Manchester 11-06-2017 : Unite Against Terrorism Event

Following the  recent savage terror attack at the Manchester Arena, join fellow concerned citizens and anti extremism activists in Manchester City Centre next Sunday (11th June 2017) as they make a stand against the cancer of Islamic hatred infesting our once peaceful and great nation.


Originally the Manchester  event which had  been planned before last weeks horrific terrorist attack  in the city by a group called Gays Against Sharia UK was to focus on Islams hate towards LGBT people. But following the Muslim committed cowardice that killed and maimed innocent women and children in the name of Allah, the focus of the planned event has now changed to objecting to Islamic hate and terrorism aimed at all us infidels with several prominent activists and groups from a variety of religions and backgrounds now getting involved. United as one in standing up to the threat of Islamic hate aimed at us all !

The Manchester attack was the final. Now is the time to say enough is enough and make some noise. KC will be there, how about you!

Tommy Robinson In Court On Trumped Up Charges After Defending Himself Against Violent Muslim Prisoner

There was a time when i never believed in conspiracy theories or state persecution. Now i certainly do after witnessing the treatment of Tommy Robinson by British police in their witch hunt against him. Once again hauled before a court on trumped up assault charges after he defended himself against a Muslim inmate who was planning to throw boiling water and sugar in his face whilst held in HMP Peterborough. An incident that had been looked into after the event which he was informed that no further action would be taken. 

Then by pure coincidence just days after announcing his involvement with Pegida, Tommy Robinson is charged for the assault that happened months earlier whilst recalled to Prison that meant him missing an event at Oxford Union where he had planned on speaking about not only Islam but the police vendetta against him. Something he later did at a later date. The video is something of an eyeopener to say the least. Especially the states attempts to silence him and the disgusting treatment by police against his family.

Some further viewing that shows the states persecution against him:

Video: Tommy Robinson Speaking At The Oxford Union -A Must Watch

Met Police Enforce Sharia Law As EDL Leaders Charged For Charity Walk

2 Tier Justice: EDL Leader Arrested For Standing Up To 8 Armed Muslim Thugs Threatening His Family


Former EDL leader denies assaulting man in HMP Peterborough

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson arrives at Magistrates to face a charge of assault by beating. , Magistrates Court, Peterborough 10/02/2016. Picture by Terry Harris. THA

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson arrives at Magistrates to face a charge of assault by beating. , Magistrates Court, Peterborough 10/02/2016. Picture by Terry Harris. THA

The former leader of the anti-Muslim group the English Defence League has denied assaulting a man at HMP Peterborough.

Steven Yaxley-Lennon (33) from Bedfordshire, appeared at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court today (Wednesday), where he entered a not guilty plea to one count of assault by beating.

The court was told the alleged assault happened at the prison on July 16 last year.
Yaxley-Lennon – also known as Tommy Robinson – spoke to confirm his name and age, but asked for his address not to be read out in court to prevent the media from knowing where he lives.

The court was told Yaxley-Lennon said he punched a man while inside the prison in self defence.

He was granted bail until his trial, which will take place at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on April 14.

Read more: http://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/latest-news/former-edl-leader-denies-assaulting-man-in-hmp-peterborough-1-7207372#ixzz3znDw0riV

Video: Tommy Robinson Interview About Muslim Immigration And Leaving EDL On RT TV

 Ex EDL leader Tommy Robinson tells it like it is on RT news today.

Further down the page you will find the videos and transcript of former EDL leader Tommy Robinson being interviewed on RT on 25th October 2013

Until now i purposely haven’t said anything about Tommy Robinson (Steven  Lennon)  parting ways with the English Defence League. I feel now this is the time to break the silence and comment on things after having time to assess things. 

When i first found out about it i was a little taken back. My initial thoughts was he was throwing the towel in and giving up the fight against political Islam. I was a little subdued at first thinking what will become of the EDL now. Despite all the unfair nazi racist labelling from the press and far left. They were the closest thing to a voice of the British people against Islam, willing to publicly try to get something done about the problem.

Since Woolwich people in general had began to take note a little. So my ultimate concern was if the EDL disappeared and it was left to the likes of the BNP, NF and real Nazi groups to do the campaigning against the Islamization of the UK. Then we are will end up going backwards and more than likely do far more damage than good to opposing the Islamists. For those groups ultimately it all boils down to race. They would be against Islam yes, but against Islam for all the wrong reasons. It would be because of the majority of Muslims skin colour not because of the religion and the evil it promotes. Making it a race issue does nobody any favours.

I personally know mixed race non-Muslims and an apostate of Asian descent who despite initial scepticism of the EDL, do actually think they have some very valid  concerns about Islam. Islamization of the UK affects them as much as anybody else. To stop the stealth jihad and prevent the Muslim takeover. We cannot afford to alienate anybody by making it a race issue. Every voice and bit of support will be crucial in the end. Its hard enough as it is to try to get people to listen with the communists and other far left traitors who are aiding and abetting the Islamists to destroy the very foundations of our nation as both have that same goal.

I’m  now of the opinion that Tommy leaving the EDL could actually be a good thing. In the couple of weeks since he has left he has done more TV and newspaper interviews where he is actually allowed to tell the truth about  Islam and taken serious without  being interrupted and shot down, than the last 4 years put together. He has taken the fight against political Islam mainstream. That can only be a good thing as the general public who are oblivious to what’s going on around them, may actually learn now. I have lost count how many comments on various newspaper articles people have turned around and said they had never heard him speak before. Or your average non political Brit saying that they was always under the impression from  the media in the past he was a just a racist thug/ Nazi / fascist . Yet now after hearing what he has had to say think he is talking sense and not the character the mainstream media had portrayed him as .

I can understand why the EDL members who have gone to demos up and down the UK may feel a bit let down by him leaving. Its only natural for them to be a bit gutted. I’m pretty sure the genuine EDL members will support him still and wish him the best. 99% of the EDL who attend demos are normal hard-working, non racist Brits who cause no trouble. The other 1% who are the ones on the fringes,who if you asked them what it was about Islam they were against would probably reply “coz i hate p**is”, or those who wanted to get pissed and fight police, gave Nazi salutes or just ballooned etc, they were like a ball and chain to Tommy in some respects.

