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Dr Manish Shah Charged With 118 Sex Offences Yet Still Gets Bail

Charged with a total 118 sexual offences including sexual assault against a child under 13 years old. Yet still makes bail until his next court date. What a joke!!!


An Indian-origin doctor in London, United Kingdom was on Wednesday charged with a total 118 sexual offences. The man has been identified by the London Metropolitan Police as 47-year-old Manish Shah from Brunel Close, Romford in east London.

The charges against him include one count of sexual assault on a child under age of 13 years. According to a press release by the Metropolitan Police, the other allegations against him include 65 counts of assault by penetration and 52 counts of other sexual assaults.

According to the BBC, Dr Manish Shah has been released on bail and is scheduled to appear in court on August 31 at Barkingside Magistrates Court in London.

“Manish Shah has been charged with 65 assaults by penetration, contrary to Section 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, 52 sexual assaults, contrary to Section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and 1 sexual assault on a child under 13 years, contrary to Section 7 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003,” the Met Police said in a statement today.

“The NHS (National Health Service) has a dedicated number for any individuals who may have concerns or questions. They can be contacted on 0800 011 4253,” the Met Police said.

The offences are alleged to have occurred between June 2004 and July 2013 and relate to 54 victims.

The charges announced today follow a long-running investigation into Shah, who has been bailed several times after first being arrested in 2013.

Muslim Paediatrics Doctor Charged With Child Sex Charges In Greater Manchester


Manchester Gazette

A Junior Doctor working in paediatrics has been arrested and charged with two counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child and possessing indecent images of children.

Raza Laskar (24/08/1982), of Ashton-under-Lyne, is currently remanded in custody and is next due to appear at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court tomorrow, Wednesday 28 May 2014. The victim is a 15-year-old boy.

Divisional Commander of Tameside, Chief Superintendent Caroline Ball, said: “As part of a fairly large and ongoing investigation into the access of indecent images of children over the internet a paediatric doctor has been charged with engaging in sexual activity with a child and possessing indecent images of children.

“We know this man has worked in hospitals right across Greater Manchester and we understand the public will undoubtedly be concerned upon hearing about the offences with which he has been charged. However, it is important to stress that at this moment in time our investigation is focusing on locating anyone who may have come into contact with this man over the internet as opposed to through his employment.

“We are currently working through numerous computers and other electronic items as part of our investigation, which is very much in its infancy, and would encourage anyone with information or concerns to contact the police.”

Anyone with information relevant to the police investigation is asked to call the Major Incident Team on 0161 856 8797.
A spokesperson for NHS England (Greater Manchester) said;

“As this is a live Police investigation, we cannot comment at this time. We are working with the Police to assist them with their enquiries.”

Pervert Doctor Suheil Ahmed Thrown Out Of Profession For Voyeurism


A doctor who turned part of a hospital ward into his own secret pornography studio has been thrown out of the profession

Dr Suheil Ahmed, 28,took over 100 snaps of women while he carried out intimate examinations at Torbay Hospital, Devon.

The trainee surgeon sectioned off their beds from the rest of the ward and touched his victims as he removed their clothing to get a better view of their bodies for his camera.

During the intimate checks he told his victims, who were in their 20s, he was using his mobile phone to time their breathing or heart rate.

He also installed a secret camera in a house owned by his family to film students using the toilet.

Ahmed was suspended by Torbay Hospital after two women complained about their examinations, sparking a probe into his conduct.

A police investigation found 110 images of patients uploaded to his home personal computer along with footage from a secret camera installed in a property belonging to his family.

He initially denied any wrongdoing, claiming he had taken the pictures for his medical portfolio.

But, Ahmed, of Cyncoed Road, Cardiff, admitted 11 counts of voyeurism and two counts of sexual assault by touching when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court.

He was jailed for 18 months last October later increased to 30 months after the Court of Appeal found the sentence was ‘unduly lenient’.

The doctor was facing fitness to practise proceedings at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester this week where he was branded an ‘on-going risk to patients.’

Neil Usher, for the General Medical Council, told the panel that Dr Ahmed’s crimes constituted a ‘gross breach of trust’ and said the medic remained a ‘danger to the public’.

The MPTS panel, chaired by Mr Jetinder Shergill, found his actions were so serious that the only appropriate sanction was to impose a lifetime ban from the profession.

