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Manchester City’s Muslim Footballer Samir Nasri Shown In Photo Making Same Racist Salute As Anelka

A second French Muslim footballer has been exposed making the same racist Nazi salute as Nicolas Anelka. A photo of Manchester City’s midfielder Samir Nasri  making the controversial ‘quenelle’ sign emerged 24 hours after fellow Frenchman Nicolas Anelka caused outrage when he used the gesture in a goal celebration.

No doubt the anti-Semitic who have the full backing of his Muslim paymasters. Manchester City of course funded by Middle Eastern Muslim oil money.

Nasri took to twitter when the photo first appeared throwing out the taqiyya and pleading innocence. Nasri claims he made the salute because he is against the system and not due to any kind of racist motive. Denying even knowing it was used in a racist way.

Naturally i had to challenge him over his statement.

Both Samir Nasri and Nicolas Anelka are well aware what the gesture means. The whole of France know so why wouldn’t they. It was made popular by Anelkas friend, a fellow Muslim and renowned Jew hating racist and it is widely made by Muslims and other French haters of Jews such as Antifa communists.

Denying all knowledge is insulting to peoples intelligence

Racist Muslim Footballer Anelka Should Be Banned And Face Police Charges


Footballer Nicolas Anelka is no different than many other Muslims, he is a racist Islamofascist. His anti-Semitic salute after scoring was blatant racism inciting racial hatred to the millions of viewers around the world.

According to the FA’s own rules Anelka should be banned for five matches minimum for any kind of racism and could be extended, however, depending on “aggravating” factors. Uefa’s Article 14 of their own disciplinary regulations states that “any person who insults the human dignity of a person or group of persons … on the grounds of skin colour, race, religion or ethnic origin, incurs a suspension lasting at least 10 matches.” 

Liverpool player Luis Suarez was given a lengthy ban for something racist he said to Patrice Evra on the pitch. What Anelka has done openly in front of the TV cameras for all to see should be considered as inciting racial hatred. The FA say they are investigating although i can’t see what investigating they have to do as the pictures show exactly what he did.

Why should Anelka be treated any different just because he is a black Muslim ?????

 If it was a white non Muslim making a Nazi salute live on TV would the FA only be investigating the matter? No he would have already been charged by the FA and told he is looking at a large ban. Likewise all the groups that are well funded off the anti-racism gravy train would be foaming at the mouths now making TV appearances about how he should be banned for life and charged by police.

Look at the stink kicked up when Paolo DiCanio was appointed Sunderland manager because he had been pictured many years earlier whilst playing for Lazio in Italy making a fascist salute. Far left goons from anti racist groups like UAF and Hope Not Hate were queuing up for TV interviews to slate him publicly. Yet when it is a Muslim being racist there is no stink kicked up or no commie outrage.

The UAF website has absolutely nothing about it. While fellow leftists HnH have a statement stating

HOPE not hate & Show Racism the Red Card today call upon West Bromwich Albion footballer Nicholas Anelka to clarify the intent behind his actions yesterday.

We would ask that Nicholas apologise and make clear that not only is he not an antisemite, but that he also condemns all forms of antisemitism

Double standards by the anti racist groups yet again whose whole existence is meant to be opposing fascism/racism. Clearly racist Islamofascists don’t count.

Anelka’s ‘Nazi’ salute storm: Striker could face lengthy FA ban for offensive goal celebration along with sanctions in France

By GERRY COX and PETER ALLEN IN PARIS PUBLISHED: 16:02, 28 December 2013 | UPDATED: 11:08, 29 December 2013 Controversial striker Nicolas Anelka is to be the subject of a Football Association investigation after allegations that he used an anti-Semitic gesture to celebrate his first goal in West Bromwich Albion’s 3-3 Premier League draw at West Ham on Saturday. Anelka, who scored twice in five minutes before half-time, celebrated his first goal with a gesture known in France as ‘la quenelle’ (the dumpling). The gesture, with the left hand held across the shoulder of the right arm pointing downwards, is also known as a reverse-Nazi salute. France’s Sport Minister Valerie Fourneyron said of the celebration: ‘Anelka’s gesture is a shocking provocation, disgusting. There’s no place for anti-Semitism on the football field.’

Gesture: Nicolas Anelka celebrates the first of his two goals against West Ham in the 3-3 drawGesture: Nicolas Anelka celebrates the first of his two goals against West Ham in the 3-3 draw

Level best: Anelka scores West Brom's first equaliser, the goal which he celebrated controversiallyLevel best: Anelka scores West Brom’s first equaliser, the goal which he celebrated controversially

It was invented by controversial French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala and was condemned recently by France’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls as anti-Jewish. Valls said he would ‘do anything to prevent Dieudonne from campaigning for anti-Semitism and racism’.Dieudonne is a friend of Anelka’s and the two men have been pictured making the gesture together.The comedian has been derided for his far-right views and prosecuted for making anti-Semitic comments.

Nicolas Anelka

Friends: West Brom acting head coach Keith Downing says that the gesture was a dedication from Anelka (right) to his French comedian friend Dieudonne (left), which Anelka reiterated on Twitter

Doubling up: Anelka (left) is on the spot to score West Brom's second goal of the afternoonDoubling up: Anelka (left) is on the spot to score West Brom’s second goal of the afternoon

France’s sports minister, Valerie Fourneyron, last night described Anelka’s use of the gesture as ‘provocative, shocking and disgusting’. She added: ‘Anti-Semitism and incitement to hatred have no place on a football field.’Anelka, 34 and born in Paris, converted to Islam in 2004. He did not comment on the uproar over his gesture in the immediate aftermath of Saturday’s game but Keith Downing, Albion’s caretaker-manager, said his striker was merely showing support for a friend. ‘He [Anelka] dedicated it to a French comedian that he knows very well. It’s a gesture the comic uses in his act,’ said Downing. Anelka took to Twitter later to confirm: ‘This gesture was just a special dedication to my comedian friend, Dieudonne.’

Downing: Anelka celebration “dedicated to a French comedian”

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere recently received a two-match ban from the FA for making an offensive gesture towards Manchester City fans after his side’s 6-3 defeat. Wilshere’s gesture had absolutely no racial nor political overtones so any punishment meted out to Anelka by football’s rulers could be far more severe. Dieudonne has been convicted six times in France for alleged anti-Semitic remarks. He was fined £6,000 in 2008 for describing Holocaust remembrance as ‘memorial pornography’.

