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Boy’s Skull Fractured After Hammer Attack By Car Full Of ‘Asian’ Thugs In Oxford

All the usual characteristics of a Muslim attack evident here. A sixteen year old alone attacked by a car full of violent ‘Asian’ thugs who think their some kind of hard guys. Pack attacking a youth who is vastly outnumbered and fracturing his skull with a hammer….. Cowards….end of!!


Boy’s skull fractured in Oxford hammer attack

The victim was first approached on St Clements Road before being followed and attacked in Rectory Road

A 16-year-old boy suffered a fractured skull when he was attacked by a group of men, including one wielding a hammer.The victim was waiting for a bus on Thursday on St Clements Street, Oxford, when a car pulled up next to him.

He was approached by the front-seat passenger before running on to Rectory Road where he was followed and attacked, police said.There were up to six offenders thought to be aged between 18 and 20.

The boy is currently in hospital and officers are appealing for witnesses to what they have described as “an isolated incident”

The front-seat passenger of the dark people carrier – possibly a Volkswagen Touran – is described as Asian, about 6ft 3ins, of a slim build and with short black hair.He was wearing a grey tracksuit with elasticised ankles and a grey tracksuit top which had darker grey arms.

Source: Boy’s skull fractured in Oxford hammer attack – BBC News

Police Hunt ‘Asian’ Who Gets Off On Rubbing Himself Up Against Females At Bus Stops

The Met Police have released CCTV images of a twisted individual who gets sick kicks out of rubbing his penis up against females waiting for the bus in Bromley, London. 

His perverse behaviour is not to dissimilar from the Muslim act of thighing, a favourite pastime of the prophet Mohammed on his 6 year old child bride Ayisha.   

Detectives release CCTV image of a man they want to speak to over sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl | London – ITV News

Detectives release CCTV image of a man they want to speak to over sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl CCTV released of man over allegations of sexual assault. Credit: Met Police

Detectives have released a CCTV image of a man they want to speak to over two allegations of sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl.Officers are investigating reports that a 16-year-old girl was sexually assaulted at a busy bus stop on Camden Close, Bromley at around 3:20pm on September 21..

Police said that as the girl was waiting for the bus, she felt something rubbing against her back. She initially thought it was people pushing her as the bus stop was busy however when she turned around and saw a man rubbing his groin against her back. The man then got on a 161 bus.

It is believed the same man carried out a similar offence on July 4.A man boarded a route 161 bus at a bus stop on Chislehurst High Street, Bromley and stood behind a 43-year-old woman.As the bus moved away, he pressed himself against her with his groin. She turned around and the man moved away.

The man is described as Asian, aged about 50 and approximately 5ft 5ins tall.Officers believe the man regularly travels on buses around the Bexley and Bromley area.

Information to PC Naomi Goodman at the RTPC via 101 or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you wish to remain anonymous.

Last updated Sat 24 Sep 2016

Source: Detectives release CCTV image of a man they want to speak to over sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl | London – ITV News

E-fit Of Bolton Pervert Who Sexually Assaulted Woman And Flashed Old Man

Greater Manchester police have released an e-fit of an Asian sex pest in Bolton. The warped pervert is wanted for exposing his micro penis to a male  sat in a bus stop. After being told to sling it by the bloke he then sexually assaulted a female round the corner. 

Police have released an e-fit of a Muslim pervert who sexually assaulted a woman and exposed himself to a man in Bolton.

Police have released an e-fit of a man who sexually assaulted a woman and exposed himself to a man in Bolton.

At around 1:05am on Saturday 6 August 2016, a 52-year-old man was sat at a bus stop on Great Moor Street when he was approached by another man who exposed himself before he was told to ‘get lost’ and walked away.

He then crossed the road and approached a 27-year-old woman from behind before he sexually assaulted her and ran off back up Great Moor Street, turning left onto Newport Street.

The offender is described as an Asian man in his early 20s with short dark hair, approximately 5ft 6in tall and of slim build with a young looking and smooth shaven face.

He was wearing a black zip up jacket and grey sports style sweatshirt and black tracksuit bottoms with double white stripes down both legs.

Detective Constable Dave Harris of GMP’s Bolton borough said: “This incident left both victims feeling very distressed and we are currently working to identify the man responsible.

