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Mohammed Yassin Yusuf Sex Attack On Mother In Law Caused Her Death

Muslim sex case Mohammed Yassin Yusuf, has been found guilty of murdering his elderly mother in law after a sex attack on her resulted in the woman having a stroke and dying.

Just goes to show that the sex obsessed Muslim male can’t even be left alone with a female family member who is that ill she needs a carer to dress her for bed without the sexual predator lurking below the surface coming out.

Neasden stroke victim murdered by son-in-law’s violent sex assault

  • Jun 03, 2014 08:55
  • By Ian Proctor

Mohammed Yassin Yusuf, 32, convicted of murder at Old Bailey and will be sentenced on Friday

Metropolitan Police
Mohammed Yassin Yusuf, 32, was convicted of murder by an Old Bailey jury: he sexually assaulted mother-in-law Amoe Seline Stevens so violently at their Cairnfield Avenue, Neasden, home that she died of internal injuries

A 32-year-old man has been convicted of murdering his stroke victim mother-in-law by sexually assaulting her so violently she bled to death.

Mohammed Yassin Yusuf, 32, set upon Amoe Seline Stevens at the home they shared in Cairnfield Avenue, Neasden, on October 18 2013 after his wife left him in the company of the frail 64-year-old pensioner, who endured mobility and speech problems as a result of a stroke.


Metropolitan PoliceAmoe Seline Stevens, 64, died in hospital of internal injuries sustained in a violent sexual assault carried out by son-in-law Mohammed Yassin Yusuf, 32, at the home they shared in Cairnfield Avenue, Neasden
Amoe Seline Stevens, 64, died in hospital of internal injuries sustained in a violent sexual assault carried out by son-in-law Mohammed Yassin Yusuf, 32, at the home they shared in Cairnfield Avenue, Neasden


Detective Chief Inspector, Noel McHugh, who led the investigation from the Metropolitan Police’s Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “This was a truly horrendous crime committed against a vulnerable and defenceless woman.

“Mrs Stevens suffered ill health and Yusuf should have offered her care and protection. Instead he chose to use her vulnerabilities to his own sexual benefit and violated her in the most despicable way possible.

“We believe Yusuf had assaulted Mrs Stevens on multiple occasions but due to her disabilities she was never able to communicate with her family and expose his sickening actions. We also believe that Yusuf is sexually deviant and may well have tried to target other women in his past.”

The Old Bailey heard that within moments of his wife exiting the home, Yusuf had locked himself in his mother-in-law’s bedroom and started to assault her. The assault only ended when a registered carer arrived to get Mrs Stevens ready for bed.

The carer became suspicious as Mr Yusuf rushed from the bedroom to his kitchen with blood spots on his hands and shirt.

When she entered the bedroom she saw Mrs Stevens slumped in a recliner chair with blood smeared across her legs and a pool of blood on the floor. As she attempted to challenge Yusuf in the kitchen she realised he was trying to clean the blood from his hands and clothes. She quickly left the property and called for an ambulance and police to attend.

As she stood outside of the address it became clear that Yusuf was making attempts to clear away the blood from the scene.

Mrs Stevens was taken by ambulance to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington but died from her injuries within hours.

A post-mortem examination revealed that she had haemorrhaged after suffering multiple internal injuries, and Yusuf was arrested and subsequently charged with the murder of his mother-in-law.

Yusuf, who was convicted by a jury of murder on Monday, will be sentenced on Friday.

The family of Mrs Stevens said in a written statement after the verdict: “We, as a family, are devastated by the loss of our beloved Amoe. We can’t imagine how we will ever come to terms with our loss. The detectives from the Homicide Command have been truly exceptional and we would like to thank them for their thorough investigation and support throughout this ordeal.”

Police are urging anyone who came into contact with Yusuf and had concerns about his behaviour to contact the Incident Room on 020 8785 8099.

Middlesbrough Grooming Gang Jailed, Victims Harassed By Paedo Defenders

As Middlesbrough grooming gang received their sentences for the rape and sexual assault of  local schoolgirls between the ages of 13 and 15 years old. News of the victims being constantly harassed and intimidated by the paedophiles friends and family have emerged. Some of the harassment has included racial abuse against the victims with them being labelled as ‘white trash’ by supporters of the three nonces. One family even had to move home due to the levels of abuse they were getting. You can be almost certain none of the paedophile defenders making the victims lives hell will be charged for a hate crime like somebody would do if it was the other way round.

Jailed: Shakil Munir

The Northern Echo: Jailed: Shakil MunirJailed: Sakib Ahmed

The Northern Echo: Jailed: Shakil Munir: Behind bars: Ateeq Latif

FIVE girls groomed on the streets of a North-East town are still being “tortured” by supporters of the men who abused them, their families said tonight.

The mother of one of the teenage victims spoke out after two men and a 17-year-old youth were jailed for a total of 19 years for sexually exploiting the girls in Middlesbrough.

Passing sentence Judge John Walford told Shakil Munir, 32, 19-year-old Sakib Ahmed and Ateeq Latif, 17, that they had regarded the girls – all aged between 13 and 15 – as objects for their own sexual pleasure.
He added: “In reality they were children who lacked the maturity of experience to cope with your manipulative ways.”

