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Muslim Immigrant Released On Bail For Rape Went On To Abuse 2 Schoolgirls

Which ever moron is responsible for letting this islamononce out on bail whilst awaiting trial for the rape on a 17-year-old needs to be getting not only their p45 but charged with aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of children. Their decision to allow a migrant that couldn’t even positively say which country he originated from alone should have alarm bells ringing. Throw in a rape  charge on top makes the decision to let this Muslim sexual predator get bail and free to carry on committing sex crimes even more scandalous. A ludicrous decision to bail him that has now ruined to 2 children’s lives 

muslim immigrant abused 2 children while on police bail for rape. muslim rape wave committed by asylum seekers rapefugees

A Coventry sex offender abducted and abused two 13 and 14-year-old girls – whilst ON BAIL for raping another teen.

Zohair Tomari is facing up to a total of 12 years and nine months behind bars, followed by several more years on licence, after a judge branded him a danger to teenage girls.

The 20-year-old, who is believed to be from Syria, invited his 17-year-old victim and her 15-year-old pal to his flat in August 2014 after befriending them.Once there, Tomari, of Lady Lane, Longford, plied the older girl with alcohol, before slapping and punching both and pulling out a knife.

He then raped the 17-year-old. Police bailed Tomari and he then went on to traffic two younger girls, aged 13 and 14, as they walked to a friend’s home in the early hours of the morning in August last year.The young girls were enticed into the car and plied with drink and cigarettes before being taken to a flat over a pub in Lockhurst Lane, Foleshill.

After being given more alcohol, they were both sexually assaulted by Tomari before being driven back to the city centre where they raised the alarm.Tomari was found guilty of rape, in relation to the incident involving the 17-year-old girl, at Warwick Crown Court, and jailed for a total of 12 years and nine months for both incidents.

Tomari claimed in the pre-sentence report to be from Morocco, but the court was told he now says he is from Syria, and his barrister Jason Pegg suggested: “He perhaps did not understand the culture of this country.”But Judge Lockhart retorted: “Behaviour of this nature is abhorred in virtually every civilised country on this earth.”  Sentencing Tomari, and ordering him to register as a sex offender for life, the judge told him: “I am driven to conclude you are dangerous. I can see no end to the danger you pose.”


Cumbria Rape Jihad: Mohammed Waris Ali Charged With Multiple Sex Attacks

Another serial sex attacker released on bail until he goes on trial in November

coming soon to a town or city near you, Muslim rape jihad

7 September 2016 5:07PM
A man will stand trial later this year after denying a string of sex assault allegations.

Mohammed Waris Ali, 45, appeared at Carlisle Crown Court in front of Judge Peter Davies.

During a brief hearing, Ali pleaded not guilty to seven counts of sexual assault.

The charges relate to a number of different alleged incidents which are said to involve three alleged victims.

A case timetable was discussed in court by the respective lawyers, and Ali’s trial was listed for 15th November.

In the meantime he was granted bail.

A condition of the bail is that Ali, of North Road, Egremont, must not contact any prosecution witness in the case



Mohammed Murtaja Anwar From Leamington Charged With 4 Child Sex Crimes And Still Gets Bail !

Mohammed Murtaja Anwar, of Hellidon Close, Leamington was charged with four counts of sexual assault relating to two under-18s. On top of that the sex fiend was also charged with robbery and 2 counts of theft by finding. Clearly one of society’s undesirables that would be no loss if he was banged up for a long stint and off the streets.

Yet unfortunately for the good people of Leamington, for some reason Mr Anwar is not in prison on remand, he has been given bail until he is up before magistrates in another 3 weeks.  I fully understand that the prison system is overcrowded and there is a shortage of space. But i cannot understand for one minute why a sexual predator like Mohammed Murtaja Anwar has been released on bail instead of remanded into custody where he cannot hurt anymore children. Nor is there any risk of him disappearing like so many other Muslim nonces have previously before appearing in court

Leamington man charged with child sex offences

A 34-year-old Leamington man has been charged with four child sex offences. Mohammed Murtaja Anwar, of Hellidon Close, was charged on Tuesday August 30 with four counts of sexual assault relating to two under-18s in the Leamington area in 2016.

He was also charged on the same day with one count of robbery and two counts of theft by finding. He has been released on bail to appear at Warwickshire Magistrates Court on September 28.