‘The panel has concluded that Dr Ahmed’s actions are fundamentally incompatible with him continuing to be a registered medical practitioner,’ Mr Shergill said.

‘The panel was satisfied Dr Ahmed’s actions caused deliberate harm to patients including serious harm to the emotional health of the victims.

‘He abused his position of trust from early on in his career. This abuse occurred when patients were particularly vulnerable due to being in acute pain or in a post-operative recovery state.

‘The sexual nature of the offending in a hospital setting was very serious.

‘The panel has therefore determined that erasure is the most appropriate sanction.’

Dr Ahmed, who is still serving his prison sentence, will be struck off in 28 days, subject to appeal, although the panel imposed an immediate order of suspension.

– See more at: http://www.courtnewsuk.co.uk/newsgallery/?news_id=36698#sthash.j9vTLEkZ.dpuf

Leading NHS Doctor Is Member Of Radical Islamist Party Hizb ut-Tahrir

A leading NHS mental health doctor working in Birmingham has been exposed as a Muslim radical and senior member of Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. In several nations HT are a designated terror organization and banned. 

Dr Imran Waheed is a consultant psychiatrist who position involves working with extremely vulnerable people suffering from some kind of mental problem. The Doctor/ Patient relationship will require a great deal of trust in the doctor to be able to open up to them. Which in doing so would also leave the patient open to manipulation.

In that position what’s to say that he wont try persuade a non Muslim patient that Islam is the answer to their problems. Or a suicidal Muslim that if they are going to kill themselves the best way would be with a load of semtex wrapped around their body and becoming a martyr for allah in a busy place.

Also worth thinking about is that with such a large amount of Muslim  immigrant doctors working in NHS hospitals. How many more are also extremists and to what degree would that effect the level of care given to non Muslim patients.

‘Extremist’ working as psychiatrist for NHS

Doctor treating vulnerable patients is a senior leader of radical Islamic party that seeks to ban same-sex relationships and oppress women

Dr Imran Waheed

Dr Imran Waheed  Photo: YouTube

A British doctor responsible for the care of some of the country’s most vulnerable people can today be exposed as a senior leader of a radical Islamist party banned in several countries.

Dr Imran Waheed is a consultant psychiatrist at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust (BSMHT), one of the largest of its kind in the country.

He specialises in the treatment of sexual dysfunction, post traumatic stress disorder, depression and obsessive compulsive disorders, and also provides advice to courts in criminal cases on potentially dangerous individuals.

But it can now be revealed that Dr Waheed is also a leading member Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), which campaigns for an Islamic caliphate ruled by hard-line Sharia law.

Dr Waheed is named in the organisation’s current Media Information Pack, posted online, as its chief media adviser and one of its six leading members in Britain.

Under a HT ruled caliphate men and women would be segregated in public places, women and non-Muslims would be banned from holding positions of power and women would be required to wear the jilbab headscarf in public.

Alcohol would be also banned, along with same-sex relationships.

Furthermore HT refuses to recognise the state of Israel and has repeatedly called for it to be ‘dismantled’, although the organisation denies either advocating violent action or being anti-Semitic.

Critics have said his role as a NHS psychiatrist, paid for by the taxpayer, conflicts with his extreme views on women’s right, alcohol, and same-sex relationships.

In his capacity as media adviser Dr Waheed has previously advocated the setting up of an Islamic caliphate and claimed that Muslims in Britain are routinely treated as “terrorists” discriminated against by the courts, police and media.

Dr Waheed has also called on supporters of HT to undertake ‘jihad’ against Israel, telling followers at a rally at London’s Marble Arch, in 2009, that there could be “no peace or negotiations with the illegitimate entity of Israel.”

He has previously said that he would only condemn the London bombings of July 7, 2005, if Western leaders condemned what they had done in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Khalid Mahmood, the Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, last night called on both the trust and the General Medical Council, which regulates all doctors, to examine whether Dr Waheed’s role as a consultant psychiatrist is compatible with his position within HT.

He said: “If Dr Waheed is as fervent about his views as I suspect he is, I find it hard to believe he can keep them separate from his practice as a psychiatrist working with very vulnerable people. It’s a bit like having a member of an extremist far-right party, such as the BNP, working in a multicultural, multiracial, community like Birmingham.”

