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Farhad Mostafa From Nottingham Jailed For Raping Lesbian Who Mistook His Car For A Taxi

A Nottingham rapist who allowed victim to get in his car thinking it was a taxi is jailed for six years.The woman and approached  Farhad Mostafa with two males whilst trying to flag taxis down . The sexual predator agreed to give then a lift home. Cunning Mostafa first dropped the two males off leaving the victim alone with the sick  pervert who went on to rape her.

The  two male accomplices should be hanging their heads in shame as they are partly responsible. Their poor judgement leaving a woman alone in a car with Mostafa  was crucial. She would never have been in the situation in the first place had they done the gentlemanly thing and made sure she was home safe, instead of leaving her alone with a Muslim man  and in grave danger .

During the trial  Farhad Mostafa even had the audacity to tell the jury that the woman who just so happens to be lesbian and in a gay relationship had instigated the sex with him and was looking for some fun. Claiming that she even said ‘thank you’ to him afterwards.



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A man has been jailed for raping a woman who got into his car believing he was a taxi driver.


Farhad Mostafa, 32, was found guilty at Nottingham Crown Court on 7 September. He attacked his victim on Elm Bank Drive on 4 February 2017.

During the trial, the court heard how the woman approached Mostafa along with two other men as they were attempting to jump start their car after she unsuccessfully attempted to flag down a taxi following a night out.

Believing the car was another taxi, the woman asked Mostafa for a lift. He agreed, and all three men and the woman got into the vehicle.

The two other men were dropped off before Mostafa drove to a garage to buy beer before trying to park on Elm Bank Drive. During this time, the court heard how Mostafa had put his hand on the woman’s thigh, before she pushed it away and said “no”.

After the car stopped, the victim then handed Mostafa £10 as ‘payment’ for the ride, which he accepted. She then attempted to get out the car but the doors were locked.

The woman then asked him to unlock the doors, but he refused before forcing himself on her and proceeding to rape his victim.

The victim eventually managed to escape the vehicle and phoned the police when she got home. Mostafa denied raping the woman when questioned by police.

The court heard how his DNA was recovered from a condom found at the scene and his fingerprints were found on the condom packet. Mostafa has now been jailed for six years after he was found guilty by a jury.

Detective Chief Inspector Leigh Sanders, from Nottinghamshire Police’s Public Protection, said: “I’d like to commend the immense bravery shown by the victim during this investigation and trial following her terrifying ordeal.

“We hope Mostafa’s conviction and sentence shows that we take all reports of rape and sexual assault extremely seriously.

“We encourage anyone who has been a victim of a rape or sexual assault – whether it is a recent or non-recent offence – to come forward and report it to us.

“Rape can happen to anyone. Some victims mistakenly think they are to blame, or fear they won’t be taken seriously by police or that their integrity will be questioned. Others remain silent out of fear of repercussions from their attacker.

“I can assure them they will be treated with sensitivity, compassion and respect and we can offer them professional support.”

Fake Taxi Driver Muhammad Imran Malik From Newcastle Charged With Kidnap And Rape

The North East of England is experiencing something of a rape jihad epidemic at the minute by Muslim sex offenders. 60 + arrested and 8 charged  in Newcastle and Gateshead as part of Operation Sanctuary. An attempted abduction last week in Jarrow and now this latest sex attack.

CCTV Appeal to identify witnesses

Dated: 31 Mar 2014

Police want to identify the two men - potential witnesses to a sexual assault [View Full Size]


Police investigating a sexual assault in Newcastle are releasing a CCTV image of two men who might be able to help with the investigation.

In the early hours of Sunday, March 16, police received a report that a 21-year-old woman had been sexually assaulted in a car.

She got into the car in Newcastle City Centre believing it was a taxi and was sexually assaulted before being dropped off at the junction of Elswick Road and Bentinck Road.

Officers believe that shortly after the offence took place, at around 5am, the woman got out of the car and spoke to two men who happened to be walking in Elswick Road.

Officers want to locate and speak to these two men as potential witnesses who may have information that could help the investigation.

One of the men is described as being black, aged in his mid 30s, about 6ft tall, and of medium build with shoulder length dreadlocked hair.

