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3 Muslims Remanded In Devon On Rape Kidnap And Stabbing Charges

Even in parts of the country not usually associated with Islamization and the usual problems that come with it. Places such as Devon for example are not even safe from Muslim rape jihad attacks.  Where three Muslim men have appeared in court on rape, kidnap and stabbing charges in Exeter. Further proof the there is no hiding place safe from the Islamic rape epidemic engulfing the UK. If somewhere is easily accessible by car, train  or foot even. Then sooner or later Muslim committed sex attacks are going to happen.

Muslim rape jihad comes to devon

Three men in court charged with Exeter rape, kidnap and stabbing man in buttocks

By Paul_Greaves  |  Posted: March 30, 2017

Three men will face a trial later this year accused of rape, false imprisonment, kidnap and stabbing a man in the backside in Exeter.

Abdirahman Kadir, 21, Abdirahman Abukar, 18, and Ibrahim Mohammed, all from Birmingham, face allegations in connection with an incident in Oxford Road near Sidwell Street on February 23 which left a man with injuries to his buttocks.

 They are also accused of raping and forcibly taking away a woman.

The three men appeared in the dock at Exeter Crown Court and pleaded not guilty to all charges. They were remanded in custody until a trial on August 7.

The defendants are each accused of four offences in total. They include attempting to cause grievous bodily harm with intent to a man; and the rape, unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping of a woman.

Exeter woman Amber Olivia, 22, of Laburnum Road, appeared via video link, accused of two offences.

She pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit GBH with intent and possessing with intent to supply 2.15g of heroin.

Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC remanded the defendants in custody until the trial, which is due to last two weeks.

Police have stated previously they were called to an incident at Oxford Road at 9.40pm on Thursday, February 23 to reports a victim had sustained a knife injury to the buttocks.

Oxford Road is a residential street off York Road, about 20 yards from the junction with Sidwell Street in Exeter city centre

Source http://m.devonlive.com/three-men-in-court-charged-with-exeter-rape-kidnap-and-stabbing-a-man-in-backside/story-30239023-detail/story.html

No Jail For Somalian Sex Attacker Who Blamed ‘Cultural Differences’

Somalian parasite Ali Abdullahi has been spared going to prison or being deported having been convicted of committing sex attacks at Torquay train station.

The Muslim wrong doer told the court the sexual assaults were all a big misunderstanding because of ‘cultural differences’Despite having been in the UK for 5 years, he still apparently hasn’t grasped what is and isn’t considered acceptable in British society.

Maybe he has been locked in a room with no access to the outside world for all the time he has been here?

Or  maybe he wasn’t interested in learning and behaving like normal people do. Instead chose to carry on acting like he did in the 3rd world Islamic hole that he came from.

Or maybe he is just full of shit and was very aware of what is acceptable here and like so many other Muslims in the UK cannot control the inner sex offender lurking just beneath the surface.

Torquay station sex attacker ‘misunderstood boundaries’, court hears

By Herald Express  |  Posted: March 04, 2016

Torquay Railway Station

A SOMALIAN who sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl at Torquay train station said it was a misunderstanding caused by ‘cultural differences’, a court has been told.

Ali Abdullahi, 34, committed two sex attacks against two females and made an approach to a third woman while catching the train from Torquay to Bristol.

Exeter Crown Court was told that despite his guilty pleas the security guard still had trouble admitting he had done anything wrong.

He told police he came from a conservative culture and misunderstood the sexual boundary between men and women in the UK.

But his mitigation was rejected by the judge who said the offences could not be put down to cultural differences and were simply sexually motivated.

Abdullahi was given a community order and told to attend a sex offender course designed to improve his conduct with young women.

The offences happened in December 2013.

Abdullahi approached a 15-year-old girl at the station and ‘behaved completely inappropriately’, the court was told.

“She was probably very frightened,” said Judge Cottle.

“Later that day you approached another slightly older victim who got on the train travelling towards Bristol Temple Meads,” the judge added.

