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Who Is Paying For New £8.3 Million Mega Mosque In Accrington?

Who is funding the new monstrosity of a mega mosque costing 8.3 million pounds in Accrington?  Those involved in the running of the mosque claim it is from public donations which i find hard to swallow. Are the Muslims of Lancashire really that wealthy that they can magically stump up 8.3 million pounds between them after passing the collection bucket round? Or is it the oil rich wahabis from Saudi who have paid for its construction knowing the mosque will then have to push their own extremist version of Islam to those attending?

How did a mosque to hold 900 people with only 70 odd parking spaces pass planning? Maybe the local councillors involvement there could be something to do with it?


The new £8.3 million Raza Jamia Masjid and Link Community Centre in Accrington.

A new £8.3 million Accrington mosque is set to open later this year.

The Raza Jamia Masjid Mosque, being built between Grimshaw Street and Lower Antley Street, will be able to hold nearly 900 people for prayers and worship.

The development will also include a community centre which will be open to residents of all faiths and backgrounds for meetings, events and sporting activities.

Planning permission was approved back in June 2014 and the 1.3 acre site has been transformed over the last three years into the eye-catching two-storey facility.

Mosque leaders said they were hoping to open by May this year, however they are now aiming to complete the development by October.

Work is underway on the £8.3 million Raza Jamia Masjid and Link Community Centre

Jawid Hussain, who manages the project, said: “It’s brilliant. It looks very good and very impressive. A lot of work has gone into it.

“It’s a very complicated building and there are a lot of features to it. It’s taken a bit longer than was originally forecast.”

Jawid said all the funding has come through private donations and that they will retain the old mosque on Grimshaw Street for evening classes.

The new mosque will include three prayer halls and a library and the community centre will feature an Islamic funeral room, community facilities and dining areas.

The site will also include a 71-bay car park with six disabled spaces.

Councillor Munsif Dad, who is a member of the mosque, said: “It’s all coming along very nicely. It’s a very large development and will be a facility for the whole community and for Muslims.

TellMama Appoint Extremist 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

Government funded Tell Mama have appointed yet another controversial extremist to their ranks according to a post at Harrys Place. He is discredited writer and conspiracy theorist Nafeez Ahmed. The extremist is a fierce critic of the governments anti terrorism PREVENT program and recently involved in a much publicised spat with Quilliam’s Maajid Nawaz over his support for PREVENT.

Ironically TellMama founder Fiyaz Mughal has been more than happy to accept government hand outs from PREVENT.  Maybe Mr Mughal should answer the question : Is TellMama pro or anti PREVENT as from here it looks like they are playing both sides to suit themselves

9/11 conspiracy theories in Ahmeds book
9/11 conspiracy theories in Ahmeds book


Below is From Harrys Place:

TellMAMA Decides to work with Conspiracy Theorist and 911 Truther

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan

TellMAMA is an organisation that was set up in 2012 in order to record incidents of anti-Muslim bigotry and hate-crime. The organisation has received considerable government funding over the years and was referenced in a recent governmentreport on hate crime as an example of a project the government supports. The group did attract criticism when they decided to appoint the highly controversial foul-mouthed cyber-bully Nathan Lean to their advisory board. However, it seems they decided to court controversy once again by announcingthey are to work with the highly discredited faux writer and conspiracy theorist Nafeez Ahmed.

Readers of this blog will already be familiar with Nafeez and the bizarre world he inhabits. It seems Nafeez spent much of his early career trying to prove that 9/11 was an inside joborchestrated by the US government as a pretext to invade Muslim countries. He also believes the intention of the UK’s Prevent strategy is to “spy on Muslims” – least forgetting this is the same strategy that poured tax-payers money into funding TellMAMA and his wife’s old organisation Muslim Youth Helpline. The height of Nafeez’s absurdity came when he claimed a NASA funded study proved the hypothesis of an ‘irreversible civilisation collapse’. Nafeez is also convinced that David Cameron is Britain’s leading violent extremist? and the Prevent strategy will “radicalise us all.” He is clearly a loon with a loose grasp on reality.

So the question arises – what the hell are TellMAMA playing at?

They either share his paranoid and delusional worldview, are ashamed of their relationship with Government as well as their acquisition of funding for counter-extremism projects – or they are just dumb. TellMAMA’s work with Nafeez Ahmed is dangerous to the counter-extremism message they state to promote. Legitimising an individual who is so keen on promoting the UK as a wildly Islamophobic country will (unsurprisingly) completely undermines and discredits their work to challenge anti-Muslim bigotry. What does this mean to funders and supporters of TellMAMA? Surely if TellMAMA works so openly with Nafeez Ahmed they supposedly share the view that counter-extremism projects are aimed at driving up Islamophobia; therefore to support TellMAMA is to support fear-mongers and conspiracy theorists that seek to drive up Islamophobia?

In reality this is the situation TellMAMA has founded itself in by playing a painfully obvious “double-game.” It aims to appeal to the Government and funders that want to engage in counter-extremism projects whilst simultaneously appealing to a certain regressive strands within Muslim communities who portray the UK as Islamophobic and Muslims as doomed victims.

This double game was also apparent when one looks at TellMAMA’s relationship with the Quilliam Foundation, whereby founder Fiyaz Moghul had to defend sharing a platform with Quilliam to launch a report and then a year later releasing a press statement of how Quilliam are tied to anti-Muslim bigotry. TellMAMA needs to be much more confident in asserting its values, if indeed it has any. The public are not stupid, and won’t be easily fooled by such an obvious double game.

Read more about Tell Mama and its discredited founder Fiyaz Mughal:

‘Anti Islamophobic Attack Monitor’ TellMama Linked To Muslim Extremists

TellMama / Faith Matters-Fiyaz Mughal’s Islamic Money Making Machine

Video:Fiyaz Mughal Supports Islamist Idea Of Non Democratic Caliphate / Shares Platform With Extremist

The Good News Is Birmingham Jihadis To Pay Proceeds Of Crime-Bad News Is They Are Giving It To Extremist Linked Charity


A group of Muslim wannabe terrorists from Birmingham who were jailed last April for plotting a bombing campaign on British soil, have been ordered to pay proceeds of crime money. They have to pay  £33,000 that they had received in donations posing as official charity collectors. Instead they intended using the money to fund their planned jihad. 

