Justice For Chelsey Demo – May 13th – Sunderland : Victim Of Muslim Gang Rape Failed By Police

The residents of Sunderland will take to the streets on May 13th in show of support for local woman Chelsey Wright. She had first been subjected to a sickening gang rape at the hands of a group of vile Muslim sex fiends , then badly let down by the Police with their failure to prosecute the immigrant offenders. They hope to make people aware of her horrific ordeal and the authorities incompetence, in refusing to prosecute the asylum seekers allowing them to still roam the streets of Sunderland putting other women at risk  

Chelsey Wright was your average British woman, a mother of 3 children who rarely went out drinking and lived a very normal life. She could quite easily have been your wife, your sister, your friend or neighbour. This puts things into perspective and makes her story all the more horrifying. It is not only vulnerable teenagers in care homes or from dysfunctional families that are at risk from Muslim committed rape jihad. ALL WOMEN are potential victims to these sexual predators.

Chelsey has bravely waivered her right to anonymity to speak of her ordeal. In the video below she speaks to activist Tommy Robinson about how she had been on a rare night out with her mother and friend. After having only a few drinks, the rest of the night is a blank until coming round in a grotty bedsit  in just her knickers when she realised that she had been violated without consent.

Like waking up into a nightmare realising you have been raped isn’t bad enough, in the room with her was one of the Muslim sexcases responsible who refused to let her leave the flat, giving her a severe beating in the process. Eventually she managed to escape running naked down the road screaming hysterically.

Tests carried out following the attack showed multiple men had been involved in the rape. Blood tests also revealed the presence of date rape drug Rohypnol. Police later raided the bedsit and arrested 6 Muslim rapefugees from Syria and Iraq, though despite the DNA and drug test results Police failed to prosecute the Muslim deviants 


https://www.facebook.com/events/221881648306583/   -Justice For Chelsey Facebook event page 

https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/justice-for-chelsey.html sign the petition demanding action from the authourities

https://www.therebel.media/justice_for_chelsey  – Justice For Chelsey on Rebel media 

Race Relations Worker Guilty Of Racist Abuse : Muslim Committed Hate Crime:

Heard the one about the Muslim race relations worker found guilty of racist abuse against white British people??  Seriously you couldn’t make this shit up.

Muslim Shafiq Mohammed is employed in the very lucrative race relations industry supporting those claiming asylum in the UK. Finding them a nice house to live in and sorting their benefits out and making sure they are nicely settled. He was arrested for racially abusing 4 white Scottish people and resisting arrest.

Only days after the horrendous massacre of innocents in Paris committed by Muslim savages. Leftist do gooders, Muslims and pro refugee groups organised a ‘Welcome to Scotland’ rally for 150 Syrian asylum seekers arriving in Ayrshire.  Racist Muslim  Shafiq Mohammed was one of those at the rally welcoming his fellow Muslims to their new home.

Concerned by events in Paris, given that many of those involved in the attack were people who had arrived in Europe as asylum seekers. A counter protest was arranged by local people worried about the negative effect 150 Muslim males landing on your doorstep may have. The 3 men and 1 woman who were the victims of  Shafiq Mohammed’s racist hate crime were part of this group. 

Race relations worker guilty of racist abuse at refugee rally

  • 28 October 2016
  • From the section Glasgow & West Scotland
Shafiq MohammedImage copyrightWATCHTOWER MEDIA

Image captionShafiq Mohammed was also found guilty of resisting arrest

A race relations worker has been convicted of racially abusing a group of Scots at a rally to welcome Syrian refugees to Scotland.

Shafiq Mohammed, 50, was also found guilty of resisting arrest at a demonstration in Monkton, South Ayrshire, on 15 November 2015.

The former Scottish Refugee Council worker broke through a police cordon to verbally abuse a woman and three men.

The rally took place hours after the Paris terrorist attacks.

Ayr Sheriff Court heard how tempers flared among members of the Scottish Defence League and pro-refugee demonstrators.

