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Trial Begins Of Birmingham Terrorists Who Planned Attack On EDL

The trial of 5 home-grown jihadist’s from Birmingham begins today. The Muslim extremists were plotting a terror attack against members of the English Defence League who were demonstrating in Yorkshire against Muslim grooming gangs and militant Islam.  The Islamic scumbags were caught by police with explosives after they were pulled up by traffic cops for not having valid insurance. DOH !!  Like their fellow Islamic terrorists from Birmingham who were jailed recently for plotting terror on British soil. It was through their own brain-dead actions  that they were caught. Maybe we should be thankful that years of Muslim inbreeding has resulted in a hint stupidity becoming part of a Muslim genetics. Make no mistake about it, if they had brains they would be dangerous and more than happy to sacrifice themselves to kill and injure 100’s of innocent Brits.


EDL terror plot accused trial begins

The English Defence League is hosted a national demonstration in Dewsbury. targeted by muslim terrorists from birminghamThe English Defence League is hosted a national demonstration in Dewsbury.

Published on 05/04/2013 10:07


Six men will today stand trial accused of planning a terrorist attack on a far-right demonstration in Dewsbury.


The men from Birmingham are accused of preparing acts of terrorism between May 1 and July 4 last year.

Their alleged target was an English Defence League demonstration in the town centre on June 30.

Jewel Uddin, 27, Omar Mohammed Khan, 28, Mohammed Hasseen, 23, Anzal Hussain, 24, Mohammed Saud, 22, and Zohaib Ahmed, 22, deny the charges.

The trial begins at Woolwich Crown Court this morning (Friday).


German Police ‘foil Islamist attack,’ Salafist groups banned

Germany has banned 3 Islamist groups that it believes are link to terrorist activites following a series of raids.  The British government should be taking note here!!  Chances of them banning any British based Islamo-fascist groups are very slim. If their to soft to send a convicted Muslim terrorist who claimed asylum back to Jordan to face justice .You have more chance of seeing pigs flying than that happening.  British authorities would rather go out of their way to appease Muslims than put their foot down and risk upsetting them…. EVEN EXTREMISTS WHO CALL FOR JIHAD AND PLOT TERROR AGAINST BRITS!!


Police ‘foil Islamist attack,’ Salafist groups banned

Prosecutors in Germany say they believe police have foiled an attempted attack by Islamists against far-right targets. Authorities had earlier staged a series of separate raids, banning three Salafist groups.

Police made four arrests on Wednesday after making raids in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

Prosecutors in Dortmund said that a raid in Bonn, carried out by special police force commandos, had uncovered a firearm and a kilogram of possible explosives. Arrests also took place in Leverkusen and Essen.

Authorities said they believed “imminent” terrorist activities were in the pipeline. A specific attack had reportedly been planned against the leader of the far-right Pro-NRW political party, Markus Beisicht.

In addition, said the prosecutors, a ticked list of Pro-NRW party officials and journalists was found.

Further raids in two states

The arrests came in the wake of raids across the states of NRW and Hesse, with computer equipment, propaganda material, cell phones and more than 10,000 euros in cash seized.


Sitting down for coffee with Salafists

Germany’s domestic security agency has warned of a self-radicalizing Salafist scene, with the Rhineland considered one of its strongholds. DW’s Naomi Conrad takes a look inside the Salafist scene in the city of Bonn. (16.01.2013)

There were no reports of a connection between the two police swoops.

Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, who described the Wednesday raids as a “decisive blow against local Salafist networks,” said the homes of some 20 individuals had been searched in the raids in Frankfurt, Solingen, Düsseldorf and Gladbeck.

The minister announced a ban on three militant organizations that were targeted in the raids after increased surveillance by intelligence services.

The three were “DawaFFM,” “Islamische Audios,” and “An-Nussrah,” the latter being part of a group “Millatu Ibrahim,” which was banned when raids (pictured above) took place in June.

Friedrich claimed the groups hoped to change society in an “aggressive militant” way, replacing democracy with the rule of Sharia, or Islamic law.

German authorities have accused some Salafists, who favor a strict form of Sunni Islam, of condoning violence against state institutions. Officials believe there are about 4,500 Salafists in the country.


Terrorists Targeted Non Muslims And Strapped Explosives To Their Necks

Once again we see the real mentality of Islamists and their hatred for anything infidel. The Muslim terrorists  responsible for the siege at the Algerian gas plant purposely targeted non Muslim personnel there whom their referred to as ‘Kuffars’ (the plural word for Kafir) .After rounding up all the Christians present, the Islamic terrorists strapped explosives around their necks. One Christian good Samaritan was blown up for giving first aid to an injured colleague. Situations like this involving  Al Qaeda or other groups of Muslim militia  are always going to be lose lose situations because the terrorists are brain washed into thinking what they are doing is for Allah, and getting killed will make them martyrs. With no intent on any kind of negotiations and so little regard for their own life.They have none what so ever for the non Muslim hostages life and quite happy to kill them before they martyr themselves.

‘We’re only after the Christians…’ Minutes later a Briton lay dead: Terrifying moment gas plant gunmen rounded up non-Muslims and strapped explosives to their necks

  • Algerian employee says Westerner was ‘blown up’ for trying to give first aid
  • IT worker says Westerners were rounded up and targeted
  • Attackers knew compound layout and were organised


PUBLISHED: 22:41, 19 January 2013 | UPDATED: 15:25, 20 January 2013

A British security guard was murdered in cold blood just minutes into the siege at the Algerian gas plant, an IT worker caught up in  the hostage crisis has told The Mail on Sunday.

