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Blackburn Islamization : Mosque Takes Over Management Of Local Sports and Community Centre 

Blackburn with Darwen’s Labour run council have further aided the Muslim takeover of their area by handing over control of a local sports and community centre to the Jamia Ghosia Association, the group that control the Chester Street Mosque of the same name.

The future of the sports and community centre looks bleak. Muslims are hardly known for being the best at sports…. Most likely the Audley Sports and Community Centre will most likely soon become known as Audley Islamic Community Centre as the groups primary objective as described on the charity commission website is the advancement of Islam

The groups self description on the charity commission website:



A VOLUNTEER group based at a Blackburn mosque has taken over Audley Sports and Community Centre.The leisure hub will be run by the Jamia Ghosia Association, which is based at Chester Street Mosque.It was one of several groups that applied to Blackburn with Darwen Council to take on the centre and was chosen following a lengthy process.

The move follows the decision by the borough to transfer the management of several community centres because of government budget cuts and initially dismayed users when announced in June.The association has said it plans to continue the services currently on offer at the centre and will use the facilities to help ‘enrich the lives of the community’.Mir Zaman, chairman of the association’s management committee, said: “We would like to thank the council for giving us this opportunity.“We are committed to the long-term sustainable future of Audley Sports and Community Centre for the local and wider community.“Our vision is to engage with residents living in the surrounding areas to become part of a successful active community.”

Council leisure boss Cllr Damian Talbot, said: “Residents told us that the centre is somewhere that they really value so we’re delighted to be working with the Jamia Ghosia Association to secure the centre’s future.“Their application demonstrated that they have the enthusiasm and commitment to build on what the centre already offers and put the community at the heart of everything they do.“I would appeal now to residents to do everything they can to support the association and to help make the scheme a success.”

Anybody interested in volunteering should contact info@audleycentre.co.uk. Council staff given notice in July could be employed by the new management.The association, which will take over the centre in January, also manages the Jamia Ghosia Mosque in Chester Street.

Source: Blackburn mosque group takes over Audley Sports and Community Centre (From Lancaster And Morecambe Citizen)

Lutfur Rahman Ally Jailed For Housing Fraud : Tower Hamlets Corrupt Muslim Mafia

`A Tower Hamlets councillor and a close ally of corrupt former Mayor Lutfur Rahman has been jailed for fraud.

Criminal Councillor and part of Rahmans / IFE  East London Muslim Mafia
Criminal Councillor and part of Rahmans / IFE East London Muslim Mafia

Tower Hamlets councillor Shahed Ali was sentenced to five months in prison after admitting the offence. Ali, who has been disqualified from office, was a supporter of the Muslim extremist Mr Rahman and served in his Cabinet before the former Mayor was kicked out of office in disgrace after being found guilty of electoral fraud last year.

The jailed Muslim was first elected under the banner of  traitor George Galloway’s Respect Party. Then re-elected as representing Lutfur Rahman’s now banned Tower Hamlets  First. Both parties have ties to extremist East London based group Islamic Forum Europe. THF and Lutfur were said by many to be little more than IFE fronts to control the area and further Islamization. IFE and its front groups received millions in council grants during Rahmans time as mayor. IFE are the UK branch of extremist group Jamaat-e-Islami whose overall goal is a Muslim world living under sharia.

The 45-year-old Muslim is thought to have cost the council over £70,000 in legal fees.He spent months denying the charges .Refusing to stand down from his position and continuing to claim full expenses. But pleaded guilty on the first day of his trial last month.If he had pleaded guilty when first accused on December 9 last year the cost would reportedly have been less than £4,000, the council said.

The former councillor has been given a 22-week sentence under the 2006 Fraud Act for not disclosing information about his changed circumstances when applying for a council house. Ali failed to notify the council of the change between the date he completed a housing application form and the date he accepted a council tenancy, while under a duty to do so. He failed to tell the authority that he owned two properties.

Councillor Ali was also registered to vote at two addresses with votes cast in his name for both. His case was cited by the judge in Mr Rahman’s election fraud trial as an example of the dishonesty that surrounded the disgraced former mayor.Although the judge pointed out that evidence of both ballots plainly showed something was wrong, the police decided there was insufficient evidence to charge him with electoral fraud, enraging anti-corruption advocates who claimed this was another example of the Met Police turning a blind eye to obvious wrong-doing.

Cllr Peter Golds, Isle of Dogs councillor and Conservative group leader said:

“Shahed Ali is the second Rahman supporting Tower Hamlets councillor jailed for housing fraud. The property that he illegally secured while owning a former council flat where he allegedly lived, a former council flat which he rented out, a restaurant with flats at Frinton on Sea could and should have been made available to one of the 20,000 families on the council waiting list.