It followed 150 refugees being granted emergency accommodation at the Ayrshire town’s Adamton Country House Hotel.

Mohammed denied behaving in a racially aggravated manner which was intended to cause alarm and distress.

He claimed the four witnesses had conspired to make up the allegations against him.

Sheriff Robert Weir QC found him guilty on both charges and sentence was deferred.

The court heard Mohammed had previously worked for property firm Orchard & Shipman, which has been paid more than £60m to house refugees in Scotland.

He is currently involved in the Asylum Seeker Housing (ASH) Project – an organisation campaigning on asylum seeker housing issues in the west of Scotland.

Communist Front Group To Hold Pro Calais Migrant Demo


As British borders come under siege on a nightly basis with up to 2000 illegal immigrants a time, trying to storm the Eurotunnel entrance to enter the UK. A far-left extremist group called ‘Folkstone United’ have reached the pinnacle of all stupidity, arranging a demo in support of poor illegals who are being denied an open border into Britain.

The demonstration at the Eurotunnel terminal is due to take place on Saturday 1st August. A counter demo by the EDL and other concerned locals is also planned 

In case the Folkstone United name hadn’t already given it away. The group are yet another Socialist Workers Party / Unite Against Fascism front group. Like their other communist front groups the aim is to stir up unrest in the tiny hope it brings about the marxist revolution they long for. Failing that its always chance for the SWP to raise some funds by donations or sales of their shitty paper ‘Socialist Worker’

This is the same bunch of loons who carried out a campaign of harassment against UKIP including the physical attack of Nigel Farage in the run up to the election. Their  leader is the foul mouthed old slapper, Bunny La Roche. She is a paid SWP activist and the same hardcore communist who made a fool of herself on BBC Question Time by gobbing off and threatening Farage  shouting  “im coming for you”


Folkstone United don’t care that the knock on effect of having miles of trucks stranded on either sides of the channel tunnel is estimated to be costing British businesses in excess of £250 million a day which will no doubt be passed onto us the consumer. Nor are they concerned about who will foot the bill for the benefits they will claim once here or the extra policing costs for the hike in crime which the uncivilized migrants will also bring


Unlike the leftists try to have people believe. Those attempting to get into the UK are not victims escaping persecution in their homelands. They are simply migrants who have been denied legitimate entry into the UK.  A genuine asylum seeker escaping war or other persecution would be more than happy to take sanctuary in the first safe nation they entered. Not travel from Pakistan via countless safe nations to Calais which is also a safe haven,to try reach the UK. The reason is simple its all about the £££.

In many countries asylum seekers will be kept in hostels or detention centres while their asylum claim is being processed. Once rejected the authorities know were they are and can easily ship them back out. Where as in the UK they will be given free housing and welfare payments during the long drawn out application and numerous appeals. Should they still be denied entry they can just slip away into the night without trace. The number of failed Muslim asylum seekers featured on this site who have gone on to commit serious crimes such as rape or murder is testament to that


Syrian Refugees Complain About Swedish Hospitality

At times there is no pleasing Muslims. You give them an inch and they demand a mile, especially when somebody else has to foot the bill for it.

Refugees who fled from war torn Syria and were kindly taken in by Sweden are complaining about the free accommodation they were provided with. On first arrival in Sweden they were housed in a luxurious castle on a temporary basis. The Swedish authorities moved the Syrians to new less prestigious accommodation which didn’t meet the high standards the asylum seekers wanted provoking fury. 13 of the refugees took it on themselves to hire cars and return to the castle and stage a sit in refusing to leave.

They deserve a one way ticket back to Syria for their ungratefulness. 

Large Ekebergsvägen is one of the refugee castle driven by asylum contractor Bert Karlsson.
Large Ekebergsvägen is one of the refugee castle driven by asylum contractor Bert Karlsson.


Translated from Swedish article

Displaced against their will

Some of those who returned to the Great Ekeberg. Photo: Ing-Marie Jonsson

January 31, 2014 05:00

Skaraborg. dirt and crowds, it was what met the 25 persons who moved from Stora Ekeberg to Lugnås. Now, eleven of them back.

