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Heart Surgeon Mohammed Asif Suspended For 2nd Time In 4 Years Accused Of Inappropriate Behaviour

Mohammed Asif  a heart surgeon has been suspended for second time in four years amid police probe into allegations of  inappropriate behaviour. This further backs up what i had previously said regarding the paedophile Muslim police detective. That however respectable a Muslim may seem on the outside, that scratch beneath the surface and you will find exactly the same woman hating, sex obsessed warped mindset as you would do in a Muslim takeaway worker or taxi driver who had been brain washed by Islam.

Heart surgeon suspended for second time in four years amid police probe

Mohammed Asif was accused of inappropriate behaviour but has now been allowed to return to work after cops dropped investigation.

Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Mohammed Asif was suspended from his work at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital (Image: UGC/Daily Record)

A heart surgeon was ­suspended from his job for the second time in four years amid claims of inappropriate behaviour.

Mohammed Asif, a ­consultant cardiothoracic ­surgeon at ­Glasgow’s Golden Jubilee National Hospital, was probed by police after an alleged incident at the hospital in February.


Asif, 48, who lives in an £850,000 house in Bearsden, near Glasgow, has worked at the hospital since 2011.

He was removed from his post pending an internal and criminal investigation.

But he was allowed to return to his job after police dropped their investigation due to a lack of ­evidence and health chiefs ­concluded their own inquiry.

In 2013, he was at the centre of separate allegations at Crosshouse Hospital, near Kilmarnock, about his ­conduct towards a colleague.

The woman did not ­complain about his behaviour but employees who allegedly witnessed it raised the issue with management.

He was also ­suspended from the Golden ­Jubilee ­following the alleged Crosshouse incident but was allowed to return within eight weeks.

Asif was educated at Oxford and Cambridge and has worked across the north of England.

Police said a complaint of inappropriate ­behaviour was received on ­February 9 about a Golden Jubilee staff member but no one had been reported to the fiscal after an investigation.

The Golden ­Jubilee, run by the Golden Jubilee Foundation, have a world-class centre which provides treatments such as cardiac bypass surgery and heart transplants. A hospital spokesman said a staff member was suspended ­following a complaint and an ­investigation launched.


Mohammed Asif works at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital

He added: “This ­investigation has ­concluded and resulted in the individual ­returning to work.

“Although we cannot provide details around the investigation due to confidentiality issues, we can state that the ­complaint was not relating to any aspect of patient care at the Golden Jubilee.”

He added: “In 2013, a member of staff from the Golden Jubilee was suspended following a ­complaint. The investigation was ­concluded and resulted in the individual ­returning to work.”


NHS Ayrshire and Arran, who run ­Crosshouse, said: “While this ­individual visited to carry out clinics, they were never employed by NHS ­Ayrshire and Arran.

“Four years ago, we received a complaint and took appropriate and immediate action.”

Asif was not available at his home yesterday. His wife Shefali Chowdhury said: “I don’t know anything about this.”


Muslim Sex Pest In Court Over Kebab Shop Attacks

Women are not safe even when engaging  Muslim males carrying out relevantly simple tasks in what you would imagine as a safe-ish environment  such as buying a donner kebab from a take away. 

Hassan Al Kheteeb has pleaded not guilty to three charges involving the two women for alleged offences said to have taken place at the Mr Kebab take-away in Glasgow Road.

A MAN denies sexually assaulting two women in a kebab shop in Dumbarton after allegedly pulling the shutters down and locking them in.

Hassan Al Kheteeb has pleaded not guilty to three charges involving the two women for alleged offences said to have taken place at the Mr Kebab take-away in Glasgow Road.

Al Kheteeb was appearing at Dumbarton Sheriff Court in connection with the alleged incidents which are said to have taken place on occasions in July last year.

