Nursery Nurse Kehyren Sajid ‘dragged toddler across mat like a rag doll

A Muslim nursery nurse from Birmingham is on trial for numerous child cruelty charges on children left in her care at the day nursery. No mention of her victims background so chances are a few of them were none Muslims. Mind as we have seen before Muslim adults in positions of trust aren’t shy about beating Muslim children. Either way this Muslim woman is a serious danger around children and needs locking up. With some of the soft sentences judges have been giving Muslims lately even that isn’t a certainty


Nursery nurse ‘dragged toddler across mat like a rag doll and mistreated other children in her care’

Kehren Sajid allegedly assaulted children as young as 13 months

Nursery worker ‘threw one child on to a bed’ and ‘dangled another by the arm while carrying them from room’

Sajid denies four charges of child cruelty and five of common assault


Accused: Kehren Sajid, pictured after a previous court appearance earlier this year, has denied four counts of child cruelty and five of common assault

A nursery nurse dragged a toddler across a mat ‘like a ragdoll’ while mistreating infants in her care, a court heard today.

Kehyren Sajid was allegedly captured on CCTV mistreating youngsters at the Small Talk Nursery in Handsworth, Birmingham, in October last year.

The 31-year-old is said to have assaulted one child by dangling them in the air while carrying them from a room, while another ‘was thrown on to a bed’.

Jurors at Birmingham Crown Court were told the children in question were aged between 13 and 17 months.

The alleged offences were said to have come to light when the female nursery manager viewed CCTV footage in relation to an unrelated matter.

Prosecutor Nigel Wilkins said she became concerned as to how some of the children were being treated by the defendant and contacted the police.

He claimed that Sajid could be seen throwing a 17-month-old girl onto a mattress, causing her to almost strike her head on a radiator.

Another young girl, aged 14 months, was allegedly carried by one arm on to a mat while a third was held in the air by her left arm as she was carried out of a room.

A fourth child, said Mr Wilkins, was taken off a bed by her arm and put on to the floor.

He said when interviewed by police and shown the CCTV footage, Sajid denied doing anything untoward.

Rachel Barr, the nursery manager at the time, was asked to comment when shown clips of the alleged cruelty in the Winnie the Pooh room.

She said: ‘It is unacceptable handling a child in that manner. The way the child was thrown on the bed.’

Shown the clip involving the 14-month-old she said: ‘She is roughly handling the child, the way she is cleaning her face purposely to make her cry.

‘There is no care or love or feeling towards the child. She is just treating her like a rag doll, the way she dragged her across the mat.’

Claim: The children allegedly assaulted by Sajid at Small Talk Nursery in Handsworth, Birmingham (above) were said to be between 13 and 17 months

And commenting on another clip, she said: ‘The children are exploring. They are just being children. Grabbing them by one arm and throwing them on the floor is unacceptable.’

Sajid, from Handsworth, Birmingham, denies four charges of child cruelty and five of common assault.

The trial continues.


via Small Talk Nursery: Kehyren Sajid ‘dragged toddler across mat like a rag doll and mistreated children in her care’ | Mail Online.

Muslims riot in France.Gangs fire at police.Cars and buildings wrecked in orgy of violence

Muslims in France doing what Muslims do best creating carnage  an orgy of violence without a care for anyone other than themselves as they riot in Amiens, Northern France

Gangs fire at police as riots erupt in France: Cars and buildings wrecked in orgy of violence

  • At least 16 officers were seriously injured during the disturbances on council estates in the city of Amiens, in the Somme region
  • It was first serious urban rioting to break out in France since a new Socialist government was elected earlier this year


Police were shot at and buildings destroyed as rioting broke out in two major French cities, presenting the first big test of newly-elected president Francois Hollande’s leadership.

Disaffected youths from north African immigrant estates went on the rampage in the northern cathedral city of Amiens on Monday, setting fire to property and seriously injuring several police officers.

And yesterday there were outbreaks of trouble in the south-western city of Toulouse as the spectre of widespread urban disturbances returned to haunt France.

