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Somalian Asylum Seeker Raped 2 Disabled Men And Killed Woman Who Disturbed Him

Opening the floodgates and welcoming Muslim asylum seekers with open arms has ‘disaster waiting to happen’ wrote all over it. Germany is now reaping the seed that it sown with Merkels open to all policy as the nation is engulfed by a migrant committed crime wave.

A large number of these crimes committed by Muslim migrants are of a sexual nature including some very horrific rape jihad attacks such as this gruesome incident.

An asylum seeker from the lawless Islamic hell hole, Somalia. Has broken into a care home and brutally sodemized by force two disabled residents. Upon being disturbed by one of his victims wife. He has savagely murdered the elderly woman.

These sort of shocking crimes are further proof that importing low IQ, anti social Muslims from 3rd World countries where they are raised on a diet of only Islam. To a liberal western infidel nation and then left with a free reign to do as they please is the pinnacle of all stupidity.


Below translated from German:

Murder process: Somalian admits killing of senior woman

Ss: Somalier admits killing of senior woman

In the trial for the murder in Neuenhaus, an 18-year-old has to be responsible before the youth chamber of the regional court. He is represented by lawyer Paul Vogel. Photo: Münchow

30.03.2017, 08:55 h

The youth chamber of the Landgericht Osnabrück negotiates the murder in the senior citizens’ house at the citizen park “in Neuenhaus. The accused 18-year-old Somalian has given the killing of the 87-year-old senior citizen.

Osnabrück / Neuenhaus. The main ruling in the jury’s court, 272, has already begun on Tuesday. The youth chamber had first to decide whether the accusation allegations could be publicly negotiated at all. The representative of the sub-rapporteurs, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Weiner from Meppen, had requested that the public be excluded from the reading of the indictment. However, the Youth Chamber rejected this. The accused, who is represented by lawyer Paul Vogel from Berlin, admitted the correctness of the accusation allegations on Tuesday, but without deepening the facts.

On the proclamation read on Tuesday, the regional court writes: “The defendant is accused of having committed sexual acts on several people living in an elderly home on 22 October 2016 in Neuenhaus. When the last act was committed, he was surprised by a resident of the house, whereupon he was said to have inflicted such serious injuries on the injured party that he died a few moments later. ”

The nurse says

In fact, the accused 18-year-old Somalia is reported to be in an alcoholic state and have had mental problems. Therefore, the court also considers accommodation in a psychiatric hospital.

Still quite touched by the terrible events, the 32-year-old elderly caretaker showed up on Wednesday, which in turn served as a “house at the citizen park”. He had taken over the shift for a colleague. On the usual tour at midnight, everything was still in order, the elderly manager explained to the court. Between 3.30 and 3.45 o’clock the next check was started. In the attic everything was as it should be. On the middle floor, however, he suddenly saw a person standing in the hallway in the dim glow of the night light.

First suspicion: burglary

“I was puzzled and thought it was a resident,” the nurse explained his memories of the night. When the person came to him, he asked what he was doing at home and where he came from. The man had then walked down the stairs to the ground floor and headed the main entrance, then he had changed the direction and approached the level entrance. But suddenly the man had become quite fast, ran into an unlit room, jumped to a chair, and with a sentence from the window.

“I already had the emergency call off,” reported the 32-year-old elderly. The patrol car of the police was quickly on the scene to take care of the hitherto presumed burglary. Together with the policemen and a cowardly colleague, the nurse said, they had gone into the room from which the unknown had jumped into the open. “You saw blood spills,” recalled the nurse, saying, “Then all the alarm bells went.” In the corridor and on the stairs to the top, further blood spots had been discovered.

Suspect is quickly arrested

Systematically, the police and the two attending nurses would have begun to look in the individual rooms of the home after the right. After opening a door on the middle floor, the view of a woman lying in a pool of blood fell on the floor. . . .

Only a few hours after the crime, the 18-year-old Somalian was arrested. In his home, the police found a pair of white – still damp – sneakers, and some damp clothes were hanging in the closet. This was reported by a 53-year-old police superintendent.

The trial before the regional court in Osnabrück will continue on April 4 at 9 o’clock.

Wheelchair Bound Man Savagely Attacked By ‘Asian’ Scrotes

A disabled man, confined to a wheelchair was the victim of a savage hate crime attack in a South Wales street. James Rees was targeted by a car driver who called him a cripple and  threatened him. Shortly after the altercation with the car driver the disabled man was violently attacked by two low life bullies who punched,kicked and tried to pull the defenceless man from his wheelchair. No surprises to hear that the scum who attacked him were described as ‘Asian’

Muslims have no morales what so ever. They prey on those most vulnerable in our society picking the easy targets. Disabled people, women, the elderly, children or those they heavily outnumber. Violence comes as second nature to Muslims. No doubt those responsible for this will think the are some kind of big men now…well i’v news for them…..they aren’t hard or clever…..they are vermin, the lowest of the low, no more than cowardly bulling scum

Thugs attack man in wheelchair, kicking stump of right leg and trying to drag him to the floor in Penlan

By South Wales Evening Post  |  Posted: October 01, 2014

Wheelchair bound man James Rees attacked by Muslim thugs
Wheelchair bound man James Rees attacked by Muslim thugs

James Rees lost part of his right leg after a motorbike accident last year and said that he was kicked on it a number of times.

