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Muslim Woman In Burkha Robs From OAP In Luton

A despicable female Muslim has  brazenly robbed £3000 from an old age pensioner in Bury Park,a notorious Muslim enclave.  The thief had the perfect disguise wearing a burkha allowing her to blend in with the 50% of Muslim women who also wear them. This is why they need banning as they are a huge security risk.


Woman in green burkha hunted after theft from elderly Luton man

Police are appealing for witnesses after the theft of several thousand pounds from an elderly man in Luton on Thursday (12 March).

The man was outside a jewellery shop in Dunstable Road, close to the junction with Bury Park Road, when a woman stole £3,000 from his pocket.

The woman was wearing a green burkha and had a blue string bag over her shoulder. She is believed to have walked down Dunstable Road in the direction of the Leagrave Road after taking the money. She was also seen walking along Bury Park Road prior to the incident.
PC Chris Dalton said: “This is particularly vile crime in which a vulnerable man had a large amount of money stolen from him. We would urge anyone who may have seen this woman in the vicinity at the time of the incident to contact us immediately and help us prevent her from committing any further offences.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting crime reference C/8655/2015, text 07786 200 011, or can call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


Police Hunt Burka Wearing Muslim Woman After Blackburn Hit And Run


Lancashire police are on the hunt for a female Muslim hit and run driver who injured a child in Blackburn.  The only description given by police is the driver was wearing a burka which is very little to go off in a heavily islamized area such as Blackburn.

veil_1874433cPotential suspects

Blackburn driver leaves five-year-old boy with broken leg

Lancashire Telegraph

Lancashire Telegraph: Faris Sheikh is consoled by his mother, Haseena Hamid, at home after he was knocked down by a car near the junction of Whitewell Place and Ribble Street, Blackburn,

Faris Sheikh is consoled by his mother, Haseena Hamid, at home after he was knocked down by a car near the junction of Whitewell Place and Ribble Street, Blackburn,

A FIVE-year-old boy was left screaming in pain in the street after being hit by a car.

Little Faris Sheikh was playing close to his grandparents’ Blackburn home with a group of friends when he was struck by a silver or grey vehicle around 8pm on Wednesday.

The driver stopped the car briefly in Whitewell Place, Bastwell, but drove away from the scene without leaving any details or offering to help, police said.

Officers investigating the incident are now urging anyone who saw the driver, an Asian woman wearing a burkha, or know who was responsible to contact them.

Westholme pupil Faris, who lives in Cavendish Road, Blackburn, with his parents and sister was being supervised by his uncle when the incident happened.

He was found crying hysterically in the street with tyre marks down his right leg by his mother Haseena Hamid.

The 32-year-old said: “The children were having a water-fight outside, and my brother came running in.

“Then the next minute I came out and saw his leg and it was exploding with bruising.

“I thought I’m not ringing an ambulance, I’m taking him straight to the hospital. I knew they were going to say it was broken.

“He was hysterical, he just said ‘leg’, ‘leg’, ‘leg’, and all I could see was bruising, and it was swelling up.

“He’s never been like that before, he’s a happy child, he never cries.”

The youngster was kept in the Royal Blackburn Hospital overnight, as his leg continued to swell.

He will now be in plaster for at least the next four weeks, but potentially the whole of the school summer holidays.

His family have now urged the driver to come forward.

Faris’ grandmother Mumtaz Hamid, 59, said: “She should come forward, she should have come over here when it happened.

“Accidents happen, but she should have come to my house and said she was sorry, and said let’s take him to the hospital.

“If I had done that I would have come and apologised.

“She had covered her face like a holy person, but if you are a holy person you don’t run away like that.”

Haseena added: “It’s nasty, I just can’t believe that she’s done it, that she’s gone and had the audacity to do it.

“At the time I didn’t have time to think about it, I just picked him up and took him to hospital, but now I’m really angry.

“If she’d stopped I wouldn’t be angry.”

The family have no idea if the car belonged to someone visiting the street or just somebody who had taken a wrong turn.

Faris’ grandfather Abdul Hamid, 62, said: “The accident happened in the flick of an eye.

“When I went outside to see what had happened he was crying, everyone was shouting, we didn’t even know which car had knocked him down.”

Neighbour Saeed Patel, 44, who lives in nearby Ribble Street, said speeding in the area was a problem.

He said: “It’s non-stop around here they come really fast.

“I’ve asked the council for humps before to slow them down, that would help.

“It’s not safe, I was worried something like this would happen.”

Bastwell councillor Shaukat Hussain said drivers should be more cautious during summer months as more children are playing outside.

He said: “I would appeal to drivers to drive a lot more slowly.

“They should be driving slowly anyway, but they should be even more aware that kids may be playing in areas where cars are parked.

“There are no through roads in that area, so I’m a bit surprised to hear that there are problems with speeding.

“If it is local residents who are speeding then I would again appeal to them to slow down.

“We will look into whether there are any parking measures we could introduce there.”

Sgt Sean Cunningham, of the Road Policing Unit, said: “I would appeal for anyone who witnessed this collision or who saw a similar vehicle in the area at around this time to get in touch.

“I would also appeal to the driver themselves to come forward and speak to us on 101.”



A Real Islamic Reformer Calls For Burka To Be Banned In The UK

In British society there should be no place for the burka. Yet walk down the main road in Tower Hamlets, Birmingham, Bolton, Bradford, Dewsbury or any other town with a large number of Muslims and you will see them everywhere. At a time when we are constantly having do gooders telling us how integration and community cohesion are so important. Yet those same do gooders are the first to defend Muslim women wearing face coverings despite the fact they only have a negative effect on integration, alienating the wearer even more.

