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Muslim Grooming Gang From Rotherham On Trial : Media Silence

muslim grooming gangs target british schoolgirls. islam allows sex with children

This week at Sheffield Crown Court the trial for eight members of a Muslim grooming gang from Rotherham has begun.Bringing to justice a fraction of the Muslim paedophiles that have plagued the Yorkshire town for over a decade resulting in an estimated 1400 rape jihad victims. The trial is expected to last for around six weeks.

The 8 Muslim sexual predators in the dock for abusing vulnerable British schoolgirls are: 

  • Sageer Hussain, 30, of Clough Road, Rotherham, denies four rapes and one indecent assault.  He was also known as Ciggy or Ziggy.
  • Mohammed Whied, 32, of Psalters Lane, Rotherham, denies one count of aiding and abetting rape. a.k.a ‘Whiddy’
  • Ishtiaq Khaliq, 33, of Cherry Brook, Rotherham, denies one rape and three indecent assaults. Also known as Blinky or Ishy and is said to have had a problem with his eyes.
  • Waleed Ali, 34, of Canklow Road, Rotherham, denies one rape and one indecent assault
  • Asif Ali, 30, of Clough Road, Rotherham, denies one rape. a.k.a ‘Ali’
  • Masoued Malik, a.k.a ‘Masy’, 32, of Bridgewater Way, Rotherham, denies one rape, one count of conspiracy to commit indecent assault and one of false imprisonment.
  • Basharat Hussain, 40, from Goole, denies one indecent assault. a.k.a ‘Bash’
  • Naeem Rafiq, 33, of Clarendon Road, Rotherham, denies one count of conspiracy to commit indecent assault and one of false imprisonment.a.k.a ‘Nemy’

You would expect a court trial of this scale to be very high-profile??  Especially given the  scale of the Muslim grooming epidemic in Rotherham. That resulted in worldwide media attention due to revelations of huge failings and a cover up by South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham Council, and Social Services who had repeatedly failed to act against the Muslim paedophiles for fear of being branded racist. Effectively aiding and abetting the abuse of 1400 girls for putting political correctness and Muslim appeasement before the welfare of white  British children.

Yet once again like so many Muslim grooming gang court trials previously. No national newspaper front pages regarding the case. In fact it seems not even a little snippet about it on page 24 either. No media reports  other than from local press outlet  Rotherham Advertiser and a report on the regional news section on the  BBC  website …..MAINSTREAM MEDIA SILENCE!! 

It is quite unbelievable how the left-wing biased mainstream media in the UK do not consider the sexual abuse  of British children by evil Muslim paedophiles en-mass like a piece of halal meat newsworthy. When only a few days ago it was a case of who didn’t publish a certain Muslim sympathy seeking story.Regarding a Muslim extremist family who had been to the seaside wearing burqas with only their eyes showing, which many people are  actually offended by Muslims wearing. So its pretty understandable they got a few funny looks which they took offence to and somebody allegedly made a comment in passing about terrorism. No crime committed, no reports to the police and knowing the source of the story was the taqiyya artists TellMama, most likely fabricated. 

The Muslim child rapists in the dock are said to have sexually abused girls as young as 13  in an alleyway in Rotherham town centre, in Clifton Park or in Rotherham Interchange.  Three of the defendants — Sageer Hussain, Mohammed Whied and Asif Ali — were cousins, while co-defendant Basharat Hussain is also Sageer’s older brother.

Some of the grooming gang on trial were reported to police and social services at the time in 2003 but the case was dropped after families felt intimidated. One complainant said she continued to associate with the men because they told the victim  that her mother would be gang-raped if she went to police. Bullying, harassment and intimidation are pretty much typical behaviour for low life ‘religion of peace’ members. Making threats of raping a family member are their favourite. I know that only to well as my inbox is full of them.

Suspended Sentence For Muslim Taxi Driver Who Attempted To Sexually Assault Copper With Sextoy

Here we go yet again………another suspended sentence for a Muslim taxi driver who attempted to sexually assault a female police officer working undercover courtesy of the UK’s most incompetent Judge, Beverley Lunt who is based at Burnley Crown Court.

Here are a couple of other soft Muslim sentences that i have previously posted about given by Judge Lunt:

East Lancs taxi driver attempted sexual assault on undercover police officer after waving vibrator at her

Jamil Iqbal invited the undercover police officer into the front seat

Jamil Iqbal invited the undercover police officer into the front seat

First published Friday 29 August 2014 in News
Last updated 13:58 Friday 29 August 2014
by Wendy Barlow, Court reporter

A TAXI driver has admitted attempted sexual assault on an undercover police officer 11 months after he was cleared of sexually assaulting a teenager.