“This man could have resigned from the council when his fraud became known, instead he continued to trouser over £10,000 in council allowances, while doing nothing for the people that he was elected to serve.

“He is gone now but the stench of the Tower Hamlets First corruption still hangs over the town hall.”


Birmingham Council Approve 2nd Controversial New Mosque In A Week

Birmingham has had its second controversial new mosque approved by planners in less than a fortnight. The local council have given the go ahead to a monstrosity of a mega mosque which will cost 7.5 million to build. The planing committee approved the project even after objections including from members of the mosque who disapproved of plans liking the mosques eyesore design to building a power station in a housing area.

Birmingham is a city that has seen more than its fair share of aggressive Islamization over the past few decades and is hardly recognizable from the Birmingham of 30 years ago. The distinctive Brummy accent as spoken by daft Barry from iconic comedy Aufwiedersen Pet is heading to extinction. Go anywhere in the city and the local twang is more likely to be a Pakistani/English hybrid spoken, full of ‘innits’ and ‘jiggyjiggy’ this is the new brummy accent as the Brits move out and an ever increasing amount Muslims move in.

Yet Birmingham continues to be Islamized more each week at an alarming rate. The city already has 105 operating mosques with out the 2 newly approved mosques. With each new mosque comes more Muslims moving in to the area. With more Muslims living in one place then their is less need for them to integrate with rest of society which brings with it a whole load more of Islamic related problems. This is already evident in the area with trojan horse plots in schools, home grown terror cells and jihadi recruitment by local extremists. 

A £7.5 million mosque planned for the heart of Balsall Heath is too large, a member of its own congregation has claimed.

Abid Ismail, who attends the KSIMC Shia mosque in Clifton Road, said he likes the current ‘Little House on the Prairie’ type facility they have at present.

He was speaking as the council’s planning committee gave the go ahead to a giant three-storey Mosque on Clifton Road, Balsall Heath.

The congregation has outgrown the existing building on the site and wants to expand – it can attract up to 1,800 people for special festivals.


Pictures: New mosque will unite wider community, architect claims

Resident Abid Ismail said: “This mosque will be devastating for the area. We want to keep the Little House on the Prairie Mosque as it is.”

He said that the planned mosque was simply too large.

“It is like putting a nuclear power station in the middle of Balsall Heath,” he said, adding that its size would create a road safety hazard as well as congestion.

But John Jowitt, speaking on behalf of the mosque, said: “The community has grown. The members have been consulted on how to meet the current and future needs.”
He said the final plan had been developed over many years through discussions with the community and with planning officials and the majority of the congregation were on board.

Planning committee members were impressed with the development, especially as, unlike for many other mosques, a large 350-space car park is being provided.

Coun Mohammed Azim (Lab Sparkbrook) said: “This is a very good development.”
And Coun Peter Douglas Osborn (Con Weoley) added: “There’s been a mosque here for 40 years and it has come to a point where there is greater demand for its services.”

He said that the committee had always wanted to see larger mosques in commercial and industrial areas with adequate parking spaces and which would not impact on residents.

“This is precisely what we have here,” he added.

Under the plans, the existing single-storey worship hall, known as the Imambara, will be demolished and replaced with a grand three-storey building.

The linked mosque will be remodelled and extended and topped with a hollow gold dome and minaret.

The wider development also includes the demolition of the former Mr Clutch garage and construction of a new community sports hall in its place with facilities for volleyball, badminton, five-a-side football, gym and a café.

KSIMC is also planning to construct a three-storey building fronting Moseley Road, with a ground floor shop and flats above, and a funeral home fronting Clifton Road.

The three-storey school and nursery, which was built in 1838, will be kept although some internal modifications are proposed.

Birmingham Council Approve Plans For New Mosque : Ignore Parking And Traffic Concerns

Birmingham City Council have become the latest local authority to appease Muslims by granting planning permission for a controversial new mosque against the wishes of many of the local residents.

Just like the approved planning for the new mosque in Derby which i recently posted about. Objections against the planning by those living in the area once again fell on deaf ears.

As with almost every new mosque construction lack of car parking and congestion of the surrounding roads are one of the major concerns raised. Yet the Muslims involved in the planning bit usually come out with the claims that those Muslims who will attend the mosque will walk there, Experience tells us that in reality that soon goes out of the window once the mosques open. Come Friday afternoon prayer times you can be certain that the car park will be brimming and every single inch of space where you can get a car in surrounding the mosque, regardless of if its blocking somebodies driveway, double yellow lines or on the pavement will be filled with countless badly parked cars and taxis. Come end of prayers the surrounding roads will be reminicent of Islamabad high street at rush hour. Gridlocked with impatient Muslims honking their horn non stop.