Controversial: French humorist Dieudonne arriving for a trial at the Paris courthouse on December 13Controversial: French humorist Dieudonne arriving for a trial at the Paris courthouse on December 13

France’s Interior Ministry have said they are considering a ban on Dieudonné’s performances because he regularly uses them to attack the memory of Holocaust victims. Anelka could face punishment in France if his actions can be shown to be offensive, insulting, abusive or political. Almost all English Premier League games are shown live in France, where Anelka is a household name. Philippe Auclair, a respected London-based French football writer, said last night of Anelka’s goal celebration: ‘To use it at the moment is cretinous at best.’

Political protest: A man poses with a drawing showing a Jew character covering the mouth of an other character with a gag reading 'freedom of speech' during a protest in support of DieudonnePolitical protest: A man poses with a drawing showing a Jew character covering the mouth of an other character with a gag reading ‘freedom of speech’ during a protest in support of Dieudonne
Defiant: A group performs the 'quenelle' salutes in front of the theatre Dieudonne's performing atDefiant: A group performs the ‘quenelle’ salutes in front of the theatre Dieudonne’s performing at



When West Brom striker Nicolas Anelka scored the first of his two goals in Saturday’s 3-3 Premier League draw at West Ham, he celebrated by making a gesture largely unfamiliar to fans of English football. But the salute, known in France as ‘la quenelle’, is the subject of a fierce national debate that has reached the French interior ministry and stands accused of sparking a spate of attacks across Anelka’s homeland. Here, we explore the origins of the controversial gesture and the motives of its self-proclaimed inventor, the stand-up comedian and political activist Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala:

  • ‘Quenelle’ means ‘scoop’ or ‘dumpling’ and is performed by holding one arm straight by one’s side while touching that arm’s shoulder with the opposite hand.
  • It has been described by its critics as a ‘Nazi salute in reverse’ and, thusly, as an expression of anti-Semitism.
  • Forty-seven-year-old M’Bala M’Bala, who goes by the stage name of Dieudonne, has turned the ‘quenelle’ into something of a viral trend since first performing it four years ago.
  • Once a committed anti-racism campaigner, Dieudonne has since been linked to the political far right in France.
  • French interior minister Manuel Valls is considering banning all public performances by the comedian. In the wake of Anelka’s public use of the gesture, which the player stated was simply a ‘special dedication’ to his good friend Dieudonne, French minister for sport Valerie Fourneyron described his actions as ‘shocking’ and ‘disgusting’.
  • Anelka has previously been photographed performing the gesture alongside Dieudonne but Saturday’s events brought the debate to England while provoking further outrage and debate in France, where the match was televised.
  • Dieudonne, who has past convictions for making anti-Semitic remarks, insists the ‘quenelle’ is merely ‘an anti-establishment gesture’ but his critics are concerned about its motivation.
  • When Dieudonne insulted Jewish radio presenter Patrick Cohen this week, French interior minister Manuel Valls vowed to use any legal means necessary to ban any future public appearances by the comedian. Valls told newspaper Le Parisien: ‘Dieudonne has been repeatedly condemned for defamation, insult and incitement to racial hatred. He is a repeat offender and I intend to act with the greatest firmness, under the law.’
  • The English Football Association is considering opening an investigation into the possible connotations of the salute. FIFA rules state: ‘1. a) Anyone who offends the dignity of a person or group of persons through contemptuous, discriminatory or denigratory words or actions concerning race, colour, language, religion or origin shall be suspended for at least five matches. Furthermore, a stadium ban and a fine of at least CHF 20,000 shall be imposed. If the perpetrator is an official, the fine shall be at least CHF 30,000.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2530377/West-Brom-coach-Downing-claims-Anelka-paying-homage-comedian-controversial-celebration.html#ixzz2osEumfev

Darul Ihsaan Centre aka Jimmy’s Gym In Birmingham Is Terrorist Recruitment Hotspot

Its been reported that there is concern Darul Ihsaan centre in Birmingham, known locally as “Jimmy’s gym over radicalising influence on the Muslim’s who train there. This is after it emerged 2 different Muslim terrorist groups who were at advanced stages of planning an attack on innocent Brits used the Muslim only gym. 2 of the Islamic jihadists even worked at the gym. The Islamic chanting, beards only policy and the black flags of jihad on the gym walls should set alarm bells ringing on their own as to the gyms nature and the possibility of more sinister goings on that just pumping iron.

Apparently police sources say they are working with its management to reduce the risk of radicalization there. It would be an better idea if they closed the place down

The Daily Telegraphs sub heading below says the gym is used as a “recruiting ground for extremists”. Surely that is a bit of an understatement and should say “recruiting ground for terrorists at gym used by extremists”  If simply speaking out against Islam and peacefully protesting gets you branded an extremist.These men were 100% terrorists 

Fresh concerns over radicalising influence of gym used by Islamic terror group

A Birmingham gym fuelled fresh concerns it is being used as a recruiting ground for extremists after being associated with a second terror gang.

The letter: the EDL plot in writing and an attack on the Queen

(Top row lt-rt) Anzal Hussain, Mohammed Hasseen, Omar Khan. (Bottom row Lt-Rt) Jewel Uddin, Mohammed Saud and Zohaib Ahmed Photo: PA
By Tom Whitehead, Security Editor  3:06PM BST 06 Jun 2013

The Darul Ihsaan centre, known locally as “Jimmy’s gym”, was used by members of the Jihadist group that planned to attack the English Defence League.

Two of the gang, Mohammed Saud and Anzal Hussain, also worked there, and the six met in the building the night before the planned attack.

The same gym was used by at least four members of a separate terror cell which planned to attack the UK with eight suicide bombers.

Earlier this year those four admitted travelling to Pakistan for terror training and will be sentenced at a later date.

While the gym is not directly linked to either plot, police sources say they are working with its management to reduce the risk of radicalization there.

Fundamentalists seek out the gym because they play Islamic chanting rather than music, ban women and offer halal body-building supplements.

The Darul Ihsaan gym’s website, which does not even carry its address, says: “This centre was much needed in our local community, due to the disgraced state of the youth.

“They are losing their Islamic identity and moral foundations which is central to the teachings of Islam.

“It is our duty as Muslims to try to guide and support them and others from all walks of life back to the deen (way of life) of Islam.”