Read more at: http://www.leamingtoncourier.co.uk/news/leamington-man-charged-with-child-sex-offences-1-7555118

Child Groomer Amdadul Haque Fails To Show Up At Court

When will  incompetent magistrates get it into their heads that giving bail to Muslim sex offenders is not a good idea. Expecting them to turn up to face justice is little more than wishful thinking. Time and time again they go awol putting other children at risk.

Farncombe man wanted after failing to turn up to court

4:11pm 17th April 2015

Article image

The hunt is on for a Farncombe man, wanted in connection with a case about grooming an underage girl.
Amdadul Haque failed to show up at court more than two weeks ago.
The 24-year-old from Long Gore was due at Guildford Magistrates Court on March 31st.
He was due to appear in connection with a charge of attempted grooming of a girl under 16 years.
Haque is described as Asian, 5ft 8″ tall, of slim build with black hair and brown eyes.
Anyone who knows Haque’s whereabouts is asked to contact Surrey Police immediately on either 101 or 999 in an emergency.


Algerian Immigrant Who Raped Young Boy Gone Awol

Yet another vile Muslim sex offender goes awol whilst on bail. Algerian Abdelouaheb Delhoum had already been convicted of raping a young boy yet for some bizarre reason he was freed on bail until his sentencing. If ever there was one type of criminal you would want off the streets and held on remand it is a paedophile 

Man who raped young boy is on the run

Swindon Advertiser: A 44-year-old man fled Swindon Crown Court A 44-year-old man fled Swindon Crown Court

A JUDGE has issued a warrant for the arrest of a man who raped a young boy in Pinehurst. Abdelouaheb Delhoum was due to face sentence after being convicted of a series of sex offences at Swindon Crown Court earlier in the year.

Although the 44-year-old, who needed an Algerian interpreter, turned up for the hearing, he fled before his case was called.

Judge Tim Mousley QC issued a warrant without bail for his arrest. Delhoum had pleaded not guilty to the rape of a child under 13, two counts of sexual assault and three of causing or inciting a child to take part in sexual activity. Following a trial he was convicted by a jury of the offences which took place in Swindon between 2009 and 2012.

Delhoum, of Headington, Oxford, had been on conditional bail, part of which was to surrender his passport to the police.

Two Somalian Rapists Go AWOL Whilst On Bail, Third Man Jailed For 7 Years

Three Muslims raped and held a teen against her will in a London flat. One jailed for 7 years whilst the other two do a runner and remain at large.

You would think by now that police and the courts would have realised it is just plain stupidity to give Muslim sex offenders bail. There has been enough of them done a disappearing act whilst on bail before facing justice for them to have learnt from their mistakes.Obviously not as they continue to bail the offenders and the Muslim nonces continue to go AWOL.

Somebody facing a long stretch for a crime as serious as rape should be remanded as they not only pose a danger of doing a runner, but also a risk of re-offending. Even more so when the rapist has already been found guilty, is a Muslim with strong links abroad and belongs to a community that will be more than willing to throw up a wall of silence and not disclose any info they have on his whereabouts. Allowing him bail is utter madness. 

Two on the run as man jailed for rape of teenage girl

20 Dec 2013 15:39 By Jack Griffith

Sadiq Ali jailed for seven years for the attack at his home, but another man, Mohammed Abdihakim, is being sought after going missing following the trial.

A MAN who called an escort to his flat and then raped her has been jailed for seven years, but his co-defendant has gone on the run.

Sadiq Ali, of Minterne Way, Hayes, demanded the 19-year-old victim perform a sex act during the violent sexual assault at an address in Blyth Road, Hayes, a court heard.

He had called the escort agency she worked for in the early hours of May 26, 2012.

Ali left the room after the attack, and another man, Mohammed Abdihakim, 22, entered and also forced her to perform the sex act.

Somalian rapist Sadiq Ali. Ali, 23, was found guilty of rape, attempted rape, and false imprisonment after a trial which took place between September 23 and October 4.
Sadiq Ali

Ali, 23, was found guilty of rape, attempted rape, and false imprisonment after a trial which took place between September 23 and October 4.

He was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday, December 13.

The woman, a student who became an escort to pay for her studies, suffered no physical injury, and bravely gave evidence in front of her attackers during the trial.

An impact statement describing the effect the ordeal has had on her was handed to Judge Andrew McDowall before he sentenced Ali to seven years for rape, three years for attempted rape, and one year for false imprisonment, each to run concurrently.