Jamil Iqbal, 41, had invited the woman into the front seat, made ‘overt sexual remarks’ to her, waved a vibrator at her, asked her to touch it and told her he loved her.

Father-of-six Iqbal, who was at the wheel of his own car, had just dropped off his wife of 23 years and family when the incident happened and struck because he ‘couldn’t control himself that day’, Burnley Crown Court was told.

The attempt to touch the officer came after Iqbal was cleared of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, by a jury, in January last year. Iqbal had been accused of groping the teenager in his cab in April 2010.

The defendant, of Humphrey Street, Brierfield, recently working as a part-time takeaway driver, admitted attempted sexual assault on the undercover officer, in December last year.
He was sentenced to 16 months in prison, suspended for two years, with two years’ supervision.

Iqbal was ordered to sign the sexual offenders register for 10 years and was made subject to a 10-year sexual offences prevention order, banning him from applying for a taxi licence, working as a taxi driver and from working as a driver on any other form of public transport.

Prosecutor Stephen Parker said last December 7, an undercover officer called Brierfield-based Victors Taxis, just after midnight. A cab arrived at 1.30am, displaying the logo of another firm.

The defendant said he was Victors, the officer got in and Iqbal started asking her personal questions, such as did she have a boyfriend. He gave her his mobile number and said he would pick her up later.

The officer, in company with a colleague, rang the mobile number on December 16, requesting drop-offs at pubs in Burnley and Barrowford. Iqbal arrived, not displaying the livery of any taxi firm. The officers got in and Iqbal explained he wasn’t really working. The first officer was dropped off in Burnley, leaving the second in the back of the vehicle. The defendant told her to get in the front but the officer declined.

Mr Parker said: “He then diverted the subject to sex, asking whether she liked sex or not, produced a plastic carrier bag from the front passenger seat and produced a vibrator from the carrier bag.

“He pushed the vibrator towards her, asking her to touch it. He asked her if she was scared and asked if she could keep it a secret.”

The prosecutor said by the time the defendant was dropping the officer off, he was saying: “I love you. I love you.” Iqbal was arrested minutes later.

Defending Iqbal, Afzal Anwar said his taxi licence had been revoked. The barrister continued: “He’s sorry. He does demonstrate clear remorse.”

Passing sentence, Judge Beverley Lunt said: “This undercover officer has probably saved some innocent victim from being subjected, as she was, to this extremely unpleasant incident.”

Incompetent Judge Gives Islamic Teacher Pathetic Suspended Sentence For Abusing 11 Year Old Girl

Incompetent paedophile appeasing Judge Michael Byrne is a fine example of all thats wrong with the British legal system. His pathetic suspended sentence given to child molesting Islamic teacher Suleman Maknojioa is probably one of the most moronic things i have ever seen in my life.

His reason for not sending the Muslim paedophile vermin to prison would almost be laughable if it wasn’t such a serious issue its that much of a joke. The fact that the nonce has 6 kids, is now leeching off the social and his wife can’t speak English shouldn’t even enter the equation. Why should him losing his job as an  Islamic teacher because he is a nonce and now on benefits keep him out of jail. Or the fact that despite living in the Uk and his wife being to lazy to bother learning the language. Do they make his crime less serious or make him less of a danger to  children….NO

Judge Michael Byrne should hang his head in shame. This isn’t the first time he has not jailed a paedophile and caused controversy. Previously he spared a Blackpool gay paedophile from prison who had groomed a 15 year old boy online before having sex with him. In an ideal world, the judge would be having an enforced career change by now ordered by his peers for his total incompetence and failure to uphold the law 


Islamic teacher who sexually abused girl, 11, as he taught her the Koran spared jail because his wife doesn’t speak English

  • Suleman Maknojioa, 40, squeezed girl’s chest under her prayer scarf
  • Attacks took place as he gave lessons in Arabic to girl and her brothers
  • Father of six convicted of five counts of sexual activity with a child
  • He was handed a suspended sentence after judge told family rely on him


PUBLISHED: 09:06, 18 March 2014 | UPDATED: 01:44, 19 March 2014

Spared prison: Islamic teacher Suleman Maknojioa sexually abused a young girl as he taught her the Koran

Spared prison: Islamic teacher Suleman Maknojioa sexually abused a young girl as he taught her the Koran

AN Islamic teacher who repeatedly molested a terrified girl of 11 as he taught her the Koran has escaped a jail sentence because his wife’s English is so bad.

