Tim Loughton: Political correctness ‘must not get in the way of police and social workers investigating child sex abuse’ | Mail Online

At last someone with a bit of clout has spoke out about the lefty pc brigade and the muslim apologists who have been constantly trying to play down the fact that the Rochale grooming gang were Pakistani muslims and their victims were all white school girls, accusing anyone who happend to speak up about it of being racist etc. Even when baroness Warsi spoke up and admitted it was a muslim problem, The majority of muslims still refuse to acknowledge that and kept quite on the subject. Those who did then comment on it such as regular muslim apologist Mohammed Ansar attempted to deflect the accusations by throwing various sex arrest figures and % asian population about to say it wasnt a problem in the muslim community look at how many whites have been arrested. What he failed to mention was that he only gave selected figures out which made muslims look a bit better. Typical muslim ploy of taqiyya trying to decieve people because where as if he had give them out as a whole it would of shown that muslims make up for 25% of those arrested for sexual crimes in an area with only 10% muslim population!!!

I predict there will be more of these muslim grooming gangs coming to light in the near future because until the rest of the british muslims stop burying their heads in the sand and turning a blind eye to whats going on. The paedos will continue to abuse non muslim children knowing there will be a wall of silence protecting them

Don’t let PC brigade bury ethnic links to sex gangs, warns children’s minister


PUBLISHED: 20:25, 3 July 2012 | UPDATED: 10:02, 4 July 2012

Warning: Tim Loughton said that social workers and police must not let political correctness get in the way of investigating child sex abuse

Social workers and the police must not let political correctness get in the way of investigating the grooming of vulnerable children, a minister said yesterday.

Tim Loughton said ‘ethnicity’ had been a factor in the scandal of recent cases involving gangs of mostly Asian men grooming and abusing young girls.

And he warned that many more cases are yet to be heard – with thousands of alleged sex abuse victims across the country.

The Children’s Minister said members of some ‘closed communities’ had been reluctant to come forward and report organised sex attacks.

As a result, these were allowed to take place ‘under the radar’ for many years, he said.

workers and police must not let political correctness get in the way of investigating child sex abuse, a minister said yesterday.

He told MPs: ‘If there is some form of political correctness around ethnicity which is getting in the way of police and other agencies investigating, tracking down and nailing these perpetrators, then that needs to be removed and we need to do something about it.’

Earlier this year a gang from Rochdale were jailed for plying teenage girls with alcohol before raping them. All but one of the gang were Pakistani.

The court heard that up to 47 vulnerable girls were passed around the group and forced to have sex several times a week.

But two years before action was finally taken, police missed an opportunity to stop the gang when a 15-year-old girl told them she had been raped.

MPs said appalling failings in the care system that allowed a group of Pakistani-born men (pictured) to rape girls in a recent case in Rochdale were common across the country

A report published yesterday by the Children’s Commissioner said councils were dumping children in care homes in parts of the country that were also centres for paedophiles, rapists and criminal gangs.

As a result, many experienced ‘truly horrific’ levels of violence, sadism and exploitation. Mr Loughton told the Home Affairs Committee, which is conducting an inquiry into the child sex abuse scandal, that some communities – while not condoning abuse – had been slow to report offences to the police.

Jailed: Shabir Ahmed was at the centre of a sex gang that raped and abused up to 47 girls

Asked whether the cases to date represented the ‘tip of the iceberg’, he said: ‘We are talking about a considerable number of children. I think we are probably talking about thousands of children – be it in care or from their own families – who are in some shape or form the subject of sexual abuse.

‘We have not seen the half of it yet.’ Asked if there was evidence of ethnicity being a factor in child exploitation, he replied: ‘Yes, and it is no good pretending otherwise.’

Mr Loughton said the majority of child sex offenders in jail are ‘white middle-aged men whose method of choice might be grooming over the internet’.

But he added: ‘What we have seen in high-profile cases in Derby and Rochdale, and other cases still to come fully to court, is that there is a problem around, in most cases, British Pakistani men – there are a few cases of Afghan and Bangladeshi men involved – who, operating in gangs, are preying on mostly teenage white girls.

