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Video: UK TV Presenters 2 – 0 CAGE Terror Apologists

Something of a bad week for the detestable terrorism apologists at CAGE prisoners. Following their PR stunt last week in defence of the barbaric ‘Jihadi John’ where they attempted to blame British security agencies for the turning him into the blood thirsty Muslim savage he is.Their venomous defence of the evil extremist didn’t quite go to plan with it dropping like a lead balloon.

 Leftist pro Muslim media such as Guardian, Independent and Huffington Post who would normally of reported CAGE’s defence of jihadis as fact, surprisingly kept quiet on the subject. Whilst funders and other humanitarian groups who worked with them under the misguided impression they were a legit human rights group very quickly distanced themselves. While the rest of the mainstream media woke up to their fundamentalist views, slamming CAGE for the sympathy seeking defence of a ruthless killer

Cage were given the opportunity to get themselves out of the hole they dug themselves on live television


BBC’s This Week – Asim Qureshi   v  Andrew Neil

Qureshi appeared on the BBC’s This Week program, where he was asked a series of questions about treatment of women advocated by a Muslim scholar, including female genital mutilation (FGM) and stoning for adultery.

The show’s presenter Andrew Neil asked Qureshi to condemn the series of opinions, currently prevalent in the so-called Islamic State  and other terror organizations under their interpretation of Sharia law. Qureshi avoided committing himself, arguing: “I’m not a theologian,” adding “I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.”

When accused of speaking in favour of jihad and Sharia law, Qureshi answered:  As far as I am concerned, Sharia law isn’t practiced correctly anywhere in the world. Jihad is part of the religion of Islam,” Others extreme positions he refused to condemn included horrifying claims that Jews are descended from pigs and that homosexuality is evil

Alan Johnson, the former Labour home secretary appeared shocked by the answers, saying: “This is what we are up against in terms of the ‘moderate front.’”

Former Defence Secretary Michael Portillo told Qureshi: “I wonder what the hell the BBC is doing giving you all this airtime.”



Sky News – Cerie Bullivant  v   Kay Burley 

Cage’s spokesman, Cerie Bullivant is interviewed on Sky News by Kay Burley regarding Jihadi John. Like his fellow extremist above Bullivant refuses to condemn acts of savagery committed by Islamists preferring to play the race card and claim the question was islamophobic  and racist. The reporter responds by telling him to get over himself. Bullivant refuses to answer the questions before storming off ending the interview prematurely. 

Cerie Bullivant – Red Card          TV PRESENTERS  2- 0  CAGE

Qureshi also recently came under fire from London Mayor Boris Johnson after the terrorist sympathizer  gave a press conference accusing MI5 of radicalizing Mohammed Emwazi.

Johnson said Qureshi should stop “scatting the blame around,” and sticking up for the rights of IS executioners.

During a phone-in on LBC radio last week, the Mayor of London said Qureshi should “stop crying Islamophobia” and condemn the “sick atrocities” committed by Emwazi. Playing the race card and sympathy seeking is an often used tactic by Muslims to silence criticism and negative attention. 

“I really, really think the focus of your indignation and your outrage should be on people who go out to join groups that throw gays off cliffs, that behead people who don’t subscribe to their version of Islam, that glorify in the execution of innocent journalists and aid workers,” Johnson said.

“They should be the object of your wrath not the security services who are trying to keep us safe, Asim.”

Media Finally Realise Muslim Group CAGE Are Dodgy Terrorist Supporters

Mohammed Emwazi is 'extremely gentle', says British advocacy group
Mohammed Emwazi is ‘extremely gentle’, says British apologist for terrorism


The mainstream media are devoting plenty of space this weekend to articles about Muslim group Cage having only just realised they are not a nice and friendly human rights group who look out for law abiding Muslims interests. But infact a bunch of radical Islamists who support jihad. The Muslims whose human rights they actually are interested in, just so happen to be the terrorist type. The absolute filth of humanity who have involved in the slaughter of innocent people.

Just a shame it has took them around a decade to realise that. A massive clue should of been that until recently the group was called Caged Prisoners and was founded by terrorist and ex gitmo detainee Moazzem Begg. A quick look on their website would confirm any suspicions one may have to their position.