Suleman Maknojioa, 40, repeatedly rubbed the  youngster’s leg and reached under the folds of her prayer headscarf to touch her chest.

He was given a suspended sentence because the court heard the father of six’s family were so dependent on him and he is ill with kidney problems.

Maknojioa was supposed to be giving the girl and her two brothers private tuition.

He was said to have favoured the girl and claimed the touching was done to reassure her.

But his confused victim became terrified whenever lessons were due.

He was finally reported to police after the children’s mother overheard her two sons, aged 13 and seven, talking about the incidents.

Maknojioa was a respected hafiz – a scholar of the Koran.

On the day he was arrested he was due to teach 30 children at a mosque near his home in Blackburn.

He was later convicted of five counts of sexual activity but on Monday he escaped with a 40-week prison sentence suspended for two years.

A family friend condemned the sentence. ‘This is a total disgrace,’ said the friend, who asked not to be named.

‘What type of message does this send out to paedophiles? He should be behind bars for this type of abuse. We are all horrified.’

Preston Crown Court was told Maknojioa had been engaged by the children’s parents in 2012 to teach them about the Islamic faith up to three times a week at their home in Lancashire.

In September that year the girl and her two brothers started tuition of the Koran in Arabic in their living room.

Teacher: Maknojioa rubbed the 11-year-old's leg and reached underneath the folds of her prayer headscarf to squeeze her chest whilst giving her and her two brothers private tuition in Arabic

Suleman Makhojioa outside Preston Crown Court

Teacher: Maknojioa rubbed the 11-year-old’s leg and reached underneath the folds of her prayer headscarf to squeeze her chest whilst giving her and her two brothers private tuition in Arabic

The court heard she was better at her lessons than her brothers, who were often told off. Maknojioa began touching the girl’s arms and head, then moved to her legs, feet and chest and her thigh.

The girl claimed that the touching typically occurred as she prayed or read from the Koran while kneeling or sitting cross-legged.

She told the jury: ‘I was too afraid to say something. He would put his hand under my headscarf on my chest and he would squeeze.

‘He would only use the one hand. The other hand would be writing something or he would be pointing to my brothers and telling them to pray harder.

‘No matter how hard my brothers tried to pray it wasn’t good enough. He would always say I was better, even if I wasn’t.

Convicted: Maknojioa was found guilty of five counts of sexual activity with a child

Convicted: Maknojioa was found guilty of five counts of sexual activity with a child

‘My brothers asked me what he had been doing and I didn’t know how to describe it. I told them he had touched me up. They told me to tell Mum and Dad – but I just didn’t want to tell anyone.

‘It went on for ages, his hand going up and down. I was afraid of what my teacher would do.’

Her older brother said: ‘I knew what was happening for about a month before my parents. My sister would get very upset at the idea of anyone knowing.

It was difficult for me to know what to do. He favoured her. He would give her ten pages to learn and we would only get three.

‘That way he spent most of the lesson with her. He did it slyly. When it happened, she was trying to pray. I have seen him touching her thigh in a stroking motion. It was inappropriate.’

This went on from September 2012 to June 2013 until the course of lessons ended. The girl’s father later confronted Maknojioa at his home but he denied all the charges.

Frida Hussain, defending, said: ‘He is married with six children. His wife doesn’t work and speaks very little English, they are dependent on him to lead their lives and with the running of the household.

‘One of the children has learning difficulties. Because he doesn’t teach now he is reliant on benefits.’

Judge Michael Byrne told Maknojioa: ‘The parents invited you into the sanctity of their own home. They trusted you and left you with their children.

‘I have read a letter from the girl in which she sets out her initial confusion at conduct of this sort from one…who she and her brother were expected to trust.

‘The older brother felt he wasn’t able to protect his sister. She was of a tender age, young, vulnerable and impressionable.

‘There could be no greater recognition of trust than between a minister of religion and pupils whose care is entrusted to him by parents.

‘You breached that trust deliberately and repeatedly.’

Maknojioa will be under supervision for two years and made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order for ten years.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2583243/Islamic-teacher-sexually-abused-girl-11-taught-Koran-spared-jail-hes-benefits-wife-doesnt-speak-English.html#ixzz2wQmz1sLj

Police Appeal For Information On Sex Attacker Asghar Butt From Salford

Greater Manchester Police are appealing for information on the whereabouts of Asghar Butt last known to be living in Salford. He was charged with a sex attack on a female and given bail. Butt failed to turn up for  his court date and has gone awol. He has committed rape jihad once and poses a threat of doing again.

Name : Asghar Butt
Date of birth : 25/12/1983
Age : 29
Location : N/A


Police in Salford are trying to trace a man who is wanted for failing to appear at court.