The court heard that the girls had been taunted and insulted by friends and family of the defendants since coming forward, including being bombarded by obscene messages, called sluts and accused of being racist.

Judge Walford described the girls’ treatment as “appalling”, adding that it revealed a “profoundly worrying attitude about the offending”.

Speaking outside court after the sentencing, the mother of one of the victims said: “The girls are still being tortured by these people – they are painting them as sluts when they are the victims.”

THE behavior of men who used threats and manipulation to groom and abuse vulnerable underage girls was today condemned.

Judge Walford said there was no place in a civilised society for the attitude shown by the three defendants towards the five girls, who were all aged between 13 and 15.

Although he said the case was different to other grooming cases around the country where young girls had been trafficked and passed around, he said: “It is unacceptable for feckless young men to roam the streets at night seeking young, impressionable girls, with only one objective in mind.

“That is behaviour that needs to be condemned.”

Taxidriver Shakil Munir, 32, of Tollesby Road, Middlesbrough, was sentenced to eight years in prison after being found guilty of four counts of sexual activity with a child and one of abduction.

Sakeb Ahmed, 19, a pizza shop worker from Cambridge Road, Middlesbrough, was also sentenced to eight years after admitting five charges of sexual activity with a child.

Student Ateeq Latif, 17, of Abingdon Road, Middlesbrough, was sent to a young offenders’ institution for three years after being convicted of two counts of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence.

Christopher Knox, prosecuting, told Teesside Crown Court that the girls had been exploited by a loosely connected group of young men and one older man.

He added: “They were exploitative relationships. They were groomed for what later occurred – these were not a case of girlfriend, boyfriend relationships.”

Mr Knox said the grooming progressed from talking face to face to exchanging phone messages.

Mr Knox said that since coming forward, the victims had been subjected to “horrifying” abuse by friends and family of the defendants.

He added: “They have been subjected to name calling; suggestions such as ‘white trash’.

“They have been goaded in classrooms, saying ‘don’t touch her she will have you done for rape’.

“They have also been bombarded by obscene messages on Facebook, calling them sluts and accusing them of being racist.”

The court heard how a car belonging to one of the girl’s families had been vandalised, while family members had received threats on-line.

Outside court the mother of one of the girls revealed how her family had been forced to move home because of the intimidation.

Judge Walford said the defendants could not be held responsible for the “shameful behavior” of others.

However, he added: “I openly express the hope that after today the sort of unpleasantness to which those girls have been subjected will cease and they can be allowed to put these events behind them.”

Detective Inspector Dino Carlucci, who led the investigation, paid tribute to the victims who had given evidence, adding: “I now hope the girls can get on and enjoy their lives, which is what teenage girls should be doing.”

Members of the English Defence League chanted and exchanged insults with Asian supporters of the defendants outside court.

They were watched over by scores of police.


Racist Homophobic Family Jailed: ‘You’ve Messed With The Wrong Muslims!’

Six members of the same Muslim family from Blackburn have been jailed for the violent attack of a white non-Muslim lesbian who was in a gay relationship with their other sister who they had planned to marry off to a cousin. Many a Muslim apologist will try to claim their actions was purely honour based because of the arranged marriage they had planned. Yes maybe that was a contributory factor in what happened but by no means the only.

This was a hate crime pure and simple. They targeted the victim because she was white, non Muslim and a lesbian. Racist, Religious, LGBT.  Take your pick of any of the three hate crimes because this was all of them. The Muslim bullies were heard saying  ‘you’ve messed with the wrong Muslims.’ Even the judge before sentencing made reference to that.

Below is what the judge said. (from another source as this wasn’t mention in the Mail article attached further down this post)

Sentencing, Judge Graham Knowles QC told the siblings: “Your anger that a white non-Muslim woman was in a relationship with your sister brought your determination to destroy that relationship and force your choices on her and her partner.

The judge said the offences were partly motivated by the defendants’ perception that Miss Harrison “lacked your religious beliefs”.

“This was a relationship that they disapproved of and felt brought shame on their family.”

Why wasn’t this prosecuted as a hate crime also ???  Because they are Asian and Muslim ???   Does being a minority group automatically make you unable to be a racist bigot, where you can only be the victim and not the perpetrator or something ???

Because that is how the double standards of the whole of the justice system make it look like from here. If you make a twitter comment  to a certain Muslim apologist who has a habit of twisting every atrocity committed by Muslims into a surge of anti Muslim attacks saying he is  “a mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya-artist” then you may find yourself like Tim Burton getting charged with a hate crime. Despite criticism and expressing your opinion not even being a crime.

Then on the other hand you have idiots like Anjem Choudary pissing half the country off with his praise for the Woolwich Killers. Or the 100 of on-line messages Tommy Robinson received on a weekly basis threatening to kill him or rape his family which he forwarded to the police which they never made one arrest over. The 2 tier law favouring Muslims need sorting ASAP. This is Britain where its meant to be one law for all.

‘You’ve messed with the wrong Muslims!’ CCTV images show the dramatic moment three women tried to kidnap and rob their sister’s lesbian lover during row over arranged marriage

  • Nazma Ditta, 27, entered into secret relationship with Sarah Harrison, 35
  • Miss Ditta’s family found out and attacked Miss Harrison as she left work
  • Three sisters assaulted woman, grabbing her hair and repeatedly kicking her
  • One said ‘You’ve messed with the wrong Muslims. We’re going to kill you’
  • Women, along with three others, were jailed at Preston Crown Court today


PUBLISHED: 19:18, 24 January 2014 | UPDATED: 10:09, 25 January 2014These dramatic images show three Muslim siblings attempting to kidnap and rob their sister’s lesbian lover after they found out about the relationship. 