A WHEELCHAIR-BOUND man claims he is living in fear after being threatened by one man and then attacked by two others.

The trouble began at around 9.30pm last Sunday after Mr Rees, aged 28, of Heol Gwyrosydd in Penlan, returned from a local shop in his wheelchair.

“I crossed the road in Heol Gwyrosydd and started to make my way home,” he said. “Then a man drove up beside me. He wound the passenger window of his car down. He called me a cripple and a peg leg. He threatened to run over my wheelchair and then he drove on.”

Soon after two other men arrived on the scene, he said.

“The one in the front grabbed my jumper and tried to pull me out of the wheelchair,” he said. “Another man came from behind me and pulled my hoodie. He punched me in the face from behind.”

Mr Rees said the other man kicked the stump of injured leg a number of times, leaving him screaming in pain. He has since had to see a specialist at Morriston Hospital to assess any new damage to his leg.

“I don’t want to go out,” he said. “Why should it be like that? No one should suffer this. My girlfriend is 10 weeks pregnant and I want to go out with our child.”

Police said they were investigating allegations of threats made in Heol Gwyrosydd at around 9.30pm last Sunday.

“The victim and the suspect are known to each other and inquiries are ongoing to trace him,” said a spokesman.

“Officers are also investigating an assault of the man by two men in the same location which happened at around 9.45pm.”

Police described one of the two men on foot as of Asian appearance, aged mid-20s, of slim build, black hair, with short back and sides, with a pattern shaved in the sides of his hair, near his ears. He was clean shaven, and was wearing a dark blue hooded top and dark coloured Nike tracksuit bottoms. He ran down Heol Gwyrosydd in the general direction of Mynydd Newydd Road, and was with the other man.

Can you help? Call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting occurrence number 1400365025.

Disabled White Man From Burnley Attacked By ‘Asian’ In Muslim Area

Another disgusting and cowardly attack on a disabled person by a lowlife who is almost certainly Muslim despite the usual  description calling the scumbag ‘Asian’. Unfortunately these kind of sickening attacks are on the increase. This is the third  disabled person attacked in predominately Muslim areas within the space of a month . Similar incidents have recently happened in Luton and Bradford

As i have said previously. Uncivilized blood thirsty Muslims have a predatory instinct where they can sniff out the easy target in a split second. Disabled, OAPs, children and women are all fair game to them as without morales they know no boundaries .

Had this attack been a disabled Muslim hit and a white attacker there would be uproar from Muslims and the far left. TellMamas Fiyaz Mughal would be appearing on every stations news bulletins chatting on about it being a racist attack and a rise in islamophobic hate crimes. It would be national news instead of left to the local paper like this has to report.


Disabled man attacked in broad daylight in Burnley

Burnley Express

Brian Tomlinson was punched in the face by an attacker trying to steal his mobile phone.

Brian Tomlinson was punched in the face by an attacker trying to steal his mobile phone.


A disabled Burnley man has slammed a thug who punched him in the face and tried to steal his mobile phone in broad 
daylight leaving him with a black eye.


Mr Brian Tomlinson (58) was walking across the park at Pit Top, Bank Hall, close to his Cobden Street home at 2pm last Friday when he was approached by a man who threatened him and demanded his mobile phone.

When he refused to hand it over, the attacker punched Mr Tomlinson in the eye before turning and running away.

Mr Tomlinson, who had been advised to start walking by his doctor to improve his health, was on his first stroll when he was attacked. He said the assault had made him nervous of going out alone and particularly walking through the park. He said he also wanted to warn others to be on their guard.

“He gave me such a lamp, he smashed my glasses and everything but I wasn’t going to give him my phone. He would be very lucky to get anything off me. I went out two days later with my wife, I didn’t want to walk across the park again. I was scared but I did it.

“There are a lot of old ladies who walk their dogs on the park, I just want them to be careful.”

The attacker is Asian, aged in his late teens or early 20s, of slim build and around 5ft. 7in. tall. He was wearing dark-coloured trousers, a dark hooded top and a scarf around his face. Anyone with information about the attack should contact police on 101.

