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Video: Hate Filled Muslim Girl In Burka Beheads A Toy Doll

This video shows the real Islam that unfortunately the majority of people are blinded to. A young Muslim  girl no doubt brainwashed from birth by her Islamofascist peers. The child wearing the oppressive black burka starts by rambling on to the camera like savage killer Jihadi John does in an ISIS execution video.Before taking a kitchen knife and beheading a plastic toy doll. Holding the dolls cut off head in her hand. The child declares ‘Allah akbar’

With Muslim parents and mosques filling children’s heads with hate for all things not Islamic. You cannot help but worry about how things will be when the next generation of Muslims like the girl in the video become adults

Muslim Charged By Police For Threats To Behead UKIP Candidate

Aftab Ahmed of Winchcombe Place, Newcastle, has been charged by police for threats to behead UKIPs election candidate who is contesting for the Newcastle East seat in next weeks election. Ahmed isn’t so clever now after being caught. Wouldn’t surprise me if he rung making threats to behead off his own phone and forgot to withhold his number

Man charged after alleged beheading threat against Ukip candidate

First published Tuesday 28 April 2015 in News

A man has been charged after an alleged threat to behead a Ukip election candidate.

David Robinson-Young, 62, who is standing in Newcastle East, made the allegation to the police after claiming Aftab Ahmed, 44, made the threat on the phone to him.

Northumbria Police today confirmed Aftab Ahmed, of Winchcombe Place, Newcastle, has been charged with threats to kill.

At the time Mr Robinson-Young said he had been left “shaken” by the call.

Ahmed will appear at magistrates’ court later this week.

Pictures: ISIS Savages Mass Beheading Of Coptic Christians

The blood thirsty and barbaric Islamic State have released a new video allegedly showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians.  The victims had been working in Libya when they were separated from their Muslim co workers and taken by Islamofascist terrorists.

A scrolling caption in the video referred to the hostages as “People of the cross, followers of the hostile Egyptian Church”. Speaking in English, a fighter from the group said the beheadings were revenge for “Muslim women persecuted by Coptic crusaders in Egypt”. Usual stupid response as the Copts are in no position to persecute anybody in Islam dominated Egypt.


Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 3.44.41 PM

Coptic Christians make up around 10% of Egyptians. Until Egypt was invaded by Muslim armies , almost the whole of the nation were Copts. With the Muslim invaders spreading Islam by the sword with the choice of convert or die. Eventually Islam and its backward ideology became dominant.

Under Muslim rule, Christians were treated as second-class citizens both in society and under Islamic law, Copts paid jiyza (special taxes), had no access to political power but were exempt from military service. The Copts were cut off from the main stream of Christianity, but they were allowed to practice their religion with many restrictions in place .Unofficially, still to this day Egyptian Copts face persecution from Muslims.

Soft Sentence For Muslim Who Offered £1000 Bounty To Beheaded Mosque Robber

Ridiculously low sentence for Muslim extremist Mohammed Bashir from Oldham, Greater Manchester. Drugged up Bashir posted an advert on Gumtree offering £1000 to whoever beheaded the person responsible for robbing the mosque he attends. Posting a CCTV image of the robber. The magistrates strangely did not think that inciting murder was serious enough offence to send him to prison, preferring to sentence him to a lame 80 hours unpaid work. Another Muslim criminal who will be laughing his head off at Britain’s 2 tier justice system.

Spared jail: Dad who offered £1,000 reward for the beheading of a mosque raider while high on cannabis

Mohammed Bashir

A dad has escaped jail after offering a £1,000 reward for the BEHEADING of a man who raided a mosque.

Mohammed Bashir, 26, uploaded the vulgar advert after robbers targeted his place of worship. A court was told he was high on cannabis when he placed the ads in a ‘moment of madness’.

The day after the incident at the Jamia Masjid mosque in Werneth, Oldham on January 4 he wrote two posts on the advertising website Gumtree.

Titled “Reward Beheading” and “Werneth Reward” they contained a CCTV image of a suspect taken from the Mosque’s Facebook page and offered a £1,000 reward to behead them, a court was told.

Jamia Mosque in Werneth

They were spotted by a member of the public who took screenshots and reported them to police, Kerry Bell, prosecuting said.

Officers traced the posts back to Bashir and he admitted the offence after being arrested.

A court heard the posts raised fears of extremism within Oldham’s Muslim community – however Bashir’s lawyer insisted he was not a religious extremist, or a terrorist.