The second man is described as being white, in his mid 30s, about 6ft tall, with short dark hair.

The men, or anyone who recognises them from their description, are asked to contact police on 101 ext69191.

On March 17 officers charged Muhammad Imran Malik, aged 30 of Beaconfield Street, Newcastle with kidnap and assault on a female by penetration. He appeared at Newcastle Magistrates Court on Monday, March 17, where he was remanded in custody.

Good News, Fake Taxi Driver Who Raped Clubber Gets His Soft Sentence Increased

Good news for once where Muslim sentencing by the courts is concerned. So many times we see crown court judges handing Muslim criminals soft sentences for serious crimes where anybody else would have received a much harsher punishment. To be pretty honest Britain’s 2 tier justice has seen some pathetically soft sentences handed out to Muslims (especially from judges at Burnley Crown Court).

It seems the Court of Appeal will agree a tougher sentence should of been handed out to Muslim rapist Boshir Ali. The sexual predator posed as a taxi driver to pick a female passenger up outside a Wolverhampton nightclub, whom he then raped. They have increased his prison sentence by an extra 2 years and 3 months to a total of 10 years in prison.

Evil rapist posed as a taxi driver outside Wolverhampton nightclub

February 7, 2014 5:06 pm

A sex fiend who posed as a taxi driver to rape a 20-year-old woman he picked up from a Wolverhampton nightclub had his prison sentence increased to 10 years today.

babylon nightclub North Street in Wolverhampton Boshir Ali struck outside Babylon in North Street. The victim, who had been on an evening out with workmates, was helped by a colleague into the 35-year-old attacker’s parked car that had been made to look like a taxi with a yellow sticker down the side.
North Street in Wolverhampton where Ali struck

Boshir Ali struck outside Babylon in North Street. The victim, who had been on an evening out with workmates, was helped by a colleague into the 35-year-old attacker’s parked car that had been made to look like a taxi with a yellow sticker down the side.

Both mistook it for a licensed taxi and her colleague, assuming she was safe, inadvertently left her to the mercy of Ali, the Appeal Court in London was told.

Instead of being taken home, she was driven to a lay-by on the A41 near its junction with the M54. Two police officers approached the vehicle to check what was going on but he said she was his girlfriend and they allowed him to drive off to a car park in Tipton where the attack took place.

Ali then dumped the victim near her home. Ali from Wellington Road, Tipton, was arrested the day after the attack just before midnight in May last year.

The victim said in a statement that, after the attack, she had ‘difficulties expressing her feelings’, had problems socialising, endured sleepless nights and found herself ‘unable to move on from the experience’, the court heard.

Ali was jailed for seven years and nine months after being convicted of rape following a trial in November. But today the case went before the Court of Appeal in London where the Solicitor General Oliver Heald asked for the jail term to be increased.

After it was raised to 10 years he said: “This is an appalling case where a man assumed a position of trust by posing as a taxi driver and then went on to betray that trust when he raped the young woman he had agreed to take home. An assault of this nature is every woman’s nightmare.”

Judges said Ali had deliberately parked his car to ‘mislead the public into believing he was a taxi driver’ and picked a woman who was ‘worse for wear with a view to sexual assault’.



5 Years Imprisonment For Fake Taxi Driver Shakeel Ahmed From Sparkhill, Birmingham

Best place for Muslim sexual predators especially this time of year when many drunk lone females will be attempting to get home from Christmas parties. Lets just hope they have there guards up so no opportunist Muslim taxi driver gets the chance to have his wicked way with an unsuspecting passenger.

Teenage girl’s terror after sex attack by fake cabbie

A teenage girl has spoken of her terror when a man posing as a taxi driver attacked and sexually assaulted her in his car after a night out in Birmingham.

The 19-year-old, from Northamptonshire, had been out with friends in Broad Street, and had climbed into what she believed to be a registered cab waiting in the popular nightspot.

She fell asleep – and, minutes later, she awoke to find the man pinning her down in the front passenger seat and subjecting her to a serious sexual assault.