Asghar Butt (born 25/12/1983) of Delaunays Road, Salford was due to attend Manchester Crown Court on 24 September 2013 after being charged in connection with a sexual assault, but failed to turn up.

Officers have been trying to find Asghar Butt and are now appealing to the public for anyone with information on his whereabouts to get in touch.

Butt is believed to have links to the Blackley area.

On 22 August 2013, a 23-year-old female was sexually assaulted on Bolton Road in Pendlebury.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police in Salford on 101 or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Muslim Receptionist Jailed After Getting Victims Details And Interfering In Grooming Trial

The full details are now emerging regarding Mohammed Imran Amjad and his Brierfield Muslim grooming gang. Sex predator Amjad and 5 of his Muslim buddy’s first appeared in court for trial just after the Rochdale case had just finished at Burnley. The grooming gang had been charged with rape and exploitation of a girl aged 13 at the time. A couple of days in the judge dismissed the jury and ordered trial at a later date with Manchester the new location.

Fast forward 9 months to trial. The girl changes her story suddenly. Amjad goes guilty to lesser charge of consensual sex with a minor  All the other rape and sexual charges against him and the gang are dropped with his mates getting acquitted. Then it came out that the girl had been bullied into changing her story by the Muslim sex fiends allowing them to get off with it.

The latest information to come to light is that Mohammed Imran Amjad girlfriend used her position working for the social services to get information about the victim and her family and passed it onto the groomers. For some reason until now it has all been kept hush-hush that she has been sentenced to 8 months in prison for doing so.

Seems to of worked out quite favourably for the sex ring and associates as the sentences they have received between them are far less than if those who were acquitted had been fund guilty and jailed also. 

Lancashire Council receptionist jailed after attempting to derail grooming trial

30 August 2013 Last updated at 20:55

Mohammed Imran Amjad ‘s girlfriend accessed a database 60 times A woman who worked in social services has been jailed for attempting to derail a grooming trial. Receptionist Mahdiya Khan accessed a computer database 60 times to get details of a child sex victim. She was jailed for eight months, but details have only just emerged. Three men have also been found guilty of interfering in the case.

Mohammed Imran Amjad, 26, was earlier jailed for four years and three months after he admitted abusing a child. Five others were cleared of rape, sexual assault and child abduction at Burnley Crown Court in April. Suspended and dismissed Detectives realised Amjad’s girlfriend, Mahdiya Khan, had tried to undermine the case. She was a receptionist working for Lancashire County Council social services in Burnley. They found she accessed a confidential database 60 times over 15 days to find details of the witness and her family. The county council said she was immediately suspended and dismissed. A spokesman said: “When this security breach came to light, the advice from our data protection team was that no further practical steps could have been taken to prevent it from having occurred.”

Three other people connected to Amjad had also attempted to interfere with the case. His cousin Waqas Khalid threatened to rape the victim and her mother. His friend Qasim Hussain persuaded her to change her statement. His brother, Furqan Amjad, contacted the victim 350 times. Furqan Amjad was jailed for 15 months. Khalid was fined £300 and Hussain will be sentenced next week.


via BBC News – Lancashire Council receptionist jailed after attempting to derail grooming trial.

Judge Orders Muslim Woman On Trial To Remove Her Burka

Judge Peter Murphy has told a Muslim woman on trial to remove her burka. It makes a refreshing change to see somebody in authority use a bit of common sense and refusing to buckle under the strain of Islamic demands. The woman is the defendant in a case not a rape victim who’s anonymity is justifiable. Her burka is no different to a man taking the stand in a crash helmet or balaclava.

Judge orders Muslim woman to remove burkha during court appearance then bans her from entering plea after she refuses

  • Judge Peter Murphy said open justice overrides religious belief in court
  • Woman, 21, said she cannot remove her veil in front of men at all
  • Judge said there is a risk someone could pretend to be her in the dock
  • Case adjourned so lawyers can argue whether the defendant must remove her veil
  • Defendant, who cannot be named, is charged with intimidating a witness


PUBLISHED: 12:55, 23 August 2013 | UPDATED: 15:04, 23 August 2013

Demand: Judge Peter Murphy said the Muslim defendant must remove her burkha in the courtroom because the principle of open justice overrode the 21-year-old woman's religious beliefsDemand: Judge Peter Murphy said the Muslim defendant must remove her burkha in the courtroom because the principle of open justice overrode the 21-year-old woman’s religious beliefs

A judge told a Muslim woman she must remove her burkha in court before she can enter a plea after she refused to reveal her face.

