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Woman Dragged In The Bushes And Raped By Two ‘Asians’ In Essex

Once  again it would appear that ‘religion of peace’ members  have carried out another  incomprehensible random sex attack on a lone female. The victim was walking away from Tesco in Maldon, Essex when the two beasts struck. Dragging her into the bushes where they raped her.

Almost instinctively after only catching the headline, you just know that it is going to be vermin who are ‘described as Asian’ responsible for such vile acts. Its like the grooming gangs, a type of sex crime where Muslims are way over represented in the figures


A young woman has been raped after she was dragged into bushes by two men after walking through an underpass.

The victim, who is in her 20s, was walking away from a Tesco store in Maldon, Essex, last night when she was attacked.

Police said a man suspected of the rape was of Asian or Indian appearance and aged around 30.

He is described as 5ft 9ins to 5ft 10ins tall with stubble on his face. He was wearing a Superdry jacket with a green logo.

The second man was slightly taller and wore a black coat and a hooded top with the hood up.

DCI Simon Werrett, of Essex Police, appealed for witnesses to the rape, which took place between 5.45pm and 6.15pm.

He said: “Initial investigations have established the same men may have been seen acting suspiciously in the area earlier in the day.

“I need to speak with anyone who may have seen or spoken to the men.

“I would also like to speak to anyone who was in the area between 5.30pm and 7pm who may have seen anything.”

Neighboring force, Suffolk Police is appealing for witnesses to a sexual assault on a woman in Newmarket, Suffolk, in the early hours of this morning.

Man Gang Raped By 3 ‘Asians’ In Huddersfield

I’m kind of lost for words at the minute after reading about the disgusting gang rape of a male in Huddersfield by a gang of  ‘Asians’. The chances that the vile homosexuals are Muslim is highly likely. Both male and females are now at risk of being a victim of rape jihad. Vile animals who need putting down when they are caught

Man subjected to vicious sex attack in woods near Milnsbridge by gang

Jun 23, 2014 07:45 By Louise Cooper  Examiner
Gang of men forced victim down track ‘at knifepoint’ say police

Incident at Fountain Grove, off Manchester Road, Milnsbridge.

A gang told a man ‘not to scream or they’d stab him’ before subjecting him to a vicious sex attack on a secluded track.

The 27-year-old victim was walking in Manchester Road towards Huddersfield town centre when a car spun round and pulled up alongside him.

Three men got of the blacked-out Volkswagen Golf and flashed what is thought to be a knife.

One of them ordered him off the main road and down a wooded track near Fountain Grove, Milnsbridge, where the attack, described as a “serious sexual assault” took place.

The terrifying ordeal took place at 11.30pm on Friday.


Incident at Fountain Grove, off Manchester Road, Milnsbridge.
Incident at Fountain Grove, off Manchester Road, Milnsbridge.


After the attack, which lasted between five and 10 minutes, the three men fled back to their car.

The victim, who had been on his way to a friend’s house, ran home and rang police. He has since been interviewed by specially-trained officers.

The area was sealed off for most of Saturday with a police cordon to allow forensic examinations to take place.

Det Insp Ian Thornes, of Huddersfield CID, said the attack was not believed to have been random and appealed for information.

He said: “The victim was walking to a friend’s house when he saw a Black VW Golf with blacked out windows driven away from the town centre and spin round to stop near him.

“All three males got out of the vehicle and have threatened him. He was then subjected to a serious sexual assault.

“Enquiries are on-going and we are keen to stress this was not a random attack.

“We would urge anyone who saw a Black VW Golf parked on the side of Manchester Road at this time to get in touch.”

The suspects are described as three Asian men, all aged around 20-25 years old. The first suspect was 6ft tall with a heavy, muscular build. He was clean shaven, with short black hair and wore a white T-shirt, blue chinos and possibly Nike trainers.

The second suspect was the same height and build and had short black hair. The third suspect was 5ft 8in tall, of a similar build, and had a shaved head. He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt.

Anyone with information should contact Huddersfield CID on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

5 Year Old Gang Raped And Left For Dead By Evil Muslim Filth

The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan is one sick twisted place as this gang rape in Lahore of a 5-year-old girl last week shows. The vile scum responsible repeatedly raped the poor child,her almost killing her before dumping the girl outside the hospital. Those Muslims responsible are undoubtedly the filth of Islam, the lowest of the low. I struggle to get my head round the disgusting mentality of the Pakistani males and what dark thoughts must go through their minds. Pakistan exports 100s of Muslim males of this mentality to the UK on a daily basis which the left embrace with open arms claiming multiculturalism is good for us. 

It will probably be too much to ask that the incompetent Pakistani police in a lawless backwards land capture the animals who raped her and string them up by the neck, Probably as much chance of them turning up in Bradford, Bolton or Tower Hamlets in the back of a lorry as there is that happening.

Human rights groups monitoring Pakistan report that in Lahore alone there has been 32 gang rapes reported to police so far in 2013. They also report also that this year 44 women have been victims of acid attacks which 7 died as a result of.  At least 44 have been set on fire of which 11 died of their injuries. Evil inbred women haters who will justify their disgusting actions by the barbaric Islam.