“If anybody recognises the man in the e-fit then I would urge them to please come forward and contact police.”

Anybody with information should contact police on 101, quoting the incident number 280 of 06/08/16, or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Leeds Rape Jihad : Girl Raped As She Waited For The Bus

Another random rape jihad attack on a lone female. The attack happened as the victim waiting for a bus in Leeds. The scumbag dragged her into a nearby garden and raped her.The victim received severe injuries to her head and hip  Nowhere is safe for women from these Islamic sexual deviants. 

****UPDATE**** Police now treating this as attempted murder

Police are looking for an Asian man after an 18-year-old woman suffered a serious sexual assault when she was attacked at a bus stop in Leeds on Friday night.

During the incident, which took place last night at Beeston Road at 10.52pm, police said the woman suffered a serious head injury and a broken hip.

Detective Chief Inspector Elizabeth Belton, of Protective Services, said: “We believe this woman was standing at the bus stop close to Malvern Road, when she was attacked by the suspect.

“He is described as an Asian man, in his early twenties, of slim build with receding dark hair.

“Anyone who saw a man of similar description in this area at around the time stated is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”

Last updated Sat 7 Mar 2015

Woman Sat In A Reading Bus Shelter Attacked By ‘Asian’ Male

Day after day they just keep on happening. Yet another random attack on a lone female. This time in Reading during the evening rush hour, the female victim simply sat in a bus shelter waiting for a bus to come. No where is safe!!! 

Woman assaulted in Reading town centre

Oct 30, 2014 16:28  By Natasha Adkins  Get Reading

At around 5.10pm yesterday a woman was waiting at a bus stop in Cheapside when a man assaulted her

A woman in her 20s was assaulted while waiting for a bus in the town centre.

At around 5.10pm yesterday the woman was standing at a bus stop in Cheapside when a car stopped nearby.

A man got out of the car, spoke with the woman, then grabbed her wrist.

The woman managed to get away and was not hurt in the incident.

The man was described as Asian, in his 20s or early 30s, around 5ft 7in, of slim build with dark wavy hair and a thin beard around his jaw line. He was wearing dark jeans, a dark grey top and trainers.

He was driving a small dark blue four-door hatchback.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or with information that may assist the investigation, should contact police on 101 quoting reference number 43140229516.

Woman Gang Raped At London Bus Stop By 3 ‘Asians’

Like all the other sickening types of crime that which are on the rise as more and more uncivilized Muslim immigrants are entering the country, gang rapes are no exception.  Perverse Muslims replicating their deviant behaviour from back home in rural Pakistan where serious sex crimes are part of everyday life, where the rapists often get away with it due to Islamic law requiring the female to have 4 witnesses in court.

Police hunt three men after woman raped as she made her way home from a night out

Police hunt: Three men are wanted after the rape of a woman at a bus stop
ROBIN DE PEYER   Published: 18 July 2014  Updated: 11:59, 19 July 2014   Standard

Police are hunting three men after a woman was raped at a bus stop in south-east London.

The victim, 21, was attacked as she waited for a bus in Charlton after a night out, Scotland Yard said.

Two of the men held her down as the third raped her at the junction of Bugsbys Way and Hope and Anchor Lane on Tuesday night.

Police said the men, who are all described as Asian, engaged her in conversation before assaulting her and taking her cash, credit card and purse.

The victim did not require hospital treatment after the attack, according to police.

Anyone with information about the incident, which happened between 2.30am and 4am on Tuesday morning, is asked to call police on 0208 721 4663 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Rochdale Rape Jihad -17 Year Old Female Sexually Assaulted By 2 Nonces

Police appealing for info on a daytime sex attack by 2 Muslims on a 17 year old in Rochdale. The girl was walking down an alleyway to the bus stop when the pair of perverts struck. Thankfully a member of the public saw what was happening and scared them off before it could escalate any further. The attack took place in September but for some unbeknown reason the police have left it till now to appeal for information. 

Rochdale has been a rape jihad hotspot over the last couple of years. Rochdale was of course scene to one of the biggest paedophile rings in history, the trial last year of the Muslim grooming gang is the case that brought the grooming epidemic to the nations attention. With several large Muslim enclaves in the town and a large number of  random sex attacks happening. It has to be one of the most unsafe places in the UK for females to be walking alone.

