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Nine Muslim Extremists Have ASBO’s Overturned As Dawah Ban Breaches Their Human Rights

Stupid Human Rights Laws have once again defeated common sense in a British law court where 9 Islamic extremists have had their ASBOs overturned in the Court Of Appeal. The fundamentalists were jailed for two violent pack attacks in central London. One when violence erupted between Shia Muslims and the Islamists. The other when the 9 salafists pack attacked a lone football fan. Counter Terrorism police applied for Asbos which among other things, banned the men from associating together in public and put strict restrictions on their ability to perform ‘Da’wah'(recruiting new Muslims)

But now thanks to barmy ECHR laws the asbo’s have been overturned as apparently to stop them setting up an illegal dawah stall in our town centres for them to attempt to convert the public and make hate filled anti British rants from is in breach of their human rights! Imagine Christians doing the same in Muslim nation. They would be lynched not protected by senseless dogooder laws.

The Islamists we were given the asbos we already know are thugs who are more than happy to use violence on those with opposing views. Good enough reason as any for the police orders. The courts decision seems even more ridiculous, insane even when you know who these Muslim thugs are.

The nine fundamentalists are not just any random thugs either, they  just so happen to be members of  hate preacher Anjem Choudrys Islamist group ( Al-Muhajiroun / need4kalif / Muslims against crusades/ Islam4UK  etc). Hardcore Muslim extremists who for over a decade have spewed out their hate on British streets. Celebrating terrorist attacks, providing funds and sending Muslims abroad to fight jihad. Their members have been implicated in countless terror plots including Lee Rigbys murder. Utter hate filled fundamentalists who despise everything about our nation, its infidel people and their culture.

Well other than the benefit system that is of course as they are more than happy to live off state handouts!!

It was in response to this group of Islamists  abusing  returning British forces and their families in Luton that prompted the formation of the English Defence League . Several of those who appealed their anti Dawah asbo’s –   Jalal Ahmed, Yousaf Bashir,  Munim Abdul and Jubair Ahmed were all were convicted of using threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour likely to cause harassment and distress at the troops homecoming.

MUSLMS ABUSE BRITISH TROOPS IN LUTON article-1160958-03D1B0CA000005DC-145_468x339

Amongst the 9 who had their asbo overturned was notorious Luton extremist  Mohammed Ishtiaq Alamgir aka Sayful Islam . Many will remember Islam as the violent bearded Islamist who assaulted Tommy Robinson as he drove through Bury Park filming an interview with an American film crew.

Another well known Islamist involved in the violence  was ginger convert Jordan Horner who was part of the Muslim Patrol mob who terrorized the non Muslim public in East London where extremists attempted to enforce sharia law by bullying innocent people who they deemed not to be acting in an Islamic way. Horner is a career criminal and frequent guest  at one of Her Majesty’s Prisons. Even declaring he enjoyed his stays as it was easy to convert and radicalise fellow inmates

Muslim extremist Jordan Horner attempting to enforce sharia law in one of Londons Muslim enclaves. Ginger Islamist convert Jordan Horner became Muslim to fill a void in his life as he had nothing going for him due to being of a very low iq, a benefit spounger and a fat ugly virgin who no sane woman would even think of going near him. One of lifes pathetic losers
Muslim extremist Jordan Horner attempting to enforce sharia law in one of Londons Muslim enclaves




Nine Luton muslim men involved in violent attack on football fan have ASBOs overturned

NINE muslim men who were caught up in violence in public demonstrations and gatherings today had their Asbos overturned by top judges at the Court of Appeal.

The Sunni men, all from Luton, had been involved variously in violent clashes in London with Shia muslims and with a football fan.

In an incident in Edgware Road, victims were left battered and bruised after they were attacked during a protest march.

The football fan, attacked after approaching an Islamic stall in Oxford Street, was subjected to a vicious beating.

All nine received jail terms, but were also hit with anti-social behaviour orders at the Old Bailey in January.

The Asbos, among other things, banned the men from associating together in public and put strict restrictions on their ability to perform ‘Da’wah’ – proselytizing Islam.

Last month, they appealed against the imposition of the Asbos, which they said were a violation of their human rights.

And today, after taking a month to consider the case, Lady Justice Macur returned to court to quash the orders.

‘We conclude that all the prohibitions are unjustified in principle: they were not shown to be necessary and represent a disproportionate restriction on their rights and freedoms,’ she said.

The Court of Appeal heard the first incident took place in May 2013, when protestors planned to march from the Regent’s Park Mosque to the Syrian embassy.

Prosecutors alleged the march was sectarian, with anti-Shia banners carried and offensive slogans chanted.

Trouble was sparked when a Shia man remonstrated with the marchers in Edgware Road and was abused and doused with water.

While march organiser Anjem Choudhary was interviewed by a journalist, another man was punched to the ground and set upon.

Another victim was attacked with a flag pole and struck twice, before he was kicked by several people on the ground.

Mohammed Ishtiaq Alamgir, Mohan Uddin and Kamran Khan were among those who were involved.
Uddin and Khan – along with Moshiur Rahman, Naseer Khan, Qadeer Ahmed, Yousef Bashir, Jalal Ahmed and Munim Abdul – were also involved in Oxford Street days later.

Violence began there at a Da’wah stall, when a football fan approached and ‘may have made inflammatory comments’, said the judge.

When he emerged from a nearby pub later, he was set upon, knocked to the ground and kicked and punched repeatedly.

Qadeer Ahmed threw himself at the victim, before Naseer Khan kicked and stamped on him.

Bashir passed his crutch to Uddin, who brandished it in the direction of the victim.

Abdul also kicked the man, while Jalal Ahmed was said to be in the thick of the action, behaving ‘menacingly’ towards people.

The eight men admitted affray over the Oxford Street incident, while Uddin and Alamgir were found guilty of violent disorder and Kamran Khan of affray over the Edgware Road clash.

