Tower Hamlets FOI Reply-Council Give Millions In Funding To Muslim Groups

In the last week Kafir Crusaders has posted the replies from 2 freedom of information requests regarding grants to Islamic groups. First was Bolton Council Of Mosques, then about Fiyaz Mughals dawah organizations TellMama / Faith Matters. Both received unjustifiable amounts of money in authority grants. Yet neither comes close to winding me up as much as this latest FOI response from Tower Hamlets council.

FOI TOWER HAMLETS. LBTH and its Islamist linked mayor luftur rahman have been handing out large amounts of money in grants to Muslim groups

At the end of July it was widely reported that Tower Hamlets council with its extremist mayor Lutfur Rahman at the helm had handed out around £600k to religious groups in building maintenance grants. Controversy is often not far away from LBTH islamist mayor and this time was no different. The fact that Muslim groups received 63.5 % of the designated funds compared to Christian groups 23.5% and others 11%   raised a few eyebrows. With many times hearing allegations of dodgy goings  on by Rahman and his Islamic Forum Of Europe(IFE) controlled council i decided to try and find out a little more where the cash has been going in terms of grants and funding. So in went a freedom of information request to Tower Hamlets council.


Islamic Forum Of Europe(IFE) are an extremist movement  based at and control the East London Mosque/London Muslim Centre in Tower Hamlets.It is the British section of Jamaat-e-Islami, which was responsible for horrendous war crimes in Bangladesh in the 1970s. It was founded by Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin,who  is now wanted in his native Bangladesh for war crimes and faces the death penalty. Uddin is also a prominent Muslim Council Of Britain member and Trustee of charity Muslim Aid. IFE are Islamofascists in every sense, their ultimate goal is to create a Muslim superstate out of the UK and the rest of Europe. IFE were central to Lutfur Rahman’s election win for mayor and said to be  behind alleged vote rigging. They hold much behind the scenes power and influence. During the recent English Defence League demo , IFE provided Muslim security to safeguard Muslims and their assets in T.H.  Al-Qaeda supporting leading IFE member Azad Ali’s Vice-Chair of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the link between Islamic far right and the communist far left


Kafir Crusaders FOI request:
1. How much money has the council paid in grants and funding to Islamic
charities and organisations in Tower Hamlets in last 5 years ?
2. What organisations are they and how much did they receive ?

FOI response :

Amount in grants/funding to Islamic charities org in LBTH past  5 years.  The Council does not have records of which Organisations are Islamic Charities, however below is a schedule of grant payments made to all organisation made over the last 5 years. We hope this information is useful.

They then provided 33 pages of grants handed out by Tower Hamlets council over the past 5 years including to non Muslim groups. After looking through as expected the big winners once again are Muslim groups who LBTH appear to of been throwing money at like its going out of fashion. Not exactly the way you would expect the council of 1 of the most deprived areas in the UK to act, especially in today’s financial climate when money is tight. Any public money given in grants and funding should be given to benefit the entire community and not just certain sections of it that are exclusive by race or religion.

Obviously certain charities listed are of benefit to all such as Citizens Advice etc . So who are the winners of the Tower Hamlets big cash hand outs ? The big jackpot winners are the Muslim groups as you would expect from the Islamist run council handing the funds out.

COUNCIL OF MOSQUES :   As we saw in Bolton, the council are bankrolling the local council of mosques. In LBTH they also happen to be Lutfur Rahman supporters who had leaflets praising the mayor made and distributed. IFE linked and listed as a group that is based at East London Mosque/London Muslim Centre controlled by Islamic Forum Europe and also IFE HQ

£42,000.00  2008-9
£109,238.00  2009-10
£109,098.00  2010-11
£63,250.00  2011-12
£96,500.00  2012-13


Part of the notorious IFE run East London Mosque complex events held there often host hate preachers and Islamists on a regular basis.
£66,510.00   2008-9
£2,040.00    2009-10
£40,000.00    2010-11
£20,000.00   2011-12
£60,000.00   2012-13
Way to Work Corporate Match Funding 45,000 2009-2010
Way to Work Corporate Match Funding 40,000 2008-2009

Large sums of money for a charity that according to its latest accounts filed with the charities commission has almost £3 million cash in the bank

Praxis Community Projects: a service entirely for asylum seekers and other migrants. Their website says they look after the well being of refugees, asylum seekers, refused asylum seekers, young unaccompanied asylum seekers foreign criminals. They believe in open immigration for all.

Praxis New Resident / Migrant Advice  Service:   £22,133   2012-2013,       £21,789   2011-2012,       £21,789   2010-2011,     £21,789    2009-2010,   £21,154   2008-2009

Praxis New Residents   Service – Housing   Housing General Fund    £10,250  2008-2009

Praxis Employment Access Economic Engagement     £28,733   2012-2013,      £40,700     2011-2012,   £40,700     2010-2011,  £40,700   2009-2010

LBTH have given Praxis in excess of £250k to advise asylum seekers on getting welfare benefits, failed asylum seekers and other illegal immigrants how to avoid deportation and .God knows what advice they give the foreign criminals mentioned. One thing you can be certain of it wouldn’t be telling them to piss off back to where ever they came from. Great give them money so they can give advice that will end up costing the taxpayer even more money

Here are some more Muslim jackpot winners thanks to Lutfur’s Lotto in ‘Tower Hamlets. Figures are total for the last 5 years in received grants. Some of those listed may have had 10 or more separate grants over that period so some of the figures you see are rounded down and not to the exact penny. ( £120,000 may be £122,643 etc)

Da’watul Islam UK and Eire  To inform and influence public policy and services in order to achieve better outcomes for British Muslims,    £120,000

Osmani Trust    Another IFE linked organization      £170,000

Bangladesh Football Association  £85,000

Jagonari Women’s Educational Resource Centre   Community centre for Muslim women  £190,000

