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Huddersfield Rape Jihad: Activists Protest As 29 Nonces Appear In Court

A total of 29  filthy child abusers appeared at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court today this week in connection with historic child sex offences. The defendants -(27 men and 2 women) 24 of which are from Huddersfield – were charged after girls as young as 11 were raped and sexually abused.

The names and addreses of those before the bench and their charges: (scroll down for pictures)

Amere Singh Dhaliwal , 34, of Holly Road in Thornton Lodge. He is charged with rape (x21), supply of class A drugs (x4), supply of Class B drugs, supply of controlled substances with intention to engage in sexual activity, trafficking female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x14), incite a child to engage in sexual activity (x5), sexual assault by penetration, sexual touching (x3), possession of indecent images of a child (x3), racially aggravated assault and incite a child into prostitution.

Irfan Ahmed , 32, of Yews Hill Road in Lockwood. He is charged with trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x6), sexual touching, taking indecent images of a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Asif Bashir , 32, of Thornton Lodge Road in Thornton Lodge. He is charged with rape (x4) and attempted rape.

Zahid Hassan , 28, of Bland Street in Lockwood. He charged with trafficking a child within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x5), rape (x8), racially aggravated assault, supply of Class A drugs (x2), inciting a child into sexual activity, child abduction (x2) and attempted rape.

Manzoor Hassan , 37, of Bland Street in Lockwood. He is charged with supply of noxious substance with intent to injure, annoy or aggrieve female, supply of Class A drugs (x2) and incite a child into prostitution.

Mohammed Kammer , 32, of West View in Paddock. He is charged with two counts of rape.

Mohammed Rizwan Aslam , 29, of Huddersfield Road in Dewsbury. He is charged with two counts of rape.

Abdul Rehman Hanif , 29, of Darnley Drive in Sheffield. He is charged with rape, supply of Class A drugs, supply of Class B drugs (x2), supply of controlled substance with intent to engage in sexual activity, sexual touching and trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation.

Mohammed Asaf Akram , 31, of Springdale Street in Thornton Lodge. He is charged with rape (x7), trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x3), child abduction, supply of Class B drugs, sexual touching and threats to kill.

Raj Singh Barsran , 33, of Caldercliffe Road in Berry Brow. He is charged with sexual touching (x2) and rape.

Mansoor Akhtar , 25, of Blackmoorfoot Road Crosland Moor. He is charged with rape, attempted rape and trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x2).

Niaz Ahmed , 53, of Ned Lane in Slaithwaite. He is charged with inciting a child into sexual activity and sexual touching (x2).

Mohammad Nahman , 31, of West View in Paddock. He is charged with trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation, sexual touching, rape (x2).

Hamzha Ali Saleem , 37, of Seymour Grove in Manchester. He is charged with trafficking female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x3).

Wiqas Mahmud , 36, of Banks Crescent in Golcar. He is charged with 3 counts of rape.

Naveeda Habib , 38, of Prince Wood Lane in Birkby. She is charged with one count of child neglect.

Shahnaz Akhtar Malik , 55, of St Annes Avenue in Ainley Top. She is charged with one count of child neglect.

Nasarat Hussain , 28, of Upper Mount Street in Lockwood. He is charged with rape (x3), attempted rape and inciting a female to engage in sexual activity.

Sajid Hussain , 32, of Grasmere Road in Gledholt. He is charged with facilitating the commission of sexual activity on a child, rape (x3) and inciting a child into sexual activity.

Zulwarnain Dogar , 29, of Central Avenue in Fartown. He is charged with sexual touching and trafficking a female within UK with a view to her sexual exploitation.

Mohammed Irfraz , 28, of Yews Hill Road in Lockwood. He is charged with trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x3), rape, false imprisonment, child abduction, taking indecent images of a child and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Faisal Nadeem , 30, of Carr Green Lane in Dalton. He is charged with supply of Class A drugs, rape and possession of extreme pornography

Mohammad Azeem , 31, of Wrose Road in Bradford. He is charged with three counts of rape.

Mohammad Imran Ibrar , 32, of Manchester Road in Thornton Lodge. He is charged with trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation, facilitating the commission of sexual activity on a child, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, supply of Class B drugs.

Everton La Bastide , 50, of Manchester Road in Thornton Lodge. He is charged with two counts of sexual touching.

Mohammed Saqib Raheel , 30, of Stowbridge Road in Dudley. He is charged with child abduction and trafficking a female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation.
Zubair Ahmed , 30, of Blackmoorfoot Road in Crosland Moor. He is charged with rape and possession of extreme pornography.