Mr Mahmood also accused Dr Waheed and HT of “hypocrisy”, stating: “On the one hand he takes money from the state, through his employment by the NHS, on the other his party works to undermine it. HT’s British members benefit from all the freedoms the UK has to offer, yet they constantly criticise our secular, Western society.”

Ghaffar Hussain, who is Head of Research at Quilliam, which campaigns against radicalisation of young Muslims, said: “Vulnerable people suffering from mental health issues have a right to know if they are receiving counselling and care from an individual who is very senior in an extremist organisation such as HT.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir is banned from Birmingham Central Mosque. It’s chairman, Dr Mohammed Naseem, said: “Their views are not compatible with Islam and the Muslim community in Britain rejected them a long time ago.”

The party is banned from public activity in Germany because of its alleged anti-Semitism and is proscribed as a terrorist organisation in Russia and Pakistan. It is also banned in Turkey, Bangladesh and much of the Middle East.

Following the July 7 bombings in London, which killed 56 people, Tony Blair announced his intention to ban the group, but abandoned the plan after police and the security services advised that such a ban would drive it underground and make it harder to monitor its members’ activities.

However, HT is considered to be responsible for radicalising thousands of young British Muslims. It is estimated to have more than 8,000 members in the UK and is particularly influential on university campuses around the country. The National Union of Students has banned it from operating or staging meeting on campuses.

Although HT says it opposes acts of violence in the name of Islam, some British and US security experts claim the organisation acts as a ‘gateway’ for more extreme organisations.

In 2003, police searching the homes of Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Mohammed Hanif, following their failed attempt to blow up a bar in Tel Aviv, found HT literature among their possessions. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, was reportedly a former member of HT.

Dr Waheed’s work leaves him responsible for the mental well being of a huge number of people in the care of BSMHT, which covers 1.2 million people across the West Midlands.

He also delivers lectures to medical students, trainee psychiatrists and GPs on the cultural and ethnic aspects of mood disorders, ‘culture bound syndromes’ and the management of depression.

Dr Waheed, 36, also runs a private clinic in the centre of Birmingham, where he charges up to £350 for an initial consultation, and is a consultant psychiatrist at the Priory Group, a private hospital specialising in mental health problems and addiction.

He is a senior clinical lecturer at the University of Birmingham, has acted as a second opinion doctor for the Care Quality Commission, the health watchdog, and tutored at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Following the 7/7 London bombings Dr Waheed said: “I will condemn what happened in London only after there is the promise from Western leaders to condemn what they have done in Falluja and other parts of Iraq and in Afghanistan.”

He later clarified HT’s position, stating: “These actions have no justification as far as Islam is concerned.”

Dr Waheed, who lives in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham, has also called for a ban on the publication in Britain of cartoons printed in Denmark in 2006 which were said to be insulting to the Prophet Mohammed.

In 2012 he delivered a talk at the Arab Uprising conference, staged by HT in Manchester, in which he urged the adoption of a caliphate form of government, claiming it offered “superior and sophisticated political, economic and social solutions” to contemporary problems.

He has also said: “Ninety nine per cent of Muslim people anywhere in the world want the same thing, a caliphate to rule them.”

Dr Peter Lewis, executive medical director at BSMHT, said: “Dr Imran Waheed is a highly regarded clinician in the organisation and there have been no concerns raised with us relating to any impact of his external activities on his clinical work or on the quality of care provided to his patients.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir said Dr Waheed was no longer its chief media adviser and that it media pack is out of date, but admits he is still a member.

In a statement HT said: “The media pack on the site is out of date and he no longer holds the position he did some years ago. Indeed, he holds no official position in the organisation.”

Dr Syed Ali Abbas Alleged To Have Orgasmed As He Molested Stroke Victim

A Muslim doctor from the Boston Pilgrim Hospital in Lincolnshire told a female stroke patient not to get to upset or she may have another as he groped her. Pakistani pervert Dr Syed Ali Abbas is alleged to have orgasmed the previous day after molesting the patients breasts. It makes you wonder how poor a standard of care the patients are actually receiving when the doctors more interested in gratifying his own sexual urges.



March 17, 2014


A hospital doctor today (Mon) denied having an orgasm while fondling a female patient insisting it was not possible to climax without ‘physical stimulation’.

