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E-fit released following assault on teenage girl at Singleton Lake, Ashford

For some unknown reason Kent police have waited over a month to release details of a teenage girl being assaulted at Singleton Lake by a male described as ‘Asian’

E-fit released following assault on teenage girl at Singleton Lake, Ashford

Police are hunting a dog walker who grabbed a teenager on a footpath near a beauty spot.

The girl was sitting on a bench at Singleton Lake in Ashford when a man with a husky-type dog walked past her.

He then approached her from behind and grabbed her by the shoulder, but she was able to pull away and flee.

 E-fit released following assault on teenage girl at Singleton Lake, Ashford,KENT

E-fit issued following assault in Ashford by Kent Police

She was not injured, and nothing was said during the incident.

The suspect is described as a skinny Asian man, 5ft 9ins tall, and aged between 27 and 35, with black hair, a black beard and brown eyes.

He was wearing a red vest top and sandy-coloured shorts.

The alleged assault happened at 6.30pm on Thursday, June 22, but details have only just been released.

Witnesses or anyone who recognises the man in the image are asked to call police on 01843 222289 and quote ZY/27479/17 or call Crimestoppers anonymously 0800 55511


Woman Hit By ‘Asian’ Thug As She Walked Home In Reading

Like kicking innocent children out walking their dogs in the face, spineless Muslim bullies wouldn’t even think twice about hitting a random woman walking down the road. Cowardly violence is second nature.

Police Investigate Whitley Attack

17th October 2016, 12:12

Police in Reading say a woman’s been attacked as she was walking through Whitley. It happened between 10pm on Friday (14/10) and 2.30am Saturday (15/10). As she walked along Cressingham Road she walked past a man who physically assaulted her.She managed to get away from him and made her way home.The victim did not need hospital treatment.

The offender is described as Asian, between 25 and 27-years-old, approximately 5ft 9 ins, and was wearing dark clothing.Investigating Officer, Det Con Adrian Counsell, of Force CID based at Reading police station: “We are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed this incident to come forward.“At this stage we do not have a more precise time for the incident but we want anyone who has information and may have been in the Cressingham Road area between 10pm Friday and 2.30am Saturday to come forward.“If you have seen a man matching the description in Cressingham Road, on Friday night then please do get in touch.

Source: Police Investigate Whitley Attack – Heart Thames Valley News

Teenage Girl Punched Repeatedly By Bearded ‘Asian’ Male In Skipton

Something experiences have constantly shown is that Muslim males have no scruples.  When it comes to morales, this is something that they sadly have very few of, especially when it comes to treatment of women. Actions that most people think as deplorable and wouldnt dream of doing such as clouting a woman, they would do without thinking twice about it and feel no remorse after.

POLICE are appealing for the public’s help to track down a man who repeatedly punched a teenage girl in the face during an unprovoked attack.

The assault happened after the 18-year-old victim was approached by the man and confronted.

“The man briefly engaged her in conversation before repeatedly punching her to the face,” said a police spokesman. “The man continued to strike her to the head even when she had gone to the ground.”

The assailant is described as Asian, about 30 years old, skinny build and 5ft 7ins tall. He was described as having a close cropped beard around his jaw line and upper lip with a longer beard to his chin. He was dressed in dark clothing and appeared to be intoxicated.

The incident happened in the area of Devonshire Place and Goschen Street, Skipton, at 5am on Sunday, April 17.

Anyone with information should contact Robert Hutchinson on 101, select option 2, or email Robert.Hutchinson@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

Alternatively, information can be passed via the confidential Crimestoppers line on 0800 555111. Please quote the North Yorkshire Police reference number 12160067205.


Woman Passenger Assaulted On Tram By 2 Muslim Teenagers

A female passenger was assaulted on board a tram in Greater Manchester by two teenage members from the ‘ religion of peace’. The quick thinking victim managed to snap the pair of thugs on her phone before they disembarked at Bury, an area that has been heavily Islamized over recent years and has had its fair share of Muslim related problems that always come with the huge influx. Just  a shame the police took two months to make the image public.

No doubt this pair of scroats will have had Islam pumped into their heads from birth.Brain washing them until they are like Muslim zombies and  programmed till they are of the same mindset as the rest. This will include how Muslims are superior to the kafirs,  how men are superior to women and how woman beating is permitted to put the woman in her place. Violent and disrespectful behaviour towards females is only to be expected from not so peace-loving Muslim yobs as they know no different.