He told police in interview that he was high on cannabis when he wrote the posts and he removed them after just 15 minutes.

Nailia Akhtar, defending said dad-of-two Bashir had already experienced great trauma in his life after the death of his young daughter in March 2013. Eliza Bashir died after accidentally swallowing a battery.

She said: “He clearly didn’t think his actions through as he used his own Gumtree account and his own mobile phone meaning he was quite easy to trace. His actions have been condemned his wife, his family and the mosque.

“It’s had a negative impact on surrounding mosques as it highlights the extremism linked to Islam.

“It’s quite clear this man has no history of extremism and he doesn’t have any inclination of religious motivation.

Mohammed Bashir leaving Oldham Magistrates Court

“This has put his job in jeopardy and the safety of his family at risk.”

Bashir, of Monmouth Street, Oldham pleaded guilty to using a public communication network to send an offensive or menacing message at an earlier hearing.He was today ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work at Oldham Magistrates court.

He also has to pay £145 in costs.

Chairman of the bench Kathleen Kershaw said: “This was a serious offence, especially in the climate at the moment.

“We accept this was a moment of madness for which you have shown great remorse.”

After the incident the mosque posted on their Facebook page saying: “Please be careful with what you say on Facebook, Twitter etc. regarding what happened today/last night at the masjid about the robbery.

“Please don’t make threats about the person online as it could cause complications in the case.

“We are all outraged at this despicable crime but we must act with cool heads and wisdom.

“The last thing we want is one of our own getting in trouble for something they may have said in (justified) anger.”

Muslim Convert Brusthom Ziamani ‘Arrested On Way To Behead Soldier’

News that another savage Muslim has appeared in court after being caught by police whilst on his way to behead a British soldier. Black convert Brusthom Ziamani idolised the blood thirsty Islamic barbarians who beheaded Lee Rigby in Woolwich. At the time of his arrest by police he was on route to do a copycat beheading. Police found a 12″ knife and a black flag of jihad in his bag. He told Police he wanted to be photographed holding the decapitated head after murdering a soldier.

This is another of them crimes involving Muslims that has been kept low key and under wraps until now. For some reason certain people in authority and those in the press did not deem this crime as newsworthy and something the public needed to know about.

Brusthom Ziamani ‘arrested on way to behead soldier’


Brusthom Ziamani “told police he wanted to die as a martyr and go to paradise”, as the BBC’s June Kelly reports

A teenager was arrested as he made his way to behead a British soldier, the Old Bailey has heard.

Brusthom Ziamani, 19, had a rucksack containing a 12in knife, a hammer and an “Islamic flag” when he was held on a street in east London in August 2014.

He idolised the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby, researched Army cadet base sites and told an ex-girlfriend of a plan to “kill soldiers”, the court was told.

Mr Ziamani, of Camberwell, London, denies preparing an act of terrorism.

Jurors heard Mr Ziamani had converted to Islam in early 2014 and his arrest came after he showed the former girlfriend the weapons and described Fusilier Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo as a “legend”.


Prosecutor Annabel Darlow told the court: “He didn’t say anything when he was arrested but he was remanded and told a security officer that he had been on his way to kill a British soldier at an Army barracks when he had been arrested.

“He said that he was going to behead the soldier and hold that soldier’s head up in the air so that a friend could take a photograph with the severed head of the soldier.

“You may think that his aim was to emulate the dubious feats of his hero Michael Adebolajo, who had murdered a British soldier close to the Woolwich barracks where he worked.”

The jury heard Mr Ziamani also put posts on Facebook under the name Mujahid Karim, supporting Sharia law and stating he was “willing to die in the cause of Allah”.

‘Changed person’

Mr Ziamani had previously been arrested in June 2014, the court heard.

The court was told that on 20 June he had searched the internet for “Camberwell Army cadets” and for cadets in Lewisham.

Jurors also heard he had looked at the website of the London Irish Rifles Association and found details of the Army Cadet Force in Blackheath.

After this arrest police found a letter in his jeans addressed to his “beloved parents” saying he was a “changed person”.

Fusilier Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich, south-east London, in May 2013

He wrote of being martyred and going to paradise and referenced people being raped, tortured and killed in Iraq and Syria, saying he had a “duty” to help them.

He wrote: “Because I have no means ov gettin there I will wage war against the british government on this soil the british government will have a taste of there own medicine they will be humiliated this is ISIB Islamic State of Ireland and Britain.

