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VIDEO: Muslim Man Threatens To Kill Female Because Because Her Shoes Offend Him


Here is one hate crime video that wasn’t splashed all over the press or going viral on social media with every leftist/muslim social commenter and their dog foaming at the mouth over it. Thats because this is one of those all to common hate attacks that dont count due to the aggressor being a Muslim and the victim an infidel.

The video was shot on the London overground railway. It seems the bearded Muslim male ranting has taken offence to the girl putting her feet up on the chair with the bottom of her shoes showing. As Muslims are told Allah doesn’t like you coming in the mosque wearing shoes they have developed serious issues at the sight of the soles of peoples shoes. They consider them unclean because they touch the floor. Hence why when Muslims are protesting about one of the millions of things that offend them you will often see some raging islamist waving a shoe about 

The video was posted with the following message:

“So on my way home today on the train I got abused by a Muslim C&#T for having my feet on the chair threatened to kill me and have me arrested”  – Ruby Butler


Racist Muslim Boss Has To Pay Abused Sikh Employee £18,000

Despite Muslims claims of being the victims all the time they are more racist and intolerant of all

Muslim boss who racially abused Sikh employee is told to pay him £18k

AN INDIAN Sikh who was degraded and racially abused by his Muslim boss and colleagues has been awarded £18,000 at an employment tribunal.

Paramjit Singh, a forecourt cleaner at a garage in Greenock, was called a “lazy low-caste Sikh” and forced to repeatedly carry out demeaning tasks.

He was also abused for having a white British wife, with one co-worker saying: “I don’t know how you can stay with a white woman. They’re not clean and they don’t know how to live.”

The 39-year-old, of Greenock, successfully sued firm PK Imperial Retail Ltd for unfair dismissal and racial and religious discrimination at a tribunal in Glasgow.

He was awarded £7162 for unfair dismissal and a further £11,108 in compensation under equality legislation.

Following the release of a judgment in the case, Mr Singh,who was represented by solicitor Brian McLaughlin, of Fox and Partners, said he was “very happy” with the outcome of the case. The tribunal heard the garage was bought over by PK Imperial in September 2011, with Sohaib Riaz, the nephew of the owner, taking over as manager.

Mr Riaz forced Mr Singh to collect stock from a cash-and-carry three or four times a week when he was not on duty. Mr Singh never received payment for this and when he complained, the manager told him: “You need your job don’t you? If you can’t go, you’ll lose your job.”

The manager forced him to scrape weeds from forecourt slabs using a screwdriver, giving the instruction for him to do it by pointing to the ground with his shoe.

The judgment said: “Once [Mr Singh] had finished Mr Riaz told him ‘you’ve not f***ing done that right, do it again’. He made [him] go over the forecourt again with the scraper a third time. His purpose was to violate [his] dignity and create a degrading and humiliating environment for him.”

The tribunal heard Mr Singh was regularly made to repeat tasks two or three times because he was an Indian Sikh married to a white woman.

Mr Riaz also regularly called him “daft” and complained to customers that he was lazy and was not doing a good job. The manager’s brother-in-law, Mubashir Hussain, also worked at the garage and also abused Mr Singh.

The judgment detailed one morning in June last year when Mr Hussain asked Mr Singh why he had opened a fresh carton of milk to make a cup of tea.

He told Mr Singh to use milk from another carton which was out of date, while he used the fresh milk.

Mr Hussain then said: “You look homeless. Did your wife throw you out? I don’t know how you can stay with a white woman. They’re not clean and they don’t know how to live. You look homeless.”

Mr Singh complained to Mr Riaz, but he simply laughed and said: “That’s my family member. You can’t do anything.”

On another occasion, Mr Hussain said to Mr Singh: “You’re doing jobs very slowly. You Indian people think you are f***ing hard workers. You are lazy people. Low-caste Sikh man.”

Employment judge Mary Kearns said Mr Singh’s dismissal was “an act of direct discrimination”.

She added that the treatment of Mr Singh “upset and humiliated” him and was “thoroughly offensive”.

Solicitor Stephen Smith, of the Glasgow Law Practice, who represented PK Imperial, said: “Our clients were surprised at these claims and are naturally disappointed at the outcome of the tribunal.

“They are currently considering their options in relation to any appeal.”

Racist ‘Asian’ Thug Punched White Woman in Hate Attack

I doubt the grievance mongers at TellMama the Muslim hate crime monitors will be logging any details of this serious racist hate crime  with their being no infidel hate attack monitor.