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musliim gangs Riots: At least 16 police officers were seriously injured during the disturbances on council estates in the city of Amiens in northern France overnightRiots: At least 16 police officers were seriously injured during the disturbances on council estates in the city of Amiens in northern France overnight


Devastation: The disturbances were the first serious urban rioting to break out across France since a new Socialist government was elected earlier this yearDevastation: The disturbances were the first serious urban rioting to break out across France since a new Socialist government was elected earlier this year

Gutted: Firemen walk past a car destroyed after youths torched a leisure centreGutted: Firemen walk past a car destroyed after youths torched a leisure centre

Mr Hollande broke off from his holiday on the Riviera to pledge that the government ‘will mobilise everything it can to fight this violence’.

He added: ‘Security is not only a priority for us, it is an obligation.’

Trouble first broke out in the Fasset district of Amiens when a driver was stopped by police for a routine check. Youths taunted the officers before throwing missiles at them.

The situation was made worse by the presence of a crowd gathered to mourn a 20-year-old man who was killed in a motorcycle accident last Thursday.

Buildings were burnt down in the north of the city and many police officers were seriously injured, including 16 who suffered wounds from shotguns and fireworks.


Trouble first broke out in the Fasset district of Amiens when a driver was stopped by police for a routine checkTrouble first broke out in the Fasset district of Amiens when a driver was stopped by police for a routine check

Shell: A primary school lies completely destroyed this morningShell: A primary school lies completely destroyed yesterday morning

Smouldering ruins: The inside of the damaged primary schoolSmouldering ruins: The inside of the damaged primary school

The burnt-out interior of the school. Pupils are currently enjoying their summer break, but the school will almost certainly remain closed at the start of the new term next month The burnt-out interior of the school. Pupils are currently enjoying their summer break, but the school will almost certainly remain closed at the start of the new term next month

Riot police used rubber bullets and deployed a helicopter to try to stop the trouble, which intensified throughout Monday night.

‘The situation got out of control and spread to nearby streets,’ said a police spokesman.

‘Soon hundreds of rioters were involved. They were setting fire to bins and to cars and attacking anybody who tried to stop them.’

North Amiens is one of 15 tinderbox ‘priority security zones’ identified by the government as requiring increased policing.

graphic 3.jpg

There have been sporadic incidents of violence in the Mirail area of Toulouse all week, with police threatened as they tried to arrest a Muslim youth.

Mr Hollande, who is keen to prove his Socialist government is tough on crime, yesterday sent interior minister Manuel Valls to Amiens to say that ‘everything would be done to combat violence’.

But Mr Valls was jostled and booed when he arrived, with locals accusing him of being as insensitive to the concerns of low-income immigrants as Nicolas Sarkozy was.

The far-right Front National party, which has huge support in the depressed north of France, tried to link the riots with ‘mass immigration’ causing ‘huge insecurity’ across the country.

France has a notorious history of urban riots, with a state of emergency being declared as recently as 2005 when hundreds of estates went up in flamesFrance has a notorious history of urban riots, with a state of emergency being declared as recently as 2005 when hundreds of estates went up in flames


War zone: Police said that building and cars were burned, Molotov cocktails thrown and buckshot fired at officersWar zone: Police said building and cars were burned, Molotov cocktails thrown and buckshot fired at officers

Aftermath: A police officer stands guard near cars destroyed in the overnight clashesAftermath: A police officer stands guard near cars destroyed in the overnight clashes


The rioting took place in the city of Amiens in the Somme region of northern FranceThe rioting took place in the city of Amiens in the Somme region of northern France

A local mayor in Amiens blamed mounting social tension for the trouble, saying those on isolated estates faced discrimination in everything from housing to employment.

Gilles Demailly, the Socialist mayor of Amiens, said: ‘There have been regular incidents here, but it has been years since we’ve known a night as violent as this, with so much damage done.’

He estimated that around £800,000 worth of damage had been caused by the latest riot.

France is notorious for locating immigrant families, including thousands of Muslims from its former North African colonies, on rundown housing projects such as Fasset, where the worst of the latest trouble broke out.

Summer rioting represents a huge challenge to Mr Hollande during a period of record unemployment and economic decline.

Thierry Mariani, a member of the conservative UMP party and former minister for transport, called for a ‘tough response’ from the government.

He said: ‘If it is confirmed that officials responsible for defending the law have been shot at by thugs then this is totally unacceptable.’