Usman Khalid , 29, of Brook Street in Thornton Lodge, He is charged with sexual assault by penetration, child abduction and sexual touching.

Aleem Javaid , 27, of Everard Street in Crosland Moor. He is charged with rape and supply of Class B drugs.

The  paedophiles were greeted outside the court by angry members of the public disgusted at never-ending cycle of Muslim grooming gangs committing rape jihad up and down the UK. One of those confronting the perverts outside the court was activist Tommy Robinson who has been constantly raising awareness about Muslim rape jihad epidemic since before anybody had even heard the term grooming gang. The video shot outside court by the former EDL leader posted on his Facebook page



These are some of the 29 men and women in court after young girls raped and abused
The defendants are accused of historic cases of rape and abuse involving girls as young as 11

Tommy Robinson In Court On Trumped Up Charges After Defending Himself Against Violent Muslim Prisoner

There was a time when i never believed in conspiracy theories or state persecution. Now i certainly do after witnessing the treatment of Tommy Robinson by British police in their witch hunt against him. Once again hauled before a court on trumped up assault charges after he defended himself against a Muslim inmate who was planning to throw boiling water and sugar in his face whilst held in HMP Peterborough. An incident that had been looked into after the event which he was informed that no further action would be taken. 

Then by pure coincidence just days after announcing his involvement with Pegida, Tommy Robinson is charged for the assault that happened months earlier whilst recalled to Prison that meant him missing an event at Oxford Union where he had planned on speaking about not only Islam but the police vendetta against him. Something he later did at a later date. The video is something of an eyeopener to say the least. Especially the states attempts to silence him and the disgusting treatment by police against his family.

Some further viewing that shows the states persecution against him:

Video: Tommy Robinson Speaking At The Oxford Union -A Must Watch

Met Police Enforce Sharia Law As EDL Leaders Charged For Charity Walk

2 Tier Justice: EDL Leader Arrested For Standing Up To 8 Armed Muslim Thugs Threatening His Family


Former EDL leader denies assaulting man in HMP Peterborough

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson arrives at Magistrates to face a charge of assault by beating. , Magistrates Court, Peterborough 10/02/2016. Picture by Terry Harris. THA

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson arrives at Magistrates to face a charge of assault by beating. , Magistrates Court, Peterborough 10/02/2016. Picture by Terry Harris. THA

The former leader of the anti-Muslim group the English Defence League has denied assaulting a man at HMP Peterborough.

Steven Yaxley-Lennon (33) from Bedfordshire, appeared at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court today (Wednesday), where he entered a not guilty plea to one count of assault by beating.

The court was told the alleged assault happened at the prison on July 16 last year.
Yaxley-Lennon – also known as Tommy Robinson – spoke to confirm his name and age, but asked for his address not to be read out in court to prevent the media from knowing where he lives.

The court was told Yaxley-Lennon said he punched a man while inside the prison in self defence.

He was granted bail until his trial, which will take place at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on April 14.

Read more: http://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/latest-news/former-edl-leader-denies-assaulting-man-in-hmp-peterborough-1-7207372#ixzz3znDw0riV

Police Investigate Threats To Behead Ex EDL Leader Tommy Robinson By Muslim Troll


Police are investigating threats to behead the ex English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson. A sadistic Muslim troll took offence to the counter-jihad activists comment on social media where he called Islams false prophet Muhammed a nonce(derogatory term for a sex offender). To which the Muslim savage  then tweeted that he was going to behead him and force his wife and children to watch the sick spectacle.

Previous threats made to Robinson by Muslims and the far left have been ignored and not followed up by the police, Like Tommy Robinson quite rightly points out. Had it been the other way round, police would of been there in a flash to arrest him.

The threats by Muslims because you dare to question their beliefs or expose their wrong doing is something i can relate to myself although not in terms of the numbers as Robinson gets. Threats of violence or rape to myself or my family unfortunately comes as part of what we do. Although most are from keyboard warriors, its always in the back of your mind that it only takes one Muslim idiot to go through with their threats.

Former EDL leadership alongside American counter jihad activists Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller
Former EDL leadership alongside American counter jihad activists Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller

Police investigate threats made to ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson during Twitter exchange


By LutonOnSunday  |  Posted: July 03, 2015

Stephen Lennon received threats on Twitter

Comments (0)BEDFORDSHIRE Police have said they are investigating a series of online threats made to ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.Tommy, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, approached the force after a user on Twitter called ‘AbdullaHersea’ threatened to handcuff his children and behead him in their presence.They came following an online exchange between the pair on June 26 in which Tommy wrote ‘your prophet was a nonce abdullah’ and AbdullaHersea replied with ‘you won’t see your children tomorrow’.