I like many non Muslims find the burka highly offensive and intimidating.  Not many people would see a burka clad woman as approachable should they be lost and needing directions or some other kind of help.

Burkas also pose a major security risk as nobody can be certain who is underneath the garment and it impossible to distinguish  between wearers. Yet while motorcycle helmets, ski masks and balaclavas are barred from banks and most supermarkets, burkas are still acceptable. 

Well this one wasn’t to be expected……. A Muslim leader campaigning to ban the burka.  That’s right, Oxford Imam Dr Taj Hargey has repeated the call by many Brits for the anti social burka to be banned in public. The big difference here is that when critics of Islam and patriots make the same call. Muslims and their far left defenders are quick to denounce it, branding those who made the comments islamophobic, racist, fascist, Nazis or something similar. This results in the burka ban calls being quickly dismissed. In Dr Hargey’s case with him being a Muslim, that is not an option. No doubt Islamists and the far left will attempt to smear him in another way.

Forget all your Mehdi Hasan, Mo Ansar, Fiyaz Mughal and Yvonne Ridleys of this world who are constantly on our TV screens being portrayed as moderate Muslims. They are not moderate Muslims, they are Muslim apologists. They don’t wish to change Islam to be compatible with today’s Britain. They want Britain to do the changing to fall in line with Islam.

Real Muslim moderates and reformers are few and far between. Dr Taj Hargey is one of those rare types.


Why I, as a Muslim, am launching a campaign to ban the burka in Britain

  • Dr Taj Hargey is the Imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation and the Director of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford


The increasing fashion for young Muslim women in Britain to wear the burka (in contrast to their mothers, who do not) is one of most sinister developments of our times.

Supporters of this garment like to pretend that it is a welcome symbol of our society’s multicultural diversity and philosophical tolerance. But such warped thinking is woefully misguided. In reality, the burka is an archaic tribal piece of cloth that is eagerly used by fundamentalist zealots to promote a toxic brand of extremist non-Koranic theology.

Everyone in Britain, including Muslims, should oppose the insidious spread of this vile piece of clothing, which imprisons women, threatens social harmony, fuels distrust, has grave health implications and is a potent security risk.

Scroll down for video

Dr Taj Hargey is launching a nationwide campaign to impose a ban on face masks, including burkas, in public spaces in Britain

Dr Taj Hargey is launching a nationwide campaign to impose a ban on face masks, including burkas, in public spaces in Britain


Contrary to the claims of its advocates, it has nothing to do with Islam but is a cultural fad imported from Saudi Arabia and primitive parts of the Islamic world.

That is why this week, with the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford, I am launching a nationwide campaign to impose a ban on face masks in public spaces in Britain.

Such a nationwide prohibition would deal with all types of covering, including balaclavas, but there would be no exemption for the burka/niqab on any spurious, politically correct grounds of religious conscience.

One of the key purposes of this initiative is to persuade at least 100,000 people to sign a formal petition calling for the ban, thereby obliging Parliament to debate the issue.

Despite growing concern from the British public, our pusillanimous politicians have refused to address the burgeoning prevalence of the burka in our midst, as they fear accusations of Islamophobia from the militant fundamentalists and their PC allies.

There is no religious requirement on Muslims to don the burka, and no evidence in the Koran to support the wearing of the garment

There is no religious requirement on Muslims to don the burka, and no evidence in the Koran to support the wearing of the garment


Well, it is time to put the needs of British society before the manufactured grievances of the hardliners, whose aim is to replace our liberal democracy with a totalitarian theocracy, the burka serving as a weapon in this far-reaching cultural war.

In rejecting the ideology of the zealots, mainstream Muslims should be at the forefront of the campaign for a ban, not least because the burka so badly undermines the credibility and reputation of our faith.

There have, of course, been previous petitions and calls to outlaw face masks in public, but all came from the political Right and gained little traction.

This campaign is different. It is the first one led by Muslims, speaking for the moderate majority whose voice has been unheeded up to now. We invite both Muslims and our other fellow citizens to work together to rid Britain of this alien cultural monstrosity.

A key part of the impetus for this move came from the decision of the European Court of Human Rights this month to uphold the ban instituted by the French Government in 2010 on all face coverings in public. Supported by lawyers from Birmingham, a 24-year-old French woman of Pakistani origin took her well-funded case to the ECHR, claiming that the ban was a violation of her  — and note the sequence —  religious, cultural and personal rights.

On every level, this questionable appeal relied on distortions and untruths. Thankfully her case was thrown out, but her arguments illustrate the chronic weakness of any suggestion that we must allow the burka to be worn in public.

First, there is no religious requirement on Muslims to don the burka; second, the burka is not a feature of Pakistani culture, where 90 per cent of women do not wear it; third, there is no unqualified human right to wear whatever we want in public. In every developed society, personal freedoms have to take account of wider social mores.

The French ban has proved to be legally sound as well as sensible. I have long believed that the same measure should be introduced here in the UK to prevent community separatism and social apartheid. And, like the ECHR, I see no basis for the pretence that there is any religious sanction for the burka.

The wearing of the face mask is a custom originating in ancient Persia and Byzantium, more than 1,000 years before the birth of Islam. It was upheld by male aristocrats because of social snobbery rather than religion, since they did not want their womenfolk — wives, daughters, sisters or mothers — to be seen by the peasantry.