Until recently their most infamous client and ‘victim of western oppression’  was hate preacher Abu Qatada. The Muslim cleric was fighting deportation from the UK to be tried for murder from terror attacks he was allegedly involved with. Cage threw their support behind Qatada and his communist lawyer Gareth Pierce as they drained the taxpayer funded legal aid pot to fight his extradition in court using EU human rights violations.

Cage thrust itself into the spotlight last week and open for scrutiny by revealing that they had been in contact for a number of years with the ISIS savage known as ‘Jihadi John’ who had been outed as Mohammed Emwazi.

At a press conference on Thursday,  Asim Qureshi, research director at Cage revealed Emwazi, 26, had contacted Cage for help after he was detained by MI5 over a trip to Tanzania amid allegations he was trying to join the terrorist group al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda affiliate.   Mr Qureshi provoked outrage in describing Emwazi as “the most humble young person that I ever knew”, calling him “extremely kind” and “extremely gentle” and blaming his radicalisation on the British authorities.

Cage are just out and out apologists for terrorism. Humble, kind and gentle are three words that nobody in the right mind would say about the terrorist known as ‘Jihadi John’.  Barbaric, hate filled and savage spring into my mind to describe him. Not because of the government stopping him in Tanzania or anything else they said or did. Because from whats being reported now they correct in doing so. He was already part of a terror network back then regardless of any of the sympathy seeking story Cage Prisoners are trying to make people believe.

Cageprisoners’ basic narrative is that “the war on terror” is an excuse for America and Britain to terrorise the Islamic world. Portraying Muslims as the victims and those who are accused of Jihadist terrorism are innocent proof of the evil power of the US / UK secret Zionist backed state. From this world view, it is a relatively short step to believe that the entire “war on terror” charade is founded upon a lie, perpetrated by the same secret state that now exploits it for its own evil purpose.

On a side note, isn’t it great to know Mr Qureshi lives in a £500,000 house in Surrey. Being an apologist for murder and terrorism must pay very well

‘Jesus Was a Muslim And Was A Close Relative To Mohammed ‘ This Silly Muslim Has Been Listening To Choudary To Much

Last week,one of the posts contained a Video about  Islamic Sharia Law coming to the Uk. As is normally the case whenever somebody criticises Islam the Muslim apologists come out in force in its defence. If they have nothing valid to say that they can use against the criticism of Islam/ Mohammed / Allah / Anything else Muslim related. Then thats when either the obscenities start (which I am often on the receiving end of) usually involving sex and the targets family member or they state something that’s completely fabricated and makes them look a prick.

It seems not only is Islam the pinnacle of stupidity, but its followers are also not only brain-washed idiots but also brain- dead idiots. On the Youtube page for the video some Muslim had posted the comment to the original poster

SMLIPRT 2 weeks ago

Is this how you spread your Jesus religion? by deceit, and hateful tactics..wow..Man i tell you something, Its not Jesus you are following, its Paul or Saul who taught you all this evil things. Prophet Jesus said, threat others as u want to be treated..do unto others as you want to be done unto you…If Jesus came back today, you’ll probably call the police on him because he does not fit the profile or the image you created for him on your profile..lol

When the 1st Muslim guy  called Jesus the prophet I felt like i had to set him straight on that 1. Not that calling Jesus a prophet bothered me, more on principal because there’s plenty of practising Christians that it may upset because its contrary to what they believe.Also if it had been the other way and a Christian blaspheming in a comment about the false prophet, the Islamists would be 1st to complain about it. BTW the Saul who he mentions learning evil off is somebody who is meant to of lived a 1000 years before J.C and hardly even mentioned in the bible, other than his brother David killed the Giant Goliath with his catapult. 

kafircrusaders 1 week ago

Prophet Jesus,NO. Jesus is the Son of God not a prophet. Why would anybody call the police on someone sinless,meaning they did no wrong like Jesus Christ. –> Jesus gave his life and was killed to save others. Mohammed killed others to save his own life.<–Spot the difference