On Wednesday, 25 people were moved from the Great Ekeberg. But the environment that met them on site at Lugnås got several of them to return.  
On Wednesday, 25 people were driven from Stora Ekeberg to camp in Lugnås. But the evening had eleven themselves returned and was disgusted at how they are treated and the environment at the new housing. They fill in each other’s stories and interpret each other in English.Views and opinions are pretty unanimous about the day’s events. 
– It was much worse there. Messier and crowded. Three families would live in a couple of rooms, but women can not live with a strange man. There was nowhere to get changed and no doors. When we complained they said we could work from there.  A woman points out that there were conflicts with those who lived there who would not throng with more. – We got it resolve itself told the staff and left us.  Aya Touka and her mother Haj Hasan Fattah reacted over patronizing treatment in Lugnås.  – They threw out plates of food for us. We have gone to Sweden which is known to treat people humanely. We are not animals. I am a doctor and my mother engineer and where she is a hairdresser, says Aya and pointing to the third woman. Haj Hasan Fattah prefer Stora Ekeberg but think it is just too isolated.  – We were promised houses but instead we end up on another worse time. Migration Board cheated us, says a woman who looks just exhausted.  Her son points out that she is sick.  According to the Migration Board’s Head of Skövde Margaret Johnsson made ​​relocation because the contract for the 200 landing places on the Great Ekeberg expires end of January and will not be extended. Instead, the number of residents on the Great Ekeberg down to the 200 previously approved sites. – We have had very many who came to Sweden in autumn and Christmas, but now we see a decrease and relocates to places where there are vacancies. Primarily, we have coatings corresponding basic agreements. Swedish Migration Board visited Big Ekeberg on Thursday and listened to the complaints about Lugnås. – We’ll sit down, take a tie-backs and follow this up, promise Margaret Johnsson but can not indicate where the eleven protesters be placed. Is the standard worse on Lugnås? – We must look at now.

Video: Somalian Muslims In Sweden Demand More Welfare Benefits And Bigger Houses

Somalian Muslim immigrants in Sweden issue a list of demands to the Swedish government, including free, bigger houses. Give them an inch and they want a mile. Talk about ungrateful and never satisfied. Sweden welcomed them in with open arms, allowing them access to a good welfare system and giving the Somalis free housing in return for higher unemployment figures, higher crime rates and the violent anti social behaviour that comes with Somali immigrants.

The Islamic Republic Of Minnesota, USA – The Somali Immigrant Problem

The Islamic Republic Of Minnesota, USA – The Somali Immigrant Problem.  (VIDEOS- SCROLL DOWN)

Minnesota, provides handsome welfare programs compared with most American states for the asylum seeker Somalis. After the first wave of anti social Somalians are assigned there, the second wave of relatives and friends soon followed.

It is perhaps the least likely place to find tens of thousands of African refugees: the cold, snowy, middle of America. So why are there so many Somalis in Minnesota?

Minnesota, provides handsome welfare programs compared with most American states for the asylum seeker Somalis. After the first wave of anti social Somalian are assigned there, the second wave of relatives and friends soon followed. “As Somalis settle down, find a life, the good news spreads: ‘Hey this is a good place, you can find a life here for little effort’” 

As we have come to learn in the UK, Muslims love to play the system and get as much as they can for nothing. Minnesota with good handouts is like a magnet to the free-loading Somalis. Straight away that causes animosity as the American taxpayer see their money being handed out to people who refuse to integrate are anti social and inside actually despise the USA and its people due to the hardcore version of Islam they practice. 

It wasn’t long before the uncivilized Somalis began to recreate their lawless Islamic  hellhole on the streets of America. Muslim youths formed racist violent street gangs , Muslim child sex rings, Islamists trying to enforce sharia law and Somali tribal warfare with an increasing amount of murders. Previously quiet areas descending into Islamic ghettos. The problem is showing no sign of stopping. With the immigrants high birth rate the problems are only going to get worse.