The jailed terrorists have now had their assets seized and will have three months to hand the cash over.

Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid, Ashik Ali, Rahin Ahmed, Bahader Ali and Mujahid Hussain were sentenced for a variety of offences which included plotting a bombing campaign in the UK, attending terrorist training camps and fundraising for terrorism.

If you think it sounds to good to be true you would be correct. For in their infinite wisdom the powers that be have decided not to use the proceeds of crime money to the taxpayers benefits by using it towards the huge expense the trial cost. Or the lengthy and expensive police investigation, not even towards the burden of keeping the terrorists behind bars for the remainder of their sentences. NO they are donating the money to Muslim Aid !!

Yes Muslim Aid the extremist linked charity based at the notorious East London Mosque (ELM). The mosque is run by the British arm of terrorist organization Jamaat-e-Islami, Islamic Forum Europe (IFE). Allegedly IFE  also control Tower Hamlets council and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).  Muslim Aid, ELM, MCB all have overlapping trustees. It has been claimed that Muslim Aid have been bankrolling IFE, ELM, MCB  in the UK with their funds meant to be used as overseas aid.

Muslim Aid were investigated as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the U.S. Treasury in May 2005 for recruiting fighters to join Bosnian Muslim forces and raising funds for jihadis.

Muslim Aid, London is on the official Israeli declaration list of “unlawful associations” for funneling funds to Hamas

Bangladeshi intelligence said to the UK government:

 Another charity Jamaat-e-Islami’s front organisation Muslim Aid is presently under investigation http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/news-details.php?nid=80287 by Bangladesh intelligence agencies for alleged link to terrorism. There are also newspaper reports of Muslim Aid being sectarian in their distribution of relief material. It is alleged Muslim Aid refused to give aid to Hindus and gave aid to Jamaat-e-Islami activists. These are serous allegation and as such we would urge DFID to review its working with some of the Islamist NGOs.

 More in-depth analysis of Muslim Aid’s terror links to Hamas, Al Qaeda and Jamaat-e-Islami can be read here:

Muslim Aid: Hopeless Charity Commission whitewashes yet another Islamist group   –    Daily Telegraph

Yusuf Islam & The Muslim Council of Britain’s terrorism ties – Muslim Aid ‘charity’ funds Al Qaeda & sent Mujahideen to Bosnia     –    Militant Islam Monitor

Muslim Aid and Terror    –    Frontpage Mag

So basically they are taking money that was going to be spent on jihad in the UK and giving it to Muslim Aid to fund jihad overseas with it instead

Tower Hamlets FOI Reply-Council Give Millions In Funding To Muslim Groups

In the last week Kafir Crusaders has posted the replies from 2 freedom of information requests regarding grants to Islamic groups. First was Bolton Council Of Mosques, then about Fiyaz Mughals dawah organizations TellMama / Faith Matters. Both received unjustifiable amounts of money in authority grants. Yet neither comes close to winding me up as much as this latest FOI response from Tower Hamlets council.

FOI TOWER HAMLETS. LBTH and its Islamist linked mayor luftur rahman have been handing out large amounts of money in grants to Muslim groups

At the end of July it was widely reported that Tower Hamlets council with its extremist mayor Lutfur Rahman at the helm had handed out around £600k to religious groups in building maintenance grants. Controversy is often not far away from LBTH islamist mayor and this time was no different. The fact that Muslim groups received 63.5 % of the designated funds compared to Christian groups 23.5% and others 11%   raised a few eyebrows. With many times hearing allegations of dodgy goings  on by Rahman and his Islamic Forum Of Europe(IFE) controlled council i decided to try and find out a little more where the cash has been going in terms of grants and funding. So in went a freedom of information request to Tower Hamlets council.


Islamic Forum Of Europe(IFE) are an extremist movement  based at and control the East London Mosque/London Muslim Centre in Tower Hamlets.It is the British section of Jamaat-e-Islami, which was responsible for horrendous war crimes in Bangladesh in the 1970s. It was founded by Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin,who  is now wanted in his native Bangladesh for war crimes and faces the death penalty. Uddin is also a prominent Muslim Council Of Britain member and Trustee of charity Muslim Aid. IFE are Islamofascists in every sense, their ultimate goal is to create a Muslim superstate out of the UK and the rest of Europe. IFE were central to Lutfur Rahman’s election win for mayor and said to be  behind alleged vote rigging. They hold much behind the scenes power and influence. During the recent English Defence League demo , IFE provided Muslim security to safeguard Muslims and their assets in T.H.  Al-Qaeda supporting leading IFE member Azad Ali’s Vice-Chair of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the link between Islamic far right and the communist far left


Kafir Crusaders FOI request:
1. How much money has the council paid in grants and funding to Islamic
charities and organisations in Tower Hamlets in last 5 years ?
2. What organisations are they and how much did they receive ?

FOI response :

Amount in grants/funding to Islamic charities org in LBTH past  5 years.  The Council does not have records of which Organisations are Islamic Charities, however below is a schedule of grant payments made to all organisation made over the last 5 years. We hope this information is useful.

They then provided 33 pages of grants handed out by Tower Hamlets council over the past 5 years including to non Muslim groups. After looking through as expected the big winners once again are Muslim groups who LBTH appear to of been throwing money at like its going out of fashion. Not exactly the way you would expect the council of 1 of the most deprived areas in the UK to act, especially in today’s financial climate when money is tight. Any public money given in grants and funding should be given to benefit the entire community and not just certain sections of it that are exclusive by race or religion.

Obviously certain charities listed are of benefit to all such as Citizens Advice etc . So who are the winners of the Tower Hamlets big cash hand outs ? The big jackpot winners are the Muslim groups as you would expect from the Islamist run council handing the funds out.

