Mohammed Talha Charged With Cambridge Sex Attack

Police have arrested a Muslim, coincidently named Mohammed for an attempted rape and sex attack in a Cambridge park. The normally loud communist gobshites from Cambridge UAF are silent for once. They are to busy spewing their anti British hate branding anybody who objects to the towns planned mega mosque a racist / fascist / nazi. It never once enters their communist one track minds that part of the reason people object to the mosque is unsavoury incidents like this committed by Muslims.

People of Cambridge, all i can say is you better get used to sex attacks of this nature. Especially once the mega mosque gets the go ahead because they will get more frequent with the influx of Muslims to the area. You can all thank Cambridge Unite Against Fascism when it does.

Man charged with attempted rape and sex attack on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge

Written by RAYMOND BROWN  06:10 Tuesday 18 March 2014

Parker's PieceParker’s Piece

A man has appeared in court charged with attempted rape and sexual assault after a woman was allegedly attacked in a Cambridge park.

The incident is said to have involved a woman in her 30s who was walking on Parker’s Piece in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The woman was walking from the direction of Regent Street at the Pizza Hut entrance to the park and heading on the diagonal path towards Queen Anne Terrace car park.

The alleged attack is reported to have taken place between 3am and 3.55am and officers were called at about 4am.

Officers from Parkside police station, which over-looks the park, arrived at the scene just after 4am.

A forensics team was in the area of the alleged attack on Sunday morning searching for potential evidence.

Officers are looking at CCTV images from around the city in an effort to piece together what happened on Sunday morning.

Mohammed Talha, 30, of Cherry Hinton Road, appeared before Cambridge Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with attempted rape and sexual assault and was remanded in custody to return to the court on Monday.

Multiple Sex Attacks By ‘Asian Attacker’ Over Period Of 2 Hours In Reading

Multiple sex attacks by a rape jihadist in Reading. The attacks happened within hours of each other in the early hours of Sunday morning. The repeated attempts to attack women is the perfect example of what happens once a sex obsessed Muslim gets those warped thoughts in their heads and the sex attacker comes out. They will keep on attempting to satisfy their perverted urges regardless of knowing the police will be out searching for them in the area after the first rape attempt.

Police believe sexual assaults in Reading could be linked

– last updated Mon 10 Mar 2014

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Thames Valley Police are investigating two sexual assaults Photo: PA

Thames Valley Police is appealing for information after a number of incidents in Reading on Saturday morning, where two women were sexually assaulted and a man was seen acting suspiciously in the communal area of a block of flats.

The first incident happened when a 25-year-old woman was walking along Oxford Road at around 5.30am. As she walked along the road, she was approached by an unknown man who started talking with her.

The man then became aggressive and pulled the woman into a nearby alleyway, opposite the

McDonald’s fast food restaurant, and sexually assaulted her.

The woman was able to fight the man away and he has fled the scene in the direction of Portman Road. The woman’s handbag was also stolen in the incident.

Then at 6.24am Thames Valley Police were called by a 22-year-old woman who lived in flats in the Oxford Road area of Reading, who reported that a man had been buzzing on her intercom. When she went outside to challenge who was doing it, she was confronted by a man who made threats towards her.

Then at around 6.55am a 27-year-old woman was cycling along Swansea Road, when a man approached her on a bike and started following her and attempted to talk to her and get her to stop.

The woman continued cycling along the road, when she was grabbed on the shoulder by the man, who kicked out at her causing her to collide with a parked car and for him to fall off his bike.

The man began shouting at the woman and she got back on her back and cycled to the main road where she met with friends.

The man was seen cycling past them and went the wrong way around the roundabout at the Crown Plaza Hotel.

The man in both incidents is described as Asian, 5ft 10ins, and in his mid twenties.

A 26-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted rape in connection with the incident in Oxford Road and is currently in police custody at this time.

This was obviously a traumatic ordeal for the women involved and thankfully they only sustained minor injuries in the incidents. Officers carried out enquiries around the area yesterday morning following the report of the first incident, but the second incident only came to light much later in the day. A lot of work is being undertaken to trace the suspect and bring him into custody and I would urge anyone who was in the area around this time, who may have seen something, to come forward and speak with us as soon as possible. We do believe at this time that these incidents are linked. Additional patrols have been put in place in the area to offer reassurance to local residents and if anyone has any concerns they should speak with officers who can help to address these.”



CCTV Of Sex Offender Wanted In Connection With Attempted Redbridge Rape

Over the last two days there has been posts about perverted Muslim sex offenders committing rape jihad on or around both buses and trains. With public transport seemingly being the Islamononces current trend to find  females travelling alone to target as they can no longer ignore their twisted sexual urges. It would be rude to not mention this attack relating to the London underground.

The victim made the mistake of asking the attempted rapist for directions as she exited the tube which opened the door for his attack. NEVER engage a Muslim male in conversation as in his deluded mind it is enough to trigger the rapist inside him to come out. NEVER trust a Muslim male and let your guard down around them. Deceiving and exploiting weaknesses come as second nature to them. 

Do you know this man? Wanted in connection with attempted Redbridge rape

If you know this man, call police on 020 8217 9874.If you know this man, call police on 020 8217 9874.

Amanda NunnThursday, January 23, 2014
2:59 PM

Police are appealing for information about a man who they wish to speak to in relation to an attempted rape.

He got off at Redbridge Tube stationHe got off at Redbridge Tube station

A woman in her early 30s was travelling on the Central line when she asked a man for directions.

He offered to help her and they got off at Redbridge Tube station at about 8.10pm on December 18.

After walking for 10 minutes along The Drive, Ilford, the man grabbed the woman’s arm and pulled her into Cowley Road where he attempted to rape her before running off.

The man is described as Asian, wearing a light brown jacket, blue jeans, white trainers and a blue woolly hat. He was carrying a black holdall.

He was seen carrying a black holdallHe was seen carrying a black holdall

Det Con Karen Sweeny, from the Met’s sexual offences squad, said: “I would appeal to anyone who recognises this man, or who was in the area of Redbridge Underground station, to contact police.

“He attacked a lone woman who had simply asked for directions.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives on 020 8217 9874, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800

http://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk/news/do_you_know_this_man_wanted_in_connection_with_attempted_redbridge_rape_1_3237396555 111.