Ocean Somali Community Organisation:  Group for Somalian Muslim immigrants    £ 500,000

Tower Hamlets Somali Organisations Network (THSON) £250,000

Somali Integration Team (SIT) £65,000

Wadajir Somali Community  £50,000

Somali Employment Project  -Tower Hamlets Somali Organisation Network:     £327,700

Muslim Women’s Collective  -Business Development     £108,685

Femploy Bangladesh Youth Movement  £57,188

Somali Girls Youth Support & Employment Project    £19,273

Betar Bangla:  Bengali radio station   £65,000

Bangladesh Youth Movement:  £ 57,188

Wapping Bangladesh Association £35,000

There are countless other Muslim organizations listed for smaller amounts £2k here and £4k there that if i listed them all would be still typing this time in 2 days. Therefore if you would like to see who they are here is the link to the full 33 pages FOI reply of grants

The Islamic Forum Of Europe who some say are Rahmans string pullers behind the scenes have done very nicely out of council grants over the 5 years. The council is almost sponsoring their  entire Dawah mission to spread Islam by funnelling off money through the various IFE controlled organizations. Donating to the London Muslim Centre who have nearly 3 million in the bank is criminal. The Bengali and Somalian Muslims in Tower Hamlets have had big money thrown at them by Mayor Rahman and his Islamic dominated council. Nobody looking at the figures can say the council hasn’t been looking after its own . Essential council services have been getting axed due to budget cuts that effect the whole community whilst the council bankrolls stupid amounts of Muslim organizations with public money in these big fat grants. 1 thing i can assure you is that there is no £40/50k per year to any London Christian Centre or similar. No £120,000 for the Da CofE UK and Eire to influence public policy in favour of Christians. No £327k for a British Employment Project or £108k for any British Women’s collective. 

Mayor Lutfur Rahman, Tower Hamlets Council, IFE and the rest of the Islamic groups who benefited are doing the same as Muslims up and down the UK do but only on a bigger scale…..Playing the system and leeching money off the infidel  establishment whilst contributing nothing to our society other than dragging it down.

Video: Muslim Immigrants Taking Over a Small Towns In America’s Bible Belt

Anybody who watches the news on a regular basis will have most likely of seen or heard something about the Islamic hell hole of Somalia. As far as i am aware lawless Somalia is well known for only negative things such as pirates, kidnappers Islamic extremists and blood thirsty jihadists. Those uncivilized Muslims who live there are brought up on nothing other than murder and Islam. If you have seen the film Black Hawk Down, then the barbaric Somalis in that were as near to real life as you can get. As you can imagine take them away from all they know they hardly would make the best candidates for integrating into western life.

This is something we in Britain found out over a decade ago when there was a bit of a trend for Somali asylum seekers turning up here. Once settled in free housing and their benefit money sorted. It wasn’t long before they formed drug dealing  gangs and repeating the violent antics from back home, You can take the Muslim out of Somalia but you can’t take the Somalian out of the Muslim.

Over the last couple of years America has began having an influx of barbaric Somalian immigrants. Unlike in Britain where they ended up in places that were already ghettoish. There the Muslims are being moved en mass to small quiet towns in Americas bible belt. As you can imagine things haven’t worked out to well as the video further down shows

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – It has been nearly 20 years since Somalia last had a functioning government. Islamic jihadists now control most of the country-and sharia is the law of the land. Tens of thousands of Somali refugees have resettled in America in recent years to escape the chaos of their homeland, which is located in the Horn of Africa.
But the transition isn’t going smoothly in one small town. At first glance, Shelbyville is your typical sleepy southern hamlet. It’s nestled in middle Tennessee, where the walking horse is king. There’s Main St., the local sheriff, a movie theatre. It’s all very “Mayberry,” except for one big difference: the recent arrival of hundreds of Somali Muslims. Shelbyville is about an hour’s drive from Nashville, in the heart of the Bible Belt. Like many Americans, the citizens of Shelbyville knew little about Somalia other than the 1993 Black Hawk Down incident, in which 18 U.S. servicemen were killed while battling warlords and Islamic jihadists in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. So when hundreds of Somalis began turning up in the town–many of them dressed in traditional Islamic garb–locals quickly took notice. “They’ve had an impact here. Unfortunately, it’s not been a good impact,” said Brian Mosely, a reporter for the local Shelbyville Times-Gazette.
Mosely won an award from the Associated Press for a series of articles he wrote for the paper about Shelbyville’s Somalis. “I found that there was just an enormous culture clash going on here,” he said. “The Somalis were–according to a lot of the people I talked to here–were being very, very rude, inconsiderate, very demanding. Tthey would go into stores and haggle over prices. They would also demand to see a male salesperson, would not deal with women in stores” Different People, Different Culture
“Their culture is totally alien to anything the residents are used to,” Mosely added. The problems extend to local schools–where some Somali students won’t talk to female administrators. There have also been issues with local law enforcement. “I’m not really sure whether that is because of experiences with the police in their country, or whether that’s just the way their culture is,” said Shelbyville’s Police Chief, Austin Swing. Shelbyville is home to about 17,000 people. The town’s Somali population is estimated to be between 400 and 1,000. Mosely says the Somalis have isolated themselves from the rest of the community. “We’re talking about people who have not had any experience with Western civilization,” he explained. “They don’t know the language. Things like running water are a miracle to some of these folks…you don’t take people from a totally alien culture, put them into a community, and then say ‘alright, you must get along.’ Little Chance to Adapt
Abdirizak Hassan is the director of the Somali Community Center in nearby Nashville. He says the state of Tennessee has no programs to help immigrants integrate into their new surroundings. “They come, and the only thing they can do is go to work, and then after work they go back to the apartment,” Hassan said. “They’re totally isolated and there’s no interaction between them and the locals.” He added that some have even expressed a desire to return to Somalia. “A lot of them face eviction. They put them in an apartment complex that costs $600 a month. They can’t get a job that gives them that much money,” Hassan explained. “And sometimes you have families, like, a single mother with eight kids, or seven kids or six kids, and you expect her to go to work in six months time with no English, no driver’s skills, nothing? I mean, sometimes it’s impossible.” “The locals, mostly, when they see a few hundred people in their backyard with a different look, strangers, you know, of course they have the right to be concerned,” he added. “But I think if the local authorities and organizations like ours do a lot of outreach, I think we can bridge the gap.” So how did so many Somalis end up in rural Shelbyville? The answer can be complicated. The State Department helps resettle refugees from war-torn countries like Somalia in the United States.