Report on “Somali” gangs busted for child sex trafficking. In similar circumstances to the grooming by gangs of Pakistani Muslims here in the UK. Twenty-nine people have been indicted in a sex trafficking ring in which Somali gangs in Minneapolis allegedly forced girls under age 14 into prostitution in Minnesota, Tennessee, Ohio and other unnamed places,

One of the gangs’ goals was recruiting females under age 18, including some under age 14, and forcing them into prostitution in exchange for cash, drugs or other items.Gang members had been conspiring to recruit young girls for the sex ring since January 2000, the indictment said. The indictment claims three Minneapolis-based gangs were involved — The Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia and the Lady Outlaws — and that the gangs are connected. It outlines several instances when young girls were told to engage in sex acts for money, marijuana or alcohol.

Racist Somali “immigrant” thugs attack Americans behaving as violently as Somali Pirates. They created this video of themselves in action to brag about it. Acting like they are in the lawless cesspit they came from. Attacking non-Muslims randomly including children and the elderly.If they wasn’t Somali Muslims they was fair game.

Somali immigrant taxi drivers are trying to enforce sharia law on passengers they pick up from Minneapolis Airport.  There has been over 5,000 instances of Muslim cab drivers at the Minneapolis- St. Paul Airport refusing to transport passengers carrying alcohol. One woman was denied passage five times in a row by cab drivers before she finally found someone who would take her home.

There have even been instances of cab drivers refuse to transport blind people with guide dogs because Islam considers dogs as non halal and unclean. About three-quarters of cab drivers at the airport are Somali Muslims. This is a large proportion of the people who drive cabs. There was an attempt by the Metropolitan Airports Commission to solve this problem, to accommodate the Muslims like people always end up trying to do. They suggested a pilot program involving two colours of top lights on cabs who would and who would not transport people with alcohol.

The Somalian Muslim cab drivers as stubborn as ever refused in true Muslim fashion.  Compromise with infidels for a solution is not an option. With the for ever upset about something Muslims, its got to be their way or no way.


Violent, racist Somali Muslim immigrants bring race wars to the schools in Minnesota


Video: Muslim Immigrants Taking Over a Small Towns In America’s Bible Belt

Anybody who watches the news on a regular basis will have most likely of seen or heard something about the Islamic hell hole of Somalia. As far as i am aware lawless Somalia is well known for only negative things such as pirates, kidnappers Islamic extremists and blood thirsty jihadists. Those uncivilized Muslims who live there are brought up on nothing other than murder and Islam. If you have seen the film Black Hawk Down, then the barbaric Somalis in that were as near to real life as you can get. As you can imagine take them away from all they know they hardly would make the best candidates for integrating into western life.

This is something we in Britain found out over a decade ago when there was a bit of a trend for Somali asylum seekers turning up here. Once settled in free housing and their benefit money sorted. It wasn’t long before they formed drug dealing  gangs and repeating the violent antics from back home, You can take the Muslim out of Somalia but you can’t take the Somalian out of the Muslim.

Over the last couple of years America has began having an influx of barbaric Somalian immigrants. Unlike in Britain where they ended up in places that were already ghettoish. There the Muslims are being moved en mass to small quiet towns in Americas bible belt. As you can imagine things haven’t worked out to well as the video further down shows

