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Another 10 Groomers From Rochdale Jailed

Once again Rochdale, Greater Manchesters  Muslim enclave is making the news headlines for all the wrong reasons. It was the trial of a gang of Muslim paedophiles from the town which brought the Muslim grooming gang epidemic to the nations attention back in 2012. Fours years on it is for that very same reason once again Rochdale is in the news as another bunch of Islamic paedo filth are jailed.
This is now the fourth grooming gang from Rochdale to be banged up for sexually exploiting young vulnerable white schoolgirls. The number of Muslim offenders just shows how deep the rape jihad cancer goes in Rochdales Muslim community.
For each jailed Muslim grooming gang member jailed there is most likely a minimum of 3 others that have been involved yet so far haven’t been brought to justice, and double that who were fully aware of the paedophiles activities. Yet stood back in silence and did nothing about it.

rochdale muslim grooming gang members

Ten jailed for more than 125 years for sex offences against eight victims

Ten men who committed sexual offences against a total of eight victims in Rochdale over a period of five years have been jailed for more than 125 years.

The girl made a complaint to police shortly after widespread media coverage of the 2012 convictions at Liverpool Crown Court of a number of Asian defendants for grooming white girls for sex in the town.

Seven other complainants, who were aged 13 to 22 at the time, also came forward to testify which secured convictions against a number of the defendants.

Rochdale sex trial: Nine men to be sentenced
Nine men are to be sentenced for committing sexual offences against a teenage girl in Rochdale
Nine men are to be sentenced for committing sexual offences against a teenage girl in Rochdale Credit: PA
Nine men, including a man from Ilkeston in Derbyshire, are to be sentenced for committing sexual offences against a teenage girl in Rochdale.

The complainant walked into a police station shortly after widespread media coverage of the 2012 convictions at Liverpool Crown Court of nine Asian defendants for grooming white girls for sex in the town.

She told officers that from the age of 14 she had been repeatedly sexually groomed by a large number of men.

The victim was said to be an “extremely vulnerable young woman” who had endured “a very difficult home life”.

List of defendants:

  • David Law, 46, of Colmanhay Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, was convicted of conspiracy to rape.
  • Choudry Ikhalaq Hussein, 38, of Mayfield Terrace, Rochdale, was convicted in his absence of rape, sexual activity with a child and conspiracy to rape. Hussain is believed to be outside the United Kingdom after he absconded while on bail.
  • Rehan Ali, 27, of Cleethorpes Avenue, Blackley, and Kutab Miah, 35, of Ramsey Street, Rochdale, were both found guilty of rape and sexual activity with child.
  • Abid Khan, 38, of Whitney Road, Liverpool, and Mohammed Zahid, 54, of Croxton Avenue, Rochdale, were found guilty of sexual activity with a child.
  • Afraz Ahmed, 33, of Oswald Street, Rochdale, was found guilty of various sexual offences, including rape, conspiracy to rape and sexual activity with a child, in relation to five underage victims.
  • Mohammed Dauood, 38, of Leyland Road, Burnley, was convicted of offences in relation to two victims including rape, sexual activity with a child and sexual assault.
    Another defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was convicted of rape and attempting to abduct a child in relation to three victims.
  • A tenth defendant, Mahfuz Rahman, 29, of HMP Garth, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to three counts of sexual activity with a child. He was jailed for five-and-a-half years last September.
    The majority of the offences took place between 2004 and 2008, with the victims aged from 13 to 23 at the time.

Sentencing is listed for a two-day hearing.
Last updated Thu 7 Apr 2016

Jailed Tax Dodger Mohammed Suleman Khan Built Mansion Yet Claimed To Earn £40k pa

Mohammed Suleman Khan lived like a Lord with an upmarket house in Birmingham and a newly built mansion in Pakistan the size of Buckingham Palace has been jailed for four years for tax evasion.  Despite claiming to earn no for than £40,000 per year the lifestyle he lead told a different story. Experts predicted that he would needed an income of over £1 Million to sustain his flamboyant lifestyle.

His Pakistani palace would of cost a minimum of £2.3 million to construct.  The prosecution said he owed £445,000  in unpaid taxes to the taxpayers pot. 

Khan will be just one of thousands of Muslims in the UK avoiding paying taxes whilst living the life of luxury. You only have to look around the streets in any Muslim area to notice the amount of Muslims driving round in flash cars to notice something isn’t quite legit.

Tax dodger who built ‘palace’ jailed

April 11, 2014, 10:27 am

A Birmingham man who built a house the size of Buckingham Palace by dodging taxes has been jailed.

Mohammed Suleman Khan, 41, was arrested from his gated Edgbaston residency three years ago on suspicion of money laundering.

The lengthy police probe – sparked by the concerns of local people – found evidence of tax and national insurance evasion.

Detectives from Force CID worked with HM Revenue and Customs officials to probe the finances of the Birmingham born debt collector and businessman who claimed to have an annual income of no more than £40,000.

But despite finding 13 paper wraps banks use to secure £1,000 bundles all bearing the same date stamp, and after scrutinising phone and computer records, there were limited financial records leading investigators to believe that Khan only used cash and had few assets.

Determined to uncover the truth, detectives worked with the social policy research charity, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, to compare cost of living fees with his lifestyle and established that to maintain his standard of living would require earnings in excess of £1 million over the nine year period between 2001 and 2012.

The probe also uncovered plans for a house the size of Buckingham Palace in Ghorghusti in the Attok attock region of Pakistan.

