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Newcastle Rape Jihad :Another Muslim Grooming Gang On Trial From Operation Sanctuary Investigation

Only weeks after 18 members of a Muslim grooming gang in Newcastle were jailed for child sex crimes as part of  Northumbria Polices ‘Operation Sanctuary’ investigation. A new Muslim grooming gang court trial is taking place. In the dock are  Soran Azizi, Palla Pour, Ribas Asad, Heiman Mohammed and Saman Faiao Obaid , who are charged with a catalogue of child sexual exploitation offences. The Muslim paedophiles are said to have purposely targeted white British schoolgirls for their campaign of child abuse.

The Muslim sex predators on Tyneside mirrored other cases of grooming gangs that operated across the rest of the country such as Rochdale and Rotherham. Two towns which have seen mass scale abuse against  vulnerable white schoolgirls by Islamic sex gangs while the rest of the local Muslim community turned a blind eye. Newcastle could quite possibly become just as big scandal as the two towns have seen.

Vulnerable under-age girls and young women were allegedly sexually exploited and abused by a group of older men who passed them round “almost as commodities”, a court heard.

Prosecutors say girls as young as 13 and 14 became “in thrall” to the men, who allegedly controlled them and lured them to properties where drugs and alcohol were made available to them.


Five men – Soran Azizi, Palla Pour, Ribas Asad, Heiman Mohammed and Saman Faiao Obaid – are accused of offences including rape, trafficking for sexual exploitation, sexual activity with a child, paying for the sexual services of a child and supplying drugs.

They all deny the charges – which span seven years – and are standing trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

muslim grooming gang members Ribas Asad and Soran Azizi

Ribas Asad and Soran Azizi

Prosecutor Anne Richardson told jurors: “The case involves allegations of sexual exploitation and trafficking of young women and girls in the Newcastle upon Tyne area.

“The alleged offences occurred over a number of years, namely between 2007 and 2014 and those who make these allegations are, for the most part, immature and vulnerable people.

“It is the Crown’s case that these personality traits were exploited by the defendants and that each of the young women were lured to various houses and flats where drugs and/or alcohol were made freely available to them.

“It is perhaps easy to make assumptions based on their relative youth and their somewhat unusual lifestyles but, in due course, when you have heard all the evidence, you may consider that they were young, naive women who were in thrall to and under the control of these, for the most part, older and more wordly-wise defendants.

“It is not always apparent to someone that what they are engaged in is, in fact, abusive and the law exists to protect those who cannot or do not want to protect themselves.

Palla Pour, Saman Obaid and Heiman Mohammed

Palla Pour, Saman Obaid and Heiman Mohammed
Palla Pour, Saman Obaid and Heiman Mohammed
“In return, the Crown would say, these complainants were expected and encouraged to provide sexual favours and services, not because they wanted to do so, or through their own free and unencumbered will, but because they were beholden and in thrall to these men.”

Miss Richardson said the defendants are associated with each other and the police investigation allegedly showed they have links through the evidence of witnesses and admissions made in police interviews.

The alleged victims, three of who were under 16 when the exploitation is said to have begun, are not associated with each other.

Miss Richardson told jurors: “The charges each defendant faces are sometimes jointly charged with one or more defendants, sometimes a defendant faces a count alone.

“Some defendants are charged with offences which relate to the same complainant.

“It is important when considering the evidence to look at each count and each defendant separately before reaching your verdicts.”

The court heard the victims had all experienced difficulties with their upbringing and childhood.

Miss Richardson said: “All of them, on the Crown’s case, were vulnerable people who were exploited by these defendants.

“On may occasions the sexual acts they performed with some of these defendants were entered into on a consensual basis, due to the lure and promise of reward in the form of drugs and/or alcohol.

“The Crown suggest this was because they felt compelled to return to the defendants’ houses due to their addiction to alcohol and drugs and the hold the men had over them.

“Other times the sexual acts were forced upon them, without their consent, and on still further occasions, these complainants were so intoxicated with drink and/or drugs that they were totally incapable of giving consent at all.

“The Crown’s case is these complainants were effectively passed between some if not all of the defendants, treated almost as commodities.

“It is right to say some complainants continually failed to extricate themselves from the situation in which they found themselves, even believing they were in a relationship with a particular defendant.”

Azizi, 28, of Byker, Newcastle, is accused of rape, sexual activity with a child and trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation.

Pour, 25, of Longbenton, North Tyneside, known as “Pablo”, is accused of four counts of sexual activity with a child, paying for the sexual services or a child, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, supplying a controlled drug and knowingly permitting premises or suffering his premises to be used for the supply of drugs.

