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Court Told How Jalal Hussain Beat Up Girl, Tied Her To Bed And Raped At A House In Nelson

And the Muslim rape epidemic of Britain continues with Jalal Hussain in the dock at Burnley Crown Court. This sick sadistic nonce from Nelson in Lancashire gets his sexual gratification from terrorizing frightened girls. The bullying coward beat up a girl at a house before tying her to a bed with cables and repeatedly raping his victim. As if he hadnt inflicted enough pain on her with the ordeal he then put a knife to her throat and cut her leg. He contined to carry on his strong arm tactics and intimidation  by threating to shoot his victim and her family. During the frenzied attack Hussain told the girl “she deserved it” something that i have repeatedly said, thats what Muslims truely believe in their heads that their victims deserve the vile attacks almost to justify it to themselves

Nelson teenager allegedly beat up and raped girl, jury told

3:30pm Wednesday 20th March 2013 in NewsBy Wendy Barlow, Court reporter

A TEENAGER allegedly beat up and repeatedly raped a girl, threatening to kill her and shoot her family, a jury was told.

Burnley Crown Court heard claims the petrified and crying girl was tied to a bed with cables by Mikael Jalal Hussain, who hit her to force her to have sex with him at a house in Nelson.

He later put a knife to her neck before cutting her leg.

Hussain was said to have struck the alleged victim with a stick, pushed her into a wall, kicked her in the stomach, lifted her off the ground by her hair and removed the SIM card from her mobile phone.

Prosecutor David Temkin alleged the defendant was strangling the girl and told her: “If I killed you, who would come to your funeral? I bet nobody would come to your funeral.”

Hussain, now 18 and living in Bradford, denies four charges of rape and three allegation of assault causing actual bodily harm.

The alleged offences are said to have taken place several years ago when the defendant lived in Nelson.

Mr Temkin said the victim was allegedly hit in the face and body several times by Hussain. He took her purse and threw it against a wall, picked her up off the ground by her hair, called her abusive names and destroyed her SIM card.

The prosecutor claimed Hussain threatened to shoot the girl’s family and she believed the threats. Mr Temkin told to the jury Hussain repeatedly raped the girl. He said: “The prosecution say that the defendant knew perfectly well that she did not consent to sex with him.”

The hearing was told Hussain threatened to rip off the alleged victim’s clothes with a knife and then held her down, hit her and told her to shut up.

The ‘petrified’ girl was crying and in pain. The defendant allegedly pulled the girl by the legs, pushed her down and told her he would kill her.

Mr Temkin alleged Hussain then tied the student to a bed, by putting cables through holes in the mattress. He said: “He tied her down with her arms and feet, so in effect she was in a star shape. Police later seized it and the mattress had holes in it.”


Single Mother Woke To Find Muslim Burglar Sexually Assaulting Her As She Shared Bed With Children

A Muslim sexcase from Burnley has been jailed after a female home owner awoke as burglar Anamul Hoque was pulling down her pyjama bottoms as she slept in bed with her 2 young children. Hoque showed how much of a danger he poses to women to even attempt to do such a thing as that in the presence of children as well. The pervert already had previous convictions for flashing women and burglary. Prison is the best place for him

muslim pervert  from burnley

Sex pest broke into house and groped sleeping woman

8:00am Sunday 10th February 2013 in News

A dangerous sex pest who groped a mum-of-two while she slept with her two young children has been jailed.

Anamul Hoque, 25, broke into the victim’s home in the early hours and entered her bedroom where she was asleep with her two sons aged eight and five.

Burnley Crown Court heard the mum-of-two awoke to find herself being groped by Hoque and she screamed out.

Hoque then fled from the house.

She tried to call the police but found that Hoque had stolen the iPhone which she had left on the headboard of her bed.

Convicted sex offender Hoque, who has a history of flashing, has now been branded ‘dangerous’ by a crown court judge.

Jailing him for 52 months, Judge Simon Newell said that the defendant had a ‘very worrying and relevant’ criminal record.

Hoque, of Fifth Avenue, Burnley, who admitted burglary, sexual assault and trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offence, was also told he would be subjected to an extended licence period of five years upon his eventual release.

He is already the subject of a sexual offences prevention order, restricting him from harrassing women, until 2016 and he must also sign the sex offenders’ register for life.

Brett Gerrity, prosecuting, said that the 38-year-old victim was alone in the house with her two young sons as her husband was away at a family funeral.

The children were asleep in their double bed, with their mother, at around 5.45am on September 14.

Mr Gerrity said that she could feel a hand touching her right thigh and believed that her pyjama bottoms were being pulled down.

She looked around to see that the bedcovers had been pulled back and Hoque standing over her.

The victim screamed and Hoque fled downstairs, and out into the street. Initially the woman pursued him but returned when she became worried about her children.

But when she went to alert police, she discovered her iPhone had been taken. She eventually called the police at a neighbour’s home.

Police discovered a trainer footprint, near the woman’s kitchen window, and it was later found to match footwear belonging to Hoque.

The court heard that Hoque had two convictions for burglary in 2005 and for five incidents of indecent exposure in 2004.

In April 2011 Hoque was also convicted of sexual assault after he forcibly kissed a woman on the lips on the street.

Gwen Henshaw, defending, said Hoque was aware that he had serious problems and wanted help to address his difficulties.

The court heard that Hoque denied he had been ‘prowling’ in search of a victim to molest but accepted he had taken advantage of the woman when he came across her in the bedroom.

Probation reports compiled on Hoque identified that he presented a ‘medium to high risk’ of sexual reoffending.