that it was the defendant who was accessing her email account for his own purposes.”

via Life for hammer attack man (From Asian Image).