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Murder Loving Hate Preachers Speak At Mo Shafiq’s Event In Oldham : Labour MP, Members from Council And Police Attend

Father and son hate preachers Shaykh Naqeeb ur Rehman and Shaykh Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman from Pakistan have  returned to the UK to embark on another tour of the nations mosques.

Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman and Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman were guest speakers  at a counter terrorism conference at The Werneth Suite Conference Centre, in Oldham last month. The conference was  organised by the Ramadhan Foundation, claiming the event was to “bring communities together and address terrorism”

Chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation is none other than the  go-to Muslim media personality Mohammed Shafiq. The so-called ‘moderate Muslim’ is a regular face on our TV screens, giving his twopence worth on anything remotely Islam related.He is always prepared to be the spokesman for all Muslims, even if he doesn’t actually have a clue what he is commenting on as long as he gets his fame hungry face on camera. 

Mo Shafiq likes to portray him self as a liberal, but often lets his mask slip to reveal the closet extremist engaging in stealth jihad behind it. Shafiq  said of the event in Oldham

: “The Ramadhan Foundation in partnership with the Shaykhs of Eidgah Sharif are hosting this important conference to send a clear message against terrorism. Those that carry out these evil crimes, finance them or support them are enemies of the whole of humanity.”.

Very strange comments considering the track record of his two star guest speakers.The Pakistani clerics have led a high-profile campaign in their  home country in praise of Mumtaz Qadri, who was executed in January, 2016, after murdering Pakistani politician Salman Taseer in 2011 for opposing Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws which are used to persecute the minority non-Muslims. Islamist killer Qadri had claimed it was his religious duty to kill the Punjab governor for crimes against Islam.The hate preachers called him a  “martyr of Islam” 

Like inviting two foreign hate preachers to address a conference against terrorism isn’t bad enough. Welcoming the extremists with open arms were members of Oldhams Labour Council,  Labour MP Afzal Khan and Greater Manchester Police who proudly took the opportunity to be photographed with the murderer supporting clerics

Afzal Khan MP doing his bit for Labour

Rehman fell foul of Pakistani police after the above speech to 10,000’s at the murders funeral inciting  the extremists into a frenzy


The extremist clerics controversially toured the UK  last summer and their presence here was heavily criticised with many left scratching their heads and wondering why the Home Office granted them entry into the country when prominent counter jihad experts like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were denied entry visas for literally telling the truth about Islam. At the time a Scottish MP even went as far as to ask in Parliament why the Muslim hate clerics had been given an entry visa when their presence here is not for the good of the nation.

Since that visit one of the clerics found himself in a spot of bother with the law in his native Pakistan. Where he was arrested and spent time in jail after he and 5 of his devoted followers come bodyguards harassed a Supreme Court judge in front of his children..

Mera Mirpour reports:

Hafizabad Police have arrested Pir Shaykh Muhammad Hassaan Haseeb custodian of Darbar Eidgah Sharif along with his 5 Mureeds and court remanded them to police for 20 days. They were arrested on 27 may 2017 and next day all 6 of them were remanded for 20 days in Gujrawala Court.This is the First Picture of Pir Hassaan Haseeb Ur Rehman along with his followers behind bars.Picture Released of Pir Hassan Haseeb of Eidgah Shareef Rawalpindi, Behind Bars

Picture Released of Pir Hassan Haseeb of Eidgah Shareef Rawalpindi, Behind Bars

They were arrested for harassing a Supreme Court judge and his family at Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. After which Justice Sardar Tariq Masood, Judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan reported it to police who put them behind bars.

Speaking to the Oldham Chronicle, Shahbaz Taseer, whose father was the Pakistani politician murdered by Mumtaz Qadri, criticised British authorities for allowing Shaykh Naqeeb ur Rehman and Shaykh Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman  into the country.

“These people teach murder and hate. For me personally I find it sad that a country like England would allow cowards like these men in.

“It’s countries like the UK and the US that claim they are leading the way in the war against terror [and] setting a standard. Why are they allowing people [in] that give fuel to the fire they are fighting against?”