At the Old Bailey, Judge Paul Worsley QC said he considered the Asbos were necessary to prevent further incidents.

But lawyers representing the nine men argued at the Court of Appeal that the orders were not justified.

Giving judgment, Lady Justice Macur, sitting with Mr Justice Andrew Smith and Judge Jeremy Carey, said the restrictions on Da’wah were a breach of the men’s human right to be able to practise their religion.

And to put restrictions on them doing so was not necessary, as the Oxford Street incident was not the result of the stall, but of a private clash with the football fan.

‘As we see it, the operation of the Da’wah stall was part of the background to the violent episode, but it was not the cause,’ she said in her judgment.

She continued: ‘We conclude that the Asbos against all the appellants should be quashed, and the appeals allowed accordingly.’

Naseer Khan, 33, of Ascot Road; Qadeer Ahmed, 30, of Highfield Road; Jalal Ahmed, 27, of Cavendish Road; Yousef Bashir, 35, of Dane Road; and Munim Abdul, 34, of Hampton Road, were all jailed for 29 weeks.

Kamran Khan, 31, of Wodecroft Road, got 55 weeks; Moshiur Rahman, 34, of Dane Road, got 21 weeks; Mohammed Ishtiaq Alamgir, 36, of Kenilworth Road, got 10 months; and Mohan Uddin, 38, of Trinity Road, got 21 months and three weeks.

Read more: http://www.luton-dunstable.co.uk/Luton-muslim-men-involved-violent-attack-football/story-28347386-detail/story.html#ixzz3u7NItXnh

Human Rights Madness: Bangladeshi Immigrant To UK Who Stabbed Her Baby Can Stay

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Human rights gone wild: Bangladeshi immigrant to UK who stabbed her baby can stay anyway!

A Bangladeshi immigrant who stabbed her baby with a kitchen knife has won the right to stay in Britain so that she can have contact with the child.

The woman claimed that an attempt by the Home Office to deport her breached her human rights. She was jailed for five years for trying to murder her eight-month-old daughter when her husband tried to send her back to Bangladesh and obtained a court order banning her from taking the child out of the country.

The Home Office sought to deport her when she completed her jail sentence, though by that time the family courts had given her the right to see her daughter under supervision. She had claimed that deportation would breach her right to family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Home Office’s appeal against the decision was unsuccessful.

The woman, who cannot be named, arrived in Britain in September 2007 after marrying her cousin in an arranged marriage the year before. She spoke no English and had never been to Britain before but joined him in a flat in Tower Hamlets, East London. Their daughter was born in June 2008.

The marriage was unhappy and in March 2009 her husband gave her a one-way ticket for her to return to Bangladesh. He also obtained a court order banning her from taking the child out of the country. The woman told relatives that she would kill the baby and herself rather than be separated from the child, saying: “If I can’t have her then no one will.”

Her husband left her alone with the child and came back to discover her stabbing the girl in the stomach. He grabbed the child and his wife was overpowered by his brother. The Old Bailey was told that the woman left a 1½in stab wound on the child’s body and that she would have died if the thrust had not caught one of her ribs.

The judge accepted that the woman was in “emotional turmoil” and jailed her for five years. In July 2011, while still in prison, she was granted access to her daughter by the family courts.

186 Muslim Prisoners Sue Over Contaminated Halal Pies

Muslim criminals locked up in prison have seen £ signs in front of their eyes and are suing the UK government after it was found halal pies contained traces of pork. The Islamic inmates who include terrorists, grooming gang members and rapists claim their human rights have been breached. The Muslim prisoners who ate the pies gladly at the time and didn’t even know they contained pork until later will now be rubbing their hands at the prospect of using their religion for a nice pay-day.

In a non Muslim country, Muslims in the prison system shouldn’t be entitled to any special privileges such as halal food. They should of automatically lost any rights the moment they were incarcerated. They broke the law and are meant to be being punished, and should be treated no different than any other prison inmate. 

As for the human rights of all us  law abiding infidels on the outside  who bought beef burgers that were actually horse meat, or who object to being  given halal food without being told or asking for it  in places like KFC ……….TOUGH

Muslim prisoners sue over contaminated halal pies

Nearly 200 Muslim prisoners are suing the Government after being served halal food contaminated with pork, claiming their human rights were breached.

Adjudicators will decide how much compensation will pay for damage caused, making offenders financially responsible for their actions inside jail for the first time  Photo: PA

By Steve Hawkes, Consumer Affairs Editor7:30AM BST 29 Sep 2013

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has confirmed that 186 inmates have launched legal cases in an attempt to win compensation over the error.

Muslims are forbidden from eating pork under Islamic law.

However, tests on halal sausage rolls, shepherd’s pies, steak and kidney pies and pasties served in three separate prisons were found to have contained pork.

It is feared that if the legal cases are successful, they could leave the way open for a flood of similar claims from other prisoners. There are 11,248 Muslims in prisons in England and Wales, accounting for 13.1 per cent of the jail population.

Ministers are expected to oppose the legal cases amid growing concerns over the compensation culture in jails.

More than £13 million in compensation was paid to inmates last year for mishaps and delays in parole hearings – twice the figure from the previous year.

Jeremy Wright, the justice minister, said: “The Ministry of Justice has received a number of civil litigation claims following the discovery of contaminated halal food in March earlier this year. Each claim will be considered on its merits and robustly defended where appropriate.”

The legal cases are being brought by the prisoners under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which affords the right to the freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

The MoJ insisted that none of the 186 inmates has received legal aid to help them with their fight, but two prisoners have been awarded public money for a failed judicial review.

The contaminated meat products were discovered during investigations conducted during the horsemeat scandal earlier this year.

Halal sausage rolls served in HMP Sheppey Cluster, also known as Elmley prison, in Kent, were found to contain up to five per cent pork. The test results only emerged this week. Steak and kidney pies served in the same prison were also found to have contained 60-100 per cent pig meat.

