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Video: Mass Brawl Involving Groups Of Muslims Against Brits After Watching Mayweather v McGregor In Bury

Mass brawl involving Muslims and White Brits in Bury, Greater Manchester after watching the Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor boxing match on Saturday night

Woman Passenger Assaulted On Tram By 2 Muslim Teenagers

A female passenger was assaulted on board a tram in Greater Manchester by two teenage members from the ‘ religion of peace’. The quick thinking victim managed to snap the pair of thugs on her phone before they disembarked at Bury, an area that has been heavily Islamized over recent years and has had its fair share of Muslim related problems that always come with the huge influx. Just  a shame the police took two months to make the image public.

No doubt this pair of scroats will have had Islam pumped into their heads from birth.Brain washing them until they are like Muslim zombies and  programmed till they are of the same mindset as the rest. This will include how Muslims are superior to the kafirs,  how men are superior to women and how woman beating is permitted to put the woman in her place. Violent and disrespectful behaviour towards females is only to be expected from not so peace-loving Muslim yobs as they know no different.

Image released by police investigating tram assault

Photo: Greater Manchester Police

Detectives investigating an assault on a tram in Greater Manchester have released an an image of two youths they want to speak to.

Th 25-year-old victim was travelling from Bury from Manchester between 5.25pm and 5.40pm on Friday 8 January 2016.

She was approached by two boys, who assaulted her before sitting down on nearby seats.

They got off the tram in Bury, but before they did so the victim managed to take a photo of the offenders on her phone.

They are described as Asian, skinny build, around 14-years-old, 5ft 3in tall and wearing a dark-coloured waterproof jacket, black baseball cap and diamond stud earrings.

The second offender is described as Asian, slim build, around 5ft 6in tall and 15 to 16 years of age. He was wearing a light-grey hooded top and after the assault pulled a skull mask over his face.

“These young men brazenly assaulted this woman in front of a packed tram carriage and seemed completely unfazed when the victim challenged them.

“They demonstrated worrying criminal behaviour and it is important we identify them both to prevent any further assaults in future.

“I would also like to ask the public to take a stand when they see such behaviour take place.

“It is utterly unacceptable that this should take place in public and no one come to the victim’s defence.

  • Anyone with information should police on 101 quoting incident number 1839/080116 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
Last updated Mon 7 Mar 2016

Taxi Driver Atif Ratiq Wanted By Police For Kidnap And Sexual Assault

Muslim taxi driver  Atif Ratiq is on the loose somewhere. Wanted by Greater Manchester Police in connection with the kidnap and sexual assault of a female. Somebody from the Muslim community will almost certainly know this Islamic sex fiends whereabouts. Chances they will inform on him = nil

Taxi driver wanted in connection with sexual assault

This Is Lancashire

Taxi driver wanted in connection with sexual assault Atif Ratiq, from Bury, Greater Manchester aged 32, is wanted by police in connection with a report of kidnap, with intent to commit a sexual offence.

Taxi driver wanted in connection with sexual assault

A TAXI driver from Bury is being tracked by police in connection with a report of sexual assault.

Atif Ratiq, aged 32, is wanted by police in connection with a report of kidnap, with intent to commit a sexual offence.

Police say the incident took place in the Bury area in September last year, and are appealing for anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward.

Officers have not been able to find Ratiq, and say he may have travelled to Pakistan, but have not ruled out the possibility that he may still be living in Bury.

Det Con Chris Maddocks, from Greater Manchester Police’s Serious Sexual Offences Unit, said: “Rafiq worked as a taxi driver in the Bury area and someone will know him or will have seen him or continue to be in contact with him.

“I would appeal for those individuals with knowledge of him to come forward, either by calling me directly or anonymously to Crimestoppers as it is absolutely imperative that we find him.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Two Men Punched And Verbally Abused In Bury During Pack-Attack

Two men in Bury, Greater Manchester were victims of a pack attack. They were repeatedly punched and verbally abused during the attack by a gang of Muslim thugs. By “verbally abused” i think we can almost certainly be sure this was a racially motivated crime committed against white victims. GMP are remaining silent on the subject despite the question being asked several times on their Facebook page

Two men punched and verbally abused in violent attack in Bury

Bury Times

Asian Image: Police have released CCTV images of the attackers

Asian Image: Police have released CCTV images of the attackers

A “VIOLENT and random” daylight attack saw a group of three people punch and verbally abuse two men in Bury.

Police have released a CCTV image of a man wanted in connection with the assault on May 17 in Lord Street on at around 8.30pm.