Lets be honest that tiny 1% provided some cringe-worthy moments, they made me put my head in my hands so God knows  what they must have made Tommy feel being the public face of the group. Now i am not nor ever have been a member of the EDL, i have though defended them both on this blog and elsewhere, promoted their future events and supported them fully in their fight against political Islam. Which i will continue to do and support the EDL without a second thought, the same as i will support anybody else opposing Islam. 

Unfortunately the EDL are not given the same luxury as Muslims by the biased leftist press. Were constantly told terrorists,  Islamists, jihad supporters and Muslim grooming gangs are the minority and do not represent all Muslims. Like everything else in this country when it comes to non-Muslims, it’s the opposite way round and that minority 1% represent all the EDL. You can talk till your blue in the face telling people that’s not the case. It makes no difference. The Neil fella from the BBC who reckoned he got death threats is a prime example. Robinson is saying how Nazis weren’t welcome at EDL demos, Then bang up pops the pic of some dickhead sieg heiling from a demo a week earlier. Its debate killer, case closed now lets move on to the next question now everyone thinks you’re a Nazi. Doesn’t matter what you say now nobody will listen.

So the RT interview came as a breath of fresh air listening to Tommy being able to speak about Muslim problems without somebody butting in or talking over him before he has had chance to make his point. In fact most of the interviews and stuff in the papers since he left the EDL has been very encouraging. Debating and criticising Islam in public has been unheard of for a long time. Yet Tommy Robinson leaving the EDL has somewhat started the ball rolling in general as the topic moved on from his leaving the EDL to the evil of Islam in general.

Muslim apologists and dawah merchants like Fiyaz Mughal and Mehdi Hassan as well as certain members of the far left will not be liking this one bit,which makes it all the more amusing !

Part 1 of Tommy Robinson RT interview

Part 2 of Tommy Robinson RT interview

All credit to original video uploader

Full Transcript From RT.com:

Arab spring refugee tide has made the immigration issue yet more stretching for the European governments. In some towns the indigenous population is already in the minority. Can migrants overflow breed new fascism? Will Islam win politically? What has to happen to ensure peacefulness of the seemingly inevitable Europe ethnic makeover? Our guest today is Tommy Robinson, founder and former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) notoriously known for its anti-Islam stance.

RT: Our guest today is Tommy Robinson, who used to be the face and the leader of the English Defense League, street protest movement, known for its strong anti-Islam stance. Tony, it’s great to have you with us on this program today.

Now, your recent departure from the English Defense League surprised, if not shocked both your supporters and opponents. Looking back – are you proud of the EDL leadership or disillusioned with it?

Tommy Robinson: I am proud of forming the English Defense League, completely. For too many years in this country working-class people have been ignored and no one has been listening to their voice, and within four years we grew up so much that people around the world heard what we were saying, they’ve heard how we feel, how we are living down at the bottom. There’s a massive gap between how the people are living and what the politicians there speak about.None of the politicians, our political elected leaders, will dare to criticize and say the things that need to be said, so we formed this organization, it was created for the right reasons, it was born out of passion in defense of our armed forces, and with progress we’ve brought in many. If you look back at older things being highlighted, be that Muslim pedophile grooming gangs, which are now being tackled and smashed one end of the country to the other. They were ignored, accommodated and facilitated in a conspiracy of silence from religious leaders to police leaders, political leaders for 20 years. Only now they are being tackled. Many issues, whether it be FGN … in each topic we’ve brought to the forefront, which has been affecting us and our communities, we have been proven right and correct. We’ve created a platform and a voice and by leaving, I’ve made the decision of really, how we get to our end goal which is that we don’t want conflict in this country, but we’re heading there. It’s terrifying to think of what’s next 20-30 years may hold for the next generation of youth in our country, with completely polarized communities, and complete non integration, and complete segregation. Now when by leaving, I want to work out a way that if we can solve that, we’ve made a noise about that and what’s we’ve being doing for years.

RTSo, are you going to attend future EDL marches?

TR: I will not be attending future EDL marches, no. If I thought that was a right way to continue going on, I would still be a leader of EDL.

RTHere’s what we have right now. Many in EDL think you’re a coward and a traitor, and you appear no closer to those who you have long opposed – so you’re threatened from both sides, which way will you go next? Are you going to maybe, get to know the Muslim community better?

TR: What I want to do is to take an opportunity to take this mainstream. Basically, what we’ve been saying was criticized, or ignored and pushed to the margin because of far-right extremist tag they managed to give us, and due to minority of elements that come to our demonstrations. These matters are too serious to be dismissed, so what I want to do is put them in the mainstream, and make the people to listen to what we’re saying rather than ignore it and dismiss it, and I think we’re already getting there. Since leaving the EDL I believe people are listening now to what we’re saying rather that dismissing us after two minutes of hearing of what we’re saying, just saying “Oh, they are racist” or “They are far-right” or “They are hooligans”, which is what they’ve managed to staple many members of our organization with, which is not a true reflection of the people within the movement. We have our problems, we didn’t plan this we – we started our movement that went so big so quick, we’ve learned along the way, we’ve made mistakes along the way. But what we want to do now is to find a best way to use it. And yes, we have to work with reformist and true moderate Muslims in this country, but what we’re seeing in this country, is that our government seems to be swayed by Saudi petrol money, we see the representatives that we see on TV representing the Muslim community are usually extreme or have links to Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist organizations – which we don’t want, I believe there’s many Muslims in this country that don’t want that either. And we want to bridge the gap now and have a united front against extremism.

RTI see a little bruise on your nose – has it to do anything with you leaving the EDL?

TR: I’ve always got a bruise on my nose. Over the last 4 1/2 years, every time I’ve come out of my house, I got into a confrontation. I live in Luton, it’s been named as a heartland of the Islamic boom, in Europe, actually. It’s where the 7/7 suicide bombers left from, it’s the fertilizer bomb plot, the Stockholm bomber – they’ve all been radicalized in my hometown. So yes, I have been attacked since leaving the EDL.