Sarah Harrison, 35, was targeted as she left work in Blackburn, Lancashire. As she was attacked, one of the siblings shouted: ‘you’ve messed with the wrong Muslims.’

The women’s sister Nazma Ditta, 27, one of six sisters and three brothers, had been due to enter into an arranged marriage.

Scroll down for video

This dramatic picture shows CCTV footage of (clockwise from left) Atfah Ditta, Nighat Morris, Ghazala Ditta attacking their victim shop manager Sarah Harrison after they found out about her relationship with their sister

This dramatic picture shows CCTV footage of (clockwise from left) Atfah Ditta, Nighat Morris, Ghazala Ditta attacking their victim shop manager Sarah Harrison after they found out about her relationship with their sister

Miss Harrison can be seen struggling with her attackers and attempting to run away. The woman had been secretly seeing their sister Nazma Ditta for several months

Miss Harrison can be seen struggling with her attackers and attempting to run away. The woman had been secretly seeing their sister Nazma Ditta for several months

But Nazma had begun a secret relationship with Miss Harrison when both women worked at a clothes shop in the town.

Miss Harrison was confronted by sisters Atfah Ditta, 32, and Ghazala Ditta, 31, who got out of a parked silver Toyota Corolla car on June 20 last year.

They were joined by another sister Nighat Morris, 38, and brother Tahmoor Ditta, 26, who produced a metal tool which he brandished at a work colleague of Miss Harrison.

The three women then assaulted Miss Harrison who was dragged around by her hair and kicked as they tried to force her into the car.


CCTV: Moment women try to kidnap and rob sister’s lesbian lover

Miss Harrison, seen struggling with the women, and Miss Ditta met while the two worked at a shop in Blackburn

Miss Harrison, seen struggling with the women, and Miss Ditta met while the two worked at a shop in Blackburn

A sibling reaches for Miss Harrison's hair. One of the gang said 'you've mess with the wrong Muslims. We are going to kill you' during the terrifying attack

A sibling reaches for Miss Harrison’s hair. One of the gang said ‘you’ve mess with the wrong Muslims. We are going to kill you’ during the terrifying attack

One of the women shouts at Miss Harrison to get in to the car. She was repeatedly hit in the face and the arms during the stuggle

One of the women shouts at Miss Harrison to get in to the car. She was repeatedly hit in the face and the arms during the stuggle

The victim was repeatedly punched in the face and to her arms in an effort to remove her handbag and force her into the vehicle.

Her bag was taken from her but she managed to prevent herself being dragged into the car by holding on to its sides.

She was left standing at the side of the road as the group got back into their vehicle and drove away.

In the days leading up to the attack, members of the Ditta family had confronted the victim at her workplace and asked her about the whereabouts of their sister.

They also asked her work colleagues about where she parked her car and waited at various locations for her to leave work.

Miss Harrison later told police: ‘I can’t work comfortably now and I think about people throwing acid in my face. Anyone Asian I don’t know could be associated with the people who attacked me. I have trouble sleeping.

‘I feel uncomfortable sleeping on my back because of where I was kicked. My temple still hurts from where I was punched. I have a permanent reminder of the attack by the scar under my eye.

Tosif Ditta (left) and Nayarr Mehmood (right) pictured arriving at Preston Crown Court today

Tosif Ditta (left) and Nayarr Mehmood (right) pictured arriving at Preston Crown Court today

The family are now banned from attempting to contact their sister and Miss Harrison

The family are now banned from attempting to contact their sister and Miss Harrison

‘I have to sell my house and move somewhere where Nazma’s family won’t find us. I have had to find a different job which is not easy because I loved my work.’

Today the siblings appeared at Preston Crown Court.

Ghazala Ditta, Atfah Ditta and Nighat Morris pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm, attempted kidnap and robbery. They were all jailed for five years and four months.

Tahmoor Ditta pleaded guilty to the above charges and also admitted assault and possession of an offensive weapon and was sentenced to six years.

Two other sisters, Tosif Ditta, 35, and Nayyar Mehmood, 37 had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm and were imprisoned for three-and-a-half years.

The children’s mother, Rani Ditta, 55, had been charged with conspiracy to kidnap but in November the prosecution offered no evidence against her.

The court heard Nazma was only girl in her family who was unmarried and several potential suitors had been found for her.

Tamoor Ditta admitted conspiracy to commit actual bodily harm, attempted kidnap, robbery, possession of an offensive weapon and battery and was jailed for six years

Tosif Ditta got three and a half years

Tamoor Ditta (left) was jailed for six years and Tosif Ditta for three and a half years at Preston Crown Court

But she had already begun a relationship with Miss Harrison after meeting at the USC clothing store in Blackburn shopping mall.

Nazma was so fearful of being discovered, she spent six months secretly and slowly moving her belongings into Miss Harrison’s home 26 miles away in Blackpool so it wouldn’t be noticed.

