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Reading Rape Jihad: Pervert Targeted 5 Different Women In 45 Minutes

A serial sex pest is on the loose in Reading putting females in danger until he is caught. The rape jihadist targeted five different females within the space of an hour during the evening rush hour. Where most sex offenders would strike and then make haste to avoid being caught by police. This repulsive sex fiends hard faced nature moving on to another target instead makes him even more a threat


Five women targeted in sex attacks over just 15 minutes

6 Dec 2014 15:30

A man who groped three women in attacks within fifteen minutes of each other is being hunted by police.

The man is also wanted for following two other women and making sexually suggestive remarks to them
The man struck as the five women walked home in and around the Coley Avenue area of Reading between 6pm and 6.45pm on Thursday night.
The same man is being sought by detectives after a woman was “inappropriately touched” in Broad street Mall last Sunday.
A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said the the five women were targeted by the man on Thursday night in Coley Avenue, Bath Road and Upcross Garden, all with a few hundred metres of each other.
The spokesman said: “The man is described as Asian, in his 20s, 5ft 8ins and with thick dark hair.
“He was wearing grey jogging bottoms and a dark jacket.
“A previous incident of inappropriate touching within Broad Street Mall, reported on Sunday, November 30, is being linked by police to the above incidents.”
That man was described as a fair-skinned Asian man, aged in his 20s, with short black hair. He was wearing light blue faded jeans and a distinctive black baseball cap with the words I (love heart) haters, on it.
Detective Sergeant Matthew Fear said: “We are linking these incidents as the description and the incidents were very similar. He was walking up to women and either following them or making sexual suggestions. In some cases he touched the women inappropriately.”
“We would urge people to be vigilant especially in these dark early evenings and also encourage anyone who sees anyone answering this description acting suspiciously to call us.”


Muslim Yobs In Yorkshire Hurl Missiles At Passing Cars

Muslim yobs in Keighley put the lives of innocent road users in grave danger by hurling missiles at passing cars. The West Yorkshire town like its bigger neighbour Bradford has seen a huge influx of Muslim immigrants over recent years bringing with it a mass spike in anti social behaviour as the Muslims run riot and do their best to drag the town down.

Yobs hurl missiles at passing motorists in busy Keighley street

SHOCKED: Matwey Kozlow with the damage caused to his vehicle


DAMAGE: The damage caused to the woman’s car which was following Mr Kozlow


First published Friday 31 October 2014 in News
by Martin Heminway

A SHOCKED motorist has warned someone could have been killed by a gang of youths who threw concrete blocks and lumps of metal at passing cars in Keighley.

Matwey Kozlow has told of the terror he experienced as he drove along Skipton Road, Keighley, on his way home from visiting family in Queensbury.
The windscreen of his new Isuzu 4×4 vehicle was badly damaged in the attack, which happened shortly after 7pm on Wednesday.

Mr Kozlow also said that a baby in another car narrowly avoided serious injury when a piece of metal smashed through the window. That car was being driven by a woman, said Mr Kozlow.

“Someone is going to get killed by these people,” said Mr Kozlow, of Kettlewell. “It is absolutely disgusting.

“It was extremely frightening – it felt like a terrorist attack at first. It hit my truck with full force – I paid £25,000 only last week for it.”

Mr Kozlow described the incident, saying: “I was passing Cliffe Castle on the left-hand side and saw lots of lads, aged between 15 and 18, and they all had big lumps of concrete and steel.

“I saw two of them at first, then some on the bus shelter roof. They were throwing things down, big full bricks and bits of steel.

“The woman in front of me had a baby in the car and a big chunk of metal had gone through the rear side window and nearly hit the baby.

“I was hit and my windscreen was smashed.”

In response, police said they were stepping up patrols in the area.

Inspector Di Collins said: “It is believed that two people were involved who ran off into Cliffe Castle Park. They are described as Asian males, aged between 15 and 17 years old.

“We are increasing patrols in the area for reassurance and to deter any further offending.

“I would urge anyone who witnessed either of these incidents or saw anyone behaving suspiciously in the area around the time of these offences to contact Keighley Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101.”