Judge Peter Murphy said the principle of open justice overrode the 21-year-old woman’s religious beliefs, and warned there was a risk a different person could go into the dock pretending to be her.

The woman, from Hackney, east London, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, appeared before Blackfriars Crown Court today charged with intimidating a witness.

She said she cannot remove the veil in front of men because of her religious beliefs.

Judge Murphy told her: ‘It is necessary for this court to be satisfied that they can recognise the defendant.

‘While I obviously respect the right to dress in any way she wishes, certainly while outside the court, the interests of justice are paramount.

‘I can’t, as a circuit judge, accept a plea from a person whose identity I am unable to ascertain.’

He added: ‘It would be easy for someone on a later occasion to appear and claim to be the defendant.

‘The court would have no way to check on that.’

Her barrister, Claire Burtwistle, told the court the woman was not prepared to lower her veil at all while men were in the room.

‘In front of women, it is not an issue’, she said. ‘It is simply men that she will not allow to see her face.’

Hearing: The woman, who appeared before Blackfriars Crown Court, is charged with witness intimidation. The case has been adjourned for legal argument about whether she has to remove her burkhaHearing: The woman, who appeared before Blackfriars Crown Court, is charged with witness intimidation. The case has been adjourned for legal argument about whether she has to remove her burkha

Ms Burtwistle suggested herself, a female police officer or a female prison guard could identify the defendant and confirm to the court that it is the same person as in the police arrest photos.

Under the veil: The judge said there is a risk that if a Muslim woman was allowed to cover her face with a veil in court a different person could pretend to be her (file photo)Under the veil: The judge said there is a risk that if a Muslim woman was allowed to cover her face with a veil in court a different person could pretend to be her (file photo)

Prosecutor Sarah Counsell added that the police officer in charge of the case was content that he recognised the defendant while she was in the burkha.

But Judge Murphy rejected the suggestions, saying: ‘It seems to me to be quite fundamental that the court is sure who it is the court is dealing with.

‘Furthermore, this court, as long as I am sitting, has the highest respect for any religious tradition a person has.

‘In my courtroom also, this sometimes conflicts with the interests of a paramount need for the administration of justice. In my courtroom, that’s going to come first.’

The judge added: ‘There is the principle of open justice and it can’t be subject to the religion of the defendant whether the principle is observed or not.

‘I am not saying this because of the particular form of dress by this defendant, I apply that to any form of dress that had the same issues.’

Judge Murphy adjourned the case for legal argument over whether the defendant should have to remove her veil.

It will be heard again on September 12, when the defendant is expected to enter a not guilty plea and go to trial.

The defendant is alleged to have intimidated a witness, in Finsbury Park, north London, in June.


The French caused controversy around the world when they moved to ban women from wearing the burkha in public.

Politicians moved to ban the veil because they argued it was a security risk and said it was a social hindrance.

The law – which sparked protests in Pakistan – was brought into effect in 2011 under the leadership of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

British politicians are also no stranger to controversy surrounding the burkha.

In 2006, former Labour Foreign Secretary Jack Straw sparked outrage when he said he had ask Muslim women to remove their veils when talking to them in his constituency surgery.

Three years ago Conservative MP Philip Hollobone tabled a private members’ bill which would have made it illegal for anyone to cover their face in public.

However, the bill fell by the parliamentary wayside following claims that bringing in such a law could be in breach of the Equality Act.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2400844/Judge-orders-Muslim-woman-remove-burkha-court-appearance-bans-entering-plea-refuses.html#ixzz2cnoulN6E
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Jury Out To Decide Verdict In Wycombe Muslim Grooming Gang Trial

The jury in the latest Muslim grooming gang trial have retired to consider the verdict. The trial at Oxford Crown Court is of 10 Muslim men from High Wycombe for their part in the sexual abuse of a girl from the age of 11 over 5 years. The background is little different from previous trials involving Islamic sex gangs. Vulnerable child thinks she is in full on relationship with 1 of the grooming gang. They ply her with alcohol and drugs before her so-called Muslim paedophile boyfriend shares her amongst his Islamo-nonce mates whether the girl likes it or not.

It may come as a surprise to learn that  the court trial  has been on going for the last 9 weeks in virtual media silence. The national media either didn’t deem the trial newsworthy enough to cover the case, or were told by somebody in a position of power not to report it for fear of Muslims getting more negative press. So unless your a reader of the local newspaper Bucks Free Press chances are you would not of heard much on the trial.