Bogus taxi driver Shakeel Ahmed, aged 31, from Sparkhill, Birmingham
Bogus taxi driver Shakeel Ahmed, aged 31, from Sparkhill, Birmingham Credit: West Midlands Police

Shakeel Ahmed, aged 31, of Newton Road in Sparkhill, Birmingham, was jailed for five years at Birmingham Crown Court last week after being found guilty of sexual assault by penetration.

Police had tracked him down through DNA found on the girl’s clothing.

The girl has now added her voice to a campaign by West Midlands Police to raise awareness of the dangers of getting into an unregistered taxi.

We’d been drinking before heading out to bars in Broad Street and to be honest most of the night is a blur but I vaguely remember coming out of Gatecrasher and getting into a car at the taxi rank.

It turned out this was a man posing as a taxi driver and on the look-out for vulnerable women he could take advantage of.

I passed out in the taxi and woke up to find him on top of me – it was terrifying. I ran off bare-footed not stopping to get my shoes from the car.

Muslim taxi driver from Accrington denies indecent assault

The latest Muslim taxi driver to be charged with sexually attacking a lone female passenger in his taxi. The taxi driver rape-jihad is unfortunately becoming all to common just lately


muslim taxi driver rape jihad in the UK

Muslim taxi driver from Accrington denies indecent assault

2:18pm Tuesday 9th July 2013 in News

A 62-YEAR-old taxi driver has appeared before Blackburn magistrates charged with indecently assaulting a 16-year-old girl.

The court heard the alleged assault happened outside a house in Accrington.

Talib Hussain, of Richmond Road, Accrington, pleaded not guilty and elected to stand trial at Burnley Crown Court.

He was remanded on bail until his appearance there on July 17.

This Is Why Women Should Never Get In A Taxi They Haven’t Pre Booked. Taxi RapeJihad

Another Muslim taxi driver indulging in the rape jihad of a drunk female passenger wanting to get home after a night out . Unlicensed cab driver Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch has been jailed for 7 years at the Old Bailey Crown Court for the  rape of a woman who had been attending a friends party in central London. After the trial had finished the judge told the jury the Muslim sexual deviant had been accused of similar offences in the past. The judge stated Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch showed no remorse for his sickening sex act on a poor intoxicated female. But why would be sorry?? He is Muslim therefore believes its his right to sexually violate females. He even had the nerve to “Allah Akbar” (God is great) as he was being taken down to the cells.

Earlier this month i posted about a conversation i had with a Muslim taxi driver and his low views of English females. Over the past year this is probably about the 10th Muslim taxi driver I have had the unfortunate task of posting about and i am certain he will not be the last. 

The loons from the left have repeatedly told us multiculturalism is great which is a benefit to the nation. Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch was an Algerian immigrant to the UK. Like so many more foreign  Islamic immigrants who are meant to be a benefit to the UK, he is now a drain on the countries finances whilst held in prison at the taxpayers expense. Multiculturalism doesn’t look so great from where I’m sitting. The only people it seems to benefit are the immigrants and the far left. Not Britain as a whole that’s for sure

Cab driver who raped female passenger jailed for seven years

Unlicensed cab driver Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch raped woman who was drunk after friend’s birthday party in central London

Previous: Jurors were not told Hacene-Chaouch had been acquitted of an almost identical attack in the Tottenham Court Road area in 2004
Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch, 46, had previously been accused of attacking a drunken woman passenger in 2004 but was acquitted. Photograph: Metropolitan police/PA
An unlicensed cab driver has been jailed for seven years and three months after being found guilty of raping a female passenger.

Mohamed Hacene-Chaouch, 46, assaulted the drunk young woman after she had been celebrating a friend’s birthday and had become separated from the group in Soho, central London, on 26 January.

Sentencing the father-of-five at the Old Bailey, the judge, Wendy Joseph, said: “It must have been clear to you that she was helplessly and hopelessly drunk.

“She trusted you to take her safely home. She was clearly vulnerable, she was obviously helpless and in your power, and I regard this as a significant feature.”

The woman, who is in her 20s, said the last thing she remembered was being in the back of a car and being taken to a cashpoint.