‘Not exclusively, but that has been a pattern we have seen in high-profile cases.’ He added: ‘I know that in certain more closed communities, people who know about this form of abuse are less inclined or feel threatened about coming forward and reporting it to the authorities.

‘The point the Government is making absolutely clear is that we have got to make sure that the police and social services and other enforcement agencies are using the right tools to nail these perpetrators, regardless of their culture or ethnicity.

‘This has been going on for years under the radar. People didn’t come forward and report it, the police – for whatever reason – didn’t investigate it, or certainly didn’t investigate it sufficiently for cases to be brought to court that then stuck.’.

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Ex Muslim be-headed for converting to Christianity by gang of Islamic fanatics

Welcome to the backwards and barbaric world of Islam.

Shown on egyptian tv, Followers of the so called “religion of peace” behead a man for leaving Islam and converting to Christianity.

Apostasy is punishable by death and considered worse than murder in shariah law.

Viewer discretion advised

Neighbours’ fury as council allowed tiny bungalow to be used as an ‘illegal’ mosque for 200 worshippers

Neighbours’ fury as council allows tiny bungalow to be used as an ‘illegal’ mosque for 200 worshippers

Islamic group insisted two-bedroom property was a home ‘used for the occasional meeting’

Now they say it is being used as a community centre – and apply for taxpayer funding to put on classes

Property was extended without planning permission

Neighbours have complained about noise, rubbish and extra traffic


**** Stealth jihad in Southend,Essex as muslims illegally turn a tiny bungalow into a mosque for up to 200, which they have extended without the relevant planning permission. You can understand the local residents being furious as despite many complaints the council havent shut it down. Im sure if anyone else in the street had built an extension the council would be quick enough round telling them to demolish it. Same goes for any off the other issues in story. What about the health and safety and environment laws everyone else has to adhere to?? Time and time again we see this two tier system where muslims seem to get special treatment from authority’s probably in fear of being branded racist thanks to political correctness gone mad. They have now even had the cheek to ask for taxpayers money to run religious classes there. No doubt they will get it aswell at the expense of maybe Southends bins only being emptied once every 2 weeks or some other sacrifice.****

tiny house in southend which council have so far failed to stop being used as a mosque

By ROB COOPER     PUBLISHED: 13:46, 2 July 2012 | UPDATED: 18:35, 2 July 2012

A council has come under fire after an Islamic group extended a tiny two-bedroom bungalow to turn it into an ‘illegal’ mosque for 200 worshippers.

Residents are furious after being forced to endure noise at all hours of the day, congestion and bin bags strewn across the front garden.

Crowds of between 50 and 120 people gather at the mosque three times each week – and for big celebrations such as Eid there are several hundred.

The group bought the property in Westcliff, Essex, three years ago and extended it without planning permission and turning it into a mosque.

Scroll down for video

Islamic centre: The tiny two-bedroom property which has been used as a mosque ‘illegally’ for the last two years despite objections from neighbours in Westcliff, Essex

Despite hundreds of complaints to Southend Council, officers allowed the cramped property to be used as a place of worship ‘illegally’ after being told it was a family home used to host the odd community meeting.

But despite the official denials, the group had even posted YouTube videos of a large group of people chanting and worshipping inside the property.

A council worker who visited spotted 40 bin bags stacked up outside the property just before Christmas last year.

Kelly Phipps, a single mother, 33, who lives across the road from the makeshift mosque, said: ‘During Ramadan there were hundreds and hundreds of people turning up and the sheer volume caused havoc.

‘People would park up on the pavement and the road became really congested – I can’t see why the council didn’t take action sooner. I think they’re worried that if they try to boot them out they will play the race card.

‘But it’s got nothing to do with that – I’ve got no problem with them it’s just the general noise and inconsiderate parking which I object to. A mosque isn’t suitable for a residential road like this.’

upto 200 muslims gether at the illegal mosque

Gathering: A large group of worshippers crowded into the extended two-bedroom bungalow in Westcliff, Essex

The Jaafriya Islamic Welfare Centre applied for council taxpayer funding to run religious celebrations and education classes at the property along with retrospective planning permission for the 20ft extension at the rear.

