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Jihad John’s Parents Should Be Prosecuted After Admitting Knowing Killers Identity Since First Execution

“The mother recognised the voice and she screamed ‘that is my son’ while he was talking before beheading the first American hostage.”   – A source

It has been reported today that the parents of ISIS  blood thirsty executioner Jihadi John had known for some time it was their son responsible for the barbaric killing of western hostages. Therefore they should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting terrorism / war crimes.

The information they possessed knowing the killers identity could of saved counter terrorism and intelligence agencies  thousands of man hours  trying to find out who the public face of ISIS was. Hours that could of been used to finding the sources of the radicalization here in the UK. Potentially that info could also have saved the lives of some of the other victims who were beheaded. If his identity was known earlier maybe his location could of been pinpointed. With the rifle of an SAS sniper putting a bullet between his eyes before he had chance to execute the other hostages.


Mohammed EmwaziPH

The infamous ‘Jihadi John’ was revealed to be University of Westminster student Mohammed Emwazi

Knife wielding Mohammed Emwazi, his face hidden in a black balaclava, spoke directly to the camera before carrying out the gruesome execution of American journalist James Foley last August.

Emwazi’s mother instantly recognised her son’s voice, it as been reported.

The dramatic revelation emerged after inquiries by investigators in Kuwait.

Foley, 40, was the first of at least five Western hostages who have been executed by Kuwaiti born Emzawi, who grew up in west London.

It has emerged that Emwazi’s parents were aware of their son’s activities for months, according to testimony given to Kuwaiti police by his father Jassem, 51.

Mr Emwazi Snr was questioned along with one of his sons after being summoned by police.A source said last night: “The mother recognised the voice and she screamed ‘that is my son’ while he was talking before beheading the first American hostage.

“When they played the video again, the father was sure it was his son.”

Insiders described the father, a former policeman, as “emotional and upset at what had happened to his son” while talking to investigators.

He told them: “I am waiting day-by-day to hear about his death.”

The family, who live about 20 miles outside Kuwait City, believed the killer had travelled to Syria to “deliver aid.”

Mr Emwazi snr is said to have left Kuwait after collaborating with Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces after they invaded in 1990. He gained British citizenship in 2002 and moved back to Kuwait the following year, according to local sources.

The family belongs to a group known as Bedoons who do not have full Kuwaiti citizenship and lack full educational and employment rights. Many live in impoverished neighbourhoods.

Jassem EmwaziPH

Former policeman Jassem Emwazi, the father of Jihadi John, is said to be ’emotional and upset’

It also emerged yesterday that Emwazi was bullied at school.Jo Shuter, the former headteacher of Quintin Kynaston in west London, said she is horrified her ex-pupil is the Islamic State fighter shown beheading Western hostages.

She said in a radio interview:”I can’t even begin to say the shock and the horror that I feel.

“Even now when I’m listening to the news and I hear his name I feel the skin on the back of my neck stand up because it is just so far from what I knew of him, and it is so shocking and so horrendous the things that he has done.”

Ms Shuter said that far from the arrogant killer who features on IS videos, she remembered a “hard working” boy bullied by his schoolmates.

She said: “He had adolescent issues, as some of the young people, particularly at that age – year nine, particularly the boys, is a time when the hormones start raging, and he had some issues with being bullied which we dealt with.

“By the time he got into the sixth form he, to all intents and purposes, was a hard-working aspirational young man who went on to the university that he wanted to go to.”

Emwazi moved from Kuwait to London when he was six. His family settled in the Mozart Estate – one of the capital’s most notorious estates which has been blighted by gangs and violence.

Concerns have been raised that pupils at Quintin Kynaston – a flagship academy in Swiss Cottage, London, once visited by then prime minister Tony Blair – were radicalised as teenagers.

Ms Shuter said there was nothing to indicate the pupils were being radicalised and would go on to slaughter innocent people.


Media Finally Realise Muslim Group CAGE Are Dodgy Terrorist Supporters

Mohammed Emwazi is 'extremely gentle', says British advocacy group
Mohammed Emwazi is ‘extremely gentle’, says British apologist for terrorism


The mainstream media are devoting plenty of space this weekend to articles about Muslim group Cage having only just realised they are not a nice and friendly human rights group who look out for law abiding Muslims interests. But infact a bunch of radical Islamists who support jihad. The Muslims whose human rights they actually are interested in, just so happen to be the terrorist type. The absolute filth of humanity who have involved in the slaughter of innocent people.

Just a shame it has took them around a decade to realise that. A massive clue should of been that until recently the group was called Caged Prisoners and was founded by terrorist and ex gitmo detainee Moazzem Begg. A quick look on their website would confirm any suspicions one may have to their position.

Until recently their most infamous client and ‘victim of western oppression’  was hate preacher Abu Qatada. The Muslim cleric was fighting deportation from the UK to be tried for murder from terror attacks he was allegedly involved with. Cage threw their support behind Qatada and his communist lawyer Gareth Pierce as they drained the taxpayer funded legal aid pot to fight his extradition in court using EU human rights violations.

Cage thrust itself into the spotlight last week and open for scrutiny by revealing that they had been in contact for a number of years with the ISIS savage known as ‘Jihadi John’ who had been outed as Mohammed Emwazi.

At a press conference on Thursday,  Asim Qureshi, research director at Cage revealed Emwazi, 26, had contacted Cage for help after he was detained by MI5 over a trip to Tanzania amid allegations he was trying to join the terrorist group al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda affiliate.   Mr Qureshi provoked outrage in describing Emwazi as “the most humble young person that I ever knew”, calling him “extremely kind” and “extremely gentle” and blaming his radicalisation on the British authorities.

Cage are just out and out apologists for terrorism. Humble, kind and gentle are three words that nobody in the right mind would say about the terrorist known as ‘Jihadi John’.  Barbaric, hate filled and savage spring into my mind to describe him. Not because of the government stopping him in Tanzania or anything else they said or did. Because from whats being reported now they correct in doing so. He was already part of a terror network back then regardless of any of the sympathy seeking story Cage Prisoners are trying to make people believe.

Cageprisoners’ basic narrative is that “the war on terror” is an excuse for America and Britain to terrorise the Islamic world. Portraying Muslims as the victims and those who are accused of Jihadist terrorism are innocent proof of the evil power of the US / UK secret Zionist backed state. From this world view, it is a relatively short step to believe that the entire “war on terror” charade is founded upon a lie, perpetrated by the same secret state that now exploits it for its own evil purpose.

On a side note, isn’t it great to know Mr Qureshi lives in a £500,000 house in Surrey. Being an apologist for murder and terrorism must pay very well