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Press Reports Said ’29 Arrested At Dudley EDL Demo’ : What They Didnt Say Was 25 Were Actually From UAF

On February 7th, activists from the English Defence Leauge descended upon Dudley to peacefully protest against the proposed mega mosque. The imposing construction was granted planning permission by the local Labour council despite hundreds of objections by locals.

Local press reported that there was approximately 600 patriots at the  EDL protest. As usual communist front group Unite Against Fascism held a counter protest which was attended by around 50 far left extremists.

Following the protest the local paper ran the headline :

Twenty nine arrests as EDL protests in Dudley

Twenty nine people were arrested as 600 EDL supporters descended on Dudley to protest plans for a new mosque.


 The report also featured Chief Superintendent Chris Johnson saying “While West Midlands Police has no power to ban people from exercising their democratic right to express their opinions through protest, we have been planning the policing operation for months.”

Council leader Councillor Pete Lowe “We have said all along that the EDL is not welcome in Dudley borough but there are no legal powers to stop them holding a protest.

The impression given by the newspaper is that those who were arrested in Dudlley were there as part of the EDL protest,  This is seemingly backed up by the comments by the Police and council leader who both make it clear they did not approve of the EDL being there.  Yet this  was far removed from the truth

It took a freedom of information request to West Midlands Police to reveal that only 4 out of the 29 arrests made were part of the EDL demo. The other 25 arrested were from those in opposition to the EDL as part of the Unite Against Fascism counter protests. 

The authorities want to make groups like the EDL be smeared as the bad guys. If not the public may start to listen to their message and wake up to the stealth jihad and islamization going on all around them. 

Police Arrest Five Members Of Child Sex Ring In Bolton

Reports of five members of a child sex gang arrested on suspicion of rape and conspiracy to commit rape during a series of raids this morning  in Bolton. 

The nature of the crime certainly has all the traits of a Muslim grooming gang about it and many similarities with past cases.  I may be way off the mark suggesting any kind of Muslim involvement here. But being a betting man i certainty wouldn’t bet against this being the latest in a constant succession of Muslim sex rings.  The police’s public protection unit, comment that Bolton is “not becoming another Rochdale” could point towards islamo-nonces

Five arrested as police swoop on suspected child sex ring

12:01pm Wednesday 28th August 2013 in NewsExclusive By Miranda Newey, Crime reporter

Five arrested as police swoop on suspected child sex ringFive arrested as police swoop on suspected child sex ring

A SUSPECTED child sex ring has been smashed by police in a series of raids across Bolton this morning.

Five men were arrested on suspicion of rape and conspiracy to commit rape in raids in and around the town centre.  The arrests follow an eight-month investigation, which started when a 15-year-old girl reported allegations to police. The girl is alleged to have been subjected to a catalogue of sexual assaults and rapes between July 2011 and September last year.The men are now in custody for questioning.

Det Insp Simon Davies, from the police’s serious sexual offences unit, said: “There will understandably be anxiety in the community following today’s arrests.

“This is the result of a complex and detailed investigation that has been running over several months into allegations of serious sexual assaults committed against a young girl.

“For that reason I am unable to go into any more detail about the status of the investigation.

“What I can say is that Greater Manchester Police takes all allegations of child sexual exploitation very seriously and we have a team of experienced and highly-skilled officers who are carrying out a thorough investigation.”

He said the police will keep the public informed of any developments in the investigation, which they are calling Operation Corso, “when they are able to do so”.

He added: “Specially trained staff are continuing to support the victim throughout what is clearly a traumatic time for her.”

Ch Supt Mary Doyle, from the police’s public protection unit, said Bolton is “not becoming another Rochdale”.

Anyone affected by the investigation can call police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111, or call the children’s charity NSPCC on 0800 8005000.


As Muslims Riot In Sweden, Police Take Action And Arrest Concerned Locals Protecting Their Neighbourhoods

Like the UK, Sweden has been swamped by anti-social Muslim immigrants over the past decade or so. The new uncivilized Muslim immigrants bring with them a whole new set of problems for the natives to deal with. Its a familiar pattern that has been repeated in every non Muslim nation that are unfortunate enough to be hit be Islamic immigration. Constantly demanding their own way,expect respect off everybody else yet giving non in return, unwilling to integrate and contribute to society in general. A surge in crime and violence.Subjecting infidel women and girls to a rape jihad .Political Correctness .leftist government  policies and Muslim appeasing and Muslims loving to play the victim then thrown into the mix has made the Sweden of  today.