The 30-year-old, who lives in Raglan Street in the Woodside area of Glasgow, faces two charges in relation to one of the women, the first charge alleges that between July 21 and 24 he tried to induce the woman to stay over night with him and made remarks of a sexual nature towards her.
The second alleges that on July 28 and 29 he lowered the shutters of the shop and locked them, detaining her against her will, he then instructed her to dance, chased her and carried out a sexual assault.

He is also accused of pursuing her in a motor vehicle and instructing her to get in.

The other charge involving another woman alleges that on the same dates he lowered the shutters of the shop, locked them and refused to let her leave, detaining her against her will.

He is then alleged to have carried out a sexual assault on the woman and forcibly handled her body.

And then on a second occasion it’s alleged that he induced her to enter the rear of the shop where he is said to have sexually assaulted her.

Sheriff Simon Pender continued the matter until July 7 and continued Al Kheteeb’s bail.

A trial date has been scheduled for July 19.


Racist ‘Asian’ Hurled Abuse At Passengers On Board Train

Incidents like this happen frequently. Yet without taxpayer funded groups like TellmamaUK who make sure everybody knows when Muslims are the victims. They are usually confined to small reports in the local press.


A THUG shouted racist abuse at passengers travelling on a train between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The man, who is described as Asian, shouted and swore at people who were on the Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh Waverley train at around 10.50pm on Monday, April 11.

British Transport Police were contacted at around 11.10pm via text on their 61016 service.

The man got off the train at Falkirk High station and it is understood he got into a taxi.

Constable Nicky Ritchie, the BTP officer in charge of the enquiry, is appealing for anyone who was on the train or at the station and has information which can help identify the man responsible to get in touch.
The suspect is described as 5ft 10ins and he has black hair.

British Transport Police can be contacted on 0800 40 50 40 or by texting 61016 – quoting reference 167 of 13/04/2016.

Information can also be given anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


My Thoughts On Asad Shad Murder : Police Treat Killing As Religiously Motivated

Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah , a devout Muslim posted a heartfelt Easter message to ‘beloved Christian nation’ hours before he was brutally murdered in a savage attack. Police have said the killing was religiously motivated.

The scene of the murder in Shawlands last night and the victim, shopkeeper Asad Shah
The scene of the murder in Shawlands last night and the victim, shopkeeper Asad Shah

Finding a devout Muslim who is fully integrated in British society, respectful of their adopted nation and its Christian beliefs are few and far between. Almost like finding the needle in a haystack. Murder victim Asad Shah by all accounts was one of those rare few.

His death is a loss to us all. It is people like Mr Shah who can make the real difference. Showing other Muslims that the way forward is to adapt, show respect and become part of society. Instead of showing contempt for others whilst making demands expecting everybody else to adapt to Muslims whilst giving nothing back. Unfortunately there are not enough Muslims with his kind of mindset within our society, now there is one less 

Just hours before his murder Mr Shah posted on his facebook  at 5.10pm, read: “Good Friday and a very Happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation… Let’s follow the real footstep of beloved holy Jesus Christ and get the real success in both worlds.”

image: http://i3.dailyrecord.co.uk/incoming/article7625919.ece/BINARY/Screen-Shot-2016-03-25-at-083104.pngMr Shah posted this message on his Facebook page just hours before he was brutally stabbed to death
Mr Shah posted this message on his Facebook page just hours before he was brutally stabbed to death


In previous posts, he also called “unconditional real love for all mankind”. This morning, a neighbour of his store was shocked at his killing.The man – who asked not to be named – said: “I can’t believe this. At first I thought there had been a car accident further along the road. “Mr Shah is a decent man. He is very quiet but friendly. This is terrible”

Police have arrested 2 unnamed men for the killing. The only other info they have said is that it was ‘religiously motivated’ which is kind of open to interpretation.  The natural assumption that people will make is that Asid Shah was murdered because he was Muslim by a bigoted non-Muslim.

If this was the case let me make my thoughts clear, those responsible are utter scum. I hope they get locked up and throw away the key. There is absolutely no excuse for murder or any kind of violence against an innocent person. Doing so makes you just as bad as the savage terrorists blowing people up who have no value of life. 

