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Fiyaz Mughal Linked Group Try To Compare Anti-Muslim Attacks With The Holocaust In Disrespectful Video

Nothing is  safe anymore from being hijacked by Islamists engaging in stealth jihad. Not even the mass genocide of Jews during the holocaust by Hitler’s Nazis. A video released for Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 by the taxpayer-funded organisation Holocaust Memorial Day Trust appears to be equating present day anti Muslim attacks with the horrors inflicted on the Jewish people during World War 2.

Instead of educating people about the atrocities committed in the concentration camps during the holocaust as you may expect.   The offensive video starts with a Muslim woman in present day Britain having her headscarf pulled off whilst waiting for a bus by two ‘white males’. Later on in the video the same woman can be seen sat on the bus crying wearing a yellow star on her coat. Insinuating that Muslims in the UK today are persecuted similar to how the Jews were by the Nazis during WW2.

Yet the creeping  islamization of the holocaust all starts to become clear when you begin delving into the background of the Holocaust Memorial Trust. The group which is  totally taxpayer-funded  by the  tune of over £800k p.a. has a very conspicuous name listed amongst its directors / trustees. None other than full-time Muslim sympathy seeker Mr Fiyaz Mughal. The grievance mongering taqiyya artist extraordinaire.

For anybody who may be unaware of who Mr Mughal is i shall explain more. Fiyaz Mughal is the head honcho of the  many times discredited TellMamaUK the ‘anti Muslim attack monitor’ and ‘interfaith’ group Faith Matters. Between these two groups Mr Mughal has received substantial amounts of government money in funding.

Following the horrific murder of Lee Rigby by Muslim extremists. Fiyaz Mughal somehow managed to divert the negative press attention away from Muslims, portraying them as the real victims with a set of fiddled islamophobic attack figures. Having then been called out on the fake hate crime figures by reporter Andrew Gilligan of The Telegraph, he tried and failed to sue the reporter. With the Judge stating during his summing up  that Mughal had exaggerated the figures and by attempting to liken the threat of the EDL to that of Al-Qaeda .

I find it hard to believe that there is not an agenda in play here with this offensive video and that Fiyaz Mughal’s influence is not something to do with it.

H/T: http://www.israellycool.com/2017/01/26/holocaust-memorial-day-trusts-offensive-video/

TellMama Appoint Extremist 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

Government funded Tell Mama have appointed yet another controversial extremist to their ranks according to a post at Harrys Place. He is discredited writer and conspiracy theorist Nafeez Ahmed. The extremist is a fierce critic of the governments anti terrorism PREVENT program and recently involved in a much publicised spat with Quilliam’s Maajid Nawaz over his support for PREVENT.

Ironically TellMama founder Fiyaz Mughal has been more than happy to accept government hand outs from PREVENT.  Maybe Mr Mughal should answer the question : Is TellMama pro or anti PREVENT as from here it looks like they are playing both sides to suit themselves

9/11 conspiracy theories in Ahmeds book
9/11 conspiracy theories in Ahmeds book


Below is From Harrys Place:

TellMAMA Decides to work with Conspiracy Theorist and 911 Truther

This is a guest post by Amjad Khan

TellMAMA is an organisation that was set up in 2012 in order to record incidents of anti-Muslim bigotry and hate-crime. The organisation has received considerable government funding over the years and was referenced in a recent governmentreport on hate crime as an example of a project the government supports. The group did attract criticism when they decided to appoint the highly controversial foul-mouthed cyber-bully Nathan Lean to their advisory board. However, it seems they decided to court controversy once again by announcingthey are to work with the highly discredited faux writer and conspiracy theorist Nafeez Ahmed.

Readers of this blog will already be familiar with Nafeez and the bizarre world he inhabits. It seems Nafeez spent much of his early career trying to prove that 9/11 was an inside joborchestrated by the US government as a pretext to invade Muslim countries. He also believes the intention of the UK’s Prevent strategy is to “spy on Muslims” – least forgetting this is the same strategy that poured tax-payers money into funding TellMAMA and his wife’s old organisation Muslim Youth Helpline. The height of Nafeez’s absurdity came when he claimed a NASA funded study proved the hypothesis of an ‘irreversible civilisation collapse’. Nafeez is also convinced that David Cameron is Britain’s leading violent extremist? and the Prevent strategy will “radicalise us all.” He is clearly a loon with a loose grasp on reality.

So the question arises – what the hell are TellMAMA playing at?

They either share his paranoid and delusional worldview, are ashamed of their relationship with Government as well as their acquisition of funding for counter-extremism projects – or they are just dumb. TellMAMA’s work with Nafeez Ahmed is dangerous to the counter-extremism message they state to promote. Legitimising an individual who is so keen on promoting the UK as a wildly Islamophobic country will (unsurprisingly) completely undermines and discredits their work to challenge anti-Muslim bigotry. What does this mean to funders and supporters of TellMAMA? Surely if TellMAMA works so openly with Nafeez Ahmed they supposedly share the view that counter-extremism projects are aimed at driving up Islamophobia; therefore to support TellMAMA is to support fear-mongers and conspiracy theorists that seek to drive up Islamophobia?

In reality this is the situation TellMAMA has founded itself in by playing a painfully obvious “double-game.” It aims to appeal to the Government and funders that want to engage in counter-extremism projects whilst simultaneously appealing to a certain regressive strands within Muslim communities who portray the UK as Islamophobic and Muslims as doomed victims.

This double game was also apparent when one looks at TellMAMA’s relationship with the Quilliam Foundation, whereby founder Fiyaz Moghul had to defend sharing a platform with Quilliam to launch a report and then a year later releasing a press statement of how Quilliam are tied to anti-Muslim bigotry. TellMAMA needs to be much more confident in asserting its values, if indeed it has any. The public are not stupid, and won’t be easily fooled by such an obvious double game.

Read more about Tell Mama and its discredited founder Fiyaz Mughal:

‘Anti Islamophobic Attack Monitor’ TellMama Linked To Muslim Extremists

TellMama / Faith Matters-Fiyaz Mughal’s Islamic Money Making Machine

Video:Fiyaz Mughal Supports Islamist Idea Of Non Democratic Caliphate / Shares Platform With Extremist

Video:Fiyaz Mughal Supports Islamist Idea Of Non Democratic Caliphate / Shares Platform With Extremist

Professional Muslim sympathy seeker Fiyaz Mughal of TellMama lets his mask slip in this video where he says “believing in a caliphate” and dissenting from democracy is “not a threat to the state”.

You could have fooled me Mr Mughal. Any kind of push to replace the democratic system we have now, a legal system  laws based on traditional Christian values and British fairness. With some undemocratic religious caliphate and its backwards sharia law. Even the thought of it most certainly is a threat to the states future.