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – It has been nearly 20 years since Somalia last had a functioning government. Islamic jihadists now control most of the country-and sharia is the law of the land. Tens of thousands of Somali refugees have resettled in America in recent years to escape the chaos of their homeland, which is located in the Horn of Africa.
But the transition isn’t going smoothly in one small town. At first glance, Shelbyville is your typical sleepy southern hamlet. It’s nestled in middle Tennessee, where the walking horse is king. There’s Main St., the local sheriff, a movie theatre. It’s all very “Mayberry,” except for one big difference: the recent arrival of hundreds of Somali Muslims. Shelbyville is about an hour’s drive from Nashville, in the heart of the Bible Belt. Like many Americans, the citizens of Shelbyville knew little about Somalia other than the 1993 Black Hawk Down incident, in which 18 U.S. servicemen were killed while battling warlords and Islamic jihadists in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. So when hundreds of Somalis began turning up in the town–many of them dressed in traditional Islamic garb–locals quickly took notice. “They’ve had an impact here. Unfortunately, it’s not been a good impact,” said Brian Mosely, a reporter for the local Shelbyville Times-Gazette.
Mosely won an award from the Associated Press for a series of articles he wrote for the paper about Shelbyville’s Somalis. “I found that there was just an enormous culture clash going on here,” he said. “The Somalis were–according to a lot of the people I talked to here–were being very, very rude, inconsiderate, very demanding. Tthey would go into stores and haggle over prices. They would also demand to see a male salesperson, would not deal with women in stores” Different People, Different Culture
“Their culture is totally alien to anything the residents are used to,” Mosely added. The problems extend to local schools–where some Somali students won’t talk to female administrators. There have also been issues with local law enforcement. “I’m not really sure whether that is because of experiences with the police in their country, or whether that’s just the way their culture is,” said Shelbyville’s Police Chief, Austin Swing. Shelbyville is home to about 17,000 people. The town’s Somali population is estimated to be between 400 and 1,000. Mosely says the Somalis have isolated themselves from the rest of the community. “We’re talking about people who have not had any experience with Western civilization,” he explained. “They don’t know the language. Things like running water are a miracle to some of these folks…you don’t take people from a totally alien culture, put them into a community, and then say ‘alright, you must get along.’ Little Chance to Adapt
Abdirizak Hassan is the director of the Somali Community Center in nearby Nashville. He says the state of Tennessee has no programs to help immigrants integrate into their new surroundings. “They come, and the only thing they can do is go to work, and then after work they go back to the apartment,” Hassan said. “They’re totally isolated and there’s no interaction between them and the locals.” He added that some have even expressed a desire to return to Somalia. “A lot of them face eviction. They put them in an apartment complex that costs $600 a month. They can’t get a job that gives them that much money,” Hassan explained. “And sometimes you have families, like, a single mother with eight kids, or seven kids or six kids, and you expect her to go to work in six months time with no English, no driver’s skills, nothing? I mean, sometimes it’s impossible.” “The locals, mostly, when they see a few hundred people in their backyard with a different look, strangers, you know, of course they have the right to be concerned,” he added. “But I think if the local authorities and organizations like ours do a lot of outreach, I think we can bridge the gap.” So how did so many Somalis end up in rural Shelbyville? The answer can be complicated. The State Department helps resettle refugees from war-torn countries like Somalia in the United States.

A Muslim Somali cab driver in Nashville TN, picks up two Christian college students, gets into a discussion about religion and tells them that Hitler was a “good man because he was trying to rid the world of Jews”. Nashville City Paper reports that when the students paid the cabby they expressed their disagreement and told him “If you’re going to live in a country like ours, you’re going to have to tolerate other people’s beliefs” This didn’t sit well with Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed, the cab driver, who then proceeded to run them down, hitting one, breaking his pelvis and leg.

Russians Warning to UK : ‘Open Door To Islamic Extremists’ Is A Ticking Timebomb

The Russian government has warned the UK that its open arms immigration policy allowing Muslim extremists to settle here is a ticking timebomb just waiting to explode.Security specialist Igor Korotchenko said has said MI5 should pay far closer attention to Muslim immigrants and those admitted as asylum-seekers. The Russians can see its a problem, patriot groups and anti Islam sites like myself are constantly questioning Britain’s immigration policies and some of the dregs we are letting in know its a problem. Yet our own government seem oblivious to what’s happening to our country, either they have been listening to the leftist and Muslim apologists playing it down or fear being branded racist by the same people if they speak up. Which ever reason it is they don’t want to know and tackle the problem. Its bad enough with the amount of home-grown terrorists the Muslim community has been producing lately. Without being the choice destination of jihadists around the world and seen as a safe haven for them.