A Muslim Somali cab driver in Nashville TN, picks up two Christian college students, gets into a discussion about religion and tells them that Hitler was a “good man because he was trying to rid the world of Jews”. Nashville City Paper reports that when the students paid the cabby they expressed their disagreement and told him “If you’re going to live in a country like ours, you’re going to have to tolerate other people’s beliefs” This didn’t sit well with Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed, the cab driver, who then proceeded to run them down, hitting one, breaking his pelvis and leg.

Dhimmi’s At Birmingham College Burka Ban U-Turn To Appease Moaning Muslims


48 hours ago i held Birmingham Metropolitan College in high regard for their banning of head wear and face coverings which included the niqab and burka for Muslim females. Which makes sense because who knows who or what’s really lurking beneath the black blanket. It made a change to see somebody make a sensible decision even if it did risk upsetting the minority of the minority that actually wear them. Things soon change, They have gone from hero to zero in the time it took them to roll over and say to the moaning Muslims  “OK, we changed our minds you can wear your burka”


By going back on their original statement Birmingham college have done the worse thing possible. Their gutless cowardly U-turn has not only have they put a nail in their own coffin they have put one in every other place of educations coffin as well, who may at some point wished to introduce similar rules on face coverings.

What sort of message have the college dhimmis sent out for the future. Moan …moan… moan….cry discrimination and we will look like fools by giving in to Muslim demands.  The decision makers should have known better. It is a much often used stealth jihad tactic. When it comes to moaning ,spitting dummies out and playing the victim nobody does it better than Muslims.

Birmingham Metropolitan College U-turn statement appears to only be in regards Muslims wearing face coverings and discriminates against the majority non-Muslims with the ban on non identity concealing clothing such as hats and hoodies still in place. Both of which are a popular items of clothing worn by Britain’s youth. They are more part of British life than Muslim Burkas are that is for sure.

Where was the ‘White Students Union(sic)’ fighting the corner of the majority when you need them? OH SILLY ME, of course there isn’t one because that would be deemed as racist. Unlike the exclusive ‘Black’ Students Union which is not considered racist by leftists who were putting pressure on the powers that be to reverse the ban on  face coverings claiming it’s discriminating against Muslims.  Race agitator Aaron Kiely from the union claimed the ban was ‘a clear violation of a woman’s right to choose.’ Therefore in a non sexist world a man should have the same rights to choose also – to wear a balaclava or ski mask to class then!

There are 100’s of thousands British people of all ages and walks of life that feel extremely uncomfortable and intimidated in the presence of Muslim women with anti social face coverings on. Even more daunting would be needing to have some kind of interaction with them. Hardly appealing talking to a pair of eyes. They give off negative vibes just by looking at them.  “Lost ?? Tough. Do not approach me and ask for directions you low kafir”

Regardless of the excuses or religious reasons given by Islamists to justify wearing the niqab/burka there is nothing in the Quran ordering Muslim women to wear them. If it was then every Muslim woman would be walking round in them not just 10 % of them. Also very few Muslim women actually wear them by choice although they may tell you otherwise to avoid a beating. It will be some control freak Islamic extremist family member ordering them to wear them. The kind of Islamofascist male that thinks its acceptable to beat and sexually abuse women because they are beneath the male and its his God-given right to do so.  Taliban oppressive Islamic ideology.

BAN THE BURKA – If they want to wear it so badly there is plenty of Islamic countries where they can wear it 24/7

Ban on Muslim students wearing religious veils scrapped by Birmingham college after public outcry

  • Birmingham Metropolitan College had asked teenagers to remove items
  • Staff said it was for safety and ensures people are ‘identifiable at all times’
  • But guidelines divided opinion, with one 17-year-old calling it ‘disgusting’
  • David Cameron backed educational institutions setting their own rules
  • But Deputy PM Nick Clegg said he was ‘uneasy’ about the idea


PUBLISHED: 09:11, 13 September 2013 | UPDATED: 14:02, 13 September 2013

A college which tried to ban pupils wearing the full facial veil for security reasons has abandoned the rule after a public outcry.

All students, staff and visitors to Birmingham Metropolitan College were told they must have their faces visible at all times so they are ‘easily identifiable’.

But the move was heavily criticised by some students, one describing the policy as disgusting. Nick Clegg said he was ‘uneasy’ about the idea.

Controversial policy: Staff at Birmingham Metropolitan College, pictured, have said the guidelines are in place for 'security reasons'Controversial policy: Staff at Birmingham Metropolitan College, pictured, have said the guidelines are in place for ‘security reasons’

More than 800 people claimed they planned to attend a protest against the policy today to stand up to what they said was an ‘Islamophobic’ decision.

David Cameron’s spokesman said the Prime Minister defended the right of educational institutions to be able to ‘set and enforce their own school uniform policies’.

But Deputy Prime Minister Mr Clegg said he felt ‘uneasy’ about a veil ban in a schools, although he could understand why it was needed to identify people at airport checkouts.

The college which has 44,000 students and is the third largest in the UK, said headwear poses a security risk and their policy ‘includes the removal of hoodies, hats, caps and veils so that faces are visible’.