COUNCIL OF MOSQUES :   As we saw in Bolton, the council are bankrolling the local council of mosques. In LBTH they also happen to be Lutfur Rahman supporters who had leaflets praising the mayor made and distributed. IFE linked and listed as a group that is based at East London Mosque/London Muslim Centre controlled by Islamic Forum Europe and also IFE HQ

£42,000.00  2008-9
£109,238.00  2009-10
£109,098.00  2010-11
£63,250.00  2011-12
£96,500.00  2012-13


Part of the notorious IFE run East London Mosque complex events held there often host hate preachers and Islamists on a regular basis.
£66,510.00   2008-9
£2,040.00    2009-10
£40,000.00    2010-11
£20,000.00   2011-12
£60,000.00   2012-13
Way to Work Corporate Match Funding 45,000 2009-2010
Way to Work Corporate Match Funding 40,000 2008-2009

Large sums of money for a charity that according to its latest accounts filed with the charities commission has almost £3 million cash in the bank

Praxis Community Projects: a service entirely for asylum seekers and other migrants. Their website says they look after the well being of refugees, asylum seekers, refused asylum seekers, young unaccompanied asylum seekers foreign criminals. They believe in open immigration for all.

Praxis New Resident / Migrant Advice  Service:   £22,133   2012-2013,       £21,789   2011-2012,       £21,789   2010-2011,     £21,789    2009-2010,   £21,154   2008-2009

Praxis New Residents   Service – Housing   Housing General Fund    £10,250  2008-2009

Praxis Employment Access Economic Engagement     £28,733   2012-2013,      £40,700     2011-2012,   £40,700     2010-2011,  £40,700   2009-2010

LBTH have given Praxis in excess of £250k to advise asylum seekers on getting welfare benefits, failed asylum seekers and other illegal immigrants how to avoid deportation and .God knows what advice they give the foreign criminals mentioned. One thing you can be certain of it wouldn’t be telling them to piss off back to where ever they came from. Great give them money so they can give advice that will end up costing the taxpayer even more money

Here are some more Muslim jackpot winners thanks to Lutfur’s Lotto in ‘Tower Hamlets. Figures are total for the last 5 years in received grants. Some of those listed may have had 10 or more separate grants over that period so some of the figures you see are rounded down and not to the exact penny. ( £120,000 may be £122,643 etc)

Da’watul Islam UK and Eire  To inform and influence public policy and services in order to achieve better outcomes for British Muslims,    £120,000

Osmani Trust    Another IFE linked organization      £170,000

Bangladesh Football Association  £85,000

Jagonari Women’s Educational Resource Centre   Community centre for Muslim women  £190,000

Ocean Somali Community Organisation:  Group for Somalian Muslim immigrants    £ 500,000

Tower Hamlets Somali Organisations Network (THSON) £250,000

Somali Integration Team (SIT) £65,000

Wadajir Somali Community  £50,000

Somali Employment Project  -Tower Hamlets Somali Organisation Network:     £327,700

Muslim Women’s Collective  -Business Development     £108,685

Femploy Bangladesh Youth Movement  £57,188

Somali Girls Youth Support & Employment Project    £19,273

Betar Bangla:  Bengali radio station   £65,000

Bangladesh Youth Movement:  £ 57,188

Wapping Bangladesh Association £35,000

There are countless other Muslim organizations listed for smaller amounts £2k here and £4k there that if i listed them all would be still typing this time in 2 days. Therefore if you would like to see who they are here is the link to the full 33 pages FOI reply of grants

The Islamic Forum Of Europe who some say are Rahmans string pullers behind the scenes have done very nicely out of council grants over the 5 years. The council is almost sponsoring their  entire Dawah mission to spread Islam by funnelling off money through the various IFE controlled organizations. Donating to the London Muslim Centre who have nearly 3 million in the bank is criminal. The Bengali and Somalian Muslims in Tower Hamlets have had big money thrown at them by Mayor Rahman and his Islamic dominated council. Nobody looking at the figures can say the council hasn’t been looking after its own . Essential council services have been getting axed due to budget cuts that effect the whole community whilst the council bankrolls stupid amounts of Muslim organizations with public money in these big fat grants. 1 thing i can assure you is that there is no £40/50k per year to any London Christian Centre or similar. No £120,000 for the Da CofE UK and Eire to influence public policy in favour of Christians. No £327k for a British Employment Project or £108k for any British Women’s collective. 

Mayor Lutfur Rahman, Tower Hamlets Council, IFE and the rest of the Islamic groups who benefited are doing the same as Muslims up and down the UK do but only on a bigger scale…..Playing the system and leeching money off the infidel  establishment whilst contributing nothing to our society other than dragging it down.

TellMama / Faith Matters-Fiyaz Mughal’s Islamic Money Making Machine

Every day my email inbox receives countless mails from random’s around the world wanting to tell me how i can be rich. I look at them thinking if only it was that simple its rubbish as i press delete. Until now that is as I have finally discovered the path to the promised land, untold riches, the ultimate get rich scheme for little effort. That path is called Islam.  Start a  Muslim group in the UK, register as a charitable organization and hey presto various government departments and  local authorities will throw large sums of money at you to fund your lavish lifestyle. If your really lucky you can even employ a few of your mates as paid advisors. Hell, mention Islamophobia or community cohesion in your mission statement  and get even more £££££. Its even recession proof as the funds keep being handed out to Muslim groups show despite the government making cuts everywhere else

After yesterdays FOI Exposé when it was revealed Bolton Council have been bank rolling The Bolton Council Of Mosques with grants totalling over £1.1 million. Now following another FOI request, Kafir Crusaders can reveal that Muslim storyteller and fixer of figures Fiyaz Mughal (via TellMama and Faith Matters) has received over £750,000 in the last 5 years from the Department for Communities and Local Government in funding

For background info on Fiyaz Mughal, Tell Mama and Faith Matters i recommend this eye-opening post from fahrenheit211