Manchester Rape Jihad : CCTV Released Of Serial Sex Fiend Who Has Attacked 3 Females In Last Month

A serial sex attacker is on the loose in Manchester city centre sexually assaulting three different lone females in less than a month. Police have appealed for information on the sexual predator who is described as…..wait for it….you guessed it…as ‘Asian’ . Shock, horror, a Muslim sex pest again!
The attacks have all happened in the early hours of the morning on a weekend, when the bars and pubs begin to close. Prime targeting time for a serial rape jihadist on the hunt for a target such as a drunk female who has been split up from friends and can’t get a taxi home. I wonder how many of his victims were his fellow Muslims? 99.9% the answer is none. Most likely 3 of those ‘white infidel slags’ who in this perverts warped mind deserved it because they have been drinking and wear skirts.
This sexual predator will not stop any time soon as the one attack a week suggests. The frequency could even increase as his confidence does until he gets caught. Should any of our viewers be planing on a night out in Manchester over the next couple of weeks, then take a good look at the ugly mug of this animal in the images. You might just stop somebody else becoming his next victim. 
Police release images of suspect in sexual assault

Posted on Wednesday 24 February 2016

Further to the previous appeal, Police have released images of a man they wish to speak to in connection with a series of sexual assaults in Manchester city centre.

The most recent occurred sometime between 1.50am and 2.05am on Sunday 14th February 2016. A 21-year-old woman was walking through Manchester city centre when she was approached by a man who asked for her phone number.

The woman refused, stating she had a boyfriend and continued walking before turning onto Minshull Street. The man followed her onto the street and caught up to her before he sexually assaulted her.

Following the assault, the offender walked off in the direction of Canal Street and out of sight.

Police have now released CCTV images of a man they wish to speak to in connection with this incident.

Between 3.30am and 3.45am on Saturday 30th January 2016 a 19-year-old woman was walking on Oxford Road when she was approached by a man. He put his arm round her and sexually assaulted her, before following her onto Whitworth Street and attempting to assault her again.

The woman managed to push him away and escape.

The man is described as Asian, in his late 20s-early 30s and clean shaven. He was wearing a dark bubble coat and dark jeans.

He was carrying an umbrella from outdoor clothing company Blacks, with the logo on.

At about 4am on Saturday 6th February a 22-year-old woman was walking on Kent Road West in Manchester when a man approached her from behind and sexually assaulted her. The woman struggled and he sexually assaulted her again, but she managed to break free and the man fled.

Between 1.50am and 2.05am on Sunday 14 February 2016 a 21-year-old woman was walking on Minshull Street in Manchester when she was approached by a man. He asked her for her phone number, and she declined but the man followed her down the street. He sexually assaulted her before fleeing in the direction of Canal Street.

Police believe the same man is responsible for all four incidents.

Detective Constable Steve Lowton of GMP’s City Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “This woman found herself in a terrifying situation and was understandably left distraught by this assault.

“We have released these images in the hope that somebody may recognise this man and be able to assist with our investigation.

“If you recognise the man in the images then please contact police.”

Anybody with information should contact police on 0161 856 3221 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


Police In Manchester Release Image Of Scar Faced ‘Asian’ Rapist

Greater Manchester Police have released an image of a scar faced  sex attacker who attempted to rape a lone female in a nature reserve. The sex fiends attack only failed by pure fluke when the victims screams were heard by a female dog walker and a jogger who bravely disregarded any concerns for their own safety and came to the females aid forcing him to run off after the dog walker started kicking  the nonce.

Clayton Vale attempted rape attacker image released

1 August 2014 Last updated at 17:13 BBC News

E-fit of attempted rape suspect
The man was wearing a dark tracksuit top and jogging bottoms with gold or yellow embroidery

Police investigating the attempted rape of a woman whose attacker was fought off by a dog walker and a runner have released an image of the man involved.

The 30-year-old was attacked while running in Clayton Vale nature reserve at about 11:45 BST on Tuesday.