A state of emergency was declared in 2005 as hundreds of towns and cities went up in flames, with Mr Sarkozy sending out extra police.

Video: Streets burn and youths jostle minister

VIDEO: The mayor of Amiens says the city has seen this coming for a long time…

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Leicester estate out in protest over Islamic community centre plans for disused scout hut

Leicester estate out in protest over Islamic community centre plans for disused scout hut


It’s an unlikely setting for an ongoing night-after-night street protest. However, hundreds of people have been gathering in Thurncourt Road, on Leicester’s Thurnby Lodge estate, for some weeks now to protest against an Islamic charity’s plan to turn a disused Scout hut into a community centre and prayer room.

 ​Thurnby Lodge
Thurnby Lodge

On Friday, the number of people taking part swelled towards the 400 mark – with about 50 police officers there to oversee it. The Leicester Mercury has spoken to people on both sides of the debate and to the city council, which is working to resolve the dispute. The building at the heart of this is the Scout hut in Nursery Road. ​The Scout Association paid for the hut to be built in 1974 and it was a busy base for the movement for almost 30 years. However, the decision to close it was taken 10 years ago. Peter Hardy, the association’s deputy district commissioner, said: “Unfortunately, the leaders who had given great service to the Thurnby Lodge group for many years decided to step down. We tried to find new leaders in the community but there was no response.” After its closure in May 2002, the building lay all but unused, apart from some occasional use by other groups. It became the centre of the current dispute earlier this year when it became apparent that a charity, the As-Salaam Trust, had stepped forward and wanted to turn it into a community centre.​

The trust indicated last week that it would open the centre to the wider community and indicated it would consider reviving the Scout group if there was sufficient local support. Its members have been meeting at the neighbouring community centre in Thurncourt Road for the past two and a half years. Those meetings have been the focus of the recent protests – which have coincided with the holy month of Ramadan. Residents involved in the protests – some of which have lasted long into the night – insist their argument is with the city council, not the trust. They believe local people’s suggestions for other uses of the building – including a combination of boxing club, gym and dance studio – have not been taken seriously. City mayor Sir Peter Soulsby and his team say they are talking to the people behind that proposal and hope to find a suitable venue for it in the same area. The council said it contacted 100 community groups who previously said they needed a new base, to tell them the building could be available. As-Salaam came forward at that point. The protesters also believe the proposed community centre would bring extra traffic to the area, particularly as it is in a narrow road which is also a bus route. Maxine Williams, licensee of the neighbouring Stirrup Cup pub, has been at the centre of the group which is organising the protests. She said the protesters’ anger was not directed at the Muslim group. She said: “It all started when someone at the community centre got an e-mail about the Scout hut. “When it became clear what was happening, we did the correct thing and put a petition forward because we wanted a say over what was happening in our community. There was no consultation and no notices put up in the street, so people felt they weren’t being told what was going on.” The future of the Scout hut was to be discussed at the area’s regular ward meeting last month. So many people turned up that the meeting was abandoned because it would have breached the building’s capacity. The abandonment of the meeting and the subsequent decision to cancel a ward councillors’ surgery a few weeks later angered people. Residents have said they will continue to stage their street protests, although last Friday’s, which drew up to 400 people, was the “big one”. At times, between 30 and 50 police officers have been drafted in to oversee the protests. No arrests have been made. Vanessa McKinnon took part in Friday’s protest. The 40-year-old mum and grandmother to a one-year-old boy, said: “I didn’t know that As-Salaam have been praying at the community centre for two and a half years but I can understand why they are looking for a permanent home. But people feel that they already have somewhere to meet. “A lot of them are coming from far and wide to pray here. We feel there aren’t enough things for young people on this estate and we need the council to do something about that. “I can understand that some people from As-Salaam might be scared by the protests and that’s why I have stood on the other side of the road when I’ve been down there because I don’t want to intimidate anyone.” Protest organisers have told the Leicester Mercury they do not welcome the attentions of outside groups such as the British National Party and the English Defence League. BNP leader Nick Griffin made an impromptu appearance on Friday evening and, reportedly, again yesterday morning. According to eyewitnesses he was greeted with indifference. Another issue which has arisen is that unfounded rumours have begun circulating through the internet. These include a claim that the neighbouring Anglican Christ Church had been asked to cover its cross for fear of offending Muslims. Canon David Monteith, Acting Archdeacon of Leicester, said: “There is no truth at all in the malicious rumour that the church was asked to cover the cross. The information is totally unfounded.”