“Now we will take a thousand ov yours then ten thousand and send you all to the hell-fire you want war you got it British soldiers heads will be removed and burned u cannot defeat the Muslims we love to die the way you love to live my fellow muslim brothers these people want war lets kill them slaughter them and implement sharia in our lands and UK.”

He went on: “Lee Rigby is burnin in hell im dying good for him this is what you get for voting Cameron and democracy.”

He told police he looked up to radical preachers including Abu Hamza and Anjem Choudary, but denied he was planning an attack.

He was later released on bail and spoken to in July by engagement officers from the anti-radicalisation Prevent programme.

The court heard Mr Ziamani was unresponsive and said he “did not need help with his religion” and had left the home of his Christian family.

Mr Ziamani continued to post extremist material on Facebook, including a photo of six severed heads, the court head.

The jury, of eight women and four men, also heard he researched the murder of Fusilier Rigby, reading news articles about the attack and Adebolajo.

The prosecution said Mr Ziamani identified with Adebolajo, as he was also a convert from a Christian family.

His arrest on 19 August 2014 came three days after getting back in touch with his ex-girlfriend.

The jury heard he had told her: “If I leave this world I don’t want any hatred to be left between us.”

The prosecutor said Mr Ziamani also told he was involved in “planning a terrorist attack” and when asked if he meant a bomb stated: “No not like that, basically to kill soldiers.”

Mr Ziamani is charged with preparing an act of terrorism on or before 20 August 2014.

via BBC News – Brusthom Ziamani ‘arrested on way to behead soldier’.

Video: ISIS Muslim Scholar Gives Lesson On How To Cut Heads Off

This video shows how Islam is evil to the core. Unlike other religions whose spiritual leaders try to lead their flock in a peaceful way. In Islam it is often those who are most religious and devout followers who are the most fundamentalist blood thirsty savages. 

In this video a radical cleric associated with the barbaric ISIS in Syria and Iraq gives lessons to his brainwashed followers on the best practices in chopping heads off

Video: Muslim MP George Galloway Talks About Beheading The Local Council

Muslim convert MP George Galloway talks about beheading the local council and that they “specialise” in that sort of operation!  

Muslim MP Galloway showing the world what a joke he is

Yes George maybe barbaric actions like beheading are a Muslim speciality. I can think of a few other Muslim specialities also…..such as sexual deviancy which is also one of Mr Galloway’s who has an interracial cuckold fetish. Another Muslim speciality is the taqiyya which the anti British traitor uses all to often to fellow MPs in parliament. Corruption and fraud is also a Muslim strong point and one which Galloway is all to familiar with. It was alleged Galloway was receiving back handers in the 100,000s in oil money from Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain. Last but most definitely not  least Muslim speciality is terrorism which is almost exclusive to Muslims. Snake Galloway is a strong supporter of Hamas.

Video: Muslim Children Play Lets Behead The Enemy In Syria

Muslim children in an Islamist controlled area play lets behead the enemy game. The childrens heads have been filled with hate as they emulate their peers in play. With that mindset its quite possible in a few years some of them will be Islamists themselves and getting the chance to do it for real


DOH!! Rebel Muslim Army In Syria Behead 1 Of Their Own Soldiers By Mistake

With little sign of slowing down, the battle for Syria continues. On one side you have the Syrian persecutor Assad  with his government forces. Fighting alongside Assad are Shiite Muslims from terror group Hezbollah and mercenaries from Iran and Iraq. On the opposing Islamist side are the Al-Qaeda related jihad groups also Sunni Muslims from around the world. Including blood thirsty savages from the UK, USA, Holland,Germany and other western non-Muslim lands.

Muslims are renowned for not being the sharpest knives in the draw for starters so all this fighting must get a title bit confusing for them. No team colours like on Call of Duty in this real life death match. I’m afraid so mistakes are pretty much inevitable. 

The Al Qaeda backed Islamists clearly appear to be lacking anything between the ears. Video footage emerged of 2 rebel militia members proudly clutching a severed head of what they claimed to be a dead pro regime fighter.  A Human rights monitor saw the footage and recognized the deceased person not as 1 of Assad’s Shia soldiers as they claimed. Turns out they had mistakenly gripped one of their own  soldiers and decapitated him

Their lust for blood ruled over common sense. Quick to behead their foe when simple checks would have revealed he was on their side. He probably wasn’t the first or wont  be the last in this Muslim V Muslim civil war that proves violent Muslims can’t even get on with each other and live in peace .So what chance is there for Muslims and infidels to co-exist in harmony.