Pork was also served in shepherd’s pie in HM Young Offender Institution Thorn Cross in Cheshire, while halal “beef and onion” pasties in HMP Verne on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, were also contaminated with pork.

The legal cases come amid fears of a growing compensation culture among prisoners.

Two years ago it emerged that £60 million was paid to criminals, prison staff and visitors to British jails over a four-year period for prison-related incidents. The sum included £16 million for 16,000 inmates. However, the compensation paid to prisoners last year alone was more than £13 million.

via Muslim prisoners sue over contaminated halal pies – Telegraph.

Illegal Immigrant Who Broke Ballet Dancer’s Neck Has Sentence Increased To 18 Years

As pleasing as it is to see any violent thug get an increased prison sentence, especially an illegal immigrant  who should never have been here to commit crime in the 1st place. The whole situation with him being an illegal immigrant and taxpayers money wasted equally winds me up. At his original trial Muslim Mohammed Ali Mohamoed was given 13 years with the judge being under the impression he would be automatically deported. The court of a appeal has now upped the sentence by another 5 years because he may not be automatically deported as he may appeal under stupid ECHR laws. So far the taxpayer will have paid for the cost for the original trial, his legal aid and interpreter. Then the same again for his recent court of appeal. His 13 years in prison would of cost the taxpayer over half a million pounds to keep him there. Now with an extra 5 years is another £200k onto it. Then upon release back into British society he could be free for years contesting his deportation with taxpayers footing the bill. On DWP welfare benefits no doubt. The sooner the UK pulls out of the EU and ditches their leftist human rights laws the better. The taxpayer will save a fortune when scroats like him can be just put on a plane to somewhere as far away from here as possible. 

Man who broke ballet dancer’s neck has sentence increased by UK appeal court Judges say Mohammed Ali Mohamoed is danger to public and raise sentence from 13 years to 18 for Cardiff attack

The Guardian, Friday 27 September 2013 16.14 BST

 Mohammed Ali Mohamoed, who attacked ballet dancer Jack Widdowson on a disused canal towpath in Cardiff. Photograph: South Wales police/PA

Mohammed Ali Mohamoed, who attacked ballet dancer Jack Widdowson on a disused canal towpath in Cardiff. Photograph: South Wales police/PA

A man who attacked a ballet dancer, broke his neck and left him lying in the street has had his sentence increased by the court of appeal after being declared “ruthless, callous and a danger to the public”. Mohammed Ali Mohamoed, 28, was originally jailed for 13 years for assaulting Jack Widdowson on a disused canal towpath in Cardiff. But three appeal judges have unanimously ruled the sentence was inadequate because the trial judge wrongly thought Mohamoed, an illegal immigrant who lived in Splott, Cardiff, would be automatically deported on completing his sentence. Lord Justice Pitchford, sitting with Mr Justice Spencer and Mr Justice Stewart, ruled there was no such thing as automatic deportation – and Mohamoed could spend years resisting removal from the UK on the grounds that it would infringe his human rights.

The judge quashed the 13-year term imposed at Cardiff crown court last June and substituted an extended sentence to meet the danger Mohamoed could pose to the public if he was released from prison but not immediately deported. The judge said: “In our view, so targeted, so ruthless and so callous were the circumstances of this offence that this man quite plainly is a danger to the public.” The appeal court extended the sentence to 18 years, composed of an immediate custodial term of 13 years plus an additional five years on licence. The overall sentence means that, whenever he is released from prison, Mohamoed will remain under supervision for the full 18-year period, or until he is deported. He was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Widdowson, then aged 19 and from Somerset, on 5 November 2011. Widdowson, who was an apprentice dancer at the Bern Ballet Company in Switzerland, suffered neck injuries so serious that it was at first thought he would be left paralysed and unable to dance again.

But eight months after the attack he had returned to dancing in what his family called a miracle recovery. His father Dr Julian Widdowson said his “incredible flexibility” may have saved his life. Widdowson’s mobile phone had been stolen and he had been left for dead on the outskirts of Cardiff city centre near East Tyndall Street at 12.45am. He had been visiting his brother who was studying at Cardiff University. Widdowson’s parents have set up a charity called the Dance Again Foundation, which helps other injured dancers access the right support and treatment.

At his trial, Mohamoed admitted stealing Widdowson’s phone but claimed someone else must have hurt him. Lord Justice Pitchford said Mohamoed was smuggled into the UK in June 2008 in the back of a lorry. His asylum claim was unsuccessful, but he illegally remained in the country, living in Cardiff. At first he claimed to have been born in the Palestinian territories, but now says he is of Egyptian origin. The attorney general welcomed the ruling, saying: “This terrible attack on a promising young ballet dancer could easily have ended his career. “Mohammed Ali Mohamoed used brutal violence on his victim and left him severely injured and in a paralysed condition on a towpath in Cardiff. “I am pleased that the court of appeal found Mohammed Mohamoed a dangerous offender and increased his term to an extended sentence of 18 years.”


via Man who broke ballet dancer’s neck has sentence increased by UK appeal court | UK news | The Guardian.

Muslim Jihad to convert Hindu girls to Islam

Islam has not changed with the times for the last 1500, still practised now as it was then however outdated and backwards it has become. Back then the power hungry false prophet Mohammed used every means possible to recruit new members to his Islamic cult. Often by the power of the sword and forced conversions. Fast forward to present day and this a tactic still used in many Muslim majority nations such as Pakistan and Egypt. Where Islamist governments allow the kidnappings and forced conversions to go unpunished.

The following is a press release by the Asian Human Rights Commission

Jihad to convert Hindu girls to Islam rages on

Saturday, 20 July 2013, 2:05 pm
Press Release: Asian Human Rights Commission
PAKISTAN: Jihad to convert Hindu girls to Islam rages on

The Jihad to convert Hindu girls is continued unabated under the indifferent attitude of Pakistani authorities. In recent months, seven Hindu girls have been targeted in the conversion to Islam campaign. Of the seven, five have been abducted and converted by Muslim goons. One Hindu girl was abducted and forced to convert to Islam, but she has been subsequently recovered by the police. In one case, the attempted abduction was foiled by the passer-byes.