Image released by police investigating tram assault

Photo: Greater Manchester Police

Detectives investigating an assault on a tram in Greater Manchester have released an an image of two youths they want to speak to.

Th 25-year-old victim was travelling from Bury from Manchester between 5.25pm and 5.40pm on Friday 8 January 2016.

She was approached by two boys, who assaulted her before sitting down on nearby seats.

They got off the tram in Bury, but before they did so the victim managed to take a photo of the offenders on her phone.

They are described as Asian, skinny build, around 14-years-old, 5ft 3in tall and wearing a dark-coloured waterproof jacket, black baseball cap and diamond stud earrings.

The second offender is described as Asian, slim build, around 5ft 6in tall and 15 to 16 years of age. He was wearing a light-grey hooded top and after the assault pulled a skull mask over his face.

“These young men brazenly assaulted this woman in front of a packed tram carriage and seemed completely unfazed when the victim challenged them.

“They demonstrated worrying criminal behaviour and it is important we identify them both to prevent any further assaults in future.

“I would also like to ask the public to take a stand when they see such behaviour take place.

“It is utterly unacceptable that this should take place in public and no one come to the victim’s defence.

  • Anyone with information should police on 101 quoting incident number 1839/080116 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
Last updated Mon 7 Mar 2016

Police Appeal After St Albans Pack Attack

Police appeal after St Albans assault

Police are appealing for witnesses and informationPolice are appealing for witnesses and information

Monique HallFriday, March 21, 2014
10:38 AM

An assault on a man in St Albans last week has sparked a police appeal for information.

The victim, in his 20s, was attacked on Friday, March 14, at around 1.45pm near the mosque by Morrisons on Hatfield Road.

He was approached by two men from behind and hit to the neck and fell to floor, causing him to injure his nose.

The suspects are described as Asian, aged between 20 and 30 years old, and were wearing black hooded tops and black gloves. They ran off in the direction of Morrisons.

Anyone with information should contact DC Neil Sutton on the Herts police non-emergency number 101 quoting crime reference number F1/14/832. Alternatively call Crimestoppers, the independent charity, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

‘Assault’ Appeal Launched After Teen Grabbed By Muslim Taxi Driver

What is it with Muslim taxi drivers that makes them think they have some Allah given right to put their filthy hands on lone passengers who happen to be a woman or schoolgirl. It has been happening way way to much over the last year or so to be isolated incidents. Whenever it does happen and police appeal for information its always the driver is described as ‘Asian’ not the driver is described as white,black,oriental or anything else. The same when its a report of a court case involving a taxi driver attacking a female passenger. Its never a John Smith or Kim Wong before the bench, its a Mohammed Islam  or something similar.

I remember watching a Louis Theroux documentary called “A Place for Paedophiles” which showed some tests they were doing on nonces due for release where they hooked them up to a machine and showed them pictures to measure the reactions to viewing them. Any sign of arousal resulted in failure and they were kept locked up.

Maybe they should consider implementing similar tests for potential taxi drivers. So not only do they have to know routes from A to B. But are hooked up to a machine and shown images and videos of the type of females that may at some point get in their taxi. Various scenarios such as a 13 year old in school uniform, a glamour model wearing a tiny skirt showing a little to much leg and tits hanging out, a gobby chav type who doesn’t want to pay the extra £3 thats been added on top of the actual fare and the scenario that to a Muslim male is often like a red rag to bull. The drunk 19 year old that can barely stand up after a night on the town.

Any sign of aggression or sexual arousal by the subject resulting in failure and no taxi drivers licence being awarded.


 muslim taxi sign


‘Assault’ appeal launched after teen grabbed in taxi dispute

Police are investigating an alleged assault in Hatfield

By Ewan Foskett

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 3:19 PM

An appeal has been launched after a teenager was bruised in a dispute over a Hatfield taxi fare.


Herts police is asking witnesses to come forward after a 19-year-old woman’s wrists were grabbed by a driver.

She managed to wriggle free and walk away from the silver Volkswagen.

A spokesman for the force told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: “It looks like she was going to [pay for the journey], but the incident happened and she walked away.”

A police statement has described last Wednesday’s “incident” as an assault.

It happened in Briars Wood at around 6.45pm.

The driver, an Asian man with white hair, is aged around 50.

PC Joe Clapham, investigating, said: “Thankfully the victim was not seriously hurt but did receive bruising.