Islamist rebels behead fellow fighter by mistake – monitors

BEIRUT Sat Nov 16, 2013 4:27pm GMT

(Reuters) – A group of Syrian Sunni Muslim rebels linked to al Qaeda have beheaded one of their own wounded fighters after mistaking him for a foreign Shi’ite fighting for President Bashar al-Assad, a monitoring group said on Saturday.

A video posted by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights shows two members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) brandishing a severed head before a crowd in Aleppo and saying he was an Iraqi Shi’ite fighting for Assad.

Observatory head Rami Abdelrahman said that the man was later identified by the Ahrar al-Sham group, which fights alongside ISIL, as Mohammed Marroush, one of its fighters.

“(ISIL) admitted that they killed the rebel, and arrested a Tunisian man for cutting his head off,” Abdelrahman said, adding that the Tunisian had been referred to an Islamic rebel court in Aleppo.

Marroush had been wounded in fighting around Aleppo and taken to a hospital for treatment, where ISIL fighters said they had heard him repeat the name of two venerated Shi’ite imams, Ali and Hussein, Abdelrahman said.

Activists in Aleppo said that Marroush, who was anaesthetised, might have thought he had been captured by pro-Assad militiamen and so pretended to be a Shi’ite.

Many Shi’ites have come to Syria from Iraq or Lebanon to help Assad, whose ruling establishment are mostly members of a sect linked to Shi’ite Islam, fight a majority Sunni revolt.

But the myriad rebel groups are not only fighting Assad but also competing with each other to secure territory or power.

Ahrar al-Sham issued a “wanted poster” on its website for the two men seen in the video with the severed head. ISIL did not respond to requests for comment.

Both sides in the conflict have been accused by rights groups of war crimes, and residents say they face oppression at the hands of Assad’s forces and loyalist militias on one hand and hardline Islamist rebels on the other.

Muslim Who Ritually Slaughtered Goats Didn’t Know It Was Against The Law

Muslims  pleading ignorance to the courts is all to common these days. Hoping for a gullible judge who believes them and gives the Muslim on trial a lenient sentence. The ‘I did’t know’ excuse is used for everything from under-age sex, molesting women, immigration offences to animal cruelty. Asylum seeker Rashid Kibaga claimed he didn’t know it was illegal to set up a halal slaughter house in a private home and inhumanly behead goats. Acting numb and pretending he thought its OK because that is what he did in Somalia worked a treat with the judge who gave him a suspended sentence

Muslim man who ritually slaughtered goats didn’t know it was against the law

Posted: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 12:00

Muslim man who ritually slaughtered goats didn’t know it was against the law

A Somali refugee who improvised a halal abattoir in a private house where he killed four goats, has been sentenced to a 12 months in jail suspended for two years by an Irish court.

Rashid Kibaga pleaded guilty to operating an unlicensed abattoir and cruelty to animals after he cut the throats of the four goats and allowed them to bleed to death in a house in Balloonagh, Tralee.

The police had been alerted to the incident by people living nearby who had heard the goats “screaming in pain”. When they arrived, they found Rashid Kibaga and two other unidentified men who also lived at the Atlas House asylum seekers’ hostel in Tralee.

Two of the animals had been skinned and another had been beheaded. The animal’s head was lying on the ground near a number of knives and a large pool of blood. A fifth kid goat was found alive in a shed on the premises.

Animal welfare inspectors were called to the scene and took away the kid goat which was described as being in very poor condition. In their report they said that the goats “would have felt pain and been terrified” while being killed.

Mr Kibaga said that he had killed the animals in the ritual halal fashion not realising that it was against Irish law to treat animals like this. He had no previous criminal record.

Brian McInerny, acting for the defence, said that his client was a strict Muslim and this was the sort of thing he would have done all his life in Somalia. He had no idea it was illegal. He now accepts his actions were wrong and “apologises to the people of Ireland for offending them.”

The judge in the case said that while he respected Mr Kibaga’s religious beliefs, the law of the land had to be observed. He agreed with the defence barrister that a custodial sentence would not be necessary, even as a deterrent, as it was “unlikely that an outbreak of goat-slaying would break out in Tralee.”