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London Rape Jihad: Woman Forced Into House And Raped By Asian Male As She Walked To Her Car In Tooting

The Muslim rape wave of Britain shows no sign of stopping any time soon as another poor lone female walking to her car is attacked.The sicko grabbed the defenceless woman off the street and into a house where  he raped her. The sex attack happened in Tooting, South London.

The perpetrator as so often in these random street sex crimes is described as ‘Asian’ which we all  know who that really means 99% of the time. For a group that represents only 5% of the UK population, the amount of sex attacks where the person responsible is described as ‘Asian’ must be at least 25%

Tooting rape: London woman ‘forced into house and raped by Asian man as she walked to her car’

Victim was said to have been targeted by her attacker – described as Asian and aged between 20 and 25-years-old – as she walked to her parked car
BY LAUREN FRUEN 23rd September 2016, 1:23 pm

A YOUNG woman was forced into a house and raped in a terrifying attack in shortly after midnight on Wednesday.The victim, aged in her 20s, was allegedly targeted by her attacker as she walked to her parked car in Tooting, South London.

The woman was forced into a house and raped in a terrifying attack in Lucien Road, Tooting.

Her attacker was described as as Asian and aged between 20 and 25 years old, with a thin moustache.The suspect said to have pushed the woman into a house and raped her before running off.

He was believed to have been wearing glasses, a red hooded top and light coloured tracksuit bottoms the Evening Standard reports.The victim was taken to a Haven and is being supported by specialist officers.Metropolitan Police officers are investigating the allegations.No arrests have been made.

Source: Tooting rape: London woman ‘forced into house and raped by Asian man as she walked to her car’

89 Year Old Woman Punched And Robbed In Her Own Home By Scumbag

This sickening attack on a frail 89 year old woman in her own home has Muslim attacker wrote all over it. The vermin attacker not only was described as ‘Asian’, the whole nature of this crime displays pretty typical Muslim behaviour. Cowardly picking an easy target and hitting a woman who also happens to be a pensioner is spineless. Entering her own house to rob her purse is just wrong on every level. As past incidents have shown.  Morales and compassion are two attributes Muslims appear to have little of.

This old lady probably is struggling to get by on a state pension after living through the war, having done her bit to help rebuild Britain  it and in a worse  position than the scroat who stole from her

Dunstable Pensioner Punched And Robbed

It happened around 5:30 on Thursday evening (May 29th) on Gorham Way.

The man made an excuse to get inside her house and headed into the living room.

When asked to leave by the woman she was pushed onto the sofa and punched her.

He then took cash from her handbag and ran off.

The man is described as Asian and around 6ft tall.

Leeds Rape Jihad: White Woman Attacked At Unknown Address After Night Out

A white female has become a casualty of rape jihad in Leeds following a night on he town. Taken to an unknown address in the town she was attacked by a vile sex offender. Lone women who have been drinking are seen as an open invite for sex to Muslim sexual deviants in their twisted minds.


Taxi Driver Hunted Following Sexual Assault

Police believe he picked the victim up after she was attacked.

Tuesday, May 6th 2014 00:00

Police investigating a serious sexual assault on a woman in Leeds are trying to trace a taxi driver who may have information that could assist them.

The victim, a 21-year-old white woman, reported being attacked at an unknown address in Leeds following a night out on Thursday, May 1.

She recalled that after the incident the suspect, an Asian male, took a taxi with her from a phonebox near to the address and dropped her off outside the Hyde Park public house sometime between 6am and 7am on Friday, May 2. The man stayed in the taxi with the driver and continued on elsewhere.

The vehicle was described only as a white car.

Detective Inspector Sean Duggan, of Leeds District CID, said: “We are carrying out extensive enquiries to trace the suspect but we are very keen to hear from any taxi or private hire driver who recalls picking up a white woman and an Asian male near to a phonebox and dropping the woman off outside the Hyde Park pub on Friday morning.”



Beast Mohammed Hussain Raped Sleeping Teenager In Peterborough

Another Muslim sex case locked up for committing rape jihad. The sight 0f a sleeping girl must of been like a red rag to a bull for the sick deviant and he couldn’t resist his twisted urges to abuse her. The prison service are going to have to build a few new prisons at the rate Muslim nonces are filling the current ones up.