In its mission statement, it adds: “By the Grace of Allah we aim to provide a centre free of fitnah (trials and tests) which may enable the youth to come back to the correct way of behaviour and conduct, embodying that of a true Muslim.

“Through providing a very intimate one to one mentoring approach we hope that will (inshaa Allah) achieve our goal.

“We offer to educate the youth and let them know how far they have strayed away from Islam i.e. inappropriate attitude, swearing, wearing of earrings and chains, non-Islamic hair styles and dresscode.

“We encourage attendees to adopt the important, forgotten and ignored pillars of Islam especially the salah (prayer).”

However, a posting on an extremist website in 2011 claimed the gym was “full of wanabee mujahideen [holy warriors]” who committed “credit card and insurance fraud and other despicable acts.”

The gym, then known as Chic Physique and located on Foremans Road, was the site of the shooting of Azmat Yaqub in 2004, in a row over another man’s love affair at the Birmingham Central Mosque.

It has since moved to a two-storey warehouse off Baker Street, with a boxing and martial arts area on the ground floor and weights room and prayer area on the first floor.

Inside, the walls carry an inscription in Arabic and songs called Nasheeds were playing on the PA system.

Video: The Nazi & Islamic Alliance – WW2 Collaborator The Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem

The far left like to call patriots who criticize Islam, Nazis This is because they know its a debate killer. Nothing could be further away from the truth. If those patriots had been alive during WW2 they would be the 1st to take arms to protect Britain and the freedoms of its people. Were as those leftist who make the accusations would most likely be appeasers just like today and join their Muslim allies as Nazi collaborators to save their own skin.

Muhammad Amin al-Husayni  was the Grand Mufti (chief Muslim Islamic legal religious authority) of Jerusalem under the political authority of the British Mandate in Palestine from 1921 to 1937.  He promoted  himself as a pan-Arab and Muslim religious leader and at the time was probably the most well known and influential Arab in the world. In his position of power he promoted Arab nationalism, would incite violence against the British, and preach Jew-hatred and the annihilation of the Jews of British Mandatory Palestine.

Amin Al Husseini shown shaking hands with his friend Heinrich Himmler, head of Hitler's SS. Amin Al Husseini asked Himmler if he could see the gasing of Jews first-hand in the concentration camps. Himmler granted him his wish.

As Grand Mufti his position carried overarching religious and moral authority throughout Palestine. Becoming president of the newly established Supreme Muslim Council (al-Majlis al-Islami al-A’ala), a position that controlled the shari’a courts, approved the content of education for religious schools and orphanages, and supervised religious financial advisory boards and the use of funds (waqf) for maintenance and renovation of religious sites and institutions, and for assistance to the poor. Control over these funds enhanced his authority within Palestine and among leaders of other Arab states and the Muslim World.

Muslim Nazi troops in traditional Muslim prayer -1943 islamonazi

Following the outbreak of World War 2 and Britain’s attention focused elsewhere. Muhammad Amin al-Husayni and his Arab nationalists attempted to overthrow the British rulers of Palestine. This attempted failed and the Mufti was forced to flee into exile. Wanted by the British and sharing the same imense hatred for the Jews, it was only a matter of time before the Mufti as voice of the Arab Muslims turned up in Hitlers Nazi Germany. Making such a good impression, he was given a propaganda role for the Nazi’s and his own radio program aimed at Arabs from where he issued a fatwa declaring Muslims at war against the British.

His propaganda position and subsequent recruitment of Muslims to the Nazi cause saw his position elevated and a strong bond formed with Himler and the SS. He played a pivotal role in the decision to commit genocide of the Jews.  Hitler was reportedly content with deporting the Jews out of Europe to Palestine.  Husseini perceived this as a threat to his stronghold in Palestine and pushed successfully for the extermination of the European Jews.

Amin Al Husseini inspecting his Nazi troops, the Hanzar. Here, he is showing a young Muslim recruit how to use his rifle. Amin Al Husseini himself had been an officer in the defeated Ottoman Islamic Empire of World War I.

While in Bosnia, Amin Al-Husseini takes the title “Protector of Islam”.  One hundred thousand (100,000) Bosnian Muslims join the Nazi ranks. They seek Nazi approval to establish autonomous Nazi protectorate for Bosnian Muslims.Bosnian ethnic cleansing under Amin al Husseini: . Orthodox Christian Serbs:  200,000 killed. Jewish Bosnians: 22,000 killed  . Gypsies:    over 40,000 killed

In 1943, Amin Al Husseini heads the Hanzar Division of Nazi Muslims. It was Hitler's largest SS Division and was responsible for the genocide of Serbians, Gypsies and Jews. It lies at the root of today's unrest in Serbia/Bosnia-Hercegovina/Croatia.

Amin Al Husseini creates the Hanzar Division of Nazi Muslim Soldiers in Bosnia, which he calls ‘the cream of Islam’.  It becomes the largest division of the Third Reich Army (26,000 men) and participates actively in the genocide of Serbian and Jewish populations.  

Read about the Grand Mufti and Islams alliance with Hitlers Nazi Germany in more detail here

German Police ‘foil Islamist attack,’ Salafist groups banned

Germany has banned 3 Islamist groups that it believes are link to terrorist activites following a series of raids.  The British government should be taking note here!!  Chances of them banning any British based Islamo-fascist groups are very slim. If their to soft to send a convicted Muslim terrorist who claimed asylum back to Jordan to face justice .You have more chance of seeing pigs flying than that happening.  British authorities would rather go out of their way to appease Muslims than put their foot down and risk upsetting them…. EVEN EXTREMISTS WHO CALL FOR JIHAD AND PLOT TERROR AGAINST BRITS!!


Police ‘foil Islamist attack,’ Salafist groups banned

Prosecutors in Germany say they believe police have foiled an attempted attack by Islamists against far-right targets. Authorities had earlier staged a series of separate raids, banning three Salafist groups.

Police made four arrests on Wednesday after making raids in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

Prosecutors in Dortmund said that a raid in Bonn, carried out by special police force commandos, had uncovered a firearm and a kilogram of possible explosives. Arrests also took place in Leverkusen and Essen.

Authorities said they believed “imminent” terrorist activities were in the pipeline. A specific attack had reportedly been planned against the leader of the far-right Pro-NRW political party, Markus Beisicht.

In addition, said the prosecutors, a ticked list of Pro-NRW party officials and journalists was found.