The blueprints showed the mansion had its own cinema, library, servant’s quarters and even a guard house for a security team.

Experts estimated that construction would have cost £2.3 million although there was no official record of ownership.

Talking about the investigation, Detective Inspector Andy Bannister, from Force CID, said: “This was an intelligence led policing operation sparked by community concerns. The nature of Khan’s offending meant that this was a particularly complex investigation in which detectives had to piece together information from a range of sources − including satellite imaging data on the property − to secure charges.

“Khan’s bank accounts bore no resemblance to his day-to-day-living. He maintained he was a debt collector and business man but failed to provide investigators or the court with any evidence to back this up.

“He had his day in court and was ultimately found to have cheated the public revenue by not paying tax or national insurance contributions.”

At a special hearing at Liverpool Crown Court on 4 April, Khan was sentenced to four years behind bars after the judge, his honour Judge Andrew Menary QC, ruled that Khan had defrauded the public purse through tax and national insurance evasion over nine years. His criminal act meant he owed public coffers just over £445,000 in tax.

Chief Superintendent Alex Murray, responsible for policing in east Birmingham, said: “Khan was perceived by some people in the community to be untouchable. That perception was shattered by his arrest, charge and later, his conviction.

“The joint action taken by police and HM Revenue and Customs proves that where communities trust local officers and confide in them, we are able to piece that information together with other data and where appropriate launch an investigation.

“This may take time but we will always seek justice to be served on those who don’t operate within the law like the vast majority of hard working people do.

“For people who want to exploit the system for their own gain, the message from West Midlands Police is that we will stop you, whether that is through criminal law, through Revenue and Customs, the Department for Work and Pensions or others.

“Communities are fed up of people thinking they are above the law and are increasingly standing up to be counted.”

Detectives are now working to claw back the cash and any other assets through the Proceeds of Crime Act which will see the money ploughed back into community crime fighting initiatives in the West Midlands.

People can share their concerns about people living and committing crime in their community to police on 101 or anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Derby Muslim Jailed For Sexual Advances On Teen During Job Interview

Females are safe nowhere from unwelcome predatory sexual advances when in the company of Muslim males. A 17 year old job-seeker found that out the hard way during an interview for a job. Mohammed Khan claimed in court he was  in a loveless marriage and has very severe depression and is looking for affection. Like that somehow makes his actions justifiable in some way. Thousands of men are feeling the same as that yet don’t go out taking advantage of teen girls.

Derby company boss jailed for sexual advances on girl, 17, seeking job

By Derby Telegraph  |  Posted: February 28, 2014

By Sarah North

Mohammed Khan was jailed for nine months at Derby Crown Court for his sexual advances to a 17-year-old jobseeker.Mohammed Khan was jailed for nine months at Derby Crown Court for his sexual advances to a 17-year-old jobseeker.

A COMPANY chief has been jailed for nine months after trying to force himself on a 17-year-old girl jobseeker he saw on the internet.

Mohammed Khan, 37, responded to her advert on the Gumtree website and offered work delivering leaflets, Derby Crown Court heard.

But he was not interested in her CV and did not ask her questions, saying she did not need any experience. And after initially arriving in a van, he turned up the next day in a Mercedes car with blacked-out windows and said that he wanted “to doss” instead of delivering leaflets.

He asked the girl: “When are we going to bang?” She knew this was a reference to sex and replied: “We are not.” Khan told her: “I do want to help you. There is nothing wrong with a bit of fun.”

“She told him: ‘You are only doing this because I am young’,” said Noel Philo, prosecuting.

After driving her to Allestree Park, Khan asked: “Do you want a tester?”

Mr Philo told the court: “She knew he was referring to kissing her and she said ‘no, I don’t want to. It would be really awkward.'”

He briefly pressed his lips on hers before saying: “I should not have done that. You need more time.”

Khan of Molineux Street, Derby, admitted sexual touching on November 12, 2012. He was put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for ten years.

Judge Ebrahim Mooncey praised the girl for resisting Khan and told him: “It was unnerving for her and she felt uncomfortable.

“You were on the Gumtree website and came across a photograph of a 17-year-old girl. It is clear she is young and she told you very early she was 17.

“She put it in her advert saying she was looking for work. You are exploiting your position and you never offered her employment.”

The judge said Khan had a previous conviction for “a very similar matter” and added: “That is very worrying indeed.”

A Sexual Offences’ Prevention Order was imposed on Khan, who runs a cleaning business. This bars him from being alone with any girl under 18 unless her guardian is present.

Katherine Goddard, for Khan, said the company’s turnover was £18,000 last year with a profit of £4,500. He worked part-time in a restaurant but his “financial position is extremely poor”.

Miss Goddard told the court he had already organised counselling for his problems, adding: “He seems to accept the need for help and shows a very real expression of shame and remorse for, in his own words, ‘creating another victim’.

“This is a man in a loveless marriage and has very severe depression. He is a man looking for affection.”

Read more: http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/Derby-company-boss-jailed-sexual-advances-girl-17/story-20725532-detail/story.html#ixzz2uiRg14Fr

Racist Homophobic Family Jailed: ‘You’ve Messed With The Wrong Muslims!’

Six members of the same Muslim family from Blackburn have been jailed for the violent attack of a white non-Muslim lesbian who was in a gay relationship with their other sister who they had planned to marry off to a cousin. Many a Muslim apologist will try to claim their actions was purely honour based because of the arranged marriage they had planned. Yes maybe that was a contributory factor in what happened but by no means the only.