“You behaved completely inappropriately towards her.

“The sex offending was not of the most serious kind but would have been extremely frightening to both girls.”

Abdullahi then approached a third woman, a student, at the station in Bristol. She made no complaint of physical contact but had been left worried by his conversation.

Adrian Chaplin, mitigating, said the incidents happened after the defendant, who came to the UK in 2011, had been tired after a long day’s work and he had been trying to ‘establish a rapport’ with the females and felt frustrated.

“There is work to be done in terms of him being frank with himself and understanding the different levels of acceptable conduct,” said the barrister.

“He comes from a conservative culture in Somalia and misunderstands the extent to which ordinary polite engagement and interaction should or should not be seen as a precursor towards seeking to be physically close to someone in the way this case reveals.

“It is not the first case of people coming to this country and society and feeling a combination of freedom on the one hand but not entirely properly understanding boundaries which can lead to a misunderstanding.”

Judge Cottle said if he sent the defendant, of Beggerswell Close, Bristol, to prison the sentence would be quite short and he would come out an untreated sex offender.

The Thames Valley Sex Offenders Treatment Programme was a demanding course, he said, and would be part of a three-year community order with supervision.

Read more: http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/Torquay-station-sex-attacker-misunderstood/story-28860974-detail/story.html#ixzz4249Kaxks

Illegal Immigrant Guilty Of Robbing And Raping Prostitute In Plymouth

Another Muslim illegal immigrant who came to the UK in the back of a lorry illegal who has gone on to commit a sadistic sexual attack. Only days ago it was an Algerian who indecently molested a child in Madame Tussards waxworks. This time its Iraqi Balen Wosou being found guilty of robbing and raping  a street prostitute, who he attacked after not being satisfied with the £50 blow job he had just paid her for.

What tickles me is for somebody who isn’t legal to work and by rights should have no entitlement to benefits. How does he have a spare £50 to pay a street walker for a suck. In today’s financial climate there are people grafting 40 plus hours a week who would think your taking the piss if you asked did they happen to have a spare £50 on them. There is something seriously wrong with this country if illegal immigrants are walking round with more money in their pockets than legit British workers.

Illegal immigrant robbed and raped prostitute in Plymouth

By Plymouth Herald  |  Posted: March 12, 2014

By Stuart Abel

AN ILLEGAL immigrant was today found guilty of raping and robbing a prostitute in Plymouth’s red light area.  Balen Wosou, aged 22, violently attacked the woman after paying her for a sex act, the city’s Crown Court heard.  The Iraqi-born man faces a long jail term and deportation after a jury convicted him following a trial.Balen Wosou

AN ILLEGAL immigrant was today found guilty of raping and robbing a prostitute in Plymouth’s red light area.

Balen Wosou, aged 22, violently attacked the woman after paying her for a sex act, the city’s Crown Court heard.

The Iraqi-born man faces a long jail term and deportation after a jury convicted him following a trial.

Police said they hoped the verdicts would encourage other vulnerable people, especially in the sex industry, to reports assaults.

Wosou turned on the woman after he met her for sex in the street in Stonehouse last year.

He raped the prostitute, covering her mouth as she screamed for help.

Wosou then tried to snatch back money from her pocket, including £50 he had paid minutes before.

He then bit the woman’s hand when she tried to stop him.

Wosou, of Bayswater Road, Stonehouse, spent a week on trial after denying rape and robbery.

He claimed that he was in the area that night but never met the woman.

Wosou insisted that the prostitute was attacked by someone else – and claimed he met a man looking just like him in the minutes after the incident.

The jury of ten men and two women took five and a half hours to convict him by unanimous verdict.

Wosou, listening with the help of a Kurdish Sorani interpreter, showed no reaction as the foreman announced his guilt.

Judge Paul Darlow remanded him back into custody until sentencing on a date to be fixed.

His barrister Emily Cook did not ask for a probation report.

The prostitute, who cannot be named for legal reasons, gave police a good description of Wosou, who attacked her at about 10pm in Market Close, off Union Street.