This would stop female Muslim pupils from wearing the niqab, the full facial veil where only the woman’s eyes are visible, or the burqa where the eye area is covered in mesh.

But the college has now issued a statement saying it has decided to modify its stance to allow individuals to wear ‘specific items of personal clothing to reflect their cultural values’.

More than 9,000 people signed an online petition set up by NUS Black Students’ Campaign calling on the college’s principal Dr Christine Braddock to remove the ban.

Two Muslim students at the Birmingham Metropolitan College campus in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. The college have banned Muslim girls from wearing a veilTwo Muslim students at the Birmingham Metropolitan College campus in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. The college have banned Muslim girls from wearing a veil. Eyes, nose and mouth all have to be visibleAaron Kiely, NUS Black Students’ officer, said: ‘The NUS Black Students’ Campaign completely condemns the decision by Birmingham Metropolitan College to ban Muslim students from wearing veils on campus.’This ban is a complete infringement on the rights to religious freedom and cultural expression and is a clear violation of a woman’s right to choose.’A statement posted on the college’s Facebook page last night said: ‘Birmingham Metropolitan College is committed to high quality education for all of our learners.’We are concerned that recent media attention is detracting from our core mission of providing high quality learning.

‘As a consequence, we will modify our policies to allow individuals to wear specific items of personal clothing to reflect their cultural values.

‘The college will still need to be able to confirm an individual’s identity in order to maintain safeguarding and security.

‘The necessity to comply with national regulations, examination board requirements and applicable legislation will remain an overriding priority in all circumstances, as will the need to ensure that effective teaching and learning methodologies are applied.

‘We have listened to the views of our students and we are confident that this modification to our policies will meet the needs of all of our learners and stakeholders.

‘We remain committed to ensuring that students are provided with a safe and welcoming environment and the best education and training opportunities available.’

Prime Minister David Cameron backed the right of schools and colleges to ban religious veils
Nick Clegg said he felt 'uneasy' about telling people what they should wear

Split: David Cameron backed schools and colleges to enforce uniform rules but Nick Clegg said he felt ‘uneasy’ about telling people what they should wear

Birmingham Ladywood Labour MP Shabana Mahmood welcomed the college’s change in policy.

She said: ‘This change in policy is enormously welcome. The college has made a wise decision to rethink its policy on banning veils for a group of women who would have potentially been excluded from education and skills training at the college had the ban been enforced.

‘My thanks go out to all those who backed the campaign.’


Case by case: Schools can outlaw veils but only after a consultationCase by case: Schools can outlaw veils but only after a consultation

Headteachers have the power to order students to remove veils after a series of high profile legal cases.

In a key 2007 case, a High Court judge rejected a bid by a pupil to be allowed to wear the niqab in class.

Although the 12-year-old’s three older sisters had worn the headwear at the same school in Buckinghamshire, teachers said it impeded their ability to communicate with her.

They said they needed to be able to tell if a pupil was paying attention, engaged with her work or distressed.

After the case, the Government issued guidance that enabled headteachers to ban full-face veils on grounds of security, safety or learning.

It said teachers were justified in enforcing uniform rules which mean they can see and make eye contact with pupils.

Schools need to be able to identify pupils to maintain order in classrooms and to spot any intruders, it added.

But rather than a French-style blanket ban on face coverings in all public spaces, the Department of Education said institutions could outlaw the coverings as long as they carried out a proper consultation.

Updated Government guidance released last year clearly continues to back heads who choose to ban face-coverings.

It says it is ‘still lawful’ to restrict the freedom of pupils to express their religion on the grounds of ‘health, safety and the protection of the rights and freedoms of others’.

And religious freedoms do not mean pupils can practise their beliefs ‘at any time, in any place, or in any particular manner,’ the  guidance adds.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2419835/Birmingham-Metropolitan-College-scrap-ban-Muslim-students-wearing-religious-veils-public-outcry.html#ixzz2emVnJQqn

Tower Hamlets Islamist Council Try To Implement Sharia With Gambling Ban

The full Islamization of  East London  is continuing at an alarming rate.  Already becoming a no go area for non-Muslims as Tommy Robinson and Kev Carroll found out by being arrested during their charity walk after being told by Met Police officers ‘because it is a Muslim area’ they couldn’t enter the enclave. The way things are going it will soon be a 100% Muslim enclave where even the police don’t venture similar to the Muslim ghettos on the outskirts of Paris.


The Islamist Tower Hamlets council and its extremist mayor Lutfor Rahman are now attempting to enforce aspects of Sharia law on any non-Muslims who are unfortunate to live there, by banning all new casinos and betting shops from opening up in the area. Tower Hamlets is hardly the British version of Vegas, yet those who are demanding the ban are claiming ” We are worried about the level of crime gambling creates”.  Bearing in mind this is where the Muslim patrol tried enforcing sharia recently and is also home to extremist East London Mosque and various dodgy Muslim extremist front groups. With knowing how Islamists stealth jihad tries bringing Islam into our lives by the back door i  think the motives behind this move are more likely to be that Islam prohibits Muslims from gambling. Although anybody who has been to a casino in the UK will tell you there is no shortage of Muslims in there gambling on the sly. 


Move to ban all new casinos and betting shops by Tower Hamlets council

Mike Brooke  Thursday, June 27, 2013 8:17 AM

Gamblers are spending up to £400 million a year in London’s East End which leads to drug misuse and crime, Tower Hamlets council members were told last night.

A ban on any new betting offices and casinos opening was being called for by protesters who handed a petition into the Town Hall when a delegation addressed the council.

“We are worried about the level of crime gambling creates,” protester Kelly Begum said.

“We urge the council to prevent casinos being established—we’re concerned at the number of betting shops and adult amusement arcades opening up and their impact on children and vulnerable adults.”