This was a hate crime pure and simple. They targeted the victim because she was white, non Muslim and a lesbian. Racist, Religious, LGBT.  Take your pick of any of the three hate crimes because this was all of them. The Muslim bullies were heard saying  ‘you’ve messed with the wrong Muslims.’ Even the judge before sentencing made reference to that.

Below is what the judge said. (from another source as this wasn’t mention in the Mail article attached further down this post)

Sentencing, Judge Graham Knowles QC told the siblings: “Your anger that a white non-Muslim woman was in a relationship with your sister brought your determination to destroy that relationship and force your choices on her and her partner.

The judge said the offences were partly motivated by the defendants’ perception that Miss Harrison “lacked your religious beliefs”.

“This was a relationship that they disapproved of and felt brought shame on their family.”

Why wasn’t this prosecuted as a hate crime also ???  Because they are Asian and Muslim ???   Does being a minority group automatically make you unable to be a racist bigot, where you can only be the victim and not the perpetrator or something ???

Because that is how the double standards of the whole of the justice system make it look like from here. If you make a twitter comment  to a certain Muslim apologist who has a habit of twisting every atrocity committed by Muslims into a surge of anti Muslim attacks saying he is  “a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist” then you may find yourself like Tim Burton getting charged with a hate crime. Despite criticism and expressing your opinion not even being a crime.

Then on the other hand you have idiots like Anjem Choudary pissing half the country off with his praise for the Woolwich Killers. Or the 100 of on-line messages Tommy Robinson received on a weekly basis threatening to kill him or rape his family which he forwarded to the police which they never made one arrest over. The 2 tier law favouring Muslims need sorting ASAP. This is Britain where its meant to be one law for all.

‘You’ve messed with the wrong Muslims!’ CCTV images show the dramatic moment three women tried to kidnap and rob their sister’s lesbian lover during row over arranged marriage

  • Nazma Ditta, 27, entered into secret relationship with Sarah Harrison, 35
  • Miss Ditta’s family found out and attacked Miss Harrison as she left work
  • Three sisters assaulted woman, grabbing her hair and repeatedly kicking her
  • One said ‘You’ve messed with the wrong Muslims. We’re going to kill you’
  • Women, along with three others, were jailed at Preston Crown Court today


PUBLISHED: 19:18, 24 January 2014 | UPDATED: 10:09, 25 January 2014These dramatic images show three Muslim siblings attempting to kidnap and rob their sister’s lesbian lover after they found out about the relationship. 

Sarah Harrison, 35, was targeted as she left work in Blackburn, Lancashire. As she was attacked, one of the siblings shouted: ‘you’ve messed with the wrong Muslims.’

The women’s sister Nazma Ditta, 27, one of six sisters and three brothers, had been due to enter into an arranged marriage.

Scroll down for video

This dramatic picture shows CCTV footage of (clockwise from left) Atfah Ditta, Nighat Morris, Ghazala Ditta attacking their victim shop manager Sarah Harrison after they found out about her relationship with their sister

This dramatic picture shows CCTV footage of (clockwise from left) Atfah Ditta, Nighat Morris, Ghazala Ditta attacking their victim shop manager Sarah Harrison after they found out about her relationship with their sister

Miss Harrison can be seen struggling with her attackers and attempting to run away. The woman had been secretly seeing their sister Nazma Ditta for several months

Miss Harrison can be seen struggling with her attackers and attempting to run away. The woman had been secretly seeing their sister Nazma Ditta for several months

But Nazma had begun a secret relationship with Miss Harrison when both women worked at a clothes shop in the town.

Miss Harrison was confronted by sisters Atfah Ditta, 32, and Ghazala Ditta, 31, who got out of a parked silver Toyota Corolla car on June 20 last year.

They were joined by another sister Nighat Morris, 38, and brother Tahmoor Ditta, 26, who produced a metal tool which he brandished at a work colleague of Miss Harrison.

The three women then assaulted Miss Harrison who was dragged around by her hair and kicked as they tried to force her into the car.


CCTV: Moment women try to kidnap and rob sister’s lesbian lover

Miss Harrison, seen struggling with the women, and Miss Ditta met while the two worked at a shop in Blackburn

Miss Harrison, seen struggling with the women, and Miss Ditta met while the two worked at a shop in Blackburn

A sibling reaches for Miss Harrison's hair. One of the gang said 'you've mess with the wrong Muslims. We are going to kill you' during the terrifying attack

A sibling reaches for Miss Harrison’s hair. One of the gang said ‘you’ve mess with the wrong Muslims. We are going to kill you’ during the terrifying attack

One of the women shouts at Miss Harrison to get in to the car. She was repeatedly hit in the face and the arms during the stuggle

One of the women shouts at Miss Harrison to get in to the car. She was repeatedly hit in the face and the arms during the stuggle

The victim was repeatedly punched in the face and to her arms in an effort to remove her handbag and force her into the vehicle.

Her bag was taken from her but she managed to prevent herself being dragged into the car by holding on to its sides.

She was left standing at the side of the road as the group got back into their vehicle and drove away.

In the days leading up to the attack, members of the Ditta family had confronted the victim at her workplace and asked her about the whereabouts of their sister.

They also asked her work colleagues about where she parked her car and waited at various locations for her to leave work.

Miss Harrison later told police: ‘I can’t work comfortably now and I think about people throwing acid in my face. Anyone Asian I don’t know could be associated with the people who attacked me. I have trouble sleeping.

‘I feel uncomfortable sleeping on my back because of where I was kicked. My temple still hurts from where I was punched. I have a permanent reminder of the attack by the scar under my eye.