In what seems to be a new trend with Muslim grooming gang members on trial, 9 of the 10 accused chose not to give evidence in their own defence knowing that their failure to take the stand doesn’t get held against them as an admission of guilt. Knowing they cant incriminate themselves under cross examination it puts all the focus on the credibility of the victim.

Ribbon trial: Jury sent out

THE jury in the trial of ten men accused of grooming, trafficking and sexually abusing a young girl has been sent out to consider its verdict.

Jurors retired at 12.50pm this afternoon after Judge Ian Pringle concluded his two-day review of the evidence heard during the nine week Ribbon trial.

The prosecution say the girl was plied with alcohol and drugs, and repeatedly raped by a child sex gang in the High Wycombe area for almost five years.

The girl was just 11 when the alleged abuse began in 2007.

Oxford Crown Court was told how the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was groomed and raped by Iblal Fiaz who forced her to perform sex acts on his friends and his brother Kasim Fiaz.

The girl told the court how she believed she was in a relationship with Iblal Fiaz and carried out his sexual instructions because she “didn’t want to let him down” and thought it would keep him close to her.

She described being picked up in cars and taken to locations including Fernie Fields, Cressex Industrial Estate and Handy Cross for abuse.

The girl, now 17, was exploited at house parties in Rutland Avenue and Westfield Walk, and taken to the Drake Court Hotel in London Road and a house in Marlow where she was gang raped, the court heard.

Jurors were told how Fiaz threatened to burn down the girl’s family home, rape her mother and ruin her reputation if she did not go along with his demands.

But during his summing up, Judge Pringle reminded the jury of the defence’s case that the girl was a “serial liar” and a “gamer”.

Barristers on behalf of the defendants told the court that the girl had falsely accused two other men of rape in the past – including her own father.

Ammar Rafiq, the only defendant to give evidance, admitted to having consensual sex with the girl in his bedroom while his dad was sleeping next door after she visited his flat in Castlefield Gardens in 2011. He said he didn’t know she was still at school.

The court also heard how the girl, who required psychiatric care throughout most of her childhood, refused to give police her Facebook password or Blackberry pin number as she said she could not remember them.

Prosecutor Eleanor Laws QC even admitted during her closing statement the girl had lied at various points of the case. But added “the whole thing wasn’t fabricated” as there is “little doubt she has been trafficked”.

The ten defendants are:

Iblal Fiaz, 21, of St George’s Close – Four counts of rape of a child under 13, seven counts of rape, two counts of conspiracy to rape, eight counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation, two charges of sexual activity with a child and one count of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Khasim Fiaz, 22, of St George’s Close – two counts of rape of a child under 13, one count of rape, two counts of conspiracy to rape and one count of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Ammar Rafiq, 19, from Kent Road in west London – four counts of rape.

Mohammed Adnan, 21, of Upper Green Street – two counts of rape.

Mudassar Hussain, 29, of Abbey Barn Road – two counts of rape.

Jubroin Khan, 21, of Rutland Avenue – one count of conspiracy to rape.

Khasim Dadd, 23, of Gibbs Close – one count of rape and one count of conspiracy to rape.

Rameez Ali, 21, of West End Street – two counts of rape.

Janaid Sharif, 26, of Cambridge Crescent – one counts of rape.

Asif Hussain, 21, of Suffield Road – one count of rape.


Brierfield Muslim Paedo Sent Down For Grooming A 13 Year Old Schoolgirl

Yet another evil dirty Muslim paedophile jailed for grooming and having sex with a child. Sex fiend Mohammed Imran Amjad from Brierfield was described by the judge at Burnley Crown Court as a bullying sexual predator. It just a shame the judge didn’t take that into account when sentencing him to a lenient 4 years in prison. 

‘Predator’ Mohammed Imran Amjad jailed for grooming teen

Mohammed Imran Amjad
Mohammed Imran Amjad knew the girl’s age yet “continued to corrupt her”, prosecutor Chris Long said
A “predatory bully” who groomed a girl in Lancashire from the age of 13 before abducting and abusing her has been jailed for four years and three months.

Mohammed Imran Amjad, 26, of Halifax Road, Brierfield, admitted sexual activity with a child and three counts of child abduction in 2009 and 2010.

A jury heard he drove her around the streets in his silver BMW.

Prosecutor Chris Long said he knew the victim’s age yet continued to “corrupt and abuse her”.

Amjad initially denied the charges but changed his plea part way through the trial at Manchester Crown Court.

‘Coercing into submission’

He groomed the youngster after he was given her mobile phone number, said prosecutors, then took her out in his car before having sex with her aged 14.

The girl’s mother contacted the police but the girl refused to make a complaint at the time and the relationship continued, the court heard.