The Algerian employee, who managed to escape, has given the most detailed account so far of how Islamist terrorists rounded up foreign workers during the four-day stand-off and placed explosives round their necks.

Following his escape, the IT worker contacted a friend who remained in the camp and witnessed yesterday’s final onslaught by Algerian troops.

Ordeal: Hostages are seen sitting against the wall of a building outside the gas plant during the terrifying crisisOrdeal: Hostages are seen sitting against the wall of a building outside the gas plant during the terrifying crisis

Terror chief: Mokhtar Belmokhtar, identified by the Algerian interior ministry as the leader of a militant Islamic groupTerror chief: Mokhtar Belmokhtar, identified by the Algerian interior ministry as the leader of a militant Islamic group

Speaking under condition of anonymity after the Algerian army told him not to talk, he said: ‘The terrorists arrived at 5.10am on Wednesday in three vehicles and began firing at a bus. A guard was shot and then another guard got out of a car and was instantly shot dead. I believe he was the first Briton to die.’

The IT worker recalled how the Islamists systematically targeted Western employees.

‘The terrorists went to the alarm station, switched off the alarms, and forced the deputy manager to show them where the expats were. They rounded up the expats, making them all wear explosives around their necks while standing in a circle.

‘The attackers were carrying Kalashnikovs and bombs and went throughout the complex, seeking out expats hiding, and forcing them into the circle.’

He said more than 20 British workers – whom the terrorists called ‘kuffar’, meaning non-Muslims – were rounded up.

He added: ‘Us Algerians were rounded up separately and were treated with kindness. We were told that because we were Muslim we would not be killed, and it was only the Christians they were after.

‘The terrorists allowed the Algerians to send texts and make phone calls, but to stop the expats communicating, they forced an Algerian telecommunications man to cut network connections for mobile, internet and power. But a back-up system kicked in, which allowed some Brits to send text messages.

‘One, David Murray, was sending text messages while hiding under his desk. I have been told he survived.’

A still image broadcast today by Algeria's Ennahar TV shows hostages surrendering to Islamist gunmen who overtook a gas facilityAn image broadcast today appears to show hostages surrendering to Islamist gunmen who overtook a gas facility


Islamists reportedly killed all seven of their remaining foreign captives before being gunned down at a gas plant in the Algerian desertThe Algerian witness said more than 20 British workers ¿ whom the terrorists called ¿kuffar¿, meaning non-Muslims ¿ were rounded up

The IT worker said a lot of planning had gone into the siege. ‘The attackers knew the layout of the complex extremely well. They knew the names of the people responsible, the number of cars and who had keys.’

He added: ‘Of the terrorists, one was an Egyptian, another was Libyan and one was Syrian. Most of them were Algerian but some of them had white skin and I think they were Canadian. Two were speaking fluent English. They claimed to be working for Mokhtar Belmokhtar.’ Belmokhtar is the one-eyed jihadist believed to be behind the attack.

The IT worker continued: ‘The Algerian hostages were then allowed to leave. I was allowed to go but before I did, I saw many Brits killed. One Westerner trying to give first aid was blown up by the terrorists.

‘When the army arrived, they were firing at everyone – terrorists and hostages – indiscriminately.

The Algerian army on Saturday carried out a final assault on Al Qaeda-linked gunmen holed up in a desert gas plantThe Algerian army on Saturday carried out a final assault on Al Qaeda-linked gunmen holed up in a desert gas plant


hostageAn ambulance enters an hospital near the gas plant. An eyewitness said one Westerner who was trying to give first aid was blown up


‘One person in the military told me the aim was to erase the place at any cost and attack “Russian style”, with no attempt at negotiation.

‘We escaped during the army’s attack by running to a disused entry point, where some of my colleagues cut through the fence using knives.’

He had contact with a friend who was still inside the plant yesterday. The IT worker said: ‘The army had secured most of the complex, but there were still some terrorists holed up with hostages, trying to negotiate. My friend said the army were scared to take it over completely because the terrorists had laid bombs.

‘When the army stormed in, my friend heard two explosions and then there was a lot of confusion.

‘I’m still traumatised. Hopefully, the killings are now over.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2265206/Algeria-Crisis-Terrifying-moment-gas-plant-gunmen-rounded-non-Muslims-strapped-explosive-necks.html#ixzz2Ic9tz5Hz

Terror documents-accused Umer Farooq admits charges

Another British based Muslim preparing to slaughter innocent Brits in the name of Allah


Terror documents-accused Umer Farooq admits charges

A man from Greater Manchester has admitted possession of terrorist documents containing details of how to make explosives, poisons and mines.

Umer Farooq, of Stockport, appeared at the Old Bailey by videolink admitting 14 counts of possession of material that could be useful to a terrorist.

The material included copies of al-Qaeda magazine Inspire and the Terrorist Handbook Of Explosives.

Farooq, 34, was remanded in custody until 16 November for sentencing.

Other documents included information about “home-made” C4 explosives, guns with silencers, “home-built mines” and “silent killing”.

One computer file contained information about the collection of evidence at crime scenes, while another bore the title “Black medicine: the dark art of death”.

via BBC News – Terror documents-accused Umer Farooq admits charges.

VIDEO: Muslim cleric says Gay Sex is ok if its for jihad and Allah

Video of Muslim cleric talking about  fatwa on gay sex. Apparently its ok for Muslims to practice sodomy if its for jihad. As long as its a Mujahideen (islamic guerilla soldier) that is doing the deed to a fellow Muslim wonnabe suicide bomber  to widen the anus to allow explosives to be hidden there. Thats fine in Islam and the death penalty for homosexuality wont apply. Allah Akbar!!