Peterborough rapist put behind bars for attacking teenager as she slept

Last updated Thu 6 Mar 2014

  • UK
  • Peterborough
  • Cambridgeshire
UGLY CUNT Mohammed Hussain raped a teenager while she slept at a friend's house in Peterborough has been jailed for six years
Mohammed Hussain. Credit: PA

A man who raped a teenager while she slept at a friend’s house in Peterborough has been jailed for six years.

23-year-old Mohammed Hussain from Clarence Road in the city raped the girl at a gathering in November 2012.

The girl woke up to find Hussain on top of her and tried to fight him off, but he was too strong.

Hussain was convicted after a second trial in January.

He was jailed at Peterborough Crown Court.


MP Jack Straw Opposes Planned Mosque In Blackburn House

Blackburn MP Jack Straw is opposing plans to turn a house into yet another Islamic command centre aka a mosque. Planing officers have advised the council to reject the application also. If the council listens to their opinions is a different matter. The council is controlled the Labour party and a third of their councillors happen to be Muslims.

Interestingly the home owner has applied before to convert it into a mosque which was objected. Yet the neighbours have wrote to the council saying “Although the level in which the mosque will operate has changed in the current application from first floor to ground floor, we feel that the level of noise when all the worshippers are there will not change, not to mention the calls to pray that regularly disturb us.

Why has nobody picked up that the building is already being used as an illegal mosque. Why would they be polluting peoples eardrums by calling to prayer if it wasn’t.

A quick search on a mosque directory site for Blackburn returned a whopping 89 mosques in the town. 11 times more mosques than a large city like Liverpool that has 8 in total.

Jack Straw opposes mosque in Blackburn house

1:00pm Wednesday 22nd January 2014 in NewsBy Bill Jacobs, Local government reporter

Asian Image: Jack StrawJack Straw

JACK Straw has called on councillors to dismiss a new bid for a mosque in a Blackburn terrace house.

In 2011, Farooq Mohammed applied for retrospective planning consent for the place of worship above his Ashrafi Study Centre Madrassah, in Accrington Road, Audley.

Blackburn with Darwen Council’s planning committee refused the proposal because of objections over noise and nuisance from neighbours and ordered the mosque to cease operations.

Mr Mohammed, who has operated an Islamic school for 75 pupils at the premises between 5pm and 7.30pm with planning permission since July 2009, has now tabled a second bid for a smaller mosque on the ground floor only.

A maximum of 20 worshippers would attend at any one time.

Neighbours, Blackburn MP Mr Straw and Father Martin Daniels, of nearby St Jude’s Church, have objected again to the siting of a mosque in the house.

Councillors have been recommended by officers to refuse the application. They say the levels of noise and general disturbance remains too high to be acceptable in planning terms.

Next door neighbours Paolo and Kelly Fardella have written to the council saying: “Although the level in which the mosque will operate has changed in the current application from first floor to ground floor, we feel that the level of noise when all the worshippers are there will not change, not to mention the calls to pray that regularly disturb us.”

Mr Straw said using terraced houses as mosques was no longer necessary, or appropriate, to allow Muslims to practise their faith.

He added: “There are plenty of mosques nearby”

Mr Mohammed’s agent Imran Patel, of Compass Architectural Consultants, said: “We have no comment to make before the meeting.”


E-fit Of ‘Asian Attacker’ Wanted For Sex Attack On Woman Aged 60

The filthy scumbags committing rape-jihad up and the UK are destroying this country from the inside out. The frequency of British females or in some cases lately males being randomly attacked by Muslim sex offenders is rising at a seriously alarming rate. The nature of the sex attacks is also been changing with the Muhammadans getting more brazen taking exceptional risks for a cheap sexual thrill. No longer is it only lone females walking home after dark who are being targeted. They are forcing their way into 60 year old women’s homes and violating them where they should feel safer than anywhere as in this attack. Or attacking random women on their way to work in broad daylight and many other scenarios you wouldn’t expect it to happen.