PAKISTAN: Police in Lahore release sketch of suspected rapist of 5-year-old girl

A forensics laboratory in Lahore on Tuesday (September 17) released the sketch of a man seen carrying a five-year-old rape victim inside the premises of a local hospital where she was later found in a critical condition. The sketch was prepared with the help of closed-circuit television footage from the hospital cameras. Sumbul, the young victim who lived in a poor neighbourhood of Lahore, went missing on Thursday (September 12) when playing outside her house. Nearly 23 hours later, she was found dumped outside the Sir Ganga Ram hospital after being raped multiple times and mutilated. Protests erupted in Lahore and the capital Islamabad after CCTV footage emerged on Saturday (September 14), showing a man carrying the little girl wearing a white dress through the premises of the Sir Ganga Ram hospital and sitting her down on a roadside kerb, before walking out of the hospital gate. The CCTV footage later shows a group of women talking to the child and walking off with her. Doctors at the hospital said Sumbul was in intensive care, and was being kept sedated because she cried every time she woke up. “We have strong clues and our teams are close (to a breakthrough). God willing, they will reach the culprit soon. We have also got help from the CCTV footage,” a police official told reporters on Monday (September 17). Another police official, who is working with the investigation team, told reporters that three men who resemble the man in the sketch, have been apprehended by them. But they cannot be taken to hospital for the identification procedure because the rape victim was not yet ready for the process due to her mental condition. Meanwhile, dozens of human rights activists and citizens protested in Islamabad against the delay in finding the rapists of the little girl. “We demand that the police capture these rapists, the pedophiles who are raping little girls and little boys all over Pakistan. Why can’t our police find them? Because the police are very, very corrupt. That is why the police can’t find them,” said prominent human rights activist Tahira Abdullah. Others complained that laws meant to protect vulnerable children and women were not being enforced, making it difficult for victims to get justice. “There are main two reasons. One is, we are living in living conditions which are de-humanising people. And the second thing is, there is a breakdown of rule of law in this country, and there is a culture of impunity. So that encourages the criminal mindset to commit crimes and thinking they’ll get away with that,” said Farzana Bari, a women’s rights activist and director of gender studies at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad. Some protesters said the environment in courts is hostile and anti-women for rape victims, and the government was not taking concrete steps to implement laws like the Child Protection Bill that has been pending for the last 10 years. “Violence against women and religious minorities can only be addressed through a Task Force-like set up. The government should set up a Task Force and it should be fast. There should be more police stations, there should be more women police personnel, and there should be vigilance centres. There should be some concrete measures by the government,” said Naeem Mirza, member of ‘Aurat Foundation’, an NGO which deals with violence against women and minorities. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) also voiced alarm over growing violence against women in Pakistan. A statement from the HRCP said police had registered 113 cases of rape from January 1 to August 31 this year. Over the same period, police in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, had registered 32 gang-rape cases. “According to media monitoring by HRCP, until the end of July this year, at least 44 women had become targets of acid attacks, seven of whom had died as a result of their injuries. As many as 44 women had been set on fire; 11 had died in such attacks. As many as 451 women had been killed in Pakistan in the name of honour in 2013 by the end of July, compared to 918 killed in 2012,” the statement read.

3 Muslims On Trial In Newcastle For Child Rape

Three Islamic nonces are back on trial for the rape of two 14 year old girls at a house in South Shields. The Bangladeshi Muslims were originally on trial in July but the case was halted and the jury dismissed for ‘legal reasons’.

Looking at the recent picture below from Ferdoush Hasan’s Facebook profile (<–linked just incase 😉 ) shows the 3 sex fiends looking like they dont have a care in the world. Not least a serious crown court trial for raping 2 schoolgirls hanging over them.

dirty muslimchild  rapists from southshields

They certainly seem a little touchy feely with each other in the picture. I get the impression when they aren’t getting their sexual kicks from raping schoolgirls they will be getting them from each other. Infact i am almost certain given the comment a fellow Muslim also living in South Sheilds and possibly another housemate left on one of Ferdoush Hasan pictures. 

Nahiyan Eusofzai : wise says people r seen by their eyes.ur eyes r the gorgeous eyes i have ever seen.masha Allah

Hopefully they will not be ‘gorgeous’ eyes for long, with a bit of luck another inmate will gouge them out in prison because he is a vile dirty child rapist!

College student ‘raped schoolgirl days before he was part of gang who held down another girl and subjected her to sex attack’

  • Three men, Abu Sufian, Raabsan Khan and Ferdoush Hasan, deny rape
  • The alleged victim says she was held down at the house they shared
  • Prosecutor said the girl was ‘taken advantage of’


PUBLISHED: 17:34, 9 September 2013 | UPDATED: 19:14, 9 September 2013


Ferdoush Hasan, 22, is accused of raping the 14-year-old in February, as well as a second chargeFerdoush Hasan, 22, is accused of raping the 14-year-old in February, as well as a second charge


Two schoolgirls were raped at a house where vulnerable youngsters were taken advantage of by older men, a court heard.