Prosecutor Mr Richard Haworth said: ‘The family had a traditional arranged marriage planned for her and had already suggested a suitor, her cousin to whom the family believed she was betrothed but whom she had already rejected.’

Suspicions about the lovers began after a niece of Miss Ditta spotted messages and photos shared on her relative’s mobile phone. Miss Ditta denied an affair but was ordered to stop any sleepovers at the homes of friends.

A date was set for her wedding which Nazma agreed to – whilst secretly planning to leave.

Mr Haworth added: ‘There had already been regular discussions about marrying off Nazma.

‘But knowing that the family would react very badly to the news that she was gay and that she was in an ongoing relationship, Nazma had been slowly moving her belongings from the family home over to Miss Harrison’s property.

Atfah Ditta, one of the women who attacked Miss Harrison got five years four months

Ghazala Ditta got the same sentence

Atfah Ditta, (left) one of the women who attacked Miss Harrison, got five years four months as did Ghazala Ditta

‘She further decided to terminate her employment and moved into Miss Harrison’s property.

‘She left a note to inform her family she had got a new job in Manchester and was moving out. She left her email address as her contact details and changed her phone number.’

Nazma’s family later went to the shop asking about her whereabouts and repeatedly emailed her until she confessed she was gay.

A family meeting was later held at a coffee shop in Blackburn during which Miss Ditta said she would not get married but agreed to return home to say her goodbyes.

When she left again she received text messages from her brother Tasawar saying: ‘I am dead to you. Delete my number I hope you’re happy with sarah.’

Her sister Ghazala sent a message saying: ‘selfish stupid bitch. Just wait till I get hold of you.’

Later members of the family confronted Miss Harrison at her workplace, asking her about the whereabouts of her partner. They also asked her work colleagues about where she parked her car and waited at various locations for her to leave work.

Nayyar Mehmood got three and a half years

Nighat Morris, who attacked Miss Harrison got five years four months

Nayyar Mehmood (left) got three and a half years and Nighat Morris got five years four months

Mr Haworth said: ‘The attack was virtually all captured on CCTV. The three sisters simultaneously attacked and attempted to physically bundle Miss Harrison into the back of the car.

‘She was punched and kicked and had her hair gripped and pulled repeatedly.

‘Both Miss Harrison and Shah Ahmed refer to the family saying “get her in, get her in, you’ve messed with the wrong Muslims, we’re going to kill you” and “get her bag, get her bag”.

‘The attack on Miss Harrison was a brutal sustained and a pre-planned group action and it nearly succeeded.

All claimed they acted out of concern for their sister. Defence lawyer Adam Watkins, defending Tosif, said: ‘She did what she did out of a misjudged sense of what was right for her sister. It was a misguided sense of love.

Graham Blower for Nayyar said: ‘This would have happened to Miss Harrison if she was Mr, Mrs, black, white, pink or orange.’

But Judge Graham Knowles QC said: ‘This is a case about power and contol. It is about striking terror and attempting to control not just the body but the will. This was a group ambush and you struck with the terror that all of you intended.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2545464/Youve-messed-wrong-Muslims-CCTV-images-dramatic-moment-three-women-tried-kidnap-rob-sisters-lesbian-lover-row-arranged-marriage.html#ixzz2rQAIcM79

Muslim Girl Forced To Wear Burka To Hide Injuries Inflicted By Family

No matter where in the world they are, Muslims behave almost in the exact same way. Their low opinion of females, even those in their own family doesn’t change. This may be in New Zealand but could quite easily be Bradford, Bolton or Tower Hamlets where Muslim children are forced to wear burkas to school. Using the burka to conceal injuries inflicted by controlling and violent family members is another reason they should be banned

Ban the BURKA

Burqa hid injuries of teen repeatedly bashed – police

By Sam Boyer  5:30 AM Monday Dec 16, 2013

Exclusive: Auckland police claim injuries were hidden on purpose.

Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

A teenage girl police believe was beaten at home was forced to hide her facial injuries behind a burqa, while members of the Muslim community are alleged to have hushed up the abuse.

Her injuries included a broken nose, damaged teeth and extensive bruising. Police claim the 15-year-old was subjected to sustained physical abuse from at least one family member over two or more months.

The abuse was known to some Muslims in the Auckland region, who chose not to report it, they claim.

“The case was brought to police attention when a school friend of the girl was made aware of the abuse and was able to borrow a cellphone from another child at a neighbouring school to call 111,” child protection officer Detective Sarah Boniface said. “The girl was not able to get access to a phone herself.”

She was kept home from school after sustaining the facial injuries, police say.

When officers visited her home, the girl was allegedly instructed by family members to cover up with a burqa that left only her eyes exposed – a covering the girl told police she would not usually wear. At school, she wore a head scarf.

She was absent from school long enough for a friend to become anxious about her whereabouts, police say. When the friend learned of the abuse through community networks, she called the police.

“At this stage it is clear that a number of members of the community were aware of the extent of the abuse and did not seek medical assistance for her injuries or alert authorities,” Ms Boniface said. “This included people who were in positions of trust and who should have been relied upon to provide help.”

Police believed that family members were also instructed to lie to investigators about the abuse, and did so out of fear for their own safety.

Officers learned about the abuse in early November. The girl was removed from her home by Child, Youth and Family and placed in “secure care” with another Muslim family. No one has yet been charged, although police say arrests are likely.