RTBut who attacked you mostly?

TR: It was hostile Muslim youth. The problem that I want to highlight is the Islamism ideology. But at the same time as having an Islamism ideology; we have a very hostile attitude by general Muslim youth against non-Muslims. It’s breeding the hostilities, we have to get to bottom of that, of why do we have that in our country, and it’s causing many problems up and down in our country and in many communities, which is why this resentment is going on. Of course, I have been threatened by the people from genuine far-right. What we’re doing in this country is that we’re calling “far-right” anyone who is critical of Islam, which is dangerous, we shouldn’t be doing that, because there are genuine fears and concerns… There is a legitimate far-right that represents 5% of the threat to this country, but the 95% of the threat to this country is from Islamist terrorist ideology. Now, the genuine far-right are outraged with me, they were outraged with me for last 4 and a half years, they’ve been on the fringes of the EDL, trying to hijack it, trying to get there, sway it and direct it in the way that they want to go, which is not that I wanted to do from day one. I believe in the all-inclusive society, they haven’t been happy with that, they hate me, I had been attacked by the far-right for 4 1/2 years, they believe I am a race traitor, and as you just said now people say I am a coward or a traitor. So, I’m going to move forward in attacking and defeating the Islamist ideology in this country. I’m not a coward – the decision that we made was the hardest decision, what would have been more coward is just to leave – at which my family would have been happier. By doing the move we made, we send a strong message of what we see is the way forward in uniting communities to tackle the extremist elements within all communities.

RTYour stance on Muslim ideologies has softened somewhat, from what I understand. What do you think of it, what do you make of Islam?

TR: Actually, my stance hasn’t dampened or softened at all – if people listen to what I say. What I’ve been saying for 4 1/2 years, which may have been distorted or lost in the translation, due to actions at demonstrations – is what I am saying now. It is a fact that I don’t hate Muslims, I believe Muslims are the first victims of the Islamist ideology; they’re also victims of terrorism. There’s a big struggle going on, not just in this country, it’s going on across Europe, it’s going on across world – between decent modern Muslims and Salafist, Wahhabi extremist sects of Islam. And it’s a struggle that I believe the moderates may lose, as they lost in many countries. Then we’ve seen uprising in the Egypt and in certain places about now. To succeed in this country we have to support and stand with the Muslims that wish to take on this extremist ideology and political Islam – which is what we’ve done by making this move. So my stance is the same, my stance is that there are great Muslims but there is serious problem embedded within their ideology, which is being used and is being manipulated with Saudi money and we shouldn’t shy away from tackling this issues and we’ve got no politicians brave enough to criticize or even point out the problem. No one can even identify the problem, if you can’t identify it – you’re not going to solve it. But keep hiding and telling everyone that we are a multi-cultural love nest and everything is great just adds to the problem.

RT: I always wanted to ask you – have you read the Quran yourself?

TR: I’ve read the Quran, yes. I was quite surprised with many of the things I found there. For example, many times it says, “You can take non-Muslims as sexual slaves.” With the Muslim grooming pedophile rings in this country, we have Muslim men taking non-Muslim women as sexual slaves… Maybe it’s got nothing to do with that scripture, but maybe it’s being manipulated in a way to justify these men carrying on. So, there are many things that alarmed me. Obviously it’s all down to interpretation, because there are many other Muslims in this country who follow the same Quran, and who don’t want to chop people’s heads off, to murder and kill.

RTIt has to be interpretation, because, you know, what took place during the Crusades in the Middle Ages wasn’t propagated in the Bible either, so it has to be the question of interpreting things the right way. But, anyways, both anti- and pro-Muslim movements are adding to the problem no one is solving, right? So what is the problem, do you have the solution?

TR: Do I have a solution? If someone wants to be an Islamist in this country we need to make it really difficult for them, we don’t need to be setting and legitimizing a hundred Shariah law courts in this country, we need to take tough stance against all of it. Right now, we have immigrants coming to this country and we don’t know if Samantha Lewthwaite walked into this country. Mosques are not regulated or moderated in any way in this country, so every time we see an undercover documentary in this country, every single time, I think last week we heard18 out of 56 mosques agreed to marry children – Muslim, young, 14-year old girls , to men. So every time we see it, we see hatred, we see homophobia, we see all these problems, and no one’s got the solution to even tackling the problems, and no one even wants to hold them or try to stop them. They just want to keep building, allowing Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran to fund millions and millions of pounds worth of building of mosques in this country, where then they have madrasahs, with hundreds of thousands of 4 to 16-year-old children being schooled in these madrasahs, which is encouraging complete non-integration with the society – it’s not going to work. So, at least to tackle to problem, we have to establish how we can attempt to stop it, and that’s by halting the influx of foreign money coming into this country to build religious institutions…

RTI am going to ask you to be more precise, and I’ll tell you why – because in other European countries, for instance, in France, it’s not just the case of mosques being monitored, but women aren’t being allowed to wear headscarves in the universities. So, are you just against the extreme forms of Islam or – and – would you be happy to see British Muslims assimilated, be more British?

TR: Yes, that’s what we want, that’s our goal. We want integration, and we haven’t got it, so we have to find how to get and to bring it about. When you say about women not being allowed to wear headscarves in France – I think that’s completely wrong. I have no problem with the hijab. I do have a problem with the burka, I believe that in certain institutions – in schools, in banks, in places like this – where there is a security threat – they should be banned. When you say “in France,” I believe that it’s in schools that they have no religious wear… I don’t believe that 6 and 7 year old children should be wearing hijabs, but if that’s an old lady that wishes to wear it – then so be it. No one in this country actually cares if the Muslims want to practice their own religion in their own faith, in their own way – it’s when it starts dominating us and threatens our culture and our belief, and we have the Shariah laws when people are violently forced it, and this indoctrination of young people to hate Britain – which is what we see.