A 14-year-old victim was held down by Abu Sufian, 21, and Raabsan Khan, 19, while Ferdoush Hasan, 22, raped her last February, it is claimed.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the sex attack was just days after another girl, who was also 14, was raped by Hasan alone.

All three men, from South Shields, deny a joint charge of rape. Hasan denies a second, solo, charge.

Prosecutor Anne Richardson told the court the attacks happened at a house where the trio, who were all students at South Tyneside College, were living.

Miss Richardson told jurors: ‘The crown’s case is these defendants took advantage of young girls who were vulnerable, who were drinking alcohol and smoking although underage and who came to the defendants’ house in order to have somewhere to do both of those things.

‘No doubt you will take a fairly dim view of that and wonder what on earth young girls like this are doing in a house with men older than them, who speak little English and they had no friendly relations.

‘The crown’s case is precisely because these girls were vulnerable and somewhat foolish and naive, the defendants felt they could act in the way the crown alleges.

‘Basically, these girls could be used for sex and either they would not say anything for fear of getting into trouble or if they did say anything, the circumstances and background and how they came to be in the house would mean nobody would believe them.’

The court heard the first attack was in early February last year when the alleged victim turned up at the house with friends after drinking a half litre of vodka.

Abu Sufian allegedly held the 14-year-old down
The 14-year-old victim was held down by Raabsan Khan, 19, it is claimed

14-year-old victim was held down by Abu Sufian , 21, and Raabsan Khan, 19, it is claimed


The girl told police ‘all of the males were dark skinned, just lying on the beds in that room’.

It is claimed Hasan led the girl to a room in a different part of the house from where everyone had gathered and raped her.

Miss Richardson told the court: ‘She was trying to push him off to no avail as her arms were pinned down by his hands.’

The second alleged victim had also gone to the house with friends.

Prosecutor Anne Richardson told Newcastle Crown Court the attacks happened at a house where the trio were livingProsecutor Anne Richardson told Newcastle Crown Court the attacks happened at a house where the trio were living

Miss Richardson said: ‘Effectively it was just somewhere to sit when it was cold.’It is claimed the girl, who refused the men’s offer of alcohol but was smoking cigarettes, ended up left alone with the trio during the visit.

Miss Richardson said: ‘Two of them grabbed hold of her arms, one on either side, and held her down.’

All three men deny the claims against them.

The trial continues.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2416110/College-student-raped-schoolgirl-days-gang-held-girl-subjected-sex-attack.html#ixzz2eVin0uFQ

Rape Jihad Spreads To USA. 2 Muslims Drug Woman In Nightclub,Kidnap And Rape Her

Muslims have been subjecting British women and schoolgirls to a rape jihad for a number or years now.  The same applies to many major cities also across mainland Europe where ever there has been an influx of Muslim immigrants. Its almost certain which ever area they decide to swamp and settle in. It will not be long before the area starts going downhill fast and sex crimes against non Muslims start to rocket.

Now it looks to of spread to the USA as the Muslim population rises. The two repulsive Saudi Muslims who committed the perverse sex attack were not content with just kidnapping and raping the poor woman, they also anally violated her.  If it wasn’t for the concerned taxi driver flagging down a police patrol, God knows what other monstrous acts they would of carried out. This is just the start, they have it all to come still. Won’t be long until they start experiencing a grooming gang epidemic of their own.

Woman allegedly drugged at club takes stand, faces 2 defendants

rape jihad comes to america Ahmed Alanazi
Ahmed Alanazi
Rayan Alqabbaa

On the witness stand Monday, the victim of an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault told a judge what she remembered as she faded in and out of consciousness.

According to her testimony at an hours-long preliminary hearing, she remembered saying “stop.”

Someone held her arms down, she said. Strangers told her to “shut up” and they occasionally spoke in Arabic, she said.

Her next memory, she said, was waking up in a Springfield hospital bed.

The slight, light-haired woman remained calm while testifying that on June 1 she was abducted from a downtown Springfield nightclub where someone had slipped a drug in her drink before carrying her to an Elm Street apartment.

The two men accused in the case, Rayan Mohammed A Alqabbaa, 21, and Ahmed Ayed A Alanazi, 27, could potentially face life sentences if convicted on the charges.

But the pair’s attorneys, Dee Wampler and Joe Passanise, say surveillance footage from Zan nightclub contradicts details of the woman’s account.

Through cross-examination, Wampler stressed that the young, 100-pound woman acknowledged consuming more than six alcoholic beverages before she arrived at the nightclub, where she continued to drink. Wampler also repeatedly questioned witnesses about the specific length of her miniskirt.

The woman told police she had gone to the club with her fiancé, who was outside in the car. Details of the length of time he was outside or his whereabouts were not made clear during Monday’s hearing.

Ryan Warren, general manager of Zan, testified that the surveillance video shows no evidence the woman had been drugged in the bar and, in general, she did not appear in distress. The video was not played in the courtroom.

Wampler also called two witnesses — friends of the defendants. They testified that the woman had been offered a ride home from in front of Zan, but she chose to stay with Alqabbaa and Alanazi. One of the friends was a young woman who was underage and had been drinking water that night, according to her testimony.

