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More KFC Halal Muslim Appeasing By Withdrawing Big Daddy Burger Due To Bacon Slice At Rochdale Branch

More Muslim appeasement by the dhimmis at KFC. A couple of weeks back i posted a list of KFC branches that were now serving halal food to the public. Brought in on the quiet without consulting the general public.

Boycott KFC. Halal food funds Islamic terrorist groups

Now the Muslim loving has gone a step further at KFC Rochdale on Kingsway Retail Park. Where they have withdrawn the Big Daddy Burger from sale because it contains a slice of bacon and is therefore non halal. KFC seem to forget or don’t give a damm that the majority of Brits are non Muslim. Rochdale is in Greater Manchester not Greater Mecca.

They would rather discriminate against the majority than upset the minority Muslims. I would rather starve to death than give KFC a single penny

If you wish to express your disgust like i will be doing to the Muslim appeasers at KFC here is their contact details:

KFC Customer Services
PO Box 57984
London W4 9AX

Customer Careline
0845 753 2532
10am – 5pm Mon – Fri 

By Online Form

Big Daddy Burger not sold at ‘halal’ KFC in Rochdale

Reporter: Amy Westlake
Date online: 27 March 2014

KFC, which is located on Kingsway Retail Park, will not sell the Big Daddy Burger, which contains a whole chicken breast fillet, a hash brown, bacon and a slice of cheese all in a toasted sesame bun, as the store is being run as a ‘halal’ store.

Some customers have complained to the store about the fact that they are not selling the companies most popular burger but despite these complaints KFC state that there has been a positive reaction to the store being a halal store.

A spokesperson for KFC said: “We have been running a halal trial for several years in areas where there has been demand from our customers, and our Kingsway Retail Park restaurant has been a halal store since 2009.

“Our strict animal welfare standards have not changed, and the Big Daddy burger is the only item we’ve removed from our menu at trial stores.

“Feedback has been very positive, however we understand that some customers want a choice, and anybody wanting a non-halal option can visit our restaurant in Bury.”

Video: Taliban Gang Rape A Goat ( NSFW 18+ )

A US military helicopter on patrol in Taliban controlled area of Afghanistan fitted with night vision video surveillance ,captures footage of unnatural behaviour taking place. Not one but three perverted Islamic extremists gang banging a goat.

Is there a halal way to have sex with animals. Damn right there is. Islam has rules for everything including sex with animals.

A Muslim male may have sex with an animal, however once he has finished he must slaughter the animal. He should not eat the meat himself nor should the Muslim sell the meat to anybody in his own village.  Selling the meat to those from the next village is fine……..But if a Muslim should commit an act of sodomy (bugger/anal sex) with a cow, a ewe or even a camel. The animals urine and excrement become contaminated even its milk cannot be consumed.  The animal should be killed as quickly as possible and the its body burnt.  ~  Ayatollah Khomeni – The Little Green Book

British Prison Bans George Cross, Poppies, Help For Heroes To Appease Muslim Prison Gangs

The British prison system has become infested with political correctness and Muslim appeasing. British inmates are seemingly being discriminated against by the prison authority’s pro Muslim bias. British prisoners have had drawings featuring St George and the George Cross flag removed from their cell walls by officers in case they offend the Muslim prison population. Inmates until recently could donate some of their personal money to buy wristbands for Help For Heroes, the British charity that helps former armed forces personnel. A request to be able to purchase and wear poppies as a mark of respect was denied during the recent appeal. The limited chances for inmates to do a little good for a change and help others have now been removed. Prison officers cited that the reason for this was…..you guessed it….not to offend Muslims.

The letters below are from two British prisoners currently serving time in UK jails sent to Inside Times, the prison magazine December edition.

The first letter comes from a prisoner held at HMP/YOI Portland, a young offenders institute in Dorest. In November 2004, a report from the Chief Inspector of Prisons highlighted racial tension, and friction between Muslim inmates and staff at Portland Prison. 

No room for patriots in prison

From Dave Hall – HMP/YOI Portland

I write after reading the mailbag ‘Political art’ by Boydie of HMP Dumfries in the November issue. I am also keen on art and have faced the same problems with my artwork being branded ‘political’ and ‘offensive’. I too am very proud of my heritage and culture and fail to understand how art can be branded politically offensive. I drew a medieval shield with the cross of St George on it and put it up on my cell wall. I was then shocked to be told by staff that it was an item of offensive material and had to be taken down. I was quite angry about this. Being English in an English prison in England and being told that the flag of our national saint is counted as offensive is to me beyond belief. If my drawing contained a slogan such as ‘EDL’ or ‘Combat 18’ on it then I could totally understand the offence that might be caused. Or if I was parading it around the wing. But it was on my cell wall! It is the principle of the matter that annoys me. We are a multi-cultural multi-faith society, both in and out of prison. Religions can be freely practised and religious festivals upheld, yet the flag of our patron saint is seen as offensive by prison authorities, which proves the point that prison staff have become ‘politically correct’ and terrified of upsetting anyone except the English.