An emergency move to ban all future licenses being issued by using planning regulations and commercial leasing arrangements was put forward by Cllr Ohid Ahmed.

“An estimated £400m is spent a year on gambling in Tower Hamlets,” his resolution suggested.

But the authority was warned there must be public consultation first or the Town Hall would be deemed in law to be prejudice, even though a ban was supported by councillors on all sides.

Tory Group leader Peter Golds called for a cabinet paper to be put out for consultation “to see what the public genuinely think” before a strong policy against gambling joints was established.

via Move to ban all new casinos and betting shops by Tower Hamlets council – Politics – East London Advertiser.

Christian Who Was Bullied By Muslim Co-Workers At Heathrow,Tells Of Muslim Security Risk

So often we hear about Muslim’s using the European Courts to their advantage either when their playing the victim claiming discrimination or against the British authorities to avoid deportation. More often than not the Muslims who play the system using leftist human rights laws in the European Courts are the filth of Islam. Vile undesirables such as hate preacher Abu Qatada , the suicidal Muslim terrorist and numerous Muslim rapists that have no place in civilized society. So it actually makes a refreshing change to hear about somebody planning on appealing to the courts that  has genuinely been unfairly treated.

Christian Nohad Halawi, an immigrant from Lebanon living in the UK was an employee at London’s Heathrow airport when she became the victim of Muslim bullies in the workplace. She was targeted after her Islamist co-workers discovered that she wasn’t a Muslim but a Christian. They had wrongly presumed she was a member of the cult of Islam due to her Lebanese background. Mrs Halawi became the victim of a hate campaign by the Islamofascists she worked with. After reporting the harassment and abuse by Muslims to her supervisors hoping to get the issue resolved, disgracefully found herself getting the sack when 5 of the Muslim bullies claimed she was anti-Islamic

It was only a matter of time before things like this started happening here in the UK. You only have to look at the goings on around the world involving Islamic extremists bullying and persecuting people of other faiths. Now they have got their foot in the door here, they are using political correctness against infidels as a weapon to aid their stealth jihad. With each result in their favour like Nohad Halawi losing her job, it’s another step closer to their cause of Islamizing Britain.

What is equally if not more disturbing than the bullying and her losing her job, is some of the other goings on at the UK’s busiest airport involving Muslim staff she has brought to light. Such as Muslim employees trying to convert people on the job and bullied Christians. The handing out of extremist literature and their terrorist supporting opinions they are happy to tell others.The scariest claim she has made regards some of the Muslim extremists working in airport security. She said, “if they see that you are a Muslim they wave you through. One time they thought my husband was Muslim and said ‘don’t worry he is one of us’ and let him through without checking him”

Bearing in mind the large amount of British based Islamic terrorists that we have faced lately.That it was Muslims who committed 9/11 using planes, that shoe bomber Richard Reid was British and the failed underpants bomber was radicalized in the UK. Muslim extremists working in airport security is hardly the best situation. It only takes them knowing or unknowing  letting 1 Muslim brother onto a plane who happens to have a bomb strapped to himself and we have another Lockerbie, and with it 100’s of innocent lives lost in the name of Allah. 

Christian airport worker vows to take Muslim bullying case to Luxembourg after being granted right to appeal against sacking

  • Nohad Halawi, 48, was fired in July 2011 after five Muslim colleagues complained she was anti-Islamic
  • The beauty consultant claims ‘extremist’ workmates tried to convert people on the job and bullied Christians


PUBLISHED: 20:40, 12 April 2013 | UPDATED: 10:41, 13 April 2013

Fight: Nohad Halawi is pictured after her successful employment hearing todayFight: Nohad Halawi is pictured after her successful employment hearing today

A Christian worker who claims she was sacked from her job at Heathrow following a ‘race hate’ campaign by ‘Muslim extremists’ today vowed to take her unfair dismissal case ‘all the way to Luxembourg’ to the European Court of Justice.

Nohad Halawi allegedly weathered cruel rumours that she was ‘anti-Islamist,’ on top of a systematic catalogue of intimidation that included telling the 48-year-old that she would go to Hell if she did not convert to Islam.

Halawi, previously a beauty consultant for luxury cosmetics brand Shiseido, was then booted out of her 13-year-long job in Heathrow Airport’s World Duty Free shop, after going to her seniors with concerns about the verbal tirades she was subjected to.

She also claims ‘extremist’ colleagues brought the Koran to work to try and convert people to Islam and even handed out leaflets promoting terrorism, as well as declaring that it was ‘a shame’ the failed July 21 London bombings did not go off.

Having taken her tribunal case to the courts in 2011, Halawi lost after it was ruled that as a part time and commissioned-based freelance she was not a staff employee.

Today, however, she won the right to appeal.

Speaking outside court, the mum-of-two from Weybridge, Surrey, told how the abuse started after she stuck up for a Christian colleague who was left in tears after Muslim staff made fun of her for wearing a cross necklace.

She said: ‘At first, because I am from Lebanon, they assumed I was Muslim but when they found out I wasn’t they started bullying me.’

 Halawi, who came to Britain from Lebanon in 1977, continued: ‘They used to say about 9/11 that it serves the American’s right and that it was a shame the failed London bombings did not go off. When I asked them why they did not go back and live in their own country if they didn’t like the UK, they said ‘we came to the West to try and convert as many people to Islam as we can.’

She also revealed insider knowledge on life within Heathrow: ‘They keep coming to the airport and many of them work in security. It is terrible there. If they see that you are a Muslim they wave you through. One time they thought my husband was Muslim and said ‘don’t worry he is one of us’ and let him through without checking him. And you’re telling me this is safe security.’