Two men were walking down Lord Street when they were approached by a man and a woman. The man argued with and verbally abused the two men before he was joined by a further two men.

The group then assaulted the two men, punching them in the face and head before running away. One of the victims was hospitalised with a large cut to his eye.

The men are all described as Asian. The first was described as around 5ft 7in tall, of slim build and with short, dark hair. He was wearing blue tracksuit bottoms and a navy blue sweatshirt.

The second man us described as 17 years old and wearing a white tracksuit.

The third man is described as aged between 26 and 28 years old, about 5ft 9in tall, of large build and wearing a red t-shirt.

Police Constable Aaron McFadden, of Bury Division, said: “This was a violent and random attack and we want to find the offenders as soon as possible.

“There are likely to have been quite a few people around at this time in the evening, maybe on a night out, that may have seen the attack.”

Asian Image: Police have released CCTV images of the attackers

Muslim Grooming Gang From Bury Charged With Sex Crimes On Girl Aged 15

Greater Manchester police have busted yet another Muslim grooming gang for exploiting and raping  a 15 year old from Bury. 

The Muslims will no doubt still claim grooming gangs are not a Muslim problem continuing to turn a blind eye to the disgusting actions by members of their community when they should be making a stand and speaking out. Making an effort to root out the paedophiles instead of giving it the same old ” these men are not true Muslims” despite 9 out of 10 grooming gangs being Muslim. If that’s the case then they should be doing something about it and prove to the rest of us that they don’t tolerate it. Knowing that it is going on but staying silent, not speaking about it is effectively aiding and abetting the paedophiles.

Three men charged over ‘sexual exploitation’ after police probe

17 Jan 2014 14:57

  • By Katie Storey

The allegations relate to a girl from Bury who was 15 at the time the offences are said to have taken place in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Police headquarters
Greater Manchester Police headquarters

A joint child sex exploitation operation by GMP and Lancashire police has resulted in three men charged.

The allegations relate to a girl from Bury who was 15 at the time the offences are said to have taken place in Greater Manchester in August 2012 and in Lancashire in January 2013.

Officers executed warrants at three addresses in Nelson, Lancashire and Prestwich on Friday April 26, 2013.

Suleman Memon, 19 of Windsor Road, Prestwich has been charged with two counts of rape of a 15 year old girl and theft.

Hassan Ali, 21, currently of Forest Bank Prison, has been charged with the rape of a 15 year old girl and theft.

Irslaan Nowkhaiz, 18, of Mansfield Crescent, Brierfield, Nelson, has been charged with sexual touching.

All are due to appear at Bury and Rochdale Magistrates Court on February 7, 2014.

No further action was taken against a fourth man, aged 19.


Another Muslim Grooming Gang Maybe ??? Police Arrest 4 In Suspected Child Sex Ring,

Police in the North West have arrested 4 members of an alleged child sex ring suspicion of rape, child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence. Although no names have been released yet by the police of those arrested.It certainly has the hallmarks of  another Muslim grooming gang like we have been seeing up and down the UK.  Given that 3 of the men arrested were from Nelson, Lancashire would suggest Muslim involvement as Nelson is 1 of the many Islamic enclaves in the North West where Muslim sex crimes have been rife.

Prestwich man among four arrested in swoop on suspected child sex ring

27 Apr 2013 08:48


An 18-year-old man was arrested in Prestwich on suspicion of rape, child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence.

A man from Bury has been arrested in a swoop on a suspected child sex ring.

Four addresses across the north west were raided yesterday as officers probed a string of grooming allegations.

An 18-year-old man was arrested in Prestwich on suspicion of rape, child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence.

Three other men were also arrested in Nelson, Lancashire.

The joint operation by Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Constabulary relates to allegations by one girl from Bury, in what police believe is an isolated case.

She is alleged to have been groomed in both Bury and Lancashire within the last two years.

Insp Carol Hobson, of the Bury Public Protection Investigation Unit, said: “I want to stress that we are at the early stages of our investigation and are working very closely with the victim. This appears to be an isolated case and there is no threat to the wider community.

“Child sexual exploitation is one of Greater Manchester Police’s top priorities and the team working on this investigation include officers from the Public Protection Division and Lancashire’s Freedom team, who are experts in dealing with vulnerable victims and working with partner agencies.”

Bury South MP Ivan Lewis said: “These allegations will cause widespread concern and revulsion amongst Prestwich residents. Anyone found guilty of abusing children should expect to feel the full force of the law.”