Then along came  Jackanory claiming Millions of Christians are converting to Islam every year which is somewhat an  exaggeration. He then claimed Mohammed & Jesus close relatives like their 2nd cousins or something. Which is in itself would be something of a miracle as Jesus lived 500+ years before Mohammed was born. Going off the Muslim apologists comments it would  actually work out that Jesus was born 2 generations after Mohammed

Hafiz Quraan 16 hours ago

incorrect, prophet muhammad never strucked an animal, Millions of chritians accept islam every year and 60-70% of them are women, and jesus mother was mary and her father was imran and his great great grandfather was isaac(son of abraham) prophet muhammad`s great great grandfather was ishamel(brother of isaac and 2nd son of abraham) jesus and muhammad were very close relatives, prove it, that jesus said himself in his own words”i am god, worship me”

 in reply to kafircrusaders (Show the comment)
It would seem Hafiz has been listening to Muslim crackpots like Anjem Choudary to much, as it was only a couple of weeks ago he was out in London claiming J.C was a Muslim
anjem choudary and his muslim against crusades trying to convince the people of london jesus was a muslim

MPs call on Pakistani community to root out paedophiles, and pigs might fly

Blackburn MP Jack Straw and Pendle Tory Andrew Stephenson have backed Children’s Minister Edward Timpson’s call for the Pakistani community to root out paedophiles in its midst……and pigs might fly!!

Its not before time people stood up and told it how it is without pandering to Muslims for fear of being accused of racism or upsetting the ever so sensitive Muslim community. Yet as much as i agree with what the MP’s have said i honestly dont think it will make the slightest bit of difference and will fall upon deaf Muslim ears and denials as usually is the case with any criticisms of Islam or its followers.

Children’s Minister Edward Timpson told the commons,

“in the past there had not been ‘robust investigations’ into such offences because of ‘cultural sensitivities or political correctness’.”

Now were starting to get somewhere with those in a position of authority actually telling the truth about the Muslim grooming epidemic. But it still doesn’t make up for the fact that the Muslim paedophile problem was allowed to fester unchallenged for so long. Time and time I have said that there is no room for political correctness in something as severe as child abuse. Regardless if it upsets the Muslims or adversely effects community cohesion.

No sooner had the respective Blackburn and Pendle MPs said that they agreed the Muslim communities need to start doing more in rooting it out senior Muslim local  council members for the area came out with head still buried  in the sand comments. Senior Blackburn with Darwen councillor Mohammed Khan said: “This affects all communities.” Pendle Labour group leader Mohammed Iqbal said: “It is unfair to single out the Pakistani community.”

You might as well talk to the brick wall than appeal to the Muslims to do something good for British society in general for once instead of looking out for themselves only. These Islamic apologist comments are by 2 council members who are supposed to represent and look out in the interests of  not just the Muslims community but the community as a whole. So what chance have you got of the religious Mullahs, those Muslims that hold the real power and sway of their community to do anything about it.

Why are they going to speak out about something that they don’t see as doing any wrong. Their law is sharia and the Quran which overrides any law of the land in their eyes. The paedophile false prophet Mohammed’s self made law to benefit himself 1500 years ago. The role model to all other Muslims who himself had sex with his 9 year old child bride meaning to say its wrong is to say Islam is wrong. The Quran that is full of hatred and discrimination towards infidels and women. So if  the government or anybody thinks the Imams or any other Muslims, are going to report their Islamic brothers for abusing white British schoolgirls who they think deserve it, then they are mad

The only way to eradicate the vile Muslim rape wave on Britain’s children is for the police to have a no holds barred attitude towards it because softly softly appeasing doesn’t work


East Lancs MPs call on Pakistani community to root out paedophiles

2:00pm Friday 22nd March 2013 in News  By Bill Jacobs, Local government reporter

BLACKBURN MP Jack Straw and Pendle Tory Andrew Stephenson have backed Children’s Minister Edward Timpson’s call for the Pakistani community to root out paedophiles in its midst.

Mr Timpson told a Commons inquiry into street grooming that in the past there had not been ‘robust investigations’ into such offences because of ‘cultural sensitivities or political correctness’.