Further raids in two states

The arrests came in the wake of raids across the states of NRW and Hesse, with computer equipment, propaganda material, cell phones and more than 10,000 euros in cash seized.


Sitting down for coffee with Salafists

Germany’s domestic security agency has warned of a self-radicalizing Salafist scene, with the Rhineland considered one of its strongholds. DW’s Naomi Conrad takes a look inside the Salafist scene in the city of Bonn. (16.01.2013)

There were no reports of a connection between the two police swoops.

Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, who described the Wednesday raids as a “decisive blow against local Salafist networks,” said the homes of some 20 individuals had been searched in the raids in Frankfurt, Solingen, Düsseldorf and Gladbeck.

The minister announced a ban on three militant organizations that were targeted in the raids after increased surveillance by intelligence services.

The three were “DawaFFM,” “Islamische Audios,” and “An-Nussrah,” the latter being part of a group “Millatu Ibrahim,” which was banned when raids (pictured above) took place in June.

Friedrich claimed the groups hoped to change society in an “aggressive militant” way, replacing democracy with the rule of Sharia, or Islamic law.

German authorities have accused some Salafists, who favor a strict form of Sunni Islam, of condoning violence against state institutions. Officials believe there are about 4,500 Salafists in the country.


East London Mosque To Host More Islamic Hate Preachers On March 25th

The infamous East London Mosque is once again playing host to Muslim extremist hate preachers.Located on Whitechapel Road in ‘The Islamic Republic Of’ Tower Hamlets, the mosque and the adjoined London Muslim Centre seem to be never too far away from controversy. It is renowned for teaching radical Islam and being a breeding ground for Muslim extremists. The East London Mosque is an affiliate of Muslim Council Of Britain, a seemingly respectable front organisation used to defend Muslims and push their views on Britain.

The mosque is strongly inter-linked to the extremist Islamic Forum Of Europe (IFE) the shadowy Islamist group who were instrumental in George Galloway’s shock election victory’s and afterwards said he owed “more than I can say, more than it would be wise for me to say, to the Islamic Forum of Europe.”  The IFE also helped Islamofascist  Mayor Lutfur Rahman to gain the leadership of Tower Hamlets Council. Allegations of threats and electrol fraud connected to the IFE surrounded both election wins. The IFE also have ties with fellow Islamist groups The Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda.

Whilst publicly claiming they condone all forms of hate and extremism to the gullible non Muslim,

The East London Mosque works actively to promote tolerance and understanding

Our Imams and community workers encourage constructive engagement in society and a rejection of extremism in all its forms. We unequivocally reject all terrorism. During the rise of extremist groups in the 1990s, who spurned cooperation with others and denounced participation in the democratic process, the East London Mosque stood firm against this distortion of Muslim beliefs and prevented them from using the mosque as a platform for promoting their views. We advise worshippers to ensure they are registered to vote and to take part in local and national elections.

The mosque still plays host to radical hate clerics giving them a platform to voice their calls for jihad and other extremist views. The above tolerance claims for show benefit only as they make no effort to stop the extremism going on there. It will come as little surprise that the recent Muslim Patrol videos of radical Muslims trying to enforce sharia law were filmed outside the mosque.

On 25th March sees the mosque hosting ‘The Unshakables’ . In true sexist Islamic style this is a segregated event most likely with the women sat on the floor in the adjacent foyer or something.  Guest speakers of the extremist type appearing at this at this event are Abu Abdullah Yunus ibn Mahmood and Dr Khalid Fikri.

Abu Abdullah Yunus ibn Mahmood is the Muslim imam who is linked to radicalising terrorist and failed underpants bomber  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Arrested after he had apparently attempted to blow himself up on a Detroit-bound plane, Northwest Airlines Flight 253, 20 minutes before it was due to land. Abdulmutallab was accused of attempting to detonate a package of PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) which was sewn into his underwear. He had attended events at University College London where extremist Abu Abdullah Yunus ibn Mahmood had been hosting. 

Dr Khalid Fikri is an Egyptian based in the UK. He is a well known campaigner for imprisoned Muslim terrorists.  In 2012 He held a protest outside Belmarsh Prison demanding release from prison of jailed Muslim terrorists including evil hook hand scumbag Abu Hamza  and fellow jihad lover Barbar Ahmad.


 Abu Abdullah Yunus ibn Mahmood is the Muslim imam who is linked to radicalising terrorist and failed underpants bomber  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Arrested after he had apparently attempted to blow himself up on a Detroit-bound plane, Northwest Airlines Flight 253, 20 minutes before it was due to land. Abdulmutallab was accused of attempting to detonate a package of PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) which was sewn into his underwear. He had attended events at University College London where extremist Abu Abdullah Yunus ibn Mahmood had been hosting.   Dr Khalid Fikri is an Egyptian based in the UK. He is a well known campaigner for imprisoned Muslim terrorists.  In 2012 He held a protest outside Belmarsh Prison demanding release from prison of jailed Muslim terrorists including evil hook hand scumbag Abu Hamza  and fellow jihad lover Barbar Ahmad.

UK Muslim TV Channels Preach Hate And Violence

Reports that Islamic TV channels on the UK’s Sky network preach hate and violence to its viewers comes as little surprise to me. Muslim channels Peace TV, Noor TV, DM Digital and Takbeer Tv were among the channels guilty of preaching hateful and extremist views to British Muslims sat at home lapping it all up. All four of them feature renowned Muslim hate preachers who spout evil promoting murder, jihad and other violence, homophobia as well as anti Christian and Jewish views. The not so relevantly named ‘Peace TV’ is co owned by Zakir Naik, a Muslim extremist cleric who calls for the murder of gays and jihad on a regular basis. He is currently banned from entering the UK because of his radical views.

Time and time again, these so called religious scholars show the Muslims claim of being ‘The Religion Of Peace’ for the taqiyya that it really is. If those Islamic preachers who teach this hate cant behave civilly and rational. What chance is there that their disciples will act in any other way than that of their peers. Personally i dislike even calling Islam a religion because that’s insulting  to the followers of other peaceful faiths. Its nothing more than an evil cult.

Preachers of hate who spread their violent word on British TV channels

Muslim fundamentalists have used British television channels to preach in favour of violent crime and killing “apostates”.