Amjad was acquitted on the direction of the judge of other charges of rape and aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring rape, encouraging or assisting an offence and witness intimidation.

Five other men were also acquitted of various sex offences against the same girl.

Haroon Mahmood, 22, of John Street, Brierfield; Mohammed Suleman Farooq, 23, of Berry Street, Brierfield; Omar Mazafer, 22, of Halifax Road, Brierfield; Mohammed Zeeshan Amjad, 25, of Halifax Road, Brierfield; and Shiraz Afzal, 26, of Mansfield Crescent, Brierfield, had also been on trial.

After Amjad was sentenced at Burnley Crown Court earlier, Mr Long said: “Mohammed Imran Amjad was a predatory bully who befriended the victim when she was just 12 or 13-years-old.

“He was well aware that the victim was underage yet he continued to corrupt and abuse her for his own gratification, wielding his power over her and coercing her into submission.”

Det Ch Insp Sion Hall said it was the culmination of a long and complex investigation, adding: “We’ve worked extremely hard with the young victim over a long period of time and she has shown a tremendous amount of courage and bravery throughout the case.

“I hope this sentence acts as a warning that this type of predatory crime will not be tolerated.”

Amjad was also given a seven-year sexual offences prevention order which bars him from contacting or seeking to contact any female aged under 16 without the permission of their parent or guardian.


Muslim Drug Gang From Blackburn Jailed For Selling Heroin and Crack

A Muslim drug dealing gang have been jailed for a total of 24 years for selling heroin and crack blatantly on the streets of Blackburn. The ringleader Mohammed Tasawar, of Queens Road, Blackburn, was sentenced to 5 years in his ABSENCE as he is currently in Pakistan allegedly caring for his sick Grandfather!!!!  Come on!! are the authorities really that stupid to of allowed the ringleader of a drugs network before the trial to leave the country to go to Pakistan and think he is going to come back to the UK to go directly to jail and serve his 5 year sentence.He is never coming back to Britain from there unless under a false name with fake ID. Another CPS / police balls up for not remanding him in the first place when he was arrested then failing to make him give up his passport or allowing him to leave the country for Pakistan with such a lame reason. The old guy probably has a minimum of 20 other grandchildren who weren’t facing a major drug trial and could have gone to Pakistan instead

JAILED Mohammed Tasawar pulled the fast 1 and did a runner to Pakistan before facing trial to allegedly care for a sick family member
JAILED Mohammed Tasawar
JAILED Zafar Iqbal muslim drug dealer sold deadly heroin and crack cocaine to british kids in blackburn
JAILED Zafar Iqbal
JAILED Rameez Hussain blackburn  islamic drug network member sentenced to prison for selling class a drugs on the street
JAILED Rameez Hussain

MEMBERS of a drugs gang who used luxury hire cars to deliver heroin and crack cocaine across Blackburn have been jailed for a total of 24 years.

The street dealing network was smashed when a brave police officer managed to climb through the window of a car as it sped away from a roadblock.

Detective Sergeant Andy Osbaldeston stopped the vehicle – and the gang’s crimes unravelled.

It was discovered one of the men in the car had swallowed 15 wraps of the drugs in a bid to hide the illegal substances.

As police carried out further inquiries they uncovered a series of similar incidents across Blackburn in which hire cars had fled police trying to flag the vehicles down.

Using evidence from 27 days of observations from both patrol and plain clothes officers and calls from residents, detectives pieced together two years of drugs dealing involving eight Blackburn men.

Police said the men used some of their profits to to hire high-class cars such as Audi A3s and A4s, BMWs, and Mercedes.

Members of the street dealing network were seen pulling up on streets to make suspicious transactions from their cars.

Preston Crown Court was yesterday told that blatant drug dealing took place at all times across the town in such areas as Roman Road, Rawsthorn Street, Bennington Street, Wimberley Street, Westbury Gardens, Pringle Street, Willow Street, Whalley Old Road, and Preston New Road.

Police believe the unusual method of distributing drugs was designed to disguise their illegal activity.

Yesterday six members of the gang were jailed for a total of more than 24 years.

They pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs while two other men admitting being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

Ringleader Mohammed Tasawar, 25, of Queens Road, Blackburn, used his full, clean driving licence to hire the majority of the cars and was dealing for ‘commercial gain’.

The married dad of one was sentenced to five years in his absence.

He is currently in Pakistan tending to his ill grandfather and will be jailed on his return.

His ‘trusted lieutenant’ Zafar Iqbal, 24, also of Queens Road became addicted to cocaine aged 14, contributing to a bi-polar disorder and a 5g a day habit.