He told the Home Affairs Select Committee: “We’ve seen a pattern develop within a minority of some Pakistani communities where there have been particular traits of activity that have continued for far too long without being detected, properly investigated and followed through with a prosecution.”

The two East Lancashire MPs agreed and local Pakistani politicians said raised awareness following the recent Rochdale child abuse case, when nine men were jailed for grooming girls as young as 13, had led to more action.

Mr Straw, who spoke out after the scandal was exposed, said: “Basically he is right. Some parts of the Pakistani community have been in wilful denial about this. In East Lancashire, especially Blackburn with Darwen, we have been more on top of this. I hope things are changing.”

Mr Stephenson said: “The minister is right. There have been horrific cases in East Lancashire and a lot of effort has been spent talking to Imams and teachers. The Pakistani community locally needs to be more ruthless about rooting this out.”

Senior Blackburn with Darwen councillor Mohammed Khan said: “This affects all communities. I think awareness is rising since the Rochdale case and people are more likely to report possible child sex abuse.”

Pendle Labour group leader Mohammed Iqbal said: “It is unfair to single out the Pakistani community. People in the community are now more aware of the tell-tale signs of child abuse so can do more about it.”

Former senior Lancashire detective Mick Gradwell added: “In 2011, Mr Straw’s concerns that some men of Pakistani heritage were involved in the sexual exploitation of vulnerable white teenage girls were given widespread publicity. Since that time the police have put considerable resources into addressing child sexual exploitation. The police in Blackburn and Burnley have developed multi-agency teams that tackle child sexual exploitation.’”

A Lancashire police spokesman said: “Offenders come from many different social and ethnic backgrounds. We recognise in some areas the number of Asian offenders is disproportionate. We have been tackling the issue head on by working with the local communities and visiting mosques.”

Scandal of Muslim Sex Gangs Left To Prey On Children in West Yorkshire

Ann Cryer, the former MP for Keighley has once again spoke out against the widespread grooming of white schoolgirls by gangs of  Muslims in West Yorkshire. She has been 1 of the few people in office to have actually had the guts to stand up and tell the truth about these paedo Muslim sex gangs. She points the finger at the authorities constant failure to act for fear of being called racist and upsetting community relations, for the currant situation were now in where the Muslim nonces think they can have a free rein to use and abuse white schoolgirls as they see fit. Her successor  as MP for Keighley has also been very vocal against the Muslim grooming gangs which would suggest its been going on for years with nothing done and is still rife in West Yorkshire. Most likely rife in any town with a large amount of Muslims.

See Muslim paedo/grooming map of Britain for an idea of the size of the problem

Scandal of Asian sex gangs left to prey on children in West Yorkshire

Published on Saturday 2 February 2013 18:05

Video can be seen here 

GANGS of Asian men were allowed to prey on vulnerable young white girls for years in Yorkshire because authorities were “terrified of being called racist”, a former MP has said in a dramatic committee hearing in Westminster.

Ann Cryer, who was MP for Keighley for 13 years before stepping down in 2010, said there had been a total failure by police, social services, schools and hospitals in West Yorkshire to work together to address evidence of child sex exploitation which emerged a decade ago.

“There has to be inter-agency working – and that wasn’t happening then,” Ms Cryer told MPs last night.

“The West Yorkshire Police, Bradford local authority, social services, schools, even hospitals – because abortions were taking place – none of them were working together. None of them were giving information.

“I feel pretty convinced that at that time, there was a fear of being called racist.”

Child sex exploitation has become a burning issue over the past 12 months following a series of high-profile court cases, many of them involving gangs of British-Pakistani men.

Newspaper reports exposed cases of girls being sexually exploited in Rotherham, while a high-profile ring in Rochdale was found to have links across West Yorkshire.

Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee has launched an investigation, and at a hearing last night the scale of the issue was revealed by chairman Keith Vaz.

“We’ve had figures from the Deputy Children’s Commissioner that shows in her view there are 16,500 children at risk, and 2,409 who’ve been sexually exploited over a 14-month period,” Mr Vaz said. “They sound to us to be phenomenally high figures.”