Asad, 29, of Cruddas Park, Newcastle, is accused of sexual assault, paying for the sexual services of a child, two counts of conspiracy to facilitate the prostitution of a child with Obaid, supplying drugs, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and sexual activity with a child.

Mohammed, 26, of Newcastle, known as “Luqman”, is accused of sexual activity with a child, paying for the sexual services of a child and supplying drugs.

Obaid, 29, of Byker, is accused of sexual activity with a child, paying for the sexual services of a child, two counts of conspiracy to arrange or facilitate the prostitution of a child with Asad and supplying drugs.

Miss Richardson said: “The Crown allege conspiracy charges against Asad and Obaid. The charges are to reflect the agreement which the Crown submit to you was in existence between these men that (two) young girls would be incited to become prostitutes, and did so in expectation of gain for themselves or others.

“The gain does not have to be financial and in this case the gain consisted of sexual favours and possibly the supply of controlled drugs, in other words an agreement to sexually exploit these young girls, using alcohol and drugs, with the expectation that sexual favours would be provided in return.

“Those who facilitated the sexual exploitation of these young girls shared a common purpose and that was to incite them to prostitute themselves in return for payment with drugs and/or alcohol.


“The Crown suggests that the defendants against whom there are conspiracy charges were well aware that the meetings where this was occurring were part of a regular scheme to incite these girls into prostitution.

“The two defendants involved in the conspiracy did not carry out the same role. Their roles varied from supplying the intoxicants taken at the premises to actually participating in the sexual activity with the young women at those premises.”

The men deny all the charges and the trial continues


Mainstream Media Silence On Chelmsford Muslim Grooming Gang Trial

Another Muslim grooming gang trial taking place at Chelmsford Crown Court with mainstream media silence.

In the last month or so, Muslim grooming gangs have been on trial from Rochdale , Dewsbury, Bristol and Rotherham. All have been relatively low  key in the  mainstream media until the Islamic paedophiles trials have finished. Little on going reporting of the case other than from local press sparing the public knowing the sordid details and from knowing the truth.

Such as how the Muslim grooming gangs were openly racist. Purposely targeting British non Muslim schoolgirls as young as 12 years old. How they plied the children with drink and drugs, verbally and physically abused the girls, forcibly raping and sexually abusing the minors.Then when the Muslim paedo had got his gratification,passed the girls on like they were some kind of halal meat


Sex abuse gang ‘plied teen girls with drugs and alcohol before farming them out to be raped and abused’, court hears

A SEX abuse gang plied vulnerable underage girls with alcohol and drugs before “farming them out” to be raped and sexually abused, a court heard.

Mohammed Rostami, 37, and Amin Kaveh, 35, both of The Renown, Shoebury, are standing trial alongside three other Iranian men.Chelmsford Crown Court heard their alleged victims were as young as 13 when they were first exploited for sex.Christopher Paxton, prosecuting, said: “To these defendants, these vulnerable young girls presented opportunities for sexual exploitation, farming them out for sex within a tight-knit group or just having sex with them for their own gratification

.”The case involves three female victims, one who was already working as a 16-year-old prostitute in Southend when she met drug dealer Kaveh as a client.She was hooked on mephedrone and ended up ‘working’ from Kaveh’s flat for up to four hours a day – sometimes being paid with up to 10g of the drug.The court heard another victim was just 13-years-old when she began being abused in Chelmsford in 2006.Rostami began a sexual relationship with her after getting her hooked on cannabis and cocaine, and is alleged to have raped her between August 2007 and August 2009.He then forced her to have sex with other men.

When he lost interest in the teenage girl, he passed her to Mehdi Zare, 32, of Lupin Drive, Chelmsford – who raped her and also forced her to work as a prostitute.The court heard Kaveh used violence and threats against a third victim to rape her and force her into having sex with dozens of other Iranian men.On one occasion Kaveh is alleged to have forced the 15-year-old to take drugs by threatening to “push her face” into a pile of white powder, before sexually assaulting her.The court heard the gang would drive the girls around Essex and London to be abused.

Rostami is charged with two counts of sexual activity with a child, one count of causing or inciting sexual exploitation of a child, one count of rape and three counts of supplying a controlled drug. Kaveh is charged with three counts of supplying a controlled drug, one count of sexual assault, three counts of rape, one count of causing or inciting prostitution and one count of controlling prostitution.

