British executive facing jail in Dubai after calling Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ in text message to Muslim colleague

Heres yet another example of Muslim nations lack of tolerance for anyone insulting  Islam. The story features 2 “British” Asians  1 whos a Muslim and 1 non Muslim that had been working in the middle east. The non muslim got annoyed with the muslim for performing a muslim ritual while they was away on business.The non muslim exec told him performing the ritual was against company policy and allegedly sent the muslim a text message saying

” F*** you, f*** your Islam and f*** your prophet. Your Prophet Mohammad is a complete paedophile”

Rather than take it on the chin like most people would do, the Muslim reported him to the police in the deeply religious oil state of Dubai. He is now looking at a  spell in prison thanks to his snitching ex colleague. 

British executive facing jail in Dubai after calling Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ in text message to Muslim colleague


PUBLISHED: 22:18, 9 August 2012 | UPDATED: 22:18, 9 August 2012

A high-flying British executive accused of calling the Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ is facing up to three years in a Dubai jail.

Deep Marwaha allegedly texted a Muslim colleague with a volley of abuse after he performed a holy ritual while the pair were working in Saudi Arabia.

The 35-year-old, a manager at UK-based conference organising firm Informa, was said to have texted fellow Brit Khalid Shafique with the words: ‘F*** you, f*** your Islam and f*** your prophet. Your Prophet Mohammad is a complete paedophile. Now show what you can do. I know lots of sheikhs.’

Both Marwaha and Mr Shafique, who are British but live in Dubai, pictured, are frequent visitors to Saudi Arabia where the offence is alleged to have happened

Fellow Informa colleague Mr Shafique, 34, complained to police that Marwaha was angry when he went to perform Umrah, a form of pilgrimage in Mecca, when their business meetings were over for the day.

He resigned from the company and claimed he received the insulting text message two days later at 1.15am.

But Marwaha, who went to £15,000-a-year Latymer Upper School in west London before studying at Middlesex University, denied sending the abuse and said he was sleeping when the messages were sent.

His lawyer persuaded judge Zakariah Abdulaziz to postpone his trial so he could conduct a technical experiment to show how text messages could have been sent from the defendant’s phone remotely by someone else.

Both Marwaha and Mr Shafique, who are British but live in Dubai, are frequent visitors to Saudi Arabia.

Marwaha, whose family is of Indian origin but was born in London, has been heavily involved in £17 billion Saudi government plans to overhaul the infrastructure of Mecca, the holy city for Muslims, and was a key organiser of a Future Makkah (Mecca) conference in Jeddah last year.

Marwaha, who went to £15,000-a-year Latymer Upper School in west London, pictured, denied sending the abuse

His brother Rohan was recruited in 2002 as managing director of Cityscape Dubai, staged by Informa and one of the world’s biggest property sales exhibitions, and he followed him to the Middle East four years later to help manage branch offices around the region.

Marwaha has been manager of Informa’s Saudi Arabia office for the past three years.

Mr Shafique told police the pair flew to Saudi Arabia for business meetings on March 11 but while Marwaha stayed in their hotel when their work was finished, he made his way to the pilgrimage site.

Marwaha allegedly became agitated with him at the airport as they left, telling him prayer and pilgrimage were not allowed under company rules.

Mr Shafique said: ‘He asked me why I had performed Umrah. I asked him why I should not have gone [and that] I went in my free time to pray.

‘He said prayers and Umrah were not part of our company’s policy. I resigned on March 15 and on March 17 I received offensive messages from his mobile phone.’

The defendant, who is charged with insulting Islam, denied sending any texts, saying in a written statement to the court: ‘I was asleep when the messages were sent.

‘I was surprised when I saw the texts. Maybe someone abused some sort of technology or computer programmes and forwarded those messages.’

The trial was adjourned until September, when he will try to prove how someone could have used his phone to send texts remotely.

If he is convicted, he could be jailed and deported after his sentence.

In May this year, British landscape architect John Hall, 42, was convicted of blasphemy and fined £840 for complaining about ‘damn mosques’ in a business meeting in neighbouring Abu Dhabi, the capital of the strictly Islamic United Arab Emirates.

Marwaha was unavailable for comment yesterday.

via British executive facing jail in Dubai after calling Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ in text message to Muslim colleague | Mail Online.

Self-styled Muslim community leader Abdul Razaq locked up for sex crimes on children

Another Muslim sex case brought to justice for the disgusting crimes of interfering with 6 year old boy and a 10 year old girl.  The predatory paedophile from Skipton was jailed for 8 years


August 2012

Self-styled community leader Abdul Razaq showed no emotion when he was led off to the cells from the dock at Bradford CrownCourt  this afternoon. Razaq, a 57-year-old grandfather, of Greenfield Street,Skipton , “systematically and deliberately” obtained the trust and friendship of a boy aged six to persistently abuse him over two years in the mid 1970s.

Judge praises victims whose evidence led to pervert’s conviction for his ‘sick crimes’ committed in Skipton

A predatory paedophile who sexually abused two children up to 40 years ago has been jailed for eight years.