She recently completed her school exams, Ms Boniface said.

Detective Inspector Jim Gallagher, a police field crime manager, said people needed to speak up about child abuse. He praised the bravery of the school friend who called police.

“When you know about a child that possibly could be at risk, then that warrants you making it your business. If you do nothing, then no one will ever know. It’s a child’s life you’re gambling with if you don’t report it.”

Javed Khan, acting president of the Federation of the Islamic Associations of New Zealand, said the offending could not be tolerated. It was likely a one-off case, he said.

“Maybe the family members were trying to hide it, but I don’t think the community would condone anything like that. If we became aware of it we would definitely bring it to the attention of the authorities.

“We are subject to the laws of the country and follow the laws of New Zealand. Anything like that is not accepted here. It has nothing to do with Islam or the religion. It’s more to do with a cultural thing … It could just be the family.”

It’s never OK

• Since 2007, it has been illegal for any person – including parents – to use any physical force on a child, including for the purposes of correcting behaviour or as a form of punishment.

• In the year to June 30, police investigated almost 90,000 family violence cases. There were children present in more than 56,000 of those.

Recommended Viewing: Britain’s First White Honour Killing

Britain’s Darkest Taboos – Britain’s First White Honour Killing is on tonight and also repeated on Sunday 24 November at 10pm on Crime & Investigation Network

The show is about teenager Laura Wilson from Rotherham who was brutally murdered by her Muslim lover after she told his family about their secret relationship and the catastrophic chain of events it triggered resulting in her murder. It will go some way to showing the true racist nature of Muslim immigrant families in the UK,

With a little luck maybe a few white females who are involved with Muslim males may have their eyes opened and come to realise they will never be more than the Muslims dirty little secret and get out while they can. No matter what the male has promised them, they will never have a future or a serious relationship.

Britain’s first white honour killing: Teenager brutally murdered by her Muslim lover after exposing their relationship to his family

  • Laura Wilson, from Rotherham, was stabbed to death in 2010 aged 17
  • She was in love with Muslim Ashtiaq Ashgar
  • But he kept their relationship secret from his family
  • Laura also fell pregnant by Ashgar’s Muslim friend after a brief fling
  • She eventually told both their families about her relations with them
  • Ashgar thought she had bought shame on his family
  • He lured her to canal where he stabbed her
  • Now serving a life sentence but will be eligible for parole in 2029


PUBLISHED: 20:54, 20 November 2013 | UPDATED: 14:47, 21 November 2013

Laura Wilson was just 17-years-old when she was stabbed to death next to a canal in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, in 2010.

This wasn’t a mugging gone wrong, or a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, the mother-of-one was the victim of Britain’s first white honour killing. Her death was premeditated murder, plotted and committed by the boyfriend she was madly in love with.

Laura’s crime was to bring dishonour on her Muslim lover Ashtiaq Ashgar, 21, who is now serving a life sentence for the brutal murder.

By the time she was 15, Laura Wilson, from Rotherham, was besotted with Ashtiaq Ashgar, 16

In 2008, the couple began an intense relationship at school when Laura was just 15, and Ashtiaq, 16.

Her sister, Sarah, reveals on tonight’s episode of Britain’s Darkest Taboos on Crime & Investigation Network: ‘She loved him. She worshipped the ground he walked on, she really did. She would have done anything for him.’

Ashtiaq came from a traditional Muslim family who were planning an arranged marriage for their son with a girl from Pakistan.

They would have been horrified to learn he was dating a white girl so he made Laura keep their relationship a secret.

Unbeknown to his family, he lived a double life where he drank, smoked cannabis, carried weapons and had numerous relationship with women, including Laura.

When Laura found out that he has been seeing other girls, they broke up and she slept with this married friend, 22-year-old Ishaq ‘Zac’ Hussein, to make him jealous.

Only 16, she fell pregnant as a result of the fling and had a daughter, Alicia. Zac refused to acknowledge he was the father.

After Alicia is born, Laura and Ashtiaq rekindled their relationship but he insisted it must continue to be a secret. But while Laura was very much in love, her mother, Maggie, believes Ashtiaq was just using Laura for sex and treated her badly.

She said: ‘I heard a phone conversation between Laura and Ashtiaq, Laura telling him how much he loved him and he was just so nasty. You could hear Laura crying in the background. He was saying just how much he hated her and that he’d got another girl, and he wasn’t interested in her and she’s shouting back “I love ya, I love ya…”. He used Laura I think at the end.’


Ashgar comes from a very traditional Muslim family and was leading a secret life, which Laura was a part of


The two broke up and Laura began a short relationship with a married friend of his

Laura soon became sick of being Ashtiaq secret and on October 6, 2010, fuelled by alcohol, she and her sister made the fatal mistake of revealing all to his family.

They knocked on his mother’s door and told her what was going on.

Sarah recalls: ‘Laura told her that she wanted to marry him, but his mother got aggressive and hit her with a shoe, calling her “a dirty white b****”.’

The whole time Ashtiaq stood behind his mother ‘acting sheepish’.

When sentenced, Ashgar ‘showed no remorse’, he was just upset at the amount of jail time he received


The public episode would have been deeply shameful and embarrassing to him.