But those friends, assistant prosecutor Stephanie Wan pointed out, had no knowledge of what happened inside the Elm Street apartment, where the sexual assault allegedly occurred.

Brian Newman, a Springfield cab driver, testified to driving the alleged victim and the two men to an Elm Street apartment.

He said something “didn’t feel right” during the five-minute cab ride. The men didn’t know the woman’s name and the woman was mostly “incoherent.”

When they got to the apartment, Newman said, the woman was dragged from the cab and carried into the apartment. Newman, concerned for the woman’s well-being, flagged down a nearby officer.

During cross-examination, Wampler suggested another reason the cabbie felt uneasy about the situation: two Arab men with a white woman might have been an additional factor to cause suspicion.

Newman disagreed. “It would’ve been the same if they were white, black, purple or green,” he said.

An officer responded to the apartment complex and could hear a woman moaning from outside the building, according to a probable cause statement used to justify charges in the case.

When the officers were allowed inside the apartment by a man identified as Alanazi, they described hearing a woman crying for help behind a locked bedroom door, court documents said.

After officers pounded on the door and shouted “police,” a man (later identified as Alqabbaa) opened it. The officers wrote in court documents that they observed a woman inside, partially clothed, crying, vomiting and asking for help.

“She repeatedly stated, ‘take me home’ and ‘get me out of here,’” the probable cause statement said.

The victim, in and out of consciousness, told the officers she did not know the men.

Greene County Associate Judge Mark Powell will consider the evidence — including the surveillance footage — to determine whether the case should continue toward trial. DNA evidence awaits laboratory testing, so Powell will not have it as he deliberates.

In the meantime, Alanazi and Alqabbaa will remain in the Greene County Jail on $1 million bond each. Each faces identical charges of forcible sodomy and kidnapping.

Prosecutors argued the bond should remain high in part because the men are citizens of Saudi Arabia and therefore a flight risk. The pair were in Springfield studying English at Missouri State University.


Oxford Muslim Grooming Gang – Dogar Brothers Get Life Sentences

Justice has been served for evil Muslim paedophile brothers Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31. After a spate of soft sentences for Muslim offenders which gave the impression of a 2 tier legal system. Judge Peter Rook gave a sentence fitting of the crimes carried out against British children by handing them both life sentences. The Dogar brothers from Oxford were the ringleaders of the latest Muslim grooming gang to be hauled before the bench. The Islamo-nonce brothers groomed and then pimped out girls as young as 11 to their Islamic paedophile friends. By all accounts this Oxford grooming gang committed even more despicable acts on their victims than the members of the  Rochdale gang. Maybe now their mother might realise how filthy her sons are and stop blaming the poor vicitms.

Oxford Sex Ring Brothers Jailed For Life

3:19pm UK, Thursday 27 June 2013

Two brothers have been jailed for life for grooming vulnerable young girls as part of an Oxford sex ring.

Sentencing the seven men who abused the girls as part of a gang, Judge Peter Rook said: “These were sexual crimes of the upmost gravity. The depravity was extreme, each victim was groomed, coerced and intimidated.”

Judge Rook jailed brothers Akhtar Dogar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31, for a minimum of 17 years telling them they had been found guilty of “exceptionally grave crimes”.

The seven men, including another set of brothers, exploited girls as young as 11 and were found guilty of a catalogue of offences including rape, trafficking and organising prostitution last month after a five-month trial.

Operating from their Oxford base, the men targeted vulnerable and “out-of-control” youngsters aged between 11 and 16, many of whom were in care homes.

They groomed them into believing they were in love and then exploited them, injecting them with heroin, forcing them into prostitution and even branding one of them with an electronic cigarette lighter.

Most of the six girls who were abused were too scared to face their abusers in court and gave their evidence from behind a curtain.

But one, who was repeatedly raped and sold for sex between 2004, when she was just 12, and 2007, faced down her attackers and told the court: “I am here to tell my story and see the people who abused me found guilty.”

Another girl’s evidence told how she was told she would be shot if she did not have sex with one of the men when she was 14 and how she rang police after being taken to a flat and realising she was with 11 men who wanted to have sex with her.

Another told how she was plied with drugs and forced to have sex with strangers while being filmed at the age of 13.

The most harrowing account came from a girl who was groomed from the age of 11 and forced to have an illegal abortion on the living room floor of a house in Reading, aged 12.

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Another Muslim Grooming Gang On Trial For Rape And Child Prostitution

I recently stated that as one Muslim grooming gang trial finishes another one starts.Well i hold my hands up it appears i was wrong on that call. As far as i’m aware the High Wycombe grooming gang court case is still ongoing. As yet another group of Islamic sexual predators stand trial for grooming, raping and running a child prostitution ring, pimping their victims out to their fellow Muslim paedophiles. This latest bunch of paedostanis operated in Ilford and Barking  areas of East London.