Empty garage on New Coventry Road, Sheldon to become new mosque despite residents concerns over parking

Empty garage on New Coventry Road, Sheldon

Plans to turn a disused car workshop into a mosque have been approved despite warnings of traffic queues and chaos.

Residents and local councillors raised objections over the plans to open the prayer centre in the former garage at 155 New Coventry Road in Sheldon .

The Manarat Foundation wants to relocate claiming it has outgrown its current venue further along Coventry Road.

The derelict garage car park can accommodate a maximum of 41 cars, but it is estimated that up to 200 people could attend Friday prayers leaving dozens of cars queuing along the busy road to get in.

Coun Tony Ludlow (Lib Dem, Lyndon), speaking on behalf of residents, said they fear the roads behind would become blocked with parked cars. “The provision of parking must be improved,” he said and warned that a residents’ parking permit scheme would be considered if the roads behind were regularly blocked.

Planning committee members warned that, with an Aldi store opposite, a Tesco and local centre nearby the mosque could gridlock the already busy Coventry Road as cars queue to go in.

Coun Carol Jones (Lib Dem, Stechford and Yardley North) said: “There’s a lot of busy junctions near here. If there’s a problem getting in there’s going to be a long tailback.”

The committee was advised that the 41 spaces were an improvement on the existing mosque, which has no parking spaces at all.

Coun Gareth Moore (Cons, Erdington) said: “It is an improvement, but it is still not enough to accommodate hundreds of people showing up for Friday prayers.”

The committee insisted that there was a condition placed on the planning permission guaranteeing that the car parking is marshaled at peak times. The mosque was also urged to encourage worshippers to walk or take public transport to the venue.

The committee voted by five to four to approve the relocation.


Council Go Ahead For New Mosque In Derby Despite Many Objections


Another new mosque construction given the go ahead despite many objections from the local residents concerned about the extra traffic, lack of parking and the number of mosques in the area already. Even the local church facing the proposed mosque raised concerns, all of which fell on deaf ears.

Mosque constructions need to be opposed as they give Muslims a permanent foothold in their stealth jihad to Islamize the non Muslim world. Once they are built they are going nowhere, providing a base to plot their next expansion of Islam from. 

stop islamization by stealth jihad no more mosque building

An ex-pub in Normanton will be converted into a mosque after getting the go-ahead from Derby City Council, despite traffic fears.

Jamia Mosque, Rosehill Street, had applied to convert the former Greyhound Inn, Village Street, Normanton.

The parochial council at St Giles Church opposite the pub had raised concerns that the conversion could lead to traffic and parking problems.

It said it expected many people would drive to the mosque.

And there were 39 letters of objection in total with concerns including that there are already too many mosques in the area and that a new one would only serve one sector of the community.

But there were 77 letters of support from people.

Backers said that there was a need for a mosque and Islamic education centre in the area and it would “make the area feel more multicultural and inclusive”.

Chairman of the council’s planning committee, councillor Shiraz Khan, said its members unanimously voted for the conversion to get the go-ahead at its meeting on Thursday.

He said one person spoke out against the plans on the grounds they would cause traffic problems.

But he said: “We only had the one objector [speaking] and his concerns were about traffic levels, but the mosque is making a car park at the back of the building and they are having an exit onto Derby Lane as well so there were no concerns.

In some cases it is possible for pub owners to demolish or, in some cases, convert the buildings without having to apply to their local council for planning permission.

Mr Khan said: “You could have had Tesco or Londis moving onto the site and they wouldn’t even have had to have planning permission.

“At least this makes sure that the building stays and it is in use instead of being derelict.”

The Greyhound Inn closed in August after it was put up for sale by owners Enterprise Inns.

Councillor Mark Tittley, also on the planing committee, said the building was “no-longer viable” as a pub.

He said: “The parking needed to be adequate and they’ve proven it will be. I’m sure the officials of the mosque will make sure people will park in the car park and won’t add to the vehicles parking in the busy streets.”

The Jamia Mosque’s planning application says that the position of mosques in the city no longer caters for where Muslims live and it is important for one to be created in a different part of Normanton.

It says that having existing mosques in one area means people have to drive to them, increasing traffic and parking problems in that part of the city.

The application reads: “To alleviate this problem, premises like the Greyhound Inn were sought that are located to close to the community they serve.”

It adds that up to 60 people would attend at any one time, with the majority using it living within a mile of the site.