RTThe EDL is labeled as a neo-Nazi movement. Could the way the organization operates right now be fueling new Anders Breviks?

TR: The EDL is not actually labeled as a neo-Nazi organization. The media and far-left organizations may wish to do that. The police have an extremism unit which classifies organizations: far-right, far-left…We have National Front as extreme far right, the British National Party as far right, and the EDL is in the middle. So it’s not a Nazi organization. Yes, it had its problems where we’ve fought from within to keep Nazis out of the organization. Britain doesn’t really have the same problems across Europe with neo-Nazis being as powerful and strong as they are in other countries, and we’re blessed for that really, but we do have a growing problem which will grow with the Islamist threat, because when we take away any platform for a healthy debate by labeling anyone who says anything as far-right, we actually drive and push people to the far right; What we’re hoping to do is to open up a healthy platform, and when you talk about Anders Breivik, if you take his manifesto, I think it’s page 1,683, he described the EDL as naive fools, he said the two ideologies can never be reconciled, and we believe democracy can solve the problem, and we also welcome people from Africa and different continents, to be leaders of the organization which he was completely opposed to – so really trying to link it with Anders Breivik is really kind of petty, it’s miles apart.

RTI’m not trying to equate it to Anders Breivik, I’m just saying – do you think a movement such as EDL could breed someone like him? I am not saying it’s a fascist movement, but it has been labeled by many as far right.

TR: What bred Anders Breivik was a silence from anyone to tackle the issue. He said that. He actually blamed the media for the reasoning why he did it. Now if I continue down the path, yeah then we will create monsters in this country as well as in Europe, monsters like Breivik, whom when they see no way out, no one talking about these issues, no light at the end of the tunnel in solving these problems and everyone being criticized and called a racist and being beaten down with this big racist stick, for even talking about them then you’ll drive that way of thinking underground and it will become more resentment, more anger, and it will be a worrying trend in the near future with genuine threats from the far right.

RTSo what you’re saying is that Breivik is actually bred by government’s ignorance to attend to immigration issues – are you and your calls being heard by the ruling elite?

TR: What l’m saying is what he said, not what I’m saying, his reasoning for doing that. What was thing final question there, sorry I missed that…

RTAre your calls being heard by the ruling elite?

TR: We hope they will, by the government, not the present one… We’ve been hoping for the past 4 1/2 years that by getting out on the street we sort of label it as a cry for help so that people listen to how we’re living. The government is not living in towns and cities like Luton where we come from, they’re miles apart, and they’re so out of touch with what it’s like. I don’t think anyone’s got their finger on the pulse of the amount of resentment and anger. When I look around my country, and see what’s happening to it, it hurts, it can get me emotional, when I see what’s becoming of our great country, and we don’t want that, I don’t want that and as a father, as every father in this country should have a duty to hand down a safe and prosperous Britain to the next generation and we’re failing miserably in that duty, unlike what our forefathers died and sacrificed themselves for, we are failing due to this era that’s been created of political correctness and sensitivity, where people are too scared to even speak about these issues, and what we’re hoping to do is create a platform to give an opportunity for people from those working-class communities to bring these problems to the forefront with the government, from members of all different parties and have dialogue with all of them, we’ve been hoping for 4 and a half years when I’ve been leading the English Defense League that we would open dialogue with the main political parties and that hasn’t come about, and this is now a change of tactics. What we see as the right way forward for all communities in the country because we don’t want conflict, and inevitably with the way things are going they are heading towards conflict and everything we want to do is to avoid that, but to avoid it we need to really get to deep root cause of the problems and at least be able to discuss them and work out solutions to them and not just burry them under the carpet, and keep hoping they’ll go away as they won’t. As demographics in this country are increasing, the Islamic community’s increasing, within that community the problems are increasing, the resentment from the non-Muslim community is increasing, it’s not heading down a good path.

RTIn your hometown, Luton, white Britons are actually an ethnic minority. Could that be soon the same for Europe as a whole?

TR: It will be the same, it’s not it could be, it will be. Demographics, statistics, this is not scaremongering, this is facts. On average in Britain, the Muslim community has 5.6 children, the non-Muslims are having 1.3. Now that wouldn’t really be a problem if we didn’t have a problem with all these problems associated with it. Now in Luton white Britons are an ethnic minority, now that doesn’t actually bother me, in the home town I’ve grown up – in that it’s a multi-cultural town, and i believe I’ve benefited from that. But there’s a culture… with the Islamic community when we see the growth of Islam within that culture we see the negative things that come with it, and it’s changing the whole area, the rules, the law, the food, and a lot of things are changing – they are so different and these are the issue that need to be expressed. A lot of people are fearful, you see, the matter that you are talking about, a lot of people are worried, and we would be worried if when we looked to Islamic leaders, such as when we saw a different Islamic leader, the Iranian president, saying Islam will conquer Europe through the woman’s womb. These are not things that we are saying. You can go online and listen to even Shahid Malik in this country who was the second in charge of Gordon Brown. In a speech he said: “In 2001 we had one Muslim MP, in 2002 we had two, in 2005, we had six Muslim MPs, in 2010, we had 10,” and he says that within 20 years, every MP in this country will be Muslim. And in between saying each of these things, he says “Inshallah” which is “Allah is willing,” so what he’s saying is that Allah is will to take over our parliament, our government, and then he says within 30 years, “the prime minister of our country will share our faith.” Now that’s not what we’re saying, it’s what they are saying.

Now should we be fearful of that? We don’t vote based on religion. Religion and politics need to be kept completely separated. But with the Islamic community that’s not what’s happening. So what we will see is people voting purely because he’s a Muslim, and that’s what Shahid Malik is telling us. We can look to any country in Europe and we can find Muslim leaders and community leaders saying these sort of things and if Muslim leaders spend 95 percent of time attacking people and criticizing Islam, while if they spent 95 percent of their time attacking the problems within their ideology and within their communities, they’d be no need for people like ourselves or organizations like I’ve formed, so I think there needs to be a revolution with Muslims within Europe, to see the road we’re going down is not a pretty one, and if they want freedom, democracy, liberty, all these great things that they come to the western world for, then they need to stand up.