Police Commissioner Tony Lloyd said the probe shows GMP is taking allegations of grooming seriously. He said: “The public expects that this is number one on GMP’s agenda. Each arrest shows that our police are serious. It’s about protecting vulnerable people across Greater Manchester and our society as a whole.”

As well as the Prestwich arrest, a second man, aged 20, was arrested in Nelson on suspicion of the same offences.

Two other men, both aged 18, were also arrested there on suspicion of child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence. All four were in custody last night.


Man Walking Dog Attacked from Behind by 2 Asian Men in Bury

Greater Manchester Police are hunting for 2 men who cowardly attacked a man out innocently walking his dog in the park following his refusal to hand over his belongings. The Asian attacker and unknown accomplice fled without any war booty when the victim managed to crack the attacker back. 

A man was attacked in Hoyles Park when he refused to empty his pockets.

It happened at about 1am on Wednesday 28 November 2012, when the 36-year-old man was walking through the park on Bell Lane in Bury when he was approached by two men.

They demanded he emptied his pockets and when he refused one of the thieves punched him and he fell to the floor.

The offender made further threats, but the victim managed to hit him while he lay on the ground and ran away before anything was stolen.

One of the men is described as Asian, there are no further descriptions.

Police Constable Brett Grange from Bury Volume Crime team, said: “This was a cowardly unprovoked attack on a man walking home in the dark.

“They approached him from behind and when he did not give them his belongings he was punched and pushed to the floor.

“He was very brave to fight off his attackers and deserves to see justice done.

“Let’s work as a community and bring these offenders to justice. If you have information, we need to hear from you.”

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 6103 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

via Greater Manchester Police.

‘Would-be’ Burnley imam in court over betting shop robbery plot gets poxy suspended sentence!!

My faith in the British justice system is rapidly disappearing at an alarming rate. Every time i read a story like this 1 where British 2 tier justice is evident.  With Muslims getting soft punishments off the law courts such as suspended sentences and community service which if  it was a white British person in the dock for,they would be slammed for a couple of years. Being part of an armed robbery is a serious offence people are getting banged up for 5 years sometimes for minor parts in it. So it makes you wonder as to if theres a hidden a agenda somewhere because storys like these continue to keep happening. Sentence guidelines for Muslims and then  1 for every1 else maybe? They have tried using religious reasons again as so often is the Muslim excuse in hope of leniency. Quite often it works disturbingly. To be honest the fact the he’s a training imam  shoundnt mean nothing here what so ever. He could be a training grand mufti for all i care.He’s still an armed robber and should be punished accordingly like British law demands. 1 law for all!!!

A WOULD-BE imam and another man said to have been part of a plot to rob a betting shop walked free from court after a judge branded them “idiots.”

Mohammad Abdul Ghafaar and Wajid Khan, now both 20, were said to have been captured on CCTV “staking out” Tote Sport in Moorgate, Bury, before it was targeted in an armed raid in September 2009, Burnley Crown Court had earlier been told.

Ghafaar, of Merton Street, and Khan, of Kent Street, both Burnley, had earlier admitted to conspiracy to rob the shop, between August 18th and September 2nd 2009. They had owned up during the second week of a recent trial. Neither had any previous convictions.

Ghafaar is said to regularly lead prayers at his local mosque as part of a team of imams and may one day become one himself. His barrister told the court how the defendant had now finished his Islamic training and was beginning to play a role in his community.

The two defendants were each given 52 weeks in jail, suspended for two years, with 200 hours’ unpaid work by Judge Beverly Lunt. Mr Hugh McKee (prosecuting) had earlier told the court Ghafaar and Khan had gone into the shop across the road from the bookies around 10-30am and left about 11-30am. They then entered Tote Sport, one of them picked up a pen and the other got a betting slip, about 20 minutes before the robbery.

Mr Tim Storrie (defending Ghafaar) told the court his involvement in the offence, serious as it was, was “an extreme example of youthful folly.” The defendant’s family was supportive. He had now finished his scholarship training and was often asked to lead mosque prayers. Ghafaar, who had just started a joinery course at college, may be getting married in the not too distant future.

Mr Michael Blakey (defending Khan) said he had matured somewhat since the date of the offence. He had not offended since. The defendant was going back to college in two weeks.

Sentencing, Judge Lunt told the pair they should have pleaded guilty at the very beginning.

“You were idiots,” she said. The judge added in every other respect, the defendants behaved responsibly, properly, were well thought of and were good members of the community and society.

via ‘Would-be’ Burnley imam in court over betting shop robbery plot – Local News – Burnley Express.