Attacks like this are more common than most people think as they are easy to brush under the carpet and be forgotten about.  Fiyaz Mughal of TM conveniently forgets about attacks like this when he is making his numerous appearances in the press recycling the same old surge of Islamophobic attacks (online name calling mostly)

Heathrow Airport: Asian Man Attacks Polish Woman in Racist Attack

Heathrow Airport woman beater

CCTV cameras caught a suspected racist woman beater doing chin ups after punching a Heathrow Airport worker in the faceMet Police

A suspected woman beater was caught doing chin ups moments after he allegedly assaulted a Heathrow Airport worker in a racist attack.

Police have released images of the Asian man who is thought to have punched a Polish woman in the face after she intervened when the man racially abused another woman.

The incident happened at approximately 6.15am on Tuesday, 25 February, while the victim was waiting for a number 423 bus after she had finished her night shift.

CCTV Heathrow Airport Woman beater

An Asian man is suspected of punching a woman in the face on a bus from Heathrow AirportMet Police

As she waited, the suspect appeared and began verbally abusing another woman at the bus stop. When the victim intervened and asked him to stop he started shouting racist abuse at her.

The bus then arrived but the victim was followed onto it by the suspect who continued to racially abuse her before punching her in the face.

The victim ran off the bus while the suspect remained on it and got off in Hounslow.

He was captured on CCTV on the bus and is seen doing chin ups after the assault.

The suspect is described as being a light-skinned Asian man with untidy stubble on his face and is approximately 5ft 9ins tall and of a medium build.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the incident room on 020 3276 1351, alternatively to remain anonymous please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Middlesbrough Grooming Gang Jailed, Victims Harassed By Paedo Defenders

As Middlesbrough grooming gang received their sentences for the rape and sexual assault of  local schoolgirls between the ages of 13 and 15 years old. News of the victims being constantly harassed and intimidated by the paedophiles friends and family have emerged. Some of the harassment has included racial abuse against the victims with them being labelled as ‘white trash’ by supporters of the three nonces. One family even had to move home due to the levels of abuse they were getting. You can be almost certain none of the paedophile defenders making the victims lives hell will be charged for a hate crime like somebody would do if it was the other way round.

Jailed: Shakil Munir

The Northern Echo: Jailed: Shakil MunirJailed: Sakib Ahmed

The Northern Echo: Jailed: Shakil Munir: Behind bars: Ateeq Latif

FIVE girls groomed on the streets of a North-East town are still being “tortured” by supporters of the men who abused them, their families said tonight.

The mother of one of the teenage victims spoke out after two men and a 17-year-old youth were jailed for a total of 19 years for sexually exploiting the girls in Middlesbrough.

Passing sentence Judge John Walford told Shakil Munir, 32, 19-year-old Sakib Ahmed and Ateeq Latif, 17, that they had regarded the girls – all aged between 13 and 15 – as objects for their own sexual pleasure.
He added: “In reality they were children who lacked the maturity of experience to cope with your manipulative ways.”

The court heard that the girls had been taunted and insulted by friends and family of the defendants since coming forward, including being bombarded by obscene messages, called sluts and accused of being racist.

Judge Walford described the girls’ treatment as “appalling”, adding that it revealed a “profoundly worrying attitude about the offending”.

Speaking outside court after the sentencing, the mother of one of the victims said: “The girls are still being tortured by these people – they are painting them as sluts when they are the victims.”

THE behavior of men who used threats and manipulation to groom and abuse vulnerable underage girls was today condemned.

Judge Walford said there was no place in a civilised society for the attitude shown by the three defendants towards the five girls, who were all aged between 13 and 15.

Although he said the case was different to other grooming cases around the country where young girls had been trafficked and passed around, he said: “It is unacceptable for feckless young men to roam the streets at night seeking young, impressionable girls, with only one objective in mind.

“That is behaviour that needs to be condemned.”

Taxidriver Shakil Munir, 32, of Tollesby Road, Middlesbrough, was sentenced to eight years in prison after being found guilty of four counts of sexual activity with a child and one of abduction.

Sakeb Ahmed, 19, a pizza shop worker from Cambridge Road, Middlesbrough, was also sentenced to eight years after admitting five charges of sexual activity with a child.

Student Ateeq Latif, 17, of Abingdon Road, Middlesbrough, was sent to a young offenders’ institution for three years after being convicted of two counts of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence.

Christopher Knox, prosecuting, told Teesside Crown Court that the girls had been exploited by a loosely connected group of young men and one older man.

He added: “They were exploitative relationships. They were groomed for what later occurred – these were not a case of girlfriend, boyfriend relationships.”

Mr Knox said the grooming progressed from talking face to face to exchanging phone messages.