Zare is charged with three counts of sexual activity with a child, one count of arranging or facilitating sexual exploitation of a child, and three counts of supplying a controlled drug.Taxi driver Mehdi Khashi, 32, of Rookes Crescent, Chelmsford, is charged with one count of rape.Mohammed Zarei, 32, also a taxi driver, of Delamere Road, Chelmsford, is charged with one count of rape.The five men deny all the sexual offences but Kaveh, Rostami and Zare admit supplying the drugs.All the offences are alleged to have taken place between August 2006 and September 2014.The trial continues.

Source: Sex abuse gang ‘plied teen girls with drugs and alcohol before farming them out to be raped and abused’, court hears (From Echo)

Soft Sentence For 2 Muslim Nonces Who Gave Victim Drink And Drugs Before Abusing

Once again British courts have demonstrated their 2 tier justice system in play. Where Muslim criminals are being given pathetically soft sentences compared with those given to others.

 Islamic paedophiles Zabed Shah and Abdul Latif from Oldham plied a 14-year-old schoolgirl with drink and drugs. With the girl off her head,the deviant Muslim perverts  took her to a Manchester hotel where  she was sexually abused.The pair are most certainly serial groomers given that a week later when police picked them at the same Manchester hotel  used to abuse the victim. They were found with two different schoolgirls 

The sex fiends were sentenced to 36 and 27 months. Meaning they will both be out of prison in less than 18 months and no doubt be back to their old perverted ways. Their sentences don’t come close to justice for the severity of the crimes. Compare this to the 7 year sentence of vile footballer Adam Johnson for basically kissing a 15-year-old and a having a fumble in his car. The girl willingly met him and wasn’t given drink and drugs to make her unable to resist the advances. Quite rightly he deserved a prison sentence for his disgusting actions to send a message out that regardless who you are, any kind of child abuse will be dealt with robustly.

Shah and Latif’s sentence is nothing in comparison.This pair of nonces should have felt the full force of the law come crashing down on them to send a clear message to their fellow Muslims engaging in rape jihad that it will not be tolerated. Especially considering that the Oldham / Rochdale  areas are notorious for Muslim groomers sexually exploiting vulnerable British girls. 

To some extent lax sentences to Muslim paedos almost trivializes the sexual abuse of British schoolgirls. It is of little deterrent to other Islamic predators cruising the streets looking for their next victim. Is it any wonder we are no closer to eradicating  the Muslim grooming epidemic??

Oldham man jailed over Manchester hotel child sex attack

FilthyMuslim paedophile Zabed Shah was jailed for 36 months after admitting crimes including sexual assault on a childZabed Shah was jailed for 36 months after admitting crimes including sexual assault on a child

A man who sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl after plying her with alcohol and drugs at a hotel has been jailed.

Zabed Shah attacked the girl after he and another man, Abdul Latif, took her to a hotel in Manchester last December.

The teenager contacted police, and officers arrested the men a week later after finding them at the same hotel with two other girls, aged 15 and 16.

Shah and Latif were sentenced to 36 and 27 months respectively at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

Shah, 27, of of Hancock Close, Oldham, admitted a sexual assault on a child, attempting to pay for the sexual services of a child and supplying class A drugs.

Abdul LatifImage copyrightGMP

Image captionAbdul Latif was also jailed after admitting supplying class A drugs

Latif, 20, of Oundle Close, Oldham, admitted supplying class A drugs.

Shah must also sign the sex offenders register for 10 years.

PC Andy Barratt, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “Shah preyed on vulnerable young girls, fuelling them with drink and drugs before trying to sexually exploit them, whilst Latif encouraged his behaviour and stood by and watched.

“Both men deserve the sentences they were handed and I hope the people of Oldham now feel safer knowing these despicable men are off the streets.”

New Oxford Grooming Gang Trial : Victim Raped As Baby Slept In Same Room

Following on from the previous post we go from one notorious Muslim grooming gang hotspot in the North. To Oxford in the south, another town equally plagued by Islamic sex gangs

coming soon to a town or city near you, Muslim rape jihad

Girl ‘who was first sexually abused by Asian gang when she was 15 was raped again in front of her sleeping baby son’

Seven men are accused of a string of sexual assaults and rapes in Oxford
Alleged victims were 15 and 13 when they were first abused by the gang
Some offences took place in car known as the ‘s**g wagon’, the jury heard
Defendants ‘caught up’ with first victim when she was an adult and once raped her as her baby son lay sleeping in the same room, the court heard

PUBLISHED: 15:27, 6 April 2016 | UPDATED: 18:14, 6 April 2016

A girl who was first abused by an Asian sex gang when she was a teenager was raped again by the same men as an adult, a court heard.
The alleged victim was just 15 and living in a care home in Oxford when she was introduced to the men by two other teenagers at the end of 1999, the court heard.
Over two years, the alleged victim was subject to a string of rapes and sexual assaults in a number of locations, including a guest house and a car that came to be known as the ‘s**g wagon’.
The defendants then ‘caught up’ with the woman once she reached her 20s and abused her between 2005 and 2007, in one occasion raping her in front of her baby son, it is claimed.