The video was filmed at an event hosted by a well known extremist group IREA. They are a dawah group who sole purpose is to spread Islam. The groups founder is a notorious hate preacher Abdurraheem Green who has called for the extermination of apostates, homosexuals and Jews. He is also a supporter of wife beating saying Islam allows a male Muslim to beat their wives.  At several past iREA events they have enforced sex segregation of the auddience.  You can read more about the extremist group iREA here.

Sat next to Mughal is a member of another Islamist group. The anti-Semitic “Cordoba Foundation” a UK based Muslim Brotherhood front. Cordoba Foundation were recently added to the UAE blacklist alongside ISIS and Al Qaeda for having terrorist links.

Considering Fiyaz Mughal likes to portray himself as a moderate non extremist Muslim as he sells his heavily watered down version of Islam to the public. Now and again he lets slip his real views.

Despite being totally different in tactics. In reality Mughals end goal is no different from that of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Anjem Choudrys mob, Saudi Wahabis or the hate preachers who call for death to Christians and Jews. They all have the same aim which is the implementation of a caliphate. A worldwide Islamic State under Sharia Law and with unelected religious nutters installed as rulers chosen purely on how many thousand times they have read the Koran.

Regardless of what a Muslim tells you or how much they deny it. A world dominated by the all-powerful and conquering Islam is the dream of every single Muslim. It is drummed into their mind from being tiny, that its their destiny for the Muslim caliphate to rise up and rule the world which is exactly what the Koran instructs Muslims to do. There is no doubt ISIS are waging jihad to establish the caliphate. Al Mujideen will glady tell you all day long they will not stop fighting until the black flag is flying above parliament and Buckingham Palace. Tell Mama on the other hand are engaging in a stealth jihad to aid their Islamization. They use islamophobia and play the race card to silence criticism of Islam making it easier for others to infiltrate and our society. Attempting to push Islam and make it part of our daily lives via the back door. Mughal was even quoted in the press recently calling for schools to rebrand ‘british values’ to ‘shared values’

More on Tell Mama below:

TellMamas extremist links – exposing TellMamas founder Fiyaz Mughal and co chair Shahid Malik’s links to various Muslim extremists both in the UK and abroad

Tell Mama – Mughals money making machine. – FOI government funding – Freedom of information response finding out that the taxpayer has funded grants totalling over £750,000 to Fiyaz Mughal

The 3 stages of stealth jihad to take over non Muslim nations. Stages 1 is complete. Stage 2 is well advanced. Mughal is now laying down the foundations for stage 3
The 3 stages of stealth jihad to take over non Muslim nations. Stages 1 is complete. Stage 2 is well advanced. Mughal is now laying down the foundations for stage 3

‘Anti Islamophobic Attack Monitor’ TellMama Linked To Muslim Extremists

TellMama is a UK based ‘anti Muslim hate crime’ monitor run by Mr Fiyaz Mughal OBE founder of Faith Matters which has received a considerable amount of taxpayers money. TellMama are the much cited source in the mainstream media for any figures published regarded as ‘anti Muslim attacks’ . The regular TV appearances and newspaper quotes by Mr Mugal give the impression that they are some kind of legitimate impartial organization.

This post will ask questions of Tell Mamas agenda and integrity by highlighting their alleged:

  • links to British based Islamists,
  • links to terrorist group Hamas and its fundraising front groups,
  • support of British Muslims fighting jihad in Syria,
  • sharing a platform with renowned hate preachers 
  • wishes for a Muslim government here in the UK
  • attempts to outlaw criticism of Islam
  • harassment, smearing and failed attempts in court to silence anti Islam activists

 Like many i have had my suspicions about Mr Mughals ventures as to their true nature and motive. Just over a year ago Kafir Crusaders submitted a freedom of information request about Mr Mughals funding from DCLG which revealed 2009-2013 that FM/TM had received over £750,000 in funding with £397,000 of it specifically designated to the TellMama. (The full FOI reply with funding breakdown here)

A newspaper article revealed that Tell Mama had fabricated attacks against Muslims and Mr Mughals claims of ‘a never ending cycle of violence’ was none existent with the majority of alleged hate crimes little more than online name calling.Government funding to TellMama was then withdrawn due to the fabrication of hate crimes figures TM were putting about.  Fiyaz Mughal / TM then tried unsuccessfully to sue the newspaper.

The High Court judge ruled against him saying ” He has overstated the extent to which violence against Muslims after the murders of Drummer Rigby is a backlash. And he has overstated the position in equating ‘hate inspired by al-Qaeda’ with the ‘thuggery and hate of the EDL’ “

His next appearance in court was equally a failure  Mr. Mughal had originally accused Mr. Tim Burton of “Aggravated Racial Harassment”, a crime for which Mr. Burton was wrongfully arrested and charged with. The judge not only decided to throw the case out of the window but made several accurate points towards the Plaintiff, Mr. Mughal, including stating that he is an individual who is intolerant of criticism to his person and/or his organizations, and also of bullying and harassing his critics. The judge also pointed out to Mr. Mughal that the comments mentioned on the social network twitter were not harassment, least of all “racial”, since Muslims do not form part of any race in particular. [1]

Yet still Tell Mama are  going all out to outlaw any criticism of Islam online. Removing our right to freedom of speech and opinion on Islam by trying to equate religion to race which are two completely different things. You cannot change your race even if you wanted to but Islam is all in the mind. You are free to change your opinion of it any time in a similar way to choosing which football team you support or who you vote for. It is personal choice therefore open to criticism.

Looking into Tell Mama its becoming clear now that they are participating in a stealth jihad. Silencing opposition to Islam only aids islamization.  Tell Mama are not only being used as a source of revenue but also being used as a dawah machine. Islam places great importance on participating in dawah.  Dawah basically is trying to spread Islam. There are different methods of going about it with Mughals method at one end of the spectrum. Operating in the same way as many Muslim Brotherhood front groups by infiltrating society and trying to sell a watered down moderate Islam to the public. To the opposite end of the spectrum where the dawah is more radical by the likes of Jamat e Islami, Hizb ut-Tahrir and Anjem Choudary’s Salafist mob. Despite the completely different methods all dawah has the same goal, spreading Islam with the aim of creating  a Muslim dominated World.

Tell Mama Appoints New Co-Chair Shahid Malik

TellMama co-chair Shahid Malik : “whole of Westminster will be Muslim” and “even the Prime Minister will be Muslim”

Tell Mama’s new co-chair is  Islamist, Shahid Malik who has links to extremist groups both home and abroad, Malik is the disgraced former Labour MP for Dewsbury who hit the headlines during his time in office for claiming the highest expenses of all MPs.