Police Appeal For Information On Sex Attacker Asghar Butt From Salford

Greater Manchester Police are appealing for information on the whereabouts of Asghar Butt last known to be living in Salford. He was charged with a sex attack on a female and given bail. Butt failed to turn up for  his court date and has gone awol. He has committed rape jihad once and poses a threat of doing again.

Name : Asghar Butt
Date of birth : 25/12/1983
Age : 29
Location : N/A


Police in Salford are trying to trace a man who is wanted for failing to appear at court.

Asghar Butt (born 25/12/1983) of Delaunays Road, Salford was due to attend Manchester Crown Court on 24 September 2013 after being charged in connection with a sexual assault, but failed to turn up.

Officers have been trying to find Asghar Butt and are now appealing to the public for anyone with information on his whereabouts to get in touch.

Butt is believed to have links to the Blackley area.

On 22 August 2013, a 23-year-old female was sexually assaulted on Bolton Road in Pendlebury.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police in Salford on 101 or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

UAF/SWP Sexual Predator Martin Smith Given PhD Place at Liverpool Hope University

Just when you thought Comrade Delta aka Martin Smith of the UAF / SWP rape controversy had disappeared into communist obscurity. Lying low after single handedly bringing his own Sexist Wankers Party crashing down,in the aftermath of his SWP friends covering up 2 rape allegations up against him. Well he’s back….. having crawled out from the rock he was hiding under.


Already despised by patriots for being an anti British traitor and all round twatish behaviour such as stirring up hatred with his scaremongering to defending Muslim grooming gangs. After the rape incident, even large sections of the far left have turned on him also. He is now without doubt Britain’s most hated communist.

Worrying he has turned up at Liverpool Hope University putting female students at risk having the sexual predator around campus. Allegedly his PhD has been funded by Hope University where he has been taken onboard in some kind of lecturing capacity while he is studies there. How they can they ever trust Smith to be in a position where female students could approach him over work, leaving themselves vulnerable to potential sexual attack il never understand

Below is from a Liverpool Feminist Blog called AngryWomen

Martin Smith Given PhD Place at Liverpool Hope University

Posted on 21 October 2013 by angrywomenguest

*Trigger warning- rape and sexual harassment.*

It has come to our attention that Martin Smith –who resigned from the Socialist Workers Party following rape and sexual harassment allegations– is now based in the Social Work department at Liverpool Hope University.

The accusations against Smith were covered up by an internal investigation from the party’s disputes committee. This was set up by the central committee – a body largely consisting of Smith’s friends – who at this point were referring to him as “Comrade Delta“. The specifics of the case and the handling of the case can be read here, 

However, to summarise, not only were the survivors disbelieved and their cases not heard, but party leader and academic Alex Callinicos claimed that the party – and the wider movements of the working class generally – were being damaged by what he termed “creeping feminism“.

A faction was formed in opposition to the central committee, which led to the expulsion and resignation of dissenting members.

Martin Smith resigned from the party in July, after spending several weeks in Greece ‘researching’ for the party’s front campaign Unite Against Fascism.

Over the summer, there were rumours online that the children of party founder Tony Cliff were asking SWP members to donate to a fund for Martin Smith to study an MA.

It now seems that rather than have an educational ‘break’ funded directly by the SWP, Martin Smith has been awarded a funded PhD in the Social Work, Youth and Justice Department of Liverpool Hope University, which happens to be headed by fellow SWP member and Preston Councillor Michael Lavalette.

If Smith were searching for sympathetic academics to shelter him, Callinicos may have been a too obvious choice, while Lavalette might just have been expected to slip under the radar of ‘creeping feminism’.

Though the levels of student activism at Hope are depressingly low, the same is not true for feminist activism in the wider city. We have also been made aware of a poster campaign which took place at Hope last night, with the aim of informing female students of the danger on campus.

This is a danger which Professor Lavalette, as head of department, bears responsibility for bringing toHope, in a department which is supposed to have welfare as its primary concern.

