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Muslims Blame Grenfell Tower Inferno On Infidels As Revenge For Recent Terror Attacks

You couldn’t make this shit up honestly!! 

After this weeks tragic inferno at Grenfell Tower in West London which tragically saw the loss of peoples lives stuck in the burning building. The ruins hadn’t even time to stop smouldering before Muslims had jumped on board the  tragedy attempting to politicise the fire.

The Muslim woman in the video below disgustingly claimed live on national TV news that  the feeling amongst her fellow Muslims was that  fire was the fault of infidels and firefighters purposely left Muslims to die instead of attempting to save them as revenge for the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London 

Is there any low they will not stoop to attempting to play the victim sympathy seeking

Video: Muslim Immigrants Aided By Marxists Destroying Sweden

This video shows the way Muslim immigrants are destroying Sweden with violence and refusal to integrate. It is not only the police who are open for attack in some of the Muslim ghettos. The fire brigade now have to avoid driving through Muslim areas on way to a fire due to the amount of attacks by the immigrants

Swedish society is riddled with Marxists akin to your SWP extremist types here in the UK. Only in Sweden their infestation is far greater here in the UK. Until 2006 the  ruling party of the government were Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Sweden and took a coalition of 7 other political parties to hold them out of office. At every election since 1970 the Marxist party have received the highest % votes and even now not being in power they still have a huge amount of influence.

Swedish Social Democratic Party like far left parties word-wide are strong supporters of multiculturalism, political correctness, feminism, equality of all kinds, and maintain a strong opposition to what they perceive as discrimination and racism. During the time in power they began destroying Sweden from within trying to turn Sweden into a communist utopia but like all who nations who tried have tried , failed. What they did achieve is to turn Sweden into the dystopia of today by creating a welfare state with attractive benefits and housing.This naturally encouraged hordes of Muslim immigrants who the Marxists welcomed with open arms actively encouraging more to come. Now the damage is done.