Dr Syed Ali Abbas allegedly told the woman she had ‘big breasts’ before rubbing her nipple while she was under observation at the Boston Pilgrim Hospital, Lincs.

The patient claims the medic was panting and sweating before he slumped back in his chair and had an orgasm, the patient has claimed.

Dr Abbas returned to her room the next day when he slipped his hand up her trouser leg to touch her intimately after telling her ‘don’t get upset or you’ll have another stroke’, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service has heard.

– See more at: http://courtnewsuk.co.uk/#sthash.5XEYIB8J.dpuf

Glasgow Doctor Alleged To Of Exposed Penis On A Coach Journey

Dr Ihab Mohamed Fouad Anwar a Glasgow surgeon is to appear before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester over allegations he exposed himself to a passenger sitting next to him on a coach journey.It is also alleged Dr Ihab Mohamed Fouad Anwar rubbed his pelvis against the same passenger. He could be struck off if the allegations are found proved at the hearing which is scheduled for 24 February to 5 March 2014.

The Fitness to Practise Panel will meet at St James’s Buildings in Manchester will inquire into the allegation that during a coach journey in March 2012, Dr Anwar raised and angled his pelvis so as to make contact with a female passenger seated next to him. It is alleged that he moved his pelvis back and forth against the passenger’s body; took his penis out of his trousers; and obstructed the passenger from moving seats. 

Pervert Doctor Denies Sexually Assaulting Female Patient

Females are safe nowhere alone with Muslim males even those who are educated and hold responsible positions. They are unable to control their perverted sexual urges. Choosing to let their hands go wandering without engaging their brain regardless what they risk by doing so. 

Dr Adel Elalfy chose to throw away his entire career and risk going to prison all for a quick grope of a female patient. With that kind of mentality it is half understandable why they have sex segregation and burkas in the Muslim world. Because the men are dirty perverts and cannot be trusted.

Doctor denies sex assault on female patient in Islington surgery

Blackfriars Crown CourtBlackfriars Crown Court

Jon Dean Friday, January 31, 2014
6:38 AM

GP had ‘lost his self control’

A doctor ‘lost his self control’ and fondled a young and seriously ill woman’s genitals when she came in for an examination, a court heard.

The terrified victim – who suffers from a degenerative brain disease and walks with a crutch – claimed GP Adel Elalfy rubbed her clitoris and vaginal area when she visited a surgery in Bingfield Street, Islington, with a suspected bladder infection.

With her normal doctor off duty she said Elalfy, a locum doctor from Stafford, pulled down her leggings and underwear and sexually assaulted her twice, before asking a series of personal questions and sending her home untreated, she told Blackfriars Crown Court.

The 36-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “He pulled my leggings and underwear down just above the pubic bone and started to feel my tummy.

“He put his hand in my underwear and moved about on my clitoral area and, you know, the vaginal area.

“There was pressure and circular movements. I was shocked.”

She says she pulled away and told him where the pain was “thinking he must have misunderstood” but when he did the same again with “maybe a bit more pressure” she thought “this is not a mistake, he knows what he is doing and it isn’t right”.

Elalfy then alledgedly asked her a series of personal questions, including if she had a partner and whether she lived alone.

She said: “It was really weird, I was in total shock. I just wanted to get out of there but I was so ill.’’

When she left, she claims, the doctor couldn’t look her in the eye. She met her partner in the waiting room and said “I think I’ve been molested”.

Opening the prosection, Sam Brown said the alleged assault took place while the doctor was not wearing medical gloves.

He said: “The defendant touched her in an intimate manner and placed his hands on her clitoris and his fingers inside the lip of her vagina on two occasions.”

“This was committed by a person in whom this young woman who have had trust and confidence, in a location where she would and should have expected to feel safe.”

He added: “It seems for reasons of his own this defendant lost his self control and sexually assaulted a person who he thought might not have fully appreciated what had happened to her or done anything about it.

Elalfy, of Baswich Lane, Stafford, denies all charges.

The trial continues.

Muslim Doctor Sacked From Bolton Hospital After Making ‘Sexually Motivated’ Phone Calls To Patients

A medical tribunal has heard how Pakistani Doctor Muhammad Ghani Imran was sacked from Bolton Hospital after making ‘sexually motivated’ phone calls to patients he had treated. You can image the type of thoughts racing through his perverted Muslim mind as he is inspecting a female patients vagina. Its more likely to be how he can get in there than it is sorting their medical condition out. No wonder that he was also accused of being incompetent and late 80% of the time with all those sexual thoughts on his mind.