Ms Cryer’s successor as the MP for Keighley, Kris Hopkins, insisted the issue is now being dealt with properly by the police, and told the committee there are “ongoing cases” of child exploitation in the Bradford district – adding that “30 people have been arrested in the last two months”.

But when Ms Cryer first raised the issue back in 2003, having been contacted by several worried mothers in her constituency, she felt something of a lone voice.

“It was one of those things that wasn’t really talked about,” she said.

The former Labour MP told the committee she always knew it would be a difficult subject to raise because of the sensitivities involved – but felt she had no choice but to speak out.

“If I had a terrific concern of being called racist, I wouldn’t have done it,” she said.

“I didn’t allow it to get in my way of taking care of and doing right by some very vulnerable, very young girls – we’re talking about ages 11 to 13.”

She added: “I have three grandchildren who are half-Indian, and another grandchild who is half-African. It would have upset me if anyone had called me a racist – but I wasn’t going to let that
get in the way of protecting children.”

But for the local authorities in West Yorkshire 10 years ago, she said, the picture seemed different.

“It didn’t make sense, the lack of activity – particularly by Bradford social services and West Yorkshire Police,” Ms Cryer said. “I formed the opinion that they were terrified about being called racist.”

Committee member David Winnick described older men who exploit young teenage girls for sex as “degenerate and criminal”, and said “the sooner they face justice, the better it will be for all concerned.” But Ms Cryer said she felt there was a broader cultural issue in the way that some young British-Pakistani men view white girls.

“They take great pride in their girls, and how their girls are very careful in the way they dress and are always covered in some way –and then they see the other side of the situation,” she said.

“Young white girls, as young as 12 or 13, where their cleavage is almost meeting their hemline.

“And I don’t think these lads understand this is just part and parcel of fashion. It isn’t that they’re throwing out an invitation to them.

“Somebody, somewhere needs to get this over to them.”

She made clear that the vast majority of Bradford’s Asian communities are disgusted by such


“It’s bringing shame on their community, and they are very embarrassed about it,” she said.

“They regard these young men as completely beyond the pale.

“Perhaps it’s unfortunate that they’re thinking they are also beyond their influence.”

Mr Hopkins said local authorities must take action, but that “the most powerful voices” need to be women within the Asian communities. He said he has already spoken with Home Secretary Theresa May about a project to help Asian women find a stronger voice.

“Mums, grandmas, future mums in those families need to be empowered,” he said.

“I’ve spoken to the Home Secretary, I’m about to see (Communities Secretary) Eric Pickles, and what I want to try and do is

get women empowered in that community, and really become the voice in that community and the challenge to these young men.”

Mr Hopkins also paid tribute to Ms Cryer’s “absolutely rigorous” efforts to expose the issue.

Mr Vaz told her recent events were “almost a total vindication of what you’ve been saying since 2003”.

But Ms Cryer said: “I have mixed emotions. I’m please people are recognising that what I was saying was right. But I’m also very upset that after all these years, we’re still getting these cases.”


30 Men From Bradford Have Been Arrested in Last 2 Months For Child Grooming Says MP

After the disgraceful scandals recently in Rochdale and Rotherham, where the authorities failed to stamp out the serious problem with Muslim grooming gangs targeting white schoolgirls for fear of being branded racist.The Commons Home Affairs Select Committee,  has started an inquiry into child grooming and sexual exploitation.

Kris Hopkins, the Conservative MP for Keighley and Ilkley was 1 of the MP’s to address them. In the past Mr Hopkins has been 1 of the few people with the balls to stand up and speak about this being a big problem in the Muslim community. Last year he caused a bit of controversy in parliament when he claimed gangs of Muslim men were “going round and raping white kids”, fuelled by a cultural background that encouraged brutal sexism against all women. Naturally he upset the very sensitive Muslims of Britain which isnt very hard to do as they  cant handle any kind of criticism even when it the truth like he said.