Self-styled community leader Abdul Razaq showed no emotion when he was led off to the cells from the dock at Bradford CrownCourt  this afternoon.

Razaq, a 57-year-old grandfather, of Greenfield Street,Skipton , “systematically and deliberately” obtained the trust and friendship of a boy aged six to persistently abuse him over two years in the mid 1970s.

He stopped only when the boy’s father caught him molesting his son under a blanket in the back yard of a house in the town.

Razaq had married and had children when he selected his second victim, a ten-year-old girl, almost 20 years later.

“You remained in the area, you remained a predator,” Judge David Hatton QC told him.

He undressed the child and molested her on at least eight occasions.

Judge Hatton said Razaq targeted the boy when he was 18 to 20.

He plied the youngster with treats and obtained the trust of his family so he could abuse their son in an attic, a derelict house and the back yard.

Judge Hatton praised the victims’ “bold and responsible decision” to bring Razaq to justice.

His said the man, now in his forties, was under considerable stress at having to relive his experiences to the jury.

The abused woman, now in her late 20s, had suffered emotional issues because of the abuse. Although very successful, she had difficulty forming close personal relationships.

The judge made a Sexual Offences Prevention Order without limit of time barring Razaq from having any unsupervised contact with children. He must also sign on the sex offenders’ register.

Razaq was convicted of seven offences of sexual abuse. They included five allegations of indecently assaulting the boy and one of indecency with him and one charge, representing a course of conduct, of indecently assaulting the girl.

After the case, both Razaq’s victims praised the police for bringing him to justice.

Detective Constable Alison Whitwell, who led the investigation, said: “Abdul Razaq preyed upon these poor, defenceless children for his own sexual gratification.

“He robbed them of their childhoods and his depraved actions have had a lasting effect into their adult lives.

“It is very satisfying that Razaq has finally been made to face up to his sick crimes.

“This case demonstrates that it is never too late for victims to come forward to the police. It also shows that offenders can never rest easily knowing that they will be pursued even decades later.

DC Whitwell added: “I truly hope that the outcome at court brings some comfort to the victims and their loved ones.

“I have nothing but the utmost admiration for the immense courage they have shown throughout. I wish them the very best as they begin to rebuild their lives following this traumatic period.”

via Abdul Razaq – Skipton «.

Chechen women in mortal fear as president backs Islamic honor killings

The future doesnt look to good for women in Chechnya should the Muslims manage to get their wish and idependance from Russia to become an Islamic state.Womens rights would be no more than a thought.Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov publicly announced that the dead women had “loose morals” and were rightfully shot by male relatives. He went on to describe women as the property of their husbands, and said their main role is to bear children.


ACHXOY-MARTAN, Chechnya — Chechnya’s government is openly approving of families that kill female relatives who violate their sense of honor, as this Russian republic embraces a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam after decades of religious suppression under Soviet rule.

In the past five years, the bodies of dozens of young Chechen women have been found dumped in woods, abandoned in alleys and left along roads in the capital, Grozny, and neighboring villages.

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov publicly announced that the dead women had “loose morals” and were rightfully shot by male relatives. He went on to describe women as the property of their husbands, and said their main role is to bear children.

“If a woman runs around and if a man runs around with her, both of them should be killed,” said Mr. Kadyrov, who often has stated his goal of making Chechnya “more Islamic than the Islamists.”

In today’s Chechnya, alcohol is all but banned, Islamic dress codes are enforced and polygamous marriages are supported by the government.

Some observers say Mr. Kadyrov’s attempt to impose Islamic law violates the Russian Constitution, which guarantees equal rights for women and a separation of church and state.

“We are a traditional, conservative society, but the government has gone overboard,” said Lipkhan Bazaeva, head of the Women’s Dignity Center, a nongovernmental organization promoting women’s rights in Grozny. “They are declaring unacceptable limits on women — as an individual, she has no rights even if her husband beats her, despite Russian laws.”

Though observers agree that honor killings are on the rise in Chechnya, the issue remains largely taboo among locals — making official statistics hard to come by.

“You hear about these cases almost every day,” said a local human rights defender, who asked that her name not be used out of fear for her safety. “It is hard for me to investigate this topic, yet I worked on it with [human rights activist] Natasha [Estemirova] for a while. But, I can’t anymore. I am too scared now. I’ve almost given up, really.”

Estemirova, who angered Chechen authorities with reports of torture, abductions and extrajudicial killings, was found in the woods in 2009 in the neighboring region of Ingushetia with gunshot wounds to the head and chest. Her killer or killers have not been found.

Few dare to openly challenge Mr. Kadyrov’s rule. But activists say some young Muslim women do so surreptitiously, placing themselves in a constant tug of war between two value systems.

Milana, a ninth-grader in Grozny, wears thick eyeliner, dons tight miniskirts, smokes cigarettes and dates boys: all things a proper Muslim girl is forbidden to do in Chechnya.