People like that are certainly not on my side. They are against me and all those dedicated people who put effort into raising awareness about the threat of Islam. Any steps forward we have made will be instantly erased by some idiot who thinks killing somebody for just being Muslim is going to achieve something. All it does is give people a further excuse not to listen and tar everybody with the same brush.

But could it be possible that the term  ‘religiously motivated’ with no mention of racism or islamophobia is because the killers just so happen to be Muslim. The  ‘religiously motivated’ bit being that extremist Muslims did not appreciate his earlier heartfelt messages promoting tolerance to infidels. After all we know how quick Muslims are to flip out and use violence when they dislike something.

Until the police release more details we will not know for sure. Either way the killers are scumbags who need locking up as without them on the streets the nation will be a better place.

RIP Mr Shah

Female Tourist Sexually Assaulted By Rape Jihadist In Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens

What a great advert to potential tourists to Scotland. 

Come to Scotland and visit the many tourist attractions such as Glasgow’s world famous Botanic Gardens. Just beware of the Muslim sexual predators lurking  amongst the bushes as they may randomly sexually assault females without warning

Tourist sexually assaulted by man as she visited Botanic Gardens

Police generic quality
Police: Detective are appealing for help in identifying the man.Deadline

A woman on holiday in Scotland suffered a sex attack in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens.

Police said a man exposed himself and touched her indecently after appearing behind the 28-year-old at Kibble Palace in the Gardens in the city’s west end between 2.45pm and 3pm on Saturday.

He then walked out of the palace and towards the Queen Margaret Drive and Byres Road exit, Police Scotland said.

Detectives say the man may have been loitering in Kibble Palace for a while and may have carried out similar attacks which have not yet been reported.

The suspect is described as of Asian appearance, around 25, approximately 5ft 7in height, of medium build and had short dark hair, dark stubble and dark brown eyes.

He was wearing a light coloured T-shirt under a blue denim shirt which was open, black trousers and dark shoes.

Detective sergeant Alan Cuthbert, of Maryhill CID, said: “This assault was very distressing for the lady who is on holiday in Scotland at the moment.

“She had seen the man in the palace prior to the incident and so it may be the case that he had been loitering there for sometime and indeed may have done something similar to others who may not yet have come forward.

“It was around three o’clock in the afternoon, so Botanic Gardens would have been very busy with visitors especially as the weather was so nice.

“I would ask that anyone who saw the man or who recognises him from the description or who has information that will help officers identify him, contact police.”

Any information can be passed to detectives at Maryhill Police Office via the non emergency number 101 or in confidence to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Glasgow Mosque To Pollute The Public’s Eardrums With Call To Prayer During Commonwealth Games

The biggest complaint to TV  watchdogs last year was regarding Channel 4’s Muslim appeasing decision to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer each day during Ramadan. The nation made their feelings known to Ofcom with record numbers lodging complaints resulting in C4 being call to prayer free during this ramadan.

Its just a shame Glasgow council didn’t do proper research on the issue of call to prayers or they would be aware of the public’s disapproval. Instead they have given Muslims the go ahead to pollute the eardrums of residents and visitors by allowing Scotlands largest mosque to pump out this Islamic recitation through loud speakers during ramadam which also happens to coincide with Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth Games this year.

coming soon to the uk.sharia law

City Mosque will broadcast call to prayer every day throughout Games

Herald Scotland

THE Islamic call to prayer will be recited daily through loudspeakers at ­Scotland’s ­largest mosque during the Commonwealth Games. Representatives from ­Glasgow Central Mosque have been given the go-ahead by ­Glasgow City Council to broadcast the two-minute call – known as the adhan – every evening, with the Games coinciding with Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

The mosque in the Gorbals is just a short distance from the athletes’ village and a number of the 72 ­countries taking part in the Games are Muslim or have a significant Muslim population. An estimated 400 athletes and their supporters will be fasting during Ramadan.

Officials from the council’s ­environmental health department visited Scotland’s largest mosque last week to oversee a practice run, and ensure the prayer call does not exceed an agreed sound level.