The University have chosen to take on Martin Smith, despite the coverage of the case in the national press. This is arguably a significant breach of their duty of care, and will massively harm the University’s image. We call up on feminist activists nationwide to ensure that this man is unable to remain either at Hope or in in activist circles.

If anyone would like to get involved in building a campaign, please contact Delta.Removals2013@gmail.com



Muslim Sex Offender Was ‘Confused With A Clash Of Cultures’

Mohammed Ilyas is another Muslim immigrant sentenced for sick sex crimes in the UK. He has  a wife and child in Kashmir yet rather than be a good Muslim father and live with his family. He prefers life in Britain where he has been in and out of the prison system for sex offences. His defence for being a serial sexual predator is his confusion due to a clash of cultures. Handy excuse. Although i imagine him being a perverted sex obsessed Muslim who cant get a woman any other way because he is an ugly bastard is a contributory factor also

Mohammed Ilyas jailed at Worcester Crown Court for sex offences


JAILED: Mohammed Ilyas UGLY MUSLIM NONCEJAILED: Mohammed Ilyas

A SEX offender has been jailed for five years after a judge warned no one would be surprised if he eventually committed rape.

Mohammed Ilyas, who has a record for sex offences, was said to be a continual danger to women.

Judge Robert Juckes QC, sitting atWorcester Crown Court, jailed the 34-year-old for five years and ordered that he be on licence for two and a half years on release.

Ilyas, who was last living in a bail hostel in Ombersley Road, Worcester, was convicted in November last year of breaking the terms of a sexual offences prevention order.

Prosecutor Sophie Lomas told Worcester Crown Court that he followed a woman walking her dog in Gheluvelt park at 7.45am on July 27.

He tried to engage her in conversation and followed the woman to her home and loitered outside.

Ilyas was jailed and while serving his sentence in Dartmoor prison he sexually assaulted a nurse by pressing his body against her as she ushered him in to see a doctor.

Ilyas first denied the offence but later pleaded guilty at Plymouth Crown Court.

Miss Lomas said Ilyas had 15 previous convictions, four of which were for sexual offences.

The sexual offences prevention order was made in 2008 and forbids Ilyas from acting in a manner likely to cause alarm and distress to females.

He admitted breach of the order.

Kannan Siva, defending, said Ilyas was sorry that his victim in the park had been annoyed and upset.

But it had been a futile attempt to romantically engage someone who was clearly not interested.

Ilyas was clumsy in his relationships with women. He had a wife in Kashmir and an eight-year-old son. He was intelligent but confused with a clash of cultures and had been in prison for much of his life.

“You are a continual danger to women,” he said. “You refuse to acknowledge your offending. Your letters show self-pity and are lacking contrition.

“It is a deeply worrying prospect as you cannot resist temptation to behave in this way. You have not committed rape but no one would be surprised if this is what you end up doing.”

He made Ilyas, an already registered sex offender, subject to an indefinite sexual offences prevention order.

Police Hunt ‘Asian’ Who Committed 3 Sex Attacks In 20 Mins

Greater Manchester police are hunting for a serial ‘Asian’ sex attacker who sexually assaulted a woman in Salford, then while making his escape he attacked a further 2 females in a 20 minute beasting frenzy. We all know only to well that when the term ‘Asian’ is used to describe the dregs of society who commit sex crimes. 99% of the time ‘Asian’ = Muslim. Given the brazeness of the sex fiend, not happy with attacking 1 woman but sexually assaulting  3 females in 20 minutes.Chances are this is yet another sex obsessed Islamic pervert who believes women are worse than animals. This is an evil individual who poses a severe danger to women until he is caught and locked up.

Three sex attacks in Salford in 20 mins

Last updated Wed 6 Mar 2013

Police in Salford are investigating after three women were sexually assaulted in the space of just 20 minutes.

Between 8.35pm and 8.55pm on Tuesday 5 March 2013, three young women were sexually assaulted in the Frederick Road / Camp Street area of Salford.

We have released details of these sexual assaults, not to cause unnecessary anxiety in the community but so that people who use this popular route can be vigilant and take precautions. It would appear this offender sexually assaulted the first victim and then two more women as he escaped. It is therefore very important we let people know what has happened so they can take all the necessary precautions, such as keeping to well-lit areas, where possible remaining in groups and reporting any suspicious activity to police.