Freedom of Information Request Relating to Funding for Faith Matters

You requested information for the last 5 years of any funding allocated to the following organizations Faith Matters and Tell Mama. You wanted it to include the date, how much funding, and a description of the project.I have considered your request under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I confirm that the Department holds the information that you have requested, and I am able to supply it to you. The information that you have requested is as follows. Tell MAMA is a project managed by Faith Matters so it is included in the list of other projects. The payments from DCLG to Faith Matters, the relevant dates and project descriptions, are as follows:

Financial Year Project Description
2012-13,2011-12 &


£397,000 Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (Tell MAMA)
£22,331 Role model for Muslim Women project
£15,190 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£15,190 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£50,000 Caring for converts project
£33,750 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£37,675 Compilation of Mosque directory for Muslim women
£22,332 Role model for Muslim Women project
£33,600 Cohesive Communities Programme
£6,922 Living Islam out Loud project
£50,000 Caring for converts project
£25,870 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£37,675 Mosques Directory compilation
£14,888 Role model for Muslim Women project
£35,000 Cohesion and Faiths Funding
£990 Living Islam out Loud project

As you can see Mughal’s TellMama and Faith Matters ventures really are like an Islamic money making machine. WTF  £37k for a Mosque directory (which are plentiful on-line) in 2008-09 then the same amount again the next year for a directory of Mosques for women ! This is little more than a list of the 100 least sexist and most woman friendly UK mosques. Fiyaz Mughal OBE is certainly in the running to be awarded a BOTD to go alongside his OBE….Bullshitter Off The Decade 

Bolton Council Of Mosques Has Received Over £1.1Million In Council Funding

Following a freedom of information request made to Bolton Council, Kafir Crusaders can reveal that the Labour run council has given ‘Bolton Council Of Mosques’ in excess of £1.1 million in grants over the past 8 years.

FOI to Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council:

1.How much money has the council paid in grants and funding to
Islamic charities and organisations in Bolton since the year
2.What organisations are they
3.What were the grants for

Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council reply to FOI:

Bolton Council has not grant funded charities and organisations
on the basis of their religious background. However, the main faith groups
(Christian, Hindu and Muslim) have received some grant funding to support
community cohesion in Bolton.

Bolton Council of Mosques  (BCOM) has received £1,142,138 in grants from
the Council

Grant to BCOM to promote community cohesion, neighbourhood and
youth activities, on the same basis as the other faith groups who are

The extremely large sum of money BCOM  received shocked me, i had been expecting a fairly large total given to Muslim organizations but certainly not that much. Nor did i expect to see it all going to a single Islamic group but lots of small amounts to several different groups.

So who are Bolton Council of Mosques  (BCOM) and what do they do?  

Their website states :  “Representing all the 22 established mosques in Bolton with approximately 20,000 Muslims, BCoM is often seen as the gateway to the Muslim Community. It is an organisation that ensures that Muslims are represented at the highest levels, locally, regionally and indeed nationally”

Having delved a little deeper into BCOM and what they actually do to justify this “community cohesion” mega grant. Other than a couple of members attending an interfaith meeting every 2 months, they do nothing for the community as a whole. Unless you happen to be a member of the Islamic community that is. In which case they organize youth haji pilgrimages. Day trips for Muslim kids to Blackpool. Campaign for prayer rooms in Bolton’s schools, arrange Islamic funerals and child circumcisions(FGM??).  BCOM have in the past organised fundraising for good causes….Islamic 1s obviously. Such as George Galloway and Yvonne Riddley’s Gaza convoy where Galloway handed over vehicles and supplies to HAMAS.

Isn’t community cohesion meant to be all about bringing different communities together and promoting tolerance, understanding and integration ? A benefit to the community as a whole and not just Muslims ?  Is giving a Muslim only group over a million pounds, whose community who are already intolerant and refuse to integrate a worthy recipient and value for money ? Is it better the council fund all these Islamic activities in the name of community cohesion rather than say opening a couple of youth clubs, getting teenagers of all races and religions off the streets, encouraging them to integrate in a safe environment ? 

I’m sure all the non-Muslim people in Bolton will be pleased to know what a fine job Bolton’s Labour Council are doing at donating money to Muslims in order to keep them sweet and on side improve community cohesion. Going off the BCOM’s website figure of 20,000 Muslims in the area that works out that Bolton Council have paid over £50 per Muslim person !!

Tell Mama On The Scrounge To Raise £3,500 Where Is The £300,000+ Grants ?

TellMama, the  anti-Muslim hate crime monitor set up by Dawah merchants Faith Matters and its Islamist founder Fiyaz Mughal are on the scrounge for the public’s money.

Since the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich , Mughal  has seized the opportunity to get his face on every TV stations news reports and quoted in every daily paper to tell the world that Muslims are the victims of  a wave of Islamophobic attacks. Attacks that were part of  ‘a never ending cycle of violence’. Banding around a set of hate attacks figures that were used as the foundation for numerous articles in the press about a huge leap in anti-Muslim hate crimes.

They was doing a good job of misleading the public, portraying Muslims as the victims until the Telegraphs Andrew Gilligan exposed TellMama’s taqiyya. His article revealed that there was no ‘never ending cycle of violence against Muslims’ which TellMama had claimed and also revealed the alleged Islamophobic hate crime figures were on the whole often little more than on-line name calling. The following week saw the paper follow-up with an article about how TellMama had lost their funding due to concerns about the credibility of figures. In the past year TellMama had received grants in excess of £300,000 including a grant of over £200,000 from deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.

In knowledge of the amount of funding they have received why are they now appealing for funds on a website called Crowdfunder. They are asking for the public to donate £3,500 towards a 2 minute video. 

TELL MAMA (Supporting Victims of Faith Hate Incidents and Crimes)A Community project from London Borough of Camden, London by tell-mama

We are looking to raise funding to do a 2 minute film on how hate incidents and crimes impact on people of faith.

We would like to make a call for resources to develop an educational film tool which will be shown in 100 schools in England in 2013, with a view to challenging perceptions and stereotypes. By doing so, we hope that another incident like that which took place against Jamila, does not happen. You can empower us through your support and by doing so, we can create the positive social change for our young people. Communities matter, people matter, we all, simply matter!