Over 3 years the taxpayer stumped up  maximum amount allowable for a second home, amounting to £66,827. Despite his ‘second home’  in London he had already purchased some five years before becoming elected for the fee of £80,000. Other taxpayer funded luxuries that Mr Malik was also reimbursed for include a £730 “massage chair”  a £2,600 home cinema system and £510 fitted wardrobe. Malik infamously was filmed boasting about giving taxpayers money in aid to Muslim countries and claimed Muslims were taking over the government.( Video of this further down page)

During his time as MP,  Shahid Malik with his own Muslim Islamist agenda to push was made Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government. At DCLG saw  him take the role of • Preventing Extremism Minister • Community Cohesion & Faith Minister • Race and Migration Minister. As the MP responsible for the department it would be highly likely he would have had some  behind the scenes influence as to where funding and grants were distributed. Especially regarding those designated for community cohesion and faith groups. The category Tell Mama and Faith Matters would fall under.

What a coincidence Mr Mughals ventures Faith Matters and TellMama have benefited from over £750,000 in grants from DCLG. Although most were after Maliks time as minister, the initial grants when Faith Matters/TellMama got their foot in the door were very much when Shahid Malik was DCLG minister.

Tell Mamas website states that  Malik has     “held a number of board positions both as Chairman and non-executive director in the UK and internationally.”

Unfortunately Tell Mama failed to mention where  Malik held these positions or the nature of their business. Curiosity lead me to check with Companies House for his board appointments which revealed only one appointment…….but a very interesting one to say the least.

Shahid Malik


For over four years since 2010  he has been a director of the above company.  Well guess who the one other director in this company is……FIYAZ MUGHAL.... indicating a long history between the two men. While Mughal was coming across whiter than white his business partner and now co chair of TellMama was spending time in the company of serious Islamic extremists.



Malik and the East London Muslim Islamists

It was reported by Trial By Jeory  in 2012 that Shahid Malik took up the position of official advisor to  Lutfur Rahman, Tower Hamlet’s extremist linked mayor. Mr Rahman is a Muslim never far away from controversy and is strongly linked to the shady Islamist group, Islamic Forum Of Europe, which is effectively the British wing of terror group Jamaat-e-Islami  who previously committed mass genocide in Bangaladesh and whose goal is for the return of the caliphate and an Islamic World.

 Previously i posted regarding a FOI request made to Tower Hamlets Council regarding funding of religious groups. This revealed over Rahmans time as mayor, he has handed over millions to Muslim groups.  Mayor Rahman is currently subject of a government inquiry over allegations of election fraud and dodgy council dealings that benefited people linked to the mayor and IFE.

Stand for Peace reported Azad Ali, a spokesperson for the IFEopposes democracy, “if it means at the expense of not implementing the sharia [Islamic religious law].”_ He admits to attending talks by Abu Qatada, the spiritual leader of Al Qaeda in Europe,and has stated that the leader of a prospective Islamist caliphate should be Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Palestinian terror group Hamas. Ali was also an ardent supporter of the late Al Qaeda terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki, who was killed by a US drone strike in 2011.


Calls for a Muslim Parliament in the UK at Extremist hate festival

In the video below is Shahid Malik speaking at the controversial Global Peace And Unity Event in 2008. GPU has come under fire for having well known Muslim hate preachers and prominent Islamists as speakers. Coincidently at the last GPU event in November 2013, the Islamist fuhrer of Tower Hamlets  Lutfur Rahman whom Malik was paid advisor to was one of the speakers.Another of Tell Mamas patrons Kristiane Backer was also a guest speaker at this event sharing the platform with numerous extremists and hate preachers.

GPU was founded by convicted terrorist Mohammed Ali Harrath  CEO of The Islam Channel which has often been criticized for its on air support of Hamas and its hardline wahabbi views. IFE are also connected to GPU listed as supporting organization and are also linked to Harrath/Islam Channel via IFE’s extremist public relations officer Azad Ali who hosts a show on the channel and is part of the Islamist front group Engage which Mohammed Ali Harrath is a trustee and masquerades as a legitimate think tank. Mohammed Ali Harrath is allegedly a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

During his time as International Development Minister Mr Shahid Malik was exposed for having a strong Islamic agenda which clearly prejudiced his ability to not only carry out his ministerial role, but even to serve as an MP at all, some would argue.  Shahid Malik, bragged about the future Caliphate: “the “whole of Westminster will be Muslim” and “even the Prime Minister will be Muslim”.

The case came to light after he gave a controversial speech in 2008 (seen here in this video), in which he boasted about his “good work” which had enabled him to give away almost a billion pounds of British tax payers money to Islamic countries including Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, (all countries with links to terrorism, Islamic extremism and questionable human rights records), with nearly half the money, some £430 million, going to his own country of origin, Pakistan. The main supporter of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and source of terrorist attacks on British citizens overseas, and in the UK.

It get’s better though. This “unbiased and impartial” Minister also boasted how the number of Muslim MP’s elected would eventually grow to a point where the “whole of Westminster will be Muslim” and “even the Prime Minister will be Muslim”.

Support Of Hizb Ut Tahir

In this video from a Channel 4 Interview with Dr Abdul Wahid  ( Hizb Ut Tahrir )& Shahid Malik. Malik tells how fundamentalist group Hizb Ut Tahrir should not be banned in the UK by the government.


Links to Hamas and their fundraising front group Interpal

Also of a concern is Mr Maliks links with terrorist group Hamas one of the biggest threats to world peace with their operations in the Middle East and charity Interpal who are on American terrorist lists and proscribed there

A number of Governments have accused Interpal of being part of a terrorist fundraising network that helps to sustain the violent terror group Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians. In 2003, the United States government classified Interpal as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT), stating:

“Interpal, headquartered in the UK, has been a principal charity utilized to hide the flow of money to HAMAS … Reporting indicates that Interpal is the fundraising coordinator of HAMAS. This role is of the type that includes supervising activities of charities, developing new charities in targeted areas, instructing how funds should be transferred from one charity to another, and even determining public relations policy.”

Australia followed suit and designated Interpal, along with six other charities, as a terrorist organization. The Canadian Government has also cited Interpal as a Hamas front. An Israeli investigation into a 2002 Interpal trustees report noted that every one of Interpal’s ‘local partner’ charities within the Palestinian territories is “affiliated with Hamas or works on its behalf, not only with regard to humanitarian issues but as part of its terrorism


Here is a photograph of Shahid Malik with leading Hamas politician, Ahmad Al-Kurd

(from: Harrys Place )

Here is a photograph of Shahid Malik with leading Hamas politician, Ahmad Al-Kurd

Prime Minister of the Hamas government in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh said Monday that he was proud and thankful for the support of international activists, who arrived in Gaza Sunday with the European aid convoy Miles of Smiles.

Former British minister of international development, Shahid Malik, who arrived with Miles of Smiles, described the Palestinian people and its leaders as a great example to be followed.