Mr Knox said that since coming forward, the victims had been subjected to “horrifying” abuse by friends and family of the defendants.

He added: “They have been subjected to name calling; suggestions such as ‘white trash’.

“They have been goaded in classrooms, saying ‘don’t touch her she will have you done for rape’.

“They have also been bombarded by obscene messages on Facebook, calling them sluts and accusing them of being racist.”

The court heard how a car belonging to one of the girl’s families had been vandalised, while family members had received threats on-line.

Outside court the mother of one of the girls revealed how her family had been forced to move home because of the intimidation.

Judge Walford said the defendants could not be held responsible for the “shameful behavior” of others.

However, he added: “I openly express the hope that after today the sort of unpleasantness to which those girls have been subjected will cease and they can be allowed to put these events behind them.”

Detective Inspector Dino Carlucci, who led the investigation, paid tribute to the victims who had given evidence, adding: “I now hope the girls can get on and enjoy their lives, which is what teenage girls should be doing.”

Members of the English Defence League chanted and exchanged insults with Asian supporters of the defendants outside court.

They were watched over by scores of police.


Middlesbrough Muslim Grooming Case: How Big Is The Iceberg?

Following up on the Middlesbrough grooming case which i posted about last week. 3 Muslim paedophiles have been found guilty of abusing 6 schoolgirls including the taxi driver who was in denial. Worryingly it has been suggested the scale of the problem in the area is much bigger with as many as 120 girls identified as at risk from Muslim rape jihadists.

Middlesbrough grooming case: How big is the iceberg?

By Andrew GloverBBC News

Girl with head in hands
After a group of men were found guilty of sexually exploiting teenage girls on Teesside, child protection experts have warned how dozens of other youngsters in the area are being groomed for sex.

Offers of takeaway food, drugs and free lifts.

Hundreds of messages via Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger.

All were ingredients in what has been branded “the big con” used to persuade underage girls to allow older men to take advantage of them in Middlesbrough.

‘Sick to the stomach’

silhouette of woman

The mother of one of the 14-year-old victims in the Middlesbrough grooming case told BBC News how it affected her life.

“I felt sick to the stomach that a grown man had had sexual intercourse with my baby – at the end of the day she’s only a child.

“You could tell she was a child and he knew she was a child. I felt physically sick, so much so that I stopped going to bed and started sleeping in my living room.

“I’m still sleeping there now. I lock my door on a night and I sleep in the living room.

“If anyone tries to get into my house the first person they will be greeted with is me so I know my child is safe, she’s upstairs away from it all and she can’t get out either.

“It’s turned my life upside down, I don’t trust anybody anymore.”

Another man, Sakib Ahmed, 19, admitted his part in the abuse that saw victims “targeted” for sex.

The group were described by prosecutors as “loosely connected” while some of their victims were also known to each other.

Following the trial, which heard evidence in relation to seven alleged victims, experts have conceded the extent of the grooming problem is difficult to measure.

Cleveland Police confirmed it has a number of “live investigations” and the charity Barnado’s is aware of at least 160 girls, some as young as 12, currently at risk.

Wendy Shepherd, the charity’s children’s service manager in the North East, said: “There are over 160 people that we’re working with and we’re aware of across Teesside.

“This is not one-off sexual abuse of a child within a family, we’re talking about groups of men who abuse young teenage girls.”

Ms Shepherd said one of the “great problems” is that victims do not realise what is happening to them until it is too late.

“They don’t see the grooming,” she said.

“They don’t see the huge con to get them to have sex with many people at the will of the man that has become their boyfriend.

“They really want to believe in the goodness that actually he wouldn’t really treat me that way, he wouldn’t want to harm me.”

Shakil MunirTaxi driver Shakil Munir denied five charges

Mark Braithwaite, chair of the Middlesbrough Safeguarding Children Board, said it was difficult to judge the extent of the problem because many of those involved often “didn’t see themselves as victims”.

“Some people, often for the first time in their lives, have received some affection, or what’s perceived as being affection, they’ve been showered with gifts, perhaps mobile phones, drink and drugs in many cases.

“The exploitation starts right at the outset and it’s perhaps not until much further down the journey that some of these victims realise that they’ve been exploited.”

Mr Braithwaite acknowledged that although some of the victims were from the same school, grooming on Teesside was far from isolated.

“It is a bigger problem. Not just here in Middlesbrough but elsewhere in the country.

“The difficulty is, how do you assess how big the iceberg is and are you dealing with the tip of the iceberg?

“One thing I’m sure of is that the more proactively you go looking for it, you will find it.

“Any area that says it hasn’t got a problem is naïve and isn’t looking hard enough.”

