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Somalian Asylum Seeker Raped 2 Disabled Men And Killed Woman Who Disturbed Him

Opening the floodgates and welcoming Muslim asylum seekers with open arms has ‘disaster waiting to happen’ wrote all over it. Germany is now reaping the seed that it sown with Merkels open to all policy as the nation is engulfed by a migrant committed crime wave.

A large number of these crimes committed by Muslim migrants are of a sexual nature including some very horrific rape jihad attacks such as this gruesome incident.

An asylum seeker from the lawless Islamic hell hole, Somalia. Has broken into a care home and brutally sodemized by force two disabled residents. Upon being disturbed by one of his victims wife. He has savagely murdered the elderly woman.

These sort of shocking crimes are further proof that importing low IQ, anti social Muslims from 3rd World countries where they are raised on a diet of only Islam. To a liberal western infidel nation and then left with a free reign to do as they please is the pinnacle of all stupidity.


Below translated from German:

Murder process: Somalian admits killing of senior woman

Ss: Somalier admits killing of senior woman

In the trial for the murder in Neuenhaus, an 18-year-old has to be responsible before the youth chamber of the regional court. He is represented by lawyer Paul Vogel. Photo: Münchow

30.03.2017, 08:55 h

The youth chamber of the Landgericht Osnabrück negotiates the murder in the senior citizens’ house at the citizen park “in Neuenhaus. The accused 18-year-old Somalian has given the killing of the 87-year-old senior citizen.

Osnabrück / Neuenhaus. The main ruling in the jury’s court, 272, has already begun on Tuesday. The youth chamber had first to decide whether the accusation allegations could be publicly negotiated at all. The representative of the sub-rapporteurs, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Weiner from Meppen, had requested that the public be excluded from the reading of the indictment. However, the Youth Chamber rejected this. The accused, who is represented by lawyer Paul Vogel from Berlin, admitted the correctness of the accusation allegations on Tuesday, but without deepening the facts.

On the proclamation read on Tuesday, the regional court writes: “The defendant is accused of having committed sexual acts on several people living in an elderly home on 22 October 2016 in Neuenhaus. When the last act was committed, he was surprised by a resident of the house, whereupon he was said to have inflicted such serious injuries on the injured party that he died a few moments later. ”

The nurse says

In fact, the accused 18-year-old Somalia is reported to be in an alcoholic state and have had mental problems. Therefore, the court also considers accommodation in a psychiatric hospital.

Still quite touched by the terrible events, the 32-year-old elderly caretaker showed up on Wednesday, which in turn served as a “house at the citizen park”. He had taken over the shift for a colleague. On the usual tour at midnight, everything was still in order, the elderly manager explained to the court. Between 3.30 and 3.45 o’clock the next check was started. In the attic everything was as it should be. On the middle floor, however, he suddenly saw a person standing in the hallway in the dim glow of the night light.

First suspicion: burglary

“I was puzzled and thought it was a resident,” the nurse explained his memories of the night. When the person came to him, he asked what he was doing at home and where he came from. The man had then walked down the stairs to the ground floor and headed the main entrance, then he had changed the direction and approached the level entrance. But suddenly the man had become quite fast, ran into an unlit room, jumped to a chair, and with a sentence from the window.

“I already had the emergency call off,” reported the 32-year-old elderly. The patrol car of the police was quickly on the scene to take care of the hitherto presumed burglary. Together with the policemen and a cowardly colleague, the nurse said, they had gone into the room from which the unknown had jumped into the open. “You saw blood spills,” recalled the nurse, saying, “Then all the alarm bells went.” In the corridor and on the stairs to the top, further blood spots had been discovered.

Suspect is quickly arrested

Systematically, the police and the two attending nurses would have begun to look in the individual rooms of the home after the right. After opening a door on the middle floor, the view of a woman lying in a pool of blood fell on the floor. . . .

Only a few hours after the crime, the 18-year-old Somalian was arrested. In his home, the police found a pair of white – still damp – sneakers, and some damp clothes were hanging in the closet. This was reported by a 53-year-old police superintendent.

The trial before the regional court in Osnabrück will continue on April 4 at 9 o’clock.

