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Somali Immigrant Who Anally Raped Dead Body To Be Deported From Sweden


Is there any single place in the World where Muslim immigrants from Somalia have moved to. Where once they are in the door and begin to receive the free housing and welfare benefits, they haven’t destroyed  ???  Is there a single town or city where it can be said their presence has actually been a good thing ??? Where they have actually integrated with the locals and haven’t tried turning their new home into a carbon copy of the Islamic shit-hole they left ??? 

You can take the Muslim out of Somalia but you cant take the Somalia out of the Muslim. Violent savagery, deviant sexual urges and lawlessness are embedded in their DNA. Combined with with a below average IQ and years of living and breathing nothing but Islam. The mixture can be fatal, almost like a time-bomb waiting to go off.

In Sweden Somali immigrant Abdi Hakim Ali is a prime example of what happens when it does go off. He first raped and sodomized a drunk woman as she slept. Weeks later he anally raped a dying woman who overdosed on drugs. Even after she perished in the midst of his attack. The vermin carried on raping her corpse. 



Rapists expulsion after review

Posted December 20, 2013 at 19:09

STOCKHOLM. Firstly wanted Prosecutor Daniel Jonsson does not insist on the expulsion of the charges against the 34-year-old Somali Abdi Hakim Ali, who had raped a dying woman in the garage for the Sheraton hotel in Stockholm. But after free Tider articlesabout the incident expelled now 34-year-old anyway.

Hakim Ali sentenced for rape, theft, aggravated theft, attempted theft, shoplifting and violation of knife law to jail for five years. He was acquitted, however for violating griftefriden, which he also charged, as it is impossible to determine exactly when the woman he raped died.

The district court also decided to expel Hakim Ali, who is forbidden to return to Sweden the next ten years.

In an interview with the Free Times November 29 claimed prosecutor Daniel Jonsson decided that there was any legal means to get Somali expelled from the country. Therefore, he thought not produce any deportation claim.

– There is a rule that says if you have had permanent residence in more than four years, it takes a lot more than usual in order to expel anyone. I am of the opinion that the husband has lived here for so long and have had a residence permit so long that you can not get him sent off, said Daniel Jonsson free times then.

When Free Times asked Jonsson if, in light of the risk that the 34-year-old commit more rapes in Sweden, still does not feel he has a responsibility to try and get the man sent off, he replied no.

– I do not understand why a Somali woman would then be worth less than a Swedish woman in this context. He might as well commit crimes down there if he would be deported, so where I did not feel any difference to people in that way, said Jonsson.

But just in time for the trial came Jonsson on new ideas and claimed that Hakim Ali expulsion.

“The accused expelled from the Reich with the prohibition to return here before 2023-12-19. Violation of the ban can result in imprisonment for up to one year, “it says in the recent judgment of the District Court of Stockholm.

The judgment underlines the district court that Hakim Ali does not have any noteworthy ties to Sweden. He is therefore not a penalty discount with the expulsion, as is customary when immigrants who have managed to establish themselves in Sweden expelled.

“Abdi Hakim Ali does not have such a connection to Sweden that there are reasons to consider the expulsion of him in connection with sentencing,” the district court in its judgment.

When Free Times reaches Daniel Jonsson on Friday afternoon, he argues, however, decided that it hastily without binding deportation claim has nothing to attention in free times to do.

– I checked more on practice, how it looked, and realized that it is not completely obvious and I thought that when the district court may consider the issue.

Were you surprised that the right decisions about deportation?
– Yeah, I probably got it. I did not think they would make that decision.But there was the basis for it.

Islamic Fatwa : Watching Porn Is Worse Than Sex With Animals Or A Corpse

Whilst randomly browsing the internet i stumbled upon an Islamic site called Ask Imam. The site is basically an Islamic agony aunt without the aunt. Instead replaced with a Muslim religious cleric who offers advice on what the Islamic way of doing things is. Where i saw this rather twisted fatwa that says porn is worse than  sex out of wedlock with an animal or a corpse.
Title: Pornography and Masturbation Addiction.   Fatwa# 22005  Ask Imam

Question: Assalaamu Alaikum, my dear brother in Islam. I need your help. I have a problem, a problem that I cannot control and I don’t know what to do. The problem I have is watching porn and masturbation. I know this act is a shameful act, but i do not know what to do.I have tried waking the entire night,praying the night Salah, and making dua to Allah to help me. I cannot control this habit, and I feel as though it has become an addiction to me, and is causing my heart to lose its Iman. Please help me brother, give me a zikr to do, anything that can help me overcome this problem. I stayed away from watching these Haraam stuff during Ramadan, but as soon as Ramadan was over, I continued, please help me and tell me what can I do to stop this problem, to help me stop watching porn and masturbating. Please tell me what can I do. Jazaakallah.