Interpal banners can been seen in both pictures have been designated by the US government as terrorist fundraisers


In this picture along with Tell Mama co-chair Malik, you can also see the leading Muslim Brotherhood member and a convicted terrorist Mohammed Ali Harrath, and Essam Mustafa, a major figure in Hamas’ UK operation.
Support for Western Muslim Jihadists In Syria
Speaking at the 14th Doha Forum in Qatar, a state heavily in implicated in funding ISIS and other jihad groups fighting in Syria and Iraq. The Tell Mama co-chair spoke of Muslims from the UK and other western countries going to Syria to become jihadists for terrorists such as ISIS. 

 Mr Malik equated them with those who went to fight against fascism in the Spanish civil war in 1939. He pointed out that while the government did not want them to go, there was no issue when they returned. Those volunteer fighters were now seen as heroes and freedom fighters, he said. ”The point I was making is that we should not jump to conclusions that the young people who want to fight are extremists,” he said.

He is right they are not all just extremists, many are much worse they are full blown blood thirsty murdererers


 Cordoba Foundation, [2]

Fiyaz Mughal has written articles for the anti-Semitic “Cordoba Foundation” a UK based Muslim Brotherhood front. Cordoba Foundation were recently added to the UAE blacklist alongside ISIS and Al Qaeda for having terrorist links.

fiyaz mughal extremist

Online Harrasment  [3]

@debatingculture is an associate of Mr Mughal whose website shares the same address as where donations to TellMama are sent. Here he can be seen threatening Mrs Shitrit, whom Mr Mughal unsuccessfully tried to sue


Mr. Mughal also threatened to sue Mr. Atma Singh for “libel” when Mr. Singh mentioned that “Tell Mama UK provides a platform for Fascism”.

Again, an innocent man threatened with “libel” for simply telling the truth. Mr. Singh was once the adviser to Mr. Ken Livingstone.

Here are some of the exchanges between them. Note that Mr. Singh did not tag anyone, but Ms. Lejla Kuric , who is a Muslim supporter of Tell Mama UK, promptly tagged them for some “support”.

Here we see Ms. Lejla Kuric and Mr. Fiyaz Mughal using Tell Mama UK twitter, stealthily threatening Mr. Atma Singh. You can hardly miss it. These people like to dramatize things to such an extreme as to make a storm in a glass of water.



And as Mr. Singh mentioned, they did have a big fight in their hands. Mr. Mughal was unable to take Mr. Singh to court so far, but that still did not stop him trying to intimidate, harass and attempt to sue others, all of which he has failed.

Another example is Ms. Sheryl McNaught. Mr. Mughal also tried to sue Ms. McNaught for alleged “libel” when she mentioned that “he was suing Jews”. Once more, another innocent woman being threatened with “libel” for simply telling the truth.

Why are TellMama still being given the time of day ????


Further Reading:

Tell Mama Regurgitate The Same Story



Sources [1] [2] [3] from JDL website

Tell Mama Regurgitate The Same Old Rise In Anti Muslim Hate Crime Story

Different day, same old story from TellMama as they regurgitate their sympathy seeking  ‘rise in anti Muslim hate crimes’ story. This can only mean one thing…..Muslims are in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Every time something happens and Muslims are getting bad publicity you can be certain the Islamic dawah machine of Tell Mama and its head taqiyya artist Fiyaz Mughal will pop up with the same story attempting to repair the PR damage the latest heinous act has caused. Lee Rigbys savage murder in Woolwich, the Kenya Mall massacre, Rotherham grooming gang scandal, Muslims trojan horse attempting to take control of schools……its always the same.

Now lets see………here we go……Sydney cafe siege by a Muslim extremist resulting in  the death of hostages…….Policeman killed in America by a Muslim shouting Allah Akbar…….ISIS and its British terrorist recruits committing monstrous acts of mass genocide and taking women, girls and female infants as sex slaves……….jihadist lone wolf attacks in France……schoolchildren butchered in their classrooms by Muslim fundamentalists in Pakistan.

Cant have people getting a bad impression and seeing Muslims in their true light can we. They are the religion of peace after all. This calls for Islamic superheros Tell Mama and their fabricated figures to save the day, Out they roll Fiyaz Mughal to tug on the nations heart strings. Distorting the truth and picking bits of facts that suits the Islamic agenda best, trying to turn the aggressors into poor victims.

What Mr Mughal omits is that it is not only anti Muslim hate crime figures that are up. All hate crime figures have risen. None more so than attacks against the Jewish community,of which most anti Semitic Muslims and socialists are responsible for.

What is actually recorded as a hate crime also varies depending on your race and religion. It also seems hate crimes against white British Christians don’t count either, almost as though reverse racism doesn’t happen. For example Mr Mughal and his Muslim group consider online comments and even criticism of Islam as Islamophobic hate crimes. Which they then try to get the police and cps to take the matter further. Over half of TellMamas alleged ‘never ending cycle’ of Islamophobic attacks were of this nature. Many were comments that were not threatening anybody or anything malicious and most non Muslim people would call having an opinion.

Other so called Islamophobic hate crimes Tell Mama have cited in the past were things like a 12 year old boy putting ham on his Muslim neighbours door. Or a hit and run that because it was a Muslim knocked over and a white man driving the car, automatically makes it Islamophobic.

So had Tommy Robinson been a Muslim, the 50 plus online threats to his life or harming his family that he gets every week. Would all be considered as serious hate crimes and robustly followed up. In fact i receive a couple a week myself that by TellMama’s standards would be classed a hate crime.

download (1)

Pushing the Islamic agenda:  Fiyaz Mughal from the discredited TellMama

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes On Rise, Says Charity

Campaigners say the number of Muslim women reporting hate crimes in Britain has risen over the past two years.

05:31, UK,Monday 29 December 2014

Play video “Muslim Women On Abuse”

Video: Muslim Women On Abuse

The number of Muslim women reporting hate crime has risen by up to 10%, according to a UK charity.

TELL MAMA, a national project measuring anti-Muslim incidents, has told Sky News that over the last 18 months they have seen a 5-10% increase.

The number of women wearing the niqab, the face veil, and reporting hate crime has also doubled in the last two years.

Fiyaz Mughal, director of TELL MAMA, says it is not clear whether incidents are rising or reporting of the problem is getting better.

“Over the last two years our data has shown that women suffer more incidents of hate and they also suffer more aggressive incidents of hate,” she said.

Play video “Targeted For Wearing A Veil”

Video: Targeted For Wearing A Veil


“The veil seems to delegitimise the sense of femininity of that person in the eyes of the perpetrator.

“It seems to become something they become fixated upon rather than the individual, the female behind the veil.”

Research has shown that Muslim women are subjected to “opportunistic” verbal or physical attacks, mostly by men, on the street.