Unfortunately this is another negative aspect of NHS cost cutting and hiring second rate doctors from Pakistan.


Gynaecologist sacked after making ‘sexually motivated’ phone calls to patients, hearing told

27 Aug 2013 17:33

Muhammad Ghani Imran, a doctor at Royal Bolton Hospital, asked one 21-year-old patient what she was doing at the weekend and for her email address during the course of up to 11 calls and texts in 2011, the hearing into his fitness to practice heard.

Royal Bolton Hospital
Royal Bolton Hospital

A gynaecologist was sacked after making ‘sexually motivated’ phone calls to women patients after examining them, a tribunal was told.

Muhammad Ghani Imran, a gynaecology doctor at Royal Bolton Hospital, asked one 21-year-old patient what she was doing at the weekend and for her email address during the course of up to 11 calls and texts in 2011, the hearing into his fitness to practice heard.

The ‘highly irregular’ calls are part of a string of charges against Dr Imran – being put before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service – which could see him struck off.

The tribunal was also told how Dr Imran, who qualified as a doctor in Pakistan in 1986, would disappear from the obstetrics and gynaecology wards to visit the computer room for marathon internet browsing sessions and phone conversations.

Dr Imran – who now lives and works in Pakistan and did not attend the first day of the hearing – is also accused of failing to remove a contraceptive coil from a patient, and failing to examine a patient suffering from an infection, when told to do so by his bosses.

Robin Kitching, opening the case for the General Medical Council, told the court that Dr Imran – who worked for Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust between August 2010 and his sacking in April 2012 – was late for clinics up to 80 per cent of the time, keeping patients and other medics waiting.

Dr Imran ‘inappropriately contacted’ two women – referred to as patient A and patient B – between February and November 2011, Mr Kitching said, asking how they were after their appointments with him at the hospital.

He added: “The contact with the patients A and B contained nothing overtly sexual. He did not ask the women to meet with him for a date, but there was absolutely no clinical reason whatsoever for [the calls].”

The only inference that could be drawn was that the ‘highly irregular’, ‘inappropriate’ and ‘wholly unnecessary’ calls were sexually motived, Mr Kitching said – and only stopped because the women complained.

By the time of the calls to patient B, in November 2011, Dr Imran had already been investigated – and issued with a final written warning – over his lateness, internet use, failure to follow instructions following complaints from other medics and calls to patient A.

An investigation by the hospital’s IT department showed that in February and March 2011, Dr Imran spent over 30 hours on the internet – including one four-and-half hour session – when he should have been on the ward, visiting sites such as Auto Trader and a Pakistani news site.

Earlier Kathryn Whitehill, chairing, decided to proceed in Dr Imran’s absence after he failed to answer a string of emails from the GMC.

An email, read to the hearing, from Dr Imran to the GMC accused them of ‘victimising’ him.

Pervert Doctor In Court For Groping 13 Year Old Patient

When you go to the doctor with your child your trusting that doctor with their life in his hands. That last thing you expect is the doctor to abuse your trust and him put his hands on your daughters breasts and between her legs during an examination. Well that’s what perverted Doctor Imran Khan, 40, who worked at the Forest Group Practice, in Brandon, and also at West Suffolk Hospital allegedly did to one young girl who complained of stomach pains. He was that concerned about her well being he even made a home visit to her for a further medical. Offering the girl his mobile number and to babysit  the schoolgirl to her parents……..like any good Doctor would do….wouldn’t they? !!!

West Suffolk: Doctor denies groping girl during examination

Dr Imran Khan leaving court in Bury St EdmundsDr Imran Khan leaving court in Bury St Edmunds

Jane Hunt Tuesday, July 2, 2013  10:11 PM

A doctor sexually assaulted a schoolgirl on seven occasions after asking her to undress during medical examinations, it has been alleged.

Dr Imran Khan asked the girl, who had asthma and complained of abdominal pains, to remove her bra before putting his hands on her breasts and moving them around in a circular motion and squeezing them, Ipswich Crown Court was told.

