Kafir (كافر) is the indecent Arabic synonym of infidel. Its use today differs from that of the word “Infidel” in the West. Kafir is what the Koran and Islam call the unbelievers. Not only does it stand for “non-believer”, but it is also one of the most offensive curse words a Muslim can hurl.Kafir is the worst word in the human language.

““I have been commanded to fight people until they say no God but Allah, and Muhammad his only messenger”.

Until not so long ago i was living my life unaware of the threat that Islam and its barbaric out dated ways pose to my families future freedoms and way of life. That was until a good friend of mine told me a few things about Islam that played on my mind. So i decided to look up what i was told to see that it was correct……My eyes were opened, now i want to open other peoples eyes like mine were so they to can pass on knowledge of the threats posed and tactics used

The aims of this site is to highlight the evils of the cult of  Islam, how from its beginnings to present day the Muslims sole aim has been to create a whole Muslim world where the only law is sharia by whatever means possible.Be it forced conversions, jihad and mass slaughter of non believers or means of stealth jihad  Effectively sending it back to the dark ages. A world under sharia would  mean any remaining non believers after the Muslim take over will be seen as 2nd rate citizens , with little rights or freedoms, paying taxes  to their Muslim masters (as is the case in many Muslim countries already). Jewish people and Israel would be wiped off the earth (the cult of Islam is racist to the core). Women would be treated little better than animals, whos only role in life is to look after Muslim males and cater for their needs sexual or otherwise. Under sharia any homosexuality or apostasy (leaving Islam  would result in the death penalty more severe than murder. Infact in some cases a Muslim is permitted to kill an infidel and face no punishment. A world where grooming gangs, child brides, paedophilia, forced marriages,spoils of war and honour killings are the norm. Acts what the role model  for all Muslims and founder of the cult of Islam  Mohammed  did in his lifetime making it ok for the Muslims of today to do.

” Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers.”  Qur’an 9:14

Make no mistake the Islamification of the world has already begun. Some bits of it you may see on the news such as terror attacks or the murder of soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq. Most you will have no idea about either because of its location, control of media or because its going on behind the scenes until now.Things you certainly wont hear from a Muslim mouth as denial to non Muslims and taqiyya (lying for Allah/Islam) play a big role in jihad. Hopefully by this site exposing these issues and making people aware of them. We can fight off the threat of  Islam a while longer.

Nows the time to stand up and be counted while theres still time to before its to late!!!

13 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. totally agree with everything you are saying and doing I have stood by and watched parts of south Manchester turn into no go areas for us KAFIR as they would say now is the time to claim our streets back NO SURRENDER English and Proud

  2. Your nasty voice will never be heard if you spoke the truth so you have to invent lies out of thin air to get your up-votes! You are losers because God has removed your ability to see and relay truth. What a shame!

    1. wake up and smell the coffee. Islam is not the peaceful religion it is made out to be by Muslim apologists, leftists and a biased media. It is a threat to every non Muslims futures, Unless living as a second class person under Islamic rule as a dhimmi is wait you want.

  3. This is an awful forum, how can you be so hateful towards an entire religion?? There are many Sikh people that have also committed crimes.., does that make the Sikhs dirt?!? No it doesn’t, what are you trying to prove by this forum and by posting crimes that “Asian” people have done!? This whole site is childish…. If you don’t like a religion why spread hate? The fact that you put so much time and effort into make one such a website goes to show how sad and a meaningless life you lead….

    1. You are perfectly entitled to think this site is awful. Yes Sikhs may have committed crimes but no that doesnt make them dirt. They are well integrated in society and make a positive contribution. They make an effort to be a part pf the community. They dont try and push their religion on others, create their own ghettos, do not go round in mass paedophile grooming gangs targeting white British girls. There are no Sikhs running off playing jihadi in an attempt to conquer the world or plotting terrorist attacks in the UK

      1. Lol…
        They don’t make there own ghettos?! ( southall, Wolverhampton, Brampton? If there not ghettos then what are?) besides all community’s make ghettos? That’s not a point to hate. If Sikhs commit crimes are there not dirt then why are you so hell bent on highlighting the Muslim crimes??? What exactly is your point in doing that? All communities have people that commit crime, there are white and Sikh paedophiles too! There are plenty of Sikh extremists and plenty that don’t want to fit in…. Besides if they don’t want to fit in, or want to bomb the place down then that’s there choice or problem, it doesn’t give you the permission to hate on an entire religion, that you do not have a right to do….. Sikhs are not at all angles so please do not try to portray them as that, if cutting there hair, throwing away there turbans and downing pints is fitting in then congrats to them, but maybe some religions want to respect there rules and walk on the path they want to walk on… Besides spreading hate on a religion is NOT going to solve anything, or is it??

  4. No they are nowhere near as bad places as Muslim enclaves such as Tower Hamlets, Saviletown in Dewsbury, Bury Park in Luton, Glodick in Oldham or the large parts of Bradford, Blackburn, Burnley, Birmingham etc the have become Muslim ghettos. I’ll put my life on it that a lone white female would feel safer and be at less risk walking through a Sikh area than any of the places i have just mentioned.

    Nobody is denying that paedophiles dont come from all races and religions. They are all filth. But how many white grooming gangs targeting Muslim girls do you know of? Take your head out of the sand pretending its not a Muslim problem

    “. Besides if they don’t want to fit in, or want to bomb the place down then that’s there choice or problem,”

    No thats all our problem as innocent people will die!!!! You are showing your true extremist beliefs now justifying terrorism

    1. lol….. and if they did blow the place down, how do you know for a fact that no Muslims were also blown up as well? terrorists don’t have a religion, its just sad that they are hiding under the Islamic religion, this is because they agree with some of the more brutal sheria laws and practice these laws to gain power, however many of the “terrorist” are in actual fact “reverts”. besides what is a terrorist? if you believe the media that “MUSLIMS ARE TERRIORTS” then you my “friend” are a deluded idiot! terrorist are people who blow others up, they can come in the shape of a group, individual or army, they have no real religion just a strong will for power and control…. the biggest terrorist are the uk and american army, they kill thousands and millions and day, and yet all you can see it the media. instead of telling me to get my head out of the sand (it never was in the sand to start of with!) why don’t YOU get your head out of the media sand!!! wake up and look around you….. people like you are part of the problem of the world, you happy play into the stupid media wars and set yourself s up to be puppets on a sting for all to see…

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