Ali, a graduate said to be of previous good character, is expected to serve half of that time and half on licence, and will be on the sex offenders’ register for an indefinite period.

Muslim rapist Mohamed Abdihakim gone awol now thought to be in somalia
Mohamed Abdihakim

Abdihakim, formerly of White City, Kensington, was also convicted of rape and false imprisonment. He was released on bail after the trial and has gone missing.

It was said in court that his last known mobile phone had transmitted signals near Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia.

Another suspect absconded before the start of the trial.

DC Adam Lewis said: “This was a horrific attack by three males on a lone female victim.

“Police are still actively pursuing the two outstanding suspects in this case. The MPS are committed to pursuing any allegations made to them of a sexual nature.”

If you know the whereabouts of Mohamed Abdihakim, contact the Sapphire Unit on 020 8247 6520 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


14-year-Old Rape Jihadist Pleads Guilty To String Of Sexual Assaults In Manchester

The trainee rape jihadist responsible for sex attacks on 5 separate females in Manchester city centre near to the university has pleaded guilty to the offences in court today. It turned out the offender was 14 years old not 12 as the police appeal suggested. Bizarrely the court has given him bail until December when he is due back before the judge.

Often i have criticized the courts for giving Muslim sex offenders bail, then them going AWOL. In this instance that is not my objection because i don’t think he will disappear. If  he did i doubt he will get far. Not like he will have access to funds for a 1 way plane ticket to Pakistan. What is more of a worry with him getting bail is his potential to commit similar sex attacks on females. I know he is young but that shouldn’t enter into the equation due to the severity of his crimes and that he committed not just 1, but 5 separate attacks in a two week period.

The boy is clearly a twisted and sick in the head individual who gets off a lot on what he does to women. What he needed was remanding for a spell in a secure unit. What sort of signal does it send out, attack women get bail. Especially to a Muslim community who already have a low opinion of women and a much above average amount of sex offenders.

Efit of  trainee rape jihadist .A 14-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to five charges of sexual assault on five separate women near Manchester University.  The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared before Manchester City Magistrates Court this morning to hear the charges, and again this afternoon to enter his plea.

14-year-old boy pleads guilty to string of sexual assaults in Manchester

Attacks include three near the university from 21 September to 5 October

A 14-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to five charges of sexual assault on five separate women near Manchester University.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared before Manchester City Magistrates Court this morning to hear the charges, and again this afternoon to enter his plea.

He has been released on conditional bail and the case has been adjourned until 2 December. He is required to live and sleep at his parents’ home, with a 6pm curfew and the stipulation that he cannot enter the university campus area.

Police in the city said an 18-year-old man who was also arrested on suspicion of sexual assault has been released on bail pending further investigation.

Among the attacks involved in the case were three near the university between Saturday 21 September and Saturday 5 October.

The BBC reported that in the first incident, a 27-year-old woman said she was approached from behind and grabbed at 6.15pm. She said she screamed before the offender, who she described as being in his mid-teens and mixed race, threatened her and then ran off.

Police on Saturday had released an e-fit image of the alleged attacker in an attempt to bring an end to the string of attacks before the complaints escalated in seriousness.

Detective Chief Inspector Colin Larkin said: “I am extremely grateful to the public for all the calls we received this weekend after putting an appeal out for information in connection with these incidents.”

“Anyone who has been a victim of a sexual assault or any other kind of sexual crime can call Greater Manchester Police on 101 or refer themselves to St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 0161 276 6515.”


On The Run : Serial Sex Attacker Mohammed Islam Wanted By Police

Serial sex attacker Mohammed Islam is on the loose somewhere in the UK. He is wanted by police in connection with a string of random sex attacks in Southampton and the South Coast. He is the latest in a long line of Muslim sexual deviants to go AWOL whilst on police bail.

Maybe one day the police will realise its not wise to let Islamic rape jihadists out on bail and back into our communities as they keep disappearing. Even more so when the sex beast is also an illegal immigrant who shouldn’t be in the country still. He arrived in the UK from Bangladesh under false pretences on a student visa claiming that he was to study at Opal College. Yet he never attended the college instead he was working illegally in an Indian Restaurant.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that somebody looking at a good length prison sentence for several sex offences followed by deportation from the country upon release is a prime candidate for getting off.

muslim sex offender Mohammed Islam. HE is one of Hampshire’s most wanted men
Mohammed Islam. HE is one of Hampshire’s most wanted men.