Yasmeen Khalid, 21, from Bromsgrove, says she has always faced abuse, but the problem has become worse in recent months.

She says out of 30 different hate crime incidents, she has only ever reported two, and admits wearing a hijab has made her a target.

“By looking, they instantly know I’m Muslim… sometimes people call me a terrorist, sometimes they say ‘Paki’, sometimes someone has called me ‘Taliban’ or stuff like that,” she said.

“Sometimes I walk off humiliated – I shouldn’t be humiliated but I am humiliated.

“Sometimes I speak up, sometimes I just cry, go away somewhere, and cry because I don’t know what to do.”

Fiyaz Mughal, from the TELL MAMA campaign, says there’s “been an enormous shift in the language of anti-Muslim hate. International and national incidents create differences in the way narratives are set.”

Shalina Litt, from Birmingham, has been the victim of racist abuse on the street while wearing the hijab or niqab.

“Actually we are mothers, we are daughters, we are sisters,” she said.

“I really just hope that any mothers, any daughters etc., can speak to their sons and say actually it’s not right and we do need to change how we approach this.”

The TELL MAMA project highlights there is still “substantial under reporting” by the Muslim community about hate crime.

Part of their approach involves working with different agencies through community outreach and education.

‘Taqqiya Artist’ Fiyaz Mughal Whines About Losing Court Case

Tell Mama’s “mendacious grievance-mongering taqqiya artist” Fiyaz Mughal has been whining to the press after Tim Burton being acquitted of of racially aggravated harassment over a tweet aimed at Mughal.  For once common sense prevailed over the stupidity of political correctness and trumped up charges. Mughal has used his TellMama platform as a money making scheme receiving over £750,000 of taxpayers money and as a way to silence any critics of Islam.

Mughul and his friends at West Midlands police tried and failed to outlaw using the word taqiyya and make any negative opinion of Muslims such as calling  one a scumbag made a hate crime.  Hilariously Fiyaz Mughal is still trying to portray himself as the victim. Its laughable that he provided evidence via video link claiming he feared for his safety by attending in person!

Get a grip Fiyaz Mughal, you were not a rape victim nor testifying against a gangster. It was a tweet, man up and stop the lying and sympathy seeking…..its getting boring  now.

Radio host cleared over ‘scumbag’ tweet jibe to Musilm campaigner

Presenter Tim Burton is acquitted of racially aggravated harassment over tweet to Muslim campaigner

Tim Burton

A radio presenter has been cleared of racially aggravated harassment charges over a tweet he posted about a decorated Muslim campaigner.

Tim Burton, from the newly formed far right political party Liberty GB, accused Fiyaz Mughal OBE of being a “mendacious grievance-mongering taqqiya artist”.

In Islam Taqqiya is a form of religious dispensation allowing a Muslim to commit otherwise illegal or blasphemous acts while they are at risk of significant persecution.

Mr Burton, aged 61, also called Mr Mughal a “scumbag”.

Mr Burton uploaded his insults following claims that Mr Mughal, who runs Tell Mama UK which monitors anti-Muslim attacks, had exaggerated such attacks after the death of drummer Lee Rigby.

Mr Burton, a computer consultant, was cleared of the charges at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

He said: “This was an historic decision. I have no regrets.

“I consider this organisation (Tell Mama) was publicly funded on false premises. The tweets were rude and sarcastic, but I do think this was a victory for free speech.”

The day long trial heard evidence from Dutch scholar Hans Jansen, a taqiyya expert.

But Mr Mughal, aged 42, who gave evidence during the trial by video link, said: “A green light has been given for this man to use this terminology in the future.

“A Muslim scumbag was what I was called, and the court has effectively allowed that. What does that say to Muslims in Birmingham?”

Mr Burton stressed: “I am not racist, absolutely not. Islam is not a race. I am not Islamophobic. Phobia is an irrational fear of something.”

The trial judge decided Mr Burton had a right to free expression and felt the tweets did not constitute harassment.

He did, however, urge Mr Burton to consider moderating his language in future.

It’s a ruling that has angered Mr Mughal. He added: “This man is an ideologue in relation to his thinking about Muslims. This was a very important case because it was based on anti-Muslim rhetoric.

“No one should be targeted like this – that is all I’m saying. We should get on with each other.”

The Liberty GB mission statement reveals what the party believes to be the “most important issues of our time” – namely “mass immigration from the Third World, the steady rise of fundamentalist Islam and the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions by well-organised left-wing progressives”.

One of their candidates for the European elections was arrested last week after making a speech quoting from a book written by Winston Churchill in 1899 about Islam.

Police detained Paul Weston, chairman, on suspicion of religious or racial harassment last weekend after a member of the public complained. He was released on bail.

The government did not renew its grant to Tell Mama after the group failed to identify that much of a rise in Islamophobic incidents reported to it following the death of Lee Rigby referred to activity that took place only online.

Mr Mughal was targeted by hardline Muslims earlier this month after he invited gay rights champion Peter Tatchell to be a patron of Tell Mama.


Muslim Bullshitter Of The Year Awards 2013

Vote Now In The Muslim Bullshitter Of The Year Awards 2013


Muslims are well-known for exaggerating, concealing the truth and in some cases outright lying to deceive people and scaremonger to further Islam. The stealth jihad tactic is actually permitted in Islam known as taqiyya. 

Muslim apologists and dawah merchants all use the principles below

  • ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story.’  
  • ‘bullshit baffles brains’
  • ‘tell a lie often enough and eventually people will start to believe it’

So with 2013 drawing to a close it’s only right to declare 1 lucky Muslim liar as the Bullshiter Of The Year 2013. The shortlist has been drawn up and the one with the most votes will be crowned champion and  be able to brag to their mates they are the one and only Muslim Bullshitter Of The Year 2013

Vote A =    Babar Ahmad – Terrorist recently extradited to the USA


For 8 years while held in British prisons before being extradited to the USA claimed to be completely innocent of any crime. 100,000 muslims signed a petition calling for his release. Muslims and the far left claimed he was a political prisoner and a victim of Islamophobia. He received support in his legal dispute from the BBC, Guardian newspaper, UAF, SWP, Muslim Council Of Britain, Stop The War, MP Sadiq Khan.

Last week in an American Federal Court, Babar Ahmad decided he wasn’t innocent as he had been claiming and pleaded guilty.

