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Teen Girl Sexually Assaulted On Bus In Salford By ‘Asian’ With Warts On His Face 

This is another of those moments when you cant help but wonder what was running through this Muslim perverts mind at the moment he decided that it would be a good idea to molest a teenage girl on the bus.

There can’t be many Muslims in Salford walking around who have a face full of warts. Surely its only a matter of time before the police come knocking on his door. Did he seriously think he will not be recognized and arrested at some point in the future?? Or did he just not care and the chance of a grope outweighs the risk of jail ??

A man with warts on his face subjected a teenage girl to a ‘prolonged sexual assault’ on the 67 bus through Salford .The 17-year-old was waiting at Eccles Bus Exchange at about 9.30pm on Sunday (November 13) when she was approached by the man.He then followed the young victim as she got onto the 67 bus towards Irlam and Cadishead , where he continued to sexually assault her before he got off the bus at Patricroft Bridge.

The man is described as Asian, in his early 30s, with warts or black lumps on his face, black short hair and spoke in broken English. He was wearing a black jacket and beige chinos and was carrying a carrier bag and umbrella.Now police are appealing for anyone who witnessed the attack to get in contact.PC Darren White of GMP’s Salford team, said: “I’m appealing to anyone who recognises the events above or may have information that could help us with our investigation.“It was a busy weekend in the area with plenty of people around so if anyone has any information, no matter how small, please get in touch.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 0161 856 5322, 101 quoting reference number 970 of 14/11/16 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Source: Teen girl sexually assaulted by man with warts on his face on 67 bus in Salford – Manchester Evening News

E-fit Of ‘Asian’ Wanted For Sexual Assault On Bus In Gravesend

Muslim sexual predators certainly have a thing for commiting devient behaviour on public transport….then again they have a thing for commiting  perversions in general

E-fit has been issued by police in the investigation of sexual assault on bus in Gravesend

12:19 25 October 2016 Emily KingThe computer generated image of a man police would like to speak to

The incident is reported to have happened on September 10Officers investigating a report of sexual assault in Gravesend have issued a computer generated image of a man they would like to speak with.It is reported that between 10pm and 11.11pm on September 10 a woman was travelling on the 490 bus from Dartford to Gravesend.

During the journey an unknown man boarded and sat next to her. While he was sat next to her he is reported to have inappropriately touched her.The woman got off the bus in Gravesend town centre, near a supermarket. The man then followed her to the front of the store, in New Road, where her friend picked her up.

The man officers would like to speak with is described as being of Asian appearance and approximately 5ft 6ins tall. He is reported to have dark brown hair and a stocky build.If anyone believes they recognise the man in the image, or thinks they have information that can assist officers, they are asked to call Police on 01474 366149 quoting XY/35900/16.

Source: E-fit has been issued by police in the investigation of sexual assault on bus in Gravesend – News – Kent News

Video: Muslim Thugs Firebomb Paris Bus Shouting Allah Akbar

Muslim thugs in Paris firebomb a passenger bus with a Molotov cocktail  in the Saint-Denis area. Cries of Allah akbar can be  clearly heard during the attack by around 15 Islamic extremists.

French media seems to be under some kind of news blackout regarding the Muslim arson attack. With only one  outlet Le Parisian reporting on this religious hate crime by the  Islamist thugs 


Muslim Pervert Who Performed Sex Act On Bus Fails To Show Up At Court

Muslim pervert Mohammed Ozair not only gets his twisted sexual kicks out of masturbating on public transport where there are women and children present. The sicko also seems to enjoy wasting the courts and polices time by keep failing to show at court. The bill for the  wasted hours of course footed by the hard working general public. 

The solution should be quite simple. Arrest the pervert and remand in custody with no bail. Problem solved!


The case of a man accused of performing a sex act while on a bus has been adjourned again.

Mohammed Ozair, of Providence Court in Thornhill Lees, had been due at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court yesterday.
The alleged incident happened in the Cleckheaton area on November 23.

Ozair is accused of causing a public nuisance by staring at a female passenger while performing the sex act.

The 30-year-old faces a further charge of using threatening behaviour.

His case was adjourned previously because he was receiving hospital treatment.

When he missed court again without explanation, magistrates issued a warrant backed by bail.

This means that Ozair will have to attend at the Huddersfield court on May 27.

Police Appeal After Schoolgirl Sexually Assaulted On Bus By ‘Asian’ Pervert

Another public transport related sex attack! 

A 16 year old girl molested by a sexual deviant on a Milton Keynes bus during the daytime. The rape jihadists certainly seem to have taken a liking to plying their trade on buses and trains of late as they get more brazen all the time.

coming soon to a town or city near you, Muslim rape jihad

Thames Valley Police is appealing for information after a 16-year-old girl was sexually assaulted on a bus in Milton Keynes on June 6.

Between about 1.40pm and 2.05pm, the victim was sexually assaulted while travelling on a number 5 Arriva bus between Heelands and Central Milton Keynes.

The man sat next to the girl before sexually assaulting her over her clothing. He then got off the bus at stop K3 in Central Milton Keynes.