Abuse: One of the victims was molested at the Nanford Guest House in Oxford, pictured, the court heard
She is one of two women who claim they were abused by the gang of men as teenagers.
The second girl was just 13 when she was first targeted in 2007 and was the victim of a number of sexual assaults over two years, it is claimed.
Oxford Crown Court heard both girls were ‘enticed’ into a cycle of abuse that they were ‘not equipped’ to handle, or remove themselves from.
Qasim Hussain, 30, Owais Khan, 32, Assad Hussain, 35, Anjum Dogar, 34, and Alladitta Yousef, 46, known as ‘The Governor’, are all charged with a string of sex offences.
Naim Khan, 37, is also accused of supplying the girls with drugs while Akhtar Dogar, 35, faces an additional charge of threatening to kill the alleged victims.
The men, all from Oxford, stand charged with a total of 41 counts.

Opening the trial at Oxford Crown Court, prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC, described the two alleged victims as ‘vulnerable’ and said they were ‘simply used by these defendants for entertainment’.
‘They were enticed into a world where they were not equipped to deal with the real intentions of these offenders.’
He said the defendants introduced the girls to drink and drugs to establish control, which was then reinforced by threats and involvement in shared criminal behaviour.
He continued: ‘The defendants did not fear discovery not expecting that anyone would complain or that if they did, expecting that they would not be believed.’
The jury heard the first girl had been in the care system since she was a toddler due to her mother’s persistent problems with alcohol abuse.
Oxford Crown Court, pictured, heard both girls were 'enticed' into a cycle of abuse they could not escape
Oxford Crown Court, pictured, heard both girls were ‘enticed’ into a cycle of abuse they could not escape
‘Her personality was sunny and caring but vulnerable,’ the prosecutor said. ‘She always wanted lots of affection and wanted to please people. She would speak to anyone and trusted people quickly.
‘She wanted to see the best in people and would form attachments very quickly. She was lonely and just wanted to be loved.’
The jury heard that at the time she was introduced to the men she had the face of a 12-year-old but the body of a child aged seven or eight.
Mr Trimmer said the men asked her to join them drinking vodka and smoking cannabis in taxis, which they drove to a house because they were Muslim and did not want to be seen with alcohol.
In a statement read to the court, the alleged victim said the men had made her ‘feel like she was worth knowing’.
‘I had something that these people were interested in,’ she said. ‘And for a young girl to have older men interested in her you can kind of turn a blind eye to the nasty sexual side.’
Mr Trimmer said the girl was fearful she would be beaten if she tried to defy the group.
She went into her bedroom to sleep, however, he got into the bed behind her. She begged him to at least go into another room. She was in pain but did not want to make a noise in case she woke her son.
Prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC
‘She didn’t want to fight them because she thought they had no limits,’ he said. ‘While these things were happening she felt like a bit of meat being passed around.’
The court heard the first sexual activity happened when the victim was drunk. She had been left with Assad, also known as ‘Ash’ in the back of a green people carrier.
Assad forced her to perform oral sex and then raped her immediately after, it was heard.
He said that the offending in the people carrier became so routine that the ‘s**g wagon’ had baby wipes and a bottle of water in the glove box so she could wipe her face and swirl her mouth out.’
The court heard how the teenager was also molested at bed and breakfast, Nanford Guest House, in Oxford. The prosecutor that she had sex with the men in exchange for drugs, including crack cocaine and heroin.
The abuse started again when she was an adult, the jury heard. The prosecutor said she was anally raped by Khan on a number of occasions, including once when her son was asleep in the room.
He said: ‘She went into her bedroom to sleep, however, he got into the bed behind her. She begged him to at least go into another room. She was in pain but did not want to make a noise in case she woke her son.’
On another occasion Akhtar Dogar and Assad drove her to a woodland area outside of Oxford and she believed she was going to be murdered, the court heard.
When they reached an area with soft ground, Akhtar Dogar said to her: ‘If you report me you end up like her, because that is where the last girl tried to report us is, she’s there.’
During the exchange he used a derogatory term for a white girl.
The sexual abuse of the 13-year-old girl only came to light when police found footage on Khan’s phone showing her being forced to perform oral sex on Hussain.
It was heard that both men had previously admitted their parts in the video but said they thought the young girl was over the age of consent.
However in a conversation recorded while they were in the cells, Hussain admitted he thought the girl was 15.
Assad Hussain, 35, is charged with six counts of indecent assault and rape. Anjum Dogar, 34, is accused of three counts of indecent assault and two of rape. Akhtar Dogar, 32, is charged with one count of indecent assault, two of rape and one of making threats to kill. Naim Khan, 37, is charged with two charges of indecent assault, two charges of supplying a controlled drug, one of rape, two of sexual activity with a child and one of causing a child to engage in sexual activity. Owais Khan, 32, stands accused of one count of indecent assault and five of rape. Alladitta Yousef, 46, is accused of four counts of indecent assault. Qasim Hussain, 30, is charged with one count of rape and two of sexual activity with a child.
The first 35 counts relates to the victim who alleged abuse started when she was aged 15 years.
The court was told that counts 36 to 41 were from a second girl who was aged just 13 years when the alleged abuse started between 2007 and 2009.
The defendants deny all charges. The hearing continues.