TARGET: £3,500   DAYS LEFT 36   PLEDGED 15%

The scope of our project:

  • To produce an educational video that highlights faith hate crimes against individuals.
  • To use the educational video and the associated workbook that we will produce to reach out to 100 schools in England in 2013
  • To reach out to a minimum of 2,000 young people in 2013 and to 150 educators in schools.
  • To promote within young people, the need to tackle hate against communities through social activism,
  • To show young people how hate crimes can impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

(KC: you can guarantee the only faith hate crimes featured will be against Muslims not those committed by Muslims against others)

Why do TellMama have to ask for donations???   Where is the £300,000 plus they have had of taxpayers money  ????    Other than a website i have no idea what they have wasted the grants on. Surely 1 person with a computer and a couple of spare hours a day is all would take to log a few name calling incidents online

Fiyaz Mughal And Tell Mama Pay The Ultimate Price For ‘Cycle Of Violence’ Taqiyya

Follow up to last weeks Tell Mama Tell Lies,  Anti-Muslim Attacks Taqiyya

My heart bleeds for Tell Mama the anti Muslim attack monitor and its lying mufti Fiyaz Mughal. The Telegraphs Andrew Gilligan has today revealed that  Tell Mama will be receiving no more of the taxpayers hard-earned money to bankroll the Islamist opponents of free speech, including the well paid for doing little salary of Fiyaz Mughal and his Muslim only staff. I’ll try not to laugh too much as i type LOL

Mughal certainly made the most of his 5 minutes of fame since Woolwich managing to get his face on almost every TV channels news reports as well-being quoted  in newspaper reports on a daily basis. He spent that much time in the spotlight telling all and sundry how Muslims were the are victims, that he is now at z-list celebrity level, managing to become the UK’s  5th most well-known Muslim behind Abu Hamza, Anjem Choudary, George Galloway and Mo Ansar.  Making the most of his new-found fame, it wouldn’t surprise me should the extremists from Islam TV offer him his own TV show. Another distinct possibility is Unite Against Fascism snapping him up. They are quite partial to having z listers as anti fascists such as Ken Livingstone and Doreen Lawrence. Mughal could be their full-time sympathy seeking Islamoaner as Al-Qaeda supporting vice chair Azad Ali with his Muslim extremist background doesn’t pull the nations heartstrings to well.

Civil servants and Police officers raised concerns about  Tell Mama’s methods and the authenticity of the anti Muslim attacks being logged. Maybe they should listen to patriots a little more as myself  like countless others have been critical of TellMama and dubious about its whole existence and motives since it started. It would have saved Nick Clegg wasting £214,000 of the taxpayers money in a grant on top of the £160,ooo it had already received which i wasn’t  aware of till now. This new figure makes Tell Mama’s value for money even less. For its first year’s not so massive amount of 18 prosecutions that now works out at just over £20,000 of grant money each!

So what exactly has Mughal been using the £375,000 that it has had in grants over the last year.A nice big fat salary for himself no doubt for starters. As far as i could tell commie trolls such as Evelyn Cook and her multiple fake accounts provided Tell Mama with most of its reports. Even then it averaged out at 2 a day only which Mughal could have easy logged in his spare time say an hour a night. Why he had to employ his Muslim only staff  is beyond me. Looks like jobs for the boys to me, a meal ticket for his Faith Matters people whilst they engage in Dawwah pushing Islam onto the public

I imagine Tell Mama will now disappear into obscurity with no credibility or grant to pay Mughal’s salary. Times up for this Islamic scam. Good riddance 

Muslim hate monitor to lose backing

Ministers end funding for body that claimed ‘wave of attacks’ against Islam.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama. Photo: REX FEATURES

By Andrew Gilligan

7:00AM BST 09 Jun 2013

A controversial project claiming to measure anti-Muslim attacks will not have its government grant renewed after police and civil servants raised concerns about its methods.

The project, called Tell Mama, claimed that there had been a “sustained wave of attacks and intimidation” against British Muslims after the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, with 193 “Islamophobic incidents” reported to it, rising to 212 by last weekend.

The group’s founder, Fiyaz Mughal, said he saw “no end to this cycle of violence”, describing it as “unprecedented”. The claims were unquestioningly repeated in the media.

Tell Mama and Mr Mughal did not mention, however, that 57 per cent of the 212 reports referred to activity that took place only online, mainly offensive postings on Twitter and Facebook, or that a further 16 per cent of the 212 reports had not been verified. Not all the online abuse even originated in Britain.

Contrary to the group’s claim of a “cycle of violence” and a “sustained wave of attacks”, only 17 of the 212 incidents, 8 per cent, involved the physical targeting of people and there were no attacks on anyone serious enough to require medical treatment.

There have been a further 12 attacks on Islamic buildings, three of them serious, including a probable arson attack on a Muslim community centre in north London, which burned it to the ground.

Tell Mama supporters launched a furious campaign of protest againstThe Sunday Telegraph after it disclosed the breakdown last week, with round-robin emails to the newspaper accusing it of behaviour “better suited to the days of 1930s Germany”.

However, The Sunday Telegraph has now learned that even before Woolwich, the communities minister, the Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster, called Mr Mughal to a meeting and said that Tell Mama’s grant would not be renewed.

The organisation has received a total of £375,000 from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) since last year.

“Mr Mughal was giving data on attacks to DCLG which wasn’t stacking up when it was cross-referenced with other reports by Acpo [the Association of Chief Police Officers],” said one source closely involved in counter-extremism.

“He was questioned by DCLG civil servants and lost his temper. He was subsequently called in by Don Foster and told that he would receive no more money.”

A senior Liberal Democrat source confirmed the sequence of events, saying: “There was a bit of a spat. He was called in and told that Acpo had cast doubt on his figures. He was told that he would be closely monitored for the remaining period of the grant and that there would be no more money.”

A DCLG spokesman confirmed that Tell Mama’s funding would not be renewed and refused to deny that officials had raised concerns about its methods.