The Muslim abductors have also begun using new modus operandi. In one case, a Muslim man first became the ‘brother’ of a Hindu girl, and also observed the Rakhi Bandhan, a custom cementing the bond between brothers and sisters. Later, the same ‘brother’ abducted his ‘sister’. After the abduction, he married her. Perhaps, as the prevailing understanding goes, he will be extra pleased with the idea that he will be rewarded after death for converting one Hindu girl to Islam.

Incidents of abduction of teenage Hindu girls are of no concern to the Sindh provincial government. And, such abductions are music to the ears of Muslim fundamentalists and powerful local elements that operate freely within and around the local administration.

According to advocate Veerji Kolhi, President of Progressive Hindu Alliance and Council for the Defense of Bonded Laborers, two Hindu sisters belonging to a low Hindu caste were abducted on 7 July 2013 by armed men from their village Kohli Vairi, located in Nangar Parka Taluka, Tharparkar District, Sindh. The girls, Ms. Tarki aged 16 years and Ms. Beena aged 14, daughters of Vanoon Kohli, were abducted by Hanif Nohri, Inayat Nohri, Majnoon Nohri , Jamal Nohri and Ismail Khoso, residents of Bado and Jud’dan villages located in the same taluka and district. They forcibly entered the house of the Kohli family in the night at 8 p.m. Mrs. Savarian Kohli, mother to the girls, was taking dinner with her children when the armed men entered her house. The abductors are alleged to be henchmen of the former chief minister of Sindh who has now joined the ruling party, the PML-N.

Mrs. Kohli fears that her daughters will be moved to another location, converted to Islam forcibly, and be killed by her abductors, as they are powerful and have great influence in the area. Demonstrators also appealed to the authorities to search the madressas for the recovery of the girls.

The Daily Awami Aawaz has recently reported that the case of Hindu Girl from Tendo Jam village who was kidnapped on the pretext of a ‘love marriage’ has been solved. Police have arrested a man, Mr. Mohammad Ali Machi, along with a woman, said to be his sister. There was an emotional scene in the police station as the girl, upon seeing her father Lilaram and mother Laxmibai, embraced her mother and started crying. In her statement the girl said that she came to Korti with her maternal uncle. She visited a dargah to seek blessings, after which she proceed to the Md. Ali Machi residence where she was forcibly taken to Kinri, converted to Islam, and married to Md. Ali Machi. She pleaded to be handed over to her parents. After recording the statement of the girl, the police arrested Md. Ali Machi, along with his sister Zarina. A case of kidnapping has been registered against them.

According to the Internationally Unity for Equality (IUFE), on 28 June 2013, a Hindu girl Ms. Rekha was abducted by Mr. Yaseem Lashari when she was on her way home from her work place. Rekha and her mother, Naavi, work in the factory where they met with Yameen Lashari. He made Rekha his sister and Rekha tied him a Rakhi (thread cementing bond between brother and sister, tied on the Hindu festival of Raksha bandhan by a girl around the wrist of boy, making them both brother and sister). Lashari became close to the family. He often visited their home. One day Rekha didn’t come back home from work and on the same day Lashari was also absent from the work place. Navvi realized that her daughter had been abducted by Yameen. She filed a case of kidnapping against Yameen Lahari. On the day of the hearing the couple came to court and Naavi tried to meet with her daughter, but Lashari did not allow them to meet and talk. He abused and insulted Navvi and told her to get out of the court. Navvi informed the police about the incident but police didn’t take any action. Later, one day, Lashari informed the mother through a messenger that he and Rekha have gotten married and there is no need for her to follow them.

On April 6, six persons riding motorbikes tried to abduct a Hindu woman from a bus near Toban Shakh, in Kanri, Sindh. The bike rider stopped the passenger bus and tried to drag out a married Hindu woman, Ms. Tarri, from the bus. When they were pulling her, she cried and shouted loudly for help. Other passengers and bystanders near the bus came to her aid and the perpetrators ran away. The Hindu community tried to file a first information report at the Kinri police station, but even after 6 hours of making the complainants wait, the police refused to file a case. According to the police the incident took place outside the limits of the Kinri police station.

Jamna Kumari, a 12 year old girl, was abducted by influential persons from village Arbab Rind, located near Bhit Shah, Hyderabad. According to the father of the girl Altaf Rind, Pathan Rind, Wazir Rind along with their companions entered his house, looted cash, gold, and other value able things. After looting, the men dragged out and took away his daughter Kumari. He filed a First Investigation Report (FIR) against the criminals. The Bhit Shah police arrested the men. But after taking bribes, the police released the them. The abductor goons are said to be from a religious seminary. The whereabouts of Jamna is still unknown. Her Hindu family fears that the girl will be sold to the Taliban in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkha, after her forced conversion to Islam.

In March 2013, Ganga, 18 years of age, daughter to gold trader Ashok Kumar, was abducted at dawn from her home located Jhanjhri Street, Sarafa Bazaar, in the limits of the City Police Station, Jacobabad. Mr. Asif Ali, the son of another gold trader Bahadur Ali Surhio, converted the abducted girl to Islam and married her. The marriage ceremony took place at the Amrot Sharif shrine. An FIR was lodged by the parents of the girl against Asif Ali, Bahadur Ali Surhio, and Miran Bukhsh. This abduction occurred at the time of the election of the Hindu Panchayat, which was postponed until this incident could be resolved. A big protest was organized against the alleged abduction and forced conversion. The protestors demanded protection of Hindu girls and Hindu people. They demanded the reunion of Ganga with her family. See http://www.sociableinfo.com/hindus-protest-after-woman-converted-to-islam-in-pakistan/#.UeY5sG2bFVU and http://www.awamiawaz.net/jacobabad-protest-4

According to the Hindu Panchayat, every month around 20 girls are abducted and forcibly converted to Islam. The role of officials in the police and in the Courts is questionable in these cases. The general view is if they were to act in accordance with the laws of the country, they will lose the reward awaiting them after death for such a conversion and also that the Muslim society will retaliate against them, declaring them as infidels or agents of India.