She said she has heard it from her father countless times: A Chechen girl who loses her virginity before marriage is a prostitute, and Allah will punish her.

“If only my parents knew some of the things I did,” she said with a giggle. “My parents are too strict with me, but it is like that here.”

Analysts say dating can be an escape for teenagers such as Milana who often live double lives.

“It is a great temptation to break from tradition when they are away from their family, said Ms. Bazaeva. “They have a good time, but it is not without consequences, not in Chechnya.”

In this small Chechen village, residents talk about the teenage girl who was killed in early February after she spent a night at her boyfriend’s house.

The 16-year-old’s body was wrapped in a traditional rug and returned to her mother’s house. Her relatives are suspected of killing her in the name of family honor.

To escape the strict mores, some of the young opt for early marriage, which they view as the gateway to independence, sexual activity and societal respect. That goes for young Chechen men, also.

Abu-Khadzh Idrisov, 20, married in his teens to simply experiment, he said. His first marriage at age 14 lasted barely a year. He married a second time at 18. He spotted his future wife at a park in Grozny and, with the help of his friends, kidnapped her.

“When I married her, I honestly knew only two things: her name and the school she studied at. We talked together once,” he recalled. “But we have traditions and extremely strict rules in Chechnya, and you can’t just ignore them. I carry my family’s name, and if I tarnish it, I will have problems.”

via Chechen women in mortal fear as president backs Islamic honor killings – Washington Times.

Egypt arrests Christian teacher for ‘insulting Islam’ on Facebook

The defenders of Islam be they the communists of the UAF/hope not hate and their looney left supporters or full time Muslim aplogists are constantly branding anyone who speaks out against Islam as nazis or fascists at the first chance. When in reality not only is being called a nazi unjustified it is also massivily hypocritical .The majority of the time anyone who does speak out against the evils of islam is a realist who is voicing their concerns about what is seen as a danger to our futures. Which as free people we are entitled to do.Thanks to our forefathers who defeated Hitler and the  Naziz during WW2 to allow us to live  unoppressed and able to make our own minds up and speak freely of it.

Now on the other hand the communists/ Muslims those that are quick to accuse have far more in common with the nazi way of life under Hitler than they like to admit. The nazis ruled with an iron fist. Those who lived in Germany under had no freedom of  thought or free speech. They was oppressed people just as those under the communist Soviet Union was who the so called anti racist groups are inspired by and would love to live like.  The same as anyone living under political Islam in a Muslim dominated land. The brain washed Muslims are basically living like that as oppressed people they certainly arent allowed any freedoms of thought or speech just like the nazis.  Yet neither are those non muslims unfortunate to live in a Muslim country.Infact its worse for them because something thats trivial to the western world like expressing your thoughts regarding Islam is in some cases punishable by death. Thankfully for the Christian teacher featured in this piece he is only looking at 5 years in prison for posting a Mohammed carton on facebook

Pakistani Islamists shout slogans during a protest in Karachi against the published caricatures of Prophet Mohammed on Facebook (AFP Photo/Asif Hassan)

Pakistani Islamists shout slogans during a protest in Karachi against the published caricatures of Prophet Mohammed on Facebook (AFP Photo/Asif Hassan)

Egyptian authorities have arrested a minority Coptic Christian teacher for allegedly posting cartoons on Facebook that insulted Islam – charges that are becoming a common theme in a country ruled by an Islamic majority.

Bishoy Kamel, 32, a Coptic Christian from the Sohag province, has been detained for four days pending an investigation for reportedly posting cartoons defaming the Prophet Mohammed and Egypt’s president.

Mohamed Safwat, who has filed charges against Kamel, claimed that the teacher had also “insulted members of his own family,” writes Ahram Online.

Kamel may face up to five years in jail if convicted of blasphemy. The detainee has already admitted to managing the Facebook page under investigation.  But Kamel insisted he cannot be held responsible for the content of the Facebook page, since the site was hacked on July 28.

This is not the first time members of a religious minority in Egypt have been charged for insulting Islam on social media.

In April this year, a teenage Coptic boy was sentenced to three years in prison after publishing cartoons on his Facebook page that mocked the Prophet Mohammad. In another incident, Coptic businessmen Naguib Sawiris posted Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed in Islamic attire. The Twitter message landed him in court, though he was acquitted.

Posts on Facebook and Twitter have been riling Arabs outside of Egypt, too. In June 2012, a Kuwaiti man was sentenced to ten years in prison after being convicted of threatening state security. The court ruled Hamad al-Naqi used Twitter to offend the Prophet Mohammad and the Sunni Muslim rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Al-Naqi also claimed that his account had been hacked.

In February 2012, Saudi Arabian writer Hamza Kashgari was arrested in Malaysia on blasphemy charges and deported. The blogger had fled his home country after receiving threats for disparaging Islam on Twitter.

Violations of blasphemy laws have different consequences in different countries throughout the Arab world. Punishments range from death penalty in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan, to lengthy prison sentences in nations like Egypt.