Mohammed Farooq Nizami told NOOR TV that "Whoever shows disrespect for Prophet Muhammad will be given death penalty"
Mohammed Farooq Nizami told NOOR TV that “Whoever shows disrespect for Prophet Muhammad will be given death penalty”
Zakir Naik said on the "Dare to Ask" program on Peace TV that if a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his new faith against Islam, the death penalty should be applied
Zakir Naik said on the “Dare to Ask” program on Peace TV that if a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his new faith against Islam, the death penalty should be applied

The communications watchdog, Ofcom, has made a series of rulings against channels which allowed “inflammatory” material to be broadcast in breach of rules which forbid extreme opinions gaining a platform on British television.

The cases, disclosed today, include examples of an imam telling viewers that those who disrespect the prophet Mohammed should be killed, and another broadcaster saying homosexuals should be beaten and tortured.

The stations were found to have committed serious breaches of the broadcasting code by allowing the extreme opinions to be aired unchallenged.

Last night experts warned that the extent and seriousness of the broadcasting breaches raises questions over whether extreme Muslim speakers who were previously confined to small audiences in mosques are able to reach thousands more people by broadcasting intolerant teachings on television.

Although the channels have tiny audiences compared to the mainstream, they are targeted at Muslim communities, including people of Pakistani background, with some of the content being broadcast in Urdu and other languages.

The cases identified by Ofcom include:

* An Islamic scholar who told viewers: “It is your duty … to kill those who insult Prophet Mohammed.”

* A preacher banned from coming to Britain who used the channel – which he co-owns – to say anyone who left Islam should be put to death.

* A phone-in presenter who advocated “eliminating” anyone who disrespected Mohammed.

In some cases the channels had also breached a rule which states that they must keep recordings of all their output, raising the possibility that other inflammatory material has been broadcast but cannot be traced.

With the exception of one radio broadcaster, the channels ruled against by Ofcom are broadcast on the satellite provider Sky. It has no legal responsibility for what is broadcast on the channels it carries. It is up to the stations themselves to make sure they meet Ofcom’s standards and they can be fined or taken off the air if they do not.

The disclosure of the rulings by the broadcasting regulator comes despite a report in 2010 which warned that extremist material was being broadcast.

Tala Rajab, the researcher who wrote the report for Quilliam, the anti-extremist think-tank, said the fresh findings by Ofcom raised serious questions over the regulation of broadcast material.

“Some of these recent incidents have been quite shocking,” he said.

“If this had happened in a mosque the police would be right in pursuing a criminal investigation. But because they are being broadcast on television channels for some reason there seems to be little appetite for looking into these extreme messages.

“If these kind of comments were made against black people, for example, you can imagine a channel being shut down overnight, particularly if they had incited violence against a minority.”

The 2010 report found that the Islam Channel, Britain’s largest Islamic broadcaster, had continued to ignore Ofcom rules about impartiality and allowed controversial viewpoints to be aired despite a fine and other sanctions being imposed. It is not among the subjects of the five Ofcom rulings disclosed today.

In December a Leeds radio station, Radio Asian Fever, was fined £4,000 for breaching broadcasting rules in programmes involving a presenter called “Sister Ruby Ramadan”.

She told listeners that homosexuals should be beaten and tortured.

“If there are two such persons among you, that do this evil, the shameful act, what do you have to do? Torture them; punish them; beat them and give them mental torture,” said the presenter.

Jabbar Karim, the station’s managing director, said: “We are very embarrassed. This was a one-off incident which will never be repeated.”

Takbeer TV, based in Nottingham, has been found in breach of the code twice in 18 months for programmes which denigrated the minority Ahmadi Muslim sect. Founded in the 19th century its followers are considered by some mainstream Muslims to be misguided or even heretical.

Contributors to the most recent programmes investigated by Ofcom said Ahmadis had a “disease” and “monstrous” intentions.

Ofcom said Takbeer TV had subjected the sect’s followers to “abusive treatment” and that they would now consider an appropriate sanction such as a fine.

An Ofcom spokesman said: “The majority of Islamic channels comply with our rules. However, where we identify issues through our monitoring or complaints we investigate fully and take firm enforcement action.”

He said it was Ofcom’s duty to regulate licence holders rather than the responsibility of carriers such as Sky. However, carriers are free to decide which channels they offer, he added.

A Sky spokesman said: “Sky operates an open and regulated platform. This means any broadcaster with an appropriate Ofcom licence is free to seek distribution over the satellite platform.”

There are 14 Muslim TV free-to-air channels in Britain but their audiences are not measured by BARB, the source of viewing figures.

Takbeer TV failed to respond when asked to comment.

Preachers of hate on British TV: what they said that broke the broadcasting rules

Muslim fundamentalists have been found breaching the strict rules on what can be broadcast on the airwaves in Britain, by inciting violence and intolerance.

Abdul Qadir Jilani, left, told viewers Islamic texts authorised killing those who had left the faith

Abdul Qadir Jilani, left, told viewers Islamic texts authorised killing those who had left the faith

By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent

9:00PM GMT 09 Feb 2013

Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator, has made a series of new rulings against minority channels, which are disclosed here for the first time.

The broadcasters and stations which broke the rules are:

Name: Dr Zakir Naik

Channel: Peace TV

Programme: Dare to Ask

Date: March 8, 2012

What was said: “One group of scholars, they say that if a Muslim, if he becomes a non-Muslim [inaudible] he should be put to death.

“There is another group of scholars who say that if a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his new faith against Islam then he should be put to death.

“I tend to agree more with the second group of scholars, who say that a Muslim, if he becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his new faith against Islam, that is the time this penalty is applied.”

What Ofcom ruled: “In Ofcom’s view it is potentially offensive for any service to broadcast comments suggesting that it is acceptable to apply a ‘penalty’ and kill any individual for renouncing their faith. Broadcasters must ensure that material which may cause offence is justified by the context.”

Dr Naik was banned from entering Britain in 2010 by Theresa May, the Home Secretary, after she ruled his presence was “not conducive to the public good”.

He had been due to give a series of lectures at arenas in Wembley and Sheffield. Mrs May said she was excluding him because his “numerous comments” were evidence of “unacceptable behaviour”.

The decision, later upheld by the High Court, was based on a sermon the Mumbai-based preacher had posted on the internet in 2006 which said “every Muslim should be a terrorist” and which went on: “Beware of Muslims saying Osama bin Laden is right or wrong. I reject them … we don’t know. But if you ask my view, if given the truth, if he is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him.”