Its a bit like the film Groundhog day with these Muslim grooming gangs and their rape jihad. Same scenario as Rochdale, Rotherham, Telford, Bradford, Oxford and every other town up and down Britain that has been unfortunate enough to have these perverted Muslim sex gangs operating. Vulnerable non Muslim schoolgirls, older Muslim males plying them with drink and drugs whilst they gain their trust. Then they drop the Mr Niceguy act and the evil  rapes and forced prostitution start

At this rate Britain’s prison system may have to build a few more jails to accommodate the mass influx of  Muslim prisoners for sex crimes into the system. If they did personally i would recommend following the Russian model of Prisons. Hard labour 7 days a week activities like shovelling coal or stone, leftovers made into stew for their food, no in cell toilet,xbox or tv and no nonce wing for their own protection. Not just for the Muslim grooming gangs either send the other filth their who Prison is to good for Stuart Hazel, Mark Bridger, Huntley, granny bashers etc. Maybe then prison will be something of a deterrent.

Muslim grooming gang map of Britain, Muslim paedophile map, rape jihad, Asian grooming gang, Muslim grooming epidemic, Muslim rapewave, islamononce, muslims targeting white school girls, Islamic sex gangs

Child prostitute ring ‘groomed and then raped vulnerable girls’

Five men groomed and raped young girls while running a child prostitution ring, a court heard today.

They are accused of preying on “vulnerable” girls, befriending them and offering them alcohol and drugs, before carrying out sexual assaults on them. Some were repeatedly raped while others were either bought or sold for sex while underage, jurors were told.

The men, all Asian, are facing a total of 17 charges relating to offences carried out on six teenagers over a 12-month period in Ilford and Barking.

Snaresbrook crown court was told that the case was “about the sexual exploitation of young girls by the defendants”.

Prosecuting barrister Kate Bex told jurors that two of the girls, aged 17 and 16 at the time, were living in a care home at the time of the alleged offences. She said: “These girls are from difficult, troubled backgrounds and are vulnerable young people.” She added the majority of girls at the home “have no concept of self-worth. The men concerned in the grooming of such young people prey on this”.

The allegations arose after care staff became concerned some of the girls were involved in prostitution. Last July the police interviewed a number of girls and some made allegations of sexual abuse.

One of these girls met one of the accused, Naeem Ahmed, in the street when she was 17. The 25-year-old “involved her in prostitution promising that he would be her boyfriend if she allowed him to sell her to other men for money”, the court was told.

In January last year she and a friend  went to a hotel in Ilford with Naeem Ahmed, a second defendant Nabeel Ahmed, 24, and a third man Jameel Ahmed, 25,  the brother of Nabeel. They were then plied with alcohol.

The complainant’s friend refused to have sex with them and left but the alleged victim was then “pinned down on the bed” and was raped by two of the men, Ms Bex told the court. The teenager told police that Naeem Ahmed continued to prostitute her after this incident, including several occasions when she was paid for sex by a fourth man, Anas Iqbal, 25.

Another victim, who was 16 at the time, alleges she was raped five times by Iqbal at different locations.

Two of the gang are also accused of the attempted rape of another victim, 17, and prostituting another who was aged 19. The men, arrested and charged by the Metropolitan Police’s Trafficking and Prostitution Unit, deny all the charges. The case continues.


Letter To The Mother Of Oxford Grooming Gang Who Blamed Victims For Sons Evil Acts

The deluded mother of two members of the Oxford Muslim grooming gang has blamed the schoolgirl victims for the ordeal they suffered, saying ‘they were having sex at the age of ten instead of playing with toys’. She defended her sons – Akhtar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31 – and claimed they were innocent. Here is an open letter response to her

Dear Mrs Dogar.

Sorry to inform you this, but your two sons have been found guilty under British law. Under which sex with children is illegal. They are not innocent, they are racist paedophiles who sexually, physically and mentally abused children. Getting not only sexual gratification from their actions but also a power trip out of the control they held over the petrified schoolgirls. Playing the victim and claiming your sons are innocent holds no weight here, as anybody with the slightest amount of scruples knows that sex with children and rape are both immoral and a serious crimes. 

The social services and the police both have been at fault but they are not to blame for your sons disgusting actions. The authorities failures allowed your sons and their  paedophile friends to prolong the victims suffering by failing to act when the abuse allegations first came to light. They are not the cause.

You have also made comments about the victims, insinuating that they themselves are somewhat to blame in all this. Mrs Dogar by doing so you have sunk to a level so low your almost as bad as your paedophile sons. Don’t you think that the victims have suffered enough at the hands of your sons and their perverted grooming gang without your shallow attempt to pass the blame? Most 10 year olds would be home playing with toys like you suggested. But these girls weren’t as fortunate as most to have a stable family life to ensure they were home safe. Your sons and the other sex gang members knew that they was vulnerable and that is a factor of why they preyed on them.

Your suggestions that 1 of the victims went by train to London and wasn’t pressured into sex does not make your sons any more innocent. In fact nothing would make them any less guilty. Even if the victims had been drunk, stripped naked and begging for sex. It still doesn’t justify the heinous filthy actions of your sons and their paedophile Muslim friends. The victims were children, your sons were adults. They may not be the cleverest of people but they know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. They knew sex with children is wrong and against the law yet they chose to ignore that fact.