Violent Muslim thugs rioting, looting, destroying property and setting cars on fire. All this as the police stand by idly watching their nation getting destroyed bit by bit yet failing to do anything about the problems. Even the fire services are refusing to put out fires in burning cars for fear of upsetting Muslims



Group of English vigilantes on night patrol May 24.  Photo: Submitted by reader

Group of English vigilantes on night patrol May 24. Photo: Submitted by reader

Swedes Take to the Streets to Defend Their Neighborhoods

Posted on May 25, 2013 at 13:56

STOCKHOLM. Faced by another night of terror at the hands of Almeda immigrant rioters, Swedes grown tired of the police’s inability to put an end to the unrest took to the streets Friday night to defend Their neighborhoods.

The vigilantes were described as a motley crew of Homeowners and Concerned Citizens, as well as neo-Nazi activists and football hooligans.

In the Stockholm suburb of Tumba, the police DECIDED to abandon Their EARLIER non-intervention policy as a large group of police officers rounded up and dispersed a group of vigilantes trying to fend off rioters.

The decision to round up vigilantes while, According To Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Löfving , “doing as little as possible” to stop rioters, met with a wave of protests in various social media and on the Internet. Representatives of some vigilante groups contacted Free Times to give their view of last night’s events.

– The number of police officers on the streets is simply staggering. The Police Appear to have focused all Their resources on stopping the Swedes,Fredrik Becklin , spokesman for the nationalist youth organization Youth Nordisk (Nordic Youth), said Friday night.

– It makes me sick to see the police clampdown on us Swedes with full force and without warning, using nightsticks and tear gas, while They do not do a damn thing about the immigrants. We are only trying to help Maintain order, while the immigrants set cars and buildings on fire, said a young man who wished to remainings anonymous.

The police, however, rejected the accusations as unfounded.

– The police Talked to them and checked ID on a few, two of them were removed from the scene, They were not arrested but “removed” as we call it, police spokeswoman Tove Hägg said to Free Times late Friday night.

– They were at the wrong place at the wrong time. They did not understand it themeselves and They had been told to disperse, but refused to do so.

Later during the night the Police Appear to have relaxed Their attitude to the presence of vigilante groups in the streets. The police is reported to have stepped aside and watched as a huge crowd of vigilantes chased immigrants through the streets of Tumba, chanting “the city is ours” and “we will do what the police can not do.” Several independent sources testify about vigilantes managing to scare away groups of rioters torching wastepaper baskets.

Photo: Police
Police in riot gear secure an area where a building has been set ablaze. During the riots firefighters have been popular targets for young stonethrowing rioters.
Photo by: Swedish Police
Unrest in Rinkeby.  Photo: Reader Photo
Cars on fire but no firefighters in sight. During the riots the Stockholm Fire Department has on SEVERAL occasions abstained from putting out fires in order not to provoke the immigrant rioters.
Photo by: Submitted by reader
During the week the riots spread to other cities in Sweden. This photograph by one of Free Times’s readers shows a playground burning in Linköping, Sweden.
Photo by: Submitted by reader

Source     (H/T http://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com)

Another Muslim Grooming Gang Maybe ??? Police Arrest 4 In Suspected Child Sex Ring,

Police in the North West have arrested 4 members of an alleged child sex ring suspicion of rape, child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence. Although no names have been released yet by the police of those arrested.It certainly has the hallmarks of  another Muslim grooming gang like we have been seeing up and down the UK.  Given that 3 of the men arrested were from Nelson, Lancashire would suggest Muslim involvement as Nelson is 1 of the many Islamic enclaves in the North West where Muslim sex crimes have been rife.

Prestwich man among four arrested in swoop on suspected child sex ring

27 Apr 2013 08:48


An 18-year-old man was arrested in Prestwich on suspicion of rape, child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence.

A man from Bury has been arrested in a swoop on a suspected child sex ring.

Four addresses across the north west were raided yesterday as officers probed a string of grooming allegations.

An 18-year-old man was arrested in Prestwich on suspicion of rape, child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence.

Three other men were also arrested in Nelson, Lancashire.

The joint operation by Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Constabulary relates to allegations by one girl from Bury, in what police believe is an isolated case.

She is alleged to have been groomed in both Bury and Lancashire within the last two years.

Insp Carol Hobson, of the Bury Public Protection Investigation Unit, said: “I want to stress that we are at the early stages of our investigation and are working very closely with the victim. This appears to be an isolated case and there is no threat to the wider community.

“Child sexual exploitation is one of Greater Manchester Police’s top priorities and the team working on this investigation include officers from the Public Protection Division and Lancashire’s Freedom team, who are experts in dealing with vulnerable victims and working with partner agencies.”