This thinking was evident in the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Rinkle Kumari and Dr. Lata. The Court decided in favour of perpetrators hailing from a notorious seminary that abducted and converted Rinkle Kumari to Islam. The Chief Justice himself met the abductor of Rinkle Kumar during Friday prayers and congratulated him for converting a Hindu girl to Islam.

Because of the vulnerability of Hindu girls and the attitude of the Courts, the government, and the police, Hindu families have started migrating to India. Hindu families are worried about their girls, and they try to keep them inside the house. But Muslim bigots have begun attacking their homes and kidnapping the young girls from inside their houses. Hindu boys appear to be of no interest to the Muslim fundamentalists.

The Hindu community has protested that even after forcibly converting the girls to Islam and marrying the girls, the perpetrators never allow the girls to meet with their parents. In many such cases even the courts have not allowed the girls to meet their parents. In the case of Rinkle Kumari and Dr. Lata the Supreme Court did not allow such a meeting to take place for fear that the real story would be told. It is also alleged by the Hindu community that girls are sold to the Taliban after they are converted to Islam.

In the absence of fair trial, the Hindu community continues to fall prey to the ‘Islamic Justice’.

Finally Its Good Riddance To Islamic Hate Preacher Abu Qatada

Finally its good riddance to Islamic hate preacher Abu Qatada who has been deported at last. The jihad supporting cleric has been nothing but a drain on the UK’s taxpayers since he arrived in Britain as an asylum seeker after trying to enter Britain on a false passport. Unfortunately some halfwit who dealt with his case didn’t deem the passport offences serious enough to reject his asylum bid and instead granted it. Living off handouts leeching off the state system he paid nothing into, whilst plotting and inciting murder of non Muslims from his new London base.

Its took long enough to get rid of him, now we finally have all i can say is don’t bother coming back. Your not wanted here!!!

Abu Qatada: the making of Britain’s most notorious Islamist

How Abu Qatada, born in to a non-religious family in Bethlehem grew to become the Islamist terror risk that has seen him deported to Jordan, in the words of his friends, Islamist colleagues and family members.

Final preparations are underway for the deportation of Abu Qatada.

Abu Qatada was born Omar Othman in biblical town of Bethlehem in the Palestinian West Bank Photo: MATT DUNHAM/AP

By Ruth Sherlock, Amman

1:36PM BST 07 Jul 2013

Omar Othman was born in biblical town of Bethlehem in the Palestinian West Bank. A happy young boy, he would help pass hours in the family falafel restaurant watching his father serving Christian tourists and locals alike.

Today, Mr Othman, 53, or Abu Qatada as he is widely known, is being deported from the UK, labelled one of Britain’s most feared terrorist risks: a radical Islamist cleric whose sermons and writings have been found in the hands of Islamic extremists and anti-western bomb plotters.

Over the past year, the Telegraph has interviewed friends and relatives of Abu Qatada, building a profile of the hate figure that tracks his dramatic descent into extremism.


Little has changed in the downtown neighbourhood of Ras al-Ain in Amman, where Omar Othman spent most of his childhood. As war broke out in 1967 his family left Bethlehem, then administered by Jordan, resettling as refugees in this ramshackle neighbourhood.

Rows of small restaurants, and shops – selling everything from porcelain lavatories to books are crammed along the main street. Small grey concrete apartment blocks are crammed together on a steep mountainside, with a maze of narrow alleyways running between them.

“Omar was a normal child,” said Hassan Abu Hanieh, a childhood friend of Abu Qatada. “He was a popular boy in school. He was smart, kind and had charisma.

He took part in the drama committee, acting in plays. In the afternoons, when school was finished, we would play football in the street”.

In those days, the district was a stronghold for Palestinian guerrilla groups: “the central issue was the liberation of Palestine. There was no political Islam back then. People were religious but it was more a social phenomenon rather than a political Islamic ideologue,” said Mr Hanieh.

Regional events, the humiliation of the failure of Arab countries to “liberate Palestine” in the ’67 war with Israel, the Iranian revolution of 1979, the Soviets entering Afghanistan, and the clash between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Syrian regime, resulting in a massacre of thousands in the Syrian city of Hama had a profound effect on the impressionable young Omar.

“And then there was the influence of petro-money in the Gulf. People started to go to the Gulf and return influenced by Salafi Wahhabis,” said Mr Hanieh. “We started a change in Jordan; mini skirts had been in fashion, but now women began dressing conservatively and wearing the veil or nikab”.


Aged 14, Omar too began to change his attire to the long white robe, or dish dashes and turban worn by members of the Dawa, a group promoting Islam. “It was strange because it was not the fashion for youths to embrace religion back then. We used to tease him,” said Mr Hanieh. “He would try to get us to join him in prayer”.

Just a few year’s later, aged 17, Mr Othman was preaching at Dawa’s weekly meetings, which were attended by as many as 3,000 people. “He used to have a special way with words. It was unusual to hear someone so young speak, as it was usually a privilege reserved for the religious leaders,” one member told the Telegraph.

Against the will of his parents, he then decided to study Sharia or Islamic law in school. A teacher at Mr Othman’s school – a rundown grey-brown concrete complex – who did not want to be named, recalled: “He was committed, religious and righteous and he memorised parts of the Koran.” Ibrahim Othman, 33, one of Omar’s nine siblings said: “I remember my brother used to read for 20 hours a day.” Gradually Mr Hanieh too became drawn in, and he and Mr Othman became Salafis, Muslims practicing a strict interpretation of Islam: “I remember we burnt all our pictures, convinced the images were irreligious and we used to ban people taking photographs,” said Mr Hanieh.