This is the face of suspected serial sex attacker Mohammed Islam, who police are trying to find in connection with a series of terrifying assaults on lone women.

But the 22-year-old is today at the centre of a major police appeal after he failed to answer bail and vanished from his home.Detectives had arrested Islam in March this year, in the weeks after several women were attacked and indecently assaulted as they walked in Southampton, and questioned him about the allegations.

However, despite being on bail and asked to return to a police station to discover his fate in May this year, Islam has disappeared.He has not been seen at his home above an Indian restaurant where he worked in Milford on Sea for five months and police fear he may well have gone to London.

Islam came to the UK after being granted a student visa allowing him to study at Opal College in the capital yet he has never attended.Instead he is known to have worked in a number of Indian restaurants both in Southampton and the New Forest and there is now a strong possibility he is doing the same outside the county.The Daily Echo reported in March this year how a sex fiend was being hunted by police following three attacks on women in just nine hours.Patrols were stepped up and women warned to take extra security measures as officers investigated whether they were definitely linked.

One of the attacks happened early in the morning, between 6.30am and 7am, outside the Matalan store in Havelock Road where the victim was grabbed and sexually assaulted.There were further attacks in the city and Portswood areas which involved women aged in their 20s .Detective Sergeant Matt Taylor told the Daily Echo how extensive inquiries have been carried out to try to trace Islam.He said: “These stranger attacks on lone women were particularly nasty and frightening for the victims.

Despite numerous inquiries we do not know the whereabouts of Mohammed Islam, who has already been questioned in connection with this investigation.“It is extremely important that we find him and think there is a possibility he may have gone to London, however I would appeal to anyone who has information that might help us to come forward.”Islam speaks English with a Bangladeshi accent and has always been seen, both in person and on CCTV footage, carrying a satchel over his shoulder.

Anyone who knows where he might be is asked to call Southampton’s area CID on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Muslim Sex Offender Was ‘Confused With A Clash Of Cultures’

Mohammed Ilyas is another Muslim immigrant sentenced for sick sex crimes in the UK. He has  a wife and child in Kashmir yet rather than be a good Muslim father and live with his family. He prefers life in Britain where he has been in and out of the prison system for sex offences. His defence for being a serial sexual predator is his confusion due to a clash of cultures. Handy excuse. Although i imagine him being a perverted sex obsessed Muslim who cant get a woman any other way because he is an ugly bastard is a contributory factor also

Mohammed Ilyas jailed at Worcester Crown Court for sex offences


JAILED: Mohammed Ilyas UGLY MUSLIM NONCEJAILED: Mohammed Ilyas

A SEX offender has been jailed for five years after a judge warned no one would be surprised if he eventually committed rape.

Mohammed Ilyas, who has a record for sex offences, was said to be a continual danger to women.

Judge Robert Juckes QC, sitting atWorcester Crown Court, jailed the 34-year-old for five years and ordered that he be on licence for two and a half years on release.

Ilyas, who was last living in a bail hostel in Ombersley Road, Worcester, was convicted in November last year of breaking the terms of a sexual offences prevention order.

Prosecutor Sophie Lomas told Worcester Crown Court that he followed a woman walking her dog in Gheluvelt park at 7.45am on July 27.

He tried to engage her in conversation and followed the woman to her home and loitered outside.

Ilyas was jailed and while serving his sentence in Dartmoor prison he sexually assaulted a nurse by pressing his body against her as she ushered him in to see a doctor.

Ilyas first denied the offence but later pleaded guilty at Plymouth Crown Court.

Miss Lomas said Ilyas had 15 previous convictions, four of which were for sexual offences.

The sexual offences prevention order was made in 2008 and forbids Ilyas from acting in a manner likely to cause alarm and distress to females.

He admitted breach of the order.

Kannan Siva, defending, said Ilyas was sorry that his victim in the park had been annoyed and upset.

But it had been a futile attempt to romantically engage someone who was clearly not interested.

Ilyas was clumsy in his relationships with women. He had a wife in Kashmir and an eight-year-old son. He was intelligent but confused with a clash of cultures and had been in prison for much of his life.

“You are a continual danger to women,” he said. “You refuse to acknowledge your offending. Your letters show self-pity and are lacking contrition.

“It is a deeply worrying prospect as you cannot resist temptation to behave in this way. You have not committed rape but no one would be surprised if this is what you end up doing.”