Muslim Drug Dealer Stops Smoking Weed For Ramadam And Is Spared Jail

Another fine example of the justice system at its very worst. Often we have heard of Muslim justifying their violent behaviour on the fact it was ramadam and they were fasting resulting in them feeling volatile at the time of their criminal act. That tactic was successfully used recently in Bolton by a group of Muslim thugs who pack attacked an anti mosque protester to avoid a prison sentence .

Whilst over in Wales it seems that abstaining from illegal activities because its ramadam is a Muslim get out of jail free card. Such is the case of drug dealer Moumin Ali from Swansea. Before the bench and looking at a spell in the bighouse. Ali’s defence laid it on to the judge big time about it being the Islamic holy month of ramadam. His poor drug dealing client was a devout Muslim you see. Not only was he fasting during daylight hours like the rest of his people. But he had decided to stop the non halal activity of smoking skunk for ramadam also. Something that here in the UK is illegal . Just for good measures through in about the shame this devout Muslim has brought on his family to tug a few heartstrings.

Result…. incompetent judge  gives him the almost customary suspended sentence for Muslim offenders almost as though the dealer not doing something illegal that he shouldn’t be doing anyway because its ramadam is enough of a punishment in itself for a strict Muslim. Ali walked out a free man, no doubt having a good laugh about getting off with it whist smoking a fat spliff to celebrate.

I wonder if the judge will be just as appeasing to a Christian drug dealer near Christmas!!


Cannabis leaves. Ready to smoke, rolled  joint.  In the UK it is illegal to cultivate, sell, possess and smoke weedCannabis plant s Illegal high:
A Muslim drug dealer was spared jail after telling a judge how he gave up cannabis for Ramadan.

Moumin Ali, 24, walked free from court after the judge heard how he’d “fastedre” from the class B drug for the holy month.

Ali faced jail after being caught with 50 grams of pot – and police found texts on his mobile phone organising drug deals.

But the strict Muslim managed to stop smoking the drug during the Ramadan month of prayer in the Islamic calendar.

John Tarrant, defending, said: “Ali has abstained from cannabis during Ramadan – the Muslim month of fasting. Cannabis has been a persistent problem for him. But he now wants to stay free of the drug.”

Ali was caught following a police search of his family home in Swansea, South Wales.

He was found sitting in his dad’s car smelling strongly of cannabis months before the start of Ramadan.

Ali admitted being concerned in the supply of cannabis and possession with intent to supply.

Swansea Crown Court heard how his crimes had brought shame on his family – particularly his father.

BPM Media WalesSwansea Crown CourtCase: Heard at Swansea Crown Court


Ali, who was selling cannabis to fund his own habit, was given an eight month prison sentence suspended for 12 months and told to complete a rehabilitation programme.

Judge Paul Thomas said: “I have given you a chance.

“If you commit another offence or do not comply with the requirements of the rehabilitation order you will be brought back before this court.

“In particular you will be brought back before me, and I will send you to prison.”