Nigeria church attack leaves at least 19 dead | World news |

More innocent people slaughtered by followers of “the religion of peace”.  Whoever coined the phrase “religion of peace” to describe Islam certainly had a sense of humour. No peace would be more appropriate, due to as long as there are Muslims on this earth following a barbaric 1500 year old book that promotes killing and world domination there will never ever be peace on earth. Sad but very true. This mass slaughter of innocent people in Nigeria just goes to show Muslims cannot live alongside non Muslims in peace

Gunmen fired on worshippers in a church in central Nigeria, killing at least 19 people, including the pastor, and wounding others, the military has said.

The attack targeted a Deeper Life church in the town of Otite in Kogi state, about 250km (155 miles) south-west of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. Police and soldiers surrounded the church on Tuesday morning, witnesses said. It was unclear how many people were wounded in the attack Monday night.

The gunmen surrounded the church during a service and opened fire with Kalashnikov rifles, military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Olorunyomi said. The pastor was among the dead.

Soldiers searched for gunmen through the night, but had made no arrests as of Tuesday, he added, No group has claimed responsibility.

The killings come as Nigeria faces continuing attacks from a radical Islamist sect known as Boko Haram.

The sect, whose name mean “western education is sacrilege” in the Hausa language of Nigeria’s Muslim north, has attacked churches in the past, though never as far as south. However, Boko Haram is thought to have carried out a February prison break in the town of Koton-Karifi in Kogi state in which 119 inmates escaped. In September 2010, the sect freed about 700 inmates in a large-scale prison break in the north-east city of Bauchi.

Boko Haram also has launched suicide car bomb attacks around Abuja in the past.

The sect is thought to have carried out more than 660 killings this year in Nigeria.

Nigeria, with a population of more than 160 million people, is largely divided into a Muslim north and Christian south. Boko Haram attacks have increased tensions over the last year.

via Nigeria church attack leaves at least 19 dead | World news |

Afghan asylum seekers live it up £1.2mill house.Housing benifits pay the £3,000 a week rent

It’s no wonder Britain is swamped by muslims claiming asylum from every backwards uncivilised place imaginable when you can swap a mud hut in the Helmand province for a plush £1.2 million mansion paid for by the good old British taxpayer.

I cant help but imagine when the word gets back home about the kind of life they can all have living off benefits in the UK,  a crowd of uncivilised, unskilled tribesman huddled round discussing what a joke Britain is and how they can live the highlife over here with their 8 kids on benefits, even after passing through 7 or 8 safe country’s they can still claim asylum, whilst British troops risk their lives in Afghanistan

“lets get to Britain boys we can live like royalty and they bend over backwards to help us Muslims”


To rub salt in the wounds this family has even been done for benefits fraud for not declaring her savings!!!  They must be getting some fair size giro if they can afford to have savings. No 50 quid JSA there thats for sure. Their original claim for asylum was because the Taliban ran them out off their farm. Well surely after British troops liberating Afghanistan from the Taliban then what i cant understand is why their still here on benefits and not sent back home now its safe. How much would the british government save if they sent every Afghan/Iraqi asylum seekers on benefits back home now there safe places.Wasnt that why we risked our troops and the taxpayers money to fund these wars to rid these nations of evil regimes so the people can be live in safety. 



Toorpakai Saiedi no longer lives at the £1.2m house

Monday August 6,2012

By John Chapman

THE good life is over for a refugee family who were living in a £1.2million mansion at taxpayers’ expense.

Fury erupted when it emerged benefits cheat Toorpakai Saiedi, 40, an Afghan mother of seven, paid for her £3,000-a-week home with benefits. One of her sons, Jawad, 24, boasted getting the house was like winning the Lottery and suggested it was “mad” for the state to fork out so much.