They don’t care if they are caught as long as they satisfy their twisted Islamic sexual urges. Its no wonder British prisons are overflowing with Muslim prisoners well over represented as they are in committing sex crimes.

E-fit of man wanted for sex attack in Chesham

27 Sep 2013 15:36  By Camilla Goodman

Police say suspect forced his way into home of 60-year-old and attacked her

Muslim rape jihad in buckinghamshire Police say suspect forced his way into home of 60-year-old and attacked her

Police have released an E-fit image of a man in connection with a sexual assault in Chesham.

At about 10.30pm on Tuesday (Sep 24), a woman in her 60s was at home in Wallington Road, Chesham, when a man knocked on her door.

The man forced his way into the house and sexually assaulted her.

He has been described as an Asian man aged between 20 and 22, 5ft 8ins and of a lean build. He was wearing a blue jogging jacket with a hood, possibly a stripey hood.

It is believed he spoke with a West Indian accent.

Det Insp Deborah Goff said: “I want to reassure the public that we’re doing everything to catch this offender.

“This happened at a time when there may have still been people around in the area, so I’d like to hear from anyone who recognises this man or saw anyone acting suspiciously on Tuesday night.

“I also want to take this opportunity to say that if anyone has any concerns at all, please do make contact with your local neighbourhood team and they would be happy to help.

“Please take care when opening your door to strangers. If possible, use a door chain and always ask for proper identification from people purporting to be from a specific organisation.”

Anyone with information can call Thames Valley Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

via E-fit of man wanted for sex attack in Chesham – Buckinghamshire Advertiser.

Plans Submitted To Turn Listed Building Into Another Dewsbury Mosque

Yet another new mosque on the horizon for Dewsbury, Yorkshire. A Planning application was filed in the last week with 

Kirklees council to convert a large detached house into a mosque and Islamic school.

Manzoor Hussain, change of use of house to mosque and madrassah (conservation area), Springfield House, 49 Halifax Road, Dewsbury.

Deja Vu 3 Muslims charged following the alleged rape and imprisonment of 16-year-old in Ipswich

WOW slight deja vu then reading this news report. I had to double check the date to make sure it wasn’t an old article i was reading due to the similarities to a past incident where Muslim nonces from London had imprisoned and raped a female at an address in Ipswich. But no i was wrong and this is a different Islamo-nonce sex attack. The 16 year old victim is slightly older than the 13 year old of the other gang of perverts. Both however will grow up mentally scared for life thanks to the disgusting acts of perverted Muslims

Ipswich: Three charged following the alleged rape and imprisonment of 16-year-old

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court

South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
5:30 PM

Two men and a teenage boy are to appear in court today after being charged following the alleged rape and false imprisonment of a 16-year-old girl in Ipswich.

The incident happened at an address in Foxhall Road on Sunday afternoon.

The matter was reported to police the same evening and three males were arrested a short time later.

A police spokesman said: “Jama Abdullahi, aged 22, of no fixed abode but formerly of Ipswich, has been charged with one count of rape and one count of false imprisonment.

“Badrdyen Saeed, aged 19 from Camel Road, London, has been charged with one count of rape and one count of false imprisonment.

“A 16-year-old boy from London has been charged with false imprisonment.”

All three will appear at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court in Ipswich today.

Najaf Khan From Brierfield Guilty Of Entering House To Commit Sex Offences On Female And Exposing Himself To Police Officers

Najaf Khan from Brierfield guilty of entering house to commit sex attack on the young female who lived there. Given that Khan illegally entered somebodies home to try and satisfy his twisted and heinous sexual urges he is potentially a very serious danger to all women.Whilst in the cells he apparently exposed himself to the police more than once.  He has no fear of being caught or any boundaries coupled with his bizarre perverted behaviour increases the threat he is.