He was jailed for four years eight months.

Rameez Hussain, 23, of Cambridge Close, Blackburn, was jailed for four years and four months.

Riyaaz Yusuf, 23, of Thornhill Close, Blackburn, hired six of the vehicles used in the network under his own name.

He was jailed for three years and four months.

Father-of-one Yasar Hussain, 25, of Cumberland Street, Blackburn, was locked up in 2003 for drug supply as a teenager.

He was jailed for four years.

Fellow conspirator Ishaq Mehuddin, 23, of Irving Place, Blackburn, was jailed for three years.

Nadim Afzal, 24, of Queens Road, and Zaheer Mirza, 23, of Azalea Road, Blackburn, both claimed to have only been present in a car during a single transaction and were both given suspended sentences.

Judge Maurice Greene told the gang: “This was more than just simple street dealing.”

The court heard the operation was smashed when DS Osbaldeston pulled over a Volkswagen Passat.

But as he approached and opened a door, it mounted a pavement and drove off, with the officer sprinting alongside.

As it approached a line of parked cars, the officer had to fling himself inside the moving vehicle seconds before being crushed.

It was being driven by ringleader Tasawar with passenger Iqbal who had swallowed all but one of 15 wraps of crack cocaine and heroin.

After the case, a spokesman for A&S Car Hire in Blackburn which rented out the cars said they ‘did not suspect’ what the gang were up to.

He said: “We co-operated fully with the police and handed over our books.

“We just thought they had extra cash to burn and were showing off in fast cars – it is a fashion among some young men.

“They had to show a driving licence and proof of address.

“Since all this we have changed our policy to a £1,000 deposit and only hire to over 25s.”

Detective Inspector Neil Ashton said: “The sentences are the culmination of months of hard work and should demonstrate our determination to pursue and prosecute drugs dealers.”

Court Told How Jalal Hussain Beat Up Girl, Tied Her To Bed And Raped At A House In Nelson

And the Muslim rape epidemic of Britain continues with Jalal Hussain in the dock at Burnley Crown Court. This sick sadistic nonce from Nelson in Lancashire gets his sexual gratification from terrorizing frightened girls. The bullying coward beat up a girl at a house before tying her to a bed with cables and repeatedly raping his victim. As if he hadnt inflicted enough pain on her with the ordeal he then put a knife to her throat and cut her leg. He contined to carry on his strong arm tactics and intimidation  by threating to shoot his victim and her family. During the frenzied attack Hussain told the girl “she deserved it” something that i have repeatedly said, thats what Muslims truely believe in their heads that their victims deserve the vile attacks almost to justify it to themselves

Nelson teenager allegedly beat up and raped girl, jury told

3:30pm Wednesday 20th March 2013 in NewsBy Wendy Barlow, Court reporter

A TEENAGER allegedly beat up and repeatedly raped a girl, threatening to kill her and shoot her family, a jury was told.

Burnley Crown Court heard claims the petrified and crying girl was tied to a bed with cables by Mikael Jalal Hussain, who hit her to force her to have sex with him at a house in Nelson.

He later put a knife to her neck before cutting her leg.

Hussain was said to have struck the alleged victim with a stick, pushed her into a wall, kicked her in the stomach, lifted her off the ground by her hair and removed the SIM card from her mobile phone.

Prosecutor David Temkin alleged the defendant was strangling the girl and told her: “If I killed you, who would come to your funeral? I bet nobody would come to your funeral.”

Hussain, now 18 and living in Bradford, denies four charges of rape and three allegation of assault causing actual bodily harm.

The alleged offences are said to have taken place several years ago when the defendant lived in Nelson.

Mr Temkin said the victim was allegedly hit in the face and body several times by Hussain. He took her purse and threw it against a wall, picked her up off the ground by her hair, called her abusive names and destroyed her SIM card.

The prosecutor claimed Hussain threatened to shoot the girl’s family and she believed the threats. Mr Temkin told to the jury Hussain repeatedly raped the girl. He said: “The prosecution say that the defendant knew perfectly well that she did not consent to sex with him.”

The hearing was told Hussain threatened to rip off the alleged victim’s clothes with a knife and then held her down, hit her and told her to shut up.

The ‘petrified’ girl was crying and in pain. The defendant allegedly pulled the girl by the legs, pushed her down and told her he would kill her.

Mr Temkin alleged Hussain then tied the student to a bed, by putting cables through holes in the mattress. He said: “He tied her down with her arms and feet, so in effect she was in a star shape. Police later seized it and the mattress had holes in it.”