After studying Sharia at Jordan University, Mr Othman quickly married a woman with a similar ideology to his (after he was spurned by a “true love” in university, friends have said) and, in the mid-1980s, he joined the Jordanian army, working as a religious leader or imam for prisoners for approximately four years.


Marwan Shehadeh, an old friend and fellow colleague in Islamist activism said: “He had disagreements with the Mufti – overall religious leader – because he had some strong views. Because of this he left the military.

He started to become more politically and religiously active, joining the hardline Islamist group ‘Ansar wa-Sunna’. “We published books and leaflets preaching a hardline interpretation of Islam,” said Mr Shehadeh, who has himself been arrested several times for his beliefs.

After continuing his religious studies in Malaysia, in 1992 Mr Othman joined the mujahideen in Peshawar, fighting the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan. Many Arab regimes encouraged their countries’ young men to go to the war.

But when the war ended, those same Arab regimes saw the fighters, pumping with testosterone, and now radicalised by war, as a threat. They were deemed outcasts, often arrested or banned from returning to their home countries.


“Omar chose instead to go Britain, and this is where he really began his path to jihad [holy war],” said Mr Hanieh. “He was behind a bulletin distributed in the Arab world that became the mouthpiece for the Islamic armed group, al-Ansari wa Sunna.” He arrived in Britain in September 1993 on a forged United Arab Emirates passport. He claimed, and was granted, asylum for himself and his family on the grounds that Jordanian authorities had tortured him.

Mr Shehadeh said: “Around 1994 he became a religious leader for radical groups in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. It was these groups that began to call him ‘Abu Qatada al-Filistini’.” A 127-page dossier by the Home Office claims that in these years, from his base at the Four Feathers Social Club in Baker Street, central London, Abu Qatada became a godfather of global terrorism, whose sermons and writings have inspired several members of al-Qaeda. Videos of his sermons were found in the Hamburg flat of Mohammed Atta, a ringleader among the 9/11 hijackers.

Mr Shehadeh said: “He issued a fatwa – religious order – permitting the killing of the children and wives of soldiers, because they killed Muslim children and women. Abu Qatada started to be a mentor for international jihad and he started to be also a point of reference for jihadist groups.” In 1999 Jordanian courts convicted the cleric in his absence of a conspiracy to carry out bombings in Jordan, which resulted in successful attacks on the American School and the Jerusalem Hotel in Amman in 1998.

Initially condemning him to death, his sentence was then reduced to life imprisonment with hard labour.

He is also accused of involvement in a failed plan known as the “millennium conspiracy” in the year 2000, to detonate explosions against Western and Israeli targets during millennium celebrations.


In the first few years of his arrival in the UK, “these jihadist groups were hardly targeted,” by British police, said Hanieh. “These groups had never targeted Europe or the US and so they were not perceived as a threat.” There was a “confusing and informal relationship” between the jihadists and Islamists operating out of “Londonistan”, to use the sobriquet of the time, and British intelligence agencies, a former Islamists based in capital city at the time have told the Telegraph: “They would provide us with a safe haven and the freedom to express ourselves and would, in exchange use us to pressure Arab regimes for their own interests,” he said, asking not to be identified.


That changed on the day of the 9/11 attacks. Controversial laws were quickly passed allowing for the detention of Islamists who were now viewed as a threat.

His friends claim that Abu Qatada “was against the 9/11 attacks” and the change of the focus of some jihadists from oppressive Arab regimes, to the “far enemy” of the west.

Nonetheless, on the eve of the new legislation in the UK Abu Qatada went on the run, avoiding being captured for 10 months. Since his arrest in 2002, Abu Qatada has been in and out of UK jails and detention centres – though never convicted of any offence – as the British government fought to deport him.

Last week Britain and Jordan signed an extradition treaty that paved the way for the cleric’s deportation by guaranteeing that evidence obtained by torture will not be used against him in a retrial.

Once he touches down in a military airport near Amman, Abu Qatada will be detained in Muwaqqer, the country’s best, and high security, prison, located in the Jordanian desert. Then will begin the long processing of trying him for crimes for which he was convicted in absentia.

On the dusty streets of his home neighbourhood of Ras al-Ain, his brother, Ibrahim, told the Telegraph: “Omar can stand trial because he is innocent and he will soon be released. I haven’t seen my brother in 20 years, of course I am happy he is coming home”.

Human Rights 1 Common Sense 0 : ECHR Say Schizophrenic Muslim Terrorist Can Stay in UK

Hamza lieutenant wins European human rights battle over extradition

European judges have barred the extradition of a lieutenant of hate preacher Abu Hamza to America because it will breach his human rights.

UGLY FUCKER Haroon Rashid Aswat . mental muslim terrorist European judges have barred the extradition of a lieutenant of hate preacher Abu Hamza to America because it will breach his human rights.

Muslim terrorist Haroon Aswat has been told be the cranks at the  European Court of Human Rights he can stay in the UK instead of being extradited to The United States to face terror charges He is accused by the US authorities of conspiring, along with hook hand hate preacher Abu Hamza, to establish a jihad training camp in Oregon between June 2000 and December 2001.Paranoid schizophrenic Haroon Aswat is currently being held in Broadmoor mental hospital while fighting the extradition.  The Muslim extremist is regarded by many as Abu Hamza’s right hand/hook man. Many security official’s believe him to be the mastermind of London’s 7/7 terror attacks. Phone records show he made over 20 calls to the suicide bombers in the weeks before and conveniently left the UK only hours before the attack.