Middlesbrough Muslim Grooming Trial : Taxi Driver Denies Sex With Victim, 13

Up until now i was unaware of the Muslim grooming gang on trial in the North East. Four males are in the dock on charges relating to the sexual abuse of 2 schoolgirls, a 13 year old and a 14 year old.

Taxi driver Shakil Munir, 32, of Tollesby Road, Middlesbrough, faces four charges of sexual activity with a child and one of abducting a child. His Facebook friends list contained a large amount of under age school girls

Ibrar Mahmood, 18, of Breckon Hill Road, Middlesbrough, faces four charges of sexual activity with a child and three counts of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Junaid Butt, 18, of Kensington Road, Middlesbrough, faces a charge of sexual activity with a child and one of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence.

A 17-year-old boy, who can’t be named for legal reasons, faces three charges of arranging or facilitating commission of a child sex offence.

Grooming trial: Accused denies having sex with girl, 14, in his car at A19 lay-by

19 Nov 2013 07:58

Shakil Munir, 32, of Middlesbrough, also insists that he thought the girl was 16, Teesside Crown Court hears

Shakil Munir at Teesside Crown Court
Shakil Munir at Teesside Crown Court

A taxi driver accused of having sex with a 14-year-old schoolgirl in a lay-by told a court nothing happened between them in his car – and insisted he thought she was 16.

Shakil Munir, of Tollesby Road, Tollesby, Middlesbrough, is one of four defendants accused of sexually exploiting a number of teenagers from the town.

The prosecution alleged the Bradford-born 32-year-old picked up a 14-year-old girl and had sex with her in the early hours in a parking spot on the A19 after they sent each other explicit messages on Facebook.

Late one night in January, she asked Munir to pick her up and take her to the garage to buy cigarettes, but it was alleged he stopped in a lay-by.

Munir told the jury of ten women and two men at Teesside Crown Court he thought the sexual messages between them on Facebook were “banter”.

The driver, then aged 31, believed she was 16, he told the court.

Teesside Crown Court
Teesside Crown Court

Asked by his barrister Ekwall Tiwana why he got involved in the conversation, Munir who is twice-married said: “To be honest with you, I was going through a bad patch and I was bored and I just started chatting.”

He had recently picked up the girl and two of her friends and given them a free lift, the jury heard.

He denied they had sex in his car when they stopped in a lay-by.

He explained that she had wanted to talk and told him about her family life and her problems.

Munir parked up and they talked, he said, but he denied having sex with the girl.

That night, with the girl still in his car, Munir received a text from her mother, telling him to bring her home immediately or she would call the police.

It was only when the mother said her daughter was 14 that he realised her age, he said.

“I thought she was 16,” he told the jury.

In a later meeting with the mother, he told her: “Your daughter told me she was 16.”

Munir said he had an arranged marriage when he was 17, which lasted “two to three years” and that he remarried in 2004 in Pakistan.

He denies child abduction and five counts of having sex with a child.

His co-accused, two 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old, also deny all the charges against them .

At the close of the prosecution case, the jury was told police had received reports that attempts had been made to stop girls from giving

Christopher Knox, prosecuting, asked Detective Inspector Dino Carlucci, who is in charge of the investigation: “There were in the course of the investigation reports reaching the police that there were pressures upon girls at or about school, discouraging them from reporting events to the police or agreeing to give evidence.”

Mr Carlucci replied: “That is a fair summary.”

The trial continues today.

2nd Rochdale Grooming Gang, 5 Found Guilty Of Sexualy Abusing White Schoolgirl In Hush-Hush Trial

Rochdale is back in the news once again for all the wrong reasons, paedophile gangs sexually abusing white schoolgirls considered as vulnerable. Shortly after the original Rochdale grooming gang were sentence. News broke that Greater Manchester Police had smashed a 2nd grooming gang from the heavily Islamized town. I followed the case until after their first date in court which was adjourned. Then all that followed was silence on the case. I made several attempts over the last 10 months to try and uncover what was going with these perverts you could find no mention of any of the accused.

Now i know why, just like the case last year was originally until patriots found out and exposed what was happening. There was a media blackout in place, doing so also kept the anti grooming protesters away during the trial. 

The good news is 5 paedophiles have been found guilty. 3 of those were Muslims like the grooming gang in the first trial. The other two nonces were African immigrants from Congo which only has a small amount of Muslim population. Muslims or not , its good to have the beasts out of circulation . Lets hope there will be deportation papers awaiting them when their sentence is up.