On each occasion, the same offender approached the three victims and sexually assaulted them.

He is described as being Asian, in his late 20s to early 30s, of a medium to large build and wearing a dark hooded top and dark jeans.

Extra, high-visibility patrols will be deployed to the area in the coming days and officers are asking people who use this route to be vigilant while inquiries are ongoing to identify the offender


French counter terrorism expert : ‘Islamist terrorism is the biggest threat in Europe’

‘Islamist terrorism is the biggest threat in Europe’

Published: 30 August, 2012, 10:28

French members of the French National Police Intervention Group (GIPN) arrest a suspected radical Islamists group member, on April 4, 2012, in the French northern city of Roubaix, as part of dawn raids in several French cities. (AFP Photo/Denis Charle

Islamist terrorism and the radicalization of young Muslims has taken center stage in Europe. With schools, universities and even sport clubs becoming hotbeds of Islamism, experts argue that some European countries have willingly allowed it.

Claude Monique, an expert on counterterrorism and extremism and the director of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, told RT that while European intelligence was engaged in battling a bigger threat – communism and the former Soviet Union – it ignored what has become a defining threat of the modern age.

RT: Terrorism in Europe: We’ve seen acts of terror from Breivik in Norway to Mohamed Merah in Toulouse, and we have also seen riots based on ideology. Based on what you’ve seen so far, where is the biggest threat coming from?

Claude Moniquet: I think that we have three different threats today in Europe. The biggest one clearly is still Islamist terrorism. Why it is the biggest? Because we have a large number, thousands of people involved – not in special interest actions but in extremist actions, and are able to become terrorists in the future. We don’t have thousands of such people on the right wing, for instance.

So we have thousands of people who have a very clear political and religious agenda. We have a radicalization process which is ongoing for years now, so I think clearly, Islamist terrorism is the biggest threat in Europe.

After this, we have two different threats. The first one is right-wing terrorism like Breivik, but if we accept the Breivik case, we didn’t have real large-scale act of terrorism from the right wing for 20 years.

And the last threat would be the left-wing terrorism. Which for the moment doesn’t exist in Europe, but it existed 20 years ago – we have clear signs that in Italy, in Greece, we have some anarcho-Marxist groups at work, but very small and on a very low scale

RT: Different though their ideologies may be, these three groups are extremes. You mentioned the radicalization process, and how difficult it is to intercept. Where is the radicalization process actually happening? Are we talking about schools, universities, mosques, prisons? How do we identify it?

CM: Radicalization is going on through different channels. First of all, it is going on in areas, in the cities, in municipalities, in the sports facilities, in the gym clubs, in the football clubs, of course in schools.

So that is the base. After this you have different ways or different places, like prison of course, and universities.

Most of the radicalization is done at a young age and it’s done in the streets, it’s done in the municipalities, in some schools. When people come to university for instance, those who are radicalized are already radicalized, and the others will probably not be radicalized. It’s a minority, we must understand that clearly, radicalization could be a concern of maybe ten to 15 percent of the young Muslims in Europe.

RT: In terms of the demographic grouping, is there a specific group in a society that is more susceptible to such radicalization?

CM: It’s difficult to say, because we would probably think that a poor young boy who feels excluded is more likely to be radicalized, because it’s common sense. But we have also people who have university degrees. We have people who are fully integrated.

If you take for instance the perpetrators of the July 2005 terrorist attack in London, they were fully integrated. One of them was the son of a shop owner, he was working in education, he had a job, he was apparently fully integrated. And he was radicalized.

And if you are in a personal crisis, this crisis being social, being cultural, being familial – a family crisis, a crisis with your girlfriend – you are weak, and you could be radicalized exactly as you could be radicalized in a Christian extremist sect.

RT: Going back to the biggest threat you mentioned – the Islamic extremism here in Europe. The justice minister of Belgium said that she has been told by the state security that Saudi Arabia is funding around 10 schools in Belgium that are teaching radical Islam. How would you assess this threat?  