Woman sexually assaulted – Rochdale

Published 22/10/2013 09:40:47

A woman was sexually assaulted in an alleyway in Rochdale.

Her attackers were only scared off when a member of the public saw what was happening and told them to leave the woman alone.

It happened in an alleyway of St Mary’s Gate in Rochdale at about 4.25pm on 18 September 2013.

The 17-year-old girl was walking towards a bus stop when she was approached by the two Asian offenders who initially made lewd comments towards the girl before they sexually assaulted her.

A woman then walked into the alleyway, saw what was happening, and told the offenders to leave the young girl alone which they did.

The first offender is described as being Asian, 17 to 18-years-old, about 5ft 10in tall, of a slim build with short black hair and wearing a bright red coat. The other offender was also in his mid teens, about 5ft 5in tall and of a chubby build. He was wearing a black coat.

Police are appealing to anyone with information to come forward.

Detective Sergeant Julie Adams said: “This young woman was extremely distressed to be confronted by two intimidating offenders who initially made lewd and inappropriate comments, before turning physical and sexually assaulting her.

“Thankfully, a member of the public saw what was happening and scared these two cowards off before the offences could escalate.

“We need to find these two individuals and give the young girl some sense of justice which is the only peace of mind she can get following this deeply upsetting ordeal.

“I would appeal to anyone who has information about what happened to come forward and speak to police.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Greater Manchester is nationally recognised as a model of good practice in terms of support services available to victims.

– If you or someone you know has been raped or sexually assaulted, we encourage you not to suffer in silence and report it to the police or a support agency so you can get the help and support available.

– You can call Greater Manchester Police on 101, or alternatively people can refer themselves to St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 0161 276 6515.

– St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Manchester provides a comprehensive and coordinated forensic, counselling and medical aftercare service to anyone in Greater Manchester who has experienced rape or sexual assault. Services are available on a 24-hour basis and people can access them either as a self-referral or via Greater Manchester Police.

– Manchester Rape Crisis is a confidential support service run by women for women and girls who have been raped or sexually abused. Confidential helpline: 0161 273 4500. Black and Minority Ethnic helpline: 0161 273 4514.

– Survivors Manchester offers support and counselling for adult male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, regardless of when the event happened. Contact 07919 246 267.

Manchester Rape Jihad: Teenager ‘Heard Screaming For Help’ During Terrifying Sex Attack At Hulme Bus Stop

Another reported rape jihad case in Manchester following a teenager being raped at a bus stop by an Islamic sex case. Women aren’t safe alone at any time or any place these days where there is the possibility of Muslim perverts anywhere nearby. The more the Muslim population rises in the UK the amount of sex crimes rocket as the filthy scum carry out their sex attacks.

Teenager ‘heard screaming for help’ during terrifying sex attack at Hulme bus stop

Manchester Rape Jihad Teenager 'heard screaming for help' during terrifying sex attack at Hulme bus stop

14 Oct 2013 06:57  By Charlotte Cox

The 19-year-old was attacked close to student accommodation on Higher Cambridge Street in Hulme

Students heard a teenager screaming for help as she was sexually assaulted near a bus stop.

The 19-year-old was attacked close to student accommodation on Higher Cambridge Street in Hulme.

Police say the victim was approached by an unknown man, who spoke briefly to her, before launching his attack.

The man is described as Asian and aged in his 30s or 40s.

It is understood a party had been held in nearby Trinity Court – a mix of mainly student accommodation and young professionals – on Saturday night running into the early hours of Sunday morning.

Residents at Trinity Court reported hearing a woman screaming in the early hours. One student, who asked not be named, said: “It woke me up. I just thought it was an argument, It sounded like it was coming from the bus stop.

“I feel bad now that I did not go out.”

Laura Sharley, 22, a third year student at Royal Northern College of Music, said: “It is bad that something like this has happened.

“When I first came here there was a spate of attacks on young women and students.

“I definitely won’t be going out late on my own.”

Emmanoul Vardas, 20, a mechanical engineering student at Manchester Metropolitan, said: “I only realised what had happened when police came this morning. It is a big shock that it could happen in the open on quite a busy road.

“Usually, you would think it would happen in alleyways or a park.”

Samira Mirzakhani, 24, a dentistry student at Manchester University, said: “It is so, so scary. I feel so unsafe living here now and I am here for three more years.