Dr Taj Hargey on why he opposes the wearing of burkas

According to Dr Hargey, everyone in Britain, including Muslims, should oppose the insidious spread of the burka, which he says imprisons women, threatens social harmony, fuels distrust, has grave health implications and is a potent security risk

According to Dr Hargey, everyone in Britain, including Muslims, should oppose the insidious spread of the burka, which he says imprisons women, threatens social harmony, fuels distrust, has grave health implications and is a potent security risk

Nor is there any evidence in the Koran to support the wearing of the burka. Indeed, the Holy Book stipulates that men ‘should lower their gaze’ when meeting women to avoid lecherous staring (verse 24, chapter 30). So logically, if women were fully covered up there would be no need for such an instruction.

Some Muslim clergy claim that the burka is religiously necessary. They assert this because the Prophet Muhammad’s wives allegedly hid their faces in public.

These puritanical clerics do not base their theological misrepresentations on the Koran but on the subsidiary and suspect hadith (a collection of books containing the reputed sayings of Muhammad, written 250 years after his death).

‘It is forbidden for Muslim women going on pilgrimages to Mecca to cover their faces. So if such a pre-Islamic practice is banned in Islam’s holiest site, why on earth would it be required on the streets of Britain?’

In any case, this is a wilful misreading of scripture. In fact, verse 32 of chapter 33 in the Koran explicitly states that ‘the Prophet’s wives are not like other women’. So  there is no reason to emulate them.

Just as revealingly, it is forbidden for Muslim women going on pilgrimages to Mecca to cover their faces. So if such a pre-Islamic practice is banned in Islam’s holiest site, why on earth would it be required on the streets of Britain?

The truth is that there is no theological foundation for these separatist face masks, as most non-fundamentalists recognise. Only recently, Al-Azhar, the leading institution of Muslim theology in the Islamic world, declared that the burka has no spiritual authenticity.

Theology apart, there are many other compelling arguments against the burka. It badly undermines social cohesion by inhibiting effective interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims in the public realm. There can be no meaningful exchange with people if you cannot even see their faces.

Moreover, the burka is an affront to the concept of gender parity in the UK.

If I tried to wear a ski-mask on a bus or at a bank, I would quickly be told to remove the item or leave, or be arrested. Why should the same rules not apply to Muslim women?

Dr Hargey's proposals for a nationwide prohibition would deal with all types of facial covering, including balaclavas

Dr Hargey’s proposals for a nationwide prohibition would deal with all types of facial covering, including balaclavas

The demand for equal rights has always been central to the feminist cause, and in this case feminists should be calling for men and women to be treated equally. Either everyone has the right to mask their face or no one has.

There are  huge implications for security, after several cases of terrorists and criminals using the burka to evade detection — a particularly worrying development given the explicit, bloody threats of militant extremists. In our troubled world, there can be no absolute right to anonymity in public.

‘We cannot continue to accept the creeping Arabisation of Islam in the UK and consequent destruction of our cherished British freedoms. A stand must be made now’

Another concern is  the health risks, for full coverings mean a distinct lack of exposure to sunshine. One recent study of 203 burka-clad women in the United Arab Emirates revealed that all but four were deficient in Vitamin D.

If that can happen in a land of blazing heat, how much worse will be the problems in often damp, dark Britain? Our society is already seeing rises in rickets and other bone-related diseases for the first time since World War II.

Supporters of the burka talk about freedom of choice — yet it is not women who are being given that freedom, but men who are imposing their will. That is not empowerment but imprisonment.

The burka is just another weapon in the jihadist arsenal of misogyny, like forced marriage, female genital mutilation and sexist discrimination. It should have no part in British society, where women are supposed to be treated as equal citizens. By tolerating it, we are allowing a form of gender apartheid to grow in our midst.

All of us, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, have a duty to challenge the religious hardliners who have cynically exploited British traditions of tolerance and individual liberty to pursue their own twisted sectarian agenda imported wholesale from the Arab Middle East.

A start could be made by forcing our politicians to debate the issue by gathering sufficient signatures for our historic anti-burka petition.

We cannot continue to accept the creeping Arabisation of Islam in the UK and consequent destruction of our cherished British freedoms. A stand must be made now.

Muslim Girl Forced To Wear Burka To Hide Injuries Inflicted By Family

No matter where in the world they are, Muslims behave almost in the exact same way. Their low opinion of females, even those in their own family doesn’t change. This may be in New Zealand but could quite easily be Bradford, Bolton or Tower Hamlets where Muslim children are forced to wear burkas to school. Using the burka to conceal injuries inflicted by controlling and violent family members is another reason they should be banned

Ban the BURKA

Burqa hid injuries of teen repeatedly bashed – police

By Sam Boyer  5:30 AM Monday Dec 16, 2013

Exclusive: Auckland police claim injuries were hidden on purpose.

Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

A teenage girl police believe was beaten at home was forced to hide her facial injuries behind a burqa, while members of the Muslim community are alleged to have hushed up the abuse.

Her injuries included a broken nose, damaged teeth and extensive bruising. Police claim the 15-year-old was subjected to sustained physical abuse from at least one family member over two or more months.

The abuse was known to some Muslims in the Auckland region, who chose not to report it, they claim.

“The case was brought to police attention when a school friend of the girl was made aware of the abuse and was able to borrow a cellphone from another child at a neighbouring school to call 111,” child protection officer Detective Sarah Boniface said. “The girl was not able to get access to a phone herself.”

She was kept home from school after sustaining the facial injuries, police say.

When officers visited her home, the girl was allegedly instructed by family members to cover up with a burqa that left only her eyes exposed – a covering the girl told police she would not usually wear. At school, she wore a head scarf.