But yesterday it emerged that landlord Ajit Panesar had evicted the family in June after the extravagant funding was ended. He said the council told him it would cap the amount he can claim to £1,500 a month. New laws are to limit housing benefit to £400 a week for a four bedroom home.Mr Panesar said: “The council had covered the rent and it wouldn’t even cover my mortgage any more.“Bailiffs have been turning up here every day. The family who used to live here hadn’t paid their gas bill in years. They owe a lot.” He added: “I wish I had never rented the property to them because of the negative reaction it has attracted.”

Last year Saiedi escaped jail after admitting she hadn’t told officials of her savings and private income before claiming £30,000 in benefits. Last night Tory MP Anne Main criticised a system where claimants were “enjoying levels of luxury that most working people, even on fairly high salaries, cannot dream of”. She added: “I have nothing against this family. The problem was the system which has now been changed.“The system of overly generous benefits was being taken advantage of by some landlords. Now they won’t be able to charge ludicrously high rents and this family can live a more modest life.” The landlord let to the Saiedis after spotting an advertisement by Ealing Council. He said: “I was surprised they offered me that amount of money. “But that is what they offered me and I only took what was on offer. There is a problem with housing. The councils don’t have enough and so they have to go to the private sector, so what am I supposed to do?”

But he warned of his former tenant: “That woman is still living the life of royalty.”He said he believed the family was now in a hotel, again on benefits.Saiedi claimed asylum in 2001 with her children, having followed her husband Haji Rahmat Shah Saiedi, 47, to the UK. They were granted leave to remain.They said they had been wealthy farmers near Bagram airbase but were forced to flee because of the Taliban.They then lived in a series of properties at taxpayers’ expense. The house in Acton, west London, boasts two large reception rooms, an enormous TV, two kitchens, three shower rooms and a 100ft garden.

via Luxury life over as Afghan fraudster and her family of seven are evicted | UK News | – Home of the Daily and Sunday Express.

Dads banned from nursery to avoid offending Muslims

British Sexism and equality laws go out the window as nursery pampers the Muslim parents to avoid offending them. So what if the Muslim mothers have to cover from head to toe if theres a male present. Thats their choice to do that. Were not in an Islamic country were in Great Britain. Muslims think we should bend over backwards in our own country to accommodate them and their  wishes. Yet go to an Islamic country and you can expect nothing back. In fact they demand you act like a Muslim and follow their rules


Dads banned from nursery to avoid offending Muslims

Wednesday August 8,2012

By Nathan Rao

A CHILDREN’S play centre was at the centre of a sexism row last night after banning fathers from the premises to avoid offending Muslim women.

Kids Go Wild is Britain’s first toddler group to introduce a women-only policy. Managers defended the decision, claiming that Muslim mothers welcomed it for “cultural reasons”.

But it has angered both Muslims and non-Muslims and led the Equality and Human Rights Commission to investigate after dozens of fathers complained.

One father turned away from the centre branded the move “disgusting” and “sexist”.

He said: “To turn me away because I’m a man is against the Equality Act.”

A poster outside the centre, in the predominantly Asian area of Sparkhill, Birmingham, reads: “Ladies and children only. No boys over nine allowed.” The newly-formed group advertises itself as “the UK’s first ladies and children’s only soft play centre”.

To turn me away because I’m a man is against the Equality Act

A father

Muslim mother-of-one Ruksana Ayub said: “I understand why women would want a place like this where there are no men. They won’t feel they have to cover up so they might feel more able to relax and to socialise. But I’m quite modern in my outlook, so I also find it quite shocking that men aren’t allowed in. It’s a shame for kids who don’t have a mum.”

The move was branded a “worrying situation” by local councillor Habib Rehman, a Muslim and father-of-four. He said: “There’s something wrong here when a dad can’t take his kids to a play centre.”

Father-of-three Tariq Mahmood, of nearby Hall Green, said: “In the Muslim community men and women being separate is normal at religious events and social functions. But a play centre isn’t a religious or function thing. It’s somewhere for children to play. A ban on men gives the wrong impression about men.”


The manageress of the centre, who refused to give her name, said she was catering for the “predominantly Asian community”.

She said: “It’s a cultural thing. It’s not that men are an issue, ladies are more comfortable around women. They’ve been asking for it for a long time.”

Tory MP Patrick Mercer said: “It is clear there are common sense voices as you would expect from the Muslim community. I would hope that the play group would listen to people of every faith and respect the role of fathers within the family.”