CM:  We must understand that in a part of Europe – in Belgium, in the Netherlands, in Germany – we have large Muslim communities today, but [those countries] didn’t have Muslim colonies in the past.

France had Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia. France has colonies, so most of the Muslims in France came from those ex-colonies

Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany did not have those colonies, so the majority of Muslims came in the 60s and the 70s because most of Europe was in need of workforce to build new infrastructure.

Those people came but everybody at the time thought they would just stay for two years, three years, just for work; after, they will return to their countries. Of course, they didn’t.

The Belgians, as the Dutch, didn’t understand the problem very well, and they were looking desperately for someone who could help them

And the Saudis told the Belgian authorities: “No problem, we’ll take care of it,” as they also said to the Netherlands. So they sent money, they sent people, and this was of course a hidden agenda. Their idea was of course to radicalize people.

Islam seems to be a unique thing. It is not a unique thing. You have an Islam of Asia, you have Islam of North Africa, Islam of the Gulf, Sunni, Shiites and so on. And clearly the Wahhabi Islam from Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with the Islam of the Moroccans, of the Turkish.

But this Islam was imposed on those people by the Saudi with the help of the Belgian and Dutch authorities, and this was imposed for 20 years, 25 years. And for 25 years, 30 years, the Saudis were funding, were sending people. For instance, in the Netherlands, in 2003 after the murder of Theo van Gogh, Dutch security monitored all Muslim clerics in the Netherlands and they found that 60 to 70 percent of them were unable to understand, read or speak Dutch.

So very clearly they cannot be a factor of integration. They cannot. They cannot understand the society in which they live, in which their followers live. They cannot help them with good advice, because they don’t know. And most of them were coming from outside, from Saudi Arabia or Gulf States, with no knowledge of the language, no knowledge of the society.

RT: You were in the French intelligence service. Did you or those in the authorities not see that was coming, the signs coming from the Saudi Arabia at the time?

CM: At the time – this was true for the French intelligence, for the US, for all the Western intelligence – we were not very interested in those cases. The big enemy was the Soviet Union and communism. So, we had no real interest in monitoring Saudi Arabia. It was something going on, but invisible.

RT: Well, you have, for example, the State Security in Belgium warning against the threat that Saudi Arabia poses in terms of imposing extreme ideology on people in Europe. But on the other hand, Saudi Arabia is painted as an ally of the West. How do you reconcile this? 

CM: The ambiguity of the situation is that the Saudi Arabia is clearly an ally of the West because it was against communism, it was against the former Soviet Union and so on, against Iran today for obvious reasons. So it is an ally, and at the same time, it could be considered an enemy because they have this hidden agenda.

But even inside Saudi society at the highest level, you have two tendencies. In the royal family in Saudi Arabia, you have people who are genuine and honest advocates of working with the West and modernizing Saudi Arabia, and we have other princes saying ‘No!,’ we must keep, stand firmly in our beliefs, and we are still the Saudi and Wahhabi.

RT: Looking at what some governments in Europe are doing, for example imposing a ban on the burqa, or minarets or other such laws, do you think they actually work? Or do they just create a backlash from the general Muslim community, who are not extremists?

CM: Both, I think both. First of all, I think we must help and support the average Muslim guy or woman who is just trying to live a normal life and who wants to have a better future for his or her children. And clearly those people are demanding that we take a firm position against the extremists.

They are worried for their children. When you are a Muslim parent in Belgium or France, and you see Muhammed Merah and you see that a young boy of 21, 22 had bad connections, went to an extremist mosque, or wanted to go to Pakistan, I suppose you’re afraid and you want the help of the state. And the help of the state is to set some limits.

At the same time, very clearly, it is a way of radicalization for some people. But these people would be radicalized anyway. It’s just an occasion, it’s just a pretext, but if it is not the burqa, it will be the obligation of Halal food in the school; if it is not this, it will be the mixing of boys and girls in school, or another subject. But a part of this community is moving to radicalization, the ten to 15 percent. The question is how to protect the rest, and of course how to contain the extremists.