RT: Do you think a European country at any time in the future could actually elect a Muslim president?

TR: Yes, of course it will. It’s not “if.” What we’ve seen in Belgium recently is we’ve seen the creation of a Shariah party, an extreme Islamist section similar to what we have in this country with Anjem Choudary, we’ve seen them form a political party and they’ve been voted in by Muslims, so in a way certain sections of the Islamic community will wish to use our democracy to end our democracy, because we’ve seen undercover documentaries in Tower Hamlets, which had been called the Islamic Borough of Tower Hamlets, where the Mayor, Luftur Rahman, was kicked out of the Labour Party for his extremist ties and links, his spiritual leader describes all non-Muslims as filthy cattle, so he’s an extremist with all these links to IFE, all these organizations that wish to get a caliphate state, and the introduction of Shariah law in Britain – he’s the mayor in charge of a billion pound budget, because he’s been elected to that position. Then as soon as he got into that position he started drawing the funding away from any moderate Muslim organizations, any real moderates which are in uproar and they are upset by what’s going on there. But the money, taxpayers money has been directed towards Islamist groups, to madrasas, and that needs to be seen as a blueprint for towns and cities across this country and Europe, so when we look to what’s going on… if you look to Hizb ut-Tahrir which is a political organization, they had a conference in 2007, they had 10,000 people at their conference, out of a population that’s just 3 percent of the country, now the Labour Party, they couldn’t even get 10,000 people.

So when it comes to politics and the political sway within the Islamic community – yes, it’s worrying. Hizb ut-Tahrir by the way is an extremist organization and is banned in many European countries, but are given the free rein in our country,

RTMany critics, just like you, say that Europe is changing greatly because of immigration, and they believe that culture, lifestyle, general behavior is changing around the major cities in Europe. So, you don’t believe there could be peaceful makeover of Europe?

TR: There could be a peaceful makeover if we tackle it now. If we leave it – I know at present in this country 5 percent of the population are Muslim – if we wait until there’s 20-25 percent, and then start to tackle these hardcore issues of outlawing Shariah laws, banning the burka, all these sort of issues that need addressing – we won’t be able to. So, we need to get to grips with it now, we need to remove Islamist voices from communities, we need to stop empowering them by supporting them and working with them at government levels and local council levels, and we need to empower – there’s many Muslim voices in this country that are opposed to all the things | am opposed to – we need to empower them, we need to call on Muslims to stand up, because if they wish to live in Britain and we wish to have a harmonious society and a cohesive society, we need to change the direction we’re going down and obviously to bring about change is to get people’s feeling hurt and while where we are at the minute, it’s not a time for tip-toeing around people’s feet, it’s a time for standing on their feet and saying these are the hardcore issues that we have to solve if we wish to avoid massive civil disorder or big problems in the future, and that’s where I’m trying to get to now to solve these problems. Do I believe they can be solved? I hope so, you know what I mean.

RTThe other side of this story and the major concern of this other side is, of course, the return of fascism, but this time with Muslims as a target, and I’m not talking about Britain in particular, but in Europe.

TR: If you look across Europe, what you see is that the fastest-growing political parties are the anti-Islamist political parties. Now, why, why is that? It’s because everyone in all these countries feels the same, we feel like we haven’t been asked anything, we feel like we are being treated like second-class citizens. There’s a two-tier system going on across the board. You see Marine le Pen predicted to be the next leader in France. It’s across the country and that’s because there’s a problem. So unless they tackle that problem, people will be pushed further and further to that way of thinking. And in Europe, what surprised me is that when i formed the English defense league, and started talking to other groups and looking into what was happening, I was appalled and disgraced, and shocked at all what was happening in Sweden, in Malmo, in all the different cities in France. I was shocked to see when I opened my eyes to the problems that occurred. What we have to ask ourselves is – we’ve had immigration into Britain, we’ve had Sikh community, the Hindi community, the West Indian community, the Irish community, but we haven’t had the same problems and the same issues. So, the issues are coming from the Islamist ideology which is being allowed to flourish and spread across Europe unchallenged. It’s not just being allowed; it’s being facilitated and supported by a hard-left, far-left agenda. Many of this far-left communist or Marxist organizations, which are very prominent in Europe as well, are siding with the Islamists, because they hate democracy, they hate the rule of law, they see it as the biggest way to bring down all the things that we cherish, our freedoms that we enjoy. There’s a very loose coalition from organizations that you won’t think of without a coalition across Europe, and what is adding to is divisive to the far-right politics.

RTThank you so much for this interview. Our guest today was Tommy Robinson, the founder and the former leader of the English Defense League. See you in the next edition of Sophie & Co.

2 Tier Justice: EDL Leader Arrested For Standing Up To 8 Armed Muslim Thugs Threatening His Family

H/T: http://marezilla.com

If 2 cars full of  Muslim extremists turned up at your front door, armed with weapons making threats to you and your family. The sight of the police turning up on the scene should be a sight for sore eyes. After all its the police’s job to protect and serve the general public. You would expect the police to make sure the people who lived there and being threatened by the gang were safe  and round-up the Muslim thugs and search them for weapons first and foremost before taking them down the station. Seeing as that would have been the complaint made when the police were called by who ever did. After all the Muslim thugs are hardly going to ring the police themselves and say “we have just turned up at somebodys home armed,outnumbering them and just threatening the family that live there.Please come”

Police do their job, Muslim extremists nicked, family all safe, everybody is happy. That is unless the person whose home is being targeted and family threatened happens to be English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson. In which case the police arrest you and allow the members of Anjem Choudary’s  banned Islamist group MAC / Sharia4uk to continue intimidating  people and making threats to the neighbours with the police present doing nothing to stop them.