AbdullaHersea also wrote: ‘Nah mate after i handcuff your kids to the heater i’ll behead you right in-front of there daddy (sic)’.

Tommy said he had complained about threatening messages in the past but claimed nothing was ever done about them.

He said: “They never do anything about what people say about my wife or my daughter. If I said one word out of line they would nick me.

“All I said to the police is that if you nick one of them and put that in the press then it would stop.”

Luton on Sunday could not reach AbdullaHersea for comment as his account no longer exists.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “We are aware of these reports and are investigating. Mr Lennon is aware of this.”

Read more: http://www.luton-dunstable.co.uk/Police-investigate-Twitter-threats-behead-Tommy/story-26827193-detail/story.html#ixzz3exqIDl7Y

False Flag ?? Empty Shop Owner Claims Fire Was Racist Attack Due To Graffiti Saying ‘EDL’ In WALES

A police investigation is underway following a fire at the former MAA Tandoori Takeaway on High Street, Connah’s Quay,Wales. Police are treating the blaze as being racially motivated because ‘EDL’ had been sprayed onto the properties wall. The premises are currently  unoccupied.

Call me suspicious, but this has false flag wrote all over it. Since when does the words EDL automatically mean they must be responsible ruling out other possible motives.

Now im not a criminal so can only speak hypothetically not from experience. If i was the arsonist i would want to leave as little evidence as possible that may lead back to my direction. If it was racially motivated because of a hatred for Asians and i wanted to get at them. Then for a kick off i wouldnt set fire to an empty building that is not even trading. I would go burn down Spices Of Bengal or whatever name curry house doing business  up the road. Or Abduls open all hours shop next door. Somewhere it would have an impact.

As for the EDL graffiti….come on….only a complete idiot would write that before setting fire to the place if they had any real ties to the group. Besides why waste the time messing around spray painting the wall on a building you going to try burn to the ground. Any extra time in the vicinity increases the chance of being caught. With a long prison sentence at stake would you risk it?

If somebody was that much of an extremist that it drove them to burn down an empty building. Then i think they would also be clued up as to local anti Muslim groups and stuff and would of been aware of the Welsh Defence League and painted that on the side of the building instead of EDL, after all it is in Wales.

The only logically explanation is that the arsonist wrote EDL because they wanted people to think it was a racist attack instead of an insurance job maybe? Not being local had no knowledge of the WDL, writing EDL because  that is the only group they had heard of near them, in lets say Oldham for example?

ARSONISTS have struck at a former Indian restaurant in a “racially motivated” attack.

An investigation is underway following a fire at the MAA Tandoori Takeaway on High Street, Connah’s Quay.

Police are treating the blaze as being racially motivated because ‘EDL’ signs – alluding to the far-right group English Defence League – were spray-painted on the front and back of the property.

The owner, Mr E Rahmam, who lives in Oldham, said he was in “shock” over the attack.

He bought the building four months ago and has been having renovation work completed.

He said he had planned to rent the building out once complete but that the blaze would set back those plans.

“There is just no need for it,” he said.

“I wanted to come straight away when I found out but I couldn’t because they wouldn’t let me into the building.”

Mr Rahmam made the 100-mile round trip from Oldham yesterday to assess the damage.

He said the inside of the property was not that bad and he was unsure how much it would leave him out of pocket.

The attack has also been met with outrage by Connah’s Quay councillor Andrew Dunbobbin.

“I condemn this extreme, radical behaviour,” he said.

“It is not welcomed in Connah’s Quay and won’t be tolerated.

“I would ask anybody in the local community who has any knowledge regarding this incident to come forward, in confidence, to help find the culprits.”

The blaze happened at about 10.50pm on Monday. Two fire crews went to tackle the flames.

The fire service said there was minimal fire damage to the ground floor but smoke damage throughout the first floor of the property.

The building had been undergoing refurbishment, according to residents, and had not long had a new roof on the building.

Police were yesterday doing door-to-door inquiries as a joint fire service and police investigation was launched.

Insp Ceri Hawe said it was an “isolated incident” and “does not reflect the attitude of the local community”.

Colin Everett, Flintshire Council’s chief executive, added: “We fully agree with North Wales Police that this is an isolated incident.