Religious tensions on a rapid rise in Egypt

Tensions between Muslims and minority Coptic Christians have been on the rise for years, but interfaith relations have markedly deteriorated since the beginning of last year’s Arab Spring in Egypt.

Several churches were attacked by mobs during the uprisings, and dozens of Christians were killed in violent street clashes. The government generally denied any religious basis for the violence.

In October 2011, at least 26 people were killed and more than 300 wounded in clashes between Coptic Christians and Egypt’s military police. Christians were protesting the military’s indifference to the increase in anti-Christian attacks and discrimination. A few days before these clashes, a Christian church was torched south of the city of Luxor.

In May of this year, Muslim protesters tried to storm St. Mena’s church in Imbaba, claiming that Christians were holding, against her will, a woman who had converted to Islam and married a Muslim man. At least 12 people, including four Christians and six Muslims, died in the violence.

In January 2011, more than 20 Christians were killed in a suicide blast outside the city of Alexandria, amid accusations by Islamic hardliners that that Copts had imprisoned a woman who has converted to Islam.

via Egypt arrests Christian teacher for ‘insulting Islam’ on Facebook — RT.

More Muslim Perverts: Telford brothers convicted of child sex offences

Yet another instance of Muslim paedophiles exploiting vulnerable  underage girls to satisfy their own and others twisted sexual perversions. Muslim brothers Mubarek Ali and Ahdel Ali from Telford found guilty of 25 sexual offences including the rape of  a 13 year old girl, controlling and  inciting child prostitution,grooming and sexual activity with minors. The pair of sickos even sold 1 child as a prostitute while pregnant. You can almost be certain that the vulnerable children they abused were white and non Muslim by the lack of the victims race or religion being mentioned due to community relations probably.Play it down for the good of community cohesion.You dont have to be a genius to read between the lines though to see the bigger picture here.

This case has chillingly similar characteristics of the recent Rochdale grooming gang in regards to the victims being passed around a network of Muslim abusers centred around take away workers. What i find hard to understand is why there is only the 2 Telford paedos in the dock and not more if the police know the girls were sold to takeaway workers for sex??   The links between Muslims grooming underage girls and Take aways keep repeatedly popping up.Rochdale case was centred around around 2 shops, earlier this year there was a case in carlise where the racist kebab shop owner groomed and prostituted white schoolgirls out.Also the massive injustice in Blackpool with the 2 takeaway owners being caught on tape admitting killing poor Charlene Downes and putting her body in Kebabs. But thanks to police bungling the evidence it was deemed a mistrial. 

You cant help but wonder how big a problem is this really with the amount of  Muslim owned takeaways up and down the country, there must be 20 within a 15 minute walk from me. Multiply that by the UK and thats alot of takeaways. Dont get me wrong im not saying all takeaways are involved  in child grooming or any other illegal activitys with children.What i am pointing out is that if this is the  cases that we know about because they have been caught. How many other takeaways(or takeaway workers)  is similar happening  but yet to be uncovered.Only time will tell….  

Two brothers from Telford have been found guilty of a string of sexual offences against young girls.  Ahdel Ali, 24, and Mubarek Ali, 29, both of Regent Street, Wellington, were also convicted of controlling child prostitution and trafficking girls

Telford brothers convicted of child sex offences

Mubarek Ali and Ahdel Ali “systematically groomed” their victims, police said


Two brothers from Telford have been found guilty of a string of sexual offences against young girls.

Ahdel Ali, 24, and Mubarek Ali, 29, both of Regent Street, Wellington, were also convicted of controlling child prostitution and trafficking girls.

Between them, the pair were convicted of 25 out of 26 charges and are due to be sentenced at a later date.

Stafford Crown Court heard the offences took place in the Telford area between March 2008 and December 2009.

The jury heard the brothers had sexually abused, trafficked, prostituted or tried to prostitute four Telford teenagers.

Ahdel Ali was also found guilty of raping a girl as young as 13.

One teenager was sold as a prostitute by Mubarek Ali when she was four months pregnant.

‘Systematically groomed’

The court was told one of the other victims was regularly sold for sex to workers at two Telford restaurants and a Wellington fish and chip shop, as well as to associates of the two brothers.

Giving evidence, the 19-year-old said that from age 16 she had been taken to have sex with men up to four times a week.

Det Ch Insp Neil Jamieson, of West Mercia Police, said: “Ahdel Ali and Mubarek Ali targeted these girls because of the vulnerability and then systematically groomed them in such a way that eventually they could exploit them sexually for their own gain and gratification.”

Harry Ireland, chief prosecutor with the West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, thanked the victims for their “courage” in giving evidence during the trial.

“I hope the verdicts provide some comfort for them and their families, and help them rebuild their lives,” he added.

Ahdel Ali was found guilty of one charge of rape, 11 charges of sexual activity with a child, three charges of controlling child prostitution, one of inciting child prostitution, an allegation of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and meeting a child after grooming.

He was cleared on one charge of inciting child prostitution.