“I am going to make sure I am home early in the evenings and don’t go out on my own. You hear about stuff like this happening but it is frightening when it happens so close.”

Detectives have interviewed the victim and are making further enquires.

A GMP spokesman urged anyone with information about the incident, which happened at about 5.30am yesterday, to contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

via Teenager ‘heard screaming for help’ during terrifying sex attack at Hulme bus stop – Manchester Evening News.

Video: Racist Muslim Thugs Beat Up Young Girls In Ashton,Greater Manchester

Racist Muslims attack White youths in England. This is a video that was taken on Saturday night  in Ashton Under Lyne, Greater Manchester that shows a gang of Muslim thugs attacking a group of white kids including girls at a bus stop.  This is becoming a regular occurrence on the streets of the UK thanks to the political correctness loving authorities and Muslim appeasing media. Tensions in Ashton are once again at fever pitch between Pakistani Muslims and white British. It was only last year that white kid Daniel Stringer was savagely beaten in an unprovoked  racist attack by Muslims in the town. As a result the town became the location for a demonstration from the English Defence League.

 Allegedly just before the filming had started one of the Muslim youths had punched one of the white girls in the face. As the video starts the girls can be heard saying to the gang of Muslims “get away you cant hit girls”. One of the Muslim bullies gets in the girls face saying. “what the fuck are you gonna do you fat bitch”. Then another Muslim thug joins the first, holding a cricket bat.Seconds later the Muslim gang of bullies attack. The picture gets shaky moving quickly between various violent skirmishes. It was hard to tell but by the looks of it there was maybe 4 or 5 Muslim scroats.  Girls can be heard quite clearly screaming “get off” and “dont hit girls”  Then at the end when it looked like the fighting had stopped came another violent Muslim assault on either a female or much younger boy judging by the difference in height. A Muslim thug runs to towards the child at the bus stop launching himself at the kid dropping her? to the floor where the rest of the Muslims run to in pack attack like savage wild animals.  There is also something happening  to the side of this just out of camera shot which by the sound of the hysterical girl screaming “get off” could of been another attack on 1 of the girls. Some people are saying the Muslim thugs said “this is an Asian area” but i never heard it myself. 

There were also reports of further clashes as a result of the incident between gangs of Infidel v Muslims, which have been rebuked by local authorities. Tameside Council tweeted last night, “Rumours circulating tonight about alleged fighting in Ashton town centre. These reports are inaccurate, there has been no disorder.”

Greater Manchester police claimed :  “There were rumours circulating last night (Tuesday 12 June 2013) about an alleged fight in Ashton town centre.These reports were inaccurate and there was no disorder.
Earlier in the evening there were several groups of youths who gathered in Ashton. Four boys were arrested for minor public order offences.
Superintendent Neil Evans from Ashton police station, said: “We are aware of the rumours on social media last night. A number of youths gathered in the town centre but there was no disorder or violence.
“A small number of teenagers were arrested for minor public order offences.
“We are aware and investigating the incident that took place in Ashton on Saturday 8 June 2013, involving two groups of youths.A 14-year-old boy was arrested in connection with this and has been released on police bail. Enquiries are ongoing.
“There will remain an increased police presence in Ashton town centre over the next few evenings to offer reassurance to the public and provide a deterrent to anyone potential trouble makers.We have been working closely with schools and the local authority to provide a joint up response.”Anyone with any information or concerns is asked to call the police on 101.

A clear attempt to keep the incident hush hush for cohesion reasons. Quite rightly so people were venting their anger and frustration towards GMP claiming a blackout by police and another instance of 2 tier justice. Yet if the roles were reversed and Muslims attacked it would be headline news.

One worried parent wrote on GMP’s timeline:

Have just recieved the following text message from my daughters school, I’m a bit concerned.
Dear Parent/GuardianThe police have informed us of a potential incident in Ashton tonight. Please keep your children away if possible.S Ward

These girls obviously weren’t aware of the fact that a Muslim wouldn’t even think twice about punching a random girl in the street. To a Muslim, a female Muslim is considered second rate, whilst young white females are considered the lowest of the low and little better than animals. That’s the sexist discriminatory Islam for you which permits men to hit women even. How long bef0re the EDL get blamed in some way for the trouble ????? they get the blame for everything else that involves Muslims!!