“The public should not be over concerned by any implications of a random act of criminal damage of this type.

“Deeside has a reputation for being a tolerant community and acts like this are out of character.”

One resident, who did not want to be named, said he watched the fire take hold.

“I had just finished watching the football and I heard a big bang,” he said.

“I went out the back and I could see the fire. The flames were big enough.

“The fire brigade were here quick enough though.”

No one was injured.

The attack comes in the same week that North Wales Police joined other forces across the UK pledging support for the ‘We Stand Together’ campaign, which promotes community cohesion along with encouraging people to stand together and celebrate differences.

Press Reports Said ’29 Arrested At Dudley EDL Demo’ : What They Didnt Say Was 25 Were Actually From UAF

On February 7th, activists from the English Defence Leauge descended upon Dudley to peacefully protest against the proposed mega mosque. The imposing construction was granted planning permission by the local Labour council despite hundreds of objections by locals.

Local press reported that there was approximately 600 patriots at the  EDL protest. As usual communist front group Unite Against Fascism held a counter protest which was attended by around 50 far left extremists.

Following the protest the local paper ran the headline :

Twenty nine arrests as EDL protests in Dudley

Twenty nine people were arrested as 600 EDL supporters descended on Dudley to protest plans for a new mosque.


 The report also featured Chief Superintendent Chris Johnson saying “While West Midlands Police has no power to ban people from exercising their democratic right to express their opinions through protest, we have been planning the policing operation for months.”

Council leader Councillor Pete Lowe “We have said all along that the EDL is not welcome in Dudley borough but there are no legal powers to stop them holding a protest.

The impression given by the newspaper is that those who were arrested in Dudlley were there as part of the EDL protest,  This is seemingly backed up by the comments by the Police and council leader who both make it clear they did not approve of the EDL being there.  Yet this  was far removed from the truth

It took a freedom of information request to West Midlands Police to reveal that only 4 out of the 29 arrests made were part of the EDL demo. The other 25 arrested were from those in opposition to the EDL as part of the Unite Against Fascism counter protests. 

The authorities want to make groups like the EDL be smeared as the bad guys. If not the public may start to listen to their message and wake up to the stealth jihad and islamization going on all around them. 

Video: Tommy Robinson Speaking At The Oxford Union -A Must Watch

I highly recommend watching Tommy Robinson’s eye opening speech he gave at the exclusive Oxford Union Society in the heart of the world famous university. The union has an unparalleled reputation for international guests and speakers. Notable past speakers have included the likes of Winston Churchill, Ronald Regan, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama and countless other instantly recognizable names.

Despite attempts to silence him from those who didn’t want his story told as people might begin to hear the truth first hand instead of through a biased media who distort the truth to suit the authorities agenda for community cohesion reasons. Tommy told his story about the things that were going on around him and why the EDL formed. A fantastic job he did of it also. Even after being told he couldn’t talk about certain things or he would be called back to jail as a breach of his licence. He highlights the appeasement of Muslim extremists by authorities, the vendetta of the police against him, the constant threats to him and his family, Islamic extremists in the community, his dislike for nazis and constant fight to rid them from the EDL.

Most importantly he dismisses the myth that people who oppose the extremist ideology of political Islam are fascists. 

If you think police stitch ups, collusion, 2 tier justice and silencing of people only happened in corrupt or oppressive places like Iran, or communist nations then think again. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Love him or hate him nobody can deny the fact that the unsavoury actions by Muslims that are todays newspaper headlines. Tommy and the EDL were talking about and trying to bring to peoples attention five years ago. If people had listened then instead of dismissing him as a fascist because communist numpties like Weyman Bennett said he was.

Anybody can put a front group together and use a name the makes them sound half respectable or an authority on certain subjects. All these anti fascist/racism groups such as Unite Against Fascism, Hope Not Hate, Tell Mama as well as the so called experts that all put Dr in front of there names, Matthew Goodwin and Chris Allen for example who are often quoted in the media. All get paid well to slag the EDL and Tommy Robinson off, branding them nazis or fascists. They need to stir things up and make people dislike them to justify their very existence. No fascists = No Funding = No Job. So with a severe lack off real fascists to oppose they have to start inventing them, branding anybody who doesn’t follow the same communist ideology as them. Suppressing the truth, telling lies to blacken other peoples reputation and creating an unwarranted element of fear. Even stooping as low as to defend Muslim grooming gangs and chant Allah Akbar alongside the now banned group Muslims Against Crusades in the case of the UAF. Or posting pictures of random EDL members at a rally with comments such as “this man just punched a woman” like HnH’s Matt Collins has done.