Locals Sick Of Noise From Eyesore Temporary Mosque That Is Still In Use 10 Months After Deadline

You have to pity the residents  from Broughton Road in Skipton who are sick of the anti social behaviour coming from a makeshift mosque built on land owned by Craven District Council. Th eyesore building which resembles a shack in one of Pakistans slums was erected without planning permission and was only meant to be there for a month. Yet 10 months later is still in use. Locals say they are woke up at 3am by the noise of the inconsiderate Muslims praying.

The Jamia Mosque is for Muslims who are followers of the ultra hardcore salafi branch of Islam. Salafism/wahabbism Islam is the ideology of tyrants and extremists worldwide such as ISIS or here in the UK the likes of Anjem Choudarys riff raff crew. The mosque is an affiliate of the notorious Green Street Mosque in Birmingham where hate preachers are regular guest speakers and regarded as an extremist breeding ground.

The local residents have every right to be furious. Its another example of give them an inch and they take a mile. The longer they are illegally there the harder it will be to get rid of them. They should:

  • ring the police at every prayers time reporting  the loud noise as anti social behaviour
  • bombard the council on a daily basis complaining about the noise
  • asking why if the planning application was only for 28 days why is it still there and in use illegally
  • finding out if they are paying rent for using  the council land. If not why not and ask can the non Muslim community have a plot of land also to use free of charge. If not claim the council are discriminating against them for being non Muslims. Be as awkward as possible until they do something about it
  • raise health and safety concerns. Not only is it an eyesore the standard of construction seems very substandard with pallets appearing to be holding the roof down. The materials used also make it a fire risk.
  • contact the environment agency and complain about them fly tipping their rubbish at the back of the shack
  • complain that as there is no toilet facilities that the Muslims are using the surrounding area as a toilet  

Ten months after it was erected for just 28 days, the temporary mosque is still in use sparking angry complaints from nearby residents.

EYESORE: Temporary mosque looks like a third world shack

Residents’ fury at noise coming from temporary mosque installed in a marquee at the end of their street for ten months

  • Marquee erected for Islamic place of worship for 28 days last September
  • Ten months on’ temporary’ mosque still in use sparking angry complaints
  • Locals claim they haven’t been able to sleep due to noise from premises
  • Jamia Mosque blamed construction issues on permanent home for delay

PUBLISHED: 19:55, 9 July 2015 | UPDATED: 21:04, 9 July 2015

Furious residents in a quiet Yorkshire street claim they have been kept up every night for the last ten months by a noisy ‘temporary’ mosque.
A marquee was erected to house the Islamic place of worship for just 28 days last September while work was carried out to create a permanent structure.
But ten months on, the temporary mosque is still in use sparking angry complaints from nearby residents.
Residents in a quiet Yorkshire street are furious after they claim they’ve been kept up every night for the last ten months by a noisy ‘temporary’ mosque

Residents in a quiet Yorkshire street are furious after they claim they've been kept up every night for the last ten months by a noisy 'temporary' mosque

Residents in a quiet Yorkshire street are furious after they claim they’ve been kept up every night for the last ten months by a noisy ‘temporary’ mosque
Neighbours say they have not been able to sleep due to the noise from the prayers and the frequent comings and goings to the premises.
Nic Foxton, who has lived on the street for over 20 years, said he was suffering with exhaustion after failing to have a single peaceful night since the mosque was erected.
The 47-year-old, a network engineer for a mobile phone company, added that the lack of sleep has affected him to such an extent it has forced him to take time off work.
‘I am so angry and upset by the whole thing,’ said Mr Foxton.
‘The prayers go on well into the night. I have found myself automatically waking up at 3am for their prayers. It is really causing a lot of stress for me and has even forced me to take sick days off work as the noise has started to cause anxiety every night.
‘There have been several people complaining but no one feels they are being listened to. There was no warning from anyone that this temporary mosque was going to be put in place. ‘

A marquee had been set up to house the Islamic place of worship for just 28 days last September while work was carried out to create a permanent structure
A marquee had been set up to house the Islamic place of worship for just 28 days last September while work was carried out to create a permanent structure

A marquee had been set up to house the Islamic place of worship for just 28 days last September while work was carried out to create a permanent structure
Nic Foxton (left, pictured with Keith Carpenter) who has lived on the street for over 20 years, said he was suffering with exhaustion after failing to have a single peaceful night since the mosque was erected