Mubarek Ali was convicted of four charges of controlling child prostitution, two of trafficking in the UK for sexual exploitation and a charge of causing child prostitution.

via BBC News – Telford brothers convicted of child sex offences.

Syria conflict: Kidnapped Photographers say UK jihadists involved

Two photographers who managed to escape after being kidnapped by Muslim jihadists in Syria have claimed the some of their kidnappers were British Muslims who have gone to Syria to fight as jihadists in the hope of seizing power and creating another Islamic state if the current government is overthrown.  I know Syria isnt a good place under Assad but sometimes its better the devil you know if you look at what happened in Egypt which before the Arab uprising was considered a moderate Muslim country who had a peace treaty with Israel and even a popular  holiday destination for many Europeans. Now the previously banned extremists The Muslim Brotherhood have taken control planning to replace current laws with Sharia law.The future doesnt look good for Egypt at all and especially for the minority Coptic Christians who are the original Egyptians and already persecuted by the barbaric Islamo-fascists

5 August 2012 Last updated at 15:37

Jeroen Oerlemans (left), Shane Bell from the New York Times and John CantlieJohn Cantlie (right) and fellow photographer Jeroen Oerlemans (left) were threatened with death

Reports that Britons were among Islamist militants who kidnapped and wounded two photographers in Syria are being taken “very seriously” by ministers, the Foreign Office has said.

The claims were made by photographers John Cantlie and Jeroen Oerlemans, who were held at a camp for a week in July.

The Foreign Office said it was closely “monitoring the situation”.

The Free Syrian Army group, which is part of the opposition trying to oust Bashar al-Assad, helped them to escape.

Mr Cantlie, who is British, and his Dutch colleague, Mr Oerlemans, were both wounded in a “shooting gallery” as their thwarted captors fired after the fleeing men.

The kidnapping took place amid the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Heavy fighting is continuing in the country’s second city, Aleppo, amid concerns that the army will launch a full-scale assault within days.

Activists say more than 20,000 people – mostly civilians – have died in 17 months of unrest.

Jihadists – those committed to establishing an Islamic state by violent means – have started to be seen on the battlefield in Syria.

The FSA is said to be scrutinising jihadists in Syria very closely.

They are considered to be “a real threat after the Assad regime falls”, a senior FSA officer told the BBC.

Mr Cantlie told BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme he and his colleague were regularly threatened with death.

“When you’re held captive, you’re blindfolded and you have a guy sticking a gun at your head, it’s very real,” he said.

“It was inferred that we would meet our God. We had sowed the seeds of our own destruction. We would be shot or beheaded.

“At one point they even started sharpening knives for a beheading. It was pretty frightening.”

I think these are disenchanted young men from the UK who are now unified under this jihadist banner”

The photographer said he entered Syria across the border with Turkey, using the same route and guide that he had earlier in the year.

But on this occasion he and his companions were detained after passing through a camp inhabited by Islamic jihadists who, he said, were not from Syria.

“They were from anywhere but Syria,” he told the BBC.

“They were from Pakistan, Bangladesh, the UK and Chechnya. A real mix.”

He said there were “between 10 and 15 young jihadists from the UK” who he described as being “a mixed bunch”.

Some seemed “shocked at what had happened” and may have left the camp, arguing that it was not what they had come for.

Other British captors were described by him as being “vindictive”.

BBC’s Jim Muir in Beirut reports on the capture of 48 Iranians in Syria and the army’s assault on major cities

The photojournalist said: “I think these are disenchanted young men from the UK who are now unified under this jihadist banner. I think they took out their angst on us.”

Mr Oerlemans has already told Dutch media that some of the captors were British.

A Foreign Office spokesman said the government “takes very seriously any claims or reports that indicate there are British nationals amongst foreign fighters in Syria”.

He said: “We are monitoring the situation as closely as possible. Clearly, the deteriorating security situation in Syria leaves a dangerous space for foreign fighters.

“The solution lies in securing robust international action to resolve the crisis.”

Mr Cantlie and his Dutch colleague escaped when four members of the FSA intervened and gave the photographers an opportunity to flee the camp.

The pair ran amidst a hail of bullets which he likened to “a shooting gallery”. Both were shot.

Mr Cantlie was shot in the arm and a bullet passed through Mr Oerlemans’s thigh.

via BBC News – Syria conflict: Photographers’ UK jihadist claim considered.

Olympic demo: Get your tits out if you hate Islam

London based Islamo-fascist Anjem Choudrey and his Muslims Against Crusades posse had been threatening to disrupt the Olympic games by holding a pro Muslim protest in London. So when i caught the end of  a news report on the radio and heard the words Islam and protest i automatically assumed it would be terrorist supporter Choudrey and his fellow Islamo-fascist chums carrying out his threats.

Thankfully i was spared having to look at pictures of a load of bearded anti British Muslims potentially embarrassing the nation by keep putting up with them and their hate. Turns out it was a group of sexy Ukrainian  women protesting AGAINST the evils of Islam who decided it would be a good idea to get their kit off  and protest half naked. Definitely more   pleasing on the eye thats for sure!! Well done ladies i like your style…..