Tell Mama claimed in March that anti-Muslim crime was “rising”, even though the group had only been in operation at that stage for a year and had no previous figures to compare with.

Other figures, collected by the police, show that hate crime in mainly Muslim areas has fallen in the past 10 years. The only large force that collects figures on specifically anti-Muslim crime, the Metropolitan Police, reported an 8.5 per cent fall in such crimes between 2009 and 2012.

There was a spike in anti-Muslim incidents after the killing of Drummer Rigby. However, contrary to Tell Mama’s claims that it was “unprecedented”, the Met’s assistant commissioner, Cressida Dick, told MPs last week that it was “slightly less” than after previous terror attacks.

“There has not been such a very big increase in attacks as we might have feared,” she said. Mr Mughal himself has now admitted to the BBC that the number of physical attacks was “small”.

Tell Mama has also been using its budget to threaten members of the public with libel actions for criticising it on Twitter.

In mid-May, before Woolwich, one Jewish activist, Ambrosine Chetrit, received a threatening letter from solicitors after she tweeted that “Tell Mama are sitting on Twitter on the EDL hashtag, threatening anyone and everyone whose comments they do not like about Islam”.

Tell Mama also objected to a tweet in which Ms Chetrit said it was “trying to close down pro-Israel [Twitter] accounts daily”.

Other recipients of legal threats at the same time include Atma Singh, a former race adviser to the then Labour mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, who received a legal letter from Tell Mama after tweeting that it “gives a platform to Islamists”.

Tell Mama did not claim that either of these individuals was racist or anti-Muslim. But it said their tweets were false and “defamatory” of Mr Mughal, had “damaged” his reputation, causing him “distress and embarrassment”, and demanded immediate apologies and damages. Up to four other people are believed to have received similar threats.

The letters were written by Farooq Bajwa, a solicitor who has acted for a number of Islamists and Islamist sympathisers, including the Palestinian radical leader Raed Salah and the Respect MP George Galloway.

The letters to Mr Singh and Ms Chetrit were sent to their private home addresses, neither of which are in the public domain. Ms Chetrit’s lawyer, Mark Lewis, who has acted for many phone-hacking victims, has reported Mr Bajwa and Tell Mama to the police after they refused to say how they obtained the information.

“I have been instructed to resist the claim,” said Mr Lewis. “It has no merit. I have not had any response as to how my client’s name and address were obtained.”

Mr Singh said: “I find it absurd that someone can threaten people on this kind of basis and use libel in this political way. This is nothing to do with Islamophobia – they are just trying to shut down debate.”

Ms Chetrit said: “It is very worrying and scary. All the people who have been threatened by Tell Mama are pro-Israeli.”

The DCLG claimed that Tell Mama’s funding was always due to cease in September 2013 and that Mr Foster was “very impressed” by the “progress” the group had made.

However, the funding of Tell Mama was described as “ongoing” in the Government’s “hate crime action plan” last year and only in November Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, announced that £214,000 of “new” and “further” funding had been granted to Tell Mama.

Mr Mughal said: “The meeting with DCLG officials related to the publication of 2012 anti-Muslim prejudice figures and having an independent review of those figures, which is good practice.

“This was agreed and has always been part of the process. The ‘loss of temper’ did not relate to the methodology of data collection.”

Mr Mughal said that no public money had been used to issue the libel threats.

He said: “We will defend the right of all people to express their identities and their support for countries and groups freely.

However, we have the right to defend the integrity of our work when people broadcast [on Twitter] comments that are simply untrue and highly damaging about us.”

He declined to explain how the private addresses had been obtained, but said it was “within the law.”

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Tell Mama Tell Lies, The Anti-Muslim Attacks Taqiyya

For anybody who has never heard of Tell Mama, they are an organization that set up last year to measure hate crimes against Muslims in the UK. Naturally its run by other Muslims who are out to look after their own. The 1st thing you have to ask yourself does Britain really have that much a problem with anti Muslim hate crimes to warrant a group set up specifically to monitor them. I mean there’s already plenty of other Muslim think tanks and other so called ‘anti fascist’ groups looking after the Muslims interests. Now if it a charity and was staffed by Muslim volunteers then fair enough. But Tell Mama’s Muslim only staff aren’t volunteers. Their paid employees.  Paid by who you may ask…. Paid for by who do you think… The British taxpayer.  Last year Tell Mama received a nice £200,000 + grant from the Deputy PM Nick Clegg to help tackle ‘Islamophobia’

After the savage murder of Drummer Lee Rigby by two Muslim extremists, there has been much mentioned in the news also of alleged revenge attacks anti Muslim hate crimes.  One person who keeps getting his face on the news and quoted in the press is Fiyaz Mughal from Tell Mama. Anyone who has seen his interviews will hear him claiming in the week after Woolwich anti Muslim attacks have gone through the roof. By the time he has finished your left questioning yourself as to who is actually the victim in all this. The murdered soldier or the poor old Muslims. If Mughal and other Islamic apologists have their way you will be thinking the Muslims are the victim in it all, Muslims are not the victim. Forget what Tell Mama’s Fiyaz Mughal has said, forget anything else you have seen or heard about the 10 fold increase in anti Muslim hate crimes elsewhere in the media. The statistics used by the media to come to the conclusion of mass Islamphobic attacks have all originated at the same source…………Fiyaz Mughal and his TellMama posse.

Fiyaz Mughal and his TellMama have been using taqiyya, lying for allah to push the islamic cause

The Telegraph’s  Andrew Gilligan has  uncovered the truth about Fiyaz Mughal and his TellMama’s alleged anti-Muslim hate crimes since Woolwich. Mughal and TellMama have been committing Taqiyya, deceiving and telling lies to further the cause of Islam. Something which admittedly he was doing quite well judging by the amount of articles in the last week portraying Muslims as the victim. The media especially leftists such as the BBC and Guardian have made a huge deal out of the alleged anti Muslim backlash that has apparently happened although most mainstream media has carried stories on it. And it is that figure issued by Tell Mama – of, to date, 212 “anti-Muslim incidents” since the Woolwich murder – which has formed the basis of nearly all this reporting

Fiyaz Mugal has claimed there has been “a wave of attacks, harassment, and hate-filled speech against Muslims … an unprecedented number of incidents”, including “a rise in street harassment of Muslims – unprovoked, opportunistic attacks from strangers as Muslims go about their lives”

He added: “Over the past week or so, these sorts of hate crimes have noticeably increased in number and, in many instances, become more extreme.“The scale of the backlash is astounding … there has been a massive spike in anti-Muslim prejudice. A sense of endemic fear has gripped Muslim communities.”