Two women approached the victim to check if she was alright as she was visibly upset.

The suspect was Asian, aged approximately 30-35 years old, 5ft 5ins, with medium length black hair, facial stubble and a small goatee beard.

If you have any information, please contact the 24-hour Thames Valley Police Enquiry Centre on 101.

If you don’t want to speak directly to the police you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.



Heres Another Bus Sex Attack Commited By A Brazen Muslim Pervert

Following on from the previous post about the Muslim serial sex offender who had a twisted perversion  for sexually assaulting females on board buses. Heres another of the vile animals 100 miles or so south in Stockport, Greater Manchester

Bus passenger sexually assaulted in Stockport by man who sat next to her – despite loads of empty seats

12:57, 8 May 2015 By Pete Bainbridge

Detectives have issued an e-fit of the offender who struck on the 330 service in Bredbury and want anyone who thinks they spot a likeness to come forward

A woman was sexually assaulted as she rode the bus in Stockport.

Detectives have issued an efit of the offender, who struck on the 330 Stagecoach service as it travelled from the Peel Centre to Bredbury.

He sat down right next to his 22-year-old victim – despite there being plenty of free seats – then touched her inappropriately.

She fled at the next stop in Bredbury.

Her attacker was described as Asian, in his mid 30s, of medium build with a small amount of black hair on the top of his head.

Detective Constable Adele Coulter said: “The victim thought it was strange the man sat next to her as there were a number of seats free.

“Thanks to the description given to us by her, we have managed to create an e-fit.

“I would ask anyone who may recognise the person in the e-fit or believe they were on the bus when the assault happened, to contact us.”

The incident happened at around 11.20am on Monday, March 16.

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 9973 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Convicted Sex Offender Javed Montakhab Denies Sex Attack On North East Bus

Muslim sex offenders certainly seem to have some kind of unnatural fetish to committing sex crimes on public transport. There are countless instances of  sex attacks on buses, trains, underground trains and taxis within Kafir Crusaders site alone. Pervert Javed Montakhab featured here is just one of many Muslim sex pests to have this strange fetish of molesting innocent people on the travel networks. He has a whole load of past convictions for it. Obviously he hasn’t learnt his lesson so maybe this time they should lock him up and lose the key.


A convicted sex offender is on trial accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman on a packed bus.

The victim of the sex attack froze in terror during her ordeal which lasted 30 to 45 minutes, a jury heard today.

Javed Montakhab in the dock at Teesside Crown Court, has a string of previous convictions for groping young women on buses.

But the 64-year-old denies being the man who touched the teenager on the afternoon of November 27 last year.

Prosecutor Shaun Dodds said the 18-year-old passenger was “terrified” when her assailant started touching and stroking her leg.

She was on the bus when a white-haired bearded man with a laptop bag got on at Middlesbrough bus station.

She said in her statement: “He plonked himself next to me like he was practically on top of me. He was really close.

“As the bus pulled away I felt the male touching my leg.

“He began stroking my leg with the back of his hand, then with the palm of his hand.

“He didn’t look at me. He didn’t speak. I got cramp as I was sat in such a funny position in order to try to move away from him.

“I didn’t want to say anything. I didn’t want to make a scene as the bus was packed with people.

“I was scared. I’m not a confrontational sort of person.

“I would not have had the guts to confront the male.”

The court heard the woman texted a friend during the journey, saying: “I keep moving and pushing him but he’s not stopping.

“I can’t stop shaking. I’m almost in tears.”

Mr Dodds added: “Eventually she froze, say the prosecution.

“This continues for a long period of time, the thick end of half an hour as the bus goes to various locations.”

The attacker got off the bus in the Norton area, leaving the young woman “traumatised”.

She texted and told her mother what happened to her and the police were called immediately.

A picture of the attacker was circulated in Cleveland Police.

The man was identified as Montakhab by Detective Constable Richard Walton, who monitored him in the sex offender management unit.

He said he saw the image and immediately recognised it as Montakhab, whom he had visited six days earlier.

“He was virtually wearing the same clothes and everything,” the officer told jurors. “It was him.”

Shown the CCTV footage from the bus in court, the officer said he had no doubt it was Montakhab.

The jury heard of Montakhab’s seven similar previous convictions from the Manchester area.

He was on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.

Montakhab sexually assaulted a 28-year-old woman on a bus in 2002, and five sexual assaults on females aged 17 to 19 on buses in 2004.

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years at Manchester Crown Court in 2011 for sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman on a bus.

The court heard he touched her then, after she rang her mother, told her: “I’m sorry. I got a bit physical there.”

The Iranian later moved to Teesside after he was granted bail by an immigration court, jurors were told.

Mr Dodds said: “The defendant has a propensity to behave in this way because of the previous convictions he has for doing exactly the same thing.”

He told how police went to a home on Yarm Road, Stockton, where they saw Montakhab crawling around, getting into a bed and pretending to be asleep.

In interview he said he was not the person on the bus.

He said he got on a different bus and talked to a girl but did not come into Middlesbrough and was nowhere near the area of the attack.

The Crown says he was on another bus minutes before the assault – and he used his bus pass so much it was being declined.