He was then picked out in nearby streets on CCTV footage.

A sharp-eyed police officer then spotted Wosou, wearing the distinctive jacket she described, in nearby Durnford Street a few days later. He lived there at the time with his girlfriend.

The victim then picked him out of a video identification parade featuring ten similar-looking men.

DNA analysis later showed a small amount of the woman’s blood on the cuff of his jacket.

But Wosou made the unlikely claim he had met the rapist, wearing an identical coat to his own, in the street after the attack.

The stranger, who looked similar to Wosou, asked for a cigarette and oddly touched his wrist and shoulder – providing a possible explanation for the presence of the woman’s blood.

Police scoured CCTV and could find no trace of the man.

Wosou told the court that his father was killed because he had worked with the former regime, the Ba’ath Party of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein.

Wosou’s uncle then advised that he should flee the country because he too was in danger.

Wosou had told the jury he was smuggled into Britain in the back of a lorry – but the police were waiting.

He was housed in Birmingham from 2008 and moved to Plymouth only last year, months before the rape.

Wosou was not permitted to work.

DC Michelle Dunn, the officer in the case, said after the verdicts: “I would like to commend the victim on her bravery throughout this investigation, from reporting the offence through to giving evidence at court.

“I would like to thank our partner agencies who have provided support for the victim which has assisted in securing this outcome.

“I hope that the successful outcome of this trial will encourage other victims to come forward and report offences committed against them, particularly these in the sex industry and other vulnerable groups.”

Read more: http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/Illegal-immigrant-robbed-raped-prostitute/story-20799849-detail/story.html#ixzz2vvH288ta

Two Muslims On Holiday In Torquay Sexually Abused Girls Aged 12

Two more Muslim sex fiends who’s perverse sexual antics with minors will now cost the taxpayer approximately £70,000 per year to keep behind bars as they head off to the bighouse for an extended stay.

The Islamic child abusers both claimed that because of their strict Muslim upbringing, they couldn’t resist temptation and were mentally immature . Is that an admission that Islam makes followers backwards or something? Both tried to gain the judges sympathy with their claims of being immature and couldn’t control their deviant sexual urges with comments such as “trying to act a lot older than his brain could cope with.”

Even if they were immature and of  a low IQ, there is still no justification for their sick sex crimes. They are both well aware of the difference between right and wrong. Sex with 12 year olds is very wrong and they know that they just didn’t care thinking they would get away with it because they didn’t live in Devon.

Tourists jailed for sex acts with girls aged 12 in Torquay
By Western Morning News | Posted: February 13, 2014
Mohammed Islam

Masudur Rahman

A pair of tourists have been jailed for groping two 12-year-old girls who they met on a holiday beach in Devon.

Mohammed Islam and Masudur Rahman left the beach at Torquay and went with the girls to the nearby Torre Valley Park where they took part in sex acts with them.

The two 19-year-olds were on holiday with friends from the West Midlands and were tempted by the girls because their strict upbringing meant they were inexperienced and immature.

The girls were just 12 but lied about their ages and said they were 14 and were willing participants in everything that happened, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Both men had never been in trouble before and were respected members of their communities. One was a volunteer at a youth club and another about to start an economics and business degree at a university in London.

Islam, of Bevan Road, Tipton, admitted two assaults by digital penetration and one sexual assault and Rahman, of Slater Street, Tipton, admitted one assault by penetration and one sexual assault.

They were both jailed for two years in a Young Offender’s Institution by Judge Francis Gilbert, QC and ordered to remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

He told them: ”You were both on a beach in Torbay and started chatting to these two girls who were strangers. There was some flirting and you went with them to a rugby field near the railway station where they were both assaulted sexually.

“It was, to put it politely, a sordid sexual encounter. You both say they participated willingly and I accept that basis of plea.

“I accept they told you they were 14 but they were in fact 12 and they were complete strangers and even if they were 14 they were still under age and you were aged 18 or 19 at the time.”