Man guilty of Brierfield sexual offences

8:00am Saturday 11th May 2013 in Burnley

A MAN has been convicted of a string of sexual offences, as well as trespassing into a young woman’s home and trying to kiss her on the lips. Najaf Khan, 31, was told by a judge that he had been found guilty on ‘completely overwhelming evidence’. He now faces sentencing next month. After a jury returned their unanimous verdicts at Preston Crown Court at the end of a three day trial, Judge Christopher Cornwall told them that around two weeks before the offences occurred, Khan had been cautioned for wasting police time. This had involved Khan making very strange allegations or indulging in bizarre, highly sexualised conversation with an operator on the phone. He dialled 999 on six occasions between June 2011 and last October. Khan, of Stanley Street, Brierfield had denied trespassing at a home in the town, with intent to commit a sexual offences, sexual assault and an attempted sexual assault, as well as four charges of exposure at Burnley police station. The trial heard how he struck up conversation with a young woman in her 20s walking down the street last November, before getting into her home and trying to kiss her. He was arrested the same night because his clothing was thought to be similar to that described by the woman.

While in a cell at the police station he allegedly exposed himself on four occasions, in a deliberate action. The defendant insisted to police he wasn’t the man who went into the woman’s home and that it must have been someone else as he was in Burnley at the time. He also said he never intentionally exposed himself. Khan did not give evidence himself to the jury. The case was adjourned to June 12 for sentencing. A pre-sentence report will be compiled, including a risk assessment and an update on his psychiatric condition.

Brighton Man Attacked In His Home By ‘Asian’ Thug With A Golf Club

The Labour Party’s forced multiculturalism of Britain at its finest. Your in your own home, nice and relaxed sat watching TV  on a Tuesday night. When out of the blue your peace is shattered. Crash bang your front door gets kicked off the hinges. Next thing there you are confronted face to face by a ‘religion of peace’ member in your own home. Swinging a golf club attempting to use your head as the ball and threatening to kill you. If you cant feel safe in your own home where can you?

With no apparent motive, the whole incident is being put down to a mistake and the Asian attacker must of got the wrong house. Could somebody who is going to do a home invasion and commit an aggravated  robbery risking a long prison sentence really be that stupid? As to not make sure that your certain its the right door your going through,so you at least know what’s waiting on the other side is not 2 rottweilers.

Had the home owner been a Muslim and the thug who kicked his door in and attempted to attack him with a golf club not been Asian, but say a white male with a skinhead. Would it of still been just a case of a mix up and the wrong house?? Or would it automatically of become a hate crime because the victim was Muslim. Given Brighton peoples far left political leanings and their eagerness to label anything or anyone remotely white / British as fascists such as the MFE St.Georges Day Parade. Id say Tell Mama would have it logged as an anti Muslim hate crime by now.

Dad’s ordeal as armed thug gets wrong house in Brighton

1:40pm Tuesday 2nd April 2013 in NewsBy Neil Vowles

A father said he feared for his life after a man burst into his home swinging a golf club in what is thought to be a case of mistaken identity.

Terry Flynn has spoken exclusively to The Argus about the terrifying ordeal in his own home after he was threatened with a golf club by a bungling attacker.

The intruder shouted at Mr Flynn to ‘tell him the code’ before threatening to kill him.

The father-of-one was watching TV show Shameless at 10.50pm last Tuesday in his home in Stephens Road, Hollingdean, when he heard two gentle taps on his door.

Moments later his door was kicked in by a young Asian man swinging a golf club and shouting at Mr Flynn.

The 41-year-old reacted quickly, throwing himself at the intruder, shoving his head into the man’s chest and pushing him against his lounge wall.

The intruder then attempted to swing the golf club but was restricted by a small hallway and Mr Flynn pushed him out of his home and forced the front door shut.

Mr Flynn pretended he was calling the police even though his phone was feet away in the lounge while the intruder continued to threaten him from the other side of the door.

The intruder then ran away from the house into a waiting car, which sped off.Fortunately Mr Flynn’s 14- year-old son, who lives with him part of the time, was with his mother at the time of the attack.

Mr Flynn said: “I have lived here for four years and never had any confrontation so it must have been a wrong address.

“I was shocked and angry, I was thinking ‘how dare you come into my home’.

“I sent him flying against the wall and thought ‘there’s not much to him’ so I felt more confident then.

“If he had been able to hit me with the golf club God knows what damage he might have done.

“If he had gone to the house on the other side of my block where two old ladies live I don’t know what would have happened to them.”

Sussex Police is appealing for witnesses. Anyone with information should call 101 quoting serial 1522 of 26/3.