Vote B=    George Galloway -Bradford MP, Stop The War Coalition, Press TV


When he is not getting off on his interracial cuckold fetish, Muslim MP George Galloway can usually be found on Iranian channel Press TV spouting his anti UK/USA/Israel propaganda. Galloway is not one to let the truth get in the way of a good story. Such as his claims that  Israel were involved with the chemical weapons attack in Syria. On one of the rare occasion he actually attended parliament a fellow MP quizzed him on his chemical weapons statement. Unfazed snake Galloway lied through his back teeth and completely denied saying such a thing

Vote C=    Fiyaz Mughal OBE – Tell Mama UK/ Faith Matters

z list muslim celeb fiyaz mughal attention seeking

Fiyaz Mughal is without doubt a serial fantasist who has got to be in with a good chance of winning this award. Mr Mughal has received over £750,000 of taxpayers money in the last 5 years under false pretences via his 2 business ventures Tell Mama and Faith Matters. When he published TellMamas first year results his two main hate crimes were a family hounded out of their home in Notts. But failed to mention that it was by a 15-year-old boy who lived in the same street responsible. The other was a hit and run that he claims was an Islamophobic hate attack purely because the driver was a non-Muslim  and the person knocked over was Muslim .Unless the driver has been caught and admitted purposely knocking the person over because they were a Muslim. Then it is simply a hit and run not a hate crime.

After the Woolwich incident Mughal then went viral portraying Muslims as the victims. Appearing on TV, radio and in newspaper reports around the world playing the victim and sympathy seeking. Banding a set of figures around of alleged hate crimes and chatting on about a never-ending cycle of violence against Muslims. I will give Fiyaz Mughal his due, he made himself into something of a Z list celeb off the back of Lee Rigby’s murder and was doing a good job of fooling the general public into thinking Muslims were actually victims….until Andrew Gilligan’s excellent piece in the Telegraph exposing Fiyaz Mughal’s ‘never ending cycle of violence’ as a fraud, no more than name calling on social media websites. TellMama then lost its government funding after this year due to Mr Mughals fiddling of hate crime figures.

Since then as regular as clock work when Muslims are getting criticism(i.e. Kenya, Woolwich trial, PM speech) Mughal crawls from under his stone still with the same false figures and claims of a surge in anti Muslim hate crimes. He is now trying to authenticate his fake figures by mentioning some university’s far right expert(also on the Islamophobia gravy train) who used the figures in a report. It doesn’t matter if there was a million reports that used his figures,it still doesn’t make them correct if the source(FM) is wrong.

After the government saying they will tackle Islamic extremists , Mughal  once again claimed he expects yet another surge in Islamophobic attacks because of this and has extra staff on stand by. He has also taken to social network sites threatening people with arrests by the police and legal action. Listening to him waffle on you may think TellMama are part of the solution. When really they are part of the problem.

Vote D=    Lutfur Rahman – Extremist Mayor of Tower Hamlets


Mayor Lutfur Rahman of Tower Hamlets has bullshitted his way through his entire time as leader of the London enclave. Rahman has lied to the residents of LBTH portraying himself as somebody who has their interests at heart when in reality its only his fellow Muslims he is concerned about. Constantly dodging and denying all allegations of corruption and extremist links aimed at him whilst handing out millions to Islamic groups linked with his extremist friends at IFE. Even the IFE controlled East London Mosque which regularly hosts hate preachers and according to its last accounts had almost £3m in the bank has benefited from council hand outs

Vote E=    Iftikhar Ahmad – London School of Islamics Spammer


Iftikhar Ahmad is a regular commentator here and across the worldwide web. He can be found cutting and pasting the same 10 or so comments calling for Muslim only schools on lots of websites. Despite an obvious hate for the country he made his home, which he claims is full of 12 year olds giving birth, teenage females in short skirts drunk being sick outside pubs and 9 year olds given condoms at school. IA claims it is every Muslims right to receive Muslim only schooling (sex segregated) with Muslim only staff to learn the beauty of Islam due to Imperialist plundering of Muslim lands a long time ago. According to Mr Ahmad, Muslim only schools are the answer to everything from Muslim grooming gangs, rapists,murderers,fraudsters and everything else you could possibly imagine. Often he cites monolingual British education in non-Muslim schools as the reason for a Muslims crimes…..even those  immigrants that have come from Muslim lands and went to Islamic schools before setting foot in the UK.

Vote  F=    Mehdi Hasan – Huff Post Editor / Muslim Apologist


Mehdi Hasan is the boss at the pro Muslim/Far-Left Huffington Post and a regular  on TV shows as the Muslim apologist guest. On BBC question time he went into a rant accusing the Daily Mail of being anti-British, woman hating, homophobic, immigrant bashing and Muslim smearing after the Mail had said the father of his friend, Labour leader Ed Millabrand was a communist and  anti-British. Hypocrite Hasan failed to inform viewers he had previously wrote a begging letter to the DM asking for a job. Or that he wrote a book on red ED which contained private family information to the Mail On Sunday.

Hasan is another dawah merchant like Mughal, constantly trying to sell the watered down version of Islam to the public. Making a lot of noise about Islamophobia and the actions of infidels, when he is on video calling non-Muslims filthy kafir who live like animals.

Over at HP as the boss Mehdi Hasan controls what content is published and therefore responsible for the huge chunks of Bullshit mixed with half-truths they put out as news. A tactic often used is to make a none story into a big event especially if it involved  the chance to demonize critics of Islam such as the EDL or their ex leader Tommy Robinson. Divert the bad attention away from Muslims making somebody else the bad ones. A simple tweet would be enough to have Hasan’s staff in a frenzy blowing it out of all proportions.

His comment moderators like Saudi style religious police deleting anything that is different to their opinion. Even when it is the truth. One recent piece springs to mind on Islamic science where the writer had  virtually copied another article titled “How Islamic inventors changed the world” written by Paul Vallely and published in The Independent a few years ago. The reason i knew this was because it listed the exact same Muslim inventions that weren’t actually Muslim inventions and been proved false lots of times. Naturally it i felt it my duty to comment and inform HP of their error. Within minutes my quite polite comment pointing a few things out was gone along with every other critical comment leaving only dhimmi’s comments along the lines of “ahhh aint Islam brill”

Vote Now

Cast your vote now either in the comment section below, on Kafir Crusaders Facebook Page, or if you wish to vote but remain anonymous you can use the contact page from the top menu

TellMama / Faith Matters-Fiyaz Mughal’s Islamic Money Making Machine

Every day my email inbox receives countless mails from random’s around the world wanting to tell me how i can be rich. I look at them thinking if only it was that simple its rubbish as i press delete. Until now that is as I have finally discovered the path to the promised land, untold riches, the ultimate get rich scheme for little effort. That path is called Islam.  Start a  Muslim group in the UK, register as a charitable organization and hey presto various government departments and  local authorities will throw large sums of money at you to fund your lavish lifestyle. If your really lucky you can even employ a few of your mates as paid advisors. Hell, mention Islamophobia or community cohesion in your mission statement  and get even more £££££. Its even recession proof as the funds keep being handed out to Muslim groups show despite the government making cuts everywhere else