“It’s accepted there was a sexual assault,” added Mr Dodds.

He said the simple issue in the case was whether the jury could be sure that Montakhab was the man on the bus.

Under cross-examination by Conor Quinn, Det Con Walton denied that he heard about the incident and description and thought “it must be him”.

He replied: “No, the picture, the still is Mr Montakhab.”

Montakhab, of Cobden Street, Thornaby, denies sexual assault.

Police Appeal For Pervert Who Sexually Assaulted Girl, 13, On Bromley Bus

Any time, any place. Young or old. Nobody and nowhere is safe from the Muslim rape jihad

Police appeal after girl, 13, allegedly sexually assaulted on Bromley bus

Police want to speak to this man in connection with the incident on January 26.

Police want to speak to this man in connection with the incident on January 26.

Police have released a CCTV image after a 13-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted on a bus in Bromley.

The victim was travelling on a route 208 bus between Bromley Town Hall and Ashgrove Road at around 4.10pm on January 26 this year when she was inappropriately touched.

The suspect is described as an Asian man, approximately 25-years-old and of medium build.

He was wearing a black padded gilet over a blue long sleeve top, black beanie style hat with large white logo and grey/white trousers.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Constable Alastair Middleton leading the investigation on 07909 877 121 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting reference 170072.


Pervert Wanted For Flashing Females On Manchester Bus

Is anybody remotely surprised that the pervert who exposed himself on a Manchester bus is an Asian and almost a certainly Muslim. Islamic sexual deviants have something of a fetish for both flashing females  and committing sex crimes on public transport

Man exposes himself to bus passengers on top deck of 192 service

Source    By Amy Glendinning

Officers have released an image of a man they wish to speak to after two reports of a passenger committing a lewd act on the service to and from Longsight in Manchester

This is the man police want to speak to after a bus passenger exposed himself on the top deck of the 192 service.

Officers have released the image after two reports of a man committing a lewd act on the service to and from Longsight in Manchester.

In the first incident a man boarded the 192 at Stockport Road around 10.50pm on Friday, January 30.

He went up to the top deck and began speaking to two women.

He first asked if they would take a photo of him and then if he could take a photo of them.

Minutes later, he committed a lewd act before getting off at Piccadilly Gardens.

At around 11.25pm the same night, a man caught the return 192 service back to Longsight.

He walked past a female passenger and touched her leg before sitting behind her.

He then moved seats so she could see him and again committed a lewd act before getting off the bus at Stockport Road.

Detective Constable Dan Smith said: “The bus is very busy at this time of night and we believe there would have been a number of people on it.

“I would ask anyone who may have witnessed what happened to call us.

“We are also keen to hear from anyone who recognises the man in the still to come forward.

“I would make a direct appeal to the man himself to contact us and eliminate you from our enquiries.”

Muslim Pervert Banned From Birmingham Bus Route

Birmingham sex pest banned from bus route after assaulting passenger

16:01, 27 February 2015 By Brett Gibbons

Ashiq Hussain, from Saltley, barred from travelling on X51 or sitting next to lone woman on any public transport for 18 months

Birmingham pervert Ashiq Hussain, from Saltley, repeatedly rubbed his leg against the terrified 22-year-old passenger on the number X51 bus as it travelled along Walsall Road in Perry Barr.
Birmingham pervert Ashiq Hussain
A sex pest who assaulted a woman on a Birmingham bus has been banned from the route for 18 months.

Ashiq Hussain, from Saltley, repeatedly rubbed his leg against the terrified 22-year-old passenger on the number X51 bus as it travelled along Walsall Road in Perry Barr.

The 52-year-old sex fiend ignored the woman’s pleas to stop and, when she reported the unwanted advances to a ticket inspector, Hussain jumped off and disappeared down a back street.

However, cops working as part of a project between police and travel groups to make bus travel safer circulated CCTV images of Hussain and he was spotted by a patrol in Birmingham city centre and eventually arrested.

He was handed a community order after being found guilty of sexual assault by touching when he appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

It bans him from the X51 bus service and from sitting next to lone females on any public transport for the next 18 months.

The court heard that jobless Hussain targeted his victim on the afternoon of September 18 last year, strategically selecting a seat next to her and trapping her against the window.

He admitted to being on the bus to police but claimed that he’d brushed against the woman’s leg accidentally.

West Midlands Police DC Leigh O’Neill, from the Project Empower Safer Travel Partnership, said the case illustrated the group’s commitment to tackle sex offences on public transport.

“Passengers should be able to enjoy their journey without being subjected to verbal or physical abuse,” she added. “Project Empower is not only clamping down on offenders but is actively encouraging passengers to report unwanted sexual approaches.

“In this case the victim said that since the attack she’s not travelled on a bus out of fear of bumping into him again.”

Project Empower was launched in February 2014 to fast-track enquires into reports of sexual touching, lewd comments and indecent exposure and to urge passengers to report unwanted sexual advances on buses, trams and trains.

The team has investigated more than 100 allegations and made 35 arrests – including 20 offenders who have now been convicted, while several others are awaiting trial.