Tosif Ditta (left) and Nayarr Mehmood (right) pictured arriving at Preston Crown Court today

Tosif Ditta (left) and Nayarr Mehmood (right) pictured arriving at Preston Crown Court today

The family are now banned from attempting to contact their sister and Miss Harrison

The family are now banned from attempting to contact their sister and Miss Harrison

‘I have to sell my house and move somewhere where Nazma’s family won’t find us. I have had to find a different job which is not easy because I loved my work.’

Today the siblings appeared at Preston Crown Court.

Ghazala Ditta, Atfah Ditta and Nighat Morris pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm, attempted kidnap and robbery. They were all jailed for five years and four months.

Tahmoor Ditta pleaded guilty to the above charges and also admitted assault and possession of an offensive weapon and was sentenced to six years.

Two other sisters, Tosif Ditta, 35, and Nayyar Mehmood, 37 had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm and were imprisoned for three-and-a-half years.

The children’s mother, Rani Ditta, 55, had been charged with conspiracy to kidnap but in November the prosecution offered no evidence against her.

The court heard Nazma was only girl in her family who was unmarried and several potential suitors had been found for her.

Tamoor Ditta admitted conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm, attempted kidnap, robbery, possession of an offensive weapon and battery and was jailed for six years

Tosif Ditta got three and a half years

Tamoor Ditta (left) was jailed for six years and Tosif Ditta for three and a half years at Preston Crown Court

But she had already begun a relationship with Miss Harrison after meeting at the USC clothing store in Blackburn shopping mall.

Nazma was so fearful of being discovered, she spent six months secretly and slowly moving her belongings into Miss Harrison’s home 26 miles away in Blackpool so it wouldn’t be noticed.

Prosecutor Mr Richard Haworth said: ‘The family had a traditional arranged marriage planned for her and had already suggested a suitor, her cousin to whom the family believed she was betrothed but whom she had already rejected.’

Suspicions about the lovers began after a niece of Miss Ditta spotted messages and photos shared on her relative’s mobile phone. Miss Ditta denied an affair but was ordered to stop any sleepovers at the homes of friends.

A date was set for her wedding which Nazma agreed to – whilst secretly planning to leave.

Mr Haworth added: ‘There had already been regular discussions about marrying off Nazma.

‘But knowing that the family would react very badly to the news that she was gay and that she was in an ongoing relationship, Nazma had been slowly moving her belongings from the family home over to Miss Harrison’s property.

Atfah Ditta, one of the women who attacked Miss Harrison got five years four months

Ghazala Ditta got the same sentence

Atfah Ditta, (left) one of the women who attacked Miss Harrison, got five years four months as did Ghazala Ditta

‘She further decided to terminate her employment and moved into Miss Harrison’s property.

‘She left a note to inform her family she had got a new job in Manchester and was moving out. She left her email address as her contact details and changed her phone number.’

Nazma’s family later went to the shop asking about her whereabouts and repeatedly emailed her until she confessed she was gay.

A family meeting was later held at a coffee shop in Blackburn during which Miss Ditta said she would not get married but agreed to return home to say her goodbyes.

When she left again she received text messages from her brother Tasawar saying: ‘I am dead to you. Delete my number I hope you’re happy with sarah.’

Her sister Ghazala sent a message saying: ‘selfish stupid bitch. Just wait till I get hold of you.’

Later members of the family confronted Miss Harrison at her workplace, asking her about the whereabouts of her partner. They also asked her work colleagues about where she parked her car and waited at various locations for her to leave work.

Nayyar Mehmood got three and a half years

Nighat Morris, who attacked Miss Harrison got five years four months

Nayyar Mehmood (left) got three and a half years and Nighat Morris got five years four months

Mr Haworth said: ‘The attack was virtually all captured on CCTV. The three sisters simultaneously attacked and attempted to physically bundle Miss Harrison into the back of the car.

‘She was punched and kicked and had her hair gripped and pulled repeatedly.

‘Both Miss Harrison and Shah Ahmed refer to the family saying “get her in, get her in, you’ve messed with the wrong Muslims, we’re going to kill you” and “get her bag, get her bag”.

‘The attack on Miss Harrison was a brutal sustained and a pre-planned group action and it nearly succeeded.

All claimed they acted out of concern for their sister. Defence lawyer Adam Watkins, defending Tosif, said: ‘She did what she did out of a misjudged sense of what was right for her sister. It was a misguided sense of love.

Graham Blower for Nayyar said: ‘This would have happened to Miss Harrison if she was Mr, Mrs, black, white, pink or orange.’

But Judge Graham Knowles QC said: ‘This is a case about power and contol. It is about striking terror and attempting to control not just the body but the will. This was a group ambush and you struck with the terror that all of you intended.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2545464/Youve-messed-wrong-Muslims-CCTV-images-dramatic-moment-three-women-tried-kidnap-rob-sisters-lesbian-lover-row-arranged-marriage.html#ixzz2rQAIcM79

Muslim Taxi Driver Jailed For Sex Assault On Teenage Passenger

What is it with Muslim taxi drivers lately, why they cannot keep their filthy hands off lone female passengers??

They must think because a female has been out and had a drink then travelling home alone in a taxi it gives them some kind of licence to molest them. They need to get it rammed in their heads that women get in taxi home because they consider it safe, not to have sex with the Muslim cab driver.  