Ukrainian feminists stage topless protest near Tower Bridge over Olympic body’s ‘support for bloody Islamist regimes’

  • Demonstration outside City Hall by feminist protest group Femen
  • Police break up protest against International Olympic Committee
  • Protesters had the slogan ‘No Sharia’ scrawled on their chests
  • Scotland Yard: Four women arrested on suspicion of disorderly behaviour’


Four topless activists from a women’s rights group were arrested today after they carried out a protest in central London.

Police were called to City Hall to deal with the protesters, who had accused the Olympics’ governing body of having supported ‘bloody’ Islamist regimes.

Pictures showed officers holding women on the ground and covering their chests.

Scroll down for video of the protest

Demo: The topless female protesters caused a scene near Tower Bridge until they were seized by police todayDemo: The topless female protesters caused a scene near Tower Bridge until they were seized by police today
TOPLESS BABE LEAD AWAY BY THE SPOILSPORT POLICE Activists: The FEMEN demonstrators organised an 'islamic marathon' to demonstrate against 'islamic regimes' they say are being supported by the IOC.Activists: The FEMEN demonstrators organised an ‘islamic marathon’ to demonstrate against ‘islamic regimes’ they say are being supported by the IOC.

SEXY BABE WITH HER TITS OUT AND THE NO TO SHARIA SLOGAN WROTE ACROSS HER CHEST Outspoken: The topless activists have already staged several high-profile FEMEN protests across Europe this yearOutspoken: The topless activists have already staged several high-profile FEMEN protests across Europe this year

One woman screamed as officers held her.

The demonstration near Tower Bridge, described as an ‘Islamic marathon’ by the protesters, was organised by the Ukrainian feminist group Femen.

Protesters said the demonstration was against ‘bloody’ Islamist regimes which they said had been supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Some of the women had slogans marked on their bare chests. At least one carried the message: ‘No Sharia’.

Femen, a group based in Kiev, was founded in 2008.

The organisation has become internationally known for organizing topless protests against sex tourists, international marriage agencies, sexism and other social, national and international ills.

HOT TOPLESS CHICK IS CARTED OFF BY THE OLD BILL WHO COVER HER TITS UP.Protest: Police lead a topless activist away from City Hall in central London after she was involved in a demonstration against the Olympics' governing bodyProtest: Police lead a topless activist away from City Hall in central London after she was involved in a demonstration against the Olympics’ governing body

FIT BIRD DRESSED UP AS A MUSLIM FLASHES HER ARSE.Struggle: A woman writhes on her back as police break up a demonstration near London's Tower Bridge Struggle: A woman writhes on her back as police break up a demonstration near London’s Tower Bridge

Cry: A woman screams as police officers hold her on the ground after a protest outside City HallCry: A woman screams as police officers hold her on the ground after a protest outside City Hall

Fight: A woman involved in the demonstration closes her eyes and struggles on the ground as police hold herFight: A woman involved in the demonstration closes her eyes and struggles on the ground as police hold her
Held: Four police officers surround a woman alleged to have taken part in the topless protest against the International Olympic CommitteeHeld: Four police officers surround a woman alleged to have taken part in the topless protest against the International Olympic Committee

Its stated goals include developing ‘leadership, intellectual and moral qualities of the young women in Ukraine’ and to ‘build up the image of Ukraine, the country with great opportunities for women’.

In a statement published on its Facebook page, the protest group said a number of its French members had been arrested.

It called on the IOC to ‘condemn violence towards women from Islamist states’.

It said: ‘Femen requires the states that apply the laws of sharia be shut out of the Olympic games, because of the inhumanity of these laws, which are in total contradiction with Olympic principles that are peace and philanthropy.

‘Femen accuses these states of simulating democratic changes regarding the position of women.

‘With the support of the IOC, these Islamist governments use the participation of women in the Olympic games to hide thousands of victims and dead.

‘If the IOC keeps flirting with radical Islam, new Olympic disciplines, such as stoning or speed raping will be added to the competition.’

Detained: A handcuffed protester in her underwear is surrounded by police officers and led awayDetained: A handcuffed protester in her underwear is surrounded by police officers and led away
COPPER ON THE LEFT CANT HELP CHUCKLE AS HE HAD A QUICK LOOK AT HER BOOBS.BEST LOOKING MUSLIM IV EVER SEEN.Interest: Onlookers take photographs as two police officers block a woman dressed as a Muslim manInterest: Onlookers take photographs as two police officers block a woman dressed as a Muslim man

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: ‘At approximately 11.30am today police attended the site of a demonstration outside City Hall.

‘Four topless female protesters were arrested under section five of the Public Order Act for disorderly behaviour.

‘They are currently in custody.’

The protest was staged less than three months after Femen activists snatched football’s European Championship trophy on two occasions.

They grabbed the cup in May while it was on display in a central square in Dnipropetrovsk, south-east Ukraine.