Another couple of examples of this is that until quite recently we were allowed to donate money to Help for Heroes and were given wrist bands to show our support, but this has now been stopped. Now the poppy appeal has begun and there are plenty of prisoners, including ex-servicemen, who would like to donate and wear a poppy as a sign of respect for those who laid down their lives for our freedoms and country – but staff have told us there is no way that we can do so. I would like to know if there is any rule or law that stops prisoners from being able to donate to charity, or is this just political correctness ?

The 2nd letter is from an inmate at HMP Frankland, a Cat A maximum security prison in Durham. Known high-profile Muslim criminals held at HMP Frankland are Yusuf Jama, serving life for murdering WPC Sharon Beshenivsky in Bradford and his involvement in a gang rape days later. Another lifer locked up there is Muslim terrorist Osman Hussain who took part in the failed 2005 London bombings attempting to kill and maim innocent British people. As HMP Frankland is one of only five Cat A dispersal prisons in the UK and over 100 sentenced Muslim terrorists incarcerated, then it is highly likely several other extremists will also be held here. The Muslim prisoners referred to in this letter who authorities are appeasing will not be your small time criminal, but the worst of society such as terrorists, murderers and rapists.

hmp frankland

Prison Service terrified of terrorists

From Gary Nash – HMP Frankland

I used to live on RAF stations, St Athen, Waddington, Honnington, Scampton, Bruggen and Marham.  I know loads of people who served in Operations Granby, Telic and Herrick.  Some of them died.  So when I see the Help For Heroes bands that people can wear, I automatically feel like I need to wear one in memory of late friends.  However, I have been told that prisoners are not allowed them because ‘in the high security estate  we house terrorists who have battled in Iraq and Afghanistan, and this would cause offence to them’.  Well, that offends me.  And why then are prison officers allowed to wear them?  Besides, the Muslims who fought in these battles were deemed terrorists and not recognised as combatants.  The government of the time stressed that they were criminals and not soldiers as they were committing unlawful murder.  I would like to make some waves on this matter for all those who have given their lives and for those who, if given the choice, would like to shows support for our fallen heroes.

The number of Muslim prisoners held in British prisons is now in excess of 11,000 and continuously rising on a daily basis. The rate of increase of Muslim inmates in British prisons is eight times faster than that of the overall prison population and the numbers show a clear above average amount of Muslim prisoners. Muslims make up roughly 5% of the British population as a whole. By comparison, Muslims now comprise 13% of the British prison population (compared to just 6% in 1997).

muslim prison gangs are taking over UK jails

Muslims should not be given special treatment in our infidel lands in general life especially at the expense of our own traditions and people. Never mind the appeasement in prisons which is the last place it should happen. The Muslims are in prison for a very good reason. They are criminals locked up for some horrific offences and meant to be there for punishment. Prison is meant to be loss of freedoms which religion is one of. Muslim prisoners lost any rights or special privileges the moment they committed crime and was jailed. Them being offended should the last thing for prisons to worry.

Often those same Muslims who the prison authorities are doing their utmost to make sure don’t get offended by English prisoners wishes to draw their patron saint and national flag or choice of which charity they donate to, are the very same Muslims who despise the UK and its nationals. The same Muslims who want to destroy this country from within. Such as Muslims who plotted the murder of as many innocent British people possible in terrorist attacks, Islamic hate preachers like Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza who until recently were both held in prison, The constant stream of Muslim grooming gang members being jailed for raping British children. The large amount of Muslims committing rape jihad in random sex attacks on women up and down the country. Extremists like the Muslim patrol who attacked non-Muslims trying to enforce Sharia Law on Londons streets. Pakistani and Turkish heroin gangs.The absolute filth of Islam.