During his speech to the inquiry he stated that the days police fail to act because of political correctness are gone and that 30 people  have been arrested in the space of two months in the Bradford area by police investigating child sex grooming,

Yes it might say police are no longer scared now to arrest  Muslims for their evil crimes in fear of being branded racist. But what it does show is that its still all being handled in a hush hush kind of way. Keep it quiet and out of the press like they did with the Rochdale case at 1st.  Keep community relations with Muslims from being damaged. Keep the patriot groups who have been highlighting these Muslim sex crimes in the dark. The less those who campaign against Islam know the better because  that will mean no EDL or whoever protesting over it. No Muslims will have to put up with hearing infidels criticise or blame their Islamic brethren and its 1 thing less for them to cry about. The Muslim community can continue pretending its not a problem. All in the name of community cohesion.

I dont know about anybody else but i personally think 30 arrested in 2 months is not big news its massive news and should be on the front page of every paper. You only have to say boo to a Muslim and make them jump its all over the press with the poor muzzie playing the victim. I mean a look on BBC News main page and you see the headline = Family quits Bingham after anti-Muslim attacks . For all the possible news worthy things out the whole of England that are not included  yet this story is, you might assume the KKK have turned up at their front door burning crosses wanting to lynch them or something equally disturbing.

Nope nothing remotely as serious. A 13 year old boy painted racist graffiti on their path and called them names. Now their that scared they are moving out. I wouldnt mind but it not even just happened.In December  the same story was in the headlines then. Now because they want to move it makes national news again even if it is the BBC who are known Muslim appeasers

House of Commons inquiry hears from MP Kris Hopkins

Thirty arrested in child sex grooming inquiryThirty arrested in child sex grooming inquiry

Thirty people have been arrested in the space of two months in the Bradford area by police investigating child sex grooming, an inquiry by MPs was told yesterday.

Kris Hopkins, the Conservative MP for Keighley and Ilkley, said the crackdown – revealed to him, by the police – showed the days when alleged “political correctness” made the authorities reluctant to act were gone.

Arguing it was impossible to say whether child grooming was increasing, or on the decline, he told the inquiry: “It’s highlighted now – people have the confidence to come forward and the police are pursuing people.

“Across the Bradford district, at this moment in time, 30 people have been arrested in the last two months and there are ongoing cases.”

“I’ve no doubt at all that the police – certainly the police who work in my area – know what’s expected by the law and by politicians as well.”

Praising Chief Superintendent Angela Williams, commander of the Airedale and North Bradford division, Mr Hopkins said: “There’s no political correctness. Leaders in the district want those perpetrators of this vile activity brought to justice.”

The MP was speaking to the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, which has started an inquiry into child grooming, after scandals in Rochdale and Rotherham.

In November, Mr Hopkins triggered a furious row when he claimed gangs of Muslim men were “going round and raping white kids”, fuelled by a cultural background that encouraged brutal sexism against all women.

Yesterday, the MP urged the Pakistani community to “come to terms” with the problem, telling the committee that Pakistani women were the key.

Mr Hopkins said he had met Home Secretary Theresa May – and would soon meet Communities Secretary Eric Pickles – adding: “I want to get women empowered in that community. Young leaders, to really become the voice in that community, and really challenge the behaviour of men.”

The inquiry also heard from Ann Cryer, the former Keighley and Ilkley Labour MP, who spoke out against sex abuse by a minority of Pakistani men in Keighley a decade ago – a campaign which resulted in her being branded a racist. Yesterday, Mrs Cryer noted the lack of action, back in 2002, by police and council social services, saying: “It seemed they were terrified about being called racist.”

The former MP said she had “mixed emotions” about discussing the issue so many years later, telling MPs: “I am pleased that people recognise that what I was saying was right. But I’m very upset that – after 12 years, or 11 years – we are still getting these cases.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman later confirmed the figure given by Mr Hopkins of 30 arrests in the Bradford area was correct. He said they were as a result of a number of different investigations, but declined to comment on the nature of the investigations. He said all 30 people had been released on police bail and that no charges had yet been brought against any of them.

Last night, Councillor Ralph Berry, executive member for children’s services at Bradford Council, said tackling sexual grooming was a top priority and there was a ‘very effective operation’ going on.