Since Russia ditched the totalitarian evil communist ideology which ruled by fear and what will happen if people fail to comply. Its new relaxed attitude has opened the doors to the same Islamic extremism and terrorism as the rest of the civilized world. Britain should be cooperating with them the same as any other nations intelligence services. After all we are all trying to fight a common evil enemy in Islamic terrorists

Warning to UK on its ‘open door to fanatics’: Russian government says MI5 should watch ‘extremist Islamic’ exiles from the country in wake of Boston bombing

  • MI5 should play far closer attention to immigrants, said security specialist
  • Igor Korotchenkosaid has claimed Britain has created a ‘ticking timebomb’
  • Said some admitted as asylum-seekers, and are enemies of Vladimir Putin


PUBLISHED: 01:13, 22 April 2013 | UPDATED: 13:11, 22 April 2013

Britain is at risk from ‘extremist Islamic’ exiles from the North Caucasus who have been allowed to live in the UK, claimed an advisor to the Russian government last night.

The lessons from the Boston marathon bombing is that MI5 should play far closer attention to these immigrants, some who have been admitted as asylum-seekers, and are seen as enemies of Vladimir Putin, said security specialist Igor Korotchenko.

He has claimed Britain has created a ‘ticking timebomb’ for allowing radicalised Muslims into this country.

The Boston bombings should be a reminder that Britain is at risk from 'extremist Islamic' exiles from the North Caucasus who have been allowed to live in the UK, claimed an advisor to the Russian government last nightThe Boston bombings should be a reminder that Britain is at risk from ‘extremist Islamic’ exiles from the North Caucasus who have been allowed to live in the UK, claimed an advisor to the Russian government last night

MI5 should play far closer attention to these immigrants, some who have been admitted as asylum-seekers, and are seen as enemies of Vladimir Putin, said security specialist Igor KorotchenkoMI5 should play far closer attention to these immigrants, some who have been admitted as asylum-seekers, and are seen as enemies of Vladimir Putin, said security specialist Igor Korotchenko

He claimed an FBI ‘failure’ to heed Russian secret services warnings about Tamerlan Tsarnaev  could be repeated in Britain where intelligence co-operation with Moscow has been curtailed due to the diplomatic dispute over the 2006 ‘murder’ of Alexander Litvinenko in London.

‘It was a professional failure by American counter-intelligence,’ said Korotchenko, who is also editor in chief of The National Defence journal in Moscow, and an advisor to military chiefs.

‘The question we should ask America is why are they not co-operating as much as the Russian secret services want them to on matters of terrorism.’

The same threat applies to Britain, he said, ‘which has been willingly accepting terrorists and extremists from the North Caucasus.

‘This is despite the fact that four telecommunications workers from Britain were beheaded in 1998.’

He singled out Britain’s ‘mistake’ in giving asylum to Akhmed Zakayev, 53 year old prime minister of the independent Chechen government in exile who is labelled a terrorist by Moscow, but stressed others had also received a safe haven in London.

He has claimed Britain has created a 'ticking timebomb' for allowing radicalised muslims into this countryHe has claimed Britain has created a ‘ticking timebomb’ for allowing radicalised muslims into this country. Britain’s intelligence co-operation with Moscow has been curtailed due to the diplomatic dispute over the 2006 ‘murder’ of Alexander Litvinenko in London

A friend of actress Vanessa Redgrave and the late Boris Borezovsky, courts in London have refused to extradite Zakayev to Russia claiming he would not receive a fair trial.

‘Britain has created a ticking timebomb which could explode at any time by accepting these people,’ he claimed.

‘If MI5 believes that people who have terrorist experience in the North Caucasus will – coming to London – become decent members of society, they are wrong.’

Britain had allowed in “people who tasted blood and explosions and have learned the skills of terror”, he said.

‘It is very dangerous that a potential terrorist underground network is being created, more dangerous than the IRA.’

At the same time, Britain – like the US – had failed to co-operate closely with Russian secret services in exchanging intelligence on potential terrorist threats linked to the North Caucasus.