The ever-increasing and well above average amount of Muslim prisoners held in UK jails is not down to Islamophobic  police, CPS and  judges as I’m sure many a Muslim apologist would probably use as an excuse. In fact according to the governments own statistics Muslim prisoners actually receive lesser prison sentences compared to any other group.  It’s more down to Muslims being intent on behaving how they would in Somalia or Pakistan. The police and CPS being more inclined now to investigate and bring charges to Muslims instead of letting them get away with it like they have in the past, due to fear of being branded racist. This is especially relevant in the large amount of grooming gang cases of late.

Around a third of the 13% are prison converts as Muslim gangs start to form in UK prisons. Like on the streets Muslim inmates have a strength in numbers philosophy. It doesn’t matter if they are physically weaker as individuals when there is three times as many working together to pack attack. Many of the willing converts are those unable to look after themselves. Or sex offenders who would normally need to be segregated for their own protection. They are offered protection by the Muslim prison gangs in return for converting.

Muslim gangs are now gaining a lot of power within the prison system due to the sheer numbers. At the top of the chain will be the most extremist Muslim nutcase, a terrorist or hate preacher maybe. With their influence  growing inside British jails and there are fears some of the most vulnerable victims could be radicalized by extremists, according to the Prisoner Officers Association.

There has also been reports of Muslims attempting to bully other inmates in some jails into converting into Islam. Something that has been happening for a while now and seems no nearer being stopped. Former prison officer Joe Chapman said he visits up to 50 prisons a year and thinks the problem could be ‘huge’.He also said Muslims were sometimes pressured to embrace more radical ideas once targeted by gangs. Former home secretary Lord Reid told Sky News prisons were ‘fertile ground for radicalisation’ as inmates often felt isolated and in need of the protection of a gang.

A survey  by the national newspaper for prisoners Converse shows this bullying to be on a large-scale, 36% of those responding to the newspaper’s survey said they had been threatened during their sentence if they did not convert to Islam – and 18% said they had actually been physically attacked for not doing do.Mark Leech, editor of Converse, said forced conversions were on the increase.

“The vast majority of these Islamic intimidations take place in our High Security prisons, they are on the increase and because many of those subject to threats don’t speak out for fear of attack, prison staff are alert to the issue but are often powerless to do anything other than file security intelligence reports.Our survey also shows many conversions are done for convenience, often around the time of Ramadan, because the food issued to Muslim prisoners after sundown during this religious festival is often perceived to be much better than normal prison fare.”

The Muslim gangs are already causing havoc in one jail. Home-made knives were found hidden under prison prayer mats after an inmate was stabbed in a jail war.A man was knifed in the back in what is believed to have been revenge for another stabbing at Swaleside Prison in Kent.The category B jail on the Isle of Sheppe holds 1,112 inmates, including a large population of Muslim prisoners.Officers discovered 13 razor-sharp home-made weapons following a brawl hidden under the Muslims payer mats in the facility’s Mosque

Full Sutton, Cat A High Security prison in York is another with serious Muslim gang problems. In the aftermath of Lee Rigbys murder by Muslims in Woolwich. Three Muslim prisoners subjected a prison officer to a beating after taking him hostage. One of the prisoners was murderer Fuad Awale was  told he must serve a minimum of 38 years in January 2013. The same prison has had several allegations that an inmate gang known as the Muslim Brotherhood have been bullying prisoners to join up with them

Allowing Muslim prison gangs to form and then appeasing them is a recipe for disaster. The prison service is digging its own grave allowing them to rise in power and influence amongst the prison population. As is so often the case with Muslims on the outside this will be no different, give them an inch and they take a mile. Before long it will be too late and prison officers wont be able to stop them. You only need to look at the American  system and its prison gang related problems. It’s at the point where putting the gang leaders on 24 hour lockdown in solitary for sometimes years on end cannot even stop them.

How long before other prison gangs begin to form to protect themselves as the Muslim gangs rise in power ? Does our prison system really want daily gang related violence and murders like in the USA ? Bearing in mind unlike the guards in America who are armed with guns, those in the UK have no protection. How long before the Muslim prison gangs realise power in the prison can also mean power on the streets, similar to how the Mexican Mafia did in America where they now control 100’s of Latino street gangs.  Muslim terrorists in jail controlling extremist footsoldiers on the street would be fatal for our society.