These people are not what they claim to be, unfortunately a lot of people take what they say at face value. They don’t care about community relations. Only lining their own pockets even if it means falsely branding people with genuine concerns as Nazis , fascist or racists. 

If your one of those who listened to the far left appeasers of Islam or Muslim apologists and think that Tommy and the EDL are just racists out to cause trouble. Then watch the video and see if you think the same afterwards. Nobody is asking you to agree with their views only understand where they are coming from.

Local Councillor Is Amongst UAF Who Shouted Through Minutes Silence

Communist front group Unite Against Fascism scream and shout during the minutes silence in honour of Lee Rigby. One of those present included Broxtowe Labour Cllr Greg Marshall. Disgraceful behaviour to say the least !!!

Reblog from Casuals United

Broxtowe Cllr Greg Marshall among mob screaming at Lee Rigby ceremony


UAF turned up to a Lee Rigby memorial in Sutton in Ashfield and screamed abuse all through the minutes silence. Among them was Broxtowe Labour Cllr Greg Marshall who is boasting about his role in this, and the ensuing scuffles on twitter. Is this the behaviour of an elected Councillor?

The bald fella holding the flag is wanted by police for hitting a woman during the scuffle, if you know him let us know.

Katie 5w


EDL Members Targeted In Hit And Run. Sikh Division Member Severely Injured

EDL members were purposely targeted in a hit and run by a crazed driver. The incident happened outside the Rookery Tavern Pub in Wolverhampton as 15 members of the group stood outside. A red ford focus drove straight at the group injuring EDL Sikh Division member Jag Singh. Lets  hope Mr Singh makes a speedy recovery from his injuries. This attack just goes to show how dangerous it can be speaking out against the threat of political Islam.


EDL members ‘targeted’ in alleged hit and run outside pub

– last updated Sun 18 May 2014    ITV

Police are investigating an alleged hit & run outside a pub in Wolverhampton Photo: PA

Police are investigating claims an alleged hit-and-run driver targeted a group of men outside a pub because they were members of right-wing group the English Defence League.

It’s after a Ford Focus car was driven into a group of 15 men stood outside the Rookery Tavern Pub in Wood Street in Wolverhampton on Sunday May 4, severely injuring one man.

It’s believed the 40-year-old Asian victim is a leading member of the EDL’s controversial Sikh Division, Jag Singh from Wolverhampton.

Jag Singh is a long-standing EDL supporter and regularly attends the extremist group’s demos and meetings Credit: BPM Media

The turban-wearing father is lauded by the EDL as proof that it is not racist and instead is only opposed to Islamic extremists.

A spokesman from monitoring site EDL Extra, said:

“The EDL have somehow managed to hoodwink some Sikhs into joining them and created a so-called Sikh division.

“The EDL play on the historical animosity that exists between some sections of the Sikh and Muslim community.

“Jag Singh is a popular figure in the EDL and the poster boy for their so-called non-racist outlook.

“No doubt the EDL will use this incident to portray themselves as victims.”

About 15 EDL supporters had gathered outside the Rookery Tavern pub in Wood Street, Wolverhampton, on Sunday May 4, a popular drinking and meeting spot for the group.

An argument broke out between some pub-goers which spilled out into the street.

The Rookery Tavern, on Wood Street in Wolverhampton Credit: Google Street View

Police say a red Ford Focus car then turned up and drove straight at a group of up to 15 men before injuring another man as it reversed out.

A witness described how bodies were flung across the bonnet as the driver aimed for the thickest part of the group.

He said:

“It’s a miracle that no-one was killed or more seriously hurt because the car was driving at some speed and its wheels were screeching.

“I didn’t get a clear view but I could hear and see people being struck and tumbling over the car bonnet like skittles.

“There was a lot of confusion and shouting and some of the men tried to smash the car’s windscreen when it stopped.

“But the driver just reversed out again and hit somebody else before wheel-spinning away.”

Detective Inspector Jim Munro from West Midlands Police Force CID said:

It is believed the vehicle, a red Ford Focus car V358 KOF, although this could have been changed, deliberately drove into the group outside the pub following a disorder.

“We are carrying out forensic investigations at the scene and house to house enquiries and have local reassurance patrols in place.

“We are appealing for anyone who may have been in the area or who has information to contact police.”

Detectives have arrested two people. A 47-year-old man was detained shortly afterwards while a 26-year-old man was arrested days later on suspicion of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.