Five men sexually exploited ‘damaged’ 15-year-old girl in Rochdale

8 Nov 2013 14:14

The victim, now aged 20, gave evidence against the defendants in two trials.. The men are due to be sentenced on December 20.

 Four of the men: (L-R) Abdul Huk, Chola Chansa, Freddie Kendakumana, Mohammed Rafiq Abubaker
Four of the men: (L-R) Abdul Huk, Chola Chansa, Freddie Kendakumana, Mohammed Rafiq Abubaker

Five men sexually exploited the “profound vulnerability” of a “damaged” 15-year-old girl inRochdale, it can be reported today.

The victim, now aged 20, gave evidence against the defendants in two trials.

Many of her abusers plied the troubled teenager with vodka and cannabis before committing their offences, which took place in 2008 and 2009, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

The majority of the defendants were first arrested last year after the grim portrayal of a largely Pakistani-heritage child sex ring preying on white girls in the town emerged into the public domain in a separate trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

But one of her abusers, Congolese refugee Freddie Kendakumana, was arrested and interviewed by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) in December 2008 after the girl – also white – complained to police that he had raped her the month before.

The girl was told at the time by an interviewing male officer that it was important not to have any future dealings with Kendakumana while the investigation continued but she later confessed she had bumped into him at a flat. Soon after, she went on to have consensual sex with his friend when still aged 15, although that man knew she was under-age.

In a later interview, she explained: “I spoke to the police about it. The police said don’t go back there. If you go back up there, we don’t have a case, so I said I won’t.

“I went on to see Freddie in a flat. I didn’t really speak to him, I had a drink and then came home.”

Kendakamuna, 27, was finally charged, along with his co-defendants, in October 2012 – nearly four years after the girl made the initial rape complaints as several men went on to abuse her in the intervening period.

By that time the girl had undergone numerous video-recorded police interviews from the end of 2008 to October 2011, totalling more than 23 hours.

The victim was first prompted to go to the police on the advice of a health support worker when she disclosed that Kendakumana was sexually forcing himself on her.

But social care and health professionals dealing with the youngster failed to pass on her other confessions in 2008 and 2009 that she was having consensual sexual contact with a string of older men whom she labelled  “boyfriends”.

Reporting restrictions were lifted on both proceedings by Judge Jonathan Foster QC at today’s conclusion of the second trial.

Last month in the first trial, Kendakumana, of Illminster, Rochdale, was convicted of rape and sexual activity with a child. He was cleared of a second count of rape.

Two other men, Mohammed Rafiq Abubaker, 32, of Freehold, Rochdale, and takeaway worker Roheez Khan, 27, of Ashfield Road, Rochdale, were found guilty of sexual activity with a child. Khan was also convicted of witness intimidation.

A fourth man, Chola Chansa, 33, of Illminster, Rochdale, pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child just before the first trial started.

In the second trial, taxi driver Abdul Huk, 37, of Ouldfield Close, Rochdale, was found guilty yesterday of sexual activity with a child.

All five men will be sentenced on December 20.

Today the jury failed to reach a verdict on Mohammed Ali, 28, of Rochdale, on an allegation of sexual activity with a child.

The jury in the first trial also failed to reach a verdict on the same allegation against Mr Ali and, as a consequence, the Crown decided not to proceed with a third trial and has asked for the matter to lie on file.

Asrar Haider, 39, of Rochdale, was cleared by the second jury of sexual activity and inciting sexual activity with a child, while another defendant, Anjam Masood, 31, from Rochdale, was cleared of sexual activity and inciting sexual activity with a child on the direction of the judge after the prosecution said it was no longer offering evidence against him.

Charges were also dropped before the first trial against a 34-year-old man who had been accused of engaging in sexual activity with the girl in a car when she was as young as 12 or 13.

In May last year, nine men were jailed for the systematic grooming and sexual abuse of five white girls – aged between 13 and 15 – in Heywood and Rochdale.

The trial at Liverpool Crown Court resulted in a national debate over the role of gangs of largely Pakistani-heritage men in grooming white girls.

A subsequent report from child safeguarding chiefs ruled that social workers, police and prosecutors had missed opportunities to stop the exploitation in Heywood and Rochdale.

The first victim, who was 15 when the abuse began, told police what had been happening in August 2008, but her complaint was not taken seriously and she continued to be abused by the gang until December 2008 when she fell pregnant and moved away.

In July 2009, a CPS lawyer compounded the police failure to take her seriously and made the decision not to charge the two gang members she was accusing because he did not think a jury would find her “credible”.

Social workers in Rochdale were criticised for apparently writing off underage girls who were deemed to be “making their own choices” in engaging in consensual sex.