Islamberg, USA . The Muslim Only Town Where Residents Learn Guerilla Warfare Tactics

jihad training for muslims living in islamberg

Islamberg, located in rural upstate New York, is a 70 acre  underground-bunkered paramilitary Islamic compound. Here within the compound lives a Muslim only community. The majority of these are black  american born males, hardened criminals who converted to radical Islam whilst serving time in state prison. It is also the headquarters of Muslims of the Americas, the International Quranic Open University  and the United Muslim Christian Forum. Islamberg is the best known among 35 such compounds, ranging in size from 25 to 300 acres, that already dot 22 states across America. Evidence suggests these Islamic compounds and the convicted criminals who live their are participating in jihad training and using crime to raise funds

many of the muslims living their are convicts who converted to islam in new york state prisons such as rikers island, Attica Correctional Facility or sing sing

Islamberg and the other ‘Muslim only towns’ and these organizations are led by a radical cleric in Pakistan named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani. He is the leader of Pakistani terrorist organization Jamaat al Fuqra . Muslim shoe bomber Richard Ried allegedly was heavily influenced by the group and its leader Gilani. 

Jamaat al Fuqra is the Pakistani Islamic group responsible for a string of murders, bombings and other terrorist acts across the world, including in the USA. Its chapter in America calls itself, “Muslims of America” (MOA), and actively recruits at mosques and prisons, where African-American inmates are especially targeted.

And Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani is the man whose Al Qaeda links Daniel Berg, the Wall Street Journal reporter, was investigating and on his way to interview in Pakistan as arranged in 2002 when he was betrayed and eventually beheaded. Pakistani police arrested Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani after Berg’s murder.

Islamberg has a makeshift mosque, a shack that is modestly named, “International Quranic Open University.” and occasionally holds public relations events to project a non-threatening image to the non-Muslims outside.

Away from their eyes, however, Islamberg, which is located near the reservoir that supplies most of New York City’s drinking water, and the other MOA compounds in America train recruits in firearms usage, bomb making and guerilla warfare , as Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani declared in a recruiting video that was not intended for non-Muslim audiences:

“We give [our recruits] specialized training in guerilla warfare. We are at present establishing training camps. You can easily reach us at Open Quranic offices in upstate New York or in Canada or in South Carolina or in Pakistan.” – Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani

In 2001, ATF Special Agent Thomas P. Gallagher testified in court that “Individuals from the organization [Muslims of the Americas] are trained in Hancock, N.Y., and if they pass the training in Hancock, N.Y., are then sent to Pakistan for training in paramilitary and survivalist training by Mr. Gilani.”

In 2009, Clarion Project National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro obtained a Muslims of the Americas tape showing women at Islamberg receiving guerilla warfare training while dressed in military fatigue. The trainees were seen marching in formation, practicing hand-to-hand combat, learning to use knives and swords and firing guns into a lake. Only the first two digits in the on-screen date could be seen, indicating it was made in 2000 or afterwards

In 2012, a former high-level Muslims of the Americas member that lived at Islamberg for two years described widespread abuse, forced marriages and brainwashing at the commune. He said that almost all of the children are privately schooled and are illiterate. He said that he saw a 50-year old woman tied to a tree and beaten for violating the strict moral code.

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Muslims lead the way when it comes to ANIMAL SEX!!!

Muslims lead the world in Animal Sex

Whilst  randomly browsing the net i happened to stumble upon google trends which gives out various stats related to google searches /websites etc . I was about to click off to something else when that lightbulb popped on in my head thinking hmm  i wonder how perverted the Muslims really are….well i already know they have an unhealthy interest in under age schoolgirls. But there was no way i was going to be typing anything like into google.Im not even risking anyone getting the wrong end of the stick n thinking i was a nonce…..i know theres rules in Islam about bestiality and Muslims having sex with animals…..right theres a good starting point.

In i typed animal sex…..

google trends screenshot for animal sex. un suprissingly muslim countrys topped the leaderboard. Pakistan most searches in world for animal sex. Egypt, Algeria, Morocco are other muslim nations in top 10 for animal sex

As i had expected Muslim nations dominated the top 10 in searches for the term “animal sex”. Pakistan romped home in 1st place almost double the amount of 2nd placed India which isnt all Muslim but a good % of  people living in India are Muslim. Morocco, Algeria and Indonesia 3 Muslim nations completed the top5 . Egypt and Malaysia also made the top 10

. ok….next up camel sex

camel sex results in google trends. islam leads the way with beastiality.Pakistan have the most searches for camel sex . Pakistanis have serious animal sex fetishes

Well a little more varied top 10 make up, yet once again the Islamic nation Pakistan is a top of the table for the search term “camel sex” in google. Winning by a landslide 3 times as many searches as 2nd place India.

next term “cow sex”

google trends for cow sex and muslim countries top the table every time. Bangladesh pip animal sex leaders pakistan for cow sex in all muslim top 5 for cow sex. Egypt, Morocco an Indonesia  other muslim nations in top 5 for cow sex. all muslim animal sex top 5

Muslim perverts in Bangladesh come from nowhere to knock the Islamic sexual deviants from Pakistan back down into 2nd place. Both of these nations had 10 times the amount of searchs for ” cow sex” on google than their fellow muslims in Malaysia, Indonesia and Egypt who were 3rd,4th and 5th in a almost whole top5 of muslim nations.