Khan, 40, who worked at the Forest Group Practice, in Brandon, and also at West Suffolk Hospital, had also allegedly touched her between the legs during a visit to his surgery and during a visit to her home and told her she had a lovely body, Andrew Thompson, prosecuting said.

“From an early stage she began to be concerned that he was investigating things he didn’t need to address,” said Mr Thompson.

He said during the alleged offences the girl had confided in family about misgivings and eventually told her mother who contacted the police.

Khan was arrested in November 2011 and denied the girl’s allegations. Mr Thompson said in particular Khan denied ever asking the girl to remove her bra and touching her breasts and also denied touching her between the legs.

Khan, of Osprey Close, Bury St Edmunds, denies seven offences of sexually assaulting a girl under the age of 13.

Mr Thompson told the court the girl went to see Khan at his surgery with her mother in September 2011 complaining of abdominal pains.

Khan told the girl to lie down on an examination bed and pulled a curtain round them while her mother stayed in the room.

The girl, who was in school uniform, was asked to remove her shirt and bra and Khan allegedly moved his hand round her breasts in and squeezed them.

Mr Thompson told the court the girl had mentioned she had growing pains in relation to her chest but was surprised at what he was doing as the main reason for her visit was abdominal pain.

During later appointments Khan allegedly told the girl to take off her bra and touched her breasts and on one occasion allegedly pulled down her trousers and pants and rubbed between her legs. “This was a significant escalation,” said Mr Thompson.

He alleged Khan had regularly called the girl’s mother to see how she was and had offered to visit her at home after she had an asthma attack during a sports match.

He had asked if he could examine the girl in her bedroom and when they were alone he had allegedly touched her breasts before getting her to pull down her pants. He had allegedly touched her breasts with one hand while he touched her between the legs with the other.

During the visit he had given the girl his mobile telephone number and allegedly offered to give her a lift home if she missed her bus or to “babysit” her if her mother had to work.

The trial continues today.

Pervert Muslim Doctor Jailed For Sex Offences

Pervert Muslim doctor from Doncaster has been jailed for abusing his position to allow him to sexually assault 8 women and girls. His victims had all visited him as patients for routine check ups or minor illnesses such as sore throats.

GP sentenced over sex assaults

5:00pm Tuesday 18th December 2012 in News

GP sentenced over sex assaultsGP sentenced over sex assaults

Police have thanked the women who came forward to help convict a GP who has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for sexually assaulting patients.

South Yorkshire Police confirmed Gousul Islam, 70, was found guilty yesterday of 18 counts of indecent assault against a number of young women at his surgery near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Officers said the offences date back to the period from 1970 to the mid 1990s, when the women were between 13 and 28-years-old.

They were assaulted when they visited the doctor for minor ailments or routine examinations, which included complaints of a sore throat or regular health check ups.

Islam was a doctor at Lyndhurst Surgery on Church Road, Stainforth, for more than 30 years.

He was arrested in March 2010 following allegations and was charged in October 2011. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Islam was sentenced today following a trial at Sheffield Crown Court which began in November.

Detective Constable Sharon Row said: “The sentence Islam has received reflects the seriousness of the offences he carried out against his female patients.

“He abused his position of trust and took advantage of these young women.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to the women, who have been brave enough to come forward and report the crimes that he committed against them, and for their patience and understanding in what has been a lengthy and complex investigation.

“Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this conviction.

“We understand it is a difficult decision to make and we are fully supportive of anyone who reports an indecent or sexual assault, whether or not they choose to progress to court, and we will always provide as much assistance as possible to aid them gaining closure and convicting the offender.”

Roger Woodward, senior crown prosecutor in CPS Yorkshire and Humberside’s complex casework unit, said: “Gousul Islam was a family doctor – and as such he was placed in a position of absolute trust.

“Eight women and girls had that trust shockingly abused when he subjected them to innuendo, inappropriate touching, and sexual assault.

“I would like to pay tribute to the eight complainants who have displayed tremendous courage in giving evidence. As a result of our successful prosecution, Islam is now facing 11 years in prison for these appalling offences, and I would like that to send out a clear message that no-one, whatever their standing in society, is above the law.

“The CPS treats this type of offending extremely seriously, and I would encourage anyone who has been the victim of his kind of assault to come forward and report the matter to the police.”