The 1st thing i did when i read about it was to pinch myself to make sure i was awake, 2nd was to double-check it wasnt April fools day is that ludicrous. You couldn’t make this stuff up honestly it’s that beyond belief . What kind of message have the police sent out other than one of no confidence, unless you’re an Islamofascist that is. Their message is virtually  carry on Muslim brothers its ok, Allah akbar . Members of a banned radical group who had previously been found guilty in a court of law for almost inciting a riot with their racial hatred at the British Soldiers homecoming  from Iraq. Even if they did get a conditional discharge for it. Well their Muslims aren’t they its to be expected with the double standards of British justice. Like we keep being told Muslims can only be the victims

By the police arresting Tommy Robinson the victim and not arresting the Muslim offenders. It says 1 of 2 things on top of the already known 2 tier law being enforced by authorities.  That the police are totally incompetent and useless in doing proper police work or the police hold a vendetta against the EDL and Tommy Robinson. Having just spent 6 months in prison being unfairly treated for entering the USA on a different passport, when Muslims enter the UK on fake passports all the time and get a slapped wrist could say something. After all the police have been covering up Muslim grooming gangs for years for community cohesion. Maybe they feel EDL are making to big a waves about the threat of Islam, with people starting to listen. Therefore feel the need to silence Tommy and the EDL  before the shit really hits the fan.

Every British citizen should have the right to be safe in their own home without thugs turning up intimidating and threatening your family.Regardless of your personal views on the EDL or Tommy Robinson. Only those leftists who are so full of hate would deny that nobody should have to suffer that in their house and then be arrested when the police turn up.I would be saying the exact same thing if it had been a Muslims house who was arrested and white thugs. Common sense tells you that its out-of-order. Even convicted terrorists like Abu Qatada get police protection in their own home, So why shouldn’t a British patriot and his family be entitled to the same protection instead of being persecuted for being the victim.Time and time again the powers that be are to busy looking after the minority that they neglect and discriminate against the majority

I have made may views known many times regarding the apparent 2 tier British justice that sees Muslims keep getting preferential treatment compared to British people. Over the last year there has been patriots who have had the book thrown at them and sent down for nothing more than bad words to a Muslim or trival comments on social media sites. But when its a Muslim up before the court for a crime there has been some seriously soft sentences handed out. The judges favourite is the suspended sentence for crimes that anybody else would have got prison for. The Muslim armed robber who decided he wanted to be an Imam  and got a get out of jail free card springs to mind or the Muslim child groomer who was sentenced to 1 day in prison. Also the lack of Muslims being prosecuted for hate crimes against white British people is a further example of the 2 tier law, even when the Muslims are being openly racist like the Bolton hammer attack where the Muslim thugs were calling the 16 year old victim a ‘white bastard’ while they knocked him unconscious. Even high-profile cases which made the headlines such as the racist Muslim pack attack on Rhea Page and  racist Muslim assault victim Daniel Stringer. None of those arrested in either case were charged with a hate crime which carries a longer sentence and in both the Muslim thugs received soft sentences . Had it have been the other way round and Muslims the victims the attackers would have had the book thrown at them

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500th Post Recap. Lots of Muslim Sex Crimes, Barbaric Savagery, Muslim Persecution Others, Playing The Victim, Stealth Jihad, Inbred Backwardness & Animal Sex,

It wasn’t that long ago that i was plodding along in life with my blinkers on virtually unaware to the true evil nature of Islam and the very real threat it poses to all our futures. That was until a good friend of mine opened my eyes by telling me a few of the lesser known facts( to an every day average person like i was) about Islam. Certainly things I had never known before such as  Mohammed’s bloodthirsty appetite for war and sexual perversions including his paedophile lusting. How those evil behaviours of a so-called prophet of God are responsible for almost every Muslim related problem we have from the racist grooming of British schoolgirls to the beheading of an apostate in the Middle East.

Despite knowing very little about the true evilness of Islam other than what I had just been told, my eyes had been opened to the fact that there was a lot more to Islam than just another religion, just I didn’t know what yet. My natural curiosity on-line saw me digging deeper into the seedy world of ‘the religion of peace.’ Which is where I came across the Casuals United Blog and a couple of similar blogs which exposed many of Britain’s Muslim problems. Worded in a way I could understand without going to deep and technical like many other sites that went over a novices head. Those who ran them dedicating their time to fighting Islamism, were normal everyday people doing it for no financial gain but because its something they believed in.After a while that was when I twigged that to see Islam for what it is you have to look past what you see in front of you or are told by people who want you to believe Islam is brilliant. In-fact it’s often what you’re not told where the real Islam hides. It wasn’t long before my blood was suitably boiling and I wanted to join the fight against the Muslim cancer eating away at the world bit by bit.


That was when Kafir Crusaders was born……. and 500 posts later still here, trying to open everyday normal people’s eyes like mine were. Despite still being nowhere near able to totally work out how a Muslims mind  actually functions, because make no mistake about it, their brains work in a totally different way to the civilized non-Muslims. They are missing the bits which deal with morales, common sense and logic and have extra bits of barbaric violence, sexual perversions and stupidity. The rest is a mystery still and at times i’m still shocked by some of the bizarre Muslim actions. Over the 8 months it took to reach this landmark figure of 500 posts has been something of a long distance roller coaster ride, mentally draining full of ups and downs but at the end of the day it would have been worth it if just 1 person has released the threat that Islam poses who didn’t know it before.