Your sons evil acts are their own doing and now they are quite rightly facing the consequences for it. If you really insist on trying to blame others and justify your sons paedophilia and the reasons behind why they did it. Then I would strongly urge you to look closer to home. Quite clearly by your own accusations, you their mother hold the same racist views of their victims. That they are some kind of dirty white slags who deserve abusing like a bit of halal meat. It was you their mother who brought them up as Muslims and the above mentioned opinion of white girls seems to be a common discriminatory view through out members of your religion. Because your perfect Muslim, Mohammed himself was a paedophile making sex with minors acceptable. Islam teaches hate towards women and infidels. Add them all together in the mixed up mind of sex obsessed male Muslims and the result is a little idea as to the motives behind their behaviour and why Muslim grooming gangs are at epidemic proportion.

Until you and your fellow Muslims stop trying to blame others and realise that the problem rests amongst your own and the teachings of a backwards religion, and start doing something about it. Then unfortunately other Muslims just like your sons will continue to carry on their rape jihad against  British schoolgirls.

Yours faithfully



Mother of Oxford grooming sex gang pair blames their VICTIMS: She says schoolgirls ‘should have been playing with toys’

  • Mother of brothers Akhtar and Anjum Dogar blames their victims
  • Mrs Dogar claimed one of the abuse victims was not ‘pressurised’


PUBLISHED: 17:07, 19 May 2013 | UPDATED: 07:52, 20 May 2013

The mother of two members of the Oxford child sex abuse gang has blamed the schoolgirls for the ordeal they suffered, saying ‘they were having sex at the age of ten instead of playing with toys’.

She defended her sons – Akhtar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31 – and claimed they were innocent after they were found guilty of a catalogue of vile offences last week.

Mrs Dogar, believed to be called Bashira, accused the police, social services and the girls themselves of being complicit in creating Britain’s ‘grooming culture’.

The deluded mother of two members of the Oxford Muslim grooming gang has blamed the schoolgirl victims for the ordeal they suffered, saying ‘they were having sex at the age of ten instead of playing with toys’. She defended her sons – Akhtar, 32, and Anjum Dogar, 31 – and claimed they were innocent. The mother of two brothers who were part of the Oxford sex grooming gang has said 'no one pressurised' one of the victimsThe mother of two brothers who were part of the Oxford sex grooming gang has said ‘no one pressurised’ one of the victims
Akhtar Dogar
Anjum Dogar

Akhtar Dogar (left) and Anjum Dogar (right) were among a group of seven men who were found guilty at the Old Bailey last week of a catalogue of offences including conspiracy to rape, child prostitution and trafficking over an eight-year period

The two brothers were part of a group of mainly Asian men who groomed girls as young as 11 before giving them drugs and carrying out humiliating attacks, then hiring them out for sex with others.

But Mrs Dogar said: ‘These girls should be playing with toys. If they start [having sex] at ten, by 15 they are proper ladies.’


  • Loving parents. An utterly respectable home. So how did Rachel, 11, fall prey to the Oxford sex gang?
  • ‘My mother begged Oxford social services to rescue me from sex abuse NINE YEARS AGO’: Victim known as Girl C, 13, says claims were dismissed as ‘inappropriate’
  • The Great Innocence Robbery: The awful abuse of girls in Oxford is just the latest consequence

Speaking from her home in Oxford, the Dogars’ mother said they were innocent. She said one of the girls was looking for a boy at a station in London and no one had pressured her into having sex.

She added: ‘On the news they say the girls went from Oxford to London on the train. Are they not old enough then? Nobody can feel sorry for them unless they’re sorry themselves.’

Mrs Dogar said that in a Muslim community girls focus on study, and questioned why the authorities allowed it to happen.

Kamar Jamil
Mohammed Karrar

Kamar Jamil (left) and Mohammed Karrar (right) were found guilty at the Old Bailey last week

Zeeshan Ahmed
Bassam Karrar

Zeeshan Ahmed (left) and Bassam Karrar (right) were among those who were convicted at the Old Bailey

Assad Hussain was cleared of raping Child A but convicted of having sex with a childAssad Hussain was cleared of raping Child A but convicted of having sex with a child

Akhtar and Anjum Dogar were both found guilty of multiple counts of rape, three counts of conspiracy to rape, two counts of arranging child prostitution and trafficking a child for sexual exploitation. They are due to be sentenced in June along with five other men.

The trial heard that the brothers helped organise ‘parties’ where men would pay for sex.

One victim told Thames Valley Police: ‘I’ve seen them doing it to little girls in their school uniforms.’

A 15-year-old victim who was raped by the gang from the age of 12 and sold for sex said she was abused by Akhtar Dogar for three days after running away from a children’s home in 2006.

Another girl told of how the brothers trafficked her to be sold for sex at guest houses across the country.

The Dogars and five others have been told they will get lengthy jail sentences after they were found guilty of 59 charges.

Mohammed Karrar, 38, Bassam Karrar, 33, and Kamar Jamil, 27, were each found guilty of multiple counts of rape among other offences. Mohammed Karrar was also found guilty of supplying heroin.

Assad Hussain, 32, and Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, were each found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child.