The adhan will be broadcast once a day from July 10 to August 4 at approximately 10pm. Ramadan will begin on June 29, with its final days coinciding with the first week of the Games, which begin on July 23.

Nabeel Sheikh, general secretary of Glasgow Central Mosque, said it was aiming to cater for Muslims visiting the city for the Games.

He said: “The mosque is situated in the Gorbals, a stone’s throw away from the athletes’ village. We have had a number of inquiries in terms of what the mosque is doing for those athletes who practice their faith.

“We have been advised by the Commonwealth Committee that approximately 400 athletes and supporting staff will be fasting, so upon hearing the adhan for the sunset prayer, they can begin to eat and break the fast. We are trying to cater not just for the Muslim athletes, but their families, Games officials, media and visitors who will be in the city.”

Last month it emerged that representatives of Britain First, an offshoot of the BNP, handed out bibles to worshippers at mosques in Scotland – including Glasgow Central – as part of a self-styled “Christian crusade” against Islam.

Sheikh said the broadcast of the adhan would also help highlight the “open outlook” of Glaswegians and show the community would not be influenced by extremist groups.

He added: “Many of our non-Muslim friends who have visited Dubai, Tunisia or Turkey and have heard the adhan have told me the positive impact it has had on them.

“The world’s media will also be in Glasgow and they can leave with a positive impression of the city and emphasising the tolerance and open outlook of Glaswegians.

“We would like to thank the Commonwealth Games Committee, Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland and the inter-faith groups for all their help and support.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said it had been working closely with the mosque. He added: “Environmental health officers were present for a test run at sundown on Thursday night and there were no concerns over volume.”

A Glasgow 2014 spokeswoman said: “Individuals and organisations from different faith communities have been working together with Glasgow 2014 to help make sure people of all faiths and none feel welcome in the city throughout the Games.”

Young Girl Sexually Assaulted In Poundland By ‘Asian’ Pervert

Is there no shame in these vile perverts what so ever. When and when these predators strike is no longer at night in a deserted street like one typically imagines. As more and more Muslims enter the UK bringing with them the undesirable ways of back home all that has gone out of the window. They will pounce any place any time for a cheap thrill regardless of the considerably higher chances of being caught.

CCTV image of man released after sex attack on young girl at Poundland

CCTV image of man police want to speak to in connection with sexual assault on girl at Poundland in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, on Friday 30 May 2014.
CCTV: Police want to speak to this man in investigation into sex attack at Poundland store.

CCTV images have been released of a man police want to speak to in relation to a sex attack on a young girl at a Poundland store.

The girl was the victim of a sexual assault at around 5.15pm on Friday May 30 at the shop on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow city centre.

Officers say they believe the man in the image “may be able to assist them with their inquiries” following the assault.

Detectives are appealing for the man in the image to contact police as their investigation continues.

He is described as of Asian appearance, aged 40-49 years, approx 6ft tall, medium build, wearing a white baseball cap, glasses, navy blue jacket, light coloured body warmer, blue T-shirt, dark denim jeans with the bottom turned up and carrying a khaki coloured backpack.

Inspector Kenny Darroch: “I would appeal to anyone who was in Poundland on Sauchiehall Street around the time of the incident to contact officers.

“I would also ask anyone who can help identify the man in the image to contact Baird Street Police Office on 101.

Police In Glasgow Hunt For ‘Asian’ / Tanned Sex Attacker

Another possible rape jihad incident in Glasgow following a woman being attack by a pervert describe as tanned / Asian. Only a couple of weeks back in Glasgow was dragged in a car and gang raped by 3 rape jihadists.

Glasgow police hunt Kelvingrove Park sex attacker

The Scotsman

The woman fled from her attacker in the city's Kelvingrove Park. Picture: TSPL

The woman fled from her attacker in the city’s Kelvingrove Park. Picture: TSPL

A SEXUAL assault on a woman in a Glasgow park was a “very frightening incident,” police have said.