However Dr Naik is the co-owner of Peace TV, a channel which is funded by a charity called the Islamic Research Foundation International.

In March last year he said in a programme he was presenting that it was appropriate to crucify, dismember or exile those who “wage war against Allah” under sharia law.

He also said it was correct to kill former Muslims who “propagate his new faith against Islam”.

Ofcom ruled Dr Naik’s show breached part of the code which states that offensive comments should be “justified by the context”.

A spokesman for PeaceTV said:”We are disappointed by Ofcom’s ruling, especially when the programme in question is an exposition of certain teachings from the Quran, which we felt were justified by the context, and didn’t attract a single complaint from a viewer.

“That said, we take our responsibilities extremely seriously and the programme will not be broadcast again.”

Name: Muhammad Farooq Nizami

Channel: Noor TV

Programme: Paigham-e-Mustafa (“Message of Mustafa”)

Date: May 3, 2012

What was said: “There is absolutely no doubt about it that the punishment for the person who shows disrespect for the Prophet is death. No one disagrees about this.

“Whoever shows disrespect for Prophet Muhammad will be given death penalty. In the whole world, there should be slaves of Mustafa [Muhammad] everywhere, and disrespectful people should be eliminated.

“One has to choose one’s own method. Our way is the peaceful way but when someone crosses the limits, faith-base emotions are instigated.”

What Ofcom ruled: “The breaches in this case … are regarded by Ofcom as serious breaches of the code.

“Ofcom is very concerned that Al Ehya [Noor TV’s parent company] still does not appear to recognise the very serious issues raised by the broadcast of Mr Nizami’s comments.”

In its ruling, Ofcom highlighted the Danish cartoon case from 2005, in which death threats were made after a newspaper published 12 images of Mohammed, and the murder of Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh in 2004 after his film Submission was condemned by Islamic clerics.

Ofcom told Noor TV’s owners in December that it is considering imposing a fine.

A Noor TV spokesman said: “We have appointed some new directors and implemented a whole range of new training, including having the Ofcom rules translated into Urdu.”

Al Ehya Digital Television Limited, the owner of Noor TV, said Ofcom was taking a “prejudiced view” of the programme.

Noor TV is also shown across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In 2011, the channel was fined £75,000 by Ofcom for a number of breaches of the code, including soliciting £1,000 donations in exchange for prayers which it said would improve health and good fortune.

Dr Mohammed Iqbal, a pharmacist from Nottingham who is a director of Noor TV, said: “We are trying to get our house in order. We are sending out messages of peace. Anything else is unacceptable to anybody.”

Name: Abdul Qadir Jilani

Channel: DM Digital

Programme: Rehmatul Lil Alameen (“Mercy unto the Worlds”)

Date: October 9, 2011

What was said: “The matter of insulting the prophet does not fall in the category of terrorism.

“Those who cannot kill such men have no faith.

“It is your duty, the duty of those who recite the holy verse, to kill those who insult Prophet Mohammed.

“Under the guidance from Islamic texts it is evident that if a Muslim apostatises, then it is not right to wait for the authorised courts; anyone may kill him.

“An apostate deserves to be killed and any man may kill him.”

What Ofcom ruled: “The statements … did amount to direct calls to action and were likely to incite or encourage crime or to lead to disorder.”

Mr Jilani is an imam at the Dar-ul-Uloom mosque in Walthamstow having studied in Pakistan, where he was born, and Saudi Arabia.

Dr Liaqat Malik, 54, the chairman of DM Digital, accused Ofcom of bias towards ethnic minorities and said the comments were taken out of context.

“I think Ofcom interpreted his comments wrongly. He wasn’t saying people should kill. He was talking about Pakistan’s blasphemy law,” said Dr Malik.

“We wouldn’t allow anyone to use our TV channel to talk about killing like that. It’s not religious TV, it’s educational, community TV.

“There are cultural differences and I think Ofcom doesn’t understand that. Some of the Ofcom committee members should be picked from the Muslim community.”

How Islamic militants terrorised the women and girls of Mali for not obeying their strict Sharia code

People of East London especially those in the Islamic Republics of Tower Hamlets and Newham be warned. If these ‘Muslim Patrols’ are not stopped from walking the streets trying to enforce their backwards religious laws on British people. With extremist Muslim mayors and islamofascist councils giving dodgy Muslim front groups such as the IFE and MCB funding and free run of the area. Then in another 20 years this story could quite possibly be wrote about East London instead of Mali being terrorist by Islamic militants enforcing their nazi ideology on people 

The forbidden lovers of Timbuktu: How Islamic militants terrorised the women and girls of Mali for not obeying their strict Sharia code


PUBLISHED: 18:37, 6 February 2013 | UPDATED: 00:56, 7 February 2013

It is a love story that begins in the fabled desert outpost of Timbuktu, when a man dialled a wrong number and a woman picked up the phone.

But it ended with her being whipped to within an inch of her life by the hardline Islamic extremists who considered their romance ‘haram’ forbidden.

What happened in between is a study in how al-Qaida-linked militants terrorised a population, whipping women and girls in northern Mali almost every day for not adhering to their interpretation of the strict moral code known as Sharia.

Ordeal: 24-year-old Salaka Djicke reflects on the horror she endured during the 10 months of Islamist rule in her hometown of TimbuktuOrdeal: 24-year-old Salaka Djicke reflects on the horror she endured during the 10 months of Islamist rule in her hometown of Timbuktu

It is also a testament to the violent clash between the brutal, unyielding Islam of the invaders and the moderate version of the religion that has long prevailed in Timbuktu, once a center for Islamic learning.

Salaka Djicke is a round-faced, big-boned girl with the wide thighs still fashionable in the desert, an unforgiving terrain that leaves many women without curves. Until the Islamists came and upended her world, the 24-year-old lived a relatively free life.

During the day, she helped her mother bake bread in a mud oven, selling each puffy piece for 50 francs (7p).

In the afternoon, she grilled meat on an open fire and sold brochettes on the side of the road. She saved the money she earned to buy herself makeup and get her hair styled.

Like her sisters and friends, she spoke openly with men — including the stranger who called her by mistake more than a year ago.

The man thought he was calling his cousin. When he heard Salaka’s voice, he apologised. His voice was polite but firm, with the authoritative cadence of a man in his prime. Hers was flirtatious, and her laugh betrayed her youth.