Taxi driver jailed for sex assault on teenage passenger

By Leicester Mercury  |  Posted: November 19, 2013

By Suzy Gibson

Ali was sentenced at Leicester Crown Court

Safeen Ali was sentenced at Leicester Crown Court

A taxi driver who kissed a teenage passenger and groped her breast has been jailed for nine months.

Safeen Ali (34) was convicted by a jury of sexually assaulting the 18-year-old student in his cab on the night of December 1 last year.

He denied the offence, claiming nothing untoward happened.

Ali, of Norfolk Street, West End, Leicester, has now had his taxi licence revoked by the city council.

Sentencing at Leicester Crown Court, Judge Simon Hammond said the victim was “really frightened” during the assault.

When she told him to stop, he ceased molesting her, apologised and drove her home to Loughborough.

Judge Hammond said: “He deliberately picked up a vulnerable woman who was alone and tried to take advantage of her for a sexual purpose.

“He had no business to stop in a lay-by on the A6 and sexually molest her.

“People who take taxis should be able to trust the drivers.

“I’d like to pay tribute to her for her courage and dignity in giving evidence at trial.

“The defendant continues to deny the offence and doesn’t accept any blame for what happened.

“He’s married with a young family and has now lost his job.

“He should never drive a taxi again.”

The court heard the teenager spoke to the defendant as he waited for three passengers who had booked his private hire cab to collect them at St Margaret’s Bus Station, in Leicester city centre. She was waiting for a late-night bus and told him she only had £10 on her, when a taxi fare to Loughborough would have been £25.

He let her sit in his taxi to keep warm and then dropped off his pre-arranged passengers, taking her with him.

On the A6 travelling towards Loughborough, he stopped at a layby.

He suggested she “return the favour” and perform a sex act upon him, which she refused.

Judge Hammond said: “He touched her breast under her clothing and kissed her on the lips.”

The victim wrote down part of his registration number after being dropped off and told her family what had happened.

Paul Prior, mitigating for Ali, said: “It was 10 minutes of utter stupidity and a lack of sexual control. He came to his senses when the complainant said no to him and he apologised.”

Read more: http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/Taxi-driver-jailed-sex-assault-teenage-passenger/story-20098232-detail/story.html#ixzz2lJeqomKj

Afghan Asylum Seeker Who Already Cost Taxpayer £200k Finally Jailed For Sex Attack

Yet another Islamic parasite committing sex attacks on British streets.  Afghan asylum seeker Mohammadullah Khan who shouldn’t even be in the UK has already cost the taxpayer over £200,000 before adding the cost of his prison sentence at around £40,000 per year. People like him are the filth who leftists from groups like SWP/UAF, HnH and the Labour party go out of their way to defend claiming they should be allowed to live here. Its not them who have to live next door to them in their middle class suburban homes.

The amount of Muslim illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers that go on to commit sex attacks and other serious crimes when left to freely walk the streets is staggering. They need to start ditching the red tape and fast tracking them out of the UK.

Afghan asylum seeker who groped woman’s bottom as she got off bus costs taxpayer £200,000 as he employs delaying tactics in bid to stay in Britain

  • Mohammadullah Khan’s case was adjourned six times before sentencing
  • He tried to change his guilty plea and refused to co-operate with lawyers
  • Khan, 20, will initially serve time in a young offenders’ institute
  • He will serve the rest of his sentence in an adult jail when he turns 21
  • Afghan asylum seeker Khan will subsequently face deportation


PUBLISHED: 18:31, 3 October 2013 | UPDATED: 21:00, 3 October 2013

Finally sentenced: Mohammadullah Khan's case was adjourned six times as he employed delaying tactics in a bid to stay in the UK, but he was eventually sentenced todayFinally sentenced: Mohammadullah Khan’s case was adjourned six times as he employed delaying tactics in a bid to stay in the UK, but he was eventually sentenced today

An asylum seeker who groped a tourist and delayed his court case in a bid to stay in the UK has finally been sentenced and will deported once he has served time in prison.

Mohammadullah Khan, 20, who came to Britain from Afghanistan, assaulted a 26-year-old French woman as she got off a night bus in Maida Vale, west London, in July last year. Khan’s case cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds after the case had to be adjourned six times as the defendant tried to change his plea and refused to co-operate with either the probation service or his own legal team.

Southwark Crown Court heard that Khan tried to grab the victim’s bottom and kiss her and claimed his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams.

He only let his victim go when a resident on the street heard a noise and shouted at Khan.

Khan originally pleaded guilty, but initially held up the first court hearing when he tried to retract that plea.

He then told the court that he needed a psychiatric report because life in prison had ‘driven him mad’.

The case was delayed on a third occasion when Khan refused to co-operate with the probation service because he was apparently convinced that they were immigration officers.

In April, Khan’s lawyer decided she could no longer act for him, creating further problems.

He still refuses to co-operate fully with his legal team and his barrister could offer no mitigation for him.

His sentencing finally went ahead today, after further delays caused by Khan’s refusal to be joined in the dock by an interpreter.He finally confirmed his guilty plea today, but still shouted ‘conspiracies’ at the judge as sentence was passed.

Prosecutor David Ryan told the court: ‘The victim had been out with her boyfriend and friends. She had left them at about 2am, returning by bus to go home.’When she got off the bus, somebody approached her.

Hearing: Khan, who was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court, pictured, will face deportation once he has served time in a young offenders' institute and then an adult jailHearing: Khan, who was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court, pictured, will face deportation once he has served time in a young offenders’ institute and then an adult jail

‘It seems as if the defendant grabbed her from behind and tried to grab her bottom and kiss her. She tried to get his hand off her face but she could not remove it.