Her screams were heard by the man and woman, who were nearby. Police said the female dog walker kicked the attacker repeatedly to drive him away.

Her attacker, described as Asian, slim and of average height, escaped by bike.

Greater Manchester Police said he was in his late 20s or early 30s, had short dark hair, scars on both cheeks and was wearing a dark tracksuit top and jogging bottoms with gold or yellow embroidery.

Det Insp Tanya Kitchen said someone must know the attacker and must “stop protecting this man with their silence”.

She said he was “clearly a danger to the public [and] left a young woman in a deeply distressed state, from which she has still not fully recovered”.

“Had there not been people around to help, her ordeal would have been even worse.

“I have no doubt that if this man remains at large, other woman are in danger of becoming victims as well.”

Muslim Beast Arshad Mohammed From Rochdale Jailed For Grooming 3 Teenage Girls

4 years 8 months in prison for grooming and sexually abusing three different schoolgirls aged 14 and 15, plus a perverting the course of justice charge on top is a pretty soft sentence in my opinion.

Lets put it in perspective. You would get 6 years for a failed attempt to set an empty  mosque on fire which only did minimal damage say to the door. A couple of  hundred quid to fix. But chances are you would be charged with a hate crime also and they would be pushing for a hefty punishment.

Then on the other hand you have a Muslim paedophile who has caused damage no amount of money can fix when he took the innocence of three separate children and scared them for life mentally. Sex offenders especially paedophiles are the scum of the earth whose crimes are amongst the most vile of all offences. But due to the sheer numbers of Muslim nonces committing rape jihad.  Crimes such as rape and child molesting are being trivialized and offenders are not being punished in as severe way as they deserve and act as no deterrent to others.

Man jailed for grooming and sexually assaulting girls

Date published: 01 April 2014

A man has been jailed for grooming and sexually assaulting three girls.

Arshad Mohammed (22/12/1969) of Merefield Street, Rochdale pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing and was jailed today, Tuesday 1 April 2014, for 4 years 8 months at Minshull Street Crown Court.

Between May and November 2012, Mohammed became friends with two of the victims when they were 14 and 15 by developing a network of acquaintances around them that were of a similar age.

Up until June 2013, he contacted them through texts and social media to meet him. He bought gifts for them, including money, cigarettes and alcohol before taking them to a flat in Rochdale where they were sexually assaulted.

In October 2013, Mohammed contacted a 14-year-old girl who was friends with the first two victims and regularly met her.

Again, he bought her gifts and sexually assaulted her.

After the incidents were reported, Mohammed was arrested and charged. He was also charged with perverting the course of justice.

Detective Constable Laura Crossley said: “Mohammed used money and gifts to pull the wool over the girl’s eyes to gratify his own sexual needs. However, thanks to their bravery by coming forward, he was identified and brought to justice.

“This investigation was carried out by the Sunrise team, a partnership between GMP and Rochdale Council, that aims to reduce the number of vulnerable children being sexually exploited and prosecuting offenders.

“If anyone believes they may know someone who is being or abused or if you are a victim yourself, I would urge you to contact police as soon as possible.”

Ruhel Miah Wanted For Raping Girl, 14 In Manchester

Man Wanted Following Rape of 14 Year Old in Manchester

 News Desk
 February 14, 2014
Rohel MiahPolice investigating the rape of a teenage girl in south Manchester have issued an image of a suspect.

In September 2013, police received a report that a 14-year-old girl had been raped at an address in the south Manchester area a few weeks earlier, believed to be sometime in July.

A police investigation was immediately launched and since that date, the young girl has been receiving specialist support from police and other agencies.

Police are now issuing an image of a man they wish to speak to, who is possibly known as either Rohel or Ruhel Miah. He is Asian and described as medium build, slightly muscly, with dark short hair. He is believed to be in his 30s.

Detective Inspector Ian Cottrell, based at Longsight police station said: “We have been carrying out a significant number of enquiries since September to try and locate the man in this image, but so far our efforts have been unsuccessful and so we are now asking the public for their assistance and for them to call us if they have seen this man or know where he is.