The Leftist European Court of Human Rights has ruled the Islamic terrorist faces inhuman or degrading treatment if removed because of his mental condition.In the ruling given by a chamber of seven judges, the court said: “In light of the medical evidence before it, the court found that there was a real risk that Mr Aswat’s extradition to the USA, a country to which he had no ties, and to a different, potentially more hostile prison environment, would result in a significant deterioration in his mental and physical health.” And the judges found that, if he was convicted, he could face the “highly restrictive regime” of ADX Florence, breaching Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits degrading or inhuman treatment.

The American Federal Prison system’s “highly restrictive regime” would breach his human rights. Are these socialist judges at the ECHR for real??? It’s a highly restrictive regime for a very good reason. That is because ADX Florence is the home to the worst of the worst. Terrorists,spies, Mexican drug lords, serial killers the lot. The prisoners are kept on 24 hour lockdown and have no contact with each other at all for obvious security reasons and what may result if a few of the prisoners put their heads together. The ECHR must think it should be a holiday camp for him or something.  He gave up all his rights when decided on a life of terrorism which in case the courts forgot kills innocent people. Evil scum like that deserve putting down not their human rights defending. Whats the point in having justice systems if you can play the human rights card and avoid proper punishment. 

The highest security level Federal prisoners of which a large amount are convicted Islamic terrorists including British Muslim shoe-bomber Richard Ried. It also houses notorious former state prisoners, people who are to evil or disruptive even for America’s state prison  ‘Supermax’ facilities. These include Barry Mills founder of the Aryan Brotherhood who has killed 4 other inmates whilst in prison. O.G Mack, leader of the black prison gang ‘United Blood Nation’.  H Rap Brown, cop killer and member of the violent and racist ‘Black Panther’ group. Cuban Luis Felipe, leader of street gang  ‘The Latin Kings’ who was found guilty of arranging several murders from inside state prison. Richard Lee McNair, murderer who has escaped from 3 different prisons.Mafia mobster Anthony Casso,under boss of the Lucchese crime family currently serving 13 consecutive life sentences plus 455 years in federal prison.

A Home Office spokesman said:

“We are disappointed that the European Court of Human Rights found that extradition to America would breach Haroon Aswat’s human rights.”The judgment does not become final for three months and we will consider as a matter of urgency all the legal options which are available to us. This includes whether we request a referral of the case to the Court’s Grand Chamber.”

Stuff his human rights and wasting more taxpayers money. Bag over head, back of a van, military plane  to USA. Problem solved. 

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Muslim woman plays the victim and starts legal proceedings against interrogation at airport

A Muslim woman who was stopped and questioned at the airport under anti terrorism law has started legal proceedings claiming that her human rights were violated. The Muslim woman was prosecuted after she refused to cooperate with the police and wouldn’t  answer their questions regarding the reasons for her visit to France. Now she is playing the victim in the whole thing like Muslims so often do despite pleading guilty to the charge of wilfully failing to comply with her duty under Schedule 7 to answer questions.  

Sylvie Beghal claims that being asked questions without a lawyer present under Schedule 7 violated the right to liberty (Article 5), right to a fair trial (Article 6) and Ms Beghal’s right to protection for her private and family life (Article 8). Under Schedule 7 anti terrorism laws a lawyer would not of been able to advise his client during questioning anyway and she had a legal duty to answer. Ultimately it was the woman’s stubbornness being awkward refusing to answer that resulted in her arrest .Now she is acting hard done to and putting  the whole schedule 7 laws at risk challenging the legality of an essential weapon in fighting terrorism.

If a person had nothing to hide then why would they object to a few questions if it helped keep our nation safe from terrorist attack. The only people who have anything to gain from those laws getting scrapped would be the Muslim terrorists who hate this country so much they want to slay as many innocent men, women and children as possible.


Muslim woman in legal challenge to interrogation at airport

2:27pm Thursday 21st March 2013 in News

A Muslim woman is seeking a legal declaration that her human rights were violated when she was prosecuted after refusing to submit to an interrogation under anti-terrorism laws at an airport.

Mother-of-three Sylvie Beghal was stopped and questioned, even though she was not “suspected” of being a terrorist.

Police officers said they needed to speak to her regarding her “possible involvement” in acts of terrorism.

In what is believed to be the first legal challenge of its kind, Mrs Beghal’s lawyers argued this week at London’s High Court heard.that the entire process of stopping and questioning people “without reasonable suspicion” breaches the European Convention on Human Rights.

They said it was significant that Mrs Beghal had no right of access to a lawyer while being questioned and was being put under direct compulsion to provide information.

The court heard she indicated she would answer questions after the arrival of her lawyer, but the police chose not to wait.

When her lawyer arrived after her questioning had finished, the officers did not seek to ask her any more questions in the lawyer’s presence, three judges were told.

Mrs Beghal, a French national living in the UK, arrived back at East Midlands Airport with her children on January 4, 2011 following a visit to Paris but was not formally detained or arrested.

She was stopped at the UK Border Agency desk but refused to co-operate with questioning by Leicestershire police officers acting under powers given by schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 (TACT).

Mrs Beghal asked to consult with a lawyer and for an opportunity to pray.

After being given time to pray, police officers told her she could telephone her lawyer after she was searched. The prosecution initially accused her of physically resisting the search.

At 9.30pm she was taken to a room for an examination under Schedule 7 and asked to provide reasons for her journey, where she stayed in Paris, whom she had met or visited and how her travel was funded.

She was also asked whether she had a criminal record and about her knowledge of the French-Algerian community in Leicestershire, her use of vehicles, the languages she spoke and her current and past employment.

She failed to provide answers to most of the questions, indicating she would only answer questions after her lawyer arrived.

She was subsequently charged with wilfully obstructing a search, assaulting a constable and wilfully failing to comply with her duty under Schedule 7 to answer questions.

The first two charges were eventually dismissed in December 2011 after the Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence and Mrs Beghal pleaded guilty to the third charge.

She did so after District Judge Temperley, sitting at Leicester Magistrates’ Court, refused her request to stay the charge as an abuse of process, and the case was referred to the High Court.