She was absent from school long enough for a friend to become anxious about her whereabouts, police say. When the friend learned of the abuse through community networks, she called the police.

“At this stage it is clear that a number of members of the community were aware of the extent of the abuse and did not seek medical assistance for her injuries or alert authorities,” Ms Boniface said. “This included people who were in positions of trust and who should have been relied upon to provide help.”

Police believed that family members were also instructed to lie to investigators about the abuse, and did so out of fear for their own safety.

Officers learned about the abuse in early November. The girl was removed from her home by Child, Youth and Family and placed in “secure care” with another Muslim family. No one has yet been charged, although police say arrests are likely.

She recently completed her school exams, Ms Boniface said.

Detective Inspector Jim Gallagher, a police field crime manager, said people needed to speak up about child abuse. He praised the bravery of the school friend who called police.

“When you know about a child that possibly could be at risk, then that warrants you making it your business. If you do nothing, then no one will ever know. It’s a child’s life you’re gambling with if you don’t report it.”

Javed Khan, acting president of the Federation of the Islamic Associations of New Zealand, said the offending could not be tolerated. It was likely a one-off case, he said.

“Maybe the family members were trying to hide it, but I don’t think the community would condone anything like that. If we became aware of it we would definitely bring it to the attention of the authorities.

“We are subject to the laws of the country and follow the laws of New Zealand. Anything like that is not accepted here. It has nothing to do with Islam or the religion. It’s more to do with a cultural thing … It could just be the family.”

It’s never OK

• Since 2007, it has been illegal for any person – including parents – to use any physical force on a child, including for the purposes of correcting behaviour or as a form of punishment.

• In the year to June 30, police investigated almost 90,000 family violence cases. There were children present in more than 56,000 of those.

Video: Farooq Murad (MCB) Defends Islamic Extremism On BBC Politics Show

MCB defend muslim extremists in the UK


Interview with Islamist Farooq Murad, Chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain on the Sunday Politics Show, 03/11/13. Host Andrew Neil rips into Murad regarding Islamic extremism in the UK . Apologist Farooq Murad shows himself as an Islamist himself  and a complete lier .

Farooq Murad was constantly trying to deflect awkward questions on burkas, hate preachers, treatment of women and other extremist subjects. When that failed often he used the Muslim tactics of taqiyya and kitman, by answering a different question than asked, trying to twist facts to justify extremism or just telling complete lies. Such as claiming the MCB did not support the anti Semitic Istanbul Declaration which Daud Abdullah the MCB’s Deputy Secretary General signed on their behalf. Farooq Murad  equally as evasive when quizzed on hate preachers at the IFE controlled East London Mosque who the MCB have extensive links with

Channel 4 Gets Burka’d Up With Special News Feature Called Britain’s Niqab

UK TV station Channel Four have gone all Islamic again following on from Ramadam Season, they are now doing ‘Britain’s Niqab’.

Britain’s Niqab is a series of special Channel 4 News programmes looking at the controversies surrounding the wearing of the Niqab in modern Britain.From Tuesday to Thursday, Channel 4 News will be presenting a series of special reports examining and debating the wearing of the niqab.

Britain’s Niqab will include a series of films about women who have made a deliberate choice to wear the niqab. Another is a point of view film following one woman who wears the niqab and explores why.

On Thursday 24 October, Channel 4 News will broadcast a live debate in east London hosted by presenter Jackie Long for a special programme discussing the issues raised in the films. The debate will engage with women who wear the niqab and others who do not approve of it being worn.

Once again though, whenever its a controversial subject regarding Islam, it is from a Muslim point of view. It is all about Muslim women who have chose to wear the nijab and burka . Obviously they are going to defend their choice for doing so. OK it n may only be Muslim women who wear the nijab and burkas. But they affect society in general. Generally Muslim women who don’t wear the burka themselves or Muslim men do not overly object to them because its an Islamic thing.

Other than the communist far left who will say full face coverings are their choice, its the rest of the infidel population who object to them being worn in public. On Thursdays live debate from East London i very much doubt that the non hijab wearers debating the topic will be non Muslim Brit’s, the ones that have been calling for a ban in public of them.

Burkas and nijabs are no different than a balaclava, ski mask or crash helmet. Yet the latter you would need to remove if you went in a bank, hospital, court, airport, school etc etc. So in a world where political correctness and equal rights are demand, why should Muslims get any special treatment ? Leftists will say its a Muslim woman’s right to wear what ever she wants and why should they remove it. In that case its also a kafir males right to wear what ever they want, like a balaclava and not remove it. One rule for all !!!

Muslim burkas are a sign of extremist political Islam represented by the wahabi/salafist types in Saudi Arabia or Taliban era Afghanistan. This is Britain a non Muslim nation not some 3rd world totalitarian Islamic nation. They have no place in our society. They are anti social and intimidating to many, especially the elderly and children. They also have a negative effect on cohesion and integration.  Lets be honest who is going to strike up a random conversation with a Muslim in a nijab when all you can see is a pair of eyes

Quote from the Koran
O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is oft-forgiving, most merciful.

Even the few words in the koran that actually are regarding women’s dress doesn’t even say that it is compulsory to only show the eyes.  It does say that Muslims have always been sexual deviants though with the mentioning being molested.