‘She was lying on the ground with the defendant on top of her. She kept trying to remove his hand – she couldn’t breath.

‘He said something like “don’t worry, it won’t be long, be nice, don’t scream”.’

Khan then began to rub himself on the defenceless woman, the court heard.    Mr Ryan added: ‘A resident on that street heard what he thought was a disagreement. Her shouts got more serious and the female sounded more distressed and he could see this and he see the back of someone lying on her.’ He shouted and the defendant then got up and ran away.’Khan frequently swore and shouted ‘conspiracies’ throughout the hearing.

Sentencing Khan, Judge Peter Testar said: ‘This is an extremely serious sexual assault and the ordeal for the complainant has been very grave, despite the fact that she did not have to go into the witness box.

‘It was only on the day of the trial that the defendant pleaded guilty. His attitude metamorphosed into denial of the offence.’

Khan, of no fixed address, received five years detention in a young offenders’ institute, with an extension period of three years.He will be transferred to an adult jail when he turns 21 and automatically deported when he serves his sentence.

‘This is an extremely serious sexual assault and the ordeal for the complainant has been very grave, despite the fact that she did not have to go into the witness box.’

Judge Peter Testar

Hamiza Ali From Nelson Jailed For Sexually Abusing Facebook Girl Aged 12

Hamiza Ali from Nelson, Lancashire is the latest Muslim nonce from the Ribble Valley area to be jailed for sex crimes against young girls. The former mill towns in East Lancashire of Nelson, Burnley and Blackburn which have seen a huge influx of Islamic immigrants over recent years seem to have some kind of conveyor  belt system, turning out Muslim paedophiles and rapists 1 after another.

Nelson teen’s sex abuse of girl (12) he met on Facebook

Burnley Crown Court.Burnley Crown Court.

Published on 16/07/2013 16:07


A NELSON man, who groomed and sexually abused a girl he met on Facebook, has been jailed for two years four months and given a five year Sexual Offences Prevention Order.


Hamiza Ali (19), of Elizabeth Street, Nelson, appeared at Burnley Crown Court today after pleading guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a child.

Ali approached the 12-year-old on Facebook in May 2011. They met several times in the Nelson area where he sexually abused her. He was arrested after an investigation by Pennine Division’s Freedom Team, a dedicated unit set up to tackle the sexual exploitation of young people in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

DS Sheralyn Melton from Pennine Division’s Freedom Team said: “We are committed to targeting those who pose a threat to our children and as a result we will always act quickly to arrest those involved.

“I hope this serves as a warning to those who try to groom children and teenagers online, that there is a chance we are watching you and if you do commit an offence you will be caught and put before the courts.

“People should be left in no doubt that, if they try to groom children in this way, we will find them and bring them to justice.”

DS Melton added: “We would advise parents to monitor the internet use of their children and reiterate the dangers of making new friends in chat rooms on the internet or engaging in conversations with people they do not know.”

Anyone who has concerns about contact their children have had via the internet should contact Lancashire Police on 101. Information about such activity can also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Muslim Drug Gang Jailed For Total Of 167 Years

A heroin and cocaine drug have been sentenced to a total of 167 years. The Muslim leaders of the drug dealing network were from Blackburn where there seems to be a lot of Islamic wrong uns hailing from just lately. With a supply network across the North west one good thing now is the possibility of a drop in the crime rate for house burglaries and the rather amusing thought of  their customers, dirty no good smackrats who steal off those with nothing rattling now their Muslim dealers are locked up

Drugs gang members led by Blackburn men are jailed

12:00pm Saturday 1st June 2013 in News

A MAJOR drugs cartel that peddled more than £1.5m of heroin and cocaine across the UK has been jailed for a total of 167 years.

Blackburn drug barons Suhail Vohra and Babar Qasam led the ‘sophisticated’ operation, in which 45kgs of cocaine, £200,000 in cash, plus heroin and cannabis were confiscated by Lancashire police’s Serious and Organised Crime unit.

As well as 32-year-old Vohra, of Charnwood Close and Qasam, 34, of Chestnut Walk, 34 members of the organised crime gang were also imprisoned as part of the police operation.

They include Arif Akram, 33, of Skelshaw Close, Sajid Akram, 34, of Brunel Walk, Rahim Bukhsh, 29, of Pelham Street, Zubair Patel, 27, of Whalley New Road, Soyab Sidat, 29, of Providence Street, Mohseen Valli, 28, Wellfield Road, all Blackburn.

These eight will serve a combined total of 51 years and six months behind bars after being convicted of a variety of charges including conspiracy to supply class A drugs and money laundering.

Police said the gang’s year long activities were focussed on Blackburn and Preston but also strayed as far as Cumbria, Merseyside, Berkshire and West Yorkshire.

Those involved were arrested in a series of early morning raids in August and September 2011 by hundreds of police officers from across the north west.

During covert investigations which followed, drugs and bundles of cash were seized by police who targeted the gang as they travelled along the motorway network.

Det Supt Int Lee Halstead, head of Lancashire police’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit, said: “Operation Oak has dismantled a network of drugs gangs responsible for the supply of over £1.5million worth of cocaine and heroin.

“This drugs operation was carried out with a certain level of sophistication as the drugs had to be imported into the country.

“As a result these people, who did not have a legitimate income, led comfortable and in some cases quite affluent lifestyles, acting as negative role models for young people.