Miss Emily Pitts, prosecuting, said the two defendants were on holiday in Devon on September 5 last year and were on a beach in Torquay with a group of friends when they met the two girls.

She said: ”They were both aged 12 but they told the defendants they were 14 and there was some flirting between the two groups.

“When they went to a field nearby there was consensual sexual activity between them. Mr Islam digitally penetrated both and they masturbated him and Rahman digitally penetrated one and was also masturbated.

“Neither defendant has ever been in trouble before and we are not seeking a Sexual Offences Prevention Order in either case.”

Miss Sarah Buckingham, defending Mr Islam, said his strict upbringing had left him naïve and ill-equipped to cope with the encounter on the beach.

She said: ”He is a young man of positively good character. He behaved in a way that was impulsive and immature. He poses no risk of reoffending and feels he has brought great shame on himself and his family.

“He cannot justify his behaviour by his strict upbringing but he knows he has a lot of growing up to do. He was trying to act a lot older than his brain could cope with.

“He has done everything he can to correct what he did in September last year.”

Mr Nicolas Gerasimidis, defending Mr Rahman, said all the same factors applied to his clients’ case.

He passed up a reference from organisers at the Tipton Young Asian Women’s Forum and said Rahman has been a voluntary youth worker in his community.

He said: ”He is a young man of good character who at the time was immature and inexperienced and was unable to bridle his affections.

“There were no aggravating features; no planning, no alcohol, no threats, no abuse of trust or use of weapons. He is genuinely repentant.”

Read more: http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Tourists-jailed-sex-girls-12-Torquay/story-20622052-detail/story.html#ixzz2tFeLtqOC

Exmouth Rape Jihad. Woman Sexually Assaulted By Muslim Outside Nightclub

I must admit until a few moments i didn’t even know exactly where in England that  Exmouth was, let alone the type of place it was. Turns out it’s in Devon a few miles down the coast from Torquay, which i should of known really as i have drove past it enough times. Having looked at a couple of pictures it comes across as a fairly quiet and picturesque place. Hardly the sort of place you would expect Muslims committing rape jihad to be happening.
This sex attack on a female  stood outside a club just goes to show that there is no place thats totally exempt from the Islamic rape wave engulfing the UK if its within travelling distance of Muslim sex pests.
Published by George Dawson
Posted: 12/11/13
Updated: 12/11/13

Police appeal for witnesses after sexual assault in Exmouth

Police are appealing for witnesses after a woman was sexually assaulted in Exmouth at the weekend. The alleged incident happened outside the Q Club in Manchester Street in the early hours of Sunday 10 November 2013. A man approached a 20-year-old woman from Exeter who was stood outside the nightclub and sexually assaulted her. The suspect is described as a stocky Asian man and was wearing a grey hooded top. Police would like to hear from anyone who has any information about this incident. A 22-year-old man from Oxford has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and has been released on police bail until 3 January 2014 at Heavitree Road police station, Exeter, pending further enquiries. Anyone who witnessed this incident or has any other information that could assist the investigation is asked to call 101 quoting reference KE/13/2684, or alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Torquay Rape Jihad Two Muslims In Court On Child Sex Attack Charge

Muslim rape jihad is spreading like wildfire across the UK. No longer is it confined to areas with large Muslim enclaves like Bradford, Rochdale or Rotherham. Its now starting to appear in towns and cities you wouldn’t normally associate with a mass influx of Muslims such as the English holiday resort of Torquay.

Muslim rape jihad is very much here
Muslim rape jihad is very much here

Two in court on Torquay sex attack charge

Thursday, September 19, 2013

TWO alleged sex attackers appeared in court this morning accused of assaulting two girls in Torquay.

Masudur Rahman and Mohammed Islam, both 18, from Tipton in the West Midlands appeared before a judge at Exeter Crown Court.

They have been accused of sexually assaulting the girls, both aged under 13, on September 5.

Rahman and Islam were not required to enter pleas during the short hearing.