“Clearly, news that a young teenage girl was raped back in July may come as a shock to people in the south Manchester area, but I would like to try and reassure them if I can that this was an isolated incident and there was no threat to the wider community.

“We will continue to offer this young girl all the support she needs as we continue with our investigation and appeal again to the public to contact us if they have any information at all that could assist our enquiries.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 quoting number 729 of 12/02/2014. Alternatively, if people wish to pass details anonymously to police, they can do so by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111


Police Appeal For Information On Sex Attacker Asghar Butt From Salford

Greater Manchester Police are appealing for information on the whereabouts of Asghar Butt last known to be living in Salford. He was charged with a sex attack on a female and given bail. Butt failed to turn up for  his court date and has gone awol. He has committed rape jihad once and poses a threat of doing again.

Name : Asghar Butt
Date of birth : 25/12/1983
Age : 29
Location : N/A


Police in Salford are trying to trace a man who is wanted for failing to appear at court.

Asghar Butt (born 25/12/1983) of Delaunays Road, Salford was due to attend Manchester Crown Court on 24 September 2013 after being charged in connection with a sexual assault, but failed to turn up.

Officers have been trying to find Asghar Butt and are now appealing to the public for anyone with information on his whereabouts to get in touch.

Butt is believed to have links to the Blackley area.

On 22 August 2013, a 23-year-old female was sexually assaulted on Bolton Road in Pendlebury.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police in Salford on 101 or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Male Raped By ‘Dark Skinned’ Attacker In Bolton

Possible homosexual rape jihad in Bolton. Greater Manchester Police today appealing for witnesses following a male being raped in Queens Park, Bolton. The attack happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. GMP’s description is pretty vague saying the sick gay rapist was ‘dark skinned’. Given Bolton’s very large Muslim community this could very well turn out to be another gay rape committed by ‘the religion of peace’ members. Muslim or not the disgusting beast responsible needs arresting and locked up for a very long time

Queens park in Bolton. Male raped by ethnic ,minority attacker. Gay rape jihad

Police investigate rape in Bolton

Published 22/10/2013 16:47:07

Police are investigating after a man was raped in Bolton.

In the early hours of Sunday 20 October 2013, a 31-year-old man was in Queens Park when he was raped by a man.  The offender is believed to have left the park at the Park road / Mayor St entrance.

Police were called at around 3.10am and launched an investigation.

Detective Inspector Damian Simpson from the Serious Sexual Offences Unit said: “Obviously this is a shocking incident that will cause concern within the local community however, I can assure them that we are doing all we can to catch the offender.

“Police patrols have been increased in the park and the surrounding areas and anyone with concerns should approach their local officer.

“The only description we have is that the offender was dark skinned and I would ask if anyone has any information to help identify him or witnessed the incident itself, to phone police immediately. You may think that the information you have may not be important but it could help us find out who is responsible.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 1981 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Mohammed Abul Hassan Charged With Oldham Sex Attack

Good news, one less Muslim sex beast committing rape jihad on Britain’s streets to worry about after sicko Mohammed Abul Hassan being remanded for a daytime sex attack on Bank Holiday Monday. Well done GMP for the quick result .

Mohammed Abul Hassan (born 17/7/88) of Windsor Road, Oldham, has been charged with two counts of attempted rape, sexual assault and possession of a class B drug.

He has been remanded into custody and is next due before Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square, on 19 September 2013.

At about 10am on Monday 26 August 2013, a 19-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in the car park of the Spindles Shopping Centre.

Video: Four Asian Thugs Moments After Attacking Cyclist In Manchester City Centre

 Police in Greater Manchester have released video footage of 4 violent thugs who cowardly attacked a cyclist on his way home from work as he stopped at traffic lights. The attacked happened last Tuesday evening in a busy Manchester City Centre. In the video they can be seen laughing and embracing each other, bigging themselves up believing their bad boys after pack attacking a man sat on a bike who cant move and they outnumber 4 to 1. Proper tough guys!! 99% chance these ‘Asian’ yobs will turn out to be the Muslim kind of Asian as you never hear of any Sikh, Buddist, Hindu attacking people on Britain’s streets mob handed

Police have released CCTV images of four teenagers wanted in connection with an assault in Manchester city centre.