“We would like to speak to anyone who was in the area at the stated time and remembers seeing an altercation between a man and a woman or anything else unusual.

“We believe a silver coloured Mercedes may have driven past at the time of the assault and we would like to speak to the driver as they may have witnessed the incident. Please contact me if you were this driver.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Clapham via Hertfordshire Constabulary’s non-emergency number 101, citing crime reference B2/14/787.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers, the independent charity, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

via ‘Assault’ appeal launched after teen grabbed in taxi dispute – News – Welwyn Hatfield Times.

Appeal After Newport Boxing Day Pack Attack

Police appeal in Wales after an 18 year old was pack attacked by three Muslim thugs on Boxing Day. Like all the random sex attacks taking place, it was the easy target they picked. A lone teenager who had little chance of fighting back against three attackers. Not only are they violent scroates, they are typical bullying cowards who think their hard because they beat up somebody who they knew wasn’t in the position to stand up to them

Appeal after Newport Boxing Day attack

A TEENAGER was left with a fractured jaw after being attacked by three men in Newport city centre on Boxing Day.

Gwent Police are appealing for information after the serious assault on the square between Lloyds Bank and TSB Bank on Commercial Street at around 9pm.

The 18-year-old man was approached by the trio who started talking to him before he was punched in the face.

The three men are described by police as Asian in appearance and aged in their 20s.

Anyone who has any information is asked to call 101, quoting log 441 26/12/2013.


Hull Mum Raped In Front Of Child Told ‘I’m Muslim And You Must Obey Me’

Another very sick sex attack committed by an Islamic beast that should be national news but is relegated to the local press. Its amazing how they never report crimes like this but are more than happy to regurgitate the same old surge in anti Muslim attack stories.

The unnamed Muslim raped the mother of his son in front of the child telling her ‘I’m Muslim and you must obey me’ . The victim is obviously a non Muslim white girl who was having some kind of illicit affair with him by the fact she says when she was pregnant he went to SE Asia to get married to his own cousin. She fell for his lies that he wanted her really when all she was to him was his bit of 16 year old white meat on the side. No doubt his wife will now remain in the UK living off benefits while he is in prison. 

 “became violent, hitting her and telling her he was a Muslim and she should do as she was told.” Standard Muslim behaviour.  He will actually believe that in his own mind because that is what Islam teaches. His behaviour is the same as that of the paedo prophet Mohammed who all Muslims are instructed to be like

Also (forbidden are) women already married, except those whom your right hands possess. Thus has Allah ordained for you. All others are lawful, provided you seek them from your property, desiring chastity, not fornication. So with those among them whom you have enjoyed, give them their required due, but if you agree mutually after the requirement (has been determined), there is no sin on you. Surely, Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.
Qur’an 4:24

What we see in the beginning of this verse as “forbidden” refers to sexual intercourse. The Qur’an dictates, women already married are forbidden for Muslims except those whom their right hands possess (sex slaves).


Hull mum raped in front of son and told by attacking boyfriend: ‘I’m Muslim and you must obey me’

By Hull Daily Mail  |  Posted: January 13, 2014

By Simon Bristow


The court heard the victim’s attacker, pictured here but who cannot be identified for legal reasons, raped his girlfriend in front of her son

A MAN pinned his girlfriend down and raped her in front of their baby son, and told her she must obey him because he was a Muslim, a court was told.

The Mail has decided not to identify the rapist, who is in his early 20s, so his relationship with his victim can be revealed.

She was 16 when they met, but he began beating her three months into the relationship and raped her at her home in Hull in May last year.

The victim, who gave evidence at Hull Crown Court via video link, said she had not reported the rape at the time because she did not understand such a thing could happen in a relationship.

“I didn’t understand it was rape at the time,” she said. “I didn’t understand until I told a friend.”

She later said: “I thought rape was to go outside and somebody grabs you.”

Defence barrister Mumin Hashim said she must have been traumatised by the attack.

“I was,” she said. “I was really scared and I was hurt inside. Not physically, it broke my heart because I didn’t think he would do that.”

After the rape, which lasted between 20 and 30 minutes, the man kissed her, told her he loved her, and fell asleep, while she got up to see to the baby, who was crying.

The rapist, who now lives in Buckinghamshire, was also convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm after repeatedly banging his partner’s head against the dashboard of a car.

He was also convicted of two other assaults on her.

The court was told that while the teenager was pregnant with their son, he was thousands of miles away marrying his cousin in an arranged marriage in South Asia.