One activist took off her top to reveal an offensive slogan before picking up the trophy.

As security guards moved in on her, another activist, standing next to the cup, stripped off to the waist to display the same slogan.

Activists staged a similar protest in the Ukrainian capital Kiev earlier that month.

In February the protest group clashed with Italian police during Milan Fashion Week after a demonstration against the use of anorexic models.

The topless protesters wore jeans and had handwritten slogans such as ‘Fashion = Fascism’ and ‘Anorexia’ scrawled across their chests.

A similar protest was held in January in the Swiss resort of Davos in January, where the World Economic Forum held its annual meeting.

FIT UKRAINIAN BIRD WITH HER TITS OUT.Campaigner: A Femen activist demonstrates outside the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in JanuaryCampaigner: A Femen activist demonstrates outside the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in January

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Video: Bradford MP George Galloway getting owned by Alister Campbell

Video of Respect Party’s Bradford MP George Galloway getting owned by Alister Campbell on BBC1’s TV show Question Time.

Nothing pleases me more than seeing the slimey snake George Galloway get put in his place. Im surprised to see him on a British TV program to be honest actually discussing subjects that are about Britain the nation who pays his wages. It seems since he was elected as MP for Bradford with a lot of help from the racists at the ICFE/MCB all he seems to be doing is appearing on  Iranian backed Press TV or some other  arab/middle eastern TV inciting the Muslim viewers with his anti UK/USA propaganda  and totally racist anti Semitic views on Isreal and the jewish people in general 

kafir crusaders big brother is watching george.trouble causer George Galloway, respect party mp for bradford, British traitor, secret muslim, terrorist supporter, anti Semitic , anti british, devious snake

China jails 20 Muslims on terrorism charges in Xinjiang

Even China has problems with Muslims. Where ever in the world Muslims spring up you can gaurentee violence and terrorism are not far behind

China jails 20 people on terrorism charges in Xinjiang

Exiled Uighur group says convictions politically motivated and part of clampdown by Beijing on dissent during Ramadan

Chinese students walk by a mosque in Hami, Xinjiang region, where the authorities have banned Muslim officials and students from fasting during Ramadan. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images
China has sentenced 20 people to up to 15 years in jail for advocating violence and separatism in Xinjiang, where religious practices have been restricted in a government clampdown on dissent.

Courts in Aksu, Kashgar and Urumqi heard five cases involving the 20 and found they had used the internet and removable storage devices to organise, lead and participate in terrorist groups, the state-run Xinjiang Daily said on Thursday.

Four of those jailed made illegal explosives, it reported the courts as saying. The report did not cite any bombings or other violence blamed on the defendants, and named only five people, all with Uighur names.

Xinjiang is home to a large population of minority Uighurs, but is ruled by a Chinese Han majority. Repeated violence in recent years has occurred, including riots in Urumqi in 2009 which left nearly 200 people dead.

Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the exiled World Uyghur Congress, said the 20 defendants were using the internet to obtain government-controlled information and to express their political views. He said the terrorist charges and verdicts were politically motivated.

Beijing has been clamping down on dissent in Xinjiang, blaming the East Turkistan Muslim Movement for inciting unrest. But critics have pointed to the authorities repressive rule for the tensions, including restrictions on Muslimreligion and culture.

A government newsletter article about Xinjiang’s Zonglang village notes party members, officials and students are banned from participating in religious activities such as Ramadan. The article says the town party chief is rallying support from the elderly and retired cadres to promote party policies on ethnic unity.

In Onsu county, the education bureau forbids students and teachers from leaving their towns without permission during the summer break. It also asks school leaders to check with mosques to ensure no student or teacher participate in any religious activity during the summer break, particularly during Ramadan.

In Wushen county, the government has asked community cadres to report any young man who grows a beard or woman who wears a veil.

Worldwide boom in building of mega mosques. Muslims stealth jihad

Around the world the Muslims are continuing their stealth jihad by keep on building mega mosques usually funded by Saudi money. Yet the Saudis have no tolerance for any other religions in their country where building churches and religious freedoms are banned.

build churches in saudi arabia is the message. lets see how tolerant Islam really is

American protesters against the building of a Saudi funded mega mosque in Tennessee asking for true religious tolerance and for churches to be built in Saudi Arabia where churches and any religion other than Islam is banned

french people against the mega mosque in marsille whos wishes were ignored

Protesters against the building of a mega mosque in Marseille, France’s second-largest city

Murfreesboro, a city in the heart of Tennessee, and, Marseille, France’s second-largest city and its largest city on the Mediterranean coast, have few things in common. The two cities are separated by nearly 5,000 miles, and by equally wide divisions of language and culture. And yet Murfreesboro and Marseille are connected by a common challenge. Both cities have struggled against the creeping rise of the mega mosques.

The mega mosque in Marseille has been the subject of an extended legal fight going back a decade. The one in Murfreesboro had a briefer history of being on the wrong side of the law. But in both cases elected officials did their best to aid the mega mosques while ignoring local residents and the law.