I do not see an end to this cycle of violence. There is an underlying Islamophobia in our society and the horrendous events in Woolwich have brought this to the fore.”And as he put it on Today, “the [Government’s] Prevent [anti-extremism] agenda, the extremist agenda, have not been good for building confidence – the sense of fear just alienates and isolates communities.”

Tell Mama are doing their utmost to portray Muslims as the victims, even attempted to deflect some of the negative attention onto the EDL trying to equate them to Islamic jihadists. As Gilligan quite rightly points out in his article nobody has been killed by the EDL yet many by Islamic terrorists. More disturbing is the breakdown of the alleged 212 anti Muslim hate attacks in the week since Woolwich, which the media have been quick to believe as gospel and publish.

The Telegraph article found  the following

The truth about the ‘wave of attacks on Muslims’ after Woolwich murder

Tell Mama confirmed to The Sunday Telegraph that about 120 of its 212 “anti-Muslim incidents” – 57 per cent – took place only online. They were offensive postings on Twitter or Facebook, or comments on blogs: nasty and undesirable, certainly, but some way from violence or physical harm and often, indeed, legal. Not all the offending tweets and postings, it turns out, even originated in Britain.

Tell Mama has no written definition of what it classes as an anti-Muslim incident, but has in the past adopted a wide definition.

 Mr Mughal admitted that a further 35 of the 212 post-Woolwich incidents, or 16 per cent, had yet to be verified.He justified publishing the figure, however, saying he expected that all but a handful of incidents would be verified.

Only 17 cases (8 per cent) – involved individuals being physically targeted.Six people had things thrown at them, said Mr Mughal, and most of the other 11 cases were attempts to pull off the hijab or other items of Islamic dress.Without in any way denying the distress and harm caused by such attacks, they do stand at the lower levels of seriousness.

Asking other police forces and trawling local media reports, The Telegraph has been unable to find a single confirmed case since Drummer Rigby’s death where any individual Muslim has received an injury requiring medical treatment.

Tell Mama’s Twitter feed reported one such incident, of a Muslim woman “knocked unconscious” in Bolton, but the local police said they had no knowledge of this and did not believe it happened. It is unlikely, though not impossible, that any case of serious injury could have escaped the notice of the media or police.

Perhaps the most serious manifestation of anti-Muslim feeling after the killing was a number of attacks on mosques. These are believed to total 11, though here again evidence for a “wave of violence” is lacking. With only two exceptions, a mosque in Grimsby into which firebombs were thrown and another one in Essex where a man entered with a knife, all the incidents were relatively minor, such as window-breaking or graffiti.

For Islamists such as the Cordoba Foundation(Muslim Brotherhood Front that recruits potential extremists) , the narrative of British Muslims under attack, increasingly hated and feared by their fellow citizens, is essential for recruitment, and for furthering their central lie that different races and faiths cannot coexist.  Mr Mughal has written in the Cordoba Foundation’s journal (he says it was a “mistake” which he will not repeat).

“Islamophobic” is also a handy charge to throw at anyone who questions Islamist ideology. But part of its motivation appears to be an attempt to draw some of the sting from Islamist terrorism by equating it with the work of anti-Muslim extremist groups such as the English Defence League.

Even before the Woolwich incident Fiyaz Mughal and his Tell Mama group had been in the press making a big deal about their successes over the last year . Bearing in mind they received almost a quarter of a million pound grant, you would be expecting a huge amount of anti Muslim hate crimes reported and subsequent people prosecuted.  Well no actually it measured the huge amount of 632 anti Muslim hate crimes in the last year.

Fiyaz Mughal:

A five-year old girl sent flying from the bonnet of a car, left unconscious in the road by a hit-and-run driver. A pregnant woman watching her husband being beaten up by her neighbour’s boyfriend, their children terrorised by constant abuse. A family forced from their home in Nottinghamshire, leaving behind graffiti and a ham-wrapped cross on their doorstep. Or a young woman who had faeces thrust onto her hijab in a south London street.All these and more are just some of the 632 (and rising) cases reported during the first year of ‘Tell MAMA’, the UK’s national anti-Muslim hate crime project, which my organisation Faith Matters runs. Our project reveals some disturbing findings. The majority of Muslims being physically attacked, harassed or intimidated because of their faith are women, according to MAMA’s figures – and those doing it are white men increasingly likely to be linked to far-right groups.Three-quarters (74%) of incidents reported to MAMA took place over social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc), but there have also been attacks on mosque buildings, against pregnant women and ‘visible’ hijab (veil) wearers, even children and pensioners in their 80s.

The most serious instances of  Anti Muslim hatred he mentions have a few facts omitted for starters. Now a 5-year-old being knocked over and left unconscious by a hit and run driver is shocking yes, but a hate crime ??  Was the driver arrested and it proved that he purposely knock the child over just because she was a Muslim? I very much doubt it because it would be front page news for weeks with the Muslims making the most out of playing the victim.

The family forced from their home in Nottinghamshire, leaving behind racist graffiti and a ham-wrapped cross on their doorstep. What Tell Mama fail to mention here is that those responsible weren’t a bunch of neo-Nazi’s  who hounded them out of their home but the actions of a 13 year old child.

Almost 3/4 of the alleged hate crimes they have logged were from social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook and little more than words. Anyone familiar with Twitter and Facebook will know that there is a number of  communist internet trolls who have nothing better to do than trawl peoples Facebook personal profiles and tweets looking for anything remotely offensive to screenshot and report.