Monkey sex


Dog sex


Yep you guessed it Pakistan and the other Muslim nations have topped the table for monkey sex and dog sex aswell

As you can see from the instances above. Contrary to popular belief that muslim nations arent the world leaders in anything. They are by far the front runners  and world leaders in” Animal sex”

With a very special mention to all the warped perverts in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan who spend an awful lot of time searching for animal sex online.i should imagine practising it aswell !!!!


Coming soon to a Mosque near you. Tabir the Muslim head cutting ceremony

Welcome to the wonderful wierd world of Islam. Coming soon to a Mosque near you. Tabir the Muslim head cutting ceremony.No you didnt read it wrong. yes thats right head cutting ceremony.

So if you a bit squimish or ha a few to many beers last nite i wouldn’t carry on from here because it all gets a little graphic. You have been warned

Coming soon to a Mosque near you. Tabir the Muslim head cutting ceremony https://kafircrusaders.wordpress.com wier muslim practice of head cutting

Something thats pretty much common threw out the world an in almost every animal kind . That is a mothers undying  love for their offspring. Where they do everything they can to protect it and ensuring it  comes to no harm. Be it a lioness with her cubs. A Dog with its puppys or a bird with its chicks.Naturally it would be a good assumption this is a trait which is common to human beings aswell.

Well not entirely correct, in alot of cases that would be true…..but this is brain washed Muslims were talking about it…and  nothing surprises me with them anymore. So when i saw these images of Muslim parents using their small children as a sacrifice to Allah and actually cut their own childs head with a sharp knife making it bleed……YES I WAS SHOCKED….. SURPRISED NO!!


Is it any wonder that many of these children grow up so full of hate when their parents treat them in this way.Only by the time their adults their parents would have convinced them their sufferings as a child was the western worlds fault.

This doesnt only happen in uneducated backwards arab countries.This is a worldwide thing although maybe not on such a big scale yet.In 2009 a parent from Eccles in Manchester,UK appeared in court for child cruelty for an incident related to Ashura holy day. There have also been reports of it happening in London mosques.Though with all the health and safety rules we must adhere to on a daily basis i have no idea how they got away with it. Especially with the amount of blood flowing open wounds and the hiv risk




Tatbir is performed every year on the 10th day of Islamic month of Moharram, known as the Day of Ashura, and Arbaeen by the Shiites around the world. However, some Shiites also perform Tatbir on other occasions like the 21st of Ramadan (the day when first Imam Ali ibn Abi talib was martyred in Kufa), 28th of Safar (in commemoration of Prophet Mohammad’s Death and Martyrdom of second Shiite Imam Hasan ibn Ali) and any time during the mourning period starting from Moharram till 8th of Rabi ul Awwal.[citation needed]

very warped muslims self harmThe practice of Tatbir includes striking oneself with a form of a sword (talwar in South Asia) on the head, causing blood to flow in remembrance of the innocent blood of Imam al Husain ibn Ali which was shed by Yazid's forces in Battle of Karbala. Some Shiites also hit their back and/or chest with blades attached to chains.  covered in blood. brain washed members of the cult  of islam butcher themselves with big blades

The practice of Tatbir includes striking oneself with a form of a sword (talwar in South Asia) on the head, causing blood to flow in remembrance of the innocent blood of Imam al Husain ibn Ali which was shed by Yazid's forces in Battle of Karbala. Some Shiites also hit their back and/or chest with blades attached to chains.

The practice of Tatbir includes striking oneself with a form of a sword (talwar in South Asia) on the head, causing blood to flow in remembrance of the innocent blood of Imam al Husain ibn Ali which was shed by Yazid’s forces in Battle of Karbala. Some Shiites also hit their back and/or chest with blades attached to chains. This is more commonly known as Zanjeer Zani. Tatbir is performed by both men and women of all ages[2] (the performance of women is not advertised with pictures due to Hijab reasons, however it is certainly permissible for women as it was Sayyidah Zaynab bint Ali who first performed it.

via Tatbir – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.