Answer:  In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.Alhamdulillah, we commend you on your sincerity and good intentions to give up the filthy and heinous sins of watching pornography and masturbation. Kindly refer to the following article on pornography addiction:

Pornography is a technological form of adultery and fornication and a major sin.It is even worse than fornicating with an animal or even worse than fornicating with a corpse.An animal is a living creation; a corpse is also a creation, albeit dead. Pornography exhibits pictures. There is no life at all in them.

Imagine a lifeless object playing havoc in one’s heart, mind and soul. The eyes are polluted with the evil that’s on the screen. The mind and soul reacts to those lifeless pictures.If one engages in an illicit relationship with a corpse, what’s the difference between that and lifeless pictures?How low can we stoop to allow lifeless pictures to control and fulfill our passions?

Furthermore, pornography addiction could be worse than drug addiction. A drug addict could be rehabilitated and detoxified. Over time, the effects of drugs come out of his system. In the case of a porn addict, the sight of porn pictures may remain in his heart and mind for a long time. At times, the sight remains whilst in Salaah or in other forms of Ibadat. In the case of a married person, while being physical with the spouse, the mental state is being controlled by the pornographic sights.The negative consequences of pornography are too many to mention. In brief, it robs one of true human values and spirituality.

The real life and essence of Eemaan is lost. If a person is sincere in making Tawba from this evil act, he can be rehabilitated according to his level of sincerity. One should not be despondent and never despair. People who fornicated at night clubs and casinos made Tawba and became the Walis of Allah. Why can’t you? The biggest question to ask yourself is what if the angel of death comes while seeing this….

We advise you to immediately undertake the following remedial measures to solve your addiction:

  • 1. Restrict your internet usage to the bare minimum and only out of need and necessity.
  • 2. Use the computer in a common place when people are around you.
  • 3. Request some elderly person who you respect, your parents, your wife or any other person to invigilate you when you are using the internet.
  • 4. Imagine the disgrace and shame that will overcome you if your wife, parents or teacher comes to know of the filthy act that you have done. Where would you hide your face if the entire public comes to know of the sin that you are involved in?
  • 5. Before you sleep every night, think about death and how you will be buried in the grave with no-one to assist you and help you. Imagine Ghusl (pre-burial bathing)being done to you, you will then be enshrouded with the Kafn, people will be crying, the Janaza Salaah will be performed and then your body will be carried to the graveyard and then you will be buried in the depths of the ground. Who will be there to assist you on that day? Every day, take out some time before you go to sleep and think about death. Insha’Allah, this will remove the ghaflat (heedlessness) from your Nafs.
  • 6. Keep yourself occupied at all times. Keep a Tasbeeh(rosary) in your pocket and whenever you have time and you are not really doing anything, take out your Tasbeeh (rosary) and make Dhikr. Remember that “An idle mind is a devils workshop”.

Remain firm and resolute in your quest. Never give up hope. Always, keep trying. Never give way to the subtle whisperings of Shaytaan. At first, refraining from sins might be extremely difficult, but after constant struggle and punishing of the Nafs, the Nafs will finally become tamed and then you will feel pleasure in refraining from sins. Insha’Allah, one day Allah (Ta’ala) will open up his treasures of Ma’rifat and Mahabbah to you. Aameen. Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) says: و الذين جاهدوا فينا لنهدينهم سبلنا“And those who strive to attain our pleasure; we shall definitely guide them to our paths” (Al- Qur’an, 29: 69)

In the above verse, Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) promises those who make an effort to gain the love of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala). The promise of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) will definitely come to pass, there can be no doubt about that. All that is required is that we continue striving in this path and we will surely attain the Ma’rifat of Allah (Ta’ala). Kindly refer to the following link for details on curing masturbation:  And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best Ismail Desai, Student Darul Iftaa Durban, South Africa Checked and Approved by, Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

Muslim Corpse rapist blames it on the “devil” Allah maybe???

A Muslim morgue worker in Saudi was caught by his work colleagues having sex with a dead body. His excuse for doing such a heinous sexual act was it was the devil’s fault. I wonder if by the devil he meant Allah with the evil Koran being the satanic verses. Like most Muslims he wasnt very bright and on the ball . If he had of used he was emulating his hero and having sex with the dead he would of got off with it. No hero doesn’t mean Jimmy Saville . Hero as in the original necrophiliac and perfect Muslim, the Prophet Mohammed . In Islam anything peado Mo did in his lifetime is a go ahead for today’s Muslims to do.

Corpse rapist blames it on the “devil”

Published Sunday, November 18, 2012

A 33-year-old Bangladeshi morgue worker accused of raping a dead woman denied he committed the crime, saying he only wanted to see the corpse’s genitals at the Devil’s request, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

A Saudi employee at a government hospital in the western town of Makkah caught the Bangladeshi with the naked dead woman inside the morgue last week and told the hospital management that the worker was raping the corpse.

“The worker told police that he did not rape the corpse but that he took the sheets off her and caressed the body out of curiosity,” Sabq Arabic language daily said.

“He confessed to his crime but denied that he raped the dead woman…he said the Devil was there when he did so and pleaded for forgiveness.”

via Corpse rapist blames it on the “devil” – Emirates 24/7.