A few blog stats for  Kafir Crusaders Content   500 Posts .  18 Categories.   2,982 Tags  . 98,000 on site visitor hits . Shares on Facebook / Twitter/ G+ / Tumblr / Pinterest /Digg = 2,083 . These shares are from using the share buttons on each respective post and don’t include smart shares or reblogs on other websites/blogs

I have lost track of the amount of abusive comments that haven’t made it past moderation and the offensive messages received  from Muslims who cant handle the truth, or their communist allies who oppose freedom of speech. The 1’s from Muslims usually are something along the lines of  ” Islam is the religion of peace why cant you see that. You lie you white bastard. I’m gonna rape your mother”   basically showing themselves for the immature perverts hypocrites that they are. The 1’s received from leftist do-gooders usually refer to the Muslim rape epidemic asking why i have not mentioned the beast Jimmy Saville or when am I doing a white grooming map. Other common leftist comment used is that its not Muslims who are a risk its the Zionists. Its got to the stage where i don’t let it bother me any more. They arent the only encounters with those who oppose free speech. The 1st Kafir Crusaders on Facebook was removed by FB after leftist/Muslim moaning. So V2 Facebook page is now in action. After deciding to branch out and join Twitter, 2 tweets in and self appointed Muslim spokesman and all round apologist Mo Ansar was reporting KC to the wellpaid Muslims at Tell Mama, whose whole existence is to push Islamophobia and silence Islam’s critics. I was also banned from posting comments on Asian Image for making a truthful comment about Muslims committing sex crimes.

bye bye freedom of speech

At some point KC has picked up an Islamo-spambot called Ifiktar Ahemd that cuts and pastes the same comments about Muslim schools on almost every post

There is 1 subject that has constantly popped up during the first 500 posts that disturbs me and makes my blood boil  more than anything else and that’s the Muslim grooming gang epidemic. The sheer number of this sex gangs coming to light over the last 8 months suggests that the grooming and sexual exploitation of non Muslim schoolgirls is rife. There has been scandals that have come to light  involving paedophile Muslims in Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, High Wycombe, Bradford, East London, Ipswich and the grooming of  Sikh girls by Muslims in Leicester.  Thats just the instances of Muslim grooming gangs that we know about . I suspect there is many being kept hushed up for community cohesion. The Muslims still now continue to deny its a problem, aided by leftists like the children’s commissioner who refused to mention it in a report in-case it brought more bad attention on Muslims.

It angered me so much i created the interactive Muslim grooming map to show the true scale of the Muslim paedo epidemic. First as part of a post containing a rant off me about the continued abuse of Britains schoolgirls by ‘Asian Grooming Gangs’. Then onto a permanent  page on its own. The map has been one of the most satisfying things since starting the blog helping to raise awareness.  Currently the paedo map has recieved 6,000 on site views and 30,000 in all total. Although its not only schoolgirls who are at risk from the perverted Muslims. Lone females walking home after dark are also at high risk from Islamic sex cases such as the Manchester woman bundled in car or the Muslim in Salford who attacked 3 women in 20 minutes.  The best policy for females is never let your guard down round Muslim males even when you think your safe such as in a taxi like 1 woman did and woke up to find the taxi driver mounting her. Even males on their way home are not safe from the warped minds of Muslims as this post showed with the Algerian taxi driver who raped 2 males.


Heinous sex crimes committed by Muslim nonces are not exclusive to the UK either. Holland is experiencing its own problems with the North African Loverboys and across the World religion of peace followers are raping women and children. Sick Muslims even like to participate in animal sex with Pakistan being the world leaders.There has been no shortage of barbaric Muslim violence featured both in Britain and abroad with savages committing beheadings and  ethnic cleansing on a regular basis. The Coptic Christians of Egypt are facing constant persecution from Muslim oppressors .



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EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Sentenced to 10 Months For Entering USA On Borrowed Passport

The leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson(Stephen Lennon) has been jailed for 10 months after he entered America illegally using a friends passport to attend a counter-jihad event there.If he had been Muslim the 10 months sentence would of been suspended going off some of the recent cases involving Muslims getting soft sentences. The EDL have been staunch opposer’s of political Islam and the stealth jihad Muslim are engaging in an attempt to bring Islam into British peoples daily lives via the backdoor and unnoticed. It has been claimed by many that  the EDL leader is a victim of a conspiracy plot against him by authorities in a bit to silence him and the EDL from speaking out against Islam.

Personally i think there is a chance there could be something in the rumours of a stitch up, to silence the EDL and keep the Muslims happy. From what i have seen and heard there is alot of  things surrounding his arrest and jailing from the off that just dont seem right.

Firstly the Met Police’s attitude definitely switched from neutral to baring some kind of grudge to the EDL. The police liaison officers who  EDL demo organizers had a fairly good relationship with were changed  amid claims of to much friendliness.( maybe the officers realised the EDL arent as bad as what the leftist and Muslims claim who are infact the trouble causers) Replaced by un helpful or accommodating officers. 

The timing was just weeks before EDL’s return to Walthamstow demo following a previous organized demo there which was halted before it was started after far left extremists and thugs from the UAF a Socialist Workers Party front group and local Muslims started throwing bottles and bricks at police and EDL supporters as so often is the case. The EDL were then kettled by police despite doing no wrong for several hours with no toilets or drinks available,all wrongfully arrested and then de arrested leading to many out of town EDL members being stranded in the capital late at night resulting in several people taking legal action against the police. With a return EDL demo just weeks away and much more support for it from patriots up and down Britain. The UAFs communist thugs and local Muslim yobs were also threating a repeat of the violence that had halted the previous protest. Was it a police attempt to stop the demo knowing without its most influential figure,there was far less chance of it happening 

The same weekend as Tommy Robinsons arrest, 50 prominent members were arrested by police on route to London and as part of their bail conditions were banned from attending any EDL demos

According to EDL sources whilst on remand the EDL leader was charged with other trumped up offences not related to the on he was on remand in prison for.He was initially put on a prison wing full of Muslims. Then segregated from other prisoners and finally moved to the block as he faces accusations of “recruiting prison inmates for the EDL”, an allegation that would not be so funny if he were not segregated from every other prison inmate anyway, a farcical and ridiculous charge if we have ever heard one, how can any individual recruit members into the EDL while being segregated? The authorities then shipped him out to Milton Keynes Woodhill, a category “A” prison where he will now share his time with murderers and “real”  Muslim terrorists many whom are serving life

Around the same time Islamo Fascists around the world were using an amateur movie on youtube  to cause carnage and kill non Muslims. Moaning Muslims started organizing demos in Britain and with rumours circulating that the EDL were going to show the movie at the planned demo was it even more crucial for the EDL to be silenced and appease the Muslim community. Knowing that another demo in Walthamstow could of turned very nasty with Muslims already raging over the film, Communists from the UAF inciting them into violence with their outlandish claims and scaremongering. With potentially big policing costs, a big chance of trouble from the Muslims if the EDL came to town which could esculate and spread with volatile Muslims across the country just needing the slightest excuse to rampage.Could the powers that be with thoughts of last years riots fresh in their minds gone on a witch hunt against the EDL leader in an attempt to silence his criticism of Islam and stop the proposed demo????