On a roll, Laura and Sarah also visited Zac’s family to reveal how he is the father of her baby.

Maggie recalls: ‘She said “I am sick of her being a secret” as she had been told not to mention about Alicia to any of the family. So she told them but they just didn’t want to know.’

Maggie added that Laura’s relations with Ashtiaq and Zac had ‘fetched shame on their family… she had to be stopped.’

In the days following Sarah and Laura turning up at their houses, an angry Ashtiaq sent Zac a text message saying: ‘I’m gonna send that b***** to Hell.’

He also said he wanted to make ‘beans on toast’ of her, which is a phrase that means to spill blood.

He asked Laura to meet him at the canal one evening and it’s there that he murdered her.

The story of Laura Wilson will be broadcast tonight…

When Laura did not return home that evening, Maggie said she ‘just knew’ something terrible had happened.

Meanwhile, Ashtiaq was trying to cover his tracks by texting Laura’s friend asking if she had ‘seen’ her.

Two days later, Laura’s body was found in the canal. She had more than 40 stab wounds, most of those to the head, and some were defence wounds.

Maggie had to go identify her daughter. SHe said: ‘I went over and kissed her and I put my arms around her and I just sobbed.’

The day after Laura went missing, mother Maggie (left) ‘knew’ something terrible had happened

Sarah was overwhelmed with guilt. She said: ‘If it was going to be anyone it should have been me. It was my choice to go and knock on Ashtiaq’s door, it was my choice to go and knock on Zac’s door. She had everything to live for.’

Police charged Ashtiaq and Zac with murder – describing the case as Britain’s first white honour based killing.

Both men pleaded not guilty.

On May 2011 at Ashtiaq’s trial, the court heard how after stabbing Laura, he threw her into the canal but she kept fighting for her life. A pathologist report found that the stab wounds to the head were actually done to keep her under the water.

On June 1 Ashtiaq changed his plea to guilty in the hope of a reduced sentence, as the evidence was stacking up against him.

On December 21 the judge sentenced 18-year-old Ashtiaq to 17-and-a-half years imprisonment for Laura’s murder.

‘He showed no remorse, just upset at the amount of time he got in jail,’ says Maggie.

Meanwhile, following a retrial Zac was acquitted of murder.

Ashtiaq is currently serving a life sentence and will be eligible for parole in 2029 when he’s 34-years-old.

Sarah said she believed his punishment was not enough, adding: ‘He’s going to be out in 2029… he can still get out and get married and have kids and have a good life. My sister can’t.’

Maggie and Sarah are now raising Laura’s daughter, Alicia, and this keeps them going.

Maggie said: ‘I need to keep strong for Alicia. I have got to make sure she has a good upbringing, good schooling. Keep her safe.’

Britain’s Darkest Taboos – Britain’s First White Honour Killing is repeated on Sunday 24 November at 10pm on Crime & Investigation Network

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2510542/Britains-white-honour-killing-Teenager-brutally-murdered-Muslim-lover-exposing-relationship-family.html#ixzz2lIeYM9Bs

Sydney: Jewish Family Viciously Attacked By 8 Racist Muslims Near Bondi Beach

When you think of the world famous Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Most people would conjurer up the mental image of a surfers paradise, golden sands and clear blue seas. Not gangs of violent Muslim racists pack attacking Jewish families for no reason apart from their own hatred inside . Just goes to show, no place is safe from Muslim rage. Where ever there is Muslims you can always count on outbreaks of violence amongst other things.

The thugs put the family in hospital including both the parents who are in their 60’s. Always the easy targets who cant put up much of a fight back.    BULLIES !!

Sydney: Jewish Family of 5 Viciously Attacked in Street

Police have charged three people over an anti-Semitic attack in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Man in his 60s seriously injured.

By Arutz Sheva

First Publish: 10/26/2013, 7:01 PM


Bondi beach

Bondi beach

Police charged three people Saturday over an anti-Semitic attack in Sydney’s eastern suburbs that left one man seriously injured.

Four men and a woman were walking on Blair Street, Bondi, at about 12:30 AM Saturday,  on their way home from a Sabbath eve meal, when a group of about eight young men began yelling anti-Semitic insults at them, and then attacked them.

The five suffered injuries including a fractured cheekbone, broken nose, concussion, lacerations and bruising. Police said the victims are four men, aged 27 to 66, and a 62-year-old woman. One man, who is in his sixties, suffered serious internal head injuries. According to Israel’s Channel 2 television, he is in critical condition.

Police arrested two 17-year-olds and a 23-year-old man at the scene, but the rest of the attackers managed to run away.

The two teenagers were charged with affray – fighting or terrorizing people in a public place – and breach of bail. They were refused bail and will appear in children’s court tomorrow.

The 23-year-old was charged with affray and granted bail.

St Vincent’s Hospital spokesman David Faktor, a member of the Bondi Jewish community, told the Sydney Morning Herald that the victims told him the attack was unprovoked and racially motivated.

He said the victims were members of a family, and that they did not know their attackers or do anything to incite the violence. He said the male victims were wearing skullcaps and told him the attack felt like it went for about 15 minutes.

”Any kind of serious unprovoked attack is of great concern but the fact it was racially motivated is all the more concerning,” Faktor said.

”It is extremely shocking that an attack like this could happen in Australia, let alone in Bondi being such a multicultural area.”