He said: “I’m fully behind the partnership between Bradford Social Services, the police and Barnardo’s in working to tackle any sexual grooming by anyone on anyone.”

30 mins Registered on Twitter, All of 2 Tweets. Muslim Apologist No (Mo) Answer had gone crying reporting to @TellMama

Kafir Crusaders decided to venture into the world of Twitter the other day, It didn’t take long before those cry baby Muslim apologists were hoping to bring me down. After 30 mins of being registered and sending 2 tweets the Muslim apologists were out to stop me exercising my right to free speech. 

Tweet 1 

When Life gets you down, just think it could be worse. you could be Muslim

Tweet 2

Comment: No surrender to Islam 

Was all it took for full time Muslim apologist and MCB member Mo Answar to report me to @tellMama the keyboard warriors who have just received over 100k grant from Nick Clegg and his lib dems under the guise of logging Anti Muslim hate crimes.

All i can say to serial Islamo-moaner Mo Answar and @tellMama


Huge update to Interactive The Muslim Grooming / Paedo epidemic Map

The interactive Muslim grooming paedo epidemic map updated with another 11 islamo-nonce cases added to it.

 updated 8/10/2012 – added Birmingham & 3rd in Bradford

updated 29/10/ 2012 – added new Rochdale grooming gang

updated 14/11/2012 – added 2nd Blackburn

updated 17/11/2012 – added Keighley, Nelson, 2nd Rotherham, Oldham, 2nd Manchester, Preston, Sheffield,  3rd/4th in Rochdale, 2nd Blackpool , 3rd/4th Blackburn (thanks Petra for the tip)

What the government report on child abuse due next week wont tell you for community relations and because its politically incorrect. Unlike Muslim appeaser Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz who’s behind the cover up. I couldnt care less about political correctness or upsetting Muslims.


Map showing the true extent of the Muslim Grooming and Paedo Epidemic in Britain

Scroll down for map detailing instances of Muslim paedophiles grooming / rape / sex offences against children that have taken place over recent years across the UK 

After reading the heartbreaking stories in the press last week by victims of racist Muslim grooming gangs and paedos across   our nation i felt physically sick thinking about it. How many children and their families lives been ruined by it being allowed to carry on for so long. Schoolgirls having their innocence ripped from them by predatory islamic nonces  sexually exploiting them,who see them as nothing more than white slags who deserve gang raping like their a bit of halal meat solely for Muslim sexual deviants tfulfill their own immoral and disgusting sexual urges.

That sickness i felt started to turn to anger when i read about the authorities doing nothing to help these children instead covering it up as to not upset community relations with the Muslim community and fear of being called racist. Pandering to the same Muslim community who knowing full well its a massive problem in their community would rather bury their heads in the sand, pretend it’s not happening and strenuously deny it.Something Muslim apologists will continue to do as saying its wrong would be saying Mohammed was wrong and a paedophile with his 6-year-old wife. The UAF Communists will continue to defend the Muslim paedophiles however morally wrong and senseless just to try get 1 over patriots as they know keeping them as enemies and crying racism keeps them in a well paid job and their funding coming in. Therefore i felt compelled to highlight cases of Muslims grooming, paedophilia and other sexual exploitation from recent years to try to demonstrate the scale of the problem. The Muslims and commies will continue to deny it,the authorities will no doubt continue to cover it up.

The figures speak for themselves and its left to honest British people to make a stand and protect our nations children because no 1 else is doing.I fear this is the tip of the iceberg and the abuse will carry on if we stand there and let it.All we can do is make enough noise until our voices can’t be ignored any longer and the problem is addressed openly and head on.Sending a clear message this will not be tolerated no longer. Only then can we start to eradicate these racist Muslim paedos from our streets!!


If i have missed any cases off feel free to let me know and i will add them to the map

(p.s.  it might  say updated by Mohammed Islam on the map, for the record thats not my name.there was a little sarcasm with me  choosing that name.not only are they 2 vile words but also the 2 where all this muslim grooming originates from)

Left Wing Extremists “Hope Not Hate” Threaten The EDL over Anti-Muslim Movie Screening

Reblog: from Body of Truth

Left Wing Extremists “Hope Not Hate” Threaten The EDL over Anti-Muslim Movie Screening

I recently read an article on the Far Left “Hope not Hate” website regarding the English Defence League (EDL) attempting to screen the anti-Islam Movie, “The Innocence of Muslims” in public. a short summary of who Hope not Hate are is given near the end of this article.