Both have been bailed pending further inquiries.

Video: Islamists Baying For Blood Outside London Mosque. Mainstream Media Silence

Our TV screens have often shown chaotic scenes following Muslims Friday prayers at the mosque. Barbaric bearded Muslims baying for the blood of infidels, whipped up by hate preachers using  loudspeakers. A fine example of  this would be the worldwide Muslim rage over the amateur youtube video last year where Islamists incited by radical clerics would leave the mosque and engage in mindless violence.

Only these scenes of bloodthirsty Islamofascists full of hatred were not in Egypt, Libya or Gaza. Nor were they in hardline Islamic nations such as Iran, Saudi or Pakistan……….They were here in England, outside Regent Park Mosque in our nations capital London.

Once again those responsible for the incitement and organizers of the “Rally Against British Crusade” were hate preacher Anjem Choudary and his extremist group of convicted terrorists, sharia patrol enforcers and Al-Qaeda supporters. Patriots from the EDL and Britain First were in attendance counter protesting against the anti-British hate speeches by the Islamists.

Bearded male islamofascists and female burka clad extremists openly displaying provocative placards and waving the black flag of jihad which is widely used by Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups around the world. Whist hate preacher Anjem Choudary once again incited racial hatred through a loudspeaker and avoided arrest like all the other times in the past. Other extremist  members of his vile group such as convicted terrorist Abu Izzadeen and white British convert Abdullahdeen also whipped up the islamists in the crowd into a baying mob with hate speeches.

Interestingly  Muslims leaving the proved there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim by joining the Islamist mob in throwing bottles and stones at the counter protesters.

Muslim extremists in London on Good Friday flying the black flag of jihad. Bearded savage in the middle is convicted terrorist Abu Izzadeen
Muslim extremists in London on Good Friday flying the black flag of jihad. Bearded savage in the middle is convicted terrorist Abu Izzadeen Photo: http://www.breitbart.com/

Unlike when the EDL or other patriot groups protest against important issues such as racist Muslim grooming gangs targeting white schoolgirls or mosque construction against the locals wishes. There was a severe lack of coverage in the mainstream media. Despite a female BBC reporter being manhandled by Islamists there is no mention of any of this in this weekends press. Yet when its patriots demonstrating the media are all over it jumping at the chance to badmouth them. Clearly a pro Muslim agenda in place by the media

The same can be said of all these so called anti-fascist groups such as Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate who don’t mind taking the public’s money to fund their lifestyles yet do nothing to serve the interests of the British public. Where is UAF slug Weyman Bennett chatting on about ‘we will not let fascists divide our community’ organising counter demos against these extremists. Sorry my mistake islamofascists don’t count.  The UAF, Hope Not Hate, trade unions, scruffy antifa squatters and the other commies are far to busy organizing demos against the up coming St Georges day parade in Brighton by MFE than object to terrorists. 

Breitbart reported: “We are here to oppose the British government and the war against Islam and Muslims,” claimed Choudary, while another speaker shouted into a PA system, “Call me a terrorist, call me an extremist”. 

Eyewitnesses called the scenes “chaotic”, claiming that the crowds of Islamists were “baying for blood”. 

The group railed against the British government, democracy and urged the implementation of Shariah law in the United Kingdom. The protest was called the “Rally Against British Crusade” and demonstrators waved placards that called Britain an enemy of Islam.

Islamist activist Abu Rumaysah tweeted: “May Allah bless everyone for their duas. Today’s demo outside Regents Park Mosque against Cameron’s Christian Crusade was a huge success!”

Video: EDL v Islamofascists. American TV Channel ABC Report

H/T: Counter Jihad Report

 A  female Muslim TV reporter from ABC investigates the battle between the English Defence League and radical Muslim extremists as the EDL attempt to regain Britain’s streets and erase the evil of political Islam  that has been taking hold of some areas of the UK.

The reporter followers both Tommy Robinson and his nemesis, evil hate preacher Anjem Choudary. The video was recorded just after Tommy left the EDL but prior to being jailed.

It seemed something of an eye opener to the Muslim reporter as she witnessed the hatred against Britain and non Muslims spewed by AC who also demonstrated his woman hating views by refusing to shake her hand. She also seemed quite shocked at the amount of death threats TR receives on a daily basis and the explicit nature of the threats.

Tommy Robinson : ” I have a duty as a father and a duty as an Englishman to prevent that (on stopping islamofascist views from spreading)”