Soft Sentence For Muslim Who Offered £1000 Bounty To Beheaded Mosque Robber

Ridiculously low sentence for Muslim extremist Mohammed Bashir from Oldham, Greater Manchester. Drugged up Bashir posted an advert on Gumtree offering £1000 to whoever beheaded the person responsible for robbing the mosque he attends. Posting a CCTV image of the robber. The magistrates strangely did not think that inciting murder was serious enough offence to send him to prison, preferring to sentence him to a lame 80 hours unpaid work. Another Muslim criminal who will be laughing his head off at Britain’s 2 tier justice system.

Spared jail: Dad who offered £1,000 reward for the beheading of a mosque raider while high on cannabis

Mohammed Bashir

A dad has escaped jail after offering a £1,000 reward for the BEHEADING of a man who raided a mosque.

Mohammed Bashir, 26, uploaded the vulgar advert after robbers targeted his place of worship. A court was told he was high on cannabis when he placed the ads in a ‘moment of madness’.

The day after the incident at the Jamia Masjid mosque in Werneth, Oldham on January 4 he wrote two posts on the advertising website Gumtree.

Titled “Reward Beheading” and “Werneth Reward” they contained a CCTV image of a suspect taken from the Mosque’s Facebook page and offered a £1,000 reward to behead them, a court was told.

Jamia Mosque in Werneth

They were spotted by a member of the public who took screenshots and reported them to police, Kerry Bell, prosecuting said.

Officers traced the posts back to Bashir and he admitted the offence after being arrested.

A court heard the posts raised fears of extremism within Oldham’s Muslim community – however Bashir’s lawyer insisted he was not a religious extremist, or a terrorist.

He told police in interview that he was high on cannabis when he wrote the posts and he removed them after just 15 minutes.

Nailia Akhtar, defending said dad-of-two Bashir had already experienced great trauma in his life after the death of his young daughter in March 2013. Eliza Bashir died after accidentally swallowing a battery.

She said: “He clearly didn’t think his actions through as he used his own Gumtree account and his own mobile phone meaning he was quite easy to trace. His actions have been condemned his wife, his family and the mosque.

“It’s had a negative impact on surrounding mosques as it highlights the extremism linked to Islam.

“It’s quite clear this man has no history of extremism and he doesn’t have any inclination of religious motivation.

Mohammed Bashir leaving Oldham Magistrates Court

“This has put his job in jeopardy and the safety of his family at risk.”

Bashir, of Monmouth Street, Oldham pleaded guilty to using a public communication network to send an offensive or menacing message at an earlier hearing.He was today ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work at Oldham Magistrates court.

He also has to pay £145 in costs.

Chairman of the bench Kathleen Kershaw said: “This was a serious offence, especially in the climate at the moment.

“We accept this was a moment of madness for which you have shown great remorse.”

After the incident the mosque posted on their Facebook page saying: “Please be careful with what you say on Facebook, Twitter etc. regarding what happened today/last night at the masjid about the robbery.

“Please don’t make threats about the person online as it could cause complications in the case.

“We are all outraged at this despicable crime but we must act with cool heads and wisdom.

“The last thing we want is one of our own getting in trouble for something they may have said in (justified) anger.”

Another Muslim Grooming Gang Busted. 12 Perverts From Leeds To Appear In Court

Another vile gang of Muslim sex fiends have been busted in Leeds. The 12 members of the grooming gang are due to appear in court on the 3rd June. No doubt this will be another kept low key in the media.

There is a Muslim paedophile epidemic taking place in the UK right now, that’s a fact regardless of what ever denials the authorities, Muslims and leftists make.

  • When are those in power going to admit Muslim grooming gangs are a huge problem?
  • When are these so called moderate Muslims going to take their heads from out of the sand and admit their community is infested with paedophiles sexually exploiting under age girls and start to do something about it?
  • When are the far left extremists such as the UAF going to admit they was wrong and stop defending Muslim grooming gangs or branding those who speak out about it as racist.

Until then the problems will just carry on and on…..how many more young girls lives are going to get ruined before the problem is eradicated. 


Thanks to porphyrogenitos for the info

Twelve Men To Appear At Court Following Leeds Safeguarding Unit Investigation

Saturday, 31 May, 2014

Twelve men are due to appear at Leeds Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 3 June following a protracted investigation by the Leeds District Safeguarding Unit.

Chief Superintendent Paul Money, District Commander for Leeds, said: “Twelve men are due to appear at Leeds Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 3 June, 2014, following an investigation by the Leeds District Safeguarding Unit.

“The alleged offences relate to one, female juvenile victim from the local community and follow a protracted investigation which began in October 2012.”