“This was at the expense and misery of other residents in the community, whose lives were blighted by the effects of drug dealing and associated violence in their neighbourhoods.

“This has been a large scale investigation and we have worked closely with officers from our neighbouring forces and the Crown Prosecution Service. Together, our actions have prevented a significantly large amount of drugs from reaching the streets of Lancashire helping to make the county a safer place.”

Police said senior members of the gang organised the importation of the drugs from abroad.

When the drugs were in the country, they were collected by members deemed ‘lower in the food chain’ and driven across the country, both into and out of Lancashire.

Some of those involved would then deal the drugs at street level, police said.

Details of the full investigation can only now be made public after reporting restrictions were lifted following a hearing at Preston Crown Court.

Police now intend to use billboard posters and leaflets about the case as a deterrent.

Det Supt Lee Halstead said: “Our planned ‘Behind Bars’ campaign should now remind everyone that 167 years in prison is proof that crime certainly does not pay.

“It’s incredibly important that people continue to support the police by providing us with information so that we can keep them safe and look for ways to prevent organised crime gangs from operating in the future.”

Joanne Cunliffe, a spokesman for the Crown prosecution Service, said: “The message is clear, we will not tolerate the supply of drugs on our streets and we are wholly committed to prosecuting those responsible.”

Vohra was jailed for 10 years six months, Qasam, 11 years, Arif Akram, four years three months, Sajid Akram, six years four months, Bukhsh, three years, Patel, 27, six years, Sidat, 30 months, and Valli, three years.

Other gang leaders locked up include Asrer Khan, 29, and Neil Scarborough, 32, both from Preston, Brett McWilliam, 31, from Barrow in Furness, Gary Rowlands, 28, from Barrow in Furness, Roman Moscicki, 30 from Slough, Mezan Rahman Miah, 29, from Bradford, Jonathon Nicholls, 31, from Liverpool, Tahier Chand, 34, from Huddersfield.

Also jailed for their part in the conspiracy are Alan Mason, 38, Wayne Hodson, 32, Tanveer Fazal, 31, Jordan Burland, 29, Michael Brennan, 32, Kevin Booth, 33, Stuart Billington, 28, from John Banks, 34, and Lee Ashton, 25, all from Preston, Noreen Sohail, 35, and Tamoor Ahmed, 36, from Slough, Naeem Patel, 31, of no fixed address, Philip Elleray, 33, Walton-le-Dale, John Turnstall, 41, Lee Parkin, 30, Eugene Johnson, 22, Christopher Farley, 31, all from Liverpool and Carl Hartley, 31, Christopher Dodd, 28, David Beale, 40, all from Barrow-in-Furness.


Muslim Who Killed British Soldier In Cyprus Nightclub Jailed

Soft sentences for Muslim criminals seems to not be exclusive to the UK. Muslim Mohamed Abdulkadir Osman responsible for the murder of British soldier Fusilier David Lee Collin in a Cyprus nightclub received a lenient 8 years sentence for his killing by the Islands court. The young soldier was stabbed to death following a fight between British soldiers based on in Cyprus and a group of Muslims including the killer. The killing is being put down to a Manchester-London rivalry. As the troops were from all over Britain not just Manchester i would say it was more likely due to anti British forces feelings by the group of Muslims as suggested at the time of the killing. 

Briton jailed for 8 years for stabbing soldier in Cyprus

A Briton who admitted to killing a teenage British soldier during a disco fight in Ayia Napa resort in 2012 was jailed for eight years by a Cyprus court on Friday, an official said.

David Lee Collins, 19, from Manchester, was stabbed to death after a fight broke out in a nightclub in the popular resort of Ayia Napa last November.

David Lee Collins, 19, from Manchester, was stabbed to death after a fight broke out in a nightclub in the popular resort of Ayia Napa last November.  Photo: Facebook/Cavendish


11:19AM BST 17 May 2013

Fusilier David Lee Collins, 19, from Manchester, was stabbed to death in a nightclub confrontation with a group of British tourists on November 4.

Collins was stationed at Dhekelia garrison with the 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, part of British army reserve forces for Afghanistan.

Mohamed Abdulkadir Osman, 19, changed his “not guilty” plea to manslaughter charges and appeared in court at the southern coastal town of Larnaca to be sentenced.

“Osman will serve eight years in a Cyprus prison,” said British Forces Cyprus spokeswoman Connie Pierce in a statement.

“The Republic of Cyprus legal system has now brought to a close an investigation that began on November 4. BFC continues to provide welfare support to Ms Minott the mother of Fusilier Collins,” she added.

The mother and her sister – along with members of Collins’ regiment – were in court on Friday to hear the sentencing.

Although manslaughter carries a life prison term in Cyprus, the teenager’s defence lawyer urged for leniency saying there was no premeditation and his client was provoked during a drunken row.

Osman had changed his original not guilty plea and “accepted his guilt for stabbing the soldier”.

He has since apologised to the soldier’s family and fully cooperated with investigators.

Two fellow British tourists – who cannot be named for legal reasons because they are both 17 – were released last month after charges against them were dropped.

Police said the incident occurred when four off-duty British soldiers argued with the suspects.

The fracas is believed to have been ignited over taunting related to Manchester-London rivalry.

During the row, the 19-year-old soldier was stabbed in the chest with a knife.

Police have said that Osman had admitted to stabbing the victim but argued it was in self-defence as he and his friends were allegedly attacked by the soldiers.

British Forces Cyprus said the incident happened in an area out of bounds to soldiers because of previous incidents.