Forbidden love: Salaka Djicke stands in the prison cell where she was held for two nights by Islamic police after being caught having a relationship with a man who was not her husbandForbidden love: Salaka Djicke stands in the prison cell where she was held for two nights by Islamic police after being caught having a relationship with a man who was not her husband
Survivor: Salaka Djicke tells how she was jailed and flogged by Islamic militants linked to al-QaedaSurvivor: Salaka Djicke tells how she was jailed and flogged by Islamic militants linked to al-QaedaSurvivor: Salaka Djicke tells how she was jailed and flogged by Islamic militants linked to al-Qaeda

They started talking. A few days later, he called her again. For two weeks, they spoke nearly every day, until he asked for directions to her house.

She explained how to find the mud house on Rue 141, past the water tower also made of mud, in a neighborhood less than a mile from where he sold gasoline from jerrycans by the roadside. She had time to put on a yellow dress.

He arrived on his motorcycle. He was older – she does not know how old — and already married, a status that bears no taboo in a predominantly Muslim region where men can take up to four wives. She found him handsome.

From that day on, he ended phone conversations with the phrase, ‘Ye bani,’ or ‘I love you’ in the Sonrai language. Instead of Salaka, he called her ‘cherie’ — sweetheart in French, still spoken in this former French colony.

He showered her with gifts, starting with a six-yard-long piece of bazin fabric, the hand-dyed, polished cotton which is the mainstay of Malian fashion. It was a royal violet, and he paid to have it tailored into a two-piece outfit, with a flame-like flourish of orange brocade on the bodice.

She put it on for him, and they went to the photo studio one street over. They stood against the poster backdrop of an enamel-blue waterfall. He put his arms around her and invited her to sit on his lap.

By the time the first group of rebel fighters carrying the flag of the National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad drove past her house on April 1, the two had been seeing each other for several months. He called to see if she was OK.

These fighters in military uniforms made clear their goal: They wanted to create an independent homeland known as Azawad for Mali’s marginalized Tuareg people.

Only days later, a different group of fighters arrived, wearing beards and tunics that looked like the kurtas common in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Salaka Djicke at the entrance to the women's jail in TimbuktuSalaka Djicke at the entrance to the women’s jail in Timbuktu

Their black flag resembled the one people had seen on YouTube videos posted by al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb. They called themselves Ansar Dine, or ‘Defenders of the Faith’.

They produced a pamphlet outlining how a woman should wear the veil, and whom she could and could not be seen with. Eschewing any contact with women, they handed the leaflets out to the men.

One of them was Salaka’s boyfriend. He drove his motorcycle to her house to give it to her.

She didn’t have enough money to buy the plain, colorless veil prescribed to cover the entire body. So her boyfriend went to the market and paid for two, one red and one blue. The women of sub-Saharan Africa are so used to wearing vibrant colors, he couldn’t find any that were black.

As their love affair grew more intense, so did the crackdown by the Islamists in northern Mali, an area equal in size to Afghanistan.

Three months after they arrived, they arrested an illiterate man and woman, both dirt-poor herders living together for years with their animals outside the town of Aguelhok.

The man had left his wife to reunite with his teenage love, and they had two children out of wedlock, the youngest just six months old.

In the last week of July, the Islamists sped into their nomadic camp and arrested them. They drove them to the city center, where they announced the couple would be stoned to death for adultery.

They dug a hole the size of a man and forced them to kneel inside. They made the villagers come out to see what Shariah was.Then they cast the first stone.

The fear was now palpable on the streets of Timbuktu. Salaka and her boyfriend stopped seeing each other in public. When he came, they sat in the enclosed courtyard of her parents’ home, behind the veil of its chrome-red dirt walls.

Even in relatively modern Timbuktu, it was not considered appropriate to leave the couple alone in a room. So he arranged for a friend to loan him the keys to his empty house in a neighborhood less than a mile away.

Would she please join him there, just for an hour, once a week?

She hesitated. He begged her, saying he couldn’t be without her. They determined that the Islamic police stopped their patrols at 10 p.m. She went once and got home safely. She went again.

ARMED WITH MACHINE GUNS. ISLAMO-NAZIS WEARING THE BLAG FLAG OF JIHAD.Members of the al-Qaeda-linked terror group Ansar Dine Islamist ride in the back of a pick-up truck. Now three captured fighters claim to have been tortured by Malian soldiers using waterboarding following the liberation of Timbuktu (file picture)Enforcers: Members of the al-Qaeda-linked terror group Ansar Dine Islamist ride in the back of a pick-up truck. For ten months the group terrorised the female population of Timbuktu

They began meeting once a week. She insisted on staying no longer than 40 minutes. He brought her on his motorcycle, stopping close to the house and pushing the bike through a blanket of sand to avoid attention.

By this time, the Islamists were beating everyone from pregnant mothers and grandmothers to 9-year-olds for not covering themselves fully. A woman was no longer supposed to talk even to her own brother on the stoop of her house.

At a certain point Salaka knew they were going to get caught. She planned out what they would say.

In one version, she would say he was her uncle. In another she would call him her older brother. In yet another, they would try to pass off as a married couple.

On the night of Dec. 31, the two left Salaka’s house on a motorcycle, headed west and turned onto Road No. 160.

They passed the bread oven belonging to one of her mother’s competitors. They skirted an alley crowded with handmade bricks laid out to dry. They turned left, and then right again, taking a circuitous path to confuse anyone who might be following them.

When they got close, they chose the narrowest alleyways, used only by motorcycles and donkey carts instead of the Toyota pickup trucks of the Islamic police.

They passed the house where they planned to meet and doubled back in an alley. He cut the motorcycle’s engine, told her to stay 100 yards behind him and pushed the bike through the sand as usual.

She watched him leave. She was breathing so hard she was afraid the stars could hear her. He passed the first intersection, then the second, and then the third.

The bearded men came on foot via the third intersection. There were four of them. Her lover jumped on his motorcycle and gunned it across the sand. He was the married one and would have paid the higher price.

She knew she couldn’t outrun them. So she stood. And in the moments it took for them to descend on her, she realized it would be futile to lie.

They took her to the headquarters of the Islamic police, inside a branch of the local bank. They shoved her into the closet-like space where the ATM machine is located and locked the gate behind her.

When she didn’t come home that night, her worried sister called her cell phone. The Islamic police answered and told her where Salaka was.