Basically, Hope Not Hate, Searchlight, The SWP and the UAF are all run by revolutionary communists. They are always pro-censorship, and pro-tyranny.. provided it’s not them or their mascots who are being subjugated.

It is comical how many supporters of Hope not Hate comprise of anarchists and anti-Government/anti-State Liberals, yet they now demand “State Censorship” regarding the anti-Muslim movie, I guess their values and beliefs go out of the window when it comes to defending the oh so sensitive feelings of Muslims.

Nick Lowles

The Dhimmi non-Muslim author of the Hope not Hate blog, is called Nick Lowles.

In the early 1990s, Lowles was also active in “anti-fascist” circles in the UK, and was very close to members of the violent anarchist group, Anti-Fascist Action. After a factional squabble between Searchlight and Red Action (a Socialist Workers’ Party splinter group whose members later went on to plant bombs for the IRA in London) Lowles/Knowles was exposed as a Searchlight nark and left the area.

Nick Lowles, calls the anti-Muslim film “disgusting!” and speaks on behal of HnH when he demands that the leader of the EDL should be prosecuted for “incitement” if he dares to show the film.

They then run to the defence of a British Muslim who disgustingly wrote on Facebook regarding the recent deaths of British soldiers in Afghanistan: “all soldiers should die and go to hell!” by saying:

Azhar Ahmed Outside Court

Only today 20-year-old Azhar Ahmed, from Dewsbury, was found guilty of sending a grossly offensive message when he wrote on facebook: “all soldiers should die and go to hell”. If he got convicted of that then Lennon should be prosecuted for airing the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film. He should also be held accountable for any British citizens who are attacked as a consequence.

So, Hope not Hate demand he should be arrested for “incitement” for showing the “innocence of Muslims” movie, does that same dumb principal apply to the hundreds of thousands of people who have aired the Movie on social networking sites and uploaded it too Youtube?

And they blame the EDL leader for any British citizens harmed as a consequence? I have a news flash for you Liberal idiots, the EDL are not those causing the violence across the world in the wake of the anti-Muslim movie, Muslims are!

If popular cartoons are allowed too show Jesus, Moses and Buddha using hard drugs and in one case sleeping with a prostitute, then there is nothing wrong with showing a tongue in cheek movie of Muhammed and his actions which were documented in the Quran. If anybody is arrested for showing the “innocence of Muslims” movie, it will show the two tier system for what it really is.

Hope not Hate are the worst crowd of apologists, cowards and appeasers I have ever seen, they are far too busy condemning “the innocence of Muslims” movie, anybody who watches it and anybody who dares to show it, in an attempt to keep Muslims sweet, whilst failing too realize that their Koranimal friends have murdered innocent people and set half the world on fire because of it, typical Leftists..

Who are Hope not Hate?

Hope not Hate claim to be an “anti-Fascist organization” but, it is common to see them label anybody who does not agree with them as a “Racist, Fascist or Nazi” regardless of their political beliefs.

Their main aim is to come running to the defence of Muslims in the UK, whenever they feel “oppressed” which is pretty much all of the time.

Hope not Hate have been known publish pictures of those they do not like online and have also been known to launch violent attacks on those who hold anti-Islam views or simply do not agree with what they say, which is, ironically, very Fascist behaviour for a group which claims to be the complete opposite.

Hope not Hate are aligned and supported by Unite Against Fascism (UAF) a violent far Left pressure group whose deputy demanded that the British flag be banned so as not too “offend minorities” and the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) another extreme Left, Marxist party. When witnessing their inflammatory protests against the EDL, supporters of HnH, SWP and the UAF can be seen looking like rabid dogs, attacking the police, flying both the flags of Communism and Che Guevara and standing alongside violent Muslims.