Evil Khawaja Iqbal Guilty Of Raping 12 Year Old Care Home Girl

Evil Khawaja Iqbal has been jailed for raping an extremely vulnerable 12 year old girl who had been placed in a care home at the time of the attack. The victim left traumatised for life after the events still suffering flashbacks. Ironically the predator was described as a family man who himself has a disabled  daughter of similar age. If he was a family man even the slightest it would not of even entered his head to rape the girl because of the risk posed of losing your family for what, 5 minutes of gratifying his own sexual perversions against a child.

 Khawaja Iqbal who himself has a disabled daughter of the same age, drove his 12-year-old victim to a secluded spot late at night, where he carried out the attack.
Khawaja Iqbal who himself has a disabled daughter of the same age, drove his 12-year-old victim to a secluded spot late at night, where he carried out the attack.

CCTV footage that eventually led to Iqbal’s arrest.

Family man’s child sex shame

Date published: 08 July 2014

A DELIVERY driver who subjected a highly vulnerable young girl to a vile sexual assault, has been jailed for five years.

Family man Khawaja Iqbal who himself has a disabled daughter of the same age, drove his 12-year-old victim to a secluded spot late at night, where he carried out the attack.

The youngster, who at the time was described as suffering from stress and was “extremely troubled”, was said to have experienced severe psychological harm to the point of having regular flash-backs.

Iqbal (41), of Whinestone Way, Chadderton, was brought to justice following the tenacious efforts of Greater Manchester Police.

Iqbal’s car — but not the registration — was captured on CCTV, but painstaking work to identify it narrowed the search to 192 Nissan Micras, registered in the area.

Various inquiries were conducted and the owners of 21 of those vehicles — including Iqbal — were located and interviewed.

He was subsequently forensically linked to the crime using DNA evidence. The girl who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had been resident in a care home, but had walked out following a row.

Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court was told that Iqbal had pinned the terrified girl against the side of his car, removed her lower clothing along with some of his own, and subjected her to simulated sex.

Sentencing him, judge Leslie Hull told him: “What you did had a significant impact on this young girl. She was already experiencing traumatic stress syndrome and this incident at your hands consolidated those problems within her”.

Mohammed Nawaz, defending, said his client’s behaviour could only be described as “shocking and disgraceful” and he was utterly ashamed at what he had done.

He added: “To risk all by what he did, beggars belief.”

Muslim Charged With Taking Girl From Bradford Care Home On Christmas Day

Muslim Abid Miskeen from Bradford has been charged by police for taking a vulnerable girl half his age from a council run children’s home where she was residing. The schoolgirl went missing on Christmas Day and was reportedly seen with Abid Miskeen during the 36 hours she was missing. At the time of his arrest Abid Miskeen was already on bail for child sex offences.

It appears Miskeen is no stranger to the court system who has been let of very lightly by Britain’s 2 tier justice. He has been banned from driving on 6 separate occasions and several convictions for drunk driving, no insurance and dangerous driving. In 2011 while a banned driver. He crashed into an Audi and fled the scene. When police caught him he refused to take a breath test. They then discovered he had  fraudulently obtained a driving licence under his alias Abid Ali Khan. Anybody else would of been sent down in court for those offences yet Miskeen avoided jail !

31-year-old denies taking teenager from Council care home on Christmas Day

6:00am Saturday 28th December 2013 in News

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bradford man charged with abducting girl, 15Bradford man charged with abducting girl, 15

A 31-year-old man has appeared in court accused of abducting a 15-year-old girl from Bradford Council care on Christmas Day. Abid Miskeen, of Little Horton Lane, Bradford, is alleged to have been having “a romantic relationship” with the vulnerable teenager, who went missing for 36 hours before she was found by police. Miskeen appeared in custody at Bradford and Keighley MagistratesCourt yesterday charged with taking a child from the lawful control of Bradford Council Social Services Department on December 25. He pleaded not guilty to the allegation. Prosecutor Paul Ramsay alleged that Miskeen and the girl were in “a romantic relationship.” He said the defendant had been on bail after being charged in October with two offences of sexual activity with a child under 16. Magistrates heard that the police mounted an exhaustive missing person enquiry to trace the girl on Christmas Day when she failed to return to the local authority care home where she lives in Bradford. She had attended the home of a family member for Christmas dinner but disappeared afterwards. The court was told she was found 36 hours later hiding in the basement at a female friend’s house in the city. Mr Ramsay said one of Miskeen’s bail conditions was not to have any contact with the girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons. He alleged they had been seen together in Little Horton Lane after she went missing. Mr Yousaf applied for Miskeen to be rebailed but the magistrates refused the application.