Although the girl in the latest court proceedings, who is also white, was being abused at about the same time, she had no known links with any of the defendants who were jailed at Liverpool Crown Court.

The convicted defendants in the Manchester trials also came from a range of nationalities – Kendakumana and Chansa are from Congo, Abubaker is a Kurd, while Huk and Khan are believed to be of Pakistani heritage.

Several knew each other but it was not the prosecution case that they all acted in an organised manner.

In March, Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood said GMP had identified 42 potential victims of child sexual exploitation in the Rochdale area and said they were working closely with six of them to bring more people to justice.

Opening the case against all the defendants, prosecutor Neil Usher said: “It is the Prosecution’s case that leading the chaotic life that she had for some time by the age of 15, she was vulnerable to being groomed and exploited by those who correctly perceived she would be easy to flatter and impress with free and plentiful drink, cannabis and just as importantly, a level of attention and affection that she craved and felt she had lacked in her difficult early life.

“She repeatedly and regularly returned to a number of older men all of whom sexually exploited her and some of whom physically abused her, despite her being advised and supported by health care and social workers.

“The risk-taking and potentially harming positions she regularly put herself in was an indication of the extent of her profound vulnerablily and emotional immaturity.”

In 2008 the girl was a troubled teenager who had been taken into care by Social Services at an early age following a chaotic upbringing by her drug addicted parents, he said.

She was later returned to her mother after a stint in foster care but began drinking alcohol, taking crack cocaine and sniffing lighter fluid from the ages of 11 and 12.

The girl had contact with a number of agencies including Pennine Care Foundation Trust’s Crisis Intervention Team which deals with sexual health and Early Break, an organisation which focuses on substance misuse problems.

The prosecutor said she would tell those agency support workers and her social workers from Rochdale Council about the lifestyle she was leading.

She would tell them that she regularly went to addresses with older men and engaged in sexual activity with them.

She claimed they would give her copious amounts of alcohol, sometimes drugs. and largely would have consensual sex with them.

The court heard that the girl realised herself just before her 16th birthday that her torrid lifestyle had to end and she later cut her ties with older men and enrolled at college.

School Girls in Kazakhstan Stated That Imams Made Them Sex Slaves and Prostitutes

Muslim mens very low opinion of women and taking them as sex slaves has been continuous since the very beginning of Islam .This is something cult founder excelled at. He set the standard for all other Muslims to follow. So it is no surprise that 1500 years later Islamic ‘religious leaders’ are acting the exact same way.

School Girls in Kazakhstan Stated That Imams Made Them Sex Slaves and Prostitutes

Almaty Central Mosque. Photo courtesy of kazakh.ru

by, Tengri News | Kazakhstan

Almaty Central Mosque has commented on the sex row over the Mosque’s school, the Mosque’s official website writes.

One of the school’s students Zhanar Boranbayeva told the media that young women were forced to become wives of imams who later divorced them. According to her, the school reminded of a sect where female students were told that they were slaves and had to obey men. “17 and 18-y.o. girls are like free prostitutes. The imams invite those they like to saunas and hotels,” the young woman said. Boranbayeva even filed a complaint to the prosecutor’s office requesting to check on the activities of the school.

The Central Mosque called Boranbayeva’s accusations a ridiculous slanderous lie. Their reply to the accusation was that Boranbayeva never studied at their school and only visited the mosque for prayers in 2008. She only came over for the Friday prayers that are open for everyone and was never registered as a student. During the last 3 years “all the women courses have been taught by women teachers only and none of them recognized Zhanar as one of their students”.

Some of the Mosque’s employees remembered Boranbayeva. “That woman was a little weird. We remember her because she came up asking the teachers for advices several times. Inadequacy of some of her questions made the teachers notice her and remember. After that she was not seen around the mosque for several years,” the message states.

Commenting the accusations that the students “were forces” to marry the imams the Central Mosque said: “There are no names, no proof and there can’t be any as these things have never happened, there have been no such cases”.

The age of the alleged “victims” also raises doubts. 320 women currently study at the school, including 15 girls aged 17-18: “Some of them come to classes with their moms. None of these girls are wives of imams of the Central Mosque and none of them have been divorced.”

Boranbayeva’s phrase about “free prostitutes” caused the most outrage in the Central Mosque. “Accusation of using the mosque to inviting a Muslim woman to sauna as a free prostitute is a culmination of the slander. None of the naib-imams of the Central Mosque have ever divorced. They all have only one wife and several children each,” the comment states.

The website writes that Boranbayeva’s only “proof” – the photo of teachers and students of the spiritual school – “was made at during a Doors Open Day on the final day of the course and awarding of the certificates. She had her photo made with the students then”.