Nic Foxton (left, pictured with Keith Carpenter) who has lived on the street for over 20 years, said he was suffering with exhaustion after failing to have a single peaceful night since the mosque was erected
Based in a marquee, the temporary mosque is located on Broughton Road in Skipton on land owned by Craven District Council.
However, the land is located at the rear of houses on nearby Pendle Street with residents coming to the end of their tether with the situation.
It was originally supposed to be up for 28 days while work was completed on Jamia Mosque, off Midland Street.
But Jamia Mosque said they encountered problems during the construction of their permanent home, permission continued to be extended despite resident concerns.
Keith Carpenter, a resident for six years, lives on the same street as Mr Foxton but not as close to the marquee.
He said: ‘This street was the type of quiet place where you could hear a pin drop. That is why the current noise level has upset a lot of people. I can understand that that they have had problems with building work on their permanent premises.
‘When we complained to the council, we asked why we were not consulted and they seemed shocked that we were upset about it. It was almost like what business is it of yours.’
Ten months after it was erected for just 28 days, the temporary mosque is still in use sparking angry complaints from nearby residents.

Ten months after it was erected for just 28 days, the temporary mosque is still in use sparking angry complaints from nearby residents.
Regarding the location, Craven District Council Environmental Health commented in May 2015 that: ‘It should be recognised that the use of a temporary structures such as marquees offer very little protection against noise breakout which invariably result in potential noise problems.
‘Having regard to the nature of the temporary structure (marquee) in a built up area we would advise that the mosque elders consider locating this temporary arrangement to a more suitable building.’
Mr Foxton also gained email correspondences regarding the temporary mosque from a Freedom of Information request to the council.
He found out the mosque was actually already in place before council had given permission and believes both the council and residents were both mislead.
On an email dated 15 October 2014, a council official wrote: ‘The Council is disappointed that the mosque did not suitably consider the requirement for alternative premises in their preparations for undertaking works to their existing building.
‘We obviously cannot support the unauthorized use of land from a planning perspective, you should have applied for planning permission and Building Regulation consent, well in advance of the marquee being required. As the marquee is on Council land this has put us in a difficult position.
‘However, in the circumstances, we are prepared in this instance to grant an extension so that as a minimum your planning application can be considered.’

A spokesperson for the Jamia Mosque apologised for the noise and said delays in building work to their permanent structure had meant the temporary mosque had been used longer than expected 
A spokesperson for the Jamia Mosque apologised for the noise and said delays in building work to their permanent structure had meant the temporary mosque had been used longer than expected

A spokesperson for the Jamia Mosque apologised for the noise and said delays in building work to their permanent structure had meant the temporary mosque had been used longer than expected
At a recent committee meeting, residents were informed that the building work was well advanced and that the marquee would be removed by the end of August.
A spokesperson for the Jamia Mosque said: ‘We have tried our best to keep the noise down for the residents. It is not our intention to upset anyone. We know of some of the complaints about noise and we are sorry about this.
‘Unfortunately, the weather and unexpected structural issues have forced us to delay the building work. We don’t want to cause any problems and by the end of August the work will be finished. If residents have any problems, please let us know.’
He also said the community who use the mosque have funded the development of the new building by themselves.
Although Jamia Mosque have stated the marquee will be taken down by August 31, residents are not as hopeful and believe there is still a lot of work needs to be done on the building.
Mr Carpenter added: ‘We are ten months in but I feel this will go on for over a year. I don’t think they have any hope of getting it ready by August. From what I can see, they are still ripping things out and the building is certainly not weathertight. Then there is still all the plastering and electric work.’


Bolton Council Aid Islamization: Another Muslim Construction Given Go Ahead

Bolton Council have further aided the Islamization of the town buy approving yet another Muslim development in the area. Bolton Muslim Welfare Trust the people behind the development say it will be an education centre. Although i dont know of any other schools whose hours are 3pm until 8pm. Also having looked at the plans i have my doubts with a room labelled hall taking up  half the area of the building with 2 small rooms labelled classrooms and one large room labelled community room which is the size of both classrooms combined.

To this sceptical inifidel, the floor plans would suggest that the education is only the secondary use for the building

www.planningpa.bolton.gov.uk online applications 17 files 87A38973FFD981070F4A38AB0E3D751C pdf 91387_14 FIRST_FLOOR_PLAN_ _PROPOSED 411493.pdf



Plans for Muslim education centre approved


PLANS to create a new Muslim school within a mill building in Daubhill have been approved.

Councillors agreed to give permission for the Islamic education facility to be built on the first-floor of the mill in High Street after a number of concerns previously raised by the planning committee were addressed.

The building is owned by the Bolton Muslim Welfare Trust, which runs the nearby Bolton Muslim Girls School.

The school will be used mainly between 3pm and 8pm, with wider use between 8am and 3pm during school holidays.

