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Video: ISIS Muslim Scholar Gives Lesson On How To Cut Heads Off

This video shows how Islam is evil to the core. Unlike other religions whose spiritual leaders try to lead their flock in a peaceful way. In Islam it is often those who are most religious and devout followers who are the most fundamentalist blood thirsty savages. 

In this video a radical cleric associated with the barbaric ISIS in Syria and Iraq gives lessons to his brainwashed followers on the best practices in chopping heads off

Video: Muslim apostate to Christianity beheaded in Tunisia for leaving Islam (Nsfw 18+)

Warning:  This video shows barbaric Muslim savagery. It is extremely graphic and not recommended for anybody who may be offended or upset by the violent actions shown. It is intended for adult viewing only so if you under 18 years old please click 1 of the many more suitable posts instead of continuing. 

This your religious tolerance in Islam. There is no such thing, people who see the light and realise for themselves that Islam is not a true religion from God, and decide they no longer wish to be a Muslim. Maybe converting to a religion that they see as truly from God such as the victim in this video who became Christian. Risk a fate worse than a rapist or murderer. Under the barbaric and outdated shariah law which regulates every minute of every day for Muslims , and is far more authentic in their eyes than any man made laws. The punishment for apostasy(leaving Islam) is punishable by death. 

This is your ‘religion of peace’ that Muslims knowingly lie through their teeth claiming and telling  non Muslims over and over