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Kafir (كافر) is the indecent Arabic synonym of infidel. Its use today differs from that of the word “Infidel” in the West. Not only does it stand for “non-believer”, but it is also one of the most offensive curse words a Muslim can hurl at a fellow Muslim.

The aims of this site is to highlight the evils of the cult of  Islam, how from its beginnings to present day the Muslims sole aim has been to create a whole muslim world where the only law is sharia by whatever means possible.Be it forced conversions, jihad and mass slaughter of non believers or means of stealth jihad  Effectively sending it back to the dark ages. A world under sharia would  mean any remaining non believers after the muslim take over will be seen as 2nd rate citizens , with little rights or freedoms, paying taxes  to their muslim masters (as is the case in many muslim countries already). Jewish people and Israel would be wiped off the earth (the cult of Islam is racist to the core). Women would be treated little better than animals, whos only role in life is to look after muslim males and cater for their needs sexual or otherwise. Under sharia any homosexuality or apostasy (leaving islam) would result in the death penalty more severe than murder.Infact in some cases a muslim is permitted to kill an infidel and face no punishment. A world where grooming gangs, child brides, paedophilia, forced marriages,spoils of war and honour killings are the norm. Acts what the role model  for all muslims and founder of the cult of islam. Mohammed  did in his lifetime making it ok for the muslims of today to do.

““I have been commanded to fight people until they say no God but Allah, and Mohammad his only messenger”.

” Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers.”  Qur’an 9:14

Make no mistake the islamification of the world has already begun. Some bits of it you may see on the news such as terror attacks or the murder of soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq. Most you will have no idea about either because of its location, control of media or because its going on behind the scenes until now.Things you certainly wont hear from a musllim mouth as denial to non muslims and taqiyya (lying for allah/islam) play a big role in jihad. Hopefully by this site exposing these issues and making people aware of them. We can fight off the threat of  Islam a while longer.

Nows the time to stand up and be counted while theres still time to before its to late!!!

The aims of this site is to highlight the evils of the cult of  Islam, how from its beginnings to present day the Muslims sole aim has been to create a whole muslim world where the only law is sharia by whatever means possible.Be it forced conversions, jihad and mass slaughter of non believers or means of stealth jihad  Effectively sending it back to the dark ages.

Opening peoples eyes to the threat that Political Islam poses to all our futures. Counter Jihad, Opposing the Islamization And Stealth Jihad of our infidel lands, Anti Rape-Jihad, Exposing Muslim Grooming Gangs, Reverse Dawah, Highlighting Pro Muslim Media Bias And Reverse Racism, Campaigning Against New Mosque Building, Against Inhumane Halal Slaughtered Food. Hater Of All Terrorism And Violence

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