It will consist of a teaching room, a classroom, quiet study areas, stores, a hall area and a car park with six spaces.

The proposals for the teaching school came before the committee last month but councillors were worried about issues regarding the safety of children attending the building and the fact that other working practices take place in the ground floor of the building.

At yesterday’s committee meeting, members agreed that the concerns raised last month had been fully addressed.
Bromley Cross councillor Norman Critchley said: “My concerns were purely about safety and the applicant has answered all of my questions so I am happy to support this.”

His fellow Conservative councillor, Bob Allen, who represents Heaton and Lostock added: “I objected last time because of the potential risk to children due to the mixed use of the building.

“I have now been informed that there will be separate entrances for people and for vehicles, so while I am not 100 per cent happy with the mixed use, I am happy to support it.”

The dilapidated state of the first floor of the building means that the applicant is proposing to phase the refurbishment of the level by initially creating a classroom, quiet study areas a toilet block and a store area — with the second phase of refurbishment providing a teaching room before another classroom and hall are eventually added.
A spokesman for the applicant said: “This building is a heritage asset in Daubhill and it is crying out for investment and for it to be used by someone.
“I believe that this is a positive thing and the classes that are put on can help focus children away from anti-social activities.”


New Muslim Mosque Complex In Farnham Gets Go Ahead

Permission has been granted for a mosque and other facilities at a site near Farnham, despite objections about the size of the new buildings.

Waverley Borough Council’s Joint Planning Committee voted by nine to seven on Monday to allow the dramatic redevelopment of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s (AMA) Islamabad site.

The site is currently made up of decaying buildings from the 1930s, which the association has made do with since taking over the Sheephatch Lane property in 1985.

A new mosque, complete with minarets, will be the centrepiece of the new development, along with a large sports hall and other residential, religious and accommodation buildings.
While most councillors at Monday’s meeting agreed that the current buildings needed updating, it was the size of the proposed mosque and sports hall that drew substantial criticism.

Stephen O’Grady, who represents Farnham Hale and Heath End, said: “I’m baffled as to why it needs to be so high, particularly in this sensitive area.

“I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Muslim countries and I have seen low-rise mosques used by tens if not hundreds of people.”

Stella Anderson Payne, the Islamabad ward councillor, also raised concerns, saying the construction of a place of worship did not help Waverley’s housing needs.

She added: “Construction of a sports hall does not help either and could take business away from our own facilities.

Chairman of Tilford Parish Council Nigel Relf also weighed in to demand that trees were maintained and replaced to screen the large buildings from view, since they would be ‘perched on the top of a hill, which from the south will be very obvious if tree screening disappears’.

Roughly 130 people currently live at Islamabad, which is the regional centre for the AMA, serving centres from Tilford to Oxford.

Despite the enlarged size of the redevelopment, the association has said the updated site would not receive any more visitors.

A spokesman for the association said: “We want to be the long-term custodian of the site. The current mosque is totally inappropriate and the new mosque is designed to meet the needs of the site.

“It is not designed to bring more people onto the site.”

He added that the new sports hall could be used by members of the surrounding community.

Carole Cockburn spoke up for the plan, saying: “I’m really quite shocked at the resistance to this. The existing accommodation is so past its sell-by date.

“Those of us who have visited feel you get the best of all possible welcomes in the worst of all possible buildings.”

Rochdale Councillor’s Son Is Wannabe Jihadist

Recent reports coming out of Turkey stated that 9 British based Muslims had been detained by authorities attempting to cross into neighbouring Syria . Their aim was join up with the savages of the Islamic State and participate in the jihad to take control of the Middle East. A conflict where ISIS have committed some of the most horrific war crimes of the last century. Commiting acts of mass genocide, forced conversions, rape and torture in attempting to rid the region of all Christians, Jews ,non Sunni Muslims and those of minority groups like the Kurds.

It has since emerged that the 9 detained including 4 children are all from Rochdale. An area heavily Islamized which has become a breeding ground for Islamic extremists and child grooming gangs. One of the pictures below shows the smirking face of wannabe terrorist Waheed Ahmed. Son of the Rochdale councillor Shakil Ahmed.

In a statement, the Labour Party councillor said he wanted his son to come home “as soon as possible so I can find out what’s going on”. Surely this idiot cannot be thinking his terrorist recruit son should just be allowed to return home without a prison spell for terror offences first where he can have that smile wiped from his face.

It seems those who were arrested with Ahmed were also related to the Rochdale councillor. Should a man with terrorist connections be in his position???

Syria border arrests: Seized Briton is son of councillor

waheed ahmed
Waheed Ahmed was among nine Britons detained in Turkey, his father has said

One of nine Britons detained in Turkey for allegedly trying to cross illegally into Syria has been named as the son of a Labour councillor.