Council planning documents said neighbours claim between 50 and 120 people would regularly visit the property.

Their application was rejected last week – but they have 28 days to appeal and the process could drag on for months. If they lose an appeal, the mosque will be forced to shutdown and the extension could be pulled down.

The property was bought in December 2009 for £140,000 by its current owners who have built a 20ft extension at the back.

neighbours furious as southend council fail to act at illegal mosque in residential street in southend. turning a nice area into a slum with rubbish everywhere and increased traffic

Residential street: The ‘illegal’ mosque in Westcliff, Essex, which the council had received hundreds of complaints about

Neighbour Ron Frood, 62, said: ‘This is supposed to be a residential area but we see people coming and going all day long.

‘People often arrive with plates of food and then the next day the bin bags are just thrown outside attracting rats and foxes.

‘I have accepted that I don’t really think anything will change to be honest as they’ve been allowed to get away with it for so long.’

Local councillor Martin Terry said: ‘Over a long period of time there has been a constant stream of complaints about what is essentially a bungalow being used as a mosque.

‘There have been all sorts of denials about this, but that is what it is.

‘This is a residential property and there is far more activity going on than there should be.

‘It doesn’t matter what religion you are – you have to play by the rules and stick to the law.’

No one at the Jaafriya Islamic Welfare Centre was available for comment.

the tiny bungalow that up to 200 muslims at a time are using as an llegal mosque in southend, essex.uk

Disruption: Neighbours have said 200 people cram into the property which has led to a large increase in traffic in the area

via Neighbours’ fury as council allowed tiny bungalow to be used as an ‘illegal’ mosque for 200 worshippers | Mail Online.

About kafircrusaders

Kafir (كافر) is the indecent Arabic synonym of infidel. Its use today differs from that of the word “Infidel” in the West. Not only does it stand for “non-believer”, but it is also one of the most offensive curse words a Muslim can hurl at a fellow Muslim.

The aims of this site is to highlight the evils of the cult of  Islam, how from its beginnings to present day the Muslims sole aim has been to create a whole muslim world where the only law is sharia by whatever means possible.Be it forced conversions, jihad and mass slaughter of non believers or means of stealth jihad  Effectively sending it back to the dark ages. A world under sharia would  mean any remaining non believers after the muslim take over will be seen as 2nd rate citizens , with little rights or freedoms, paying taxes  to their muslim masters (as is the case in many muslim countries already). Jewish people and Israel would be wiped off the earth (the cult of Islam is racist to the core). Women would be treated little better than animals, whos only role in life is to look after muslim males and cater for their needs sexual or otherwise. Under sharia any homosexuality or apostasy (leaving islam) would result in the death penalty more severe than murder.Infact in some cases a muslim is permitted to kill an infidel and face no punishment. A world where grooming gangs, child brides, paedophilia, forced marriages,spoils of war and honour killings are the norm. Acts what the role model  for all muslims and founder of the cult of islam. Mohammed  did in his lifetime making it ok for the muslims of today to do.

““I have been commanded to fight people until they say no God but Allah, and Mohammad his only messenger”.

” Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers.”  Qur’an 9:14

Make no mistake the islamification of the world has already begun. Some bits of it you may see on the news such as terror attacks or the murder of soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq. Most you will have no idea about either because of its location, control of media or because its going on behind the scenes until now.Things you certainly wont hear from a musllim mouth as denial to non muslims and taqiyya (lying for allah/islam) play a big role in jihad. Hopefully by this site exposing these issues and making people aware of them. We can fight off the threat of  Islam a while longer.

Nows the time to stand up and be counted while theres still time to before its to late!!!

The aims of this site is to highlight the evils of the cult of  Islam, how from its beginnings to present day the Muslims sole aim has been to create a whole muslim world where the only law is sharia by whatever means possible.Be it forced conversions, jihad and mass slaughter of non believers or means of stealth jihad  Effectively sending it back to the dark ages.

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