After yesterdays FOI Exposé when it was revealed Bolton Council have been bank rolling The Bolton Council Of Mosques with grants totalling over £1.1 million. Now following another FOI request, Kafir Crusaders can reveal that Muslim storyteller and fixer of figures Fiyaz Mughal (via TellMama and Faith Matters) has received over £750,000 in the last 5 years from the Department for Communities and Local Government in funding

For background info on Fiyaz Mughal, Tell Mama and Faith Matters i recommend this eye-opening post from fahrenheit211

Freedom of Information Request Relating to Funding for Faith Matters

You requested information for the last 5 years of any funding allocated to the following organizations Faith Matters and Tell Mama. You wanted it to include the date, how much funding, and a description of the project.I have considered your request under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I confirm that the Department holds the information that you have requested, and I am able to supply it to you. The information that you have requested is as follows. Tell MAMA is a project managed by Faith Matters so it is included in the list of other projects. The payments from DCLG to Faith Matters, the relevant dates and project descriptions, are as follows:

Financial Year Project Description
2012-13,2011-12 &


£397,000 Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (Tell MAMA)
£22,331 Role model for Muslim Women project
£15,190 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£15,190 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£50,000 Caring for converts project
£33,750 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£37,675 Compilation of Mosque directory for Muslim women
£22,332 Role model for Muslim Women project
£33,600 Cohesive Communities Programme
£6,922 Living Islam out Loud project
£50,000 Caring for converts project
£25,870 Muslim Chaplaincy project
£37,675 Mosques Directory compilation
£14,888 Role model for Muslim Women project
£35,000 Cohesion and Faiths Funding
£990 Living Islam out Loud project

As you can see Mughal’s TellMama and Faith Matters ventures really are like an Islamic money making machine. WTF  £37k for a Mosque directory (which are plentiful on-line) in 2008-09 then the same amount again the next year for a directory of Mosques for women ! This is little more than a list of the 100 least sexist and most woman friendly UK mosques. Fiyaz Mughal OBE is certainly in the running to be awarded a BOTD to go alongside his OBE….Bullshitter Off The Decade 

After The Savagery In Kenya, Tell Mama’s Fiyaz Mughal Makes Out Muslims Are Victims

Fiyaz Mughal  from Tell Mama the so-called Anti Muslim hate crime monitor has once again seized the dawah opportunity in the media after the horrific barbaric savagery committed Islamic terrorists in Kenya this week. The shopping mall attack by Islamofascist jihadists left 67 infidel men,women and children dead.Murdered in cold blood after the terrorists allowed any Muslims to leave the mall.

Never one to shy away from the limelight as we saw in the aftermath of Woolwich. Where  Fiyaz Mugal and Tellmama spearheaded their own dawah campaign to turn the focus of attention away from the murder of  Drummer Lee Rigby by 2 Muslim killers into Muslims being the victims. Claims by TellMama of Muslims living in fear, a massive surge in hate crimes against Muslims and a never-ending cycle of violence being quoted by almost every media source in the UK.

So it’s a bit of deja vu after this latest terror attack in the name of Allah by the religion of peace when Mughal managed to thrust himself if the spotlight again portraying Muslims as the victims

British Muslims are worried about reprisal attacks in the wake of the Nairobi terror attacks, with a spike in the online reporting of Islamophobic abuse.Tell MAMA, which monitors reports of anti-Muslim attacks and abuse online, said they were seeing a upsurge in reporting.Around seven to 11 anti-Muslim attacks per day since Saturday are being reported online, the organisation said, attacks that are specifically referencing the Nairobi terror attacks on the Westgate Shopping Mall, where more than 60 people were massacred.”Once again an international incident involving people who have links to Al-Shabaab causes a rise in the number of anti-Muslim prejudice incidents,” Fiyaz Mughal, director of Tell MAMA told HuffPost UK.

“After Woolwich there was a huge spike, with a number of mini-spikes when there have been national or international incidents associated with people who happen to be Muslim.”

The big difference now though is, Tell Mama and Fiyaz Mugal have zero credibility left. He has been exposed as a liar, a non-existent ‘never ending cycle of violence’ and fiddling the figures. The majority of the alleged anti Muslim hate attacks turned out to be little more than name calling online. Tell Mama were engaging in the common Muslim tactic of taqiyya to try to get the sympathy vote. His dubious hate attack lies also cost them any further funding from the government when ministers pulled the plug on the taxpayer funding his storytelling. 

After The Savagery In Kenya, Tell Mama's Fiyaz Mughal Makes Out Muslims As Victims

If Mugal really was that desperate to get name checked by the press. Repeating the same Muslims are the victims ploy, which we already know is pretty much all rubbish is not the way to go. Stating that his fellow Muslims who committed such sickening violence in Kenya and any other terrorists like them are the utter filth of Islam would have been much more suitable. Thats to hard to do and admit any Muslim being in the wrong.

Fiyaz Mughal And Tell Mama Pay The Ultimate Price For ‘Cycle Of Violence’ Taqiyya

Follow up to last weeks Tell Mama Tell Lies,  Anti-Muslim Attacks Taqiyya

My heart bleeds for Tell Mama the anti Muslim attack monitor and its lying mufti Fiyaz Mughal. The Telegraphs Andrew Gilligan has today revealed that  Tell Mama will be receiving no more of the taxpayers hard-earned money to bankroll the Islamist opponents of free speech, including the well paid for doing little salary of Fiyaz Mughal and his Muslim only staff. I’ll try not to laugh too much as i type LOL

Mughal certainly made the most of his 5 minutes of fame since Woolwich managing to get his face on almost every TV channels news reports as well-being quoted  in newspaper reports on a daily basis. He spent that much time in the spotlight telling all and sundry how Muslims were the are victims, that he is now at z-list celebrity level, managing to become the UK’s  5th most well-known Muslim behind Abu Hamza, Anjem Choudary, George Galloway and Mo Ansar.  Making the most of his new-found fame, it wouldn’t surprise me should the extremists from Islam TV offer him his own TV show. Another distinct possibility is Unite Against Fascism snapping him up. They are quite partial to having z listers as anti fascists such as Ken Livingstone and Doreen Lawrence. Mughal could be their full-time sympathy seeking Islamoaner as Al-Qaeda supporting vice chair Azad Ali with his Muslim extremist background doesn’t pull the nations heartstrings to well.

Civil servants and Police officers raised concerns about  Tell Mama’s methods and the authenticity of the anti Muslim attacks being logged. Maybe they should listen to patriots a little more as myself  like countless others have been critical of TellMama and dubious about its whole existence and motives since it started. It would have saved Nick Clegg wasting £214,000 of the taxpayers money in a grant on top of the £160,ooo it had already received which i wasn’t  aware of till now. This new figure makes Tell Mama’s value for money even less. For its first year’s not so massive amount of 18 prosecutions that now works out at just over £20,000 of grant money each!