The Mosque summarized its statements by saying that all the accusations are false: “If somebody believes this, let them check where and how this woman has been living during the last three years. Any reasonable person understands that she was not imprisoned in the Central Mosque during those year. Especially considering that she never studies in our school at all. And if she did, what could have made her tolerate all the horrible things she is accusing us of for so long?”

via School Girls in Kazakhstan Stated That Imams Made Them Sex Slaves and Prostitutes | sharia unveiled.

British Muslim Wanted To Get Under-age Girl Pregnant And Raise The Baby As Sex Slave

A sick and twisted Muslim paedophile from London flew to America to meet an under-age girl he had been grooming online. Perverted Shuhel Mahboob Ali, flew to Florida with the warped intention of getting the schoolgirl pregnant and then raising the baby as a sex slave. The disgusting thoughts that seem to flow through the backwards Muslim minds are completely vile and unnatural. How somebody can want to carry out such perverse actions is beyond me. The Islamic sex fiend when in for a shock when he went to meet the child in Orlando.  The child turned out to be an undercover police officer. For once karma has done its bit and the paedostani will get what he deserves, a minimum of 10 years looking over his shoulder in an American prison.


Perverted Shuhel Mahboob Ali, flew to Florida with the warped intention of getting the schoolgirl pregnant and then raising the baby as a sex slave.

Melbourne, FL (Florida Today) — Brevard Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a man they said came to the United States intending to start a sex slavery operation.

Shuhel Mahboob Ali, 39, is a citizen of Great Britain who came here to have sex with a minor girl and have children he planned to exploit, sheriff’s officials said.

“It is truly unimaginable that monsters exist and walk among us with the purpose of victimizing our most precious citizens,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey said. “I want this message to be absolutely crystal clear: We will use every lawful resource we have in our possession to find and remove you from society if you try to harm a child, no matter where you may be on this planet.”

The investigation began in January when Ali contacted an undercover sheriff’s agent and said he wanted to “have a relationship with an underage female,” officials said. Most of the alleged interaction occurred via the Internet.

“As part of the relationship, the suspect allegedly wanted to impregnate the victim, whereupon he would be able to groom the children to be abused by the suspect from the time of birth,” officials said.

Ali came to Brevard County on Saturday and was arrested in the Titusville area. He was scheduled to make an initial appearance in federal court in Orlando this morning.

He faces a charge of using a facility or means of interstate or foreign commerce to attempt to persuade a minor to engage in sexual activity. Sheriff’s officials said if Ali is convicted he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison and fine up to $250,000.

Deputies worked with the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Attorney’s Office on the case.

“I am so proud of the tireless efforts by this partnership and our investigative team that removed this vile suspect from harming children,” Ivey said.

Christian Who Was Bullied By Muslim Co-Workers At Heathrow,Tells Of Muslim Security Risk

So often we hear about Muslim’s using the European Courts to their advantage either when their playing the victim claiming discrimination or against the British authorities to avoid deportation. More often than not the Muslims who play the system using leftist human rights laws in the European Courts are the filth of Islam. Vile undesirables such as hate preacher Abu Qatada , the suicidal Muslim terrorist and numerous Muslim rapists that have no place in civilized society. So it actually makes a refreshing change to hear about somebody planning on appealing to the courts that  has genuinely been unfairly treated.

Christian Nohad Halawi, an immigrant from Lebanon living in the UK was an employee at London’s Heathrow airport when she became the victim of Muslim bullies in the workplace. She was targeted after her Islamist co-workers discovered that she wasn’t a Muslim but a Christian. They had wrongly presumed she was a member of the cult of Islam due to her Lebanese background. Mrs Halawi became the victim of a hate campaign by the Islamofascists she worked with. After reporting the harassment and abuse by Muslims to her supervisors hoping to get the issue resolved, disgracefully found herself getting the sack when 5 of the Muslim bullies claimed she was anti-Islamic

It was only a matter of time before things like this started happening here in the UK. You only have to look at the goings on around the world involving Islamic extremists bullying and persecuting people of other faiths. Now they have got their foot in the door here, they are using political correctness against infidels as a weapon to aid their stealth jihad. With each result in their favour like Nohad Halawi losing her job, it’s another step closer to their cause of Islamizing Britain.