British soldiers have been banned from pubs and clubs at the centre of the resort since 1994 when Louise Jensen, a 23-year-old Danish tour guide, was abducted, raped and beaten to death by three British servicemen.

Ayia Napa is the island’s most popular resort among young holidaymakers, especially British tourists attracted by the nightlife.

Around 9,000 British troops and their dependants are stationed on Cyprus as Britain retained two large sovereign base areas after the island gained independence from colonial rule in 1960.

Muslim Drug Gang From Blackburn Jailed For Selling Heroin and Crack

A Muslim drug dealing gang have been jailed for a total of 24 years for selling heroin and crack blatantly on the streets of Blackburn. The ringleader Mohammed Tasawar, of Queens Road, Blackburn, was sentenced to 5 years in his ABSENCE as he is currently in Pakistan allegedly caring for his sick Grandfather!!!!  Come on!! are the authorities really that stupid to of allowed the ringleader of a drugs network before the trial to leave the country to go to Pakistan and think he is going to come back to the UK to go directly to jail and serve his 5 year sentence.He is never coming back to Britain from there unless under a false name with fake ID. Another CPS / police balls up for not remanding him in the first place when he was arrested then failing to make him give up his passport or allowing him to leave the country for Pakistan with such a lame reason. The old guy probably has a minimum of 20 other grandchildren who weren’t facing a major drug trial and could have gone to Pakistan instead

JAILED Mohammed Tasawar pulled the fast 1 and did a runner to Pakistan before facing trial to allegedly care for a sick family member
JAILED Mohammed Tasawar
JAILED Zafar Iqbal muslim drug dealer sold deadly heroin and crack cocaine to british kids in blackburn
JAILED Zafar Iqbal
JAILED Rameez Hussain blackburn  islamic drug network member sentenced to prison for selling class a drugs on the street
JAILED Rameez Hussain

MEMBERS of a drugs gang who used luxury hire cars to deliver heroin and crack cocaine across Blackburn have been jailed for a total of 24 years.

The street dealing network was smashed when a brave police officer managed to climb through the window of a car as it sped away from a roadblock.

Detective Sergeant Andy Osbaldeston stopped the vehicle – and the gang’s crimes unravelled.

It was discovered one of the men in the car had swallowed 15 wraps of the drugs in a bid to hide the illegal substances.

As police carried out further inquiries they uncovered a series of similar incidents across Blackburn in which hire cars had fled police trying to flag the vehicles down.

Using evidence from 27 days of observations from both patrol and plain clothes officers and calls from residents, detectives pieced together two years of drugs dealing involving eight Blackburn men.

Police said the men used some of their profits to to hire high-class cars such as Audi A3s and A4s, BMWs, and Mercedes.

Members of the street dealing network were seen pulling up on streets to make suspicious transactions from their cars.

Preston Crown Court was yesterday told that blatant drug dealing took place at all times across the town in such areas as Roman Road, Rawsthorn Street, Bennington Street, Wimberley Street, Westbury Gardens, Pringle Street, Willow Street, Whalley Old Road, and Preston New Road.

Police believe the unusual method of distributing drugs was designed to disguise their illegal activity.

Yesterday six members of the gang were jailed for a total of more than 24 years.

They pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs while two other men admitting being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

Ringleader Mohammed Tasawar, 25, of Queens Road, Blackburn, used his full, clean driving licence to hire the majority of the cars and was dealing for ‘commercial gain’.

The married dad of one was sentenced to five years in his absence.

He is currently in Pakistan tending to his ill grandfather and will be jailed on his return.

His ‘trusted lieutenant’ Zafar Iqbal, 24, also of Queens Road became addicted to cocaine aged 14, contributing to a bi-polar disorder and a 5g a day habit.

He was jailed for four years eight months.

Rameez Hussain, 23, of Cambridge Close, Blackburn, was jailed for four years and four months.

Riyaaz Yusuf, 23, of Thornhill Close, Blackburn, hired six of the vehicles used in the network under his own name.

He was jailed for three years and four months.

Father-of-one Yasar Hussain, 25, of Cumberland Street, Blackburn, was locked up in 2003 for drug supply as a teenager.

He was jailed for four years.

Fellow conspirator Ishaq Mehuddin, 23, of Irving Place, Blackburn, was jailed for three years.

Nadim Afzal, 24, of Queens Road, and Zaheer Mirza, 23, of Azalea Road, Blackburn, both claimed to have only been present in a car during a single transaction and were both given suspended sentences.

Judge Maurice Greene told the gang: “This was more than just simple street dealing.”

The court heard the operation was smashed when DS Osbaldeston pulled over a Volkswagen Passat.

But as he approached and opened a door, it mounted a pavement and drove off, with the officer sprinting alongside.

As it approached a line of parked cars, the officer had to fling himself inside the moving vehicle seconds before being crushed.

It was being driven by ringleader Tasawar with passenger Iqbal who had swallowed all but one of 15 wraps of crack cocaine and heroin.

After the case, a spokesman for A&S Car Hire in Blackburn which rented out the cars said they ‘did not suspect’ what the gang were up to.

He said: “We co-operated fully with the police and handed over our books.

“We just thought they had extra cash to burn and were showing off in fast cars – it is a fashion among some young men.

“They had to show a driving licence and proof of address.

“Since all this we have changed our policy to a £1,000 deposit and only hire to over 25s.”

Detective Inspector Neil Ashton said: “The sentences are the culmination of months of hard work and should demonstrate our determination to pursue and prosecute drugs dealers.”