The Equality and Human Rights Commission said single sex rules should be “the exception”. A spokesman said: “We will look into why this is a women-only service.”

via Dads banned from nursery to avoid offending Muslims | UK News | – Home of the Daily and Sunday Express.

Boy abducted in Qatar sends ‘get me home’ plea to David Cameron

You cant even try to imagine how both Adam Jones and his mother must feel right now. Despite being separated  from the boys dead Arab father, his mother maintained contact with his family for the sake of her son. Their nightmare ordeal began when taking Adam to visit his fathers family in Qatar oblivious to any possible danger for them. The mother probably thought they would come to no harm with them being the childs family.Only to be deliberately lied to and mislead into signing some papers in arabic allowing the fathers evil family to seize the child against his wishes and keep him captive . Away from his mother, away from the western way of life. To a house in some backwards Muslim hellhole with people are only interested in the boys inheritance. A culture shock to say the least.

She seriously underestimated the twisted way the Muslim mind works. The more i find out about Islam the more confused and further away from understanding their mentality i seem to be as it appears totally the opposite to what a rational persons brain would act. Maybe its a genetic difference or just years of brainwashing by mad mullahs and islamofascists about striving to be like their paedo prophet Mohammed who in reality was a seriously evil character. The whole section of grey stuff that contains rational thought, logic, love and morales is replaced by hate, deceit  and evil. Lying and deceiving in firmly emblazed in Muslims they are as cunning and slippery as a snake. Waiting for the !st instance of letting your guard down and in for the kill  

Boy abducted in Qatar sends ‘get me home’ plea to David Cameron

PM responds to appeal by Adam Jones and tells Qatari royals he wants case ‘speedily resolved

A British schoolboy who was allegedly abducted in Qatar nearly three years ago has appealed to David Cameron to help reunite him with his mother.

Adam Jones was separated from his British mother while visiting his dead father’s relatives in the Qatari capital Doha in October 2009. Since then the 13-year-old says he has been kept under virtual house arrest despite attempts by his mother, Rebecca Jones, to free him.

Adam also claims he has been punched and kicked by family relatives. He says he is not allowed out alone, has no internet access and is unable to call his mother. Cameron has written to his Qatari counterpart, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr al-Thani, and the Arab state’s emir to demand that “Adam’s voice is heard” and that the case is “speedily resolved”.

In a recent letter to Adam, the prime minister pledges that he will personally keep urging the Qatari royal family to ensure that his wish to return to his mother will be granted. Cameron states: “I was very sorry to read that you are still separated from your mum. This must be very hard for you, but I want you to know that you are still in my thoughts. I will keep trying as hard as I can to help you, and I hope your family situation will change for the better very soon.”

In a handwritten addendum, Cameron states: “I promise I have not forgotten about you – and will keep trying to make some progress.”

His letter followed a plea from Adam, who 11 months earlier had turned to him in desperation. Dated 25 April 2012, Adam states: “It is nearly one year since I wrote to you asking for your help. I was so happy when you wrote back and told me you would do your best to help me get home. Did you forget about me?

“I want to go home now and I’m very sad and lonely.”

Adam reveals that he has also asked for Prince Charles’s intervention because “nothing has happened and I think no one cares about me”.

The alleged abduction of Adam is a continuing focus of diplomacy between Britain and the Arab state, his case having being raised personally by the Queen during a meeting with Thani. The Foreign Office’s child abduction section is also involved, with a spokesman saying it recognised the “enormous distress faced by Rebecca Jones in being separated from her son and we sincerely hope she is reunited with him soon”.

Yet Thani’s written response to Cameron states only that he will try “to find an amicable solution that preserves the rights of all parties involved”.

Jones said her son was effectively a prisoner at the high-walled, gated home of his Qatari relatives and was forbidden to visit friends. Even at school, the 45-year-old from Sheffield claimed, Adam was escorted between classrooms and held in a room after lessons to be picked up by relatives.

The ordeal began after she and Adam were invited to visit the parents of her late ex-husband on 3 October 2009. Rebecca was separated from Adam’s Qatari father Jamal, who died in a motorbike accident in 2005, but stayed in contact with his family to allow them access to Adam.