Islamists Seize Control Of Al-Madinah Muslim School In Derby

Reblog from the excellent Muslim Issue

UK Muslim school banned pupils from singing and reading fairy tales as hardliners took control and ousted headmaster and deputy

They’re testing how far they can go in their salafi infiltration and indoctrination without being stopped or removed. You cannot criticize the burka and you will endlessly hear that no one has any right to demand Muslims what to wear. Muslims, however, have the right to demand non-Muslims what they should wear: teachers at the new al-Madinah school in Derby have been required to wear a veil. That’s been added into their contracts. And now western education is being removed one by one. In addition, they have fired the regular teacher and replaced senior staff with hardliners.
This is the exact strategy they take when they fund mosque building all across Europe: utilize local people to apply for all permits, to manage the mosque – and then come with a monetary offer that removes the initial founders, and replace them with extremism.
So what would be the right method to manage this situation to give them a firm message? Immediate deportation of the senior management, and closure of the school. If this is not done, they will again return and sneak in more and more salafi ideology once the eye and attention on their activity dries out and turn the attention somewhere else.



Muslim school banned pupils from singing and reading fairy tales as hardliners took control and ousted headmaster and deputy

  • Andrew Cutts-McKay, former head of al-Madinah School in Derby and former deputy Suzanne Southerland claim they were ‘sidelined’ by the school
  • Staff also claimed religious hardliners banned children from singing or reading fairy tales
  • Claims come just days after female staff allegedly told to sign new contracts which force them to wear the hijab
  • Employees say they are ‘concerned’ by other practices including forcing female pupils to sit at the back of the class away from boys
  • As a free school it is government funded by outside local authority control
  • National Union of Teachers is ‘very worried’ about the school

By Inderdeep Bains And Ben Spencer

PUBLISHED: 14:11, 22 September 2013

Britain’s first Muslim free school is controlled by religious hardliners who ban children from singing or reading fairy tales and force staff to wear headscarves – according to the former head teacher and deputy who claim they were forced to leave.

Andrew Cutts-McKay resigned from his role as head of al Madinah School in Derby in August, two months after deputy Suzanne Southerland stepped down from her post.

Both allege they were ‘bullied and sidelined’ by members of the school’s trust, which is predominantly Muslim. The school strongly denies the pair’s claims.

Allegations: The National Union of Teachers have said they are concerned about the school, the Midland House campus of which is shown above

Allegations: Staff claim religious hardliners have banned singing and fairy tales at the al-Madinah School, Derby

But earlier this week, concerns were raised by teachers who complained they were being ordered to wear the hijab – even if they are not Muslim.

Now claims have been made that alongside the strict dress code, the school’s 200 pupils are banned from playing stringed instruments, which are forbidden in the Islamic faith.

Singing is also forbidden unless it involves Islamic faith songs, while youngsters are not allowed to read fairy tales as these are ‘non-Islamic’.

A staff member told The Sunday Times: ‘When teaching children the alphabet, you could not associate the letter ‘p’ with pig.’

They added: ‘We were told that we couldn’t read the children a story about a witch because it’s seen as being non-Islamic.’

Other staff have highlighted ‘concerns’ over the school’s practices, which include banning non-halal food and forcing female pupils as young as four to sit at the back of the class away from boys.

Claims: A Muslim member of staff from Al-Madinah School. Some other members of staff are claiming they have been asked to wear headscarves

Claims: A Muslim member of staff from Al-Madinah School. Some other members of staff are claiming they have been asked to wear headscarves

Female members of staff, some of whom are not Muslims, say they have been told to sign new contracts which force them to wear the hijab.

These also ban them from wearing jewellery on the school’s premises in Derby.

One woman, who had been interviewed for a position, claimed she was told she was not allowed to shake hands with male teachers to avoid ‘insult’.

Another staff member, speaking anonymously to the Mail, said the school was ‘like being in Pakistan’.

She said: ‘Girls are treated very separately from boys, the girls sit at the back of the classroom.

‘Boys go and eat first at lunchtime and then the girls are allowed to go.

‘It is like being in any school in Pakistan. That is why it was founded, that is the idea.’

The decision to make all female members of staff, regardless of religious beliefs, wear the Islamic headscarf – which covers the head but not the face – was apparently introduced over the summer.

But some female members of staff have been spotted removing the headwear immediately after stepping out of the school building during their lunch hour.

And around half a dozen teachers at the free school, who could face losing their jobs if they refuse to comply with the rules, are now seeking legal advice from the National Union of Teachers.

Regional NUT officer Nick Raine said: ‘We are very worried about the school and the education of the 200 children there.

‘There are worries over practices concerning the discrimination between male and female pupils in the school, with the girls being told to sit at the back of the class regardless of whether they can see the board properly.’

He added: ‘It’s one thing to have a dress code which we can challenge and quite another to build it into a contract.

‘The school is publicly accountable so there needs to be a greater level of transparency.’

As a free school, Al-Madinah operates outside local authority control but still qualifies for government funding. It was set up in September last year.


A hijab is typically worn by a Muslim female beyond the age of puberty in the presence of adult males – it covers the head and chest, but not the face.

It not only refers to the physical body covering, but also a state of mind, where al-hijab refers to ‘the veil which separates man or the world from God’.

Hijab can also be used to refer to the seclusion of women from men in public.

Most often, it is worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty, privacy and morality. If differs from a burqa, a veil that covers the entire body head and face, and the niqab which covers the entire head and face except for the eyes.

Sue Arguile, branch secretary of the Derby National Union of Teachers, said the new demands stem from the Al-Madinah’s free school status. She said: ‘We have always had a number of concerns about this school ever since it was first set up, as essentially they can do what they like.

‘There is no buffer between them and the state and no protection for staff and pupils.