‘Russian intelligence in every question related terrorism are prepared to have the most open possible relations with any Western special services,’ he said.

But co-operation had become stymied by difficult ‘political relations and unresolved questions’ in relation to Britain, he said.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2312711/Warning-UK-open-door-fanatics-Russian-government-says-MI5-watch-extremist-Islamic-exiles-country-wake-Boston-bombing.html#ixzz2RCzAA1V7
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Denmark becomes a Muslim country

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Denmark becomes a Muslim country


(By:  Soeren Kern )

“We should not get where Denmark Danish traditions disappear when a Muslim majority” – Tom Behnke, spokesman of the Danish Conservative Party.

Muslim Immigrants in a town near Copenhagen have ensured that the traditional Christmas display this year forced not continue, while even lavish money was spent on the Muslim Eid celebration (Eid) at the end of Ramadan to mark.

The controversy has led to a heated nationwide debate on the role of Islam in the post-Christian Denmark, where a rapidly growing Muslim population increasingly assertive in imposing its will regarding a wide range of social and societal issues.

The last riot concerns Egedalsvænget residential complex in Kokkedal, a town located about 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of Copenhagen, where Arab and Turkish immigrants now more than half of the total population.

At a recent meeting of the Egedalsvænget tenants association refused the Muslim majority in the Board consent to 7,000 Danish kroner ($ 1,200) to spend the joint annual Christmas event.

The vote came shortly after the same Board of Directors had authorized up to 60,000 crowns ($ 10,000) to spend a large communal celebration of the Muslim holiday Eid. Five of the nine board members are Muslim.

A Muslim member of the board of directors, Ismail Mestasi, defended the decision to the Christmas tree and party not to go ahead with the argument that no one had offered to organize the celebration. “Nobody wanted to take responsibility. A vote was taken and it ended as it ended. I do not celebrate Christmas, but I was asked to pick the tree. And I did not. ” But a non-Muslim director, Karin Blank Nature Hansen, spoke to him and said that she herself had offered to take responsibility, but they were drowned out by the Muslim Board.

Of the dispute, the latest in a growing number of Muslim-related controversy in Denmark, was first on 7 November report by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). Since then, the problem escalated into a national scandal and it has become an important topic for public debate in the Danish media as well as in politics.

A spokesman of the Danish Conservative Party, Tom Behnke, says he fears that there are people who want to change Denmark in an Islamic country. In an interview with DR Newssaid Behnke: “I think it’s very worrying that our efforts to achieve integration are so ineffective that, at the time when a Muslim majority, our good old Danish traditions put away and instead Islamic traditions are introduced. We live in Denmark and the people must adapt to the situation that applies here. ”

Asked whether corporations with a Muslim minority Eid party should fund, said Behnke: “We must not forget that in the past Eid festival the victory party was at the slaughter of Christians, so I do not know whether we have in Denmark should remember. However, the people are allowed to re festivals whatsoever to celebrate, but they also need the festivals in the country to which they have accrued respect “.

Behnke added: “There is no point to Denmark to want to change in a Muslim country, because you yourself have a Muslim background. That should never happen. On the contrary, we have mutual respect for each other. This is a lack of respect for the traditions of the Danes and their culture. We should not have a Denmark where Danish traditions disappear, when a Muslim majority. ”

The Danish police now investigating an allegation of racism against Muslim members. In an interview with the ‘ Copenhagen Post , “said the police spokesman, Karsten Egtved:” It must be determined whether the decision of the Muslim members of the board of directors to first ‘yes’ vote for the Eid festival that 60,000 crowns cost, and then ‘no’ vote against a tree crowns from 7000 to Christian tradition to celebrate, violating laws relating to discrimination against Christians and their traditions. ”

The fight over the tree took on 12 November a threatening new twist when a van with two journalists from TV2 News was attacked by 25 masked vandals. The journalists were to Egedalsvænget residential gone to a report on the story on video, but upon arrival was their van bombarded with stones and boulders. The attackers destroyed the van and the unfortunate journalists were expelled from the area.