EDL leader jailed for being illegal immigrant after entering US on friend’s passport

The leader of the English Defence League was today jailed for 10 months after admitting using someone else’s passport to unlawfully travel to the United States.

Anti-Islamic groups across Europe to attend far-Right rally

Stephen Lennon, the former football hooligan who formed the EDL three years ago, described the gathering as the ‘first proper European event’ Photo: JULIAN SIMMONDS

3:24PM GMT 07 Jan 2013

Stephen Lennon, 30, pleaded guilty to possession of a false identity document with improper intention, contrary to the Identity Documents Act 2010, at Southwark Crown Court.

Lennon used a passport in the name of Andrew McMaster to board a Virgin Atlantic Flight from Heathrow to New York, but was caught out after his fingerprints were taken by customs officials.

He left the airport and entered the US illegally but left the country the following day, using his own passport to return to the UK.


The court heard that Lennon, who had previously been refused entry to the US, used his friend’s passport to travel to the country in September.


He used a self check-in kiosk to board the Virgin Atlantic flight at Heathrow, and was allowed through when the document was checked in the bag drop area.


But when he arrived at New York’s JFK Airport, customs officials who took his fingerprints realised he was not Mr McMaster.


Lennon was asked to attend a second interview but left the airport, entering the US illegally.


He stayed just one night and travelled back to the UK the following day using his own legitimate passport – which bears the name Paul Harris.


The court heard that is the name that appears on the EDL leader’s passport, although he uses aliases.


Lennon, who was arrested in October, was jailed for 10 months today.


The court heard that he was previously jailed for assault in 2005 and also has previous convictions for drugs offences and public order offences.


Sentencing the 30-year-old, Judge Alistair McCreath, told him: “I am going to sentence you under the name of Stephen Lennon although I suspect that is not actually your true name, in the sense that it is not the name that appears on your passport.


“What I have to deal with you for is clear enough.


“You knew perfectly well that you were not welcome in the United States.


“You knew that because you tried before and you had not got in, and you knew the reason for that – because, rightly or wrongly, the US authorities do not welcome people in their country who have convictions of the kind that you have.


“With that full knowledge, you equipped yourself with a passport. I am told that it was given you by way of a loan from your friend Andrew McMaster, to which you bore, I am told, some resemblance.


“And by use of that passport you did what you could to get into the United States.


“But you did not get in because they took your fingerprints and they worked out that you were not who you claimed to be.


“I am told that, by whatever means, you slipped away from the US authorities, got into the country and then very rapidly – and understandably so – got out of it.”


He said Lennon had used his own passport to get out of the US, adding: “You did so, I am quite sure, in order to avoid the consequences that would have fallen upon you had you been caught by the authorities in America.”


The judge went on: “What you did went absolutely to the heart of the immigration controls that the United States are entitled to have.


“Had it been known in this country that you were proposing to leave under a false passport, you would not have been accepted on to the plane and you would not have been permitted to leave this country on a false passport.


“It’s not in any sense trivial.”


He sentenced Lennon to 10 months in prison, minus the days he has already served in custody.


Prosecutor Simon Sandford said it was the Crown’s case that Lennon committed the offence while on bail for breaching an International Football Banning Order – of which the court heard he was acquitted.


Opening the case, Mr Sandford told the court: “On Monday September 10 2012, the defendant travelled from Heathrow Airport to New York on a Virgin Atlantic flight, travelling using a passport in the name of Andrew McMaster, believed to be a colleague of the defendant.


“He checked in using a self check-in kiosk at Heathrow before proceeding to the baggage drop area.”


The court heard that baggage assistant Debra Oylea did not recall Lennon specifically but would have checked that his passport matched his ticket and that there was a likeness between him and the photograph in it.


“The defendant then proceeded through security and boarded the flight,” Mr Sandford said.


“Upon arrival in New York, he was the subject of immigration checks as with everybody else.


“He identified himself to the United States Customs and Border Protection officials as Andy McMaster.”


Photographs and fingerprints were taken, and US customs officials realised that Lennon was not who he said he was.


“He had been previously refused entry to the US on the grounds of his previous convictions and he was directed to attend a secondary investigation but he did not report for that,” the prosecutor said.


“He left the immigration and customs area, entered the United States unlawfully and then he returned to Heathrow, via Shannon Airport, and used his passport in the name of Paul Harris, which is a name he does go by.”


The court heard that although Lennon has only one passport, which is in that name, he uses aliases.


US officials produced fingerprints and photographs proving that Lennon was not Mr McMaster, the court heard, and there was also CCTV from JFK Airport showing him arriving.


Lennon was arrested in October and did not reply to questions in interview.


In mitigation, his defence barrister, Giles Cockings, told the court that Lennon had not stolen the passport, and had only used it for a day.


He told the court his client had pleaded guilty straightaway, demonstrating “a certain amount of courage”.


“Perhaps what screams volumes from this particular case are two main areas,” he told the court.


“Firstly, this passport was not stolen, it was lent by a friend for whatever purpose.


“Secondly, he was only using the passport, it transpires, for a day and a half. In fact he only spent one evening in the United States of America.


“I think the intention was simply to avoid a necessity for a visa into the United States.


“Upon realising that in actual fact it was not going to assist matters, on realising he had committed an offence, he used his own passport to come back.


“It is not, I would suggest, the most aggravating of cases of this kind.”

Merry Christmas Infidels

Id just like to wish fellow infidels and patriots a Merry Christmas. Make the most of the Christian tradition while you can before the Muslim fascists  and their leftist pc appeasers manage to get it wiped from the calender. I will be doing plenty of harem activities like drinking lots of alcohol, eating pork products and gambling. Enjoy the holidays and most of all stay safe. Peace and Lovism.    KC

No Surrender