‘Free schools set their own rules, curriculums and dress codes, and so long as pupils and staff are aware of them before joining, then there is no upset.

‘But forcing people to agree to contractual changes or face being out of work could breach employment law.’

Former head teacher Andrew Cutts-McKay, who left after less than a year in the post, previously said the school would ‘honour all faiths’.

However he admitted that he thought at least half of the school’s pupils would be Muslims.

The school’s acting principal Stuart Wilson, who began his job on September 5, denied claims of bullying towards his former colleagues. He also disputed that there was anything within staff contracts requiring women to wear the hijab or a headscarf.

However, he added: ‘The expectation for female staff, raised in adverts and interviews, is that the head is covered while on site. To date, no complaint has been raised with the governing body relating to female staff wearing the hijab or headscarf.’

Banned: Non-Halal food is thought to have also been banned at the school, some of which is based in Norman House in Derby, pictured.

Banned: Non-Halal food is thought to have also been banned at the school, some of which is based in Norman House in Derby, pictured.

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Police issue mugshot of woman without her Muslim veil

Well done Lancashire police for releasing the mugshot of Muslim thief Shaheda Lorgat without her burka on after her being jailed for defrauding her employers.  She arrived at court with the anti social and identity concealing niqab on. Other criminals don’t have the luxury of hiding their faces when named and shamed so why should she. Being Muslim is a non valid reason for anonymity.  I imagine it wont be long before the leftists and islamists begin their whining claiming its racist.

Police issue mugshot of woman without her Muslim veil

Police have issued a mugshot of a woman without her Muslim veil after she stole taxpayers’ cash, having turned up to court wearing a niqab.

Shaheda Lorgat arriving at Preston Crown Court, Lancs Photo: Cascade

11:59AM BST 18 Sep 2013

Shaheda Lorgat, 49, went for court hearings in a niqab after being charged with stealing £21,000 from a college where she worked as a purchasing officer.

Passers-by were unable to see her face as she arrived at Preston Crown Court, Lancashire, to face justice over the thefts.

But after she was jailed for a year Lancashire Police agreed to issue Lorgat’s mugshot without her face covering and issued a statement saying frauds like the crimes she committed would “not be tolerated”.

The case comes just days after another Muslim woman accused of witness intimidation was ordered by a London court to remove her veil when giving evidence at her forthcoming trial.

Lorgat, from Blackburn, Lancashire, had systematically stolen thousands of pounds of taxpayers money earmarked for college equipment at Blackburn College over a three year eight month period to fund a “lavish lifestyle.”

She spent the stolen money on a holiday to Florida, a trip to Alton Towers, solicitor’s bills for her divorce and builders’ costs including renovations to her bathroom.

The thefts came to light in February 2012 when a member of staff noticed discrepancies on the college credit card.

An internal audit uncovered ‘financial discrepancies’ and Lorgat was suspended from her role. Police initially feared up to £90,000 had been stolen.

Among the personal items Lorgat paid for on the college account were a total of £9,031 worth of personal travel costs, solicitors bills totalling £2,464 and a total of £8,473 worth of tradesmen’s costs.

Other items included £465 worth of services at Alton Towers, £315 worth of personal holiday costs, a supermarket bill of £202, goods worth £245 for personal use and prescription sunglasses worth £153.

Lorgat, who has since been sacked from her job, pleaded guilty to 19 counts of fraud by abuse of position.

She claimed she started fraudulently using the credit card when her husband left her after more than 20 years’ of marriage. She said the break up led to mental health problems.

In mitigation defence lawyer Leila Ghahhary said: “When her husband left her, she felt a desperate need to pretend to the outside world that everything was okay.

“Her state of mind and emotional anxiety and the stress she was going through at the time led her behave in a way that projected something totally different, hence the spending.”

Passing sentence, the judge, Mr Recorder Robert Crawford, said: “All these things you did with public money that should have been spent on an educational institution.”

After the hearing, Rachel Curry, director of resources at Blackburn College, said: “The college is satisfied with the outcome of the legal proceedings against a former colleague who was dismissed from our employment over 18 months ago following an investigation initially triggered by minor financial discrepancies.

“As one of the largest and most financially stable further education colleges in the UK, whilst the situation was unfortunate and regrettable there was no impact on the education and training of our learners.”

Lorgat’s ex-husband Mr Mohammed Lorgat said in a statement: “She has no connection with the Lorgat family and committed the fraud by spending on lavish lifestyle and luxuries. She carried out these activities after we separated and divorced and I have had no contact with her.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “Shaheda Lorgat was in a position of trust and used the credit card for her own financial gain.

“The card was meant to be used to buy equipment for pupils with certain requirements but instead she used it to buy herself things.”

PC Anita Whittle said: “I am pleased with today’s sentence, especially given the amount of money that Shaheda Lorgat spent on Blackburn College’s credit card which was there to be used for things that benefit the college and its students.

“I hope that today’s sentence shows that fraud of any kind will not be tolerated, and those who think that it’s acceptable to commit this type of crime will be brought before the courts.”

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Dhimmi’s At Birmingham College Burka Ban U-Turn To Appease Moaning Muslims


48 hours ago i held Birmingham Metropolitan College in high regard for their banning of head wear and face coverings which included the niqab and burka for Muslim females. Which makes sense because who knows who or what’s really lurking beneath the black blanket. It made a change to see somebody make a sensible decision even if it did risk upsetting the minority of the minority that actually wear them. Things soon change, They have gone from hero to zero in the time it took them to roll over and say to the moaning Muslims  “OK, we changed our minds you can wear your burka”


By going back on their original statement Birmingham college have done the worse thing possible. Their gutless cowardly U-turn has not only have they put a nail in their own coffin they have put one in every other place of educations coffin as well, who may at some point wished to introduce similar rules on face coverings.