According to TV2, the perpetrators were Muslim youths who tried to catch the interest of the media for the Christmas tree dispute the silence.

The local police have the side of the Muslim attackers chosen by blaming the journalists to explain, because it primarily a television car in the field had brought. Then Houtved of North Zealand police told  BT News  that he did not go he would have gone as a journalist of TV2.”You choose an area where tension is accessed.One can argue about whether it is wise. I probably would not have done. ”

Houtved refers to the growing number of no-go areas  in the suburbs of Copenhagen and other Danish cities that are increasingly autonomous enclaves ruled by Islamic gangs.These are areas where the  Danish police did not dare to come . (Here is a  new video that shows how the Danish Government native Danes bribes to get them where they live in immigrant neighborhoods).

In March, for example, did more than 140 Muslim gang members raided a courthouse where two fellow Muslims stood trial for attempted murder. The Muslims – all members of criminal street gangs that large parts of Danish cities have taken over – wore masks and bulletproof vests and they threw stones and bottles as they tried to March 6 with violence to enter the courthouse of the county in Glostrup, a highly Islamized suburb of Copenhagen.

Police used batons and pepper spray to the gang members to expel armed with an arsenal of 20 different weapons, including crowbars, darts, hammers, knives, screwdrivers and wooden clubs.

In the process Glostrup two Pakistani immigrants were involved, who were accused of discharging shots, and an attempt to two fellow Muslims to murder as part of a rival gang.The shooting had to do with an escalating gang war between rival Muslim gangs from Værebroparken Bagsværd residential area, a suburb of Copenhagen, and from Nivå Kokkedal and in northern Zealand. Of immigrant gangs are believed to be responsible in 2012 for at least 50 shootings in and around Copenhagen.

The immigrant gangs are involved in numerous criminal activities, including drug trafficking, illicit arms trafficking, extortion, human trafficking, theft, prostitution, theft, extortion and murder. Many of the gang members are ethnic Arabs, Bosnians, Turks and Somalis. There are Iraqis, Moroccans, Palestinians and Pakistanis involved.

In recent years the immigrant gangs geographically across Denmark. The gangs are located south of Copenhagen across the rest of Zealand, about the center of Nørrebro, to the suburbs Ishøj, Greve, and to Køge. The gangs are also active in Albertslund, Herlev, Hillerød, Høje Gladsaxe, Hundige, Roskilde and Skovlunde and many more Danish places.

Danish authorities estimate that each year more than 700 immigrants between the ages of 18 and 25 years for a permanent career in crime elect, by participating in gangs like Black Cobra, the Black Scorpions, the Bandidos, the Bloodz, the International Club or other of the more than 100 gangs currently operating in Denmark.

In August were more than 80 Muslim gang members raided a hospital in Odense, the third largest city of Denmark, in a failed attempt at a 26-year-old rival gang to abduct earlier in a shopping district Vollsmose was shot and stabbed . Hospital Police had to use weapons to prevent the angry mob victims of the shooting in hands would get. An ambulance and four police cars were destroyed during the violence.

More recently, Muslim gangs shops and bars in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen extorted. They threatened the local entrepreneurs with violence if they refused to pay protection money, because they work on ‘Islamic territory’.

But some non-Muslims have refused to give in to the threats. Take for example the 67-year-old  Jane Pedersen , courageous owner of the ‘Viking Café “, a bar, because of its refusal to pay has been the target of repeated attacks by Muslim gangs. Pedersen has a Facebook page called “No to bullies, yes to beer”, that national and international attention for her case has drawn. (Look at this one video that was produced by the politically correct BBC , who manages to report the problem and of Pedersen Copenhagen with criminal gangs, without once using the word “Muslim”).

In an interview with the  newspaper Jyllands-Posten  Pedersen said: “Some guys came in here and told me that I have to pay to be allowed to stay in their area. I refused. I would be their grandmother, there is simply no justification for their behavior. ”

Soeren Kern  is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Stone Gate Institute . He is also the Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estrategicos / Strategic Studies Group. Follow him on Facebook .



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