When he returned, he settled in Buckinghamshire and began fortnightly visits to his son and partner in Hull, during which time he also got another woman in Buckinghamshire pregnant.

Mr Hashim asked why, after having time to reflect on the relationship, the victim did not seek help.

She replied with four words: “Young and scared. Immature.”

In tearful evidence, she said despite knowing about his marriage to another woman, she still hoped he would come back to have a normal family life with her and their child.

She said: “I just wanted him to come back because I wanted my little boy to have what I never had, which was a mum and a dad.”

The victim’s mother told the court why she thought her daughter had not ended the relationship sooner.

“She wanted this fairytale story where mummy and daddy were together,” said the victim’s mother. “I told her it wasn’t always like that.”

Outlining the victim’s evidence at the start of the case, Michele Stuart-Lofthouse, prosecuting, described how the man “became violent, hitting her and telling her he was a Muslim and she should do as she was told.”

Mr Hashim said the only reason the allegations had been made was because the woman feared the man would seek custody of the child.

The man denied ever being violent or abusive towards his victim, and told the court he still loved her.

He was convicted on all counts by a jury and was jailed for a total of five and a half years.

The man was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and is also subject to a ten-year restraining order, preventing him from contacting the victim.

Judge Simon Jack told him: “She depended on you and relied on you for affection and support and you took advantage of that to get what you wanted from her and returned little but contempt.”

Read more: http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Hull-mum-raped-son-told-attacking-boyfriend-m/story-20433200-detail/story.html#ixzz2qJzVTuJs

Who’s This Old Slapper? Brighton UAF Supporter Who Keeps Appearing In Commie Demo Riots

Reblog From Casuals United

This #Brighton Commie sure gets about to riots and disturbances. Who knows her? #edl


Here she is being evicted from Hove UKIP meeting

Here she is being evicted from Hove UKIP meeting

Here attacking MFE 2012

Here attacking MFE 2012

Attacking BNP last week

Attacking BNP last week

MFE 2012 attacking police

MFE 2012 attacking police

MFE 2013 someone must know the ugly mare

MFE 2013 someone must know the ugly mare

Read the original  and more posts exposing Commies/Islamists at the excellent Casuals United Blog

Video: Four Asian Thugs Moments After Attacking Cyclist In Manchester City Centre

 Police in Greater Manchester have released video footage of 4 violent thugs who cowardly attacked a cyclist on his way home from work as he stopped at traffic lights. The attacked happened last Tuesday evening in a busy Manchester City Centre. In the video they can be seen laughing and embracing each other, bigging themselves up believing their bad boys after pack attacking a man sat on a bike who cant move and they outnumber 4 to 1. Proper tough guys!! 99% chance these ‘Asian’ yobs will turn out to be the Muslim kind of Asian as you never hear of any Sikh, Buddist, Hindu attacking people on Britain’s streets mob handed

Police have released CCTV images of four teenagers wanted in connection with an assault in Manchester city centre.

At 6.10pm on Tuesday 28 May 2013, the 36-year-old victim was cycling home from work and stopped at traffic lights at the junction with Corporation Street and Miller Street.
The offenders walked past him and shouted at him. He shouted back and rode off before he stopped at another set of lights. The group ran after him and attacked him. He was punched and dragged to the ground before he was kicked.

They ran off after they were chased by members of the public before one of them was caught by a witness. The other three returned, punched the man in the face and all four ran across Hannover Street, onto Shudehill and Thomas Street before making their way towards Piccadilly Gardens.

The group are described as being Asian, between 16 and 18 years old and 5ft 8in tall.

Detective Constable Daniel Nowland based at Bootle Street police station said: “This was a completely unprovoked attack that left the victim with a fractured jaw and hospitalised.

“The assault took place in front of a number of witnesses as the victim fell into the road and into the path of two lanes of rush hour traffic as they waited by the traffic lights.

“I would ask people to take a look at the images and see if they recognise the four people. You may have seen them cross Hannover Street and make their way towards Piccadilly Gardens following the assault. If you did see them or know who they are, please get in touch.”

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 3221 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

 Police in Greater Manchester have released video footage of 4 violent thugs who cowardly attacked a cyclist on his way home from work as he stopped at traffic lights. The attacked happened last Tuesday evening in a busy Manchester City Centre. In the video they can be seen laughing and embracing each other, bigging themselves up believing their bad boys after pack attacking a man sat on a bike who cant move and they outnumber 4 to 1