What sort of message have the college dhimmis sent out for the future. Moan …moan… moan….cry discrimination and we will look like fools by giving in to Muslim demands.  The decision makers should have known better. It is a much often used stealth jihad tactic. When it comes to moaning ,spitting dummies out and playing the victim nobody does it better than Muslims.

Birmingham Metropolitan College U-turn statement appears to only be in regards Muslims wearing face coverings and discriminates against the majority non-Muslims with the ban on non identity concealing clothing such as hats and hoodies still in place. Both of which are a popular items of clothing worn by Britain’s youth. They are more part of British life than Muslim Burkas are that is for sure.

Where was the ‘White Students Union(sic)’ fighting the corner of the majority when you need them? OH SILLY ME, of course there isn’t one because that would be deemed as racist. Unlike the exclusive ‘Black’ Students Union which is not considered racist by leftists who were putting pressure on the powers that be to reverse the ban on  face coverings claiming it’s discriminating against Muslims.  Race agitator Aaron Kiely from the union claimed the ban was ‘a clear violation of a woman’s right to choose.’ Therefore in a non sexist world a man should have the same rights to choose also – to wear a balaclava or ski mask to class then!

There are 100’s of thousands British people of all ages and walks of life that feel extremely uncomfortable and intimidated in the presence of Muslim women with anti social face coverings on. Even more daunting would be needing to have some kind of interaction with them. Hardly appealing talking to a pair of eyes. They give off negative vibes just by looking at them.  “Lost ?? Tough. Do not approach me and ask for directions you low kafir”

Regardless of the excuses or religious reasons given by Islamists to justify wearing the niqab/burka there is nothing in the Quran ordering Muslim women to wear them. If it was then every Muslim woman would be walking round in them not just 10 % of them. Also very few Muslim women actually wear them by choice although they may tell you otherwise to avoid a beating. It will be some control freak Islamic extremist family member ordering them to wear them. The kind of Islamofascist male that thinks its acceptable to beat and sexually abuse women because they are beneath the male and its his God-given right to do so.  Taliban oppressive Islamic ideology.

BAN THE BURKA – If they want to wear it so badly there is plenty of Islamic countries where they can wear it 24/7

Ban on Muslim students wearing religious veils scrapped by Birmingham college after public outcry

  • Birmingham Metropolitan College had asked teenagers to remove items
  • Staff said it was for safety and ensures people are ‘identifiable at all times’
  • But guidelines divided opinion, with one 17-year-old calling it ‘disgusting’
  • David Cameron backed educational institutions setting their own rules
  • But Deputy PM Nick Clegg said he was ‘uneasy’ about the idea


PUBLISHED: 09:11, 13 September 2013 | UPDATED: 14:02, 13 September 2013

A college which tried to ban pupils wearing the full facial veil for security reasons has abandoned the rule after a public outcry.

All students, staff and visitors to Birmingham Metropolitan College were told they must have their faces visible at all times so they are ‘easily identifiable’.

But the move was heavily criticised by some students, one describing the policy as disgusting. Nick Clegg said he was ‘uneasy’ about the idea.

Controversial policy: Staff at Birmingham Metropolitan College, pictured, have said the guidelines are in place for 'security reasons'Controversial policy: Staff at Birmingham Metropolitan College, pictured, have said the guidelines are in place for ‘security reasons’

More than 800 people claimed they planned to attend a protest against the policy today to stand up to what they said was an ‘Islamophobic’ decision.

David Cameron’s spokesman said the Prime Minister defended the right of educational institutions to be able to ‘set and enforce their own school uniform policies’.

But Deputy Prime Minister Mr Clegg said he felt ‘uneasy’ about a veil ban in a schools, although he could understand why it was needed to identify people at airport checkouts.

The college which has 44,000 students and is the third largest in the UK, said headwear poses a security risk and their policy ‘includes the removal of hoodies, hats, caps and veils so that faces are visible’.

This would stop female Muslim pupils from wearing the niqab, the full facial veil where only the woman’s eyes are visible, or the burqa where the eye area is covered in mesh.

But the college has now issued a statement saying it has decided to modify its stance to allow individuals to wear ‘specific items of personal clothing to reflect their cultural values’.

More than 9,000 people signed an online petition set up by NUS Black Students’ Campaign calling on the college’s principal Dr Christine Braddock to remove the ban.

Two Muslim students at the Birmingham Metropolitan College campus in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. The college have banned Muslim girls from wearing a veilTwo Muslim students at the Birmingham Metropolitan College campus in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. The college have banned Muslim girls from wearing a veil. Eyes, nose and mouth all have to be visibleAaron Kiely, NUS Black Students’ officer, said: ‘The NUS Black Students’ Campaign completely condemns the decision by Birmingham Metropolitan College to ban Muslim students from wearing veils on campus.’This ban is a complete infringement on the rights to religious freedom and cultural expression and is a clear violation of a woman’s right to choose.’A statement posted on the college’s Facebook page last night said: ‘Birmingham Metropolitan College is committed to high quality education for all of our learners.’We are concerned that recent media attention is detracting from our core mission of providing high quality learning.

‘As a consequence, we will modify our policies to allow individuals to wear specific items of personal clothing to reflect their cultural values.

‘The college will still need to be able to confirm an individual’s identity in order to maintain safeguarding and security.