Rochdale councillor Shakil Ahmed said he had thought his son Waheed, 22, was on a work placement in Birmingham.

Waheed’s aunt, Zadia Bi, two of her sons and one of their wives, were among five adults detained, Mr Ahmed said.

The group – which also included children aged one, three, eight and 11 – were seized near the Syrian border.

The detained adults are aged 47, 24, two of 22, and 21. All nine are from Rochdale and are thought to be related, UK police said.

‘I don’t understand’

In a statement, Mr Ahmed said he wanted his son to come home “as soon as possible so I can find out what’s going on”.

“My son is a good Muslim and his loyalties belong to Britain, so I don’t understand what he’s doing there,” he said.

“If I thought for a second that he was in danger of being radicalised, I would have reported him to the authorities.

“He’s studying a degree in politics and sociology at Manchester University and has a good future ahead of him.”

Greater Manchester Police and the North West Counter Terrorism force have launched an investigation to establish why the group apparently tried to enter Syria.

All nine are expected to be sent back to the UK “in due course”, police said.

Map showing where Reyhanli is

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Wiggett said: “What is obviously concerning is why a family were seemingly attempting to take very young and vulnerable children into a war zone; such a volatile and dangerous environment is no place for them whatsoever.”

He said the primary concern was the “safety and welfare” of the children, and efforts were being made to ensure a “full safeguarding strategy” was in place upon their return.

Officers had uncovered “no evidence whatsoever” of any imminent threat to the UK that was linked to the group, police added.

Gail Hopper, director of children’s services at Rochdale Borough Council, said the authority was “aware of the situation” and co-operating with police.

‘Despicable’ move

The group was detained by Turkish authorities at Reyhanli, in Hatay province, near the Syrian border on Wednesday.

They were taken to a police station in southern Turkey overnight, and then sent to a department for foreigners awaiting deportation to the UK.

The UK Foreign Office has said it is in contact with the Turkish authorities.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, said the news was “deeply worrying”.

“The idea you can take young children into a war zone is despicable and we condemn those adults who have done this,” he said.

Usman Nawaz, 25, who was part of the last Labour government’s Young Muslims Advisory Group, attended the same school as Waheed Ahmed.

He said he didn’t believe Mr Ahmed’s education in Rochdale had anything to do with the journey he had taken but it was a question the Muslim community needed to address.

“Though the numbers are small we are seeing a constant drip-feeding of British Muslims either getting into the Islamic State or trying to get in,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today progamme.

“There are young Muslims growing up in this country who don’t feel a sense of belonging to this country.

“For some it probably is an adventure but for others they think they are doing something noble so it’s the narrative that’s being presented to them.”

Waheed Ahmed
Waheed Ahmed has been named by his father, Rochdale councillor Shakil Ahmed
Car holding some of the nine British nationals who were detained by Turkish security forces as they tried to cross the border on on 2nd Apr 2015
The Britons were detained by Turkish security forces as they allegedly tried to cross into Syria
Turkish authorities
Turkish soldiers transported the British nationals to a police station in southern Turkey

The revelations about the group from Rochdale follows a string of cases where British citizens have tried to reach Syria.

Last month three young men from north-west London were arrested in Turkey, following a tip-off from British police, and were flown back to the UK.

In another case, three schoolgirls from east London are believed to have followed a fourth girl to the region. All four teenagers are thought to have reached Raqqa, the Syrian city where Islamic State (IS) has its headquarters.

About 600 Britons are believed to have gone to Syria or Iraq since IS militants seized control of large swathes of territory there.

And the United Nations estimates the number of foreign fighters joining militant groups in the region is more than 25,000 – from 100 different nations.

Muslim Ex-Councillor Jailed For Huge Immigration Scam

A former Muslim councillor has been jailed for being the ringleader of a gang who were involved in a huge immigration scam. Facilitating Muslim immigrants who had no right to here by providing fake documents to make them appear to meet immigration criteria. You can almost be certain that their are countless other Muslim scammers up and down the country doing the same. Go down any main road in a Muslim area and you will see a staggering amount of immigration specialists offering immigration services


Disgraced former councillor jailed for nine years for masterminding family’s immigration racket

First published Friday 14 November 2014 

A DISGRACED former Bradford councillor, who masterminded a cynical and sophisticated immigration scam to make money, has been jailed for nine years.

Four relatives, including three sons, who Khadam Hussain recruited to the conspiracy were locked up with him yesterday for at least seven years.