Abuse was carried out at the Nanford Guest House in Oxford. Pictured is a room at the guest houseAbuse was carried out at the Nanford Guest House in Oxford. Pictured is a room at the guest house

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2326976/Mother-Oxford-sex-gang-pair-blames-victims-She-says-schoolgirls-playing-toys.html#ixzz2TpRC9Viz

Even The Left-Wing Daily Mirror Saying Oxford grooming ring was race-hate gang rape

Its been a long time coming but people are actually putting Muslim + grooming of white schoolgirls = racist.

Oh well looks like we was right all along about the Muslim paedophile gangs being racist. For over a year patriots, anti Islam bloggers, EDL and other street movements have been campaigning and speaking out about the sick Muslim grooming gangs and their racist targeting of white schoolgirls and their horrific abuse to satisfy Muslim paedophiles warped sexual urges. With the left-wing Daily Mirror publishing Carol Malone’s article about it being race hate. It would be safe to say we was pretty much spot on. For the trouble of speaking the truth we have been wrongly called fascists,racists, Nazis and every other obscenity you could imagine. Just don’t expect any apologies from communists like the UAF, Hope Not Hate or their mixture of middle class do gooder/ failed student squatter supporters. In their own heads which are pretty much removed from reality they will still think their right.

The only consolation is that as more and more people see these Islamononces for the racist beasts that they are. The people will also see commies like the UAF  for the scum that they are. Constantly defending  the Muslim paedophiles because of their own agenda and alliance with the Islamist and Muslim extremists. By defending Muslim grooming gangs the effectively aided and abetted the paedophiles.

communist UAF/SWP leaders Weyman Bennett and Martin Smith who himself is allegedly a sex offender called for the mobilization of communists to defend muslim paedophiles
communist UAF/SWP leaders Weyman Bennett and Martin Smith who himself is allegedly a sex offender called for the mobilization of communists to defend Muslim paedophiles


Far left extremists defending Muslim paedophiles outside Liverpool Crown Court
Far left extremists defending Muslim paedophiles outside Liverpool Crown Court



Oxford grooming ring was race-hate gang rape

19 May 2013 00:00

Having seen how our gutless authorities operate, they knew they could defile white girls however and wherever they chose

House of horror: One of the rooms where the girls were taken to be abused
House of horror: One of the rooms where the girls were taken to be abused

Why did only one Muslim cleric have the guts to say it? Why was everyone else scared to? Why are they STILL scared to?

And why – even after all the sickening stories of those Oxford schoolgirls having babies aborted with hooks, being repeatedly gang-raped, beaten, branded and burned with cigarettes – are people STILL shying away from saying exactly what kind of crimes these are?

Because what happened to these girls can’t just be chucked in the box marked “general sex crimes”.

These gang atrocities in Oxford – just like the ones in Rochdale, Derby and Telford – were the very worst kind of ­racially motivated hate crimes committed by Muslim men who’ve been taught to believe that white women are worthless trash and deserve to be punished for their “decadent” Western lifestyle, i.e. wearing make-up and short skirts.

And while most Muslim clerics have stayed silent on this, while our wider society refuses to acknowledge what these crimes are REALLY about, only Dr Taj Hargey, imam of the Oxford Islamic congregation, had the courage to stick his head above the parapet and say what happened to these girls WAS racially motivated and illustrates the deep- seated hatred some Muslim men have for white women.

“Some people are saying the predators’ religion was an irrelevance. But that’s deluded nonsense,” he says.

So why aren’t the police saying that? Why aren’t Oxford social services? Because only when the ugly truth is acknowledged – that in supposedly integrated Britain, some ­Muslim men (NOT necessarily Asian men) are ­targeting young white girls to abuse and degrade – can the problem be tackled.

This gang didn’t rape Muslim women, because they knew they’d be ostracised by their community and hunted down by the girls’ families.

But having seen how our gutless authorities operate on issues involving race, they knew they could defile white girls however and wherever they chose.

Time and again these terrified teenagers begged Thames Valley police for help but were turned away. As were their tormented parents.

Even staff at children’s homes where some of these girls were living knew exactly what was happening.

And they didn’t just ignore the abuse, they facilitated it… with one staff member actually buying kinky underwear for a girl she KNEW was being sold for sex.

And it’s no good these organisations now bleating they didn’t do enough. We KNOW that. What we want to know is why the bosses of those organisations still have jobs?

Thames Valley Chief constable Sara Thornton (£160,000 a year) has refused to resign, saying: “My focus is now on moving forward.”

Who cares about HER moving forward? What about those abused girls who can never move forward and who, no matter how much therapy they have, will forever be lost souls unable to trust or forge a loving relationship?

Yet still, the police think it’s enough to say they’ll try harder in future.

Likewise Oxfordshire social services. Five of the girls abused were in their care and the boss of that organisation, Joanna Simmons (£182,000 a year), won’t resign either.

“We now understand more about the grooming process,” she says.

Well, bully for her. Pity she hadn’t “understood” sooner… especially as it was happening right under her nose.

And why are these two women being given a choice about whether to stay or go? Why haven’t they been sacked?

