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Windsor Rape Jihad: Female Dragged Into Woods And Raped

The Muslim rapewave of the UK continues…….the number of random sex attacks where the disgusting person responsible is described as ‘Asian’ is staggering. Such a small percent of the population vastly over represented in terms of being the perpetrators of such vile crimes

Teenager ‘dragged into woodland and raped’

An 18-year-old woman was dragged from the roadside into woodland and raped in a horrific attack shortly after she left a village railway station in Berkshire.

The victim was dragged into woodland off Majors Farm Road Credit: ITV Meridian

The woman was walking away from Datchet railway station at about 10.10pm on Wednesday when she was approached by a man.

Police said she initially tried to ignore his advances, but after a few minutes he grabbed her and dragged her to a wooded area at the junction of Majors Farm Road, Ditton Road and London Road.

Thames Valley Police said the woman was being supported by specialist officers.

The attacker is described as an Asian man of average build, aged about 35 to 45. He had receding black hair which was longer on top but shorter on the sides, and a prominent nose.

Police cordoned off an area of woodland Credit: ITV Meridian

He was holding an umbrella and wearing a smart jacket or blazer, a dark patterned scarf and blue jeans.

This is an extremely detailed description of the offender and I am hoping that someone will recognise the man and contact police immediately.

We are conducting a thorough investigation but we need the help of the public to bring the perpetrator to justice.


Detectives have urged witnesses or anyone with information to contact police.

Video: Pig Races, Texas Farmers Response To Muslims Who Want Him To Move From Near Mosque Site

The way to deal with intolerant Muslims who plan to build a mosque next door to a pig farm and expect the farmer to pack up and leave……pig races

Pro NRW Protests Outside New Cologne Mosque

(Thanks to original up-loader Shauna Tova )

Published on Apr 13, 2014

A family near Houston Texas had been raising pigs for 200 years on a farm. Suddenly a mosque was established next door. First the Muzzie move-ins alleged they’d tolerate the pigs, but later insisted this local farming family MOVE AWAY.
At a town-hall meeting, the Imam publicly insulted the long-time resident.
News clip details the way the family started pig-races –by some chance they coincided with the evening Call to Prayer:
They also set up klieg lights, a track, race trumpet announcement, booze, fireworks, and fun for the whole pig-loving family 🙂


Muslim Illegal Immigrant Caught On CCTV Anally Raping A Dog

Police in Italy have arrested a Moroccan illegal immigrant  after he was caught on security CCTV cameras repeatedly anally raping a dog on a farm he had been vandalizing and stealing from. He had previously been employed there but the farmer had sacked him after a few days because he wasnt a very good worker.

Many sex obsessed Muslims have no boundaries when it comes to getting their sexual satisfaction as we keep seeing. To a certain amount of Muslims when  they need to release their sexual frustrations anyone or anything seems fair game. Be it  a woman, man, child, by force, a dead female or sex with animals.

A previous post on Kafir Crusaders highlighted how Muslims lead the world when it comes to ‘Animal Sex‘ . Islam even has a set of rules that Muslims must follow when having sex with animals. Ayatollah Khomani’s book even dedicates a few pages to Islamic bestiality about the do’s and donts

Muslims lead the world in Animal Sex. Muslim nations top searches on google for camel sex,dog sex,animal sex,cow sex,goat sex,sheep sex,monkey sex, muslim animal sex

06.02.2013 – 10:00 
Ragusa (NOVOPRESS) – The Corriere di Ragusa called “Moroccan unchecked” . For more than a year, he terrorized the countryside of Ragusa (the Sicilian province most affected by immigration , with a rate of immigrants more than twice the regional average, according to the latest report the Caritas).

He started in November 2011 by burning 3000 m 2 of greenhouses where tomatoes were grown: 20,000 euros worth of damage to the farmer. Last December, he still fired a shed and two greenhouses on a farm owned by two brothers in the region, causing a damage of 10,000 euros. In the meantime, he had committed a series of robberies of all kinds in the farms, poultry, TV, farming tools, a stove with the gas bottle, a coffee machine, stereo …

The criminal regularly put off surveillance cameras, but during his last pass, he has forgotten, whose images have helped to rifle Acate be identified. He was finally arrested on Monday. He is a 32 year old Moroccan, illegal immigrant, already known to police for acts of theft and violence. A search of his lair (a shed left) helped recover most of the stolen items.

The Moroccan was used a few days a farm in question, but was quickly dismissed because of its low productivity and its alcohol abuse. We suppose it was partly inspired by revenge.

The farm where it was filmed, the camera was also seized raping the dog – a hound, medium -, which he submitted to repeated sexual intercourse.

The Moroccan was taken to the prison of Ragusa. He must answer an impressive list of charges: trespassing, vandalism followed by fire, theft in dwelling special flight farm, mistreatment of animals … All this “with the aggravating circumstance of committing his crimes while he was illegally in Italy “ .