Judge David Hatton QC said Hussain and his relatives had flouted immigration laws, duped innocent immigrants and put the reputations of respectable solicitors and estate agents at risk.

Hussain, 62, a former Conservative councillor – who was axed from the Council for failing to attend meetings, while claiming thousands of pounds in allowances – held his head in his hands as he was sentenced at Bradford Crown Court.
Hussain, of Box Tree Close, Girlington; his wife Zahida Parveen Hussain, 53, also of Box Tree Close; sons Adam Ashraf, 36, of Northcroft Rise, Girlington, Adnan Hussain, 31, of Hilton Road, Little Horton, and Gibran Hussain, 26, of Box Tree Close, and their cousin Numan Shafi, 24, of Hilton Road, were convicted yesterday of conspiracy to defraud after a trial lasting several weeks.

Zahida Hussain was found guilty by a majority of 10-2, and Adnan Hussain by a majority of 11-1.
Ashraf, Gibran Hussain and Shafi were jailed for seven years. Adnan Hussain, who also pleaded guilty to falsely applying for a carer’s allowance, was sentenced to seven years and three months.

Judge Hatton told the defendants they had all been convicted of a conspiracy to defraud entry clearance officers by the creation and submission of false documents in support of applications for entry into the UK.

The judge said: “This conspiracy involved a thoroughly dishonest, cynical and wholesale assault on the integrity of the immigration procedures, rules and regulations.”

More than 100 false applications had been identified. Judge Hatton said the conspiracy had been for financial gain, mostly on behalf of strangers and committed over a number of years. It was a sophisticated and planned operation.

Applications were supported by false stamps from firms of solicitors, false letters of employment, false property reports on available accommodation and false wage slips.

The judge said that, though some of the applicants were aware of the falsity, some were entirely innocent and were simply duped and deprived of legitimate applications which would likely have succeeded.

Judge Hatton said a number of responsible and respectable firms of solicitors and estate agents had their identities used without their knowledge, putting their good reputations at risk.

Applicants were charged between £200 and £3,000 for the defendants’ service.

Prosecutor Craig Hassall said an investigation revealed a large-scale immigration fraud, led by Khadam Hussain and centred on The Palace, a function venue on City Road, Bradford.

The court heard that, although functions were sometimes held at The Palace, the venue was essentially a front for the family’s principal business of offering immigration advice and documentation in return for payment.

The court was told that Khadam Hussain had never been officially registered as an immigration adviser and did not openly advertise himself as one, but it was common knowledge in the local community that he was the person to go to for help with immigration matters.

The defendants had provided more than 100 applicants with forged documents which suggested their sponsors were able to house and support them financially.

Mr Hassall said: “Few of the defendants’ customers would have been able legitimately to provide this type of information and their application would therefore have failed.

“By this deception, the defendants have assisted numerous people to enter the United Kingdom on fraudulently obtained visas.”

He said the estimate of the financial gain from the false applications was in the region of £175,000.

The crime came to light in February 2011 after Nasreen Karim, a solicitor and partner at Platinum Partnership Solicitors in Bradford, reported fraudulent use of her signature and company stamp.

Judge Hatton told Khadam Hussain he was central to the conspiracy. “You were its originator and its organiser. You recruited others, including your own sons.”

Khadam Hussain’s barrister, Simon Keeley, said the applicants were intending to come to the UK legitimately. “This isn’t a case aggravated by the use of false identities allowing unknown individuals to enter this country.”

Mr Keeley said there was an other side to his client’s character and he had set up an orphanage in Pakistan.

Judge Hatton adjourned sentencing on Zahida Hussain for a pre-sentence report and granted her conditional bail. But he told her: “You must prepare yourself for a prison sentence.”

Speaking after the hearing, Craig Swanston, from Home Office Criminal Investigations, said: “The sentences handed out today come at the end of a complex investigation into the criminal activities of a Bradford based organised crime group led by Khadam Hussain.

“His gang, which included members of his family, used fraudulent practices to cheat our immigration system and facilitate the illegal entry of foreign nationals into the UK.

“Today’s sentences reflect the gravity of these offences, and this gang are now paying the price for their criminality.

“We have specialist Criminal Investigations teams, and our officers are determined to bring anyone involved in this sort of criminality to justice.”

Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire added: “The Government is making Britain an ever more hostile place for immigration criminals as part of our determination to build a system that is fair to British citizens and cracks down on those who flout the rules.

“This gang thought they could profit from cheating our immigration laws, but thanks to the dedication of our investigative teams they have been caught and sent to prison.

“These sentences send a clear message to the gangs involved in this sort of organised criminality – the Home Office crime teams have the skills and experience to track you down.”