Employment: One of the World Duty Free stores at Heathrow Airport, where Halawi worked for 13 yearsEmployment: One of the World Duty Free stores at Heathrow Airport, where Halawi worked for 13 years

Mrs Halawi said she once found extremist leaflets in one of her Muslim colleague’s drawers but the airport turned a blind eye. She said: “Management told him to throw them away. I later found out he had been sacked from other terminals for handing them out and inciting religious hatred, but duty free covered it up as they are scared of labelled Islamophobic.”

She was fired in July 2011 after five Muslim colleagues complained she was anti-Islamic followed a heated conversation in the store.

After her sacking 28 colleagues, some of them Muslims, signed a petition calling for her reinstatement claiming she was dismissed on the basis of “malicious lies”, but it was unsuccessful.

Having lost her first unfair dismissal campaign, Halawi received help from the Christian Legal Centre to further her case and has subsequently won a right to appeal.

She added: ‘I am not and have never been racist or anti religion. I have many Muslim friends. I am doing this because I want to show that people It’s not fair to use the religion card. They’ve ruined my life. They’ve ruined my family’s lives. I can’t get work and am relying on friends and family to get by’

A spokesperson for World Duty Free refused to comment because of the ‘ongoing legal proceedings.’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2308268/Christian-airport-worker-wins-right-appeal-tribunal.html#ixzz2QYGkvFZk
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Video: Filthy Egyptian Islamists Sexually Attack Women For Being Christian (18+)

Filthy Muslim animals in Egypt far outnumbering 2 Coptic Christian women. Chase after them, inflict them to a savage violent beating and then sexually assault them. Sex crimes against non Muslims and the persecution of the Copts who are the true Egyptians are rife in Egypt. Even TV reporters have been subjected to sex attacks while live on TV. The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood have even sanctioned rape in the past. Egyptian Muslim males seem to need little excuse to unleash the sex pest inside them. The Muslims in this video are clearly getting a power trip out of subjecting innocent women to horrible acts.

“Get me them motherfuckers and i’ll kill them’


“There is no God but Allah”

“Beat her …Beat her”

“Allah akbar, Allah akbar, Allah akbar”

“Film them, film them”

“There is no God but Allah, Allah akbar”

“There is no God but Allah,”There is no God but Allah”

“Allah akbar, “There is no God but Allah”

“There is no God but Allah, There is no God but Allah”

The so called ‘religion of peace’ has no tolerance or respect  for any other faiths, despite all their claims for being the victims all the time, the truth is Islam is pure evil, and the Muslims are no victims but the oppressors. There will never be peace in this world while there is Islam. 

Viewer Discretion Advised – Egyptian Islamists Sexually Attack Women Believe To Be A Christian

Video: “Tottenham Ayatollah” Omar Bakri On TV Claiming Eastern Europe For Muslims

Islamic hate preacher  Omar Bakri Muhammad  aka “The Tottenham Ayatollah” has laid Muslim claim to Eastern Europe in a foreign  TV interview . For several years Bakri was one of the best-known, high-profile Islamic radicals based in London, and was frequently quoted and interviewed in the UK media. Bakri lead the UK version of jihadi group Hizb ut-Tahrir  before leaving and creating another Islamofascist  organisation, Al-Muhajiroun. He appointed fellow hate preacher Anjem Choudary as co leader of  the extremist. Following Tony Blair outlawing Al-Muhajiroun in 2006, its core members became Islam4UK and later Muslims Against Crusades both of which were also banned by the UK government.

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East London Mosque To Host More Islamic Hate Preachers On March 25th

The infamous East London Mosque is once again playing host to Muslim extremist hate preachers.Located on Whitechapel Road in ‘The Islamic Republic Of’ Tower Hamlets, the mosque and the adjoined London Muslim Centre seem to be never too far away from controversy. It is renowned for teaching radical Islam and being a breeding ground for Muslim extremists. The East London Mosque is an affiliate of Muslim Council Of Britain, a seemingly respectable front organisation used to defend Muslims and push their views on Britain.

The mosque is strongly inter-linked to the extremist Islamic Forum Of Europe (IFE) the shadowy Islamist group who were instrumental in George Galloway’s shock election victory’s and afterwards said he owed “more than I can say, more than it would be wise for me to say, to the Islamic Forum of Europe.”  The IFE also helped Islamofascist  Mayor Lutfur Rahman to gain the leadership of Tower Hamlets Council. Allegations of threats and electrol fraud connected to the IFE surrounded both election wins. The IFE also have ties with fellow Islamist groups The Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda.

Whilst publicly claiming they condone all forms of hate and extremism to the gullible non Muslim,

The East London Mosque works actively to promote tolerance and understanding

Our Imams and community workers encourage constructive engagement in society and a rejection of extremism in all its forms. We unequivocally reject all terrorism. During the rise of extremist groups in the 1990s, who spurned cooperation with others and denounced participation in the democratic process, the East London Mosque stood firm against this distortion of Muslim beliefs and prevented them from using the mosque as a platform for promoting their views. We advise worshippers to ensure they are registered to vote and to take part in local and national elections.

The mosque still plays host to radical hate clerics giving them a platform to voice their calls for jihad and other extremist views. The above tolerance claims for show benefit only as they make no effort to stop the extremism going on there. It will come as little surprise that the recent Muslim Patrol videos of radical Muslims trying to enforce sharia law were filmed outside the mosque.

On 25th March sees the mosque hosting ‘The Unshakables’ . In true sexist Islamic style this is a segregated event most likely with the women sat on the floor in the adjacent foyer or something.  Guest speakers of the extremist type appearing at this at this event are Abu Abdullah Yunus ibn Mahmood and Dr Khalid Fikri.

Abu Abdullah Yunus ibn Mahmood is the Muslim imam who is linked to radicalising terrorist and failed underpants bomber  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Arrested after he had apparently attempted to blow himself up on a Detroit-bound plane, Northwest Airlines Flight 253, 20 minutes before it was due to land. Abdulmutallab was accused of attempting to detonate a package of PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) which was sewn into his underwear. He had attended events at University College London where extremist Abu Abdullah Yunus ibn Mahmood had been hosting. 