In the morning, her family came to slip her a piece of bread through the grills of the gate, feeding her like an animal at the zoo. Later that day, the police transferred her to a prison they had set up just for women in a wing of the city’s central jail. For the next three nights, she slept alone on a hard floor in a large, cement room.

On Jan. 3 they took her to the Islamic tribunal. Just eight days before French President Francois Hollande unilaterally approved a military intervention in Mali on Jan. 11, Salaka was convicted of being caught with a man who was not her husband and sentenced to 95 lashes. It was a severe punishment even by the standards of the Islamists.

Liberator: A French soldier mans the gun of an armoured vehicle as he stands guard in front of the airport in TimbuktuLiberator: A French soldier mans the gun of an armoured vehicle as he stands guard in front of the airport in Timbuktu
A woman dances for joy in Timbuktu after French and Malian forces liberated the cityRelief: A woman dances for joy in Timbuktu after French and Malian forces liberated the city

They took her to the market at noon on Jan. 4, the same place where she bought the beef for the brochettes she sold and the flour used to make her mother’s flatbread. She recognized the meat sellers. One of them used his phone to record what happened next.

The police made her kneel in a traffic circle. They covered her in a gauze-like shroud. They told her to remove her dress, leaving only the thin fabric to protect her skin from the whip. Curious children jostled for a better view.

What they did to her was witnessed by dozens of people in Timbuktu, and can still be heard on the meat seller’s cell phone.

The executor announced Salaka’s crime and her punishment. Then he began flogging her with a switch made from the branch of a tree. Her high-pitched cries are contorted with pain. You can hear the slap of the whip. You can hear her labored breathing.

They hit her so hard and for so long that at one point she wasn’t sure if the veil had fallen off. She could feel the blood seeping through.

When it was over, they told her that if they ever saw her with a man again, they would kill her.

Her lover called as soon as she got home. The night she was caught, he ran away to Mali’s distant capital, becoming one of an estimated 385,000 people who have fled their homes from the north.

He said over and over: “I’m sorry.” He promised to marry her. But he has not yet returned. She still will not name him, fearing the Islamist extremists will be back.

Her face warms when she speaks of him and contracts when she describes her pain and humiliation. There isn’t a child in Timbuktu who doesn’t recognize her, she says. Even now she avoids the market, sending her sisters to buy the meat instead.

‘This was a tyrannical regime, which had no pity towards women,” she says. “I’m not the only one that went through this. I did this because I was in love.’

Last week, Salaka was among the thousands of people who poured into the streets to cheer French soldiers as they liberated the city. She folded and put away her blue and red veils.

In recent days, she pulled out her lover’s gift of the violet bazin with the flame-patterned brocade from the bottom of a pile of clothes she was not allowed to wear under the city’s occupiers.

She painted her lips a translucent fuschia. She went to the newly opened hairdresser.

The photo studio where she and her lover posed by the cardboard waterfall remains closed, so instead her brother snapped a picture of her.

If you look closely, you can see the marks left by the whip across her now-naked shoulders.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2274595/A-chance-phone-whirlwind-romance-loving-couple-slaughtered-Malis-terrorists-brutal-example-breaking-Sharia-code.html#ixzz2KFodDu9G

East London Mosque To Host Muslim Hate Preachers In Fundraiser For Al-Qeada Jailed Terrorist

The Islamic Republic Of Tower Hamlets and its extremist East London Mosque are to host a fundraising conference for Al-Qaeda terrorist Dr Aafia Siddiqui who is serving 83 years in an American prison for attempting to kill her American interrogators after being captured in Afghanistan. Pakistani by birth she moved to America where she studied and became a prominent member of the Muslim Students Association. It was as a MSA member she fell under the spell of Abdullah Azzam, a Muslim Brother who was also Osama bin Laden’s mentor.  She wrote three guides for teaching Islam, expressing the hope in one: “that our humble effort continues … and more and more people come to the [religion] of Allah until America becomes a Muslim land.”During the recent hostage crisis in Algeria, One of the Muslim terrorists demands was to call for her release. Hardly candidate for a Nobel peace prize.

The east london mosque in the islamic republic of tower hamlets to host fundraiser for Muslim Al-qaeda prisoner with guest islamic  hate preachers

The East London Mosque is no stranger to controversy and regularly hosts Islamofascist hate preachers.  The mosque is a member of the Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum,a founding member of The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO),and an affiliate of the Muslim Council of Britain. The Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) and the mosque are very closely intertwined,the organisation was created in 1989 by Muslims involved in the running of the East London Mosque.Some of the mosque’s practices reflect the Hanafi school of law. According to Delwar Hussain it shares the ideology of the Jamaat-e-Islami, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The mosque is a breeding ground for Muslim Extremists and pushes an Islamo-nazi ideology calling for Sharia and Islamic domination.

Guest speakers include Iman Shakeel Begg of Lewisham Islamic Centre another extremist linked mosque. He is a regular speaker for Islamist front group Caged Prisoners who have links to Al-Qeada.

Shakeel Begg urged Muslim students to participate in jihad by going to Palestine and fighting against Israel 

“Shakeel Begg, another radical cleric, recently urged students at Kingston University, southwest London, to wage jihad in Palestine. In a tape-recorded speech obtained by The Sunday Times, Begg, who is a Muslim chaplain at Goldsmiths College, part of London University, said: “You want to make jihad? Very good… Take some money and go to Palestine and fight, fight the terrorists, fight the Zionists.”  Source

The extremist imam disproves of fellow Muslims cooperating with the anti-terror police which could essentially save lives.

“It is with much sadness that I read Tawfique Chowdhury’s speech to the anti-terrorism officers in Wales, which he brazenly posted on an Islamic blog. I was deeply shocked and appalled by his enthusiasm for collaboration with a body that has failed its own war against Islam and the Muslims at home and abroad. It is deplorable for a graduate from the prestigious Islamic University of the Prophet’s city – the first Islamic State – where the subject of ‘Aqida is emphasised the most, to declare himself an ally of the West against Islam, not even by choice, but naturally. It is ridiculously outrageous for a Muslim speaker to lure the anti-terrorism officers into using him and other religious leaders against the Muslim community”    Source

Facebook event page for this terrorist fundraising conference at the extremist East London Mosque with renowned Muslim hate preachers

I’ll bet Sexcase Smith and his so-called anti fascist chums at the UAF aren’t organizing mass communist mobilization in opposition of this fascist Muslim event. In their tiny minds you have to be British and white to be considered fascist.