Faktor said the families of the victims are “very upset” and cannot understand why people would want to hurt them.

“You certainly don’t come to Bondi and expect that,” he said. “Maybe in Germany in the 1930s and Russia in the 1970s but certainly in Sydney, Australia, Bondi you just don’t expect an unprovoked attack.”

Beach Road Hotel licensee Ben Pearce told the Morning Herald that four bouncers and two managers from the hotel jumped into the brawl in an effort to break it up and were able to restrain a couple of the attackers before the police arrived.

”The guys did the best they could to grab as many of [the attackers] as possible,” Pearce said. ”The fact that it had that extra component [was racially motivated] makes it even more ugly. ‘If it ever happened again we’d do the same to try and help.”


Great News – Islamic Terrorist Abu Qatada’s Family Have Left The Uk – Don’t Come Back

Fantastic news concerning the Muslim family of  terrorist hate preacher Abu Qatada doing one out of  the UK. It is one less burden on the British taxpayer,  who were being extorted to the tune of over 800 pounds a week in states benefits  to support the Islamic fundamentalist family of scroungers. Unfortunately as things stand at the minute. For every Muslim parasite leeching off the state that stops claiming like the Qadada’s. There is another 2 Muslim Asylum seekers or new immigrants at the job centre making a claim.


Family of hate preacher Abu Qatada leave the UK after dropping application to stay

THE family of hate preacher Abu Qatda have left the UK after dropping an application to stay in the country, the Home Office announced this evening.

Published: Fri, August 16, 2013

The-family-of-Abu-Qatda-have-left-the-UK-the-Home-Office-announced-tonightThe family of Abu Qatda have left the UK, the Home Office announced tonight

The Government department said Qatada’s wife and five children have left the country but the location they have travelled to is unknown.

Qatada flew back to Jordan in July to face terror charges after an almost decade long battle that cost the taxpayer millions to extradite him.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Abu Qatada’s wife and five children have now left the UK.

“The family has formally agreed to drop an outstanding application for Indefinite Leave to Remain.”

abu qatada, jordan vile muslim terrorist bastardQatada flew back to Jordan in July to face terror charges after an almost decade long battle

Abu Qatada’s wife and five children have now left the UK

A Home Office spokesperson

The Daily Express reported last month that Qatada’s family were set to join him in Jordon following his extradition.

Their departure is expected to save the taxpayer over £40,000 a year and free up the scores of police officers who were protecting them.

The family had lived in Stanmore, north west London, where they had received over £800 a week in housing, council tax and child benefits and income support.

Qatada, 53, fled to Britain in 1993 with his wife and their first three children in 1993.

He claimed asylum on the grounds of religious persecution and was allowed to stay in Britain the following year.

abu qatada, home officeQatada’s fight to stay in the UK cost the taxpayer millions

In his absence the radical cleric was charged of conspiring to carry out terrorists attack against Israelis, Americans and other Westerners in Jordan.

The hate preacher went on the run in 2001 after being questioned over alleged links to a German terrorist group and was arrested in 2002.

He was detained at Belmarsh high security jail in south east London but was never charged.

Repeated attempts to deport him to Jordan were resisted by the European Courts on the grounds of infringement to his human rights.

abu qatada, home office, radical cleric, hate preacherThe Daily Express reported last month that Qatada’s family were set to join him in Jordon

Brussels ruled that evidence could be coerced from him under torture in Jordan and then used against him in a new trial.

Qatada gave up his fight to stay in Britain after the Jordanian government ratified a treaty guaranteeing him to fair trial.

His family have apparently been living in a council house in Middlesex for the past few months.

There presence has been protested against by neighbours and members of the English Defence League (EDL).


CCTV Images Released After Father Attacked By ‘Asian Male’ On Dodgems

No fun at the fair for this father on a family day out at Brighton Marina. Whist with his family on the dodgem cars he was violently attacked by an ‘Asian male’. In front of his family and other day trippers on the fairground ride he was head butted, resulting in him falling backwards and breaking his ankle.  Definitely not the kind of end to a family day out you would of wanted by a long shot.

CCTV images released following assault on dodgems

29 May 2013


Detectives have released some CCTV images of people they would like to speak to in connection with an assault on a 32-year-old man at Brighton Marina on 3 March.

The victim was with his family on the dodgem cars at around 2.30pm and has told officers that as he was about to get out of his dodgem he was headbutted by another man causing him to fall backwards and sustain a broken ankle which required hospital treatment.

The man who assaulted the victim was in the company of a younger woman, two small children and an older woman who is alleged to have pushed the victim to the chest. They then all walked off eastbound towards the restaurants at Marina Village.

DC Emma Vickers said: “We have investigated numerous lines of enquiry and I’m hoping that by releasing the CCTV images someone may remember the incident or recognise some of the people we would like to speak to.

“Please call 101 quoting serial 767 of 3/3 or alternatively you can leave an anonymous message with the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

The man who is alleged to have assaulted the victim is described as being of Asian ethnicity, 30-35, 5′ 7″ to 5′ 8″ of slim build and was clean shaven with short black hair. At the time of the incident he was wearing a white short sleeved t-shirt and burgundy coloured trousers.