Bury South MP Ivan Lewis said: “These allegations will cause widespread concern and revulsion amongst Prestwich residents. Anyone found guilty of abusing children should expect to feel the full force of the law.”

Police Commissioner Tony Lloyd said the probe shows GMP is taking allegations of grooming seriously. He said: “The public expects that this is number one on GMP’s agenda. Each arrest shows that our police are serious. It’s about protecting vulnerable people across Greater Manchester and our society as a whole.”

As well as the Prestwich arrest, a second man, aged 20, was arrested in Nelson on suspicion of the same offences.

Two other men, both aged 18, were also arrested there on suspicion of child trafficking, arranging a child sexual offence and conspiracy to commit a sexual offence. All four were in custody last night.


German Police ‘foil Islamist attack,’ Salafist groups banned

Germany has banned 3 Islamist groups that it believes are link to terrorist activites following a series of raids.  The British government should be taking note here!!  Chances of them banning any British based Islamo-fascist groups are very slim. If their to soft to send a convicted Muslim terrorist who claimed asylum back to Jordan to face justice .You have more chance of seeing pigs flying than that happening.  British authorities would rather go out of their way to appease Muslims than put their foot down and risk upsetting them…. EVEN EXTREMISTS WHO CALL FOR JIHAD AND PLOT TERROR AGAINST BRITS!!


Police ‘foil Islamist attack,’ Salafist groups banned

Prosecutors in Germany say they believe police have foiled an attempted attack by Islamists against far-right targets. Authorities had earlier staged a series of separate raids, banning three Salafist groups.

Police made four arrests on Wednesday after making raids in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

Prosecutors in Dortmund said that a raid in Bonn, carried out by special police force commandos, had uncovered a firearm and a kilogram of possible explosives. Arrests also took place in Leverkusen and Essen.

Authorities said they believed “imminent” terrorist activities were in the pipeline. A specific attack had reportedly been planned against the leader of the far-right Pro-NRW political party, Markus Beisicht.

In addition, said the prosecutors, a ticked list of Pro-NRW party officials and journalists was found.

Further raids in two states

The arrests came in the wake of raids across the states of NRW and Hesse, with computer equipment, propaganda material, cell phones and more than 10,000 euros in cash seized.


Sitting down for coffee with Salafists

Germany’s domestic security agency has warned of a self-radicalizing Salafist scene, with the Rhineland considered one of its strongholds. DW’s Naomi Conrad takes a look inside the Salafist scene in the city of Bonn. (16.01.2013)

There were no reports of a connection between the two police swoops.

Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, who described the Wednesday raids as a “decisive blow against local Salafist networks,” said the homes of some 20 individuals had been searched in the raids in Frankfurt, Solingen, Düsseldorf and Gladbeck.

The minister announced a ban on three militant organizations that were targeted in the raids after increased surveillance by intelligence services.

The three were “DawaFFM,” “Islamische Audios,” and “An-Nussrah,” the latter being part of a group “Millatu Ibrahim,” which was banned when raids (pictured above) took place in June.

Friedrich claimed the groups hoped to change society in an “aggressive militant” way, replacing democracy with the rule of Sharia, or Islamic law.

German authorities have accused some Salafists, who favor a strict form of Sunni Islam, of condoning violence against state institutions. Officials believe there are about 4,500 Salafists in the country.


Another In Rochdale Maybe???? Police arrest a number of people for sexual offences

Could this be yet another lot of Muslim nonces  in Rochdale ?????????   Bit of a vague report published on Rochdale’s local news website this morning regarding Greater Manchester Police arresting a number of people on suspicion of sexual offences. The arrests came after Police had originally been called out to a house regarding the noise.

I could be completely way off the mark here and it absolutely nothing to do with any Muslims ??  But my gut feeling tells me there’s a good possibility of some kind of Islamo-nonce involvement ??  I cant help but think back to the original Asian/Muslim grooming gang from Rochdale and how it mirrors when the police first encountered 1 of the victims. Following a concerned neighbour phoning the police about the noise coming out of a house where the beasts had been forcing themselves on the girl. That time the police overlooked it when the girl changed her original story.

Maybe this time there determined not to make the same mistake?????????

Arrests on suspicion of sexual offences

Date published: 16 February 2013

In the early hours of Tuesday 12 February 2013, police were called to a noise nuisance at a house in the Belfield area.

Following enquiries, a number of people were arrested on suspicion of sexual offences and have been bailed.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “GMP is in the very early stages of the investigation and officers are conducting a number of safe guarding actions.”