The 35-year-old was attacked when she was walking through Kelvingrove Park, near to Dumbarton Road, at about 9.45pm on Friday.

She was approached from behind by a man who grabbed her and then subjected her to the sexual assault.

The woman managed to get away from her attacker, and he ran off through the park towards the city’s Western Infirmary.

The victim also ran out of the park towards Argyle Street, where she contacted the police.

She did not require hospital treatment after the incident, but police said she had been left very upset.

Detective Inspector Douglas Robertson, who is leading the investigation, appealed to anyone who was in the area between 9pm and 10pm on Friday to get in touch.

He said: “This has been a very frightening incident for the victim and specialist officers are continuing to offer her support.

“We are carrying out extensive enquiries including viewing CCTV in order to trace the man responsible for this assault.

“At this time, I would like to reassure the public that there is nothing to suggest that this incident is linked to any other sexual assault. There are additional officers carrying out high visibility patrols in the area and anyone with concerns should speak to an officer.”

The man who carried out the attack is described as being between 35 and 45-years-old, about 5ft 7ins tall, and overweight, with a tanned, Mediterranean or Asian complexion. At the time of the attack he was wearing a red and grey outdoor style jacket and dark trousers and was carrying a small grey rucksack.

Woman Walking Home Gang Raped In Glasgow By 3 ‘Asians’

SICK SICK SICK…… is all i can say!  Guess what?……The three suspects are described as Asian, Who would of imagined that !!!!.

Woman gang-raped in Glasgow as she walked home in the early hours of Saturday morning

THE 33-year-old victim was walking along Edinbeg Avenue in the Toryglen area of the city when three men jumped out of a car and subjected her to a horrific sex attack.

Edinbeg Avenue, Toryglen, Glasgow – scene of the alleged rape

THREE men are being hunted by police after a woman was raped as she walked along the street in the early hours of the morning.

The 33-year-old was walking on Edinbeg Avenue in the Toryglen area of Glasgow when a man got out of a car and forced her into a common close.

The man and two other men, who the victim believes were also in the car, then subjected her to a serious sexual assault between midnight and 3am on Saturday.

They fled following the attack and the woman managed to make her way home. She contacted police the next morning.

She did not require hospital treatment but has been left extremely distressed by the incident, police said.

The three suspects are described as Asian and in their 20’s.

DCI Sharon MacGregor said: “Extensive inquiries are taking place by a team of dedicated officers and we are carrying out door to door enquiries and checking all available CCTV in order to trace the men responsible for this assault.

“I would appeal to anyone who saw or heard a disturbance in Edinbeg Avenue in the early hours of Saturday to contact police.

“I would also ask anyone who saw three Asian men in a light coloured car, possibly white or silver and which may be a BMW or similar make in the area around Edinbeg Avenue to contact officers.

Chief Inspector Carol McGuire Area Commander said: “I would like to reassure the public that we have and will continue to have extra uniform patrols in the area and anyone with any concerns should speak to an officer.

“A crime of this nature is very rare in what is a tight knit community”

Anyone with any information which can help the enquiry is asked to contact London Road Police Office via 101.  Alternatively information can be passed anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Glasgow Doctor Alleged To Of Exposed Penis On A Coach Journey

Dr Ihab Mohamed Fouad Anwar a Glasgow surgeon is to appear before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester over allegations he exposed himself to a passenger sitting next to him on a coach journey.It is also alleged Dr Ihab Mohamed Fouad Anwar rubbed his pelvis against the same passenger. He could be struck off if the allegations are found proved at the hearing which is scheduled for 24 February to 5 March 2014.

The Fitness to Practise Panel will meet at St James’s Buildings in Manchester will inquire into the allegation that during a coach journey in March 2012, Dr Anwar raised and angled his pelvis so as to make contact with a female passenger seated next to him. It is alleged that he moved his pelvis back and forth against the passenger’s body; took his penis out of his trousers; and obstructed the passenger from moving seats.