At 6.10pm on Tuesday 28 May 2013, the 36-year-old victim was cycling home from work and stopped at traffic lights at the junction with Corporation Street and Miller Street.
The offenders walked past him and shouted at him. He shouted back and rode off before he stopped at another set of lights. The group ran after him and attacked him. He was punched and dragged to the ground before he was kicked.

They ran off after they were chased by members of the public before one of them was caught by a witness. The other three returned, punched the man in the face and all four ran across Hannover Street, onto Shudehill and Thomas Street before making their way towards Piccadilly Gardens.

The group are described as being Asian, between 16 and 18 years old and 5ft 8in tall.

Detective Constable Daniel Nowland based at Bootle Street police station said: “This was a completely unprovoked attack that left the victim with a fractured jaw and hospitalised.

“The assault took place in front of a number of witnesses as the victim fell into the road and into the path of two lanes of rush hour traffic as they waited by the traffic lights.

“I would ask people to take a look at the images and see if they recognise the four people. You may have seen them cross Hannover Street and make their way towards Piccadilly Gardens following the assault. If you did see them or know who they are, please get in touch.”

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 3221 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

 Police in Greater Manchester have released video footage of 4 violent thugs who cowardly attacked a cyclist on his way home from work as he stopped at traffic lights. The attacked happened last Tuesday evening in a busy Manchester City Centre. In the video they can be seen laughing and embracing each other, bigging themselves up believing their bad boys after pack attacking a man sat on a bike who cant move and they outnumber 4 to 1


Another Muslim Grooming Gang Maybe ??? Police Arrest 4 In Suspected Child Sex Ring,

Police in the North West have arrested 4 members of an alleged child sex ring suspicion of rape, child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence. Although no names have been released yet by the police of those arrested.It certainly has the hallmarks of  another Muslim grooming gang like we have been seeing up and down the UK.  Given that 3 of the men arrested were from Nelson, Lancashire would suggest Muslim involvement as Nelson is 1 of the many Islamic enclaves in the North West where Muslim sex crimes have been rife.

Prestwich man among four arrested in swoop on suspected child sex ring

27 Apr 2013 08:48


An 18-year-old man was arrested in Prestwich on suspicion of rape, child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence.

A man from Bury has been arrested in a swoop on a suspected child sex ring.

Four addresses across the north west were raided yesterday as officers probed a string of grooming allegations.

An 18-year-old man was arrested in Prestwich on suspicion of rape, child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence.

Three other men were also arrested in Nelson, Lancashire.

The joint operation by Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Constabulary relates to allegations by one girl from Bury, in what police believe is an isolated case.

She is alleged to have been groomed in both Bury and Lancashire within the last two years.

Insp Carol Hobson, of the Bury Public Protection Investigation Unit, said: “I want to stress that we are at the early stages of our investigation and are working very closely with the victim. This appears to be an isolated case and there is no threat to the wider community.

“Child sexual exploitation is one of Greater Manchester Police’s top priorities and the team working on this investigation include officers from the Public Protection Division and Lancashire’s Freedom team, who are experts in dealing with vulnerable victims and working with partner agencies.”

Bury South MP Ivan Lewis said: “These allegations will cause widespread concern and revulsion amongst Prestwich residents. Anyone found guilty of abusing children should expect to feel the full force of the law.”

Police Commissioner Tony Lloyd said the probe shows GMP is taking allegations of grooming seriously. He said: “The public expects that this is number one on GMP’s agenda. Each arrest shows that our police are serious. It’s about protecting vulnerable people across Greater Manchester and our society as a whole.”

As well as the Prestwich arrest, a second man, aged 20, was arrested in Nelson on suspicion of the same offences.

Two other men, both aged 18, were also arrested there on suspicion of child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence. All four were in custody last night.