The mega mosque business is booming around the world. The Marseille mega mosque has a proposed capacity of 7,000 seats which would make it the largest mosque in France, overshadowing the Ervy mosque which has a mere 5,000 seats. Both of these French mega mosques would have been dwarfed by a proposed London mega mosque with 12,000 seats and usability targets as high as 40,000. If the London mosque is ever built, it will dominate the Mosque of Rome, currently the most mega of all the mega mosques of Western Europe.

The Ground Zero Mosque, located near the site of the most brutal Muslim atrocity inflicted on the West in centuries, had a more modest 2,000 seating capacity plan, but would be vertically taller than most of the mega-mosques with a proposed 100,000 square feet of space. This would make it larger than the Marseille mega mosque, the Murfreesboro mega mosque and the London mega mosque. But despite their differences in size, all four mega mosque projects have followed the same pattern of lawsuits, public protests, exposures of shady mosque backers and public officials eager to look the other way.

The Cologne mega mosque in Germany has also followed the same pattern and is set to become the biggest mosque in Germany. But big is never big enough. The Stockholm mega mosque was finished in the year 2000 and has a capacity of 2,000, but a decade later there was already a proposal to replace it with an even larger mega mosque. At its current size the Stockholm mega mosque had already managed to feature sermons in support of Islamic terrorism and serve as a recruitment center for Al-Qaeda. At several times the size the situation could only get worse.

In yet another common pattern of mega mosques, the Stockholm mega mosque was funded primarily by Sheikh Zayed, the ruler of the United Arab Emirates. The Cologne mega mosque was primarily funded by Turkey’s Islamist government. The Marseille mega mosque is being funded by a number of foreign Muslim governments.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has said, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” The foreign funding of mega mosques has raised the question of whether Muslim governments aren’t constructing their own barracks and armies in the middle of European cities.

In some cases the militarization of the mega mosque is so overt that it might as well be a bayonet. One of the most blatant examples may be the Copenhagen mega mosque with a capacity of 3,000 which is being financed by Iran. Iran has already constructed another mega mosque in Helsinki and has similar plans all across Europe and the world.

The Copenhagen mega mosque’s Imam is Mohammed Mahdi Khademi who ran the ideology department of the Revolutionary Guard militia, an arm of the theocratic regime, which was designated a foreign terrorist organization by the United States. It would be hard to imagine a more explicit example of mega mosque militarization than a regime that sponsors acts of worldwide terror funding a mega mosque headed by the former Islamist political commissar of its terrorist wing.

Not to be left out the Sunnis are getting their own Copenhagen mega mosque funded by Saudi Arabia. This will involve an architectural “mountain” across from the University of Copenhagen topped by two minarets, transforming the Sunni-Shiite rivalry into a competition to create the biggest Islamist eyesores in a city generally known for a quieter brand of architecture.

It’s not only in the West that the mega mosques are rising. In Moscow, Muslims have taken over entire streets to call for the construction of new mosques. And the Saudis have already offered to cover the cost.

In China, Saudi money has been transforming mosque designs from the Chinese pagoda to the dome and minaret favored by their new patrons. The more traditional Chinese look of the Great Mosque of Xi’an is making way for the Xiguan Mosque, a monstrous 3,000 capacity mega mosque which looks as if a chunk of Saudi Arabia had been dropped into the middle of Lanzhou.

In Argentina, a year after the bombing of the Jewish center by Muslim terrorists, President Carlos Menem, who has been accused of complicity in the attack, allotted 7.5 acres of public land to build the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center, the largest mosque in Latin America. It overshadows the Caracas mega mosque in Venezuela which has a capacity of 3,500. Both mega mosques were built by the Saudi royal family.

For now the Islamic Center of America, located in sunny Dearborn, Michigan where Christians can expect to be stoned if they get too close, is the largest mega mosque in the United States. The Shiite mega mosque was already the target of a Sunni Islamic terrorist plot. Nearby is the Sunni Dearborn Mosque which claims the same capacity in an extension of the Sunni-Shiite rivalry. But so long as there’s oil money fueling the projects then the mega mosques will keep on growing.

From Markham in Canada down to New York City, and from the West Midlands in the United Kingdom to Sydney, Australia; cities around the world are facing the same threats to their communities. For Muslim states the mega mosque is a tool of power giving them the ability to centralize control of overseas Muslims with a single facility in a single city. For non-Muslim countries, the mega mosque is a center of subversion and terrorism.

As the mega mosque projects grow explosively across the country and the world, so does the resistance to the long shadows that they cast.

By Daniel Greenfield

Opening peoples eyes to the threat that Political Islam poses to all our futures. Counter Jihad, Opposing the Islamization And Stealth Jihad of our infidel lands, Anti Rape-Jihad, Exposing Muslim Grooming Gangs, Reverse Dawah, Highlighting Pro Muslim Media Bias And Reverse Racism, Campaigning Against New Mosque Building, Against Inhumane Halal Slaughtered Food. Hater Of All Terrorism And Violence

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