She said she drifted in and out of consciousness but woke in the car outside her east London home to find Hacene-Chaouch sexually assaulting her.

Hacene-Chaouch claimed the woman had approached him saying a black cab would not take her because she was too drunk. He denied he had been touting for trade or had committed any sexual assault.

After Hacene-Chaouch, of Catford, south London, was found guilty at the Old Bailey last month, Joseph told the jury he had been accused of a similar offence before.

He was accused of attacking a drunken woman passenger in 2004 but was acquitted.

Wearing a dark grey suit and spectacles, Hacene-Chaouch showed no emotion and stared straight ahead as the judge passed sentence.

But as he was told he would be prohibited from working or seeking work as a taxi driver for 10 years, he shouted: “God is great, I’m innocent,” towards his wife, who watched proceedings from the public gallery. The court heard that she was standing by her husband.

During mitigation, Gary Rutter for the defence said Hacene-Chaouch had not used any violence against the victim, did not prevent her from leaving his cab after the attack and did take her to her home.

But the judge said: “I haven’t heard a single word of remorse in any way, shape or form.”

She said a pre-sentence report indicated that the offence was related to his general attitude towards women.

Joseph said he was “no stranger to the courts” as he also has a previous conviction for theft and five for taxi touting.

Hacene-Chaouch will also have to sign the sex offenders register for life.


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Windsor Rape Jihad: Warning Issued To Taxi Users After Rape By Bogus Cab Driver

When i think of Windsor in Berkshire i imagine it as being a town steeped in British tradition,quite affluent well educated people.I think royalty,Windsor castle, the racetrack, Windsor Safari Park, Legoland and lots of Japanese and American tourists on a day out. Muslim rape jihad wouldn’t even enter my head. I would have put it down as 1 of the last places for Muslim sexual predators on the prowl for female victims.As its not the kind of place Islamic enclaves pop up and all the problems they bring. So i was quite surprised when i heard about  the safety warning issued to taxi users in the area. This comes following a suspected rape by a Muslim bogus taxi driver on a lone female after a night out. It just goes to show you no place in Britain is safe for women from  a potential Muslim sex attack .

Rather disturbingly Chief Inspector Lee Townsend, deputy local area police commander police are aware there are some individuals ‘masquerading’ as taxi drivers, which is an ‘issue’ for the force. 

15:37 Tuesday 04 June 2013  Written by Justin Burns

Safety warning issued to taxi users after suspected rape

TaxiTaxi users in Windsor and Maidenhead have been warned by the Royal Borough to make sure they check they are using drivers and vehicles that are licensed and regulated.

The council’s message comes after a 19-year-old woman was sexually assaulted on Saturday last week after leaving Liquid in Windsor and got into a car she thought was a cab.

Borough safety chiefs say the public safety incident underlined the need for would-be passengers to check the car they get into is a ‘proper taxi’.

Licensed cabs carry distinctive registration plates – one for hackney carriages which can be hailed in the street and a different one for private hire cars that must be booked in advance.

Cllr Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for environmental services, said it was ‘important’ borough residents and visitors can be confident they are getting into a safe taxi.

He said systems are in place to help ensure drivers are people users can trust and would-be passengers get into licensed vehicles.

Cllr Cox advised taxi users to make sure they check the roof sign and registration plate before getting into the taxi.

The council is working with owners and drivers to roll out the borough’s livery, of which half the 148 licensed cabs now have to make licensed hackney carriages more visible.

The aim is to eventually have all hackney carriages in white and sporting the council’s logo, set at an angle on both sides of the vehicle.

Chief Inspector Lee Townsend, deputy local area police commander, said taxi drivers must be aware of the need to offer their customers a ‘totally safe service’.

He said: “Following recent allegations we have contacted drivers and owners to remind them of their responsibilities.

“And offer practical hints on how to operate their businesses professionally and to the highest standards.”

He added police are aware there are some individuals ‘masquerading’ as taxi drivers, which is an ‘issue’ for the force.

Anshul Sharma, 23, of Hencroft Street South in Slough is due to appear at Reading Crown Court on Monday on suspicion of rape in connection with the incident on Saturday.