“Seven of the men are charged. They are:

Nasir Sultan, 24 of Beeston, Leeds – charged with three counts of rape of a girl aged 13-15.

Amir Zaman, 24 of , Beeston, Leeds – charged with  sexual activity with a child.

Awais Butt, 31, of Rothwell, Leeds – charged with sexual Activity with a child and attempting to supply a class B drug.

Farakh Younis 23 of Beeston, Leeds – charged with the attempted rape of a girl aged 13-15 and sexual activity with a child.

Junaid Rashid, 21 of Beeston, Leeds – charged with Inciting sexual activity with a child

Abid Younis, 34, of Beeston, Leeds – charged with sexual assault and posession of a class B drug

Arshid Younis, 29 of Beeston, Leeds – charged with sexual assault, and posession of a class A drug and posession of a class B drug

“Three other men have been summonsed to appeal at court on the same day.

“Two additional men have been charged and will also appear at court on the same day. They were under age at the time the alleged offences were committed.”

Muslim Heroin Dealer Described As ‘Not So Bright’ As Judge Jails For 8 Years

The judge who jailed an idiotic Muslim drug dealer for 8 years branding him as ‘not so bright’ must not have had much experience of Islam and its followers. ‘Not so bright’ is a pretty standard term that could be used to describe the majority of Muslims. Lets face it anybody who genuinely believes that a murdering, rapist, thieving paedophile, lying conman like Mohammed was a genuine prophet of God, is a sandwich short of a picnic.

I have no sympathy for him what so ever. There is no such thing as a social heroin user. Those who would of bought his poison are the vermin who would mug your Nan for her last few pence or burgle your house and take your kids presents from round the Christmas tree without a second thought.

Man who accepted delivery of package from Afghanistan is given eight years

9:00am Saturday 15th March 2014 in NewsBy Sheila Weber

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Imranul IslamImranul Islam

A “not very bright” drug dealer has been jailed for eight years.

Imranul Islam was found guilty of importing heroin with a potential street value of £160,000 by a jury at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

The 22-year-old, of Amberley Street, Bradford Moor, was also sentenced for earlier Class A drugs offences, which he had admitted. The importation offence was committed while he was on bail.

Judge Neil Davey QC told Islam: “The seriousness of the importation is aggravated by the fact that you were on bail at the time.”

The judge said sentence was also influenced by the fact the heroin was 48 per cent pure.

During the trial, the jury had been told Islam had been involved in the importing of an urn containing heroin from Afghanistan. He signed for the package when it was delivered to a house in Wellands Terrace in Bradford Moor last June – even though it was addressed to another man.

Islam said he had been asked to sign by the man, Mohammed Azam, who had helped him get a room to rent at the house.

The trial was told the urn contained 1.6kg of heroin, which would normally have a street value of about £79,000, but because of its purity, it could be diluted to be worth twice that amount.

The jury took two hours to find him guilty and he was sentenced to six years for that offence.

Islam was also jailed for two years for possessing heroin and crack cocaine. Those offences were committed last April at his parents’ home in Amberley Street.

Islam had claimed he was blackmailed into hiding the drugs in his bedroom for £50 a week.

Judge Davey told defence barrister James Bourne-Arton: “The defendant is not very bright.”

“That is perhaps an understatement,” said Mr Bourne-Arton, asking that Islam’’s “age and immaturity” be taken into account for sentencing.

He said: “There is no evidence of high-living.

“He is vulnerable with no great ambition to be a rich and successful drug dealer. His greatest desire is for his family to forgive him.”

Judge Davey ordered that the prison sentences be served consecutively.

Another 3 Muslim Groomers Charged In Bristol, 14 In Total Now To Face Justice

Avon and Somerset Police are leaving no stone unturned in their hunt to bring members of a Bristol based grooming gang to justice. Having charged 11 child abusers already as part of the Operation Brooke investigation, they have now charged a further three Muslim paedophiles. Bringing the total number of nonces charged to 14.


Three more men have been charged as part of a major police investigation into child sexual exploitation in Bristol.

Ahmed Abdi, 24, known as Fonte, has been charged with two counts of paying for the sexual services of a girl aged 16-17; Arranging/facilitating the prostitution/involvement in prostitution of a child aged 13-17; being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and of heroin.

Mustafa Deria, 22, has been charged with one count of rape.

Both Abdi and Deria appeared before Bristol Magistrates’ Court yesterday and were remanded in custody to appear at Bristol Crown Court on February 6.