On the morning they were due to return to Bahrain, where Jones had taken a teaching job, she said she received a call asking if Adam could visit his sick grandmother. She agreed and a driver picked up Adam. Shortly after, his uncle, Fahad al-Mudhaki, rang and asked to meet her to discuss dividing up the proceeds of land belonging to Adam’s father. Although the documents were in Arabic, Jones says she trusted Mudhaki’s explanation that they comprised paperwork designed to safeguard Adam’s inheritance and signed them. “I just wanted to go home with my son and was not interested in the lands or money my son had been left by his father. It did not occur to me what would happen.”

The documents were to be used to kickstart the Mudhakis’ custody claim against her. Within minutes of signing, Jones says she realised she had been duped. She alleges that her husband’s relatives told her that she had been deliberately deceived: “I’ll never forget what Adam’s uncle Fahad told me: ‘I have lied to you and tricked you, Jamal did not take your son but I will’.”

The Mudhakis had made a court order in 2008 to win custody of Adam, confirming to her the abduction was premeditated. A custody hearing was already arranged for 13 October, days after the alleged kidnapping. “I felt sick to the stomach to realise that I had fallen easily into their trap.”

Adam, then 10, has been separated from his mother ever since, despite a series of custody appeals and Jones’s offer to waive Adam’s inheritance. A subsequent hearing ruled that Jones, who also has a four-year-old daughter Alex, is allowed to visit Adam twice weekly, but never unsupervised.

She says the teenager is increasingly depressed. Since being taken, Adam has seen his sister twice, while the Mudhakis refuse to let Adam’s British grandmother, 74, visit him.

“For the last three years Alex won’t sleep in her own bed,” said Jones, “she’s scared somebody is going to take her.”

Fahad Mudhaki is a senior police officer, a fact which Rebecca believes he has used against her. During her first visit to see Adam, eight weeks after he was taken, she said that 15 armed police officers surrounded the Mudhaki house and Jones was flanked by officers throughout their meeting. She says she has suffered a constant campaign of intimidation, sometimes receiving up to 20 calls a day from police, and each time she enters Qatar to visit Adam is terrified that she might be arrested.

A document from the British embassy in Doha states “the child was kidnapped by his uncle Mr Fahad Juma Abdullah al-Mudhaki, a Qatari police officer”.

Jones said: “I’ve been terrorised and treated as a criminal. We are still suffering every day without our little boy. The pain has not gotten easier as time has passed because I cannot accept what has happened.”

Video: Cleric Yasser Al-Habib claims the devil puts finger in anus of non Muslims at birth making them gay

Some of the things these Muslim clerics come out with is laughable, that no sane person could take serious. But the backward Muslins actually believe its true. This video is of a Kuwaiti cleric claiming Caliph Omar had an anal disease caused by a worm making him addicted to semen and gay sex. Later in the video he says at birth Allah only protects shiite Muslims and for other babys the devil puts his finger in the male babys anus making them gay or for female babys in their vagina making them whores. 

Woman, 29, raped by Asian male after night out in Rochdale

Rochdale seems to be becoming a hotbed for sex crimes committed by Muslim men. The dust has hardly settled from the recent  Muslim grooming gang scandal where vulnerable white schoolgirls were sexually exploited and passed around a huge network of racist Muslim men like worthless pieces of meat. Now the equally disgusting crime of rape. with a woman on her way home from a night out grabbed from behind and raped by an Asian male.


5 August 2012 Last updated at 11:48

Woman, 29, raped after night out in Rochdale

A woman has been raped after a night out in Rochdale, police said.

Greater Manchester Police said the 29-year-old woman was grabbed by a man from behind and raped behind houses on Belfield Lane at 02:00 BST on Saturday.

The man is described as Asian, 5ft 2in (1.5m), muscular and in his late 30s, with a stud earring in his left ear and short dark hair with long spikes.

Detectives said they were trying to reassure anxious residents that they believe it to be an isolated incident.

A 33-year-old man was arrested at an early stage in the investigation but has since been eliminated.

The man was described as wearing light coloured baggy jeans, a sandy-coloured belt with a silver buckle and dark hooded top.