Ms Beghal’s counsel Matthew Ryder asked three senior judges – Lord Justice Gross, Mrs Justice Swift and Mr Justice Foskett – to rule Schedule 7 “incompatible” with the human rights convention.

Mr Ryder argued Schedule 7 violated the right to liberty (Article 5), right to a fair trial (Article 6) and Ms Beghal’s right to protection for her private and family life (Article 8).

Mr Ryder also argued the prosecution was an unjustifiable interference with Ms Beghal’s “right to free movement” within an EU country as an EU national.

Louis Malby, appearing for the Crown Prosecution Service, told the judges that Schedule 7 empowered officers to question a person entering or leaving the country if they “appear to be a person who is, or has been, concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism”.

Any person being questioned was under a legal duty to give the officer any information in his or her possession that was requested.

Arguing that Mrs Beghal’s rights had not been breached, Mr Malby said: “The ability to stop and examine passengers at ports is an essential tool in the protection of the public from terrorism.”

Mr Malby said Mrs Beghal was given an opportunity to consult with a solicitor in advance of questioning, and it was agreed that a telephone consultation took place.

But a solicitor would have had no purpose at the actual questioning, other than as an observer to ensure proper procedure, as Mrs Beghal was under a legal obligation to answer the questions put to her.

Reserving judgment, the judges said they would give their ruling at a future date.

Muslim Terrorist Wins Appeal To Stay In UK Because He’s Suicidal

Like its not bad enough having 1 Muslim terrorist (Abu Qatada) dodging deportion and facing justice. Here’s another Islamofascist thats avoiding being deported to Algeria by the stupid leftist human rights laws that are destroying this nation. The unnamed Muslim who even agrees he poses a threat to national security out  is on bail, free to walk the British streets which are full of potential infidel targets and all that he despises. His appeal win is because he claims he is suicidal and may kill himself if he’s deported. SO WHAT!! ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM ONCE HE IS GONE!!

I dont like to hear of anybody dying especially killing themselves but lets put this into some kind of perspective.  He is a criminal and needs to face justice.With proven links to major terrorist organizations, he has helped terrorists by fundraising for their killing sprees and fixed them up with fake documents. He admits he is a threat and hates this country and its people.

Whats best he gets deported and kills himself in Algeria ? Or he stays here claiming benifits and legal aid whilst others more deserving lose out. Until he decides he is going to kill himself anyway and decides to strap a bomb to himself and do it somewhere crowded and takes 50 innocent people out with him. Its a no brainer.

Suspected terrorist wins appeal

12:17pm Friday 25th January 2013 in News

A suspected terrorist from Algeria with links to supporters of al Qaida has won his appeal to stay on British soil – over fears he may kill himself if deported.

The North African fanatic, who does not dispute posing a threat to national security and is currently free on bail, is believed to have provided travel arrangements and fake passports to terrorists.

But in a blow to the Home Office, a special immigration court has allowed the 43-year-old to remain in Britain amid concerns his human rights will be breached because he is likely to commit suicide once returned to his home country.

In the same judgment, Mr Justice Mitting – who recently upheld hate preacher Abu Qatada’s appeal to remain in Britain – told six other Algerian terror suspects they must leave the country.

But the senior immigration judge warned that despite his ruling there was “no end in sight” in removing the men, who are also free on bail and include two fundamentalists linked with an alleged 2003 plot to commit mass murder using the poison ricin.

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) decision comes shortly after a devastating terror attack on a gas facility in Algeria, which claimed the lives of dozens of hostages and pushed UK counter-terrorism efforts in North Africa to the top of the agenda at Westminster.

The Algerian who won his appeal – who cannot be named for legal reasons and was referred to as “G” – claimed asylum when he was caught entering the UK in 1995 on a fake passport.

A previous open judgment revealed he did not dispute the Home Secretary’s case that he poses a risk to national security.

He is a suspected active supporter of various international terror groups including Groupe Islamique Arme (GIA), an Islamist organisation that wants to overthrow the Algerian government and replace it with an Islamic state, and the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, which is now known as Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.

He is understood to have supplied passports to terrorists and been involved in fundraising and providing travel to extremists undertaking jihad and terrorist training.

But the terror suspect was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder and is said to rely heavily on his wife.

He made a serious suicide attempt in 2005 when he was found hanging in his cell in HMP Belmarsh.

Medical experts concluded that medication would not help mitigate the suicide risk – only round the clock supervision could do that.

As a result, Mr Justice Mitting said: “We must look at the totality of the psychiatric evidence in the round. We are persuaded by it that the risk that G would commit suicide, especially after arrival in Algiers, is very high.

“It may be containable in the UK but no special arrangements have been negotiated with Algeria to cope with it.” He concluded that the UK would be in breach of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights – that no one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment – if he were deported in his present condition.

The six suspects ordered to leave the country claimed they would be at risk of torture or poor treatment if returned to Algeria.

The men include a regular visitor to the Finsbury Park mosque, who sided with hook-handed hate preacher Abu Hamza, and a senior member of an Afghanistan training camp.

But Mr Justice Mitting said the court was “satisfied that the Algerian state’s assurances can be relied upon” in the case of these men.

He added that the relations between Algeria and UK are strong and the North African country has a good record with other men who have previously been deported.

However, in a sign that the six men are expected to continue to fight deportation through a series of appeals and in European courts, Mr Justice Mitting warned that after seven years of litigation there was “as yet, no end in sight”.

He said: “The objectives of the appellants and of the secretary of state – respectively, to be able to live free of restrictions and permanently in the UK and to deport the appellants to Algeria – are nowhere near attainment.”

Video: Patriots Pay Muslim Terrorist Abu Qatada A Visit

Well done to the patriots who paid Muslim scumbag Abu Qatada a visit and made him even more aware to the fact that Islamic extremists are not welcome here.

How many police !!!!


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