Dr Khalid Fikri is an Egyptian based in the UK. He is a well known campaigner for imprisoned Muslim terrorists.  In 2012 He held a protest outside Belmarsh Prison demanding release from prison of jailed Muslim terrorists including evil hook hand scumbag Abu Hamza  and fellow jihad lover Barbar Ahmad.


 Abu Abdullah Yunus ibn Mahmood is the Muslim imam who is linked to radicalising terrorist and failed underpants bomber  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Arrested after he had apparently attempted to blow himself up on a Detroit-bound plane, Northwest Airlines Flight 253, 20 minutes before it was due to land. Abdulmutallab was accused of attempting to detonate a package of PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) which was sewn into his underwear. He had attended events at University College London where extremist Abu Abdullah Yunus ibn Mahmood had been hosting.   Dr Khalid Fikri is an Egyptian based in the UK. He is a well known campaigner for imprisoned Muslim terrorists.  In 2012 He held a protest outside Belmarsh Prison demanding release from prison of jailed Muslim terrorists including evil hook hand scumbag Abu Hamza  and fellow jihad lover Barbar Ahmad.

Council Block Muslim School Bid In West Bromwich


Hats off to Sandwell Council for blocking a planned Muslim only school in West Bromwich when many a council would have caved in to the Muslims demands and appeased just for the sake of not upsetting the Islamo-moaners.

The Muslim group behind this proposed school must think everyone in Britain was born yesterday with some of the stuff they come out with as a valid reason for opening this school. Mind you its understandable them thinking that,as playing the victim all the time usually achieves the desired result for them.

“parents were forced to send their children to classes almost 130 miles”

Theres a good number of Muslim only schools within easy access for people living in West Bromwich as this list shows  so why would you send your child to Blackburn or Bradford to attend school. Why can’t they attend the local state secondary like children of other faiths do. Where they will mix with children of other religions and members of the opposite sex which would promote equality,mutual respect  and help integration.

“would create 35 full-time and 15 part-time jobs.”

No doubt Muslim only jobs which would disregard British equality laws that every other business has to follow

“to promote the Islamic ethos, train young Muslims to take an active role in British society, and promote sports and leisure activities within Sharia law”

There is no sports and leisure activities within Sharia law other than those that may play a role in preparing for jihad such as javelin throwing and archery.All other types of sports are frowned on by religious mullahs and females wont be allowed to participate. Islamic religious leaders dim view on sports is reflected in the lack of sporting achievements throughout history for Muslim nations in sports tournaments.

Train to take an active role in British society as a MUSLIM not as a member of society in general. What does to be taught in a Islamic ethos mean?? Children being taught that Muslim males are superior to Muslim females and all Muslims are superior to the non-Muslims with infidel females considered the lowest of the low (perfect example), little better than animals??  That females are at the beck and call of the male and not allowed to go outside without a guardian?? That polygamy is allowed even though against the law?? That jihad is a duty of all Muslims ??  What about when it comes to the many scientific errors in  the Quran such as the World is flat or that the 1st humans were giants. Will the children be taught wrongfully facts because that’s Islamic or will they be taught the truth even if it contradicts the Quran as per curriculum.

It is well-known that Islamic schools in Britain promote extremism and hatred towards non-Muslims, Partly down to nature of Islam, partly down to the fact that it is so hard for authorities to monitor the goings on in these Muslim schools. Education inspectors can’t be present all day every day ensuring what the children are taught is in line with the national curriculum, on the odd occasion they are present the subject topic can quite easily be changed to a less radical one. The Channel 4 TV show Dispatches using hidden cameras showed the true goings on in Muslim madrassa schools. Where the teachers aren’t exactly teachers in the sense you would normally expect.  More teachers in Islamic cleric teachers who because they have read a few books on the cult of Islam, consider themselves qualified authorities on everything.

More Muslim only schools are not the answer to any of Britain’s ongoing issues with Muslims. If anything they are part of the problem. Instead of learning tolerance and respect for other faiths, Muslim children are being taught religious apartheid and social segregation. If they are being pumped full of hatred at an early age and not even mixing with non-Muslim children at school,then that can only be bad for future cohesion and integration.


Muslim education trust loses bid to open school in empty West Bromwich office block

25 Feb 2013 14:17

Sandwell Council rules site near to industrial units is unsuitable for a school

 Waterside House, in Charles Street, West Bromwich
Waterside House, in Charles Street, West Bromwich

Parents who claimed they were forced to send their children to classes almost 130 miles away have lost their bid to open a Muslim secondary school in the Black Country.

Birmingham and Sandwell Education Trust, an umbrella group set up by Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani Muslim leaders, earmarked a vacant site in West Bromwich for the project.

They claimed parents had to send their children to independent schools as far away as Blackburn and Bradford to be taught the ethos of their religion.

But Sandwell Council’s planning committee decided the proposed site, Waterside House, in Charles Street, was unsuitable for the project.

The Health and Safety Executive advised against the scheme because of the building’s “proximity to hazardous premises”, including a chemical distribution unit.

The Trust had applied for permission under the name of Derby-based Mohsin Teladia, and released a design and access statement through Birmingham-based agents Design Space 2.

In a lengthy ‘statement of need’ document, it said the scheme would create 35 full-time and 15 part-time jobs.

It said it wanted to promote the Islamic ethos, train young Muslims to take an active role in British society, and promote sports and leisure activities within Sharia law.

The Trust said of pupils: “They will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge and expertise to be the guides for their community, so their community flourishes with the peaceful message of Islam and promoting the values of equality and responsibility to promote social cohesion both in the Muslim community and in the non-Muslim community.”

It said pupils would not be a “burden on society” and would pay fees of around £1,800 a year.