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British executive facing jail in Dubai after calling Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ in text message to Muslim colleague

Heres yet another example of Muslim nations lack of tolerance for anyone insulting  Islam. The story features 2 “British” Asians  1 whos a Muslim and 1 non Muslim that had been working in the middle east. The non muslim got annoyed with the muslim for performing a muslim ritual while they was away on business.The non muslim exec told him performing the ritual was against company policy and allegedly sent the muslim a text message saying

” F*** you, f*** your Islam and f*** your prophet. Your Prophet Mohammad is a complete paedophile”

Rather than take it on the chin like most people would do, the Muslim reported him to the police in the deeply religious oil state of Dubai. He is now looking at a  spell in prison thanks to his snitching ex colleague. 

British executive facing jail in Dubai after calling Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ in text message to Muslim colleague


PUBLISHED: 22:18, 9 August 2012 | UPDATED: 22:18, 9 August 2012

A high-flying British executive accused of calling the Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ is facing up to three years in a Dubai jail.

Deep Marwaha allegedly texted a Muslim colleague with a volley of abuse after he performed a holy ritual while the pair were working in Saudi Arabia.

The 35-year-old, a manager at UK-based conference organising firm Informa, was said to have texted fellow Brit Khalid Shafique with the words: ‘F*** you, f*** your Islam and f*** your prophet. Your Prophet Mohammad is a complete paedophile. Now show what you can do. I know lots of sheikhs.’

Both Marwaha and Mr Shafique, who are British but live in Dubai, pictured, are frequent visitors to Saudi Arabia where the offence is alleged to have happened

Fellow Informa colleague Mr Shafique, 34, complained to police that Marwaha was angry when he went to perform Umrah, a form of pilgrimage in Mecca, when their business meetings were over for the day.

He resigned from the company and claimed he received the insulting text message two days later at 1.15am.

But Marwaha, who went to £15,000-a-year Latymer Upper School in west London before studying at Middlesex University, denied sending the abuse and said he was sleeping when the messages were sent.

His lawyer persuaded judge Zakariah Abdulaziz to postpone his trial so he could conduct a technical experiment to show how text messages could have been sent from the defendant’s phone remotely by someone else.

Both Marwaha and Mr Shafique, who are British but live in Dubai, are frequent visitors to Saudi Arabia.

Marwaha, whose family is of Indian origin but was born in London, has been heavily involved in £17 billion Saudi government plans to overhaul the infrastructure of Mecca, the holy city for Muslims, and was a key organiser of a Future Makkah (Mecca) conference in Jeddah last year.

Marwaha, who went to £15,000-a-year Latymer Upper School in west London, pictured, denied sending the abuse

His brother Rohan was recruited in 2002 as managing director of Cityscape Dubai, staged by Informa and one of the world’s biggest property sales exhibitions, and he followed him to the Middle East four years later to help manage branch offices around the region.

Marwaha has been manager of Informa’s Saudi Arabia office for the past three years.

Mr Shafique told police the pair flew to Saudi Arabia for business meetings on March 11 but while Marwaha stayed in their hotel when their work was finished, he made his way to the pilgrimage site.

Marwaha allegedly became agitated with him at the airport as they left, telling him prayer and pilgrimage were not allowed under company rules.

Mr Shafique said: ‘He asked me why I had performed Umrah. I asked him why I should not have gone [and that] I went in my free time to pray.

‘He said prayers and Umrah were not part of our company’s policy. I resigned on March 15 and on March 17 I received offensive messages from his mobile phone.’

The defendant, who is charged with insulting Islam, denied sending any texts, saying in a written statement to the court: ‘I was asleep when the messages were sent.

‘I was surprised when I saw the texts. Maybe someone abused some sort of technology or computer programmes and forwarded those messages.’

The trial was adjourned until September, when he will try to prove how someone could have used his phone to send texts remotely.

If he is convicted, he could be jailed and deported after his sentence.

In May this year, British landscape architect John Hall, 42, was convicted of blasphemy and fined £840 for complaining about ‘damn mosques’ in a business meeting in neighbouring Abu Dhabi, the capital of the strictly Islamic United Arab Emirates.

Marwaha was unavailable for comment yesterday.

via British executive facing jail in Dubai after calling Prophet Mohammad a ‘complete paedophile’ in text message to Muslim colleague | Mail Online.

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