Disabled Man Attacked For No Reason By Muslim Thugs In Bradford

Only a couple of days ago i posted about a sickening attack by a gang of Muslims thugs in East London on two females who had been on a night out. It was the worst case of mindless unprovoked violence i had seen or heard about for a long time, 

Yet now only days later another equally disturbing  act of unprovoked cowardly behaviour from peace loving Muslims on Britain’s streets. Disabled man Richard Ibbotson was attacked for no reason as he used traffic lights to cross the road with the help of his carer in Bradford city centre. The Yorkshire town like East London where the previously mentioned attack happened is rapidly turning into a Muslim ghetto and is now experiencing the negative effects that Islamization brings with it. As anti social Muslims continue to behave like they are still in Pakistan, Somalia or Afghanistan. Violent, anti-kafir attacks, heroin dealing , sex crimes and grooming gangs are all now part of daily Bradistan life.

The two Nissan Micra driving Muslims responsible demonstrate typical Muslim behaviour targeting the most vulnerable in our society because they are repulsive cowardly bullies. I hope the pair of oxygen thieves are caught soon and accidentally fall, banging their heads while handcuffed being put in the police van. Because with all the 2 tier justice they will most likely get a suspended sentence.

Disabled Bradford man was punched during unprovoked assault in city centre

Disabled Woman On Mobility Scooter Mugged By Asian Scumbag

Now the spineless parasites have taken to mugging old ladies who need a mobility scooter to get around. There is no shame in these vermin responsible.They have no morales what so ever and think nothing of sinking to the lowlife scummy ways like back in  Pakistan

Muggers target woman on mobility scooter in Newmarket


Muggers have stolen the handbag of a woman riding on a mobility scooter in Newmarket.The victim, who is in her fifties, was travelling along the Yellow Brick Road footpath at around 11.45am on Saturday, January 11 when the theft took place.

As the woman passed the point of the path where a horse walk was to her right and a block of flats were to her left, a man approached from behind and grabbed her handbag from the basket at the front of the scooter.

The offender than ran back behind the victim and made off down the horse walk, accompanied by another woman.

The man is described as Asian, in his late twenties, around 5ft 4in tall, of slim build and with short dark hair.

He was wearing blue jeans and a dark jacket.

The woman is described as white, of medium build, with shoulder length hair.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact PC Charlotte Boreham on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Read more: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Newmarket/Muggers-target-woman-on-mobility-scooter-in-Newmarket-20140114140254.htm#ixzz2qSeDVSa6

Savage Muslim Killer Cuts Throat Of Disabled Man In London. Media Silence

A bloodthirsty Muslim commits a barbaric savage murder of a wheelchair bound non Muslim man in South East London yet for some unknown reason there is absolute silence from the media. A search on google news for Daha Mohammed, the name of the Muslim charged with the murder brings up a grand total of 3 news reports on this disgusting act of Islamic savagery. 2 reports on the local Bexley Times and 1 report on the regional London24.

Every day we are seeing reports in the mainstream media about how Muslims are the victims, how the EDL are so bad for wanting to lay flowers on the war memorials etc. You know the type unless you have been stranded on a remote island for the last 3 weeks, all Pro Muslim Anti Patriot kinda stuff. Yet everyone of the news outlets that was so quick to  make an Islamic centre fire into a hate attack towering inferno a couple of weeks ago for some reason don’t consider an exceedingly brutal murder of a disabled man worthy of any publicity what so ever.

Hidden Muslim appeasing agenda, whatever makes one think that !!!

H/T: The Muslim Issue

Another SAVAGE murder S.E. London disabled wheelchair bound man throat cut

JUNE 18, 2013 3:01 PM2 COMMENTSVIEWS: 1059
BREAKING NEWS-Another SAVAGE murder S.E. LondonMon, 17/06/2013 – 20:35

Yet another sickening murder in London by a Muslim happened over the weekend when a disabled wheelchair bound man had his throat cut.

Daha Mohammed, 51, of Abbotts Close, Thamesmead, was charged with the murder of Mr Colin Greenaway and appeared at Bexley Magistrates’ Court today.Colin was described as a ‘great neighbour and friend’ by Gary Cook, who resides in the flat above, and said he rushed down after one of his neighbour’s carers knocked on his doors in floods of tears on Saturday.

Colin aged 56, was confined to a wheelchair having had toes amputated due to gangrene.

Mr Cook said he cannot come to terms with what has happened, saying he would often have a great laugh with Mr Greenaway, and only saw him just two days before he was murdered by the Muslim coward.

He said: “Colin was a neighbour and a friend and I can’t believe what’s happened.

“I’ve known him for about 10 years, he’s helped me out and I’d help him out.

Because he was wheelchair-bound I’d go and get something for him at the shop if he needed anything.”

He continued: “I can’t believe something like this could happen in this area, everyone’s so nice.

I’ve had to go to my doctor to get some pills because I’m struggling to sleep

“When one of his carers came to my door in tears I got dressed quickly and rushed downstairs.

I saw him lying on the floor and he wasn’t breathing.

“It was clear nothing else could be done for him.”

A post-mortem examination at Greenwich Mortuary gave the cause of death as incised wounds to the throat.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Metropolitan Police Service on 0208 721 4205, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.