He made Ilyas, an already registered sex offender, subject to an indefinite sexual offences prevention order.

Muslim Terrorist Wins Appeal To Stay In UK Because He’s Suicidal

Like its not bad enough having 1 Muslim terrorist (Abu Qatada) dodging deportion and facing justice. Here’s another Islamofascist thats avoiding being deported to Algeria by the stupid leftist human rights laws that are destroying this nation. The unnamed Muslim who even agrees he poses a threat to national security out  is on bail, free to walk the British streets which are full of potential infidel targets and all that he despises. His appeal win is because he claims he is suicidal and may kill himself if he’s deported. SO WHAT!! ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM ONCE HE IS GONE!!

I dont like to hear of anybody dying especially killing themselves but lets put this into some kind of perspective.  He is a criminal and needs to face justice.With proven links to major terrorist organizations, he has helped terrorists by fundraising for their killing sprees and fixed them up with fake documents. He admits he is a threat and hates this country and its people.

Whats best he gets deported and kills himself in Algeria ? Or he stays here claiming benifits and legal aid whilst others more deserving lose out. Until he decides he is going to kill himself anyway and decides to strap a bomb to himself and do it somewhere crowded and takes 50 innocent people out with him. Its a no brainer.

Suspected terrorist wins appeal

12:17pm Friday 25th January 2013 in News

A suspected terrorist from Algeria with links to supporters of al Qaida has won his appeal to stay on British soil – over fears he may kill himself if deported.

The North African fanatic, who does not dispute posing a threat to national security and is currently free on bail, is believed to have provided travel arrangements and fake passports to terrorists.

But in a blow to the Home Office, a special immigration court has allowed the 43-year-old to remain in Britain amid concerns his human rights will be breached because he is likely to commit suicide once returned to his home country.

In the same judgment, Mr Justice Mitting – who recently upheld hate preacher Abu Qatada’s appeal to remain in Britain – told six other Algerian terror suspects they must leave the country.

But the senior immigration judge warned that despite his ruling there was “no end in sight” in removing the men, who are also free on bail and include two fundamentalists linked with an alleged 2003 plot to commit mass murder using the poison ricin.

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) decision comes shortly after a devastating terror attack on a gas facility in Algeria, which claimed the lives of dozens of hostages and pushed UK counter-terrorism efforts in North Africa to the top of the agenda at Westminster.

The Algerian who won his appeal – who cannot be named for legal reasons and was referred to as “G” – claimed asylum when he was caught entering the UK in 1995 on a fake passport.

A previous open judgment revealed he did not dispute the Home Secretary’s case that he poses a risk to national security.

He is a suspected active supporter of various international terror groups including Groupe Islamique Arme (GIA), an Islamist organisation that wants to overthrow the Algerian government and replace it with an Islamic state, and the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, which is now known as Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.

He is understood to have supplied passports to terrorists and been involved in fundraising and providing travel to extremists undertaking jihad and terrorist training.

But the terror suspect was diagnosed with a major depressive disorder and is said to rely heavily on his wife.

He made a serious suicide attempt in 2005 when he was found hanging in his cell in HMP Belmarsh.

Medical experts concluded that medication would not help mitigate the suicide risk – only round the clock supervision could do that.

As a result, Mr Justice Mitting said: “We must look at the totality of the psychiatric evidence in the round. We are persuaded by it that the risk that G would commit suicide, especially after arrival in Algiers, is very high.

“It may be containable in the UK but no special arrangements have been negotiated with Algeria to cope with it.” He concluded that the UK would be in breach of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights – that no one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment – if he were deported in his present condition.

The six suspects ordered to leave the country claimed they would be at risk of torture or poor treatment if returned to Algeria.

The men include a regular visitor to the Finsbury Park mosque, who sided with hook-handed hate preacher Abu Hamza, and a senior member of an Afghanistan training camp.

But Mr Justice Mitting said the court was “satisfied that the Algerian state’s assurances can be relied upon” in the case of these men.

He added that the relations between Algeria and UK are strong and the North African country has a good record with other men who have previously been deported.

However, in a sign that the six men are expected to continue to fight deportation through a series of appeals and in European courts, Mr Justice Mitting warned that after seven years of litigation there was “as yet, no end in sight”.

He said: “The objectives of the appellants and of the secretary of state – respectively, to be able to live free of restrictions and permanently in the UK and to deport the appellants to Algeria – are nowhere near attainment.”