So what exactly has Mughal been using the £375,000 that it has had in grants over the last year.A nice big fat salary for himself no doubt for starters. As far as i could tell commie trolls such as Evelyn Cook and her multiple fake accounts provided Tell Mama with most of its reports. Even then it averaged out at 2 a day only which Mughal could have easy logged in his spare time say an hour a night. Why he had to employ his Muslim only staff  is beyond me. Looks like jobs for the boys to me, a meal ticket for his Faith Matters people whilst they engage in Dawwah pushing Islam onto the public

I imagine Tell Mama will now disappear into obscurity with no credibility or grant to pay Mughal’s salary. Times up for this Islamic scam. Good riddance 

Muslim hate monitor to lose backing

Ministers end funding for body that claimed ‘wave of attacks’ against Islam.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama.

Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama. Photo: REX FEATURES

By Andrew Gilligan

7:00AM BST 09 Jun 2013

A controversial project claiming to measure anti-Muslim attacks will not have its government grant renewed after police and civil servants raised concerns about its methods.

The project, called Tell Mama, claimed that there had been a “sustained wave of attacks and intimidation” against British Muslims after the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby, with 193 “Islamophobic incidents” reported to it, rising to 212 by last weekend.

The group’s founder, Fiyaz Mughal, said he saw “no end to this cycle of violence”, describing it as “unprecedented”. The claims were unquestioningly repeated in the media.

Tell Mama and Mr Mughal did not mention, however, that 57 per cent of the 212 reports referred to activity that took place only online, mainly offensive postings on Twitter and Facebook, or that a further 16 per cent of the 212 reports had not been verified. Not all the online abuse even originated in Britain.

Contrary to the group’s claim of a “cycle of violence” and a “sustained wave of attacks”, only 17 of the 212 incidents, 8 per cent, involved the physical targeting of people and there were no attacks on anyone serious enough to require medical treatment.

There have been a further 12 attacks on Islamic buildings, three of them serious, including a probable arson attack on a Muslim community centre in north London, which burned it to the ground.

Tell Mama supporters launched a furious campaign of protest againstThe Sunday Telegraph after it disclosed the breakdown last week, with round-robin emails to the newspaper accusing it of behaviour “better suited to the days of 1930s Germany”.

However, The Sunday Telegraph has now learned that even before Woolwich, the communities minister, the Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster, called Mr Mughal to a meeting and said that Tell Mama’s grant would not be renewed.

The organisation has received a total of £375,000 from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) since last year.

“Mr Mughal was giving data on attacks to DCLG which wasn’t stacking up when it was cross-referenced with other reports by Acpo [the Association of Chief Police Officers],” said one source closely involved in counter-extremism.

“He was questioned by DCLG civil servants and lost his temper. He was subsequently called in by Don Foster and told that he would receive no more money.”

A senior Liberal Democrat source confirmed the sequence of events, saying: “There was a bit of a spat. He was called in and told that Acpo had cast doubt on his figures. He was told that he would be closely monitored for the remaining period of the grant and that there would be no more money.”

A DCLG spokesman confirmed that Tell Mama’s funding would not be renewed and refused to deny that officials had raised concerns about its methods.

Tell Mama claimed in March that anti-Muslim crime was “rising”, even though the group had only been in operation at that stage for a year and had no previous figures to compare with.

Other figures, collected by the police, show that hate crime in mainly Muslim areas has fallen in the past 10 years. The only large force that collects figures on specifically anti-Muslim crime, the Metropolitan Police, reported an 8.5 per cent fall in such crimes between 2009 and 2012.

There was a spike in anti-Muslim incidents after the killing of Drummer Rigby. However, contrary to Tell Mama’s claims that it was “unprecedented”, the Met’s assistant commissioner, Cressida Dick, told MPs last week that it was “slightly less” than after previous terror attacks.

“There has not been such a very big increase in attacks as we might have feared,” she said. Mr Mughal himself has now admitted to the BBC that the number of physical attacks was “small”.

Tell Mama has also been using its budget to threaten members of the public with libel actions for criticising it on Twitter.

In mid-May, before Woolwich, one Jewish activist, Ambrosine Chetrit, received a threatening letter from solicitors after she tweeted that “Tell Mama are sitting on Twitter on the EDL hashtag, threatening anyone and everyone whose comments they do not like about Islam”.

Tell Mama also objected to a tweet in which Ms Chetrit said it was “trying to close down pro-Israel [Twitter] accounts daily”.

Other recipients of legal threats at the same time include Atma Singh, a former race adviser to the then Labour mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, who received a legal letter from Tell Mama after tweeting that it “gives a platform to Islamists”.

Tell Mama did not claim that either of these individuals was racist or anti-Muslim. But it said their tweets were false and “defamatory” of Mr Mughal, had “damaged” his reputation, causing him “distress and embarrassment”, and demanded immediate apologies and damages. Up to four other people are believed to have received similar threats.

The letters were written by Farooq Bajwa, a solicitor who has acted for a number of Islamists and Islamist sympathisers, including the Palestinian radical leader Raed Salah and the Respect MP George Galloway.

The letters to Mr Singh and Ms Chetrit were sent to their private home addresses, neither of which are in the public domain. Ms Chetrit’s lawyer, Mark Lewis, who has acted for many phone-hacking victims, has reported Mr Bajwa and Tell Mama to the police after they refused to say how they obtained the information.

“I have been instructed to resist the claim,” said Mr Lewis. “It has no merit. I have not had any response as to how my client’s name and address were obtained.”

Mr Singh said: “I find it absurd that someone can threaten people on this kind of basis and use libel in this political way. This is nothing to do with Islamophobia – they are just trying to shut down debate.”

Ms Chetrit said: “It is very worrying and scary. All the people who have been threatened by Tell Mama are pro-Israeli.”

The DCLG claimed that Tell Mama’s funding was always due to cease in September 2013 and that Mr Foster was “very impressed” by the “progress” the group had made.

However, the funding of Tell Mama was described as “ongoing” in the Government’s “hate crime action plan” last year and only in November Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, announced that £214,000 of “new” and “further” funding had been granted to Tell Mama.

Mr Mughal said: “The meeting with DCLG officials related to the publication of 2012 anti-Muslim prejudice figures and having an independent review of those figures, which is good practice.

“This was agreed and has always been part of the process. The ‘loss of temper’ did not relate to the methodology of data collection.”

Mr Mughal said that no public money had been used to issue the libel threats.

He said: “We will defend the right of all people to express their identities and their support for countries and groups freely.

However, we have the right to defend the integrity of our work when people broadcast [on Twitter] comments that are simply untrue and highly damaging about us.”

He declined to explain how the private addresses had been obtained, but said it was “within the law.”

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