‘The necessity to comply with national regulations, examination board requirements and applicable legislation will remain an overriding priority in all circumstances, as will the need to ensure that effective teaching and learning methodologies are applied.

‘We have listened to the views of our students and we are confident that this modification to our policies will meet the needs of all of our learners and stakeholders.

‘We remain committed to ensuring that students are provided with a safe and welcoming environment and the best education and training opportunities available.’

Prime Minister David Cameron backed the right of schools and colleges to ban religious veils
Nick Clegg said he felt 'uneasy' about telling people what they should wear

Split: David Cameron backed schools and colleges to enforce uniform rules but Nick Clegg said he felt ‘uneasy’ about telling people what they should wear

Birmingham Ladywood Labour MP Shabana Mahmood welcomed the college’s change in policy.

She said: ‘This change in policy is enormously welcome. The college has made a wise decision to rethink its policy on banning veils for a group of women who would have potentially been excluded from education and skills training at the college had the ban been enforced.

‘My thanks go out to all those who backed the campaign.’


Case by case: Schools can outlaw veils but only after a consultationCase by case: Schools can outlaw veils but only after a consultation

Headteachers have the power to order students to remove veils after a series of high profile legal cases.

In a key 2007 case, a High Court judge rejected a bid by a pupil to be allowed to wear the niqab in class.

Although the 12-year-old’s three older sisters had worn the headwear at the same school in Buckinghamshire, teachers said it impeded their ability to communicate with her.

They said they needed to be able to tell if a pupil was paying attention, engaged with her work or distressed.

After the case, the Government issued guidance that enabled headteachers to ban full-face veils on grounds of security, safety or learning.

It said teachers were justified in enforcing uniform rules which mean they can see and make eye contact with pupils.

Schools need to be able to identify pupils to maintain order in classrooms and to spot any intruders, it added.

But rather than a French-style blanket ban on face coverings in all public spaces, the Department of Education said institutions could outlaw the coverings as long as they carried out a proper consultation.

Updated Government guidance released last year clearly continues to back heads who choose to ban face-coverings.

It says it is ‘still lawful’ to restrict the freedom of pupils to express their religion on the grounds of ‘health, safety and the protection of the rights and freedoms of others’.

And religious freedoms do not mean pupils can practise their beliefs ‘at any time, in any place, or in any particular manner,’ the  guidance adds.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2419835/Birmingham-Metropolitan-College-scrap-ban-Muslim-students-wearing-religious-veils-public-outcry.html#ixzz2emVnJQqn

Muslim Mullah Chops Wife Into Pieces For Refusing To Wear Veil

A Pakistani religious cleric of the ‘religion of peace’ has murdered his wife and chopped her to bits for refusing to wear a veil. In a note left with the body he tries to justify her killing by claiming  ” she went against Allah’s orders”  by not covering her face. In his twisted mind corrupted by Islam he feels he has done no wrong. Clearly he holds his extremist version of Islam far higher than his own wife’s life.
You wouldn’t be far wrong if you was thinking to yourself, are these barbaric actions committed by this cleric how a true man of religion would act. After all you never hear of a priest committing such violent and un-religious acts in the name of God. That’s because Islam doesn’t have any kind of hierarchy as say the Catholic church which has the Pope at the top and an organized structure and a process for promotions from priest to bishop to cardinal etc.
Anybody can become a Muslim imam all that is required is a little knowledge of the Koran. There is no ordination process so it’s not unheard of for somebody to bully their way to that position.  Hence extremist hate preachers such as Abu Qatada getting a platform to spew their hateful views from to the Muslim masses.

Cleric confessed that he had deemed his action the best way to “punish his wife for rebelling against Allah’s orders”. PHOTO: FILE

MULTAN: A cleric cut his wife into pieces on Wednesday for refusing to wear a veil and sending their children to school, police said.

They said the body was recovered from near their house. They said they found his confession on the body and had also recovered the weapon he had used.

The body has been handed over to the family following a post-mortem examination.

A case has been registered against the confession-killer, who the police said had been missing.

Ahmad Aziz, father of the deceased Farzana Bibi, 36, said that she married Muhammad Sharif, 42, a resident of Bakkhal Bhir in Mumtazabad Colony.

They had three children.

Aziz said that Sharif led prayers at the neighbourhood mosque and also gave Quran lessons at their home. He said Sharif was short-tempered and would often beat up Farzana Bibi. He had been telling her to cover her face when she left the house.

Aziz said Farzana Bibi wore an abaya (gown), but did not want to cover her face.

He said they often quarreled over the matter.

Police said Aziz was informed about the incident by the police shortly after they found Farzana Bibi’s body. Police said it had first been seen by a neighbour, who informed the police.

Police said in his note, Sharif had confessed to killing Farzana Bibi.

He wrote that he had deemed his action the best way to “punish his wife for rebelling against Allah’s orders”. He wrote that he wanted all women to learn from their example.

He said he had not wanted his children to study at a school. Instead they should have gone to a religious seminary. He said Farzana Bibi had enrolled their children into an English medium school against his will. He said he had wanted to punish her for that, too.

He said he had been telling her to cover her face with a veil when she stepping outside, but she had not listened. He also wrote that he did not want to be responsible for her sins and thus killed her.

He said it had taken him time to make up his mind for this.

On Wednesday morning, after the children left for school, he wrote, he attacked her with a sharp knife, used to slaughter animals. He later cut the body into 10 pieces.

The station house officer said a police team was looking for Sharif. He said the children had been handed over to the parents of the deceased.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 22nd, 2013.