But planning officer Douglas Eardley said the development should be refused as it was on land designated by planning policies for employment use, and would be ‘adversely affected by existing industrial uses’.

And he agreed with council highways officers that parking was “inadequate”.

Priests In Egypt Told Convert To Islam Or Be Killed

The minority Coptic Christians in Egypt are having a tough time again at the hands of  ‘the not so tolerant’ Muslims. The Islamist oppressors are persecuting the Copt’s and attempting to carry out their Islamic tradition of forced conversions on non believers just like they did on the native Egyptians when Muslim barbarians first conquered Egypt over 1400 years ago. Islamo-fascists egged on by the hardline leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have taken their campaign of hate against the Copts up a gear just lately.

Christian priests have been targeted and told to convert to Islam or be killed. Members of extremist group Jihad al-Kufrwhose name translates to Jihad against non-believers or non-Muslims.have set fire to a Coptic church for the second time in a month. Attacked church go-ers with rocks injuring four people including the priest. Reports of Coptic women being raped and intimidated by the Muslim bullies.

Muslims around the world demand religious freedom and that everybody respects their Cult of Islam, in some instances  such as halal food in schools, that  non believers are forced to endure to just to keep them happy. unfortunately that only cuts 1 way. Islam has a zero tolerance policy concerning members of other religions practising their faith and sharia law openly discriminates against non believers. Imagine the uproar had it been Muslim Imams instead of Coptic priests who had been threatened to become Christian or be murdered. You would never hear the end of it with the Muslim biased main stream media who are very quiet on these goings on.

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VIDEO: German TV Likens The Muslim Brotherhood to Nazis and Communists

Egypt: Heading back to the Dark Ages with calls for Sharia Law and Demolition of The Pyramid

Coptic Christians in Egypt are feeling increasingly alienated under the new Islamist rule in the nation.

Islam or death? Egypt’s Christians targeted by new terror group

By Lisa Daftari

Published February 21, 2013


  • APTOPIX Mideast Egypt_Cala(1).jpg

    Clergymen gather to wait for the arrival of Egypt’s Coptic Christian Pope Tawadros II, at the historic al-Muharraq Monastery, a centuries-old site some 180 miles (300 kilometers) south of Cairo in the province of Assiut, Egypt, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013. Egypt’s Coptic Christian pope sharply criticized the country’s Islamist leadership in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, saying the new constitution is discriminatory and Christians should not be treated as a minority. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra) (AP2013)

A group of Christian priests from a local Coptic church in Egypt were told to convert to Islam or face death, according to an Arabic news site.

The incident, which comes in the midst of continued persecution and pressure on Egypt’s Christian community, took place this week in the town of Safaga, near the Red Sea, the El Balad site reported.

According to El Balad, the threats are from a new group in Egypt, Jihad al-Kufrwhose name translates to Jihad against non-believers or non-Muslims. The group targets non-Muslims, and reportedly pressures them to convert to Islam.

“It’s not the first time. This is happening every day,” said Adel Guindy, president of Coptic Solidarity and a member of Egypt’s Coptic community who travels between Paris and Cairo. “This one incident caught the attention of the news agencies, but there are worse things happening to the Christians every day in Egypt,” he said.

Christians have felt increasingly at risk since the fall of former President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, which resulted in the rise of President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood movement.

“It has definitely worsened under the revolution. Once the worst part of the society surfaced — the Islamists — the Copts are paying a heavy price. The West doesn’t really feel our pain. It’s a war of attrition,” Guindy said.

Copts are the largest Christian community in the Middle East, and the most prominent religious minority in the region. Christians make up about 10 percent of Egypt’s 85 million people.

Egypt’s new constitution has come under scrutiny by many for including elements of Sharia, or Islamic law, while simultaneously legitimizing the marginalization of the country’s religious minorities by denying them legal protection. It also granted increased powers to Morsi, who self-declared sweeping powers in a Nov. 22 power grab that prompted heavy international criticism.

The new constitution was ratified after its second referendum in late December, winning more than 70 percent of the vote. Moderate Egyptians took to the streets to protest the rushed ratification, but the demonstrations were quickly quashed.

Some believe members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic extremists, emboldened by the constitution’s passage, have stepped up attacks against Egyptian Christians.

“There was a relative amount of freedom (for Christians) before Egypt’s revolution, and many were hoping for more freedoms, and now things are unfortunately much worse and much more difficult,” said Jason DeMars, founder of Present Truth Ministries, a Christian advocacy group that tracks religious persecution around the world.

“It’s what they’ve always wanted to do, but Mubarak held some of that back because of the support he got from the United States and other Western countries,” DeMars said. “People were paying attention, but now the extremists are seeing this as an opportunity to crack down on the community there.”

Extremists over the weekend set fire to a Christian Church in the Province of Fayoum, the second such assault against the town’s Coptic population in a month. The attackers ripped down the church’s cross and hurled rocks at church members, injuring four people including the priest, according to a report by Morning Star News.

There have also been several reported cases of rape and harassment of Coptic women. Two women in traditional Islamic headdress cut off the hair of two Christian women on the subway in Cairo in December, the Egypt Independent reported. It was the third such incident in two months.

And last week, an Egyptian court forced two Coptic Christian boys, ages 10 and 9, to face trial for “insulting the Koran,” according to reports. The boys were arrested after playing in a pile of trash, which authorities claimed included pages of the Koran.

Egypt’s Coptic Christian leader, Pope Tawadros II, spoke openly this month when he dismissed the new constitution as discriminatory.

“We are a part of the soil of this nation and an extension of the pharaohs and their age before Christ,” he told the Associated Press. “Yes, we are a minority in the numerical sense, but we are not a minority when it comes to value, history, interaction and love for our nation.”

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/02/21/islam-or-death-egypt-christians-targeted-by-new-terror-group/#ixzz2LeqdFXNj