 Visibly-identified far-right British National Party (BNP) or English Defence League (EDL) members were linked to over half (54%) of all incidents. Our work has led to the arrests of 21 far-right EDL supporters, with over 40 incidents reported against EDL leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ alone. Eighteen prosecutions have taken place, although we would like the police and CPS to do much more in this area

So it’s hardly surprising then that BNP and EDL members make up for half of the reported anti-Muslim attacks when it is their social media accounts that Tell Mama and the trolls are constantly checking on. Clearly the Muslims at Tell Mama are on some kind of witch-hunt against anybody who speaks out against Islam considering there has been 40 reports  of alleged anti Muslim attacks logged against EDL leader Tommy Robinson. Yet the police haven’t deemed them worthy of any kind of action which leaves a big question mark as to what Tell Mama deem as an anti- Muslim attack as the police don’t consider them serious enough to punish. Even more laughable is the fact that out of all their reports only 18 people have been prosecuted. This works out to just short of £12,000 in grant money per arrest. Hardly value for money is it What  Tell Mama and other similar groups do purposely is omit certain details to make things look more juicy. This is just another Muslim organization aimed to push Islam and silence its critics. Another weapon in the stealth jihad going on all around us. By pushing ‘Islamophobia’ into people’s faces. It allows Muslims to not only to try to shut up those who speak out against it by making Islam a taboo subject. It keeps the grants coming in and creates jobs for Muslims. Allowing them to push the Islamic agenda even more.

Islamophobia is a big money industry,portraying Muslims as victims and keeping it in the spotlight is good for business. This is something groups like UAF and Hope not Hate realised long ago that by demonizing a certain section of the public whom you dislike or hold opposing views to your own such as patriot groups like the English Defence League. Constantly trying to make them look bad  by telling lies and scaremongering keeps the money rolling in. In the UAF’s case it’s a money-making machine and recruiting method for its SWP puppet masters. For HnH it those helps the book sales on racism by Nick Lowles and Matthew Collins. In Tellmama’s case its fund to push Islam to the public as part of their stealth jihad.

New iREA Forced Sex Segregation Scandal At Leicester Uni

London based Islamist organization iREA are once again in the news for forced sex segregation at one of their events at a British University. iREA were the same group who were banned from UCL last month after their sexist seating arrangements at an event held there. Once again it was Muslim extremist Hamza Tzortzis who was hosting the event at Leicester University. iREA are touring round British universities spreading political Islam to students. iREA are an Islamo-fascist group under charity status whose own mission statement is to spread Islam to non believers and non practising Muslim in an attempt to Islamify Britain. It employs 18 full-time renowned hate preachers  many who call for the killing of the Kafir, homosexuals and apostates .

Hatewatch: iERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy)

Extremist Muslim Group iREA Gets Banned From Hosting Events At University College London

Second university sounds alarm over segregation at Muslim student events

A Second university in a matter of weeks has launched an investigation into claims that Muslim students are enforcing segregation between men and women at public events.

By John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor

7:25PM BST 15 Apr 2013

Leicester University voiced concern after photographs emerged showing hand-written signs directing male and female students to sit in separate sections at a public talk on the existence of God organized by the university’s Islamic Society.

The meeting was addressed by Hamza Tzortzis, an Islamic speaker who tours university campuses, who was at the centre of controversy over segregation at University College London (UCL) last month.

UCL announced that it was banning his organization, the Islamic Education & Research Academy (IERA), from its campus after a debate he was addressing descended into farce over the issue of segregation.

The latest row erupted after photographs were published on the internet showing sheets of A4 paper attached to a door reading “brothers” and “sisters” with arrows pointing in opposite directions at the entrance to the event in Leicester.

A separate notice on the website the University of Leicester Islamic Society (ULISoc), makes clear that while its meetings are open to the public it has a policy of “segregated seating for brothers and sisters at all co-attended events”.

The University said that it would investigate the signs shown in the photographs, which are said to have been taken by a student, but added that it was not aware of anyone being “forced” to sit separately.

Then, after being shown a link to the society’s website making clear that it had a policy of segregated seating, it said it would ensure that no one was required to sit separately unless they wished to.

A spokesman for Tzortzis’s group acknowledged that it was not uncommon the sexes to be informally segregated at events for Muslim students but insisted any signs were just to “facilitate” rather than “enforce” separation.

He added that there was “not usually any sort of problem” if non-Muslims attend events and ignore signs advising them to sit in different areas.

“It is a little bit of a storm in a teacup,” he said.

“It is down to a bit of a misunderstanding about the way that Islam is perceived.”

He added that signs could be helpful to “accommodate” people who “want to sit with their own gender”.

And Mr Tzortzis responded to criticism on Twitter, insisting that there had been no “enforcement” but added: “This is neo-liberal extremism at its best.

“If women want to sit alone, let them.”

Last month a debate organized by the IERA and addressed by Mr Tzortzis at UCL almost had to be abandoned over the issue of segregation.

Professor Lawrence Krauss, a leading physicist and former adviser to Barack Obama, was invited to debate the question of “Islam or Atheism: Which Makes More Sense?” with Mr Tzortzis.

But he threatened to walk out when he discovered that men and women were sitting in segregated blocs.

He was persuaded to stay only after organisers agreed to let men and women sit together but then found himself being accused of intolerance by angry members of the audience.

The professor later remarked that British people appeared too afraid to offend “vocal and aggressive” elements.

A spokesman for Leicester University said: “The university will investigate whether entrances to the hall for this event were segregated by the Society and will ensure there is no recurrence of this.”

Dan Flatt of the university’s Students’ Union said: “The Students’ Union does not believe in enforced segregation.

“We trust in our Societies ability to conduct their events in accordance with the principles of the Union.”

No-one from the University of Leicester Islamic Society itself responded to inquiries about the arrangement last night.

On its website the group advertises sporting sessions for men and women but adds: “Please note: due to the relocation of sports facilities this year it has unfortunately not been possible to book the Sports Hall for sisters’ sports.”


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