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Manchester Gay RapeJihad: Male Raped And Robbed By ‘Asian’ With Poor English

It is not only women and children who need to be aware of threat posed by Muslim sexual predators. But males also as this homosexual rape jihad attack goes to show. A male was raped and robbed in a doorway by a sadistic gay sexual deviant in Manchester City Centre in the early hours of Wednesday morning close to the gay village area. The Muslim sicko responsibly is most likely a recent immigrant to the UK given his very poor English

 man was raped and robbed on Brazil Street

Police have launched an investigation after a man was raped in Manchester city centre.

The 23-year-old man was walking along Brazil Street at about 4.30am on Wednesday when he was approached by a man.

They walked together for a short distance, before the man raped him in a doorway and then robbed him.

The victim’s watch and ring were stolen in the attack and the offender ran away towards Whitworth Street.

The suspect is described as Asian, aged around 30, around 5ft 10ins and of medium build with short styled facial hair and black short hair. He is also believed to speak little English and was wearing a black jacket and grey bottoms.

GMP has urged anyone who was in the area of the Gay village and saw the incident, or spotted anyone matching the description to contact them.

Det Insp David Moores, from GMP’s Serious Sexual Offences Unit, said: “We are currently reviewing CCTV from the area and are carrying out a number of enquiries.

“I would like to reassure the public we are doing everything possible to find the man responsible for this and I would urge anyone who may have witnessed something to please contact us.

“We are offering the victim specialist support at this difficult time and he has shown immense bravery in coming forward.

“Help and support will always be there for people who want to come forward and report sexual offences or speak to someone about concerns they may have.

Gay Rape-Jihad : Muslim Man Charged With Raping 18yo Male In Wales

Second report of the day involving a Muslim who has committed a horrific anal rape on another male. Homosexual nonce Altaf Ali Raza from Newport in Wales is charged with numerous sexual offences against an 18-year-old who needed hospital treatment following the heinous sex attack.. We have been aware of the Muslim rape wave up and down the nation with Islamo-nonces targeting women and schoolgirls. It now appears the rape jihad has stooped to an even more low point with a significant leap in amounts of gay rapes committed by twisted Muslim sex-cases.

Islamic law on homosexeuls

Newport man charged with rapes on other man

12:53pm Tuesday 20th August 2013

A NEWPORT man has been charged with repeatedly raping another man and assaulting him on Sunday night.

Altaf Ali Raza, 23, of Harrow Road, Newport, appeared at Caerphilly Magistrates Court this morning accused of two offences of raping a man over the age of 16, two offences of sexual assault, and assault by beating against the same person.

The Argus reported on Monday how an alleged 18-year-old victim was taken to hospital.

Part of Corporation Road near Rodney Parade was sealed off following a call to police at 6.30am on August 18.

Magistrates remanded Raza into custody and he will appear for a further hearing at Newport Crown Court on August 29.


Rape Jihad Spreads To USA. 2 Muslims Drug Woman In Nightclub,Kidnap And Rape Her

Muslims have been subjecting British women and schoolgirls to a rape jihad for a number or years now.  The same applies to many major cities also across mainland Europe where ever there has been an influx of Muslim immigrants. Its almost certain which ever area they decide to swamp and settle in. It will not be long before the area starts going downhill fast and sex crimes against non Muslims start to rocket.

Now it looks to of spread to the USA as the Muslim population rises. The two repulsive Saudi Muslims who committed the perverse sex attack were not content with just kidnapping and raping the poor woman, they also anally violated her.  If it wasn’t for the concerned taxi driver flagging down a police patrol, God knows what other monstrous acts they would of carried out. This is just the start, they have it all to come still. Won’t be long until they start experiencing a grooming gang epidemic of their own.

Woman allegedly drugged at club takes stand, faces 2 defendants

rape jihad comes to america Ahmed Alanazi
Ahmed Alanazi
Rayan Alqabbaa

On the witness stand Monday, the victim of an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault told a judge what she remembered as she faded in and out of consciousness.

According to her testimony at an hours-long preliminary hearing, she remembered saying “stop.”

Someone held her arms down, she said. Strangers told her to “shut up” and they occasionally spoke in Arabic, she said.

Her next memory, she said, was waking up in a Springfield hospital bed.

The slight, light-haired woman remained calm while testifying that on June 1 she was abducted from a downtown Springfield nightclub where someone had slipped a drug in her drink before carrying her to an Elm Street apartment.

The two men accused in the case, Rayan Mohammed A Alqabbaa, 21, and Ahmed Ayed A Alanazi, 27, could potentially face life sentences if convicted on the charges.

But the pair’s attorneys, Dee Wampler and Joe Passanise, say surveillance footage from Zan nightclub contradicts details of the woman’s account.

Through cross-examination, Wampler stressed that the young, 100-pound woman acknowledged consuming more than six alcoholic beverages before she arrived at the nightclub, where she continued to drink. Wampler also repeatedly questioned witnesses about the specific length of her miniskirt.

The woman told police she had gone to the club with her fiancé, who was outside in the car. Details of the length of time he was outside or his whereabouts were not made clear during Monday’s hearing.

Ryan Warren, general manager of Zan, testified that the surveillance video shows no evidence the woman had been drugged in the bar and, in general, she did not appear in distress. The video was not played in the courtroom.

Wampler also called two witnesses — friends of the defendants. They testified that the woman had been offered a ride home from in front of Zan, but she chose to stay with Alqabbaa and Alanazi. One of the friends was a young woman who was underage and had been drinking water that night, according to her testimony.

But those friends, assistant prosecutor Stephanie Wan pointed out, had no knowledge of what happened inside the Elm Street apartment, where the sexual assault allegedly occurred.

Brian Newman, a Springfield cab driver, testified to driving the alleged victim and the two men to an Elm Street apartment.

He said something “didn’t feel right” during the five-minute cab ride. The men didn’t know the woman’s name and the woman was mostly “incoherent.”

When they got to the apartment, Newman said, the woman was dragged from the cab and carried into the apartment. Newman, concerned for the woman’s well-being, flagged down a nearby officer.

During cross-examination, Wampler suggested another reason the cabbie felt uneasy about the situation: two Arab men with a white woman might have been an additional factor to cause suspicion.

Newman disagreed. “It would’ve been the same if they were white, black, purple or green,” he said.

An officer responded to the apartment complex and could hear a woman moaning from outside the building, according to a probable cause statement used to justify charges in the case.

When the officers were allowed inside the apartment by a man identified as Alanazi, they described hearing a woman crying for help behind a locked bedroom door, court documents said.

After officers pounded on the door and shouted “police,” a man (later identified as Alqabbaa) opened it. The officers wrote in court documents that they observed a woman inside, partially clothed, crying, vomiting and asking for help.

“She repeatedly stated, ‘take me home’ and ‘get me out of here,’” the probable cause statement said.

The victim, in and out of consciousness, told the officers she did not know the men.

Greene County Associate Judge Mark Powell will consider the evidence — including the surveillance footage — to determine whether the case should continue toward trial. DNA evidence awaits laboratory testing, so Powell will not have it as he deliberates.

In the meantime, Alanazi and Alqabbaa will remain in the Greene County Jail on $1 million bond each. Each faces identical charges of forcible sodomy and kidnapping.

Prosecutors argued the bond should remain high in part because the men are citizens of Saudi Arabia and therefore a flight risk. The pair were in Springfield studying English at Missouri State University.