What is equally if not more disturbing than the bullying and her losing her job, is some of the other goings on at the UK’s busiest airport involving Muslim staff she has brought to light. Such as Muslim employees trying to convert people on the job and bullied Christians. The handing out of extremist literature and their terrorist supporting opinions they are happy to tell others.The scariest claim she has made regards some of the Muslim extremists working in airport security. She said, “if they see that you are a Muslim they wave you through. One time they thought my husband was Muslim and said ‘don’t worry he is one of us’ and let him through without checking him”

Bearing in mind the large amount of British based Islamic terrorists that we have faced lately.That it was Muslims who committed 9/11 using planes, that shoe bomber Richard Reid was British and the failed underpants bomber was radicalized in the UK. Muslim extremists working in airport security is hardly the best situation. It only takes them knowing or unknowing  letting 1 Muslim brother onto a plane who happens to have a bomb strapped to himself and we have another Lockerbie, and with it 100’s of innocent lives lost in the name of Allah. 

Christian airport worker vows to take Muslim bullying case to Luxembourg after being granted right to appeal against sacking

  • Nohad Halawi, 48, was fired in July 2011 after five Muslim colleagues complained she was anti-Islamic
  • The beauty consultant claims ‘extremist’ workmates tried to convert people on the job and bullied Christians


PUBLISHED: 20:40, 12 April 2013 | UPDATED: 10:41, 13 April 2013

Fight: Nohad Halawi is pictured after her successful employment hearing todayFight: Nohad Halawi is pictured after her successful employment hearing today

A Christian worker who claims she was sacked from her job at Heathrow following a ‘race hate’ campaign by ‘Muslim extremists’ today vowed to take her unfair dismissal case ‘all the way to Luxembourg’ to the European Court of Justice.

Nohad Halawi allegedly weathered cruel rumours that she was ‘anti-Islamist,’ on top of a systematic catalogue of intimidation that included telling the 48-year-old that she would go to Hell if she did not convert to Islam.

Halawi, previously a beauty consultant for luxury cosmetics brand Shiseido, was then booted out of her 13-year-long job in Heathrow Airport’s World Duty Free shop, after going to her seniors with concerns about the verbal tirades she was subjected to.

She also claims ‘extremist’ colleagues brought the Koran to work to try and convert people to Islam and even handed out leaflets promoting terrorism, as well as declaring that it was ‘a shame’ the failed July 21 London bombings did not go off.

Having taken her tribunal case to the courts in 2011, Halawi lost after it was ruled that as a part time and commissioned-based freelance she was not a staff employee.

Today, however, she won the right to appeal.

Speaking outside court, the mum-of-two from Weybridge, Surrey, told how the abuse started after she stuck up for a Christian colleague who was left in tears after Muslim staff made fun of her for wearing a cross necklace.

She said: ‘At first, because I am from Lebanon, they assumed I was Muslim but when they found out I wasn’t they started bullying me.’

 Halawi, who came to Britain from Lebanon in 1977, continued: ‘They used to say about 9/11 that it serves the American’s right and that it was a shame the failed London bombings did not go off. When I asked them why they did not go back and live in their own country if they didn’t like the UK, they said ‘we came to the West to try and convert as many people to Islam as we can.’

She also revealed insider knowledge on life within Heathrow: ‘They keep coming to the airport and many of them work in security. It is terrible there. If they see that you are a Muslim they wave you through. One time they thought my husband was Muslim and said ‘don’t worry he is one of us’ and let him through without checking him. And you’re telling me this is safe security.’

Employment: One of the World Duty Free stores at Heathrow Airport, where Halawi worked for 13 yearsEmployment: One of the World Duty Free stores at Heathrow Airport, where Halawi worked for 13 years

Mrs Halawi said she once found extremist leaflets in one of her Muslim colleague’s drawers but the airport turned a blind eye. She said: “Management told him to throw them away. I later found out he had been sacked from other terminals for handing them out and inciting religious hatred, but duty free covered it up as they are scared of labelled Islamophobic.”

She was fired in July 2011 after five Muslim colleagues complained she was anti-Islamic followed a heated conversation in the store.

After her sacking 28 colleagues, some of them Muslims, signed a petition calling for her reinstatement claiming she was dismissed on the basis of “malicious lies”, but it was unsuccessful.

Having lost her first unfair dismissal campaign, Halawi received help from the Christian Legal Centre to further her case and has subsequently won a right to appeal.

She added: ‘I am not and have never been racist or anti religion. I have many Muslim friends. I am doing this because I want to show that people It’s not fair to use the religion card. They’ve ruined my life. They’ve ruined my family’s lives. I can’t get work and am relying on friends and family to get by’

A spokesperson for World Duty Free refused to comment because of the ‘ongoing legal proceedings.’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2308268/Christian-airport-worker-wins-right-appeal-tribunal.html#ixzz2QYGkvFZk
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