They get paid big bucks to take responsibility when the dog dirt hits the fan. So why aren’t they?

These women, just like everyone else in this horror story, did nothing to confront this evil because to do so might have led to ­accusations of racism.

And everyone knows that in Britain today the quickest way to have your career wrecked is to be branded ­a racist.

And it’s because of this insidious ­political correctness that some Muslims ­appear to have been given immunity to the rules and the moral codes that apply to everyone else.

And while some allowances made in the name of religion don’t matter, the wholesale degradation of vulnerable young white women DOES!

It’s time the Muslim community took a long hard look at what it has allowed to ­happen in the name of Islam (which ­actually teaches respect for women).

As must the police and the social services ­because their ­refusal to accept responsibility for what happened to these vulnerable girls makes them just as guilty for the ruination of their lives as those filthy ­rapists.

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Finally A Musliim Tells The Truth ‘Imams promote grooming rings’,

It has been a long time coming, a prominent Muslim has finally spoke the truth regarding the huge problem of Muslim paedophiles targeting white schoolgirls and the ensuing sexual exploitation of them. In all honesty at the most i thought he might of admitted it was a problem and the Muslim community has their heads buried in the sand. Yet his no hold barred comments surpassed anything that you would of expected. He even went as far to say that Muslim religious leaders were actually part of the problem saying

The Oxford grooming ring was promoted by imams who encourage followers to think white women deserve to be “punished”

Something myself and many other anti Islam bloggers have said many times on this subject is about the views Muslims have of young white females, is  that they see them as little more than dirty white slags who deserve abusing. In a sick kind of way using it as an excuse in their own minds and amongst other Muslims, trying to justify their predatory paedophile urges. Dr Taj Hargey’s comments now give some kind of indication as to why they think like that.

What Dr Taj Hargey did speaking out on this subject deserves much respect. There will be alot of other Muslims who will not be at all happy that he has spoke out and told the truth. No doubt he will be the subject of a fatwa some time soon.


Imams promote grooming rings’, Muslim leader claims

The Oxford grooming ring was promoted by imams who encourage followers to think white women deserve to be “punished”, an Islamic leader has claimed.

Oxford sex gang: girls as young as 11 'forced into prostitution'

Oxford sex gang. Left to right, top: Akhtar Dogar, Anjum Dogar, Kamar Jamil, Assad Hussain. Bottom: Mohammed Karrar, Bassam Karrar and Zeeshan Ahmed Photo: PA
By Hayley Dixon

10:33AM BST 16 May 2013

Dr Taj Hargey, imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation, said race and religion were inextricably linked to the recent spate of grooming rings in which Muslim men have targeted under-age white girls.
Earlier this week seven members of a child sex ring from Oxford were found guilty of forcing under age girls to commit acts of “extreme depravity”.
Their victims, aged between 11 and 15, were groomed and plied with alcohol and drugs before being sexually assaulted and forced into prostitution. They targeted “out of control” teenagers.
Dr Hargey said that the case brought shame on the city and the community and is a set back for cross community harmony.
But worse still is the refusal to face up to its realities, he wrote in theDaily Mail.
The activities of the Oxford sex ring are “bound up with religion and race” because all the men – though of different nationalities – were Muslim and they “deliberately targeted vulnerable white girls, whom they appeared to regard as ‘easy meat’, to use one of their revealing, racist phrases”, Dr Hargey said. That attitude has been promoted by religious leaders, he believes. “On one level, most imams in the UK are simply using their puritanical sermons to promote the wearing of the hijab and even the burka among their female adherents. But the dire result can be the brutish misogyny we see in the Oxford sex ring.” People tiptoe around the issues and refuse to discuss the problems exposed by the scandals such as those “from Rochdale to Oxford, and Telford to Derby”, he wrote. In all cases the perpetrators were Muslim men and the victims were under age white girls. To pretend it is not a problem is the Islamic community is “ideological denial”, Dr Hargey said. “But then part of the reason this scandal happened at all is precisely because of such politically correct thinking. All the agencies of the state, including the police, the social services and the care system, seemed eager to ignore the sickening exploitation that was happening before their eyes. “Terrified of accusations of racism, desperate not to undermine the official creed of cultural diversity, they took no action against obvious abuse.” The men were allowed, he said, to come and go from care homes by the authorities, and if the situation had been reversed with gangs of white men preying on Muslim teenagers ”the state’s agencies would have acted with greater alacrity.” True Islam preaches respect for women but in mosques across the country a different doctrine is preached – “one that denigrates all women, but treats whites with particular contempt,” the Imam said. The men are taught that women are “second-class citizens, little more than chattels or possessions over whom they have absolute authority,” he claims in the column. “The view of some Islamic preachers towards white women can be appalling. They encourage their followers to believe that these women are habitually promiscuous, decadent, and sleazy — sins which are made all the worse by the fact that they are kaffurs or non-believers. “Their dress code, from miniskirts to sleeveless tops, is deemed to reflect their impure and immoral outlook. According to this mentality, these white women deserve to be punished for their behaviour by being exploited and degraded.” Such cases can only be prevented in the future if Britain abandons the blinkers of political correctness, he concludes. Source