Mustapha Farah, aged 20, known as Greens, has been charged with two counts of paying for the sexual services of a girl aged 16; one count of arranging/facilitating the prostitution/involvement in pornography of a child aged 13-17; being concerned in the supply of cocaine and heroin.

Operation Brooke is an investigation by Avon and Somerset police’s public protection team into allegations of sexual exploitation involving girls aged 13 to 17, in the Easton area.

Also charged as part of the investigation are Mohamed Jama, 22, Liban Abdi, 21, known as Leftback; Mohammed Dahir, 21; Jusef Abdirizak, 19; Abdullahi Aden, 19, known as Trigger; Arafat Osman, 19, known as Left Eye; Idleh Osman, known as Sniper, 21; Said Zakaria, 21, of Seymour Road, Easton; Gama Mohammed, 32, of Gordon Road in Whitehall, Mohammed Jumale, 23; and Jibril Abdi Mohamed, 20, known as Jay Jay.

Read more: http://www.cheddarvalleygazette.co.uk/men-charged-Bristol-sexual-exploitation/story-20538518-detail/story.html#ixzz2sBGQ2Rcg

Media Silence On Muslim Grooming Gang From Leeds Getting Jailed, 2 Were Illegal Immigrants

Yet another gang of Muslim child groomers jailed for sexually abusing girls as young as 11 in Leeds. Two of the filthy nonces were illegal immigrants and the third already locked up in prison by the time it came to trial for three other sex offences.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…..sorry i had to take a deep breath and count to 10  because my blood is absolutely boiling at everything about this one. The crime, the soft sentence, that two of three weren’t even legal in the UK and most of all that the mainstream media do not consider it worth reporting.

Given the very young age of the victims 11 and 12 and the nonces knowing full well they were well under age the jail sentences were extremely low. The two illegal immigrants one was given 6 years for rape, the other was given 12 months for sexual assault. The only paedo who was eligible to be in the UK was given 18 months which will not bother him in the slightest because he is already doing 4 and a half years for other child sex crimes

At this very moment in time after much searching for reports this gang, to the best of my knowledge there is a grand total of one local paper The Yorkshire Evening Post(where i saw it) covering the story. Girls as young as 11 and 12 years old being given drugs, groomed, abused and raped by Muslim takeaway workers that are not even meant to be in this country in the first place is obviously not as important news as Celebrity Big Brother, Justin Biebers drug habits or some boy-band member called Harry getting his arse out which are some of today’s top stories in the press.

The leftist influenced media with their pro Muslim bias would rather suppress important news which is in the public’s interest to know about because it involves Muslims and may damage community cohesion if the public know the truth. That yet another grooming gang has been jailed and the paedophiles were yet again MUSLIM like almost every other recent case has involved them.

If its not public knowledge, it makes the ‘its not a Muslim problem’ claims we keep getting told more believable.

Takeaway staff jailed after girls were ‘groomed’

Mohammed Hussain.

A girl of 12 was raped after she and her friends were sexually exploited by three men, a court heard.

Takeaway restaurant workers Mohammed Hussain, Shah Miah and Harris Uddin were jailed after a court heard how they groomed the vulnerable youngsters for their own sexual gratification.

The men were driving home from work in the early hours of the morning when they spotted the girls – two aged 12, one aged 13 and one aged 11 – in Cross Flatts park, Beeston, Leeds.

Leeds Crown Court heard the girls were frightened of going home because they had stayed out long past their parental curfew. Miah, 28, struck up a conversation with the girls before persuading them to go back to his home nearby in Woodview Street. The men offered the girls cannabis and played pornographic films before two of the girls were taken upstairs.

Hussain had sex with one of the 12-year-old girls as the victim asked him to stop during the attack. Uddin tried to remove the trousers of one of the girls but stopped when she asked him not to. All three men were arrested later the same day, in March last year, after police were informed.

Hussain pleaded guilty to rape and was jailed for six years and eight months. Uddin pleaded guilty to sexual assault and was jailed for 12 months.

The court heard Hussain, 28, and Uddin, 30, were in the country illegally as overstayers. They face deportation to the India after completing their sentences

Miah pleaded guilty to facilitating the commission of a sexual offence against a child. He was jailed for 18 months.

The court heard Miah is also serving a four and a half year sentence for sex offences against three other children.

Det Supt Pat Twiggs, Head of Crime for Leeds District, said: “These men preyed on these vulnerable young girls in a premeditated way to sexually exploit them. The circumstances of the offences included grooming behaviour leading to the appalling sexual abuse of victims that were clearly underage.