Racist Muslim Who Attacked Daniel Stringer Could Be Freed From Prison After Only 14 Weeks

The white teenager Daniel Stringer was savagely beaten by a gang of racist Muslim thugs in Hyde, Greater Manchester.The severity of the attack caused much outrage at the time amongst patriot groups, with the EDL organizing a demonstration as a direct result. The news of the possible early release of Muslim attacker Ali Haydor from prison after only 14 weeks of a 2 year sentence has seen Daniel’s family blasting the justice system

The yob who did this was jailed for two years… and he could be out after 14 weeks

30 Mar 2013 09:04

Daniel Stringer-Prince and his family have blasted the justice system after they got the news of Ali Haydor’s early parole application

 Daniel Stringer-Prince sustained sickening injuries, including a fractured skull and fractured eye sockets
Daniel Stringer-Prince sustained sickening injuries, including a fractured skull and fractured eye sockets

A thug who brutally attacked a teenage student could be released from prison after spending just 14 weeks of a two-year sentence behind bars.

Daniel Stringer-Prince and his family have angrily criticised the justice system after they were told that Ali Haydor has applied for early parole.

Haydor, 22, led a gang attack which left trainee baker Daniel with sickening injuries, including a fractured skull and fractured eye sockets.

He was punched at least twice by Haydor, before others repeatedly kicked and punched him.

Takeaway worker Haydor, of Croft Street, Hyde, pleaded guilty to assault and was jailed for two years in December.

But he has now applied to the Parole Board to be released on an electronic tag – and could be freed as early as April.

Daniel, from Woodley, Stockport, said the development was an insult to him and his family. He said: “He should serve the full entitlement that he was ordered to serve – but 14 weeks is nothing. I feel it is a bit of an insult for the damage he’s done.”

Daniel’s angry mother Cheryl, 46, added: “Daniel has got a life sentence and he spends just 14 weeks inside. It’s a joke. The whole system is wrong.”


Daniel’s mother, Cheryl, with Daniel, who had to have his right cheek rebuilt with a metal plate


Daniel, who is studying baking at Tameside College, and a friend were set upon by a group of Asian youths in Hyde town centre in February last year.

Surgeons had to rebuild his right cheek with a metal plate and he faced an anxious wait to discover if his eyesight would return. Two new eye sockets were constructed, but one is now sinking back into his skull and he could need further surgery.

If Haydor’s application is successful, a letter from the National Probation Service  reveals he would be subjected to exclusion zones, ‘no contact’ conditions and be electronically-monitored while on a curfew with an ankle tag.

The family has written to the probation service to voice their objections.

The Ministry of Justice could not be contacted for comment.

Court Told How Jalal Hussain Beat Up Girl, Tied Her To Bed And Raped At A House In Nelson

And the Muslim rape epidemic of Britain continues with Jalal Hussain in the dock at Burnley Crown Court. This sick sadistic nonce from Nelson in Lancashire gets his sexual gratification from terrorizing frightened girls. The bullying coward beat up a girl at a house before tying her to a bed with cables and repeatedly raping his victim. As if he hadnt inflicted enough pain on her with the ordeal he then put a knife to her throat and cut her leg. He contined to carry on his strong arm tactics and intimidation  by threating to shoot his victim and her family. During the frenzied attack Hussain told the girl “she deserved it” something that i have repeatedly said, thats what Muslims truely believe in their heads that their victims deserve the vile attacks almost to justify it to themselves

Nelson teenager allegedly beat up and raped girl, jury told

3:30pm Wednesday 20th March 2013 in NewsBy Wendy Barlow, Court reporter

A TEENAGER allegedly beat up and repeatedly raped a girl, threatening to kill her and shoot her family, a jury was told.

Burnley Crown Court heard claims the petrified and crying girl was tied to a bed with cables by Mikael Jalal Hussain, who hit her to force her to have sex with him at a house in Nelson.

He later put a knife to her neck before cutting her leg.

Hussain was said to have struck the alleged victim with a stick, pushed her into a wall, kicked her in the stomach, lifted her off the ground by her hair and removed the SIM card from her mobile phone.

Prosecutor David Temkin alleged the defendant was strangling the girl and told her: “If I killed you, who would come to your funeral? I bet nobody would come to your funeral.”

Hussain, now 18 and living in Bradford, denies four charges of rape and three allegation of assault causing actual bodily harm.

The alleged offences are said to have taken place several years ago when the defendant lived in Nelson.

Mr Temkin said the victim was allegedly hit in the face and body several times by Hussain. He took her purse and threw it against a wall, picked her up off the ground by her hair, called her abusive names and destroyed her SIM card.

The prosecutor claimed Hussain threatened to shoot the girl’s family and she believed the threats. Mr Temkin told to the jury Hussain repeatedly raped the girl. He said: “The prosecution say that the defendant knew perfectly well that she did not consent to sex with him.”

The hearing was told Hussain threatened to rip off the alleged victim’s clothes with a knife and then held her down, hit her and told her to shut up.

The ‘petrified’ girl was crying and in pain. The defendant allegedly pulled the girl by the legs, pushed her down and told her he would kill her.

Mr Temkin alleged Hussain then tied the student to a bed, by putting cables through holes in the mattress. He said: “He